We Grow Together

Had a chance to meet up in conversation with one of those people…one that I have listened to as a musician, but more importantly, he has a voice on the way it is that I believe. Mr. Corey Harris was a guest on the show today to talk about his upcoming event with Mr. Eric Bibb at the Memorial Union on Friday, January 29th. We spoke on what that show will be like, where the travels of life have taking him and opened his mind too as he became a part of the being he is. It was a meaningful portion of this radio show and I am grateful to be able to invite such true people to join us on greenarrowradio. Here’s the Music that accompanied:

Pretty Little Lady- Victor Wooten (live)
Ball of Confusion- Grant Green Jr.
Funky Junky- Issac Hayes Movt.
Intro->- the Motet (live 4/20/2013, Fillmore Denver)
Nemesis- The Motet (live 4/20/2013, Fillmore Denver)
Countdown to Nowhere- The Vampire’s Sound Inc.
Fire on the Radio- Corey Harris
Fire- Corey Harris
In My Father’s House- Eric Bibb (live)
Downhome Sophisticate- Corey Harris
***Live on air Conversation with Mr. Corey Harris***
Special Rider Blues- Corey Harris
Sport’s Drinking Again- the Sharp Things
Good Lava- Esperanza Spalding
Mellon Ball- Nolatet
Hoarding the Pod- Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom
Chapter 4 Don’t Let it Bring you Down- Claffy
Chapter 4 Don’t Let it Bring you Down (outro)- Claffy
Nearness- Nuff Said

211- Tommy Guerrero
Where the Sky Drops into the Sea- Tommy Guerrero
Now That’s What I am Talkin’ Bout- Mocean Worker
Don’t Cry- Torpedo Boyz
Bocadillo- Torpedo Boyz

Metaphysical Ft. Janelle Kroll- Autograf
Lost in Marrakesh (Hugo Kant Remix)- Ancient Astronauts
Give it to You (Maker Mix)- Ancient Astronauts Ft. Monsoon


Darwin’s Digital Beard

The first half of the proGram took into account what this bEARd miGht grow with:

16/16- Jerry Garcia & David Grisman
So Long So Wrong- Alison Krauss & Union Station
Half Way Gone- Jane Kramer
Lil Miss- Larry Keel

Let me in- Basia Bulat
Shape of a Heart- Ane Brun

Ground on Down- Ben Harper
Take Your Medicine- Gary Lucas & Jann Klose
White Lightning & Wine- Heart
Roll on Mama- JJ Cale
Keep on Growing- Derek + the Dominos
Hound Dog- Eric Clapton
Going Back to Louisiana- Hurricane Ruth LaMaster
It Takes Time- Otis Rush (live @ Wise Fool’s Pub, Chicago)
Ocean Full of Women- Walkin’ Cane Mark
Down on Me- Paul Black
You- Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea
Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing- Chris Isaak
Sweet Thing (Reprise)- David Bowie
Under Pressure- David Bowie (live, 11/22/2003 Dublin)
Wishful Beginnings- David Bowie
Lonely and Cold- Low Cut High Tops
Tiger in a Cage- Johnny Rawls
Free Your Mind (While You Still got Time)- the James Hunter Six

Wah Wah Me- Porter Batiste Stolz
Don’t Look- Marta Ren & the Groovelvets

Wall to Walt

The second half of the proGram built the wall to keep us in and out…in and out…a little bit of the ol’ IN and OUT!:

T.N.F.J.- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra (live)
Dogs- Nolatet
If you Want me to Stay/Thank you (Falletin me be Mice Elf Again)- Victor Wooten (live)
Too Cool- Grant Green Jr.
Untitled Instrumental- James Brown
Van I get Some Help- James Brown
Let’s Talk About the Kids- Marta Ren & the Groovelvets
Release me- Marta Ren & the Groovelvets

Mackin’ with no Hands- RonKat Spearman Katdelic
Winter is Here- Adrian Younge
We don’t Care- The Vampire Sound Inc.
Snowdown- Hubert von Goisern
A Bone to Pick with Einstein- Moken
Maliga- Moken

Lo Beuno no Sale Barato- Habana Abierta
Oso Perezosp- CocoFunka
De Dar Do- DJ Dolores
The Candle & the Moth- Sussan Deyhim/Bill Laswell
Think of one- Disciplinador
Rara- Wesli
Eya He- Wesli
Lampenda- Baaba Maal

Adrift- Shujaat Husain Khan & Katayoun Goudarzi
McCoy- Ilhan Ershin

Aboulaguine Akaline- Bombino (King Britt Remix)
Wi Na Wan Fambul- Bajah & Dry Eye Crew (Eccodek Remix)
Wake- Karsh Kale
Be Like Water- Karsh Kale

Planet E- Tiga
Bass to Interprise- DJ Magic Mike
Let the Bass Go- DJ Magic Mike
Int’l Blues Players Anthem- B.B. & the Underground Kingz Ft. Eric Clapton & Outkast
Partytime- Little Shalimar
Bouncy 3- Little Shalimar Ft. King Mono
Tropical Intention- Ursula 1000
Supersonic Sounds- Ursula 1000

barkinG up the Wrong tree

The first half of this week’s proGram could have thouGht twice about it:

Blue Monk- Jenny Maybee & Nick Phillips Ft. Paul Eastburn
Why I do That Blues- Jane Kramer
Your Ever Green Heart- Jane Kramer
Ripchord- Larry Keel

Beauty Meat- Sun Club
Well of Loneliness- Gary Lucas & Jann Klose
You are not Here- Aidan Knight

Trip Inside This House- the Red Plastic Buddha
Stuck on Zero- the Red Plastic Buddha
On the Radio- the By Gods
I Really Don’t Care- the By Gods
A Candy Covered Clown- Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name
Len Zaalen- Soapkills
Marco Slow- Soapkills

Hot Sticky Nikki- Chow Nasty
Way Down in the Hole- Tom Waits w/the Kronos Quartet Ft. Greg Cohen (live 9/2003)
Amazing Grace- the Blind Boys of Alabama (Live, Bonaroo 2003)
Thorazine Shuffle- Gov’t Mule (live)
30 Days in a Hole- Gov’t Mule Ft. Marc Ford (live)
The Harder They Come- Rancid (live)
I’m Afraid of Americans- David Bowie (live 11/23/2003, Dublin)
No Control- David Bowie
1984- David Bowie
Piece of My Heart- Otis Clay
Lucille Don’t you Weep- Brigitte Rios Purdy
Built for Comfort- Hurricane Ruth LaMaster
Go for the Money- Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea
(I’m a) Freight Train- Walkin’ Cane Mark

Me & Bobby McGee- Syl Johnson
Hail to the Chief- the Sharp Things
Shine Shine Shine- the Sharp Things
Through the Badlands- Arthur Vint & Associates
Dogs- Nolatet


Did a fill in on the Mad Marcus RocknSoul Revue on WORT. Community Radio needs a good funkin’ on a Saturday niGht…motherboarddirecttoU:

Mule- Gov’t Mule Ft. Bernie Worrell (live 12/31/1998, The Roxy ATL)
-> I’ve Been Working
-> Mule
Season of the Witch- Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper/Steve Stills (live)
Legalize it- MSMW
I’ll Fly Away- Revolutionary Snake Ensemble (live)
Hibiscus- Christian McBride (live at Tonic)
Are you Ready Baby?- Victor Wooten Ft. Bootsy Collins/Sweet Lipps/Tony Byrd (live)
James Brown/Iron Man- Victor Wooten (live)
Introduction- Marcus Miller
Bruce Lee- Marcus Miller
Stairway to Heaven- Doug Johns
Chez Funk- Doug Johns
Big Two Headed Monster- Doug Johns
The Ballad of a Fair Singer- the Vampire Sound Inc.
Necronomania- the Vampire Sound Inc.
Kamasutra- the Vampire Sound Inc.
Shadow’s Shaft- Club d’Elf (live)
Uncle Skulky- Club d’Elf (live)
Dancing on the Mothership- RonKat Spearman Katdelic
Change Generation- RonKat Spearman Katdelic

Circular Motion

The second half of the proGram is a reminder that sound happiness runs in a circular motion:

Drums- The Motet (live, 10/30/2010)
-> Getaway
Cave of Brahma- the Sorcerers
Moscow Central- the Lamplighters
Droge CX 9- the Vampire Sound Inc.
Clap your Hands (Renegades of Jazz Remix)- Ursula 1000
Peace of What- RJD2 Ft. Jordan Brown

Wolves & Leopards- MC Zulu
Pull up Selector- Dubmatrix Ft. Eek a Mouse
St. Lucia on my Mind- Taj Weekes & Adowa
Let’s Get Closer- Tony Brown

Ile- Wesli
One Day- Baaba Maal
Crying out Loud- Dawn Landes & Piers Faccini
You Lit my Fire- Ane Brun
Eyes on You- Hey Marseilles
Vapour- E1SBAR

Surrender- Gavin Turke & TokiMONSTA (E.S.P. Remix)
Microchops- Kill Emil
A Taste of Honey- Kill Emil
Blues Signal ’79- Ghost Wave
One of These Days- Boss Selection Ft. Hugh Masekela

Your Turn or Saturn

The first half of today’s proGram was playing nicely with others – taking ear turns:

Ramble on Rose- The Band of Heathens (live)
Mr. Charlie- the Band of Heathens (live)
I’m Through With you- War & Pierce
Stand & Deliver- Steep Canyon Rangers
Nobody’s Talking- Gary Lucas & Jann Kloss

Highwater Soldiers- Luther Dickinson
One Good Man- Lou Ann Barton
I Feel Lucky- Hurricane Ruth LaMaster
Hit me Like a Train- Joann Parker & Sweet Tea

Captain America- moe. (live Bonaroo 2003)
Bananas and Blow- Ween (live Bonaroo 2003)
Sugartown- North Mississippi All Stars (live Bonaroo 2003)
You Ain’t Here- Shel Silverstein Ft. Sam Bush
Yes Mr. Rogers- Shel Silverstein
I am Chemistry- YeaSayer
Cosmonaut- The Red Plastic Buddha
Girl Like You- The Red Plastic Buddha
Himitsu No Senritsu- Red Martian
Fountains/Reflections- Constantine

Thick Shake- Chow Nasty
Ungawa- Chow Nasty
With a Little Energy Love Ft. Arthur Lee
Rockin’ in a Free World- Brothers of Baladi

Jazz Leaves and Goes

The second portion of the Sunday morning open schedule fill in show took some time collecting the colors within the sounds:

Autumn Moon- Jenny Maybee & Nick Phillips Ft. Paul Eastburn
Winter Butterflies- Jenny Maybee & Nick Phillips Ft. Paul Eastburn

Pink Brigade- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra (live at Goombay)
Lingenfelser Swing- Skeebo Knight
High Tide “Riff Riffic”- Skeebo Knight
Drop Shot- Ricky Peterson
Egyptian Days- Constantine
Tense Shaman- Naked Truth
To the Mountains- James Whetzel
Theme to the Rhythm (Amponsah & Kamdar Mix)- James Whetzel
Bongo Fever- Jack Costanzo
Adjaye Adjaye- Jack Costanzo Ft. Eddie Cano
Peanut Vendo- Jack Costanzo

Green and Gold- Victor & Malachi DeLorenzo

Sunday Travel Departure

Did a Sunday morning open schedule fill in…the first portion of the proGram had a plan to go around the globe with all ears welcome…no need to pack anything…just come along:

Raga Sindhi Bhairavi- Ravi Shankar
Balinese Fantasy- Zakir Hussain & the Rhythm Experience
Nivedan- Anoushka Shankar (live at Concert for Healing the Divide)
Yakkai Thiri- A.R. Rahman
Sangat #1- Rob Wasserman & Ustad Sultan Khan
A Gathering Storm- Terry Hall & Mushtaq
Paper Tigers- Painted Caves
Inna Gadda da Vida- Alvert Kuvezin & Yat Kha
Ugly Rug- Hazmat Modine
Steady Roll- Hazmat Modine
Magali- Source Ft. Abdoulaye Diabate
Iza No Homba- Wa Zimba
Kukuvarira Mukati- Thomas Mapfumo
Inba Mikadzi- Joshua Dube
Kundida Kwake- Emphaim Joe
Control Control- Juan Carlos Formell
Seeing Hands- Dengue Fever
A Stick Crosses the Danube- Taraf de Haidouks
Como Soy Cubano- Habana Abierta
Bailala Bien- Habana Abierta
Usti, Usti Baba- Kocani Orkestar Vs. Senor Coconut
Alma Valiente- CocoFunka Ft/ Lilo Sanchez

What the Soundshine does

The second half of the proGram was special in many musical ways. The soundsploration was enliGhtening and with a steady flow, but the opportunity to talk live on the show with Joe Marcinek and a living leGend, Mr. Bernie Worrell about the upcoming show at the High Noon Saloon certainly was the treat of the year. Joe and I discussed his ability to draw artists with extensively broad resumes to hang and play with….while…Bernie and I talked about the funk, the way to funk and nothing but the FUNK.

Sucker Punch- The Mandatory Eight
She’s the One- James Brown
Alegria- Empresarios
The Lion & the Cucumber- the Vampire Sound Inc.
There’s no Satisfaction- the Vampire Sound Inc.
Comin’ at Ya- Porter/Batiste/Stoltz (live)
***Live on air Conversations w/Joe Marcinek & Mr. Bernie Worrell***
Superstition- Joe Marcinek Band (live 9/3/2015)
Vampire- Sugarbitch
Savoy Strut- Mocean Worker
Rubberband- Mocean Worker

I have a Dream Remake (Speech by MLKjr.)- DJ Baba James
The Happening- Kill Emil
Give Up- Kill Emil

Chillin’ on the DL- DJ Magic Mike
Faith- Blackalicious Ft. Amde
Imani- Blackalicious Ft. Zap Mama
Last Night- Ancient Astronauts Ft. Aleua Naru (Razoof Remix)
Please- Skylab
Cold Cold Water- Boss Selection Ft. Grace Kelly

Go- the Chemical Brothers Ft. Q Tip
Born in the Echoes- The Chemical Brothers Ft. Cate Le Bon

With a Zig and a Zag

The first half of the proGram tactically went about its way….with your ear-safety always in consideration:

Pads, Paws & Claws- Elvis Costello
Hunted- Cowboy Junkies
Golden Calf- the Band of Heathens (live)
Diddley Daddy- Chris Isaak
Quaaludes Again- Shel Silverstein
It’s so Hard- John Lennon
When I’m With you- the London Souls
New Killer Star- David Bowie (live)
Fame- David Bowie (live)
Meija- Porno for Pyros (live)
Yellow Ledbetter- Eddie Vedder & Mike McCready (live)
Noise Brigade- the Mighty Mighty Bosstones (live)
A House is Not a Motel- the Red Plastic Buddha
Little White Pills- the Red Plastic Buddha

Uphill Both Ways- Reeves Gabrels
(into the land) That Time Forgot- Costantine
The Trip (parts I & II)- Constantine

No Meat in the Stew- Floyd Miles
Let it Roll- Luther Dickinson
Do it Yourself- Love Ft. Arthur Lee

Serpentine Fire- the Motet (live 10/30/2002, Denver)
So Fine- Sol
Stank- Sol
Arid Plain- the Sorcerers
New York City- Lipbone Redding & the Lipbone Orchestra
London Station- the Lamplighters
A Child Shall Lead- Brother Joscephus & the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra
Thought Forms- Ivan Von Engelberge’s Asteroid
Snake Woman- Charlie Wooton Project

Step into the Blue Path

The first half of today’s proGram took the walk into the cold places where the colors turn and the feelings freeze:

Bugs- the Gourds
Rainsong- Mosquitos
Forever Song- Mosquitos
Anniversary Song- Cowboy Junkies
Don’t Make me Dream About you- Chris Isaak
Moonshine- Luther Dickinson
Daddy’s Farm- Shooter Jennings
Lovin’ & Huggin’- Hank Williams III
Trashville- Hank Williams III
Baby You got it- Ironing Board Sam
Don’t go to Sleep on the Road- Shel Silverstein
Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat- Bob Dylan (take 5 2/14/1966 Alt take)
Wild Child- the Velvet Underground
I Don’t Want to be a Soldier- John Lennon
Whatever I am (you made me)- Flearoy
You can Make it if You Try- Gabriel Garzon Montano
Good Old Fashion Dream- Love Ft. Arthur Lee
Which Witch is Which- Love Ft. Arthur Lee

Come Back Baby- Georgie Bonds
Poor Boy- Floyd Miles
Like Father Like Son- Chris Thomas King
What Good can Drinking do- Tracy Nelson
Memphis in the Meantime- John Hiatt & the Guilty Dogs (live)
Rodeo Clowns- Jack Johnson Ft. DJ Logic (live, Bonaroo 2002)
Ain’t Nothing but a Party- the Dirty Dozen Brass Band (live, Bonaroo 2002)
Breaking out- Walt Bolen
Determination Pt. 1- Soul Express

Guard Den

Sanctuary Sounds Select Servers

The first third of the extra hour proGram was littered with alliteration.

Rich Woman- Robert Plant/Alison Krause
Give me New Eyes- John McAndrews

The Well’s Gone Dry- Larry Carlton & David T. Walker (live at Billboard Tokyo)
Mississippi Uptown Toodeloo- Town Mountain
Freedom Jam Dance- The String Cheese Incident (live in Las Vegas 7/27/2001)
Get Downtown- Drive by Truckers (live)
Raindrop- the Wood Brothers

The Man with the Biochopper- Jack Ellister
Bog Top- Doug Hream Blunt
Time & Energy- the Jack Moves
Be the Change- Salvador Santana

Lady Liberty- Dressy Bessy
Burning Love- Elvis Presley w/the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Swan- Ottmar Liebert
Jammin’- Ottmar Liebert
Concrete Jungle- Céu (live)

Just Rain- Ebony Jo Ann
Please Don’t Kill Us- Michael Marcus & John Migliaccio (live)
Run a Red Light- Mary Lane
The River’s Invitation- John Mayall


Saved one Red for Me

the second half of the proGram pulled one of the burning to safety for some others to get a hold of:

Blurs- Bastien Keb
Down River- Bastien Keb
Caramel- Urian Hackney

You’ve got to Keep on Bumpin’- the Haggis Horns
The Cup Runneth Over- Turkuaz
Night Swimming- Turkuaz
On the Wire- the Moonfires
Madison Square w/intro- Lettuce (live 06/05/2015, Red Rocks)

Fancy- The New Mastersounds Ft. Spellbinder
Free to Believe- the Soul Motivators
Love Thing- the Soul Motivators
Mama’s Coming- Buffalo Brothers Ft. Jon Kenzie
Tango- Soule Monde (live)

Brown Cow (more cowbell remix)- Mojo Rising
Neptune- Calibro 35
Violent Venus- Calibro 35

Crescent- Mark Diomede & the Juggling Suns Project
Peroration Six- Floating Points
Ghaziya (Kid Fonque & D Malice Remix)- Mark de Clive Lowe

A Different Kind of Struggle- Darkstar
Go Natural- Darkstar
World Away- Kasbo
Return to Rio- Lawson Rollins Ft. Shahin Shahida (Chill Remix)
Radiosonde- the Disclosure Project

Goldmine Junkie- Big Grams
Rubble Kings Theme (dynamite)- Run the Jewels
The Enemy Within- Ancient Astronauts Ft. Asphare & DJ Touchnice


Red like a Burning Book

The first half of the proGram took the fire to it and came up burnin’:

Flight of the Durban- Jon Stickley Trio
Red Hill Rd.- Al & the Transamericans
Gabe Button’s Gone- Richard Leo Johnson
Where the Devil Don’t Stay- Drive by Truckers (live)
Daryl- the String Cheese Incident (live)

Them Belly Full (But They Hungry)- Ottmar Liebert
Uluwati- Forro in the Dark
Life is Only Real Then When I am- Forro in the Dark

Bones- Maia Vidal
Snug Slacks- John Grant

Big Bad Road Dog- Spirit Animal
The Dongo Durango- Sun Club
Worm City- Sun Club
FF Bada- Battles

Talkin’ Bout a Revolution- Living Colour (live)
Bettie Page- Public Image Ltd.
Black Velvet- Kobra & the Lotus
White Raven- Barren Womb

Ride the Tiger- Doug Hream Blunt
She is- Gurumiran

One More Saturday Night- Chris O’Leary
**Mitch Woods greenarrowradio promo**
Big Mamou- Mitch Woods Ft. Roomful of Blues (live)
Use What You Got- Liz Mandeville (live)
Congo Square- Dee Dee Bridgewater
Is it Because I’m Black- Ebony Jo Ann


Stones Throw From it

The second half of the proGram colored the water and surrounding spots where hanging out is a must and left the thinking people deep in their thouGhts. They tried this to ease the ear-journey:

greenarrowradio Theme- Mr. Rourke
Bandits on Mars- Calibro 35
Made for Pleasure- the New Mastersounds
Just Gotta Run- the New Mastersounds Ft. Charly Lowry

Let’s Communicate- Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators
Ellis Island- Brian Auger
Life on Mars- Antipodelica

**Live on air New England Weather/Hog Report/Madison WI Weather- Mustapha- the Cleaning Crew**
Doin’ it- the Haggis Horns
Getto Boogie- Ellen Jackson Big Star Band
Wild Wild World- Larry Dismond
Good Clean Funk- Buffalo Brothers
Me Gusta Mi Bicicleta- Spanglish Fly

Baby I’m Gone- the Soul Motivators
Cheers to the fall- Andra Day
Moanin’- Alan Lee

Technotrap- Mieux
Ralph & Marcus- Mocean Worker Ft. Marcus Miller
Razor- Fat Freddys Drop

Hot Box- Roseau
Finer Things- Atmosphere Ft. deM atlaS
Bodyline- Peaches Ft. Nick Zinner
Secret in the Dark- Monika

Green and Gold- Victor and Malachi DeLorenzo



The first half of the proGram had the colors drained out and they were given the time off to go make their own mixtape of sounds…Here’s what was in the old cassette deck when checked:

The Devil and Sally Jones- ChessBoxer
Never Gave Anybody Trouble- Leonard Cohen (live, Denmark 8/17/2013)
Loser- Warren Haynes (live, Indy 09/23/2015

1922- Charlie Parr (live)
Over the Red Cedar- Charlie Parr
Darth Radar- Jon Stickley Trio
Cleaning Windows- Van Morrison (live)

You can’t Stop a Man in Love- George Soule
How Unfortunate for me- Scrapomatic
Breakin’ Me- Jonny Lang (Acoustic live MMM Studios)
Boom Boom- Mitch Woods w/Billy Branch & Coco Montoya (live)
Can’t Believe it’s This Good- JJ Appleton & Jason Ricci
I’m Gonna Find me a Lover- Shirley Johnson (live)
Sittin’ on Top of the World- Ebony Jo Ann

Boys Night out- Ana Popovic
Back up Mama- Buddy Guy
Highland Fling- Nicky Hopkins/Ry Cooder/Mick Jagger/Bill Wyman/Charlie Watts
Street Dogs for Breakfast- Widespread Panic
Everybody Rains- Christopher the Conquered
Come Back to me- Babes
Weeping Willow- Mild High Club
Flora>Fauna- Battles
Non Violence- Battles

Risky- Ummagma
Cruel Water- Lunar Twin
Let it Ride- Kobra & the Lotus


Who Else da Funk’s Going On

The second half of the Saturday late niGht fill in for Mad Marcus on his Rock-n-Soul Revue took the grooves and turned them into solid rocks. Here’s what the fine pressure of yo’ ears did to the sound selectah:

All Aboard the Soul Funky Train- the JB’s
Everybody Wanna Get Funky One More time Pt.1)- the JB’s Ft. James Brown
Hot Fun in the Summertime- Sly & the Family Stone (mono single)
In Time- Global Noize
Songbird- Cadillac Jones
These Feet were Made for Dancin’ (foot strangers)- George Clinton & P Funk All Stars
Go For the Funk- Parliament
Root Down (PP Balloon Mix)- the Beastie Boys
Machine Language- Bob Beldon’s Animation
Starship Trooper- the Luck of Eden hall


Who da Funk’s Going On

Did an Saturday night fill in until midnight on 89.9Fm WORT, substituting for the Mad Man Marcus on his Rock-n-Soul Revue. The first half ween just like this and that:

Zip a Dee Do Dah- Dumpstaphunk
Muffuletta- Ivan FUNKBOY Bodley
Maestros de Las Frecuencias- SMV
Thunder- SMV
Freedumb- Bootsy Collins Ft. Dr. Cornell West
After These Messages- Bootsy Collins Ft. Samuel L. Jackson
Turn on the Light/Ascend- Jon Batiste/Chad Smith/Bill Laswell
Sick- the Original 7ven
Cadillac- the Original 7ven
Looking Back- Harvey Mason
The Bird Wave- Jimmy McGriff
St. Claude and Press- Analog Son



This half of the show offered up another one of the classic conversations with a thinker like me..I had the privilege of chatting with Rob Mazurek shortly before he and São Paulo Underground embarked on a rare U.S. tour, with a kick off concert at the Constellation in Chicago. We spoke of where music comes from for Rob, and how being open to the world’s environment around you can benefit you as a listener and enjoyer of art, but also as a person. We hit on how so many journey’s he has made allowed his mind to open up musically and otherwise and hour our friends at Cuneiform Records fit right into this belief.

Coming up- John Pizzarelli Ft.Michael McDonald
K- Nicholas Payton
Wild Rice- Lee Ritenour
Tambura- Ramsey Lewis & His Electric Band

Herbie Lix- Bob Albanese Ft. Eddie Gomez & Willard Dyson
Last Place There- Wayne Horvitz

Dear Jimmy- Terence Blanchard (live)
Glad- Bob Merrill
Jagoda’s Dream- São Paulo Underground
***Live on air conversation with Rob Mazurek of São Paulo Underground***
Afrihouse- São Paulo Underground
Saissi- Fanfari
Zina Hlima- Fanfari
Pre’lude- Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal
Musique de Nuit- Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal
Sul Sulay- Karolina Cicha & Bart Palyga

Ensalada Fresca- Jose Luis Orozco
Conga de la Frutas- Jose Luis Orozco
Cha Cha Cha Para Ti- Republique Democratique du Mambo
Mil 500 Vueltas- Nano Stern

Bangalore Hhamaj- Ravi & Anoushka Shanar (live 2/7/2012)