Jason Hann of EOTO

Check out my conversation with Jason here.

EOTO will bring its amazing improvisational bass-n-drum-tastic dance in your house all live and non replicated, this once in a moment (or sort of) show to Madison on Friday October 3rd at the High Noon Saloon. In our conversation, Jason and I dive into what makes this unique musical experience different and how a live show is arranged and how surprises can show up in many forms. Known for his work in the String Cheese Incident, Jason team up with fellow string cheeser (ahh we love ’em in Wisconsin) Michael Travis to bring rare grooves and smashing dance beats to those ready to dance, and sometimes bend….with more than the body. We share some musical friends and speak about his time with Vinx, where he might dream drum if he could and also how this whole thing got started and where is has already taken them as musical artists and most importantly, as people.


Net radio bill passes House

Web radio stations live to fight another day. The House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bill that Web radio stations have painted as life or death for their services. The Webcaster Settlement Act, which would allow Internet radio stations to negotiate with the music industry for a royalty rate lower than what Congress mandated last year, passed the House by a voice vote on Saturday. Proponents of the bill had predicted a close vote. Tim Westergren, founder of Net music service Pandora, said he was elated about triumphing in the House, which came after traditional radio broadcasters withdrew their opposition. Dennis Wharton, a spokesman for the National Association of Broadcasters, said Saturday night that Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.) had met with representatives of the group and addressed some of their concerns. As a result, the NAB dropped its opposition in the House and will not oppose the bill when it moves to the Senate for a vote, either Sunday or Monday. “The bill having passed unanimously in the House certainly gives it momentum heading into the Senate,” Wharton said. Webcasters are fighting for the right to negotiate with the music industry to reduce the royalty rates they must pay to stream music over the Web. Any deal must be approved by the federal government. Congress is expected to adjourn on Monday, and the Webcaster Settlement Act enables Internet radio stations to reach an agreement with the music industry while Congress is out of session. Westergren, who has emerged as a de facto spokesman for the bill, said some Web radio stations can’t afford a long delay in the talks. Right now, the law requires them to pay the older royalty rate, which Webcasters say will soon drive them out of business. “It would be a killer blow,” Westergren said. “If we don’t get it passed now, it would mean waiting for a whole new Congress and administration and lots of uncertainty.” As for the legislation’s chances in the Senate, Westergren said he’s cautiously optimistic. “I’ve become gun shy because I’ve been burned so many times before,” he said. “We’re waiting to see what happens and consulting with our friends (in Congress).”

Original article credit to CNET

More than Weather

-outside the window today.

Spayed Cooley- Ry Cooder
Won’t Get Fooled Again- Richie Havens
the Finger Lakes- Tommy Emmanuel (live)
Skin Deep- Buddy Guy with Derek Trucks
Universe- Mike Zito
Lovin’ in my Babys Eyes- the Taj Mahal Trio (live)
Party on the Fire Escape- Lipbone Redding
Gone Daddy Gone- Gnarls Barkley
The World as we Know it- Xavier Rudd
Think Back- Galactic with Chali 2na
Joytime Radio- the Pimps of Joytime
Sex God- Liquid Soul
Orleans & Claiborne- Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
*Conversation with Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews*
Midnight Creeper- Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
American Woman-Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave (live 2008 Jazz FEST)
H2O- Pimps of Joytime with Cyril Neville
or so you Thought- Christian McBride w/Vesta
Ain’t no Sunshine- Stryke (G-Corps Remix)
What a Man- Soul Summit (live)
St Louis Blues- Herbie Hancock/Stevie Wonder
Spinning Wheel- Cameron Mizell
Sugar Crait- MMW
Planetary Beat- Global Noize
Groove Holmes- the Beastie Boys
Evening Samba- Micky Hart


Did a one hour fill in sharing some of the spotlight (at least time-wise) with the great debate. Here’s what I did while they told you what they’ll do..

Is it Hot in Here- EG Kight

Down on my Knees- Ayo
The Guitarist(U Don’t Know me)-Wendy St Kitts
Bamn Diddley- Woodfish
Mobile- Edgar Gabriel’s String Fusion
Rooster Blues-Rob Fried Featuring Randy Brecker
Get Down- Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
Move your Body- Dayton Flic
I get High- Porter/Batiste/Stoltz (live)
Colon Pie- Skerik
Pop goes the Weasel- Grant Calvin Weston
The Revenge of the Black Widow-the VooDoo Organist
James Bond Theme-Rev Organdrum
Keep on Walking- Mad Juana
Xiang pi Xiao ya (Rubber Duckie)-Zhima Jie

1st time in Madison w/Xavier Rudd

Well, the audience inside the Majestic Theater certainly did their best to make our pal Xavier Rudd feel at home here in Madtown. From the moment his bare feet hit the stage people were giving out those warm Madison welcomes that seem at times to melt many artists w/a happy surprise (I always will remember Chali 2 Na‘s face when the crowd here erupted). Mixing in tracks fro the new album (Dark Shades of Blue) with a variety of what now feel like old favorites or a comfortable blanket from our musical childhood, the show was soothing with times stepping away from the didgeridoo kit & gave us some acoustical slide action. There were moments when worlds seemed to collide and the paste holding them together was some serious jams, keep on rockin’ in a free world…..wouldn’t it be nice?!!! I know after this show that Xavier Rudd is doing his part to try and make it more than a slogan.

Check out my most recent conversation with Xavier Here.


Whore du Jour vs Lady Robotica

The final event of the Willy Street Fair for my ears was local act Whore du Jour and Madison’s own Jane Wiedlins (that’s right our very own resident Go-Go) new act Lady Robotica…it seems the members of Whore du Jour and Jane were Kidnapped, probed and became the rockin’ story tellers of Lady Robotica. The groups kicked some serious tail with a catchy avant garage band bounce and some seriously rocking riffs, held together by a solid beat keeper on percussion, Whore du Jour would certainly be many peoples favorite act at a concert. Lady Robotica has one serious message, have a lot of fun and purchase a ray gun cuz the probing ain’t done yet. Robotica featured 7 tunes, 3 of which were familiar Go Go tunes and the others were, well…tales of what has happened and what might be set to happen to any of you who become taken by the aliens….

Whore du Jour Willy St Fair 2008

Lady Robotica

RIP Nappy Brown

From our friends at Landslide Records: We are sad to learn of the passing of the great soul shouter Nappy Brown after a long illness. Born Napoleon Brown Culp in 1929, Nappy rose through a gospel quartet career start to become one of the classic R&B singers of the 1950s. He had hits for Savoy Records, like “Don’t Be Angry” and “Little By Little,” which defined his distinctive singing style and were subsequently covered by white artists. Nappy wrote and recorded the original version of “The Right Time,” which Ray Charles later copied almost verbatim, and he appeared throughout the decade on numerous rock and roll concerts promoted by DJ Alan Freed. Landslide was fortunate to record Nappy’s classic mid-80s comeback album, TORE UP, which showcased his unique vocal abilities and featured a dynamic backup band led by Tinsley Ellis and the Heartfixers. In our work with Nappy, which involved tours in the U.S. and Europe, he dazzled us with stories of his experiences with legends like Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, and Sarah Vaughan. He was a fun loving guy on and off the stage, and his ability as a showman was unparalleled. Little Richard once said, “I never wanted to have to follow Nappy onstage…he’d wear the audiences out.” Nappy continued to perform up until he was hospitalized recently, as his music reached a whole new generation of fans.

We will miss him greatly. Our condolences go out to Nappy’s family and his many fans. DITTO!!

RIP Nappy Brown 1929-2008

Etran Finatawa @ the Willy Street Fair

Etran Finatawa was a blessing of an appearance at our final music festival of the summer season in Madison, the Willy Street Fair. Check out all the happenings here. Etran Finatawa’s musicians come from Niger which is one of the three poorest countries in the world, it is a landlocked country in West Africabordered by Mali, Algeria, Libya, Chad and Nigeria. In Niger there are eleven different ethnic groups most of whom are farmers or pastoralists, both sedentary and nomadic. Amongst them are the Tuareg and Wodaabe, many of whom are still nomadic.The group was formed at the time of the 2004 Festival in the Desert near Timbuctou. The literal meaning of their name is ‘the stars of tradition’. They are the first group to use the songs and music of the Wodaabe in a modern context. Starting as a group of ten musicians who wanted to unite these two nomadic cultures as a symbol of peace and reconciliaton. The touring and recording band consists of six players three of whom are Tuareg and three, Wodaabe-Fulani. In Niger the Wodaabe and the Tuareg live side by side on the desert’s fringes sharing pastures and water sources which sometimes leads to feuding. They work together to be strong and to give their culture a future in this changing world. The music of the two tribes is very different but the way it has been combined has produced a powerful and hypnotic sound and a new musical style of Nomad Blues.

Etran Finatawa in Madison 9/21/08


Also appearing that night was Berlin Germany’s 17 hippies and their mix of traditional music from Eastern Europe, France and America with the groups own Berlin background. They were an amazing act that recieved many wild acknowledgments from a pleased Willy Street Fair crowd.

Berlin’s 17 Hippies Madison 9/21/08

More to it than the Money

Met up with a guy working construction on a University building who put in 5 hours on this beautiful Saturday morning and decided that there was more to it all than time and a half. I couldn’t help but agree so we’ll send the show out to him and others who recognize the importance of your own free time..to you:

Stuff- Deni Bonet
A few Words in Defense of our Country-Randy Newman
When this War is Over- Eric Clapton & JJ Cale
Too Many Tears-Buddy Guy/Susan Tedeschi/Derek Trucks
I Want you just cause I Want you- EG Kight
What’s Good for you- the Simple Things (live)
Accident- Rachael Yamagata
Can you Hear me now- Jamie McLean
Free Willis…-Blues Traveler with Bruce Willis
Lightning City Blues- John Henry & the Engine
Workin’ Man Blues- Tommy Emmanuel (live)
Bell Island- Duane Andrews
Felino- Electrocutango
Gipsy Tango- Earth Wheel Sky Band
Smell the Funk- Buddy Guy
Liberty- Ben Senterfit
Peace Love Happiness- G Love and Special Sauce
Stank- the Sol Creech Band
Diner Mit Joe- the Poogie Bell Band
Expressway to your Heart- Merl Saunders & Friends
Uncle- Xavier Rudd
**Conversation with Xavier Rudd**
Up in Flames- Xavier Rudd
Sugus Nectar- Razl
Orleans and Clairborne- Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
Et Tu Koko- Skerik
Groovin’ W/Miguel- Skeebo Knight

George Clinton & his Gangsters Of Love

09-17-08 – George Clinton & his Gangsters Of Love, musical guests on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show singing “Ain’t That Peculiar” featuring RonKat Spearman on lead vocals, guitar.
Garry “Do Wop” Shider: rhythm guitar, vocals.
Lige Curry: bass guitar.
Rick Rouse: lead guitar.
Greg Thomas, Steve Boyd, Belita Woods, Kendra Foster and Kim Manning: background vocals.

George Clinton & his Gangsters Of Love – Ain’t That Peculiar

Xavier Rudd-Dark Shade of Blue

It’s always refreshing to spend time chatting with Xavier Rudd. He is such a laid back cool cat and I always feel like we are sitting on top of our boards just chillin’. Anyhow, this time was no exception and we had a chance to dissect a few tracks off the new album released on Anti entitled: Dark Shade of Blue. This dissection revealed some way cool and super heavy info on one of the mates in his touring posse and we learn who helped produce this raw rocker of an album. Have no fears, there are certainly great moments of world music fused in there along with mind consuming awareness lyrical content. Xavier was involved in a project recently with Matthew McConaughey, a movie called: Surfer Dude and of course we discuss one of the socially and globally important issue on his mind that you might not even have known existed.

Check out my time with Xavier Rudd right here.


Plastic People of the Universe

I am almost at a loss of words—Last night I saw and heard a great night of foreign music that I lost track of where I might actually be. Well…sort of. Gypsy Rock anyone? Well then Little Cow is for you. They write brilliant rock songs with hut spa and dance starting Hungarian rhythms that had the Annex crowd creating an interpretation of the sounds like no one was watching. Then the reason for ears, the Plastic People of the Universe emerged onto the stage and progressive rocked my avant ass into a psychedelic state of being, that I could see in Plastic for a moment in time. The history of this Czechoslovakian group inspired by Zappa and the attempts of their own government to shut them up and silence their lyrics and music (they often went against the grain of the Communist regime and due to its non-conformism often suffered serious problems such as arrests.) This was a rare event in Madison and I was not missing it. The Plastic People were funky with heavy rock and spiritually trancing jams with vocals that were as haunting as they were moving. If you have never heard of either act here, well, I hope you take some time to introduce yourself to their music and their lives as they exist outside of our united States and know that these people know how to make music…..real music.

Budapest’s LITTLE COW

plastic people.jpg
Prague’s Plastic People of the Universe

RIP Richard Wright

LONDON (AP) — A Pink Floyd spokesman says founding member Richard Wright has died. He was 65. Wright died Monday after a short battle with cancer at his home in Britain. His family did not want to give more details about his death. Richard Wright met Pink Floyd members Roger Waters and Nick Mason at college and joined their early band Sigma 6. Sigma 6 eventually became Pink Floyd and Wright wrote and sang some of the band’s key songs. He wrote “The Great Gig In The Sky” and “Us And Them” from the bands 1973 “The Dark Side of the Moon.” He left the group in the early 1980s to form his own band but rejoined Floyd for their 1987 album “A Momentary Lapse of Reason.”

Man, so many times out out of body and mindness in my lifetime were aided by the mysteriously calmy soothing style of Pink Floyd and certainly Mr. Wright and his work stand true to those happenings.

RIP Richard Wright 28 July 1943 – 15 September 2008

Backyard Tire Fire w/Ha Ha Tonka

Chicago’s Backyard Tire Fire brought its redneck rock along with finely crafted songs into Madison on Friday to the Annex. Opening was Missouri’s Ha HA Tonka. The show was plugged in and rip roaring. In support of the new album, The Places we Lived, Backyard Tire Fire featured many of their new tunes but also hit the crowd with many of their “let’s drink beer and have a party” style rock -n- roll, certainly enough force to make the Annex in Madison, a heavy hitter. Ha Ha Tonka was a nice surprise for me as well, they can jam, keep it simply sweet and man o’ man could those fellas sing. It is always nice to see artists matched up well in a live setting, and this was certainly the case. The windy city and the roaring Ozarks were representing proper on this night!

A Surge of my own

Noticing the prices starting to climb..well, here’s what I did to try and ease the pain in the mind and wallet.

The Places we Lived- Backyard tire Fire
How you Remember it- Blues Traveler
Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That-Robert Randolph Family Band
Oh Palastine- JJ Grey and Mofro
Think- Phantom Blues Band
Rollercoaster- Mark Hummel (live)
Take Yer Clothes off- Topaz & Mudphonic
End Song- Buzzy Linhart
Cherry Tree- Jamie McLean Band
Uncle- Xavier Rudd
Gold Dust Woman- the Spill Canvas
A Hard Rain’s a Gonna Fall-Twilight Dementia
You can Leave your Hat on- Lin McEwan
Welcome to the Basement- Merl Saunders & Friends
My Sweet Potato Pie- Groovadelphia
Snail Underground- Razl
What it Look Like- Grant Calvin Weston
Oh Miss Havisham-Secretary featuring BIG BOSS
*Conversation w/Paula Henderson*
Dream Boss- Secretary featuring BIG BOSS
Chapter 7- Mister Rourke
Evil Genius
Midnight Resurrection
Universe and Beyond
Slow decay of the Mind

Music is a Medicine- BLVD
Lithuania- Rithma
time for a NEW THANG- Tony Bunn
I Feel as Good as Good is- Stanley Maxwell
Age of Inexperience- Lotus
Skitzo-Keller Williams w/Moseley/Droll/Sipe (live)
When its Quiet we Hear Music- Green Light
Mada- Charbel Rouhana & Hani Siblini
**Conversation with Emma Lane**

Trombone Shorty-a real deal

Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews is an amazing artist. Playing with everyone from U2 and Lenny Kravitz to the band down the corner of a N’Orleans street side, but what really resonated like a perfect low note, was how grounded he is. He is cool and collected and and wise for his short time physically upon the earth. At 22 years old Troy has already experienced more than most musicians three times his age, and he has the chops to prove it. Having traveled extensively in the United States as well as globally, Troy’s music has reached innumerable music lovers who will never forget his amazing live performances. He will bring his amazing spirit and band Orleans Avenue to the Union Theater here on the beautiful campus of the university of Wisconsin on October 2nd. In on conversation we talk about everything from the NBA to what music he is currently sporting on his Ipod. I hope you find a moment to check out our chat and become more familiar with the person known as Trombone Shorty.

Listen to Troy and I converse it up here.


Moist Paula Henderson

From Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber to Secretary (with or without Big Boss) to Moisturizer, check out all the projects friend of the radio program “Moist” Paula Henderson has been up to since she arrived in New York some 15 years or so ago. While we go way back, every time I see her or hear her music It is a constant re-FRESHer course in soundology. From the avant to the rockin’, Paula has her horn and will travel to the next destination on a wave of inspiration and an eye for the inevitable changes life in music dictates. When you listen to this conversation, consider it just that…a chat between two friends with the premise that it’s all about the music in mind-WHATEVER form that music may take.

Check out my conversation with Paula here.


an Evening w/the Derek Trucks Band

With opening act Greyhounds(who had Kofi on the flute for one tune), the Derek Trucks Band reminded me of what sound can sound like. From straight blues to the soul of the earth to a tweak and tuning adjustment of jazz to the slide of strings buttered with improvisational jams reinventing the very sounds we have come to know. The Kofi, Yonrico, Todd, Mike, Count M’Butu and Derek connection makes the stage into a exploration laboratory fit for musical mystery. With the opening group Greyhounds joining on stage for a wild rendition of the Lee Dorsey original Get out of my Life Woman ,featured trade offs galore between the entire collage of artists. There was a great crowd of energized music goers, each applauded the scene at various points for various personal interpretive moments in time that made them feel like, well…Its all about the music.

Check out my recent conversation with Derek here.

and a past chat here.