Older Is Better

The second half of the proGram took a chance on some sounds that took me back into the future, with a trip and a beat, we didn’t fall down. Drive on into the summer with these tunes:

Love Like This- Bacao Rhythm Steel Band
Omo Ejo- Fela Ransom Kuti & His Koola Lobitos
Home Cooking- Fela Ransom Kuti & His Koola Lobitos

Many Questions- Tony Allen with Cesar Anot/Doctor L/Jean Phi Dary/Jeff Kellner
Esso Strut- ¡ESSO! Afrojam Funkbeat
Nothing to Show for it- Femi Kuti
No Place for my Dream- Femi Kuti

Tuareg Dance- Leni Stern
Dedication- Leni Stern
I Wish I knew How it Would Fell to be Free- The Sachal Ensemble Ft. La Marisoul
Sensuousness- Omar Sosa & Paolo Fresu Ft. Natasha Atlas & Jaques Morelenbaum

Speaking Gently- BADBADNOTGOOD
Shout it Out- Balkan Beat Box
Peace be Unto Us- Nat Birchall

Pain- De La Soul Ft. Snoop Dogg
Bravery- J57
The Sideshow- DJ Shadow Ft. Ernie Fresh

The Damselfly- Dub Dynasty
Good Morning Jamaica- Dubamine Ft. Carlton Livingston
Murda Style- Dubamine
Horror Zone- Max Romero
Soul Nation (Under One Vibration)- The Soul Express

Glad You’re Home- Protoge
Interview # 13: Eat That Question Interview Segments: Frank Zappa/Mike Keneally

Drive on, Rider.

Drive on, Rider.

Fields for All Sounds

The first half of the proGram took time to lay in the field and listen to the symphony and feel the warmth…..

Sweet Georgia Brown- Stephane Grappelli & David Grisman Ft. Rob Wasserman
Come What May- Colvin & Earle
Change my way of Living- Seth Walker

Normandy- Heliotropes
Dardanelles Pt. 1- Heliotropes
Moments Like These- The Amazing
Cut it- Raw Blow
Hanging- Crawling with Cops
Through the Motions- Crawling with Cops

Florian Saucer Attack- Black Mountain
Señora Borealis- Broncho
Butter- Foxy Lemon
Cricket & The Genie (Movement II, Oratorio di Cricket- the Claypool Lennon Delirium

#9 Interview Segment (Eat that Question)- Frank Zappa/Moon Zappa/Chuck Ash
Walk Between Raindrops- Donald Fagan
Synchronicity I- the Police (live)
Synchronicity II- the Police (live)
Masters of War- Ratdog
Right Lady- Bill Evans Ft. JJ Grey/Marco Benevento/Scott Metzger/Joe Russo
Molumby’s Mambo- Zoofunkyou
Jafunkablue- Zoofunkyou
Side Pony- Lake Street Dive
Spectacular Failure- Lake Street Dive
Green Light- Charlie Faye & the Fayettes
Jezebel- Eric Krasno
Say OK- Kids on Bridges Ft. Zigaboo Modeliste

lay still and listen

lay still and listen

Waiting for the Line to Move


The second half of the proGram was a way to wait for the movement of a line you never stepped into.

Opening- Leni Stern
Hide & Seek- Leni Stern
Addiction Intro- Aditya Prakash Ensemble
Web of Addiction- Aditya Prakash Ensemble

No.4- Les Poules à Colin
Estrella- Axel Todca Laugart
Vibe- Axel Todca Laugart

Schnaps- Hubert Von Goisern
Stoansteirisch- Hubert Von Goisern
Po Boy Walk-Roddie Romero & the Hub City All Stars
Laila Lo Laila- Nels Cline w/the Sachal Ensemble

Antwerp- the Breath
Warm Winds in Havana- Margaret Brandman
Ritmo de la Noche- Margaret Brandman

Lost Parade- Sarathy Korwar
Light My Fire- Massive Attack (live)
Counting Sheep- Safia
Embracing Me (Soul Circuit Remix)- Safia
20 Blocks Down- Swivs

From the Snow Tipped Hills- the Silver Lake Chorus (Carmen Rizzo Remix)

Beach Flip


The first half of the proGram would be enough to make the most acrobatic move as we close our eyes toGehter and open our ears..annnnnnnd FLIP:

You’re Right (I’m Wrong)- Colvin & Earle
Faded- Iron Bridge Band
Mark Twain- Iron Bridge Band

Catcher in the Rye- the Dandy Warhols
G O A T- the Cult
Mr. Wright- the Claypool Lennon Delirium
Spellbound- Frantic Chant
No Control (demo)- Sun Mahshere

Flowers of the Night- Paul Kantner/Grace Slick/David Freiberg
Zillionaire- Rob Wasserman/Edie Brickell/Jerry Garcia
Sara Smile- Sara Wasserman Ft. R. Wasserman/V. Reid/Logic/M.Clark
That’s What They Say- Moon Hooch
Curse Lifter- Eric Krasno Ft. Derek Trucks
Know it Too Well- the Motet

Ma Gee- Calypso King & the Soul Investigators
Nothing But the Good Times- Nick Pride & the Pimptones
Mah Na Mah Na- Il Complesso Di Tadà
Riptide- Trio Subtonic
Can’t Stop- Lake Street Dive
Hell Yeah- Lake Street Dive

Satisfaction- Rob Wasserman
Spike’s Bull (Bass Trilogy Pt. 2)- Rob Wasserman
Heavenly Love- Cosmic Farm
Easy Philosophy- Doug Wimbish
Unnatural Pasttime- Either/Orchestra
Bass on the Line- Bernie Worrell
Be That Mule- A Love Electric Ft. Metnal & Babi Sick
Igual, Pero Peor- Magnet Animals

Jazz Tripping Ride


The morning fill in hour and chanGe led to a trip up and down with a made up sound from the ground… get it, up and down:

Sir William- I.P.A.
Boundless Rhythm- Brother Ah
Love Piece- Brother Ah
Hanifah- Brother Ah & the Sound of Awareness

Community Music- Milton Marsh
Metamorphosis- Milton Marsh
Professor Paul- Sonny Rollins (live)
H.S.- Sonny Rollins (live)

Pure Poem- The Claudia Quintet
Newark Beagle- The Claudia Quintet

Marcha- Malcisne
Tu Presencia- Malcisne
So Herfugio- Deus Ex Machina
Quattro Piccole Mani- Deus Ex Machina

Structure No. 3- BADBADNOTGOOD
Lavender- BADBADNOTGOOD Ft. Kaytranada

Earth Swirls

Earth Swirl

Earth Swirl

In the second half of the proGram….The Earth beGan to swirl over and around…it dove into our earholes and took the long way through:

Sugar Me- Sammy Eubanks
Every Shut Eye- Alexis P. Suter Band
Cissy Strut- A.G. Weinberger
Spirit Man- Royal Southern Brotherhood

Never Had a Problem- Andre Williams
What Now- Andre Williams
Do it Again- Lady Wray
Epilogue- Kendra Morris

Let the Children- Fun Slow Ride Ft. Ben Sidran
Pinball- Trio Subtonic

Revenge- Hard Proof
Break- Hard Proof

OK, you can Leave now- Bernie Worrell
Shochurolling- Bill Laswell/Bernie Worrell/Karsh Kale
Arise- Electric Soul Pandemic

Esto Fortis!- Blktop Project
Rock ‘n’ Roll & Soul Radio- Roddie Romero & the Hub City All Stars
Ma Jolie- Roddie Romero & the Hub City All Stars
Il Surf Delle Mattonelle – Il Complesso Di Tadà Ft. Nina Zilli
Todos Pal Norse- Terrificos
Cretan- the Motet

What’s the Price- ZuluZuluu
Sissy Pa Sissy- Omar

Ringo- Atmosphere
The Way I Be- Bionik
Cirklon3 (Concentrate Edit)- Aphex Twin

Empty Light Face Off


The first half of this week’s proGram wiped that smirk right off our faces…as long as the ears still work:

What is Real?- Outer Spaces
Tobacco Road- Colvin & Earle

It’s You- Gringo Star
Rotten- Gringo Star

Byrd Man- Ghost Dance Collective
Hold Tight- Asta Hiroki Ft. Kathrin de Boer

Mad Love- Mad Juana
Euphoria- Leftover Salmon
Sunhat (live)- The Velveteins
(this is not) The First Time- Mikey Erg
Longer Now- Pinkwash

Headphone Girls- Magnet Animals
You’re Not Gone- A Love Electric Ft. John Medeski
Werewolf- Progger

The Monolith of Phobos- The Claypool Lennon Delirium
Shakin’ All Over- The Who (live at Leeds)
Sadness- Porno for Pyros
Cursed Female- Porno for Pyros
Baby Cakes- Darcy Malone & the Tangle
Wade in the Water- The Marcus King Band (live at Rockwood Music Hall)
Always- The Marcus King Band (live at Rockwood Music Hall)

Old Time Radio New Sounds

by Ryan McGuire

by Ryan McGuire

The second half of this week’s proGram made my old radio’s feel so damn new – they were sporting the sounds of today with the look of yesteryEAR:

I Wanna Go Back to Detroit City- Andre Williams
Cloak & Dagger- The Motet

Funk Bag- Electric Soul Pandemic
Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Affair- Prince
Fields of Play- Bernie Worrell
The Mask- Bernie Worrell Ft. Buckethead
Outer Woo- Bill Laswell/Bernie Worrell/Karsh Kale
She’s a Revolution- Kutiman Ft. Adam Scheflah & Kardina
Cut it- Raw Blow
Le Snitch- Kendra Morris
All on a Mardi Gras Day- Cha Wa
Jock a Mo- Cha Wa

The Turning Point- E.
Pale Blue Eyes- Luba Mason
Yu Garden- Saib
Autumn Groove- Saib
Antarctic Circle- Poldoore
No Face- Poldoore
I Had a Woman- Wax Tailor

Stadium Pow Wow- A Tribe Called Red Ft. Black Bear
When it Rains- Danny Brown
Spill me Up- Doomtree

Tamino & the Temple of Dub (Desert Dweller Remix)- Gaudi

The Small of the Whole Thing

The Small of it All

The Small of it All by Ryan McGuire

The first half of today’s show took the small of it all and brouGht it into the full-foref-rontal:

Pennsylvania Turnpike- Al Scorch
Alpha- Kevin Blake Goodwin
Combatika- Kevin Blake Goodwin

Olalda- Jim Donovan
Rocket in my Pocket- Little Feat
Lonesome Whistle- Little Feat
Teenage Nervous Breakdown- Little Feat (live)
It’s All Blues to me- Sammy Eubanks
Sweet Little Number- A.G. Weinberger
Every Shut Eye- Alexis P. Suter Band
Everybody Pays Some Dues- Royal Southern Brotherhood

Super Bon Bon- Soul Coughing
Ohmerica- The Claypool Lennon Delirium
Lampost Light- the Twistettes
Mickey’s a Cool Drummer- the Minus 5
Robert Ryan is Among us- the Minus 5

Kashmir- Robert Plant/Jimmy Page (live)
A Cactus and a Rose- Roscoe Mitchell
Rhyme or Reason- Jane Ira Bloom
Addicted to Love- the Hot Sardines
When I get Low I get High- the Hot Sardines
Show Cat Valley- The Oatmeal Jazz Combo

Grillin’ Out

by Ryan McGuire

by Ryan McGuire

The second half of this week’s proGram took a ride to the streets we find sound and serenity in and set up the grill to cook in and out, a little bit of the ol’ IN-n-OUT:

V 6- Spare Parts
Good Time Girl- Kylie Auldist
Eat the Lights- Lotus
Morimentato- Il Complesso Di Tadà
And the Stylus Followed- Blktop Project

Popemobile- Hard Proof
Default- Hard Proof
Woo Doo- Bill Laswell/Bernie Worrell/Karsh Kale
El Camino Azul- Terrificos
Entre Nous- Terrificos

U R Freak- Kraak & Smaak Ft. Ivar
Watch me Turn it Up- Rene Lopez Ft. George Porter/Ivan Neville

Ooh Na Nay- Cha Wa
UPT- Cha Wa
Balkan Thang- the Baboons
Don’t Care Where you From- 47Soul

The Bee- Plaid
Do Matter- Plaid
Paradise- Astronauts of Antiquity

Call (J57 Remix)- Paris to Kyiv
Oj Na Nebi Oblaczko (Life Boggie Remix)- Paris to Kyiv
Nagasaki VIP- Jon Phonics
A Beautiful Eve- Poldoore

Hold and Blown Away

by Ryan McGuire

by Ryan McGuire

The first half of the proGram held the wind in check while I got the chance to blow you all away:

Are you Sure Hank Done it This Way- Leftover Salmon Ft. Waylon Jennings and Sam Bush
Eastbound and Down- Jerry Reed
This is Hip- John Lee Hooker
Baby Please Don’t go- A.G. Weinberger
My Baby’s Gone- Sammy Eubanks
Can’t Find a Reason- Alexis P. Suter Band
Don’t ya Tell- Alexis P. Suter Band
Blood is Thicker than Water- Royal Southern Brotherhood

Astral Weeks- Van Morrison
Stuck in the South- Adia Victoria
Out of Love- Adia Victoria
When the Lights are Burning Low- Moreland & Arbuckle

4 out of 5- Soul Coughing
March of the SunKing Warriors- Jim Donovan & the SunKing Warriors
I’m Doing Fine- Jim Donovan & the SunKing Warriors
In a Parade- Paul Simon
The Werewolf- Paul Simon

Floorboards- the Dead ships
Los Feliz- the Dead Ships
Bubble’s Burst- The Claypool Lennon Delirium
Minus Love- Dozen Draft

Child of War- Lipbone Redding & the Lipbone Orchestra
Feel- Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers

Mr. Sonny Knight and the Lakers

Mr. Sonny Knight

The second portion of the proGram welcomed back a great friend, Mr. Sonny Knight. He and the Lakers will be back in town this coming week and we wanted to make sure to let the people know why the people of Madison love them some Sonny Knight. So we made some time to discuss with the man himself…..For the soul and funk of it all:

Blue Pepper (Far East of the Blues)- The Sachal Ensemble Ft. Wynton Marsalis
Shelter From the Storm- the Sachal Ensemble Ft. Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi

Are we Rolling?- Hayes Greenfield With Richie Havens
Tax Man- Karl Latham
White Room- Karl Latham
Searching for the Truth- the Oatmeal Jazz Combo
The Enchanted Sea- Mike Dillon
Alameda- Mike Dillon
Stick & Move- Blktop Project

Studio 54- Ilhan Ershin
Four Sticks- Spare Parts
Dubplate Swing- Leon Foster thomas

Town Tax Man- Cocek! Brass Band
The Snake- Cocek! Brass Band
Sottofondo Morbido- Il Complesso Di Tadà
This Girl- Cookin’ on 3 Burners Ft. Kylie Auldist
Washed My Hands- The Tibbs
The Story Goes- The Tibbs
Baby We can Start Again- Nick Pride & the Pimptones

La Mordida- Terrificos
Day Tripper- Sonny Knight & the Lakers (live)
***Live on air conversation with Mr. Sonny Knight***
Juicy Lucy- Sonny knight & the Lakers (live)
My Favorite Wine is Tequila- Michael Franti & Spearhead
Greener Pastures- Jah Works

Intro- Tor
Vaults- Tor
En Mis Suenos- Miramar

Bug Shadow Knows

by Ryan McGuire

by Ryan McGuire

The first portion of the proGram this week was hiding riGht out in the open niGht. This Bug has camouflage after that purple rain fell:

Velvet Ring- Big Thief
Dragonflies- Risley
Swept- Risley

Gotta Give it Time- the Monkeys
I Was There (and I’m Told I had a Good Time)- the Monkeys
Street Angel- Paul Simon

Spanish Rose- Van Morrison
Junker’s Blues- Joel Zoss
Chicken Shack (break song #2)- Mr. Stress Blues Band (live at the Brick Cottage)
Good Time Charlie- Mr. Stress Blues Band (live at the Brick Cottage)
Mad & Disgusted- Crooked Eye Tommy

Situation- Margaret Glaspy
Livin’ in a World- Alexis P. Suter Band

Cinnamon Girl- Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs
Stand Up- Royal Southern Brotherhood
No One to Run with- the Allman Brothers Band
Sleepless- Soul Coughing
Sixteen Forever- Casket Girls
Delaphine- Epsilon One
Another Day- the Doormats
Oxycontin Girl- the Claypool Lennon Delirium

We Grow Together

Had a chance to meet up in conversation with one of those people…one that I have listened to as a musician, but more importantly, he has a voice on the way it is that I believe. Mr. Corey Harris was a guest on the show today to talk about his upcoming event with Mr. Eric Bibb at the Memorial Union on Friday, January 29th. We spoke on what that show will be like, where the travels of life have taking him and opened his mind too as he became a part of the being he is. It was a meaningful portion of this radio show and I am grateful to be able to invite such true people to join us on greenarrowradio. Here’s the Music that accompanied:

Pretty Little Lady- Victor Wooten (live)
Ball of Confusion- Grant Green Jr.
Funky Junky- Issac Hayes Movt.
Intro->- the Motet (live 4/20/2013, Fillmore Denver)
Nemesis- The Motet (live 4/20/2013, Fillmore Denver)
Countdown to Nowhere- The Vampire’s Sound Inc.
Fire on the Radio- Corey Harris
Fire- Corey Harris
In My Father’s House- Eric Bibb (live)
Downhome Sophisticate- Corey Harris
***Live on air Conversation with Mr. Corey Harris***
Special Rider Blues- Corey Harris
Sport’s Drinking Again- the Sharp Things
Good Lava- Esperanza Spalding
Mellon Ball- Nolatet
Hoarding the Pod- Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom
Chapter 4 Don’t Let it Bring you Down- Claffy
Chapter 4 Don’t Let it Bring you Down (outro)- Claffy
Nearness- Nuff Said

211- Tommy Guerrero
Where the Sky Drops into the Sea- Tommy Guerrero
Now That’s What I am Talkin’ Bout- Mocean Worker
Don’t Cry- Torpedo Boyz
Bocadillo- Torpedo Boyz

Metaphysical Ft. Janelle Kroll- Autograf
Lost in Marrakesh (Hugo Kant Remix)- Ancient Astronauts
Give it to You (Maker Mix)- Ancient Astronauts Ft. Monsoon


Darwin’s Digital Beard

The first half of the proGram took into account what this bEARd miGht grow with:

16/16- Jerry Garcia & David Grisman
So Long So Wrong- Alison Krauss & Union Station
Half Way Gone- Jane Kramer
Lil Miss- Larry Keel

Let me in- Basia Bulat
Shape of a Heart- Ane Brun

Ground on Down- Ben Harper
Take Your Medicine- Gary Lucas & Jann Klose
White Lightning & Wine- Heart
Roll on Mama- JJ Cale
Keep on Growing- Derek + the Dominos
Hound Dog- Eric Clapton
Going Back to Louisiana- Hurricane Ruth LaMaster
It Takes Time- Otis Rush (live @ Wise Fool’s Pub, Chicago)
Ocean Full of Women- Walkin’ Cane Mark
Down on Me- Paul Black
You- Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea
Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing- Chris Isaak
Sweet Thing (Reprise)- David Bowie
Under Pressure- David Bowie (live, 11/22/2003 Dublin)
Wishful Beginnings- David Bowie
Lonely and Cold- Low Cut High Tops
Tiger in a Cage- Johnny Rawls
Free Your Mind (While You Still got Time)- the James Hunter Six

Wah Wah Me- Porter Batiste Stolz
Don’t Look- Marta Ren & the Groovelvets

Wall to Walt

The second half of the proGram built the wall to keep us in and out…in and out…a little bit of the ol’ IN and OUT!:

T.N.F.J.- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra (live)
Dogs- Nolatet
If you Want me to Stay/Thank you (Falletin me be Mice Elf Again)- Victor Wooten (live)
Too Cool- Grant Green Jr.
Untitled Instrumental- James Brown
Van I get Some Help- James Brown
Let’s Talk About the Kids- Marta Ren & the Groovelvets
Release me- Marta Ren & the Groovelvets

Mackin’ with no Hands- RonKat Spearman Katdelic
Winter is Here- Adrian Younge
We don’t Care- The Vampire Sound Inc.
Snowdown- Hubert von Goisern
A Bone to Pick with Einstein- Moken
Maliga- Moken

Lo Beuno no Sale Barato- Habana Abierta
Oso Perezosp- CocoFunka
De Dar Do- DJ Dolores
The Candle & the Moth- Sussan Deyhim/Bill Laswell
Think of one- Disciplinador
Rara- Wesli
Eya He- Wesli
Lampenda- Baaba Maal

Adrift- Shujaat Husain Khan & Katayoun Goudarzi
McCoy- Ilhan Ershin

Aboulaguine Akaline- Bombino (King Britt Remix)
Wi Na Wan Fambul- Bajah & Dry Eye Crew (Eccodek Remix)
Wake- Karsh Kale
Be Like Water- Karsh Kale

Planet E- Tiga
Bass to Interprise- DJ Magic Mike
Let the Bass Go- DJ Magic Mike
Int’l Blues Players Anthem- B.B. & the Underground Kingz Ft. Eric Clapton & Outkast
Partytime- Little Shalimar
Bouncy 3- Little Shalimar Ft. King Mono
Tropical Intention- Ursula 1000
Supersonic Sounds- Ursula 1000

barkinG up the Wrong tree

The first half of this week’s proGram could have thouGht twice about it:

Blue Monk- Jenny Maybee & Nick Phillips Ft. Paul Eastburn
Why I do That Blues- Jane Kramer
Your Ever Green Heart- Jane Kramer
Ripchord- Larry Keel

Beauty Meat- Sun Club
Well of Loneliness- Gary Lucas & Jann Klose
You are not Here- Aidan Knight

Trip Inside This House- the Red Plastic Buddha
Stuck on Zero- the Red Plastic Buddha
On the Radio- the By Gods
I Really Don’t Care- the By Gods
A Candy Covered Clown- Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name
Len Zaalen- Soapkills
Marco Slow- Soapkills

Hot Sticky Nikki- Chow Nasty
Way Down in the Hole- Tom Waits w/the Kronos Quartet Ft. Greg Cohen (live 9/2003)
Amazing Grace- the Blind Boys of Alabama (Live, Bonaroo 2003)
Thorazine Shuffle- Gov’t Mule (live)
30 Days in a Hole- Gov’t Mule Ft. Marc Ford (live)
The Harder They Come- Rancid (live)
I’m Afraid of Americans- David Bowie (live 11/23/2003, Dublin)
No Control- David Bowie
1984- David Bowie
Piece of My Heart- Otis Clay
Lucille Don’t you Weep- Brigitte Rios Purdy
Built for Comfort- Hurricane Ruth LaMaster
Go for the Money- Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea
(I’m a) Freight Train- Walkin’ Cane Mark

Me & Bobby McGee- Syl Johnson
Hail to the Chief- the Sharp Things
Shine Shine Shine- the Sharp Things
Through the Badlands- Arthur Vint & Associates
Dogs- Nolatet


Did a fill in on the Mad Marcus RocknSoul Revue on WORT. Community Radio needs a good funkin’ on a Saturday niGht…motherboarddirecttoU:

Mule- Gov’t Mule Ft. Bernie Worrell (live 12/31/1998, The Roxy ATL)
-> I’ve Been Working
-> Mule
Season of the Witch- Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper/Steve Stills (live)
Legalize it- MSMW
I’ll Fly Away- Revolutionary Snake Ensemble (live)
Hibiscus- Christian McBride (live at Tonic)
Are you Ready Baby?- Victor Wooten Ft. Bootsy Collins/Sweet Lipps/Tony Byrd (live)
James Brown/Iron Man- Victor Wooten (live)
Introduction- Marcus Miller
Bruce Lee- Marcus Miller
Stairway to Heaven- Doug Johns
Chez Funk- Doug Johns
Big Two Headed Monster- Doug Johns
The Ballad of a Fair Singer- the Vampire Sound Inc.
Necronomania- the Vampire Sound Inc.
Kamasutra- the Vampire Sound Inc.
Shadow’s Shaft- Club d’Elf (live)
Uncle Skulky- Club d’Elf (live)
Dancing on the Mothership- RonKat Spearman Katdelic
Change Generation- RonKat Spearman Katdelic

Circular Motion

The second half of the proGram is a reminder that sound happiness runs in a circular motion:

Drums- The Motet (live, 10/30/2010)
-> Getaway
Cave of Brahma- the Sorcerers
Moscow Central- the Lamplighters
Droge CX 9- the Vampire Sound Inc.
Clap your Hands (Renegades of Jazz Remix)- Ursula 1000
Peace of What- RJD2 Ft. Jordan Brown

Wolves & Leopards- MC Zulu
Pull up Selector- Dubmatrix Ft. Eek a Mouse
St. Lucia on my Mind- Taj Weekes & Adowa
Let’s Get Closer- Tony Brown

Ile- Wesli
One Day- Baaba Maal
Crying out Loud- Dawn Landes & Piers Faccini
You Lit my Fire- Ane Brun
Eyes on You- Hey Marseilles
Vapour- E1SBAR

Surrender- Gavin Turke & TokiMONSTA (E.S.P. Remix)
Microchops- Kill Emil
A Taste of Honey- Kill Emil
Blues Signal ’79- Ghost Wave
One of These Days- Boss Selection Ft. Hugh Masekela

Your Turn or Saturn

The first half of today’s proGram was playing nicely with others – taking ear turns:

Ramble on Rose- The Band of Heathens (live)
Mr. Charlie- the Band of Heathens (live)
I’m Through With you- War & Pierce
Stand & Deliver- Steep Canyon Rangers
Nobody’s Talking- Gary Lucas & Jann Kloss

Highwater Soldiers- Luther Dickinson
One Good Man- Lou Ann Barton
I Feel Lucky- Hurricane Ruth LaMaster
Hit me Like a Train- Joann Parker & Sweet Tea

Captain America- moe. (live Bonaroo 2003)
Bananas and Blow- Ween (live Bonaroo 2003)
Sugartown- North Mississippi All Stars (live Bonaroo 2003)
You Ain’t Here- Shel Silverstein Ft. Sam Bush
Yes Mr. Rogers- Shel Silverstein
I am Chemistry- YeaSayer
Cosmonaut- The Red Plastic Buddha
Girl Like You- The Red Plastic Buddha
Himitsu No Senritsu- Red Martian
Fountains/Reflections- Constantine

Thick Shake- Chow Nasty
Ungawa- Chow Nasty
With a Little Energy Love Ft. Arthur Lee
Rockin’ in a Free World- Brothers of Baladi