Track and Yield

The final portion of this week’s proGram had the test results we were waiting on:

On The Road- Futari
Human- Shai Maestro Ft. Ofri Nehemya, Jorge Roeder & Phillip Dizack

Early Rites- Jane Ira Bloom & Mark Helias
**pre-recorded conversation with Jane Ira Bloom**
Traveling Deep- Jane Ira Bloom & Mark Helias
Roughing It- Jane Ira Bloom & Mark Helias

Just Wrong- Pino Palladino & Blake Mills
Family Trees- Benoît Delbecq
Never Can Say Goodbye- Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger

Village Blues- The Generations Quartet
Dream On That- Joe Lovano
Sacred Chant- Joe Lovano

The Flipped Tracks

The sandwiched between set of this week’s proGram got the ecclectic tread applied:

The Clock Won’t Tick- Quantic & Eddie Roberts
Ride On Time- The Bamboos
Hole In One- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio

Meinfajria- Omar Sosa Ft. Dafaala Elhag Ali
Tsiaro Tsara- Omar Sosa Ft. Rajery
Freedom- Yoko Miwa Trio

Pro Carnaval Voltar- Oran Etkin Ft. The Benjamin Taubkin Quartet
You Taught My Heart How To Sing- Franco Ambrosetti w/Scofield, Rosnes, Colley
Silli In the Sky- Franco Ambrosetti w/Scofield, Rosnes, Colley

Tracked In

The first part of this week’s proGram had the tracks filled in some there’s no true evidence:

Across America- Todd Mosby
Revival- The Imaginaries
Reno- Janet Simpson

634-5789- The Wildroots Ft. Victor Wainwright & Patricia Ann Dees
Something in the Water 2020- The Wildroots Ft. Billy Livesay
Where I Am- The Wildroots Ft. Anthony “Packrat” Thompson
My One and Only- Misty Blues
Days Gone By- Misty Blues
Come on Baby (Take Me Dancing)- Joyann Parker

Tribute To SRV- Ally Venable
Reap What You Sow- Ghalia Volt
Last Minute Packer- Ghalia Volt
I’d Climb Mountains- Selwyn Birchwood

New Strain Blue Strain

The final portion of this week’s proGram had the flow filtering around the globe:

Dupont- WÖR
D’Afnemen- WÖR
Climate March- WÖR

Shrovetide-Vedan Kolod
Arrow- Vedan Kolod
Takhetle Konem- Juna
Yashel Kuzle- Juna

Leil- Aziza Brahim
Hamala- The Garifuna Collective
Festa Do Tubarão- Dona Onete
Sam Cook Di- David Walters Ft. Vincent Ségal, Ballaké Sissoko & Roger Raspail

We Are Strong-Made Kuti
As We Struggle Everyday-Femi Kuti
Hercules- Ghetto Priest

Kept For More

The middle portion of this week’s proGram had a way to escape but decided to go into your ears:

Running from Love (Version 2 With Strings)- Marvin Gaye
Of Things To Come- Tommy Guerrero
By The Sea At The End of the World- Tommy Guerrero
Evolution Revolution- Tommy Guerrero

Where We Began- Har Mar Superstar
The Senate- Tombajazz Ft. Kokayi
Grandfather Clock- Mike Dillon

Agua- Bomba Estéreo
You Sold Me a Dream- Jupiter & Okwess Ft. Ana Tijoux
Foxglove- TOR
No Further Than You- Izy
Good At Gettin’ By (Acoustic)- Kash’d Out

Capuchin- Martin Gore
Sons Of Creation- Cameron Graves
Quantum Blues- Menagerie

Star Fire Travel

The final portion of the proGram this week took a h=journey thru and beyond to:

Thuon Mok Loga- Omar Sosa Ft. Olith Ratego
**pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Omar Sosa**
Elrababa- Omar Sosa Ft. Dafaalla Elhag Ali
Kwa Nyogokuru Revisited- Omar Sosa Ft. Steve Sogo

Mutwashi- Kiazi Malonga
Can’t Control Me- Fimber Bravo
Tilman Baa Lagu Socdaa (Follow the Rules)- 4 Mars

Manman Lavi- Lakou Mizik Ft. The Soul Rebels
Waydelel- Bab L’ Bluz
Pele- IKOQWE Ft. Batida & Ikonoklasta
Honey- Gentleman’s Dub Club Ft. Hollie Cook

Prayers Up

The middle portion of the proGram took the thoughts and prayers towards the universe:

What’s Going On (Original Unreleased Single Mix)- Marvin Gaye
Right On ( Detroit Mix)- Marvin Gaye

So It Begins- DiCosimo & Pagán
Magic Carpet Ride- DiCosimo & Pagán
Cisco Kid- DiCosimo & Pagán

Steady- Olivier St.Louis
Funky New Dorp- Santi Debriano

The Creator Has a Master Plan- Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger
Gospel Trane- Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger
Danza de los Inocentes- Yamilé Cruz Montero
African Spirits- Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella

Winter Moos

The First part of this week’s proGram will help you with those deep Winter Moos:

Time Wounds All Heals- Royal Horses
Streets Of Calcutta- Kikagaku Moyo (live)
Tree Smoke- Kikagaku Moyo (live)
Face of the Screaming Werewolf- The Fleshtones
The Show Is Over- The Fleshtones

Woman- Trevor B. Power
Gone So Long- Joyann Parker
Will I See You Again?- Thee Sacred Souls

I Need You- Jon Batiste
Aces- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
Mysterious Frequencies- Tommy Guerrero
Rise Of The Earth People- Tommy Guerrero
Queens Highway- Menahan Street Band

Suitcase Man- Mike Dillon & The Bad Decisions
Psilocybin Donut- Mike Dillon And Punkadelic
Super Spreader- Mike Dillon

Thin Place Up Sky

The final part of the proGram opened different doors that the ears were originally heading into and through:

A Hero’s Death (Soulwax Remix)- Fontaines D.C.
Tebamanyi- Ancient Astronauts
Wan Aken- Ancient Astronauts Ft. Brazen Rule
Social Distancing- Ancient Astronauts Ft. Ife Piankhi

Yuce Dag Basinda- Altın Gün
Blue Monday (Gaudi Dub Mix)- Dub Pistols v Dubmatix
Good Love- WheelUP Ft. Afronaut, Brint Story & Destiny Will
Medium- Logic1000

Sundial- Bicep
Fear Of A Blind Planet- Wax Tailor
On The Air- Wax Tailor
Breeze- Vanilla

Mar Pretu- Caravela
Na m’bita- Dobet Gnahore
It’s Our Love- Thee Sacred Souls

Where Some Funk Hid

The middle portion of the proGram was the best spot to look for some funk-a-hiding:

Checking Out (Double Clutch)- Marvin Gaye
The Duke- Menahan Street Band
First Impression- The True Loves

Deep State- On The Spot Trio
High 45- Alan Evans Trio
Future Deserts- Tommy Guerrero
Descendent of Memory- Tommy Guerrero
Ignite- Envy Alo

F0- PLS.Trio
On The Lamb- Mike Dillon & The Bad Decisions
**pre-recorded conversation with Mike Dillon**
Pinocchio- Mike Dillon
Apocalyptic Daydreams- Mike Dillon & Punkadelic

To Howl Over

The first piece of the proGram had all the makings of a sharp-toothed, strong clawed good time:

In The Middle- Andrew McConathy & The Drunken Hearts
Call Me A Fool- Valerie June Ft. Carla Thomas
greenarrowradio promo- Skylar Rogers
Work- Skylar Rogers
Back To Memphis- Skylar Rogers

Scramblin’- Stratcat Willie & the Strays
Eat, Drink, Boogie, Repeat- Stratcat Willie & the Strays
I Like My Chicken Fried- Dave Thomas

Magic Carpet Ride- The Chris White Experience Ft. Free Ferry
New Revolution- The Besnard Lakes
Shakin’- Black River Delta
Child Of The Moon- The Fleshtones
Manpower Debut- The Fleshtones

Tell Me I’m Bad- Editrix
Resister/Resist- Bisbâyé

All Them Tatses

The final portion of the proGram, combined a lot of flavors into that one that fit the hunger of the day:

Freedom- David Walters
Razlivishche- Staritsa
Razbeschastnyj Kazachok- Staritsa
Wheel- Vedan Kolod

Equinox- Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger
I Am Not Yours- Steve Yeager Ft. Katy Vernon

Ballot Box Bounce- Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra w/Wynton Marsalis
Rakin’ and Scrapin’- Leon Lee Dorsey
Watermelon Man- Leon Lee Dorsey
I’m Walkin’- Leon Lee Dorsey
Red- Cameron Graves

Green & Gold- Victor & Malachi DeLorenzo

Walking Into That Setting Sun

The middle portion of the proGram had a certain funk in its soul-filled steps:

Dripping Sun- Kikagaku Moyo (live at Levitation)
No Crime- Michelle Sarah
Ally- Adryon De León
Hey!- The Natural Soul Ft. Matt Schofield/Alan Evans/Darby Wolf/Pete Aleksi
Careless Whisper- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
I Don’t Know- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
The Main Course- The Tibbs

A Thousand Shapes Of Change- Tommy Guerrero
Quiet Heat- Tommy Guerrero
I Believe In Love- Polyrhythmics & Lucky Brown
Unity (It’s Up To You)- Badge Époque Ensemble Ft. James Baley

Log Jammin’- The Le Coq All Stars

Fire Blurr

The first portion of the proGram was visible even through the fuzziness:

Sing About It- Moira Smiley
Refugee- Moira Smiley
That’s Life- Willie Nelson
Run It All Together- Andrew McConathy & The Drunken Hearts

Big Easy Bound- Stratcat Willie & the Strays
Blues Coming Down- Cash McCall
greenarrowradio promo- Veronica Lewis
You Ain’t Unlucky- Veronica Lewis

Wake Up, Brother- Andrew Gabbard
It Won’t Hurt You- Triptides
Love Me While You Can- The Handcuffs

She Comes Now- Modern Stars
Never Gonna Wake (Up)- Nancy
Leave Your Cares Behind- Nancy

**pre-recorded conversation with Concert Promoter Danny Zelisko**

Inside The Framed

The final sets of this week’s proGram had a little extra something to it when you took a double take:

Intro- Mayer Hawthorne
Fast Man (Rare Sounds Remaster)- The New Mastersounds
Love On Top- 45th St Brass
Monkey’s Are Heavy- 45th St Brass

Pawn Shop- E.N Young
The Nod- Fat Freddy’s Drop
Sublime- Supreme Beings of Leisure
So Much More- Supreme Beings of Leisure
Heat Miser- Massive Attack
Down Here On the Ground- The Ummah
Hit That Jive, Jack- Nat King Cole Ft. Izza Kizza (Produced by Souldiggaz)
No Lies- Dub Gabriel Ft. MC Zulu
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Beatnick & K-Salaam Remix) – Nirvana
Call Me Nasty- Ill Sugi

The Boil Is On

The middle portion of the program turned out to be one of my favorite ear meals—where else do you find these items on a menu:

You’ve Got To Have Freedom- Pharoah Sanders (live)
Freedom Raga- Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt
Ganges Delta Blues- Ry Cooder & V.M Bhatt
Fire In The Brain- Club d’Elf (live, Scotty Hard Benefit)
Midnight Dream- Little Axe
Banal Reality- Organic Grooves
Diaraby Magni- Vieux Farka Touré Ft. Yossi Fine (live)
Shushan- Balkan Beat Box featuring Shushan

Wax In Wax On

The first part of the proGram took the fire and melted the very ways it made the liquid burn:

Freeborn Man- Tony Rice
Lonesome Reuben- Tony Rice
Piece Of My Heart- Erma Franklin
I Like Birds- Eels w/ Strings (live)
Hang on St. Christopher- Tom Waits
In A Hole- Brazz Tree
Shine On You Crazy Diamond- Colonel Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade (live)
The Simpsons- Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius
Le Rock Summer- Rinôçérôse
You Said a Bad Word- Joe Tex
Southern Gul- Erykah Badu

Cooking With That Flame

The final portion of this week’s proGram had all the fire needed to keep on cookin’:

Lookout For Hope- Bill Frisell
Drume Negrita- Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban
Mambo Sinuendo- Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban
Dimensions- Doug Carn, Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Windfall- Doug Carn, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge

Trespass- The Autos Ft. Elliot Martin

Crystal Oscillations- Timeshard
Bus to Beelzebub- Soul Coughing

The Firing Line

The middle portion of the proGram knew right where to draw the heated line:

Screwloose- The Radiators (live)
Nancy- Teddy Presberg
Here With Me- Alan Evans
In Comes Slade- Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers Ft. Neal Evans
A Little Bit Of Sunshine- Brother Goodlove

Old Devil Moon- Steve Yeager
Blue Bossa- Steve Yeager
Home- Steve Yeager
I Like’s That- Skeebo Knight Ft Chuck Leavell
Honey Burger’s Grill ‘New Mix’- Skeebo Knight Ft. Chuck Leavell
Don’t Let Money Be Your God- James Taylor Quartet

In The Fire Pits

The first part of the proGram started the fire and the heat kept on pouring out in stars:

Space Jam- Jerry Garcia/David Grisman/Tony Rice
So What- Jerry Garcia/David Grisman/Tony Rice
13D- Dan Hicks & Acoustic Warriors (live)
Subterranean Homesick Blues- Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks
Tonight- Delaney Davidson
Let The Good Times Roll- Ry Cooder & Taj Mahal
At The Pershing- The Jazz Mandolin Project
Bosco Stumble- Leftover Salmon (live)
Can’t Wait (Alt Take)- Bob Dylan
I’ve Been Lonely For So Long- Hazmat Modine
Paint- Soul Coughing
Cities- Talking Heads
Paper- Talking Heads