The middle portion of the proGram had so much funk to it, the blooms burst into their status as they did the dance of life. A big thank you to Janet Schiff of Nineteen Thirteen for introducing the listeners to the their latest cello-pretation….”Summertime”, featuring Janet on Cello, Nez on Drum, fellow Frail Paganite Victor DeLorenzo on drums, friend of the proGram Mr. Rob Wasserman on bass and introducing Monia on vocals. The story Janet told of her grandma Marguerite being recorded in 1961 on the B3 organ…and this track was one of the tunes they made work off that reel…It is a mysterious sound that went well over the airwaves..as always, I am honored to be a part of their scene:

Be Somebody’s Angel- Soul Suga & Diane Durrett Ft. Randall Bramblett
No Jelly- John Ginty
Funkin’ in the A.M.- Analog Son
DumpstaPhunk Jam- DumpstaPhunk (live)
Regards to Marcus- B3
I Want to be Love- Stevens & Foster
Cutting Room (Hot Pants)- Oceanliners
Keep it Steady- The Brecker Brothers (live @ the Bottom Line)
We Three Kings- Indiana Highway
Wait for Me- Bobby Stroup
The Way I See it/Far Out- Nature’s Time

Can You Understand Sacrifice- Tom Macke
Danger- Jay McGee
I Come From Jamaica- Chris Powell & His Five Blue Flames

**Live on air With Janet Schiff of Nineteen Thirteen**
Summertime- Nineteen Thirteen Ft. Monia/Rob Wasserman/Marguerite Schiff
Freakin Frack- Marco Benevento & Dave Dreiwitz
Tribe- Mark Diomede & the Juggling Suns Project Ft. Keller WIlliams

Love in Outer Space- the Polyversal Souls
Get Up & Dance- Sonny Knight & the Lakers (live
Troubled Land (Reprise)- Speedometer
Mirage- Speedometer Ft. James Junior
Big Day- Mister T.
One Big Party- Shaun Martin


Bloom Boom

The first third of today’s proGram looked like what is wasn’t but kinda is:

Dawg Days- David Grisman
The Only Man WIlder Than Me- Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard
Tiens Cabaza de Palo- Dale Watson
Ain’t Nobody For Me- Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams

Guitar Heroes- Richard Thompson
Bacon & Ribs- Beardo & Baddo
Intro to the Greens- Corey Harris
Breakdown on the Bayou- David Maxwell
Guilty as Sin- Kaps and Stems (live Greater Ozark Blues Festival, 2014)
Liberty- Grateful Dead (live 03/30/1994, Atlanta)
16 Tons- The Dandy Warhols
Light Up Your Window- Jackie Greene (live @ Infinity Hall)
For What it’s Worth- Robert Plant
City of Motors- Soul Coughing
Spatm- Shana Cleveland & the Sandcastles
Sara- Fleetwood Mac (live, 1980)
It’s Always Something- Slackjaw
Down That Road- the Hussy
Vocal Intro/Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Boogaloo- Jazz is Dead


Growin’ Up

The first half of the reGularly scheduled proGram was worth reaching hiGh to the sky for. I want to thank both Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams for doing a conference call of coolness with us. We chatted about the new self titled album, the upcoming event at the High Noon Saloon on July 17th, and how much working with Levon Helm/Dylan/Jorma really influenced the creative soul. No surprise there :-). These two made the day…Here’s how it looks on paper:

70’s Lick- Leftover Salmon (live)
Headbag- Leftover Salmon (live)
Restless- Ezra Furman
Pony in the Stable- Richard Thompson

Come and Gone- Marty Robinson
Cheatin’ on Me- “Earring” George Mayweather
300 Miles to Memphis- Mississippi Fever
She’s so Cold- Willie Nile (live at The Bottom Line)
I Wanna Be Sedated- Joey Ramone (live at The Bottom Line)

Channeling Spiral Stairs- The Hussy
Butter & Eggs- Shana Cleveland & the Sandcastles
Mr Rebel- Guantanamo Baywatch
Shenanigans- Guantanamo Baywatch
You Won’t be There- KKB

WooHoo- Soul Suga & Diane Durrett Ft. Tinsley Ellis
Bones in the Valley- The Jones Family Singers
Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning- Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams
Surrender to Love- Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams

***Live on air conversation with Larry & Teresa***
Everybody Loves You- Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams
Tile Fille de la Campagne- Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys


Jumped on the Six

The second half of the fill in hours was a hop onto the opposite direction but not heading back:

Ghunghat- Mekaal Hasan Band
Aadyillalo Anthamillalo- Shankar Tucker Ft. Job Kurian

El Ruso- Daymé Arocena
Mask of Vritra- Tom Teasley

Gainako- Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara
Den Wou Lou La Lou- Cheick Hamala Diabaté
If You- Daby Touré
Sapateiro- Wazimbo & Orchestra Marrabenta Star de Mocambique
Me Voy Tripaendo- Sidestepper
Chimical- Sidestepper
La Paloma- Sidestepper
Ram Chong Vat a Go Go- the Cambodian Space Project
Ca La Breaza- Toni Iordache
Mancevo Del Dor- Guy Mandilow Ensemble (live)
Chatito- Chico Trujilo Ft. Rebel Diaz


Rail Nine

Filled in before the show. Took the chance to ride the number 9:

Triad Seet- Barton Rage/Bill Laswell
Skull Crack Cathedral- Praxis

Summertime- Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra
Trebble Duet Nr.1- Elektra Kurtis & Ensemble Elektra
Zeibekiko- Elektra Kurtis & Ensemble Elektra
Country Seat- Joshua Redman & the Bad Plus
Love for Sale- Bob McChesney

Soldiers- Terence Blanchard Ft. the E Collective
Old Ass Air Mattress- Moist Paula’s Electric Embouchure
Ogoun Badagris- Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble
Bus Ride- Marco Benevento (live @ the Signal, Burlington, VT 4/4/2015)

Forge in Dreams Interstitial- Mem Nahadr
Forge in Dreams- Mem Nahadr
Hold up for Now- the Silver Lake Chorus


Ride the Bark

The Second half of the proGram was the soundtrack for the ant’s hiGhway:

Madiba- Shaun Martin
The Invincible Summer- Warmth
The Eye of Horus- The Greg Foat Group

Let Me Down Easy- Bold Breed
Compared to What- Terence Blanchard Ft. PJ Morton & the E Collective
Next- Jeff Oster Ft. Nile Rodgers

Unisono Song- B3
Poliphony- Cameo

Confusion- Leno Phillips
Keep Her Happy- Phillip Wright
Lay it On Me- Willie Johnson
Vigyàzz, Kész, Öt- Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz
Move Like Us- Mister T.
No Turning Back (the Reflex Revision)- Speedometer

Djevadov Čoček- Raya Brass Band
Did you Ever Wonder Why?- Gecko Turner
Wee Wee Hours- Slide to Freedom
Bombay Slam- Jesse Cook
Suplex- A Trive Called Red Ft. Northern Voice
If you Don’t Care Fake it- Ki:Theory
Through the Roof- Hermitude Ft. Young Tapz (Kito & Reija Lee Remix)
Memories of Love- the Whole Truth
Skriek- Wye Oak (DJ Daylight Remix)
Voy- Bomba Estéreo

John Doe- Young Fathers
Dare Me- Young Fathers


Stems Up

The first half of today’s proGram too the water out and spread it around:

California Chainsaw- The Steeldrivers
Drinkin’ Alone- The Steeldrivers
A Day at a Time- Dale Watson

Death Riff- Shana Cleveland & the Sandcastles
Holy Rollers- Shana Cleveland & the Sandcastles

Planes and Satellites- Sonia Dada (live in Studio M)
Bad Luck Charm- Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams
Murder in my Heart for the Judge- Moby Grape
I, So, Like, Believe You- Jackie & the Treehorns
Corey Baum’s Theme- Guantanamo Baywatch
Less Talkin’ More Honkin’- The Deslondes

It Came to Me- the Domestics
Aidan- C. Gibbs
Lookin’ for a Kiss- David Johansen (live at the Bottom Line)

Out of Time- Lazer Lloyd
Black Dress- Mississippi Fever

If you Love me- BB King with Van Morrison
Only You- The Platters (live)
When a Man Loves a Woman- David Clayton Thomas

Sassy LaRue- Soul Suga & Diane Durrett
La Danse de Mardi Gras- Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys
Six Years- Allen Stone (live)
Day Tripper- Sonny Knight & the Lakers (live)



The second half of the proGram took the wind and sun and converted them into song…Here’s the conversion version:

Boogaloo- Sonny Knight & the Lakers (live)
Illegal Move- Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz
Just a Little Bit- Mister T Ft. Katie Rose Summerfield
Tomei’s Joint- Randy Roberts & the Capital Strokes Ft. Alessandro Tomei

Orishas Party- Speedometer
Alege- Ginger Johnson & His African Messengers

Rock Me Baby- B.B. King With Trey Anastasio & the Roots (live)
Chicken Wire- Gecko Turner
Bhangale- Red Baraat Ft. Delicate Steve
Personal Jesus- Los Crema Paraiso Ft. Carol C.

Abajo del Bote- Chico Trujillo
Macapay- Los Llaneros
Greetings- Bolo
Oma- Daby Touré

Sidestepper- Sidestepper
Me Voy Andando- Sidestepper
Syotomon- Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band
Chaan Oun Dop Pram Mouy- the Cambodian Space Project
Mali de Nou- Cheick Hamala Diabate
Djomela- Orchestra Marrabenta Star De Moçambique & Wazimbo
Cachita- Ska Cubano
Leaving Babylon- Bad Brains
Geypsey’s Lament- Tidal Waves
People Business- the Expanders
Beto Kele- Novalima
Light- Midival Punditz


Lily On The Right

The first half of today’s proGram hopped on in and over the places where sounds are interpreted without assistance from anyone…now that’s a good way to listen:

Cactus Flower- Leftover Salmon (live)
When the Levee Breaks- Leftover Salmon (live)
A Million Miles Away- the Moon Gypsies (live Studio M)
Blue Turning Gray- Clay Your Hands Say Yeah
Creepin’- Calvin Love
Jonesin’ For Jones- Dale Watson
Apogee- Johanna Warren

The Real Deal- the Deslondes
Calkwalk into Town- Taj Mahal (live 5/3/1972)
Who Knows What’s Going on- Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers
Shake N Bake- Stevie Ray Vaughn (Studio Outtake 1985)
Rockin’ in the Holy Land- Lazer Lloyd
Till the Sunrise- Mississippi Fever

Someday- KKB
It’s Got a Lion on it- Mark Diomede & the Juggling Suns Project Ft. Jason Crosby
Reprise Aidan- C. Gibbs
Cold Bikram- C. Gibbs
Too Late- Guantanamo Baywatch Ft. Curtis Harding

You Really got a Hold on me- David Clayton Thomas
Let it Go Let it Groove- Soul Suga & Diane Durrett
Gonna Make Time- Saun & Starr
Sleep on Dream on- Raphael Munnings
You Knock Me Out- Wildflower
Hey There Jim- Jimmy Bo Horne
Hanging on- Monophonics

Sunday Night Chicks- Mamarazzi


Water Off the Leaf

In the second half of the show, we paid tribute to a musical brother in Gregg Brooks. We discussed an event being held at the Big House, the now Allman Bother’s museum in Macon, Georgia (where the boys used to call home in the day), with Terry Reeves of Music Matters Entertainment. We raised a lot of douGh for the family and medical expenses and Gregg traveled on peacefully shortly after.

Concrete Jungle- Little Beaver
The Silence That You Keep- Milton Wright
It Takes Two- Lynn Williams
District 11- Randy Roberts & the Capital Strokes

Mississippi Groove- Mister T. Ft. Katie Rose Summerfield
Plan B- Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz
No Turning Back- Speedometer
Watusi- Ginger Johnson & His African Messengers
In the Night- Saun & Starr

Medium Rare- Gecko Turner
Bee Eater- Gecko Turner

Woyoyoye- Daby Touré
Opposite People- All Around this World, Africa
Nanu Nanu Ney- All Around this World, Africa
La Grev Bare Mwen- Kali
Mango Fransik- Jan Sebon & Kazak International
Ngoma Yarira- Thomas Mapfumo

Hustling Culture- The Expanders
Steampunk Rickshaw- Jesse Cook

Dreams- Gregg Brooks & Jack Pearson (live GabbaFest 09/27/2014)->
***Live on air Conversation with Terry Reeves of MME***
->Dreams- Gregg Brooks & Jack Pearson (live GabbaFest 09/27/2014)
Milwaukee Blues- Dom Flemons
Blues is Calling my Name- Larry Griffith
Control Yourself- Balkun Brothers


From within the Hobbit Hole

The first half of today’s proGram came out of the hole from which these hobbits did appEARed.

292 Nashua St.- Arthur James
Got me a Woman- Arthur James
Hot Dang- Dale Watson

Black Lingerie- Jeremiah Johnson
Burning Thunder- Lazer Lloyd

Rattlesnake Shake- Jim Singleton
I Feel Like Superman- Mississippi Fever
Paying the Cost to be the Boss- B.B. King w/the Rolling Stones
Hey Grandma- Moby Grape
Those Were (could’ve been) The Days- The Deslondes
Raunch Stomp- Guantanamo Baywatch
Fourth of July- C. Gibbs

Making Breakfast0 Twin Peaks
Clap Your Hands!- Clap Your Hand Say Yeah
Cranekiss- Tamaryn

Butter’s in the Skillet- Soul Suga & Diane Durrett Ft. Oliver Wood
Dock of the Bay- David Clayton Thomas
Weather Report Suite #2- Jazz is Dead
Let it Grow- Jazz is Dead
The Hunt- the Greg Foat Group
Fool on the Hill- Warmth

Intro- Tony Ozier
36 Flavas Interlude- Tony Ozier
From Here- Tony Ozier
Get Up on this Groove- Jay W. McGee



The second half of the Mad Marcus Rock-N-Soul Revue fill in show on WORT too took the sounds by the hairs and pulled until the sounds were Follicle for a Funkicle….Here’s the way it shook out:

Take me There- Frootful
Burning Spear- the Poly Tones
Shaft in Africa- the Mighty Show Stoppers
Eight- Mamarazzi
Keep it Coming- B.B. King with Heavy D.
I Want You- Marvin Gaye
Boogie Street- Melvin Sparks
Lollipops & Roses- Herb Albert’s Tijuana Brass w/Anthony Marinelli
Butterball- Herb Albert’s Tijuana Brass w/Anthony Marinelli
This City- Snoop Dogg w/Stevie Wonder & Pharrell Williams
Peaches and Cream- Snoop Dogg Ft. Charlie Wilson

Kool Whip- Bootsy Collins Ft. Phil Ade & Candi Sweetz
Don’t Take My Funk- Bootsy Collins Ft. Catfish Collins & Bobby Womack


Line of Rocks Out

Had a chance to do a fill in over there at WORT. Listener sponsored community radio – you know how I diGG that scene. I did the Mad Marcus Rock&Soul Revue and the first half definitely took care of some of that rock. Here’s how it turned over to the on position:

Summertime Rolls- Jane’s Addiction
25 Minutes to Go- Pearl Jam (live, 10/22/2003)
Sympathy for the Devil- Great Caesar’s Ghost
Blues for Allah Medley- Jazz is Dead
I. Help on the Way
II. Slipknot!
III. Franklin’s Tower
IV. Spiral Staircase
Iron City- Grant Green
Holding Back Your Love- Monophonics
Hang on in There- Mike James Kirkland
Come Live With me- Dorothy Ashby
Tiptoe Through the Crypto- Turkuaz
Be Thankful for What you got- Lipbone Redding & the Lipbone Orchestra


Frail Pagans Already Even

The second portion of the proGram has family of the show, Victor DeLorenzo back on for another round of wide-open forehead conversation known as Frail Pagans. We got into some heavy travel inspiration, body and mind. Found our voices intertwined in moments of loud for brothers passed, discussed new music with our friend, Mr. Rob Wasserman and it was good to reunite on our treasure airtime.

Yelle Be Borbe- The Polyversal Souls Ft. Guy One
Witchdoctor- Ginger Johnson & His African Messengers
Hot Stuff- The Mighty Mocambos Ft. Afrika Bambaata/Charlie Funk/DeeJay Snoop
Suzanna- Mbongwana Star

On Off Boogie- All Good Funk Alliance
Tepotz Techo- Dirtwire
Asteroids- Michal Menert
The Moon Bounce- Michal Menert

Wrong Lane (Chrissy Remix)- Quadratic
Transits- Bonobo Ft. Szjerdene (live)
Bikini Break- the Polish Ambassador
Frail Pagans Intro- Victor DeLorenzo
***Frail Pagans Deep Edition with Victor DeLorenzo***
Frail Pagans Outro- Victor DeLorenzo
Xihukwani- Nozinja
People Dansa- Flavia Coelho Ft. Tony Allen
Interlude (Perry Bullchild)- Gyasi Ross
Bordertown- Gyasi Ross

Body Slam- A Tribe Called Red
Pacific Coastal Highway- Hawke
I Can Listen (Scratch Professor ReTwist)- Omar

Kojak Dub- Jah Wobble
Purpose (Kaliedoscope Jukebox Remix)- Second Sky


Birdseye Lookabout

The first half of the reGularly scheduled proGram was the early bird and here’s what the worm hEARd riGht before t was too late:

What’s got Over- Dom Flemons
Keep on Truckin’- Dom Flemons

Silver Bucket- Miss Meaghan Owens
Seeing Double- Nikki Lane
Groove’s Too Shallow- Jessica Lee Wilkes
Bury me Good- Mr. Robinson

Crows Intro- Mitch Mann
Crows- Mitch Mann
Give a Little Bit (Tribute to Levon Helm)- Tommy Talton
Show up Sexy- Soul Suga & Diane Durrett
Playin’ with my Friends- B.B. King with Robert Cray
Jekyll and a Hound- Eliza Neals
Don’t Owe you a Thang- Jim Singleton
Jesus Just Left Chicago- Mississippi Fever
Jungle Bride- Guantanamo Baywatch

Bruise- Vomitface
Luckiest Man Alive- Vomitface

Dear Mr. Teddy- Saun & Starr
Everybody is Going to be There- Mister T. Ft. Lucy Lune Gillespie
Snake Bite- Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz
Always on the Run- Randy Roberts & the Capital Strokes

Sky- the Pimps of Joytime
Mission to the Sitars- Fort Knox Five



Got another chance to come in a little early and put some sounds into your cup:

Shy Colored Blue Eyes- Braty Bluzu
Interludia- Braty Bluzu
Awaken the World #41- Rob Manzurek & Exploding Star Orchestra (live, Chicago Ill)
Helmets of Our Poisonous Thoughts, Awaken the World #16- Rob Manzurek & Exlpoding Star Orchestra (Sardegna, Italy)
The Arc of Slavery #72 Pt.2- Rob Manzurek & Exlpoding Star Orchestra (Sardegna, Italy)

Mood- Michael Gibbs & the NRD Bigband
Freddy’s Step- Michael Gibbs & the NRD Bigband Ft. Bill Frisell

The Bistro Kid- Frank Evans
Riskily, She Named her Thirteenth Child Friday- Moist Paula’s Electric Embouchere

Resolution- the Mahavishnu Orchestra
Afro Blue- Warmth
Giant Steps- Deepak Ram
Shake- Jesse Cook
Abacyso- Hamsa Lila (live)
Turkish Delight- Beyond the Pale
Variatiuni pe Tema- Toni Iordache
Sârba de la Medgidia- Toni Iordache
Sunshine- Bolo



The third and final sets from the proGram this week took the liGht from the world and presented it throuGh a new way. Glass puzzle pieces your ears can move and form, shape and color – where all attributes are desiGned by listening:

Comendo Melancia Com Colher- Joana D’arc
Interesse- Joana D’arc
Kalkutta Klezmer- Big Galut
Una Manana Muy Transparente- Los Cardencheros Ft. Iraida Noriega
El Alegre Pescador- Los Llaneros

What- the Dolomites
Darling- Mydy Rabycad

Dutchmandu- Beyond the Pale
Elegua Intro- Hamsa Lila (live in Santa Cruz)
Baba Saali- Hamsa Lila (live in Santa Cruz)
Mean Visa Kmean Bai- the Cambodian Space Project
Nekem Oly Mindegy- Illes
Waters- Ivan Ave
Feasting- Young Fathers
Golden Moments (Souleance Remix)- Quiet Dawn Ft. Sarah Gessler

Life is Good- Ephemerals
Looking too Closely (So36 dub)- Fink
Malala (Andy Lewis Instrumental Mix)- Cherry B & the Sound Makers
Slow Down- Quadratic

Santero- Novalima
Singing in Tongues (Morgan Doctor Remix)- Eccodek
Prungen- Jaga Jazzist



The middle sets of the proGram found the hiGh flyin’ sound falling into the earz of those with their doing on the ground:

No Negative Energy- Either/Orchestsra
Big Butt- Either/Orchestra
Feelin’ Alright- Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band
I Love Your Many Ways- Lincoln Chase

Big Wheel- Saun & Starr
Come Inside- Samantha Reed
Foxy- Randy Roberts & the Capital Strokes

Once- Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz
Road to the Earth- the Mighty Mocambos w/Peter Thomas
1969 Organ- Venice Dawn

Red Golden- the Pimps of Joytime
Fire in My Belly- Fort Knox Five Ft. Ashley Slater

Hi Life- Ginger Johnson & His African Messengers
From Kinshaha to the Moon- Mbongwana Star
Masobélé- Mbongwana Star
Jakten- Jungle By Night
Pamuromo Chete- Thomas Mapfumo

Mina- Daby Touré
Nah ee Nah- Bolo
Believe System- Nneka
My Love My Love- Nneka

Mogalammakapa- Tidal Waves
Uptown Set- the Expanders
Famasound- Famara



The first third of this week’s proGram will find a way to get itself to you..

Big Head Joe’s March- Dom Flemons
Going Backwards Up the Mountain- Dom Flemons
Hot Chicken- Dom Flemons

Night Life- Willie Nelson with B.B. King
We’re Gonna Make it- B.B. King with Irma Thomas
When Love Comes to Town- B.B. King Ft. Gene Harris & the Phillip Super Band (live at the Apollo)
Say One Thing- Double Trouble
Get Along- Jeff Jensen
The Decline & Fall of the Clerkenwell Kid- the Real Tuesday Weld
Bone Chain- Tom Waits
Family Ghost- Secret Storm
Lone Wolf- Jessica Lee Wilkes

Milkman- Bully
Obscure Knowledge Pt. III- Guapo
Boozoo’s Blues- Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys
Judy in Disguise- Jello Biafra & the New Orleans Raunch & Soul All Stars (live)
Dewdropper’s Dream- Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners

High Street/Saturday- Billy Jenkins & the Voices of God Collective
What is Life- Lee Stone
Dragon Rock- the P.T.S.

Singing the Blues- Freddy Cole


Peace’d 2Gether

The first half of the proGram took the edges of the sharpness and divided it into the smooth ways of goin’ with it. Here’s the selectah’s choices for the starting line moments:

I Lost You- Elvis Costello
Pee Wee’s Nightmare- Nick Holmstrom
Playing Games- Hobex
Sweet Thing- JC Crossfire
Devil’s Hand- Anthony & the Conqueroos

Mother in Law- Jello Biafra & the New Orleans Raunch & Soul All Stars
Avant Gardener- Courtney Barnett

Under the Influence- Dr. Didg
Taxi Brasil- Jesse Cook
Ghost Town- the Specials
Sleepwalking- Tidal Waves
Shaeha Doc Toekkmon (love like honey)- the Cambodian Space Project
Patio del Moro- Ziroq
Kivánj Te Is Nekem Szép, Jó Éjszakát- Meteor & Demjén Ferenc
Postlude- Sam Reed
Not Your Song- Saun & Starr
Do It Like The Strokes- Randy Roberts & the Capital Strokes

Intro- Butcher Brown
Country Boys- Butcher Brown
Congo Square- Farnell Newton