The final part of the open schedule fill-in proGram was lifted.

The Alchemist- Scott Petito Ft. Randy Brecker, Rachel Z Hakim, Omar Hakim & Mino Cinelu
Bombogenesis- Scott Petito Ft. Bob Mintzer, Kevin Hays & Simon Phillips

Wes 2K- Eddie Coburn Jazz Project
Batteries Not Included- Eddie Coburn Jazz Project
Scagg’s Place- Eddie Coburn Jazz Project

Fuchsia- Mr. Chair Ft. Eddie Barbash

Another Opens- Kendrick Scott
What Day Is It?- Kendrick Scott
Con Alma- The Vince Ector Organatomy Trio + (Live)

Flowing Until Ends

Did a open schedule fill-in proGram and the first part was getting on down.

Chucha- Son Rompe Pera
Proteus- Son Rompe Pera Ft. Gil Gutierrez
Sac Buit- ROS
You’re A Girl For One Man Only- Brandee Younger

Ballaké Sissoko- Sona Jobarteh Ft. Ballaké Sissoko
***pre-recorded conversation with Sona Jobarteh***
Gambia- Sona Jobarteh
Kambengwo- Sona Jobarteh Ft. Youssou N’Dour

Machine- Nadia Washington

Interlude: Old Friends- Sanah Kadoura
The Gemini’s- Sanah Kadoura

African Drum- Dwight Trible Ft. Kamasi Washington
Elements- Dwight Trible

Poking Out From Within

The final part of this week’s proGram see and saw.

Grigori- The Reluctant Cosmonaut
Ready to Ball- Kassa Overall

Let Them Know- Wax Tailor Ft. Voice Monet & lojii
***pre-recorded conversation with Wax Tailor***
Just Rock On- Wax Tailor Ft. David Bars, Ill Conscious, Mattic & Kuf Knotz
Freaky Circus- Wax Tailor Ft. Mr. Lif & Napoleon Da Legend

Twisted- Jacques Schwarz-Bart
Sun Salutation- Jacques Schwarz-Bart

The Layers- Julian Lage
Moten Swing- Wayne Alpern
Little Darlin’- Wayne Alpern
When I’m Sixty Four- Wayne Alpern

Yeah Yeah Yeah- Larry Goldings, Kaveh Rastegar & Abe Rounds
Mary Lou- Larry Goldings, Kaveh Rastegar & Abe Rounds

Still Branching Out

The middle part of the proGram kept reaching for it.

Sage and Cigarettes- Abby Jeanne
Stono Hustle- Hot Mustard
One Finger Only- The Drawbars
Lets Do It Again- The Drawbars
Cowboys To Girls- The Sextones

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright- Lettuce
**pre-recorded conversation with Adam Deitch of Lettuce**
Keep That Funk Alive- Lettuce Ft. Bootsy Collins
Didn’t You- Lettuce Ft. Talib Kweli

WYD- Rudy De Anda
Several Times- Lucas de Mulder, The New Mastersounds & Eddie Roberts
Hot Ba-Ri-O- Lucas de Mulder, The New Mastersounds & Eddie Roberts
Underground Dance- Lucas de Mulder, The New Mastersounds & Eddie Roberts
Beach Chase- Sunbörn Ft. Caio Marcio Santos

Apocalypse Daydream- Mike Dillon & Punkadelick

Which Way Is

The first part of this week’s proGram looked for the right directions.

Up on the Shelf- Arkansauce
Ain’t No Grave- The Brothers Comatose & Charlie Parr
Tell Me Pretty Baby- Fred Davis

Permanent Midnight- Big Shoes
Why Not You- Sister Lucille Ft. Reba Russell
greenarrowradio promo- Danny Liston
Free- Eric Bibb Ft. Habib Koité
Sinner Man- Eric Bibb Ft. Eric Bibb String Band

Love The One Your With- Stephen Stills (Live at Berkeley ’71)
Cheap High- Gyasi (live)
Tongue Tied- Gyasi (live)
Won’t Be Satisfied- Harlis Sweetwater Ft. David Hidalgo & John Doe
O Torto Santo- Bike

Yellow Peril- Nat Myers

Photo by Nick Berard

Climbing The Red

The second part of the Xtra open schedule fill in proGram went up to get down.

Cosmic Change- Lonnie Liston Smith/Adrian Younge/Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Loren Oden
Sunset- Eddie Chacon
Trouble- Supreme Beings of Leisure
The Other Side- Supreme Beings of Leisure
Solar Power- MELONYX
I Am The Occupation- Mary Ocher

Forbidden Cabinet- Wax Tailor
The Final Note- Wax Tailor
The Glass Dragon- Ursula 1000
Made Of Golden Light- Tommaso Cappellato Ft. Lalin St. Juste
Your Love Is Mine- The New Mastersounds [Nostalgia 77 Remix] Ft. Corrine Bailey Rae

Panter- Montparnasse Musique Ft. Kasai All Stars & Basokin
Le Serpant- Montparnasse Musique Ft. Basokin

A Look Upwards

Did a little open schedule extra day proGramming. The first part looked up this way.

Am I Sad?- Gecko Turner
Ain’t No Fun Preachin’ to the Choir- Gecko Turner
So New Orleans (2023)- Delfeayo Marsalis & Uptown Jazz Orchestra
Carnival Time- Delfeayo Marsalis & Uptown Jazz Orchestra

Stanky- Kingsley Durant
Better- Larry Goldings, Kaveh Rastegar & Abe Rounds
Temple Bar- Larry Goldings, Kaveh Rastegar & Abe Rounds
My Stomping Ground- Dwight Trible

Intermezzo- Joe Chambers
Caravanserai- Joe Chambers
Gazelle Suite- Joe Chambers
Homer and Debs- Mike Dillon & Punkadelick
Sister Sadie- Leon Lee Dorsey Ft. Russell Malone & Mike Clark
Bumpin’ on Sunset- Leon Lee Dorsey Ft Russell Malone & Mike Clark

Something’s Blowing in- Markus Rutz

Changing Daily Spiral

The final part of the proGram took the what is and found a soon to be.

Kora Meets Pipa- Gao Hong & Kadialy Kouyate
Joyful World- Gao Hong & Kadialy Kouyate
Mandeuli II- Clavellina d’aire Ft. Cati Plana & Jordi Maria Macaya
Bartolillo- Clavellina d’aire Ft. Cati Plana & Jordi Maria Macaya

Sukuma- Montparnasse Musique Ft. Muambuyi
Makonda- Montparnasse Musique Ft. Konono No1
Ikwekiame Nedumhe- Alhaji Waziri Oshomah
Brown Dwarfs- Aksak Maboul
I Walk & I Walk- Aksak Maboul

Poised- Dave Askren & Jeff Benedict
Stompin’ At The Savoy- Dave Askren & Jeff Benedict
Girl Get ‘Em- Christopher McBride Ft. Kenny Bentley
The Call- Lukas Traxel Ft. Otis Sandsjö & Moritz Baumgärtner

Green Circles

The 2nd part of this week’s proGram found the spot to go where the goods are greening up.

Pothole Dreams- Greg Ward’s Rogue Parade
Crimson Clay- Greg Ward’s Rogue Parade
Beware Of The Oh EEE’s- Greg Ward’s Rogue Parade

Reverse Window- Jane Ira Bloom / Mark Helias / Bobby Previte
Hawk Migration- Jane Ira Bloom / Mark Helias / Bobby Previte
Ritual Diamonds (for Kim Junghee)- Christopher Hale
Radio Mori- Christopher Hale

Quixote- Vince Mendoza & Metropole Orkest

Rèn sobo a- Erol Josué
Freak Out- Baaba Maal Ft. The Very Best

Netsujoh 2- YAMATO the drummers of Japan
**pre-recorded conversation with Masa Ogawa {Founder/Artistic Director} of Yamato**
Ishikure- YAMATO the drummers of Japan

Growing Sounder

The first part of this week’s proGram had to be plated and served.

Bulgares- Ben Rosenblum Nebula Project
Beneath- David Howley Ft. Woven Kin
Zelda the Caterpillar Goes to Spain- Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion
Sunrise- Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion Ft. Howard Levy
The Storm- Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion Ft. Howard Levy

Band Chum- Steve Fidyk Live Wire Broad Band
Loopholes- Steve Fidyk Live Wire Broad Band
Mojo- Rachel Therrien Ft. Gabriel Chakarji & Roman Filiu

Gog Magog- The Trials of Cato
Balls to the Wall- The Trials of Cato
Pròleg- Biel Martí
Epíleg- Biel Martí

Hombre- Gerardo Frisina

Destination Held

The final part of this week’s proGram ended up right where it fit in.

Rachid Trip- Acid Arab Ft. Rachid Taha
Acid Chawi- Acid Arab Ft. Khnafer Lazhar
Aruenda- Zuco 103
Shaman In Your Arms- Wax Tailor Ft. Jennifer Charles

Desert- Supreme Beings of Leisure
I Smile for E- Rahill
Temperature’s Rising- Benny Reid & Havoc
Survival of the Fittest- Benny Reid & Havoc

Improvisation 1 (04/27/1937 – Paris)- Stephane Wrembel
***pre-recorded conversation with Stephane Wrembel***
Improvisation 2: variation n°2 (09/10/1938 – Paris)- Stephane Wrembel

Home- Alec Schulman Ft. Gilad Hekselman, Greg Leisz & Larry Klein
Individually One- Lisa Marie Simmons Ft. Laura Masotto, Manuel Caliumi, Federico Negri & Marco Cocconi
Another String Pulled from the Theory- Lisa Marie Simmons Ft. Laura Masotto/Manuel Caliumi/Federico Negri/Marco Cocconi
Keep Movin’- Charlie Peacock Ft. Eddie Henderson

New Spots Finding

The middle part of this week’s proGram kept building forward.

What You Did- Hannah Jadagu
Space Colony- Geoff Bradford
The Voyage Out- Geoff Bradford

Sensory Overload- Iguana Death Cult

One Night of the Week- Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints
Feels So Good- Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints
Fresh- Ari Joshua & Skerik Ft. Delvon Lamarr & Grant Schroff

Truth- Joel Sarakula
Forbidden Cove- Whatitdo Archive Group
Redbone- Lucas de Mulder Ft. Eddie Roberts
Purple- Phillip Lassiter

Generation Happy or Dead- The Get Right Band
De balde- Gecko Turner
Funk #2- Sababa 5


The first part of this week’s proGram found a new spot to get into.

Peartree- Billy Strings

Let It Slide- Matt Andersen
What’s on My Mind- Matt Andersen
Fruit Stand Lady- Damon Fowler (Live At the Palladium)
I’ve Been Low- Damon Fowler (Live At the Palladium)

Boogie Chillen- Walk That Walk
greenarrowradio promo- Dave Thomas
No Fun- Prateek

Waking up the Dead- Joe Louis Walker
Root Down- Joe Louis Walker
All Night Long- Jeff Pitchell Ft. Duane Betts
Eye for an Eye- Jeff Pitchell

One Hell For Another- Rhythm Krewe

Flake Whole

The final part of this week’s proGram turned off the lights to find that right spot.

Ride The Dragon- Nick Marks
Orpheus- The Maenads
Can’t Let You Go- LP Giobbi Ft. Little Jet

Act One- Brandt Brauer Frick Ft. Mykki Blanco
F.E.M.A.L.E.- Supreme Beings of Leisure
It Takes a Girl- Supreme Beings of Leisure
Di Yo- David Walters Ft. Flavia Coelho

Desperate Lover- Tarrus Riley
Are You Ready For The Country- Reggaddiction Ft. Lord Sassafras
Heart Of Gold- Reggaddiction Ft. Ammoye

Makram- Joe Locke
Stravinsky Spectacles- Mike Dillon & Punkadelick
Another Slippery Slope- Mike Dillon & Punkadelick

Flake Of Times

The middle portion of this week’s proGram captured it just then.

Night Sweats- Sunbörn
Mardi Gras Day- Floki Sessions/George Porter Jr./Eddie Roberts Ft. Nikki Glaspie/Robert Walter/Donald Harrison
Uptown On Mardi Gras Day- Delfeayo Marsalis & Uptown Jazz Orchestra
Street Parade- Delfeayo Marsalis & Uptown Jazz Orchestra
Parking Lot Shuffle- Lalo Schifrin

Enjoy Enjoy- Blue Moka
Soul Trip- Malcolm Strachan
Something About It- Renegades of Jazz
Look Around (Raw Funk Mix)- Renegades of Jazz Ft. Mani Draper

Dansi Na / Mahaba- Gerardo Frisina
Gujarat- Gerardo Frisina
Jazzdance- Sam Redmore

Aliens Enter (Hint Remix)- Hint Ft. T-Fly

Shiny Winter Tube Space

The first part of this week’s proGram caught a flake shining just right.

The Broken Heart Side of the Road (Acoustic)- Bill Scorzari
The Banjolorian- The Trouble Notes

Let Us Get Together- Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams (Live)
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah- Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams (Live)
Change Of Heart- Margo Price
Pilgrim- The Wood Brothers
Let the Spirit Take Over- Tyler Neal

Descending To Nowhere- Rodrigo y Gabriela
Here I Come Again- The Runaway Grooms

Can’t Take The Fight (Vocal Mix)- Marcus Malone & The Motor City Hustlers
Louie Louie- Los Yesterdays

Slow Down Girl- Jonny Benavidez
Float- The Altons
The Moment- Vicky Tafoya
You’re So Fine- The Sextones Ft. Saundra Williams


Did an extra fill in hour this week and it turned out to be.

Big Trippin- Bobby West Ft. James Leary & Jerrell Ballard
Old Friend- Okonski

Prime- Christian McBride’s New Jawn
Lurkers- Christian McBride’s New Jawn
The Good Life- Christian McBride’s New Jawn

Midnight At The Zulu Ball- Delfeayo Marsalis & Uptown Jazz Orchestra
Big Chief- Delfeayo Marsalis & Uptown Jazz Orchestra
New Suit- Delfeayo Marsalis & Uptown Jazz Orchestra

This Is New- Joe Chambers
Power To The People- Joe Chambers

Stripe Flipping

The final part of the proGram stood just fine on its head.

Nothing Between Us- The Electric Ladies

In a Perfect World- Club d’Elf
Shadow’s Shift- Club d’Elf
Get A Little Turning- Club d’Elf

Desert Monsoon- Mike Dillon & Punkadelick
***pre-recorded conversation with Mike Dillon***
Devil’s Playground- Mike Dillon & Punkadelick
Inflorescence- Mike Dillon & Punkadelick

Dododo- Quiet Dawn
Chants- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad Ft. Clinton Fearon
Don’t Run- Shaggy Ft. Skinny Fabulous

Leila- Acid Arab Ft. Sofiane Saidi
Colors- Tagua Tagua

A Brighter Stripe

Middle part of the proGram showed off some hope.

Bring Me Along- The Gayle Harrod Band
Beg Borrow and Steal- Eddie 9V
Down Along the Cove- Eddie 9V

Switch- John Ginty
Savin’ Up For You Love- Carol Sylvan Ft. The Uptown Horns
Hey Nola- The Maple Blues Band
Everybody Ain’t Your Friend- Anthony ‘Big A’ Sherrod Ft. The Cornlickers

Mister Ford- The Runaway Grooms

Somebody Cares- Johnny Benavidez
Cry for Me- The Altons Ft. Adriana Flores
Future Lover- Thee Sacred Souls
Love Don’t Treat You Fair- Vicky Tafoya

She’s Cryin’- Max Kaplan & The Magics
Creepy Crawlers / Landing And Visit- Bill Summers & Summers Heat
What Ever’s Your Sign Pt.1- Prophecy
What Ever’s Your Sign Pt.2- Prophecy

Striped Up

The first part of the proGram saw its upwards.

Long Journey Home- Billy Strings
Dig A Little Deeper (In The Well)- Billy Strings
Piney Wood Hills- The Williams Brothers

Way Downtown- Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley
Moonshine Run- Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley
Earl’s Breakdown- The Infamous Stringdusters
Down the Road- The Infamous Stringdusters

It Ain’t Gonna Be a Good Night- Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams
Who Hasn’t Once?- Nolen Sellwood
Do I Move You?- Sue Palmer & Her Motel Swing Orchestra
Been To The Mountain- Margo Price

Tempelhof Desert In- Gemma Ray
All These Things- Gemma Ray
Purple, Blue & Crimson- Oberon Rose
Rock Steady- Eagle Johnson