Age Old Question

The second half of the greenarrowradiOpen Schedule Sunday afternoon fill in attempted to help sort out the details and give some insiGht into the complex…The answer is right there on the tip of your tongue:

Bandirabait- the Touré Raichel Collective
Ai Du- Ali Farka Touré
Asistan- Etran Finatawa
Tea Ceremony III- Etran Finatawa
All the Same- Vieux Farka Touré (live Amarass Desert Music Festival, 2011)
Jarabi- Songhai
Ramadan Tabla- Jalilah Raks Sharki
Dreamcatcher- Bahramji & Manseesh de Moor

Big Brother- Tabla Beat Science
Taiga- Dirtwire Ft. Kongar ol Ondar (Diamond Saints Remix)
Beira Mar- Lula Cortez E Ze Ramalho
Swinga Sambaby- Trio Mocotó
Calypso Blues- Zilla Mays
Mambo Hop- Oscar Saldana
This is Albert- Afro Bop Alliance

Mani- Paco Fernandez
It’s Your Thing- Studio Rio
Raise the Dead- Mariachi El Bronx
Injustica- Peliroja
Epilogue- Peliroja

Islamic Suite- Charlie Munro Quartet
Half and Half- Chivo Borraro
Fiesta- Hideo Shiraki

Shine Like the Weather- HUW
A Step (fan)- Henri Pierre Noel
So Quien Soy- Karikatura


Glass Hall Curiosity

Did an open schedule Sunday afternoon edition of the proGram and the oddities were safe but your ears, well…maybe not so much:

Snoshti Sum Libe- Black Sea Hotel
Contrupunctus III- the Kronos Quartet
Solitude 1- Yom
Chaos- Yom

Dolls & Bagels- Metropolitan Klezmer
Mountain Lion- Elephant Wrecking Ball
The Mother’s Suite, Movement V: Migration of the Spirit- Fresh Cut Orchestra
The Mother’s Suite, Movement II: Mother’s Love- Fresh Cut Orchestra

Black Magic Woman- Lila Downs Ft. Raul Midón
Partido Baixo- Paulo Padilha
Summertime( Só me Trai)- Paulo Padilha

Uhel Pohledu- Traband
Snake Lick Jab- Balkan Clarinet Summit (live)
Vengador- Troker

Tiger Dub- Raja Kassis
Theremystical in Dub- Gaudi
Kalonji Riddim (inst)- Mista Savona

Avocado- Jah9
Craziness- Pete Shand
Seconds- Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars
Miami- Andy Palacio & Garifuna Collective
Mysterious Ways- Angelique Kidjo
greenarrowradio promo- Somi
Shine Your Eye- Somi


Behind Blue Heeled Glass

I clicked my blue heels twice and there was no place like:

Low Hanging Fruit- Jeff Coffin & the Mu’Tet
Mikomard- Nero (live)
***Live on air interactions w/DJ Nightway & Aldous***
Add a Shag- Big Ass Truck
The Me- Big Ass Truck
Selectivity- the James Taylor Quartet
Let it Go- Andre Espeuts Quintet
the Curse- Ken Clark Organ Trio
Big Wopper- Sam Kininger
In The…- Boston Horns
Pink- Boston Horns
Keep on Moving- the Bomb Squad
Nourish- Soul Clique (live WDET)
Intro- Basement Jaxx
Sneakin’ Toronto- Basement Jaxx

Ghost Song (Bobby Hughes Combination Remix)- Deela
Purpose- Second Sky
Chan Ve- Thomas Blondet Ft. Monsoon & Tina M (Fort Knox Five Remix)
Enter the Esperanto- Captain Planet

Toca Flute- Carlos Barbosa & Blasterjaxx (Sabo Moombahton Edit)
Ten Little Children- Afrologic Ft. Aremu, Temi Oyedele & Wura Samah


Brick Solid

The first half of the reGularly scheduled proGram is lined up and unbreakable:

Bring it on- Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Ende- Mice Parade
Warm Hand in Farmland- Mice Parade
Another One- Love Tractor
Oompa Augusta- Primus & the Chocolate Factory Ft. the Fungi Ensemble
Hello Wonkites- Primus & the Chocolate Factroy Ft. the Fungi Ensemble

What do you Want From me- The Australian Pink Floyd Show (live at Hammersmith, 2011)
Cold Rain & Snow- Wilson Mower Pursuit
Occupy- Gong
God Song- Matching Mole
Arc- the Cellar and Point

Sex in America- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
I’m a Living Sickness- the Crawlin’ Hex
Take a Heart- Schizo Fun Addict

Garçon Culotte- Le Sans Coulettes
Pussycat- the Charms
Pauline- Little Barrie
Big Words Make the Baby Jesus Cry- the Dead Milkmen
Brainwashed- Allan Moon

Mr. Big- Free (live 1971)
Hurdy Gurdy Fandango- Frogwings Ft. John Popper (live at Toad’s Place)
Wish You Were Here- Gov’t Mule (live, the Orpheum Boston 10/31/2008)
Statesboro Blues- Taj Mahal & Gregg Allman (live Fox Theater, Atlanta 01/10/2014)

Blues Before Sunrise- Bruce Katz Band
Doing that Scrapyard Thing- Cream


Sqaure Window Retreat

The third set from the other day’s proGram was a scene out of the land of “Where’s Waldo”, I swear someone was peeking out one of those windows…Here’s the sounds that went with the square windowed spy game:

Babylon Flemenco in Dub- Gaudi
Our House- Delhi 2 Dublin (live)

Veritas- Oceaán
Imperialist Monsters- Fulgeance & DJ Scientist
Crazy Love- Tosca

New Dawn- Quiet Dawn Ft. Oddisee (Eric Lau Remix)
Lost Love- Congo Sanchez Ft. Mr. Lif
The Beigeness- Kate Tempest
Star Time- Hieroglyphic Being

greenarrowradio theme- DJ Mister Rourke
Flashlight- Bonobo
Masquerade Theme (Phonovisions Symphonic Version)- Wax Tailor
Dusty Rainbow (Phonovisions Symphonic Version)- Wax Tailor

Temporary Residence- Eliot Lipp
Work- Rob Smith and Jah Device Ft. Sasha Perera
Roots- Romare

Blowin’ in the Wind- BPos
Grief (E & E Remix)- FaltyDL

Be Mine- Meiko (Sneakout Remix)
Bring Back the Wolf- Submotion Orchestra


Sky Castle G Lite

The middle portion of the proGram took a trip up and royally into a place in the sky for dreams to materialize:

Sheela Na Gig- P.J. Harvey
Cheer Up Charlie- Primus & the Chocolate Factory Ft. the Fungi Ensemble
Amendureye- Dangermuffin

I’ve Been Buked- Mavis Staple and the North Mississippi All Stars
Sunshine Girl- Shayna Steele
It’s the Music Pt 1- The Mighty Mocambos Ft. Afrika Bambaataa, Charlie Funk, Hetek & DeeJay Snoop

Interstellar Griot Pt 1- the Shaolin Afronauts
Interstellar Griot Pt 2- the Shaolin Afronauts
Down by the Law- Fab 5 Freddy
Heaven- Ebo Taylor
Fugue State- the Funk Ark

We be Jammin’- the Funky Meters (live, 2010 Jazz Fest)
Cissy Pickup- the Funky Meters (live, 2010 Jazz Fest)
Down on You- Greg Hester (live at the Mission)
Tomahawk- the Budos Band
Budo- Beat Funktion

Whip It (Dubplate Especial)- Empresarios
Natty Dread- Dubtonic Kru
Reel to Reel Dub- Marter & Yony
Eclipse- Easy Star All Stars
Rocking Steady- Pete Shand
The Yout- Horseman Ft. Tippa Irie
Here I Stand- Taj Weekes and Adowa
Fire Dragon Riddim (Inst)- Mista Savona
Rebel Hi Fi- Lotek


Come Round Back

This first third of the proGram snuck around back to be let into your earholes:

Lonesome Whistle- Beck (Live KCRW)
Wing- Patti Smith (Live KCRW)
Bring it Home to Daddy- Ted Hawkins (live WDET)
What Would Brando do?- Dick Siegal (live WDET)
900 Miles From My Home- Bob Dylan & the Band
Six Months in Kansas City (Liberty Street)- The New Basement Tapes

Jellybabies- Epic Soundtracks
Siam- Nick Mason

My Baby Doll- Mike Berry & the Outlaws
Lost Planet- The Thunderbolts
King of the Street- Ry Cooder & Jim Keltner
Hope for the Future (thrash)- Paul McCarney
Better You, Better than me- Spooky Teeth
End of the Line- Warren Haynes & Derek Trucks (live 1/10/2014)
Money- Gov’t Mule (live 10/31/2008, Orpheum Boston)
Tales of Brave Ulysses- Cream (live)

Won’t Last Till Tuesday- Bruce Katz Band
Bonneville- Little Barrie
Nothing Achieving- Hounds

Uncontrollable Urge- SNFU
Fool For You- Wild Smiles
Static- Nots


Duck Duck…Wait..What?

The second half of the proGram was a bit of the expected with a double take. I want to thank Peter Apfelbaum for taking time to join the show to discuss a new project by SparklerI Colored It In For You”, the collaboration idea process working with Bill Laswell and how the peeling back of the layers to the new music reveals a sound tapestry that introduces new colors to the world. I am pleased to share his thoughts on this work as well as the versions themselves with you. Here’s where the duck must have jumped:

Jeepers Creepers 2.0- Nikki Yanofsky
Breaking- Sophia Bastian
Wear me Down- Shayna Steele Ft. Robert Randolph

Knock with me, Rock with me- Lil Rascals Brass Band
Afro Funk Groove- Henri Pierre Noel
Weed Wacka!- Mission Creep

One Minute and 45 Seconds to Station Break- Terry Gibbs Ft. Hubert Laws
Four Brothers- Terry Gibbs Ft. Hubert Law
Helium- Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood
I Colored it in For You Pt.2- Sparkler
***Live on air Conversation with Peter Apfelbaum***
I Colored it in For You Pt.1- Sparkler
Spiral- the Process

New Beat- Mariachi El Bronx
Gaadi of Truth- Red Baraat
Pu Tai Dub- Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band
I Go U Go- the Afrorockerz
Stranger- Troker

Wink Wink Nudge Nudge- Monty Python
Get Open- Get open
I Want U- Alison Wonderland
Pusherman- Romare

Afrika Hot!- Dead Prez & the Evil Genus Ft. DJ Green Latern


Sharp Iron Fence

The first half of today’s proGram was dedicated to the door almost being closed, but doing your best action hero slide under just in time to save the day. We had on a guest to talk about the potential of losing a special place to many and a way to help remedy the situation. Doing radio, for me, has always been a way to introduce folks to the mutual community. We all share in some connection. Which side of the fence are you on?

Minum- Victor Axcelrod & Dustin O’Hallloran
Pallet- the Stray Birds
J. Edgar Klezmer:When Israel met Jenny- Metropolitan Klezmer
Colintro- Hounds

Shipbuilding- Robert Wyatt
Nothing to it- the New Basement Tapes
Don’t ya Tell Henry- Bob Dylan & the Band
Pipeline- Bill Frisell

*** Community Reach Out Featuring Miss Bella And the Horsebarn***
Fearless- Gov’t Mule (live 10/31/2008 Orpheum, Boston)
Fuzz Bomb- Little Barrie
Death Myth- Fly Golden Eagle
Oompa Violet- Primus & the Chocolate Factory Ft. the Fungi Ensemble

Semi Wondrous Boat Ride- Oompa Violet- Primus & the Chocolate Factory Ft. the Fungi Ensemble
The Gun- Wild Smiles
Monochromatic- Nots

Tabletop (a)- the Cellar and Point
Just the Same- Gentle Giant (live)
Uncle Sam Blues- Jefferson Airplane (live)
Sleeping Tones- Mahavishnu Orchestra (live)
The Pontiac- Tom Waits


Hat Puppet Funkers

The second half of the fill in proGram for Mad Marcus on his rock-N-soul revue took the various hats we all wear and attached them to the world of puppets as a reminder that we all be the same no matter what hat we are sportin’….. Here’s the ghetto-puppet-funk that was atop your head:

Mister Keyes- the Impressions
Chocolate City- Mavis Staples
Onenationunderagroove- Funkadelic
( I got) So Much Trouble in my Mind- Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul
Bumpin’ Pt. 1- Ground Hog
Yes We Can Pt. 1- Lee Dorsey
Groovy Lady- the Meters
Your Daddy Loves you- Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson
Readings in Astrology- Jesse Anderson
There’s a Break in the Road- Betty Harris
Fair Child- Willie West
Underdog Backstreet- Warren Lee
After Sex- the Staples Singers
Gypsy Lady- Linda Clifford
Sport- Lighnin’ Rod
Hercules- Aaron Neville
Cholly- Funkadelic
Oh!I- Funkadelic


Funkin’ underGround

Did a fill in for Mad Marcus on his Rock-n-Soul revue on a Saturday night late in November on WORT.. Here’s the first half of a ghetto-funkin-good-time:

No Pussy Blues- Grinderman
Psycho Sexual- Barry Adamson
Across 110th Street- Bobby Womack
Superpeople- the Notations
Just Because the Package has been Unwrapped & Opened- Alder Ray Black & the Fame Gang
Hot Tamales Pt.1- Prime Mates
Skinny Legs and All- Joe Tex
Man of the Street- Ironing Board Sam
Thinking Back- Ike Turner & the Kings of Rhythm
Hang on in There (inst)- Bobby Womack
She’s a Woman- Betty Davis
Bring it on Down to me Pt.1- Bobby Franklin’s Insanity
Junkie Chase- Curtis Mayfield
I’ve got to Find a Way (to hide my hurt) Pt.1- Moses Dillard & the Tex Town Display
Mama Said we Can’t Get Married- Warren Lee


Tall Shadow Away

I want to send out a miGhty greenarrowradio thank you to Eddie Angel of Los Straitjackets for being up early in Seattle to make the call in t0 talk about the Thursday 12/4 show at the Barrymore opening for and backing up Nick Lowe for the Quality Revue. We talked about the years of music, the newest album and how they have gained popularity in Mexico because of the masks and wrestling tights like in Lucha Libre. There was also plenty of music to go with the coolness of the conversation. Here’s what happened:

Nothing- the Get Up ft. Sabina Challenger
Why Don’t you do Right?- Bev Lee Harling (the Coleman Brothers Cha Cha Remix)
All Night Long- Four Blazes
Time Strength Patience- Hugh Gledhill Ft. Mudibu

Big Guns- Baker Brothers
Bouzouki Song- the Funk Ark
Aphasia- the Budos Band

Black Sabbath- Brown Sabbath
Freedom (the Gene Dudley Group Remix)- Lack of Afro
Hey Lover- Hardkandy Ft. Laura Vane

Fafi- Fantasma
Supalove- Andreya Triana

Midnight Hour- Little May
Jet Set- Los Straitjackets
Ghostbusters Theme- Los Straitjackets
** Live on air Conversation with Eddie Angel of Los Straitjackets**
Aerostar- Los Straitjackets
Stars Sellotaped- Lunatic Soul
180db- Aphex Twin
Boom Boom Boom- Just a Band & Octo Push
Future Forest- Eliot Lipp


Bunker Down

The first portion of the reGualrly schedule show was in a good hiding spot…but the eyes and ears of patience always finds:

The Perils of Private Mulvaney- Mike Auldridge/Jerry Douglas/Rob Ickes
Sleep Dep- the Absynth Quintet

Married to my Hack- the New Basement Tapes Ft. Elvis Costello
All You Have to do is Dream- Bob Dylan & the Band
I Wish you Would- J.D. McPherson
Tell ‘em I’m Gone- Yusef/Cat Stevens Ft. Tinarwien

Monkey Man- Gov’t Mule (live 2009, Tower Theater, Philly)
The Czar- Bruce Katz Band
Turn Turn Turn- Bill Frisell
Snakecharmer- Dangermuffin
Megalodon- Big Something Ft. DJ Logic

Time Machine- the Blue Zeta Zeta Puppies
Heady Ways- Fly Golden Eagle
Let’s Turkey Trot- the Dollyrots
Golden Ticket- Primus

Old Knives- Cold Specks
You Mean the World to me- Nikki Yanofsky
Gipsy Woman- Voodoo Princess
Deliver Me- the Milk

(Intro) Danny Ray- Greg Hester (live at the Mission)
Can’t Stand Myself- Greg Hester (live at the Mission)
One Woman Army- Smoove & Turrell


A Strong World Song

The second half of the fill in proGram was build out of the strength of all around the world who put it to good use:

Barmer Jam #1- Barmer Boys
Firoziya- Sakar Khan
Kathi Ghorlo- Lakha Khan
Bhairavi- Amjad Ali Khan & the Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Attachment- Sameer Gupta
Full Moon Dance- Ah Kin
Les Lendemains M Lodieux- Pascal Lejeune
Inner Urge- Afro Bop Alliance
Choro Da Veve- Hendrik Meurkens
Segrado Do Samba- Souleance

Allah- Dobet Gnahoré
Gbaza- Dobet Gnahoré
The Story Of Monkey- Somi
When Rivers Cry- Somi Ft. Common
Ami Ya Gamal- the Nile Project (live)

From End to End- The Touré-Raichel Collective
Sega- Ali Farka Touré & Ry Cooder
Tea Ceremony I- Etran Finatawa
Iguefan- Etran Finatawa
Ok Oyot System- Extra Golden


Light Face Light Time

Did another EARly morning fill in and the first half of it was the see throuGh you were not seeing before:

Invocation of the Spirit Spell- Jozef Van Wissen
Melody One- Joe DeVita
Melody Two- Joe DeVita
Quiet Snowfall- Carolina Eyck & Christopher Tarnow
White Cylinder (a)- the Cellar and Point

Cat Riding on Roomba- Happy Family
Mezare Israel- Jazz Work Shop

Limbo- Dels
Mr. E- James Farm
Barber Shop- Wayne Horvitz & the Royal Room Collective Music Ensemble
Three- Nicholas Payton
The Mothers Suite Movement III Ritual of the Take- Fresh Cut Orchestra
A Snapshot of the Soul- the Microscopic Septet

October Song- Albare
Black Arc- the Process
Noda Matic- HUW
2100- A Love Electric Ft. John Medeski


Wheel Spun Stuck Atop

I want to thank friend of the proGram, Jake Shimabukuro for returning to the show to discuss his upcoming show at the Barrymore. He and I played a little catch up and then we dove into the difference in this show: a accompanying bass player and the recently purchased Bari-Ukulele. We talked about how his approach has been since his first album as well as what was in store for a new release Spring 2015. We also dissected his interpretation of the epically recoGnizable Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and how he almost couldn’t get the sound he desired, and he is still considering that tune a work-in-proGress. There was a spinning musical wheel as well for the second half of the show:

Freedom Time- Dawn Pemberton
Be My Husband- Rubblebucket & Landlady
Daddy- Emma Donovan & the Putbacks
Lip Service- Voodoo Princess

Scissors Paper Stone- Skeewiff & Stephen Gray
The Butcher’s Bride- Calibro 35

I Just Want to be (like myself)- Robbie Hill’s Family Affair
Sport- Lightnin’ Rod
Cry for Help- Greg Hester (live at the Mission)
That’s it- Bill Dickens
Man is a Monster- the Funk Ark
Burnt Offering- the Budos Band
Lay it on me- Smoove & Turrell
Exodus (interlude)- The Greg Foat Group (live at the Playboy Club, London)
Funky Fanfare- The Greg Foat Group (live at the Playboy Club, London)

Jimmy’s Jive- Jimmy Nolan
Fung Ku- Marter & Yony
Sunshine Girl/Rub a Dub Love- Dubtonic Kru
You Made us Change- Ephemerals
Ugali- Batida

With You Always- Jake Shimabukuro
When You’re Down- Jake Shimabukuro
***Live on air Conversation with Jake Shimabukuro***
Thriller- Jake Shimabukuro (live, Japan)
Be My Baby- Brian Lopez


Meeting with the Sea

The first half of the actual proGram this week is where solid meets liquid….two states of soul:

Panhandle Rag- Mike Auldridge/Jerry Douglas/Rob Ickes
Boomerang- the Absynth Quintet
Georgia Drumbeat- Dom Flemons

Dress it up, Better Have it all- Bob Dylan & the Band
The Devil Came From Kansas- Yusef/Cat Stevens

Native Man- Bandallamas
Playground Love- Air
Telstar- Bill Frisell
Down Don’t Bother me- the Derek Trucks Band (live in Chicago)
Homecoming- Bruce Katz Band
Little Douglas- Dangermuffin Ft. Keller Williams
Sirens- Big Something
You Just Gotta Know my Mind- Crystal Jacqueline

**Down by the River Mustapha Rep0rt of Weather**
Dirty- Bugs in the Dark
Magic Steven- Fly Golden Eagle
Save me- Bruiser Queen
On the Radio- Bruiser Queen


Just Another Pretty Face

The second half of the fill in for Rob Roberts and the Morning Show was just a look at another one of the pretty people. Inside and out, it is not what we see…it s the what the feelinGs caused. Here is a potential theme song for the pretties:

A Walk in the Rain- Wayne Horvitz & the Royal Room Collective Music Ensemble
Six- Nicholas Payton
Star Tune- the Microscopic Septet

Stomp Stomp Stomp- Elephant Wrecking Ball
Rhapsody- Alex Mercado Trio
18th Letter of Silence- Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet

A Love Supreme- Rufus Harley
Gocmenler- Ilhan Ersain’s Wonderland
Fight Back Jack- I Led 3 Lives

Ram Japo Ji- Manika Kaur
Cadence- Bela Fleck/Zakir Hussain/Edgar Meyer & the Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Raag Bhim Ka Phera- Lakha Khan
Durga- Amjad Ali Khan & the Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Bhupali- Amjad Ali Khan & the Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Aaye Na Balam- Sameer Gupta


The Melt Family

Did a two and a half hour fill in for Rob Roberts and the Morning show preceding the reGularly scheduled greenarrowradio time-slot. The first half and a half started off in the cold but ended it in the waxy disappearance of figures warmth:

Scherzo:Allegro Molto:String Quartet in A Major, OP.2- The Ensō String Quartet
Contrupunctus II- Kronos Quartet and Jeff Mills
White Cylinder (b)- the Cellar and Point

Kju- JÜ and Kjetil Møster
Dear Joanne- JÜ and Kjetil Møster
Return the Tides- Rob Mazurek & Black Cube SP
Agpaitic- Wadada Leo Smith/Jamie Saft/Joe Morris/Balazs Pandi

Rodriguez- Molé
Portal Site for the Sightseeing- Happy Family

Palo Colorado Dream- Anthony Pirog
It Came Down from the Night & Stood on the Porch Until I Invited it in for Tea- Jonathan Badger
The Bear- Jonathan Badger
Sledge Tread- Dylan Ryan/Sand

Beyond Form- HUW
Dewey Circle- Walking Distance


Stone Baby Love

The final portion of the proGram was a stone baby love, daddy-o:

Sexual Healing- Hot 8 Brass Band
Justine- T Bird & the Breaks

Get Carter- Calibro 35
Headband- The Funk Ark

Think it Over- Early Clover & the Georgia Soul Drifters
La Tumba de fu Manchu (Mr. Battery Remix)- Ray Lugo & the Boogaloo Destroyers
Black Hills- the Budos Band
Dancing with my Mates Until Dawn- the Baker Brothers

Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances- Lack of Afro Ft. Jack Tyson Charles
At the Shrine- the Shaolin Afronauts

Fellowship- Akashic Record
Papa’s Got a Brand new Pigbag- The Greg Foat Group (live at the Playboy Club, London)
Kumite- the Polish Ambassador/Mr. Lif/Ayla Nereo Ft. Chali 2na
Superhero- Dragon Fli Empire

Blaow- the Bug Ft. Daddy Freddy
Remembrance- Amp Live
The Beginning- TOKiMONSTA
Dusty Stars- TOKiMONSTA

Bones- Maia Vidal
Chrome Units- Submotion Orchertra
I Colored it in For You ( Bill Laswell Remix)- Sparkler
The Fourth Dimension- Hieroglyphic Being