Bunker Down

The first portion of the reGualrly schedule show was in a good hiding spot…but the eyes and ears of patience always finds:

The Perils of Private Mulvaney- Mike Auldridge/Jerry Douglas/Rob Ickes
Sleep Dep- the Absynth Quintet

Married to my Hack- the New Basement Tapes Ft. Elvis Costello
All You Have to do is Dream- Bob Dylan & the Band
I Wish you Would- J.D. McPherson
Tell ‘em I’m Gone- Yusef/Cat Stevens Ft. Tinarwien

Monkey Man- Gov’t Mule (live 2009, Tower Theater, Philly)
The Czar- Bruce Katz Band
Turn Turn Turn- Bill Frisell
Snakecharmer- Dangermuffin
Megalodon- Big Something Ft. DJ Logic

Time Machine- the Blue Zeta Zeta Puppies
Heady Ways- Fly Golden Eagle
Let’s Turkey Trot- the Dollyrots
Golden Ticket- Primus

Old Knives- Cold Specks
You Mean the World to me- Nikki Yanofsky
Gipsy Woman- Voodoo Princess
Deliver Me- the Milk

(Intro) Danny Ray- Greg Hester (live at the Mission)
Can’t Stand Myself- Greg Hester (live at the Mission)
One Woman Army- Smoove & Turrell


A Strong World Song

The second half of the fill in proGram was build out of the strength of all around the world who put it to good use:

Barmer Jam #1- Barmer Boys
Firoziya- Sakar Khan
Kathi Ghorlo- Lakha Khan
Bhairavi- Amjad Ali Khan & the Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Attachment- Sameer Gupta
Full Moon Dance- Ah Kin
Les Lendemains M Lodieux- Pascal Lejeune
Inner Urge- Afro Bop Alliance
Choro Da Veve- Hendrik Meurkens
Segrado Do Samba- Souleance

Allah- Dobet Gnahoré
Gbaza- Dobet Gnahoré
The Story Of Monkey- Somi
When Rivers Cry- Somi Ft. Common
Ami Ya Gamal- the Nile Project (live)

From End to End- The Touré-Raichel Collective
Sega- Ali Farka Touré & Ry Cooder
Tea Ceremony I- Etran Finatawa
Iguefan- Etran Finatawa
Ok Oyot System- Extra Golden


Light Face Light Time

Did another EARly morning fill in and the first half of it was the see throuGh you were not seeing before:

Invocation of the Spirit Spell- Jozef Van Wissen
Melody One- Joe DeVita
Melody Two- Joe DeVita
Quiet Snowfall- Carolina Eyck & Christopher Tarnow
White Cylinder (a)- the Cellar and Point

Cat Riding on Roomba- Happy Family
Mezare Israel- Jazz Work Shop

Limbo- Dels
Mr. E- James Farm
Barber Shop- Wayne Horvitz & the Royal Room Collective Music Ensemble
Three- Nicholas Payton
The Mothers Suite Movement III Ritual of the Take- Fresh Cut Orchestra
A Snapshot of the Soul- the Microscopic Septet

October Song- Albare
Black Arc- the Process
Noda Matic- HUW
2100- A Love Electric Ft. John Medeski


Wheel Spun Stuck Atop

I want to thank friend of the proGram, Jake Shimabukuro for returning to the show to discuss his upcoming show at the Barrymore. He and I played a little catch up and then we dove into the difference in this show: a accompanying bass player and the recently purchased Bari-Ukulele. We talked about how his approach has been since his first album as well as what was in store for a new release Spring 2015. We also dissected his interpretation of the epically recoGnizable Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and how he almost couldn’t get the sound he desired, and he is still considering that tune a work-in-proGress. There was a spinning musical wheel as well for the second half of the show:

Freedom Time- Dawn Pemberton
Be My Husband- Rubblebucket & Landlady
Daddy- Emma Donovan & the Putbacks
Lip Service- Voodoo Princess

Scissors Paper Stone- Skeewiff & Stephen Gray
The Butcher’s Bride- Calibro 35

I Just Want to be (like myself)- Robbie Hill’s Family Affair
Sport- Lightnin’ Rod
Cry for Help- Greg Hester (live at the Mission)
That’s it- Bill Dickens
Man is a Monster- the Funk Ark
Burnt Offering- the Budos Band
Lay it on me- Smoove & Turrell
Exodus (interlude)- The Greg Foat Group (live at the Playboy Club, London)
Funky Fanfare- The Greg Foat Group (live at the Playboy Club, London)

Jimmy’s Jive- Jimmy Nolan
Fung Ku- Marter & Yony
Sunshine Girl/Rub a Dub Love- Dubtonic Kru
You Made us Change- Ephemerals
Ugali- Batida

With You Always- Jake Shimabukuro
When You’re Down- Jake Shimabukuro
***Live on air Conversation with Jake Shimabukuro***
Thriller- Jake Shimabukuro (live, Japan)
Be My Baby- Brian Lopez


Meeting with the Sea

The first half of the actual proGram this week is where solid meets liquid….two states of soul:

Panhandle Rag- Mike Auldridge/Jerry Douglas/Rob Ickes
Boomerang- the Absynth Quintet
Georgia Drumbeat- Dom Flemons

Dress it up, Better Have it all- Bob Dylan & the Band
The Devil Came From Kansas- Yusef/Cat Stevens

Native Man- Bandallamas
Playground Love- Air
Telstar- Bill Frisell
Down Don’t Bother me- the Derek Trucks Band (live in Chicago)
Homecoming- Bruce Katz Band
Little Douglas- Dangermuffin Ft. Keller Williams
Sirens- Big Something
You Just Gotta Know my Mind- Crystal Jacqueline

**Down by the River Mustapha Rep0rt of Weather**
Dirty- Bugs in the Dark
Magic Steven- Fly Golden Eagle
Save me- Bruiser Queen
On the Radio- Bruiser Queen


Just Another Pretty Face

The second half of the fill in for Rob Roberts and the Morning Show was just a look at another one of the pretty people. Inside and out, it is not what we see…it s the what the feelinGs caused. Here is a potential theme song for the pretties:

A Walk in the Rain- Wayne Horvitz & the Royal Room Collective Music Ensemble
Six- Nicholas Payton
Star Tune- the Microscopic Septet

Stomp Stomp Stomp- Elephant Wrecking Ball
Rhapsody- Alex Mercado Trio
18th Letter of Silence- Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet

A Love Supreme- Rufus Harley
Gocmenler- Ilhan Ersain’s Wonderland
Fight Back Jack- I Led 3 Lives

Ram Japo Ji- Manika Kaur
Cadence- Bela Fleck/Zakir Hussain/Edgar Meyer & the Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Raag Bhim Ka Phera- Lakha Khan
Durga- Amjad Ali Khan & the Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Bhupali- Amjad Ali Khan & the Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Aaye Na Balam- Sameer Gupta


The Melt Family

Did a two and a half hour fill in for Rob Roberts and the Morning show preceding the reGularly scheduled greenarrowradio time-slot. The first half and a half started off in the cold but ended it in the waxy disappearance of figures warmth:

Scherzo:Allegro Molto:String Quartet in A Major, OP.2- The Ensō String Quartet
Contrupunctus II- Kronos Quartet and Jeff Mills
White Cylinder (b)- the Cellar and Point

Kju- JÜ and Kjetil Møster
Dear Joanne- JÜ and Kjetil Møster
Return the Tides- Rob Mazurek & Black Cube SP
Agpaitic- Wadada Leo Smith/Jamie Saft/Joe Morris/Balazs Pandi

Rodriguez- Molé
Portal Site for the Sightseeing- Happy Family

Palo Colorado Dream- Anthony Pirog
It Came Down from the Night & Stood on the Porch Until I Invited it in for Tea- Jonathan Badger
The Bear- Jonathan Badger
Sledge Tread- Dylan Ryan/Sand

Beyond Form- HUW
Dewey Circle- Walking Distance


Stone Baby Love

The final portion of the proGram was a stone baby love, daddy-o:

Sexual Healing- Hot 8 Brass Band
Justine- T Bird & the Breaks

Get Carter- Calibro 35
Headband- The Funk Ark

Think it Over- Early Clover & the Georgia Soul Drifters
La Tumba de fu Manchu (Mr. Battery Remix)- Ray Lugo & the Boogaloo Destroyers
Black Hills- the Budos Band
Dancing with my Mates Until Dawn- the Baker Brothers

Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances- Lack of Afro Ft. Jack Tyson Charles
At the Shrine- the Shaolin Afronauts

Fellowship- Akashic Record
Papa’s Got a Brand new Pigbag- The Greg Foat Group (live at the Playboy Club, London)
Kumite- the Polish Ambassador/Mr. Lif/Ayla Nereo Ft. Chali 2na
Superhero- Dragon Fli Empire

Blaow- the Bug Ft. Daddy Freddy
Remembrance- Amp Live
The Beginning- TOKiMONSTA
Dusty Stars- TOKiMONSTA

Bones- Maia Vidal
Chrome Units- Submotion Orchertra
I Colored it in For You ( Bill Laswell Remix)- Sparkler
The Fourth Dimension- Hieroglyphic Being


Bearly Made it

The middle portion of the proGram featured two guests. I want to thank Jeff Austin for being a welcomed fresh guest to the proGram. We discussed his new album, the show he will be a part of this coming week at the Majestic with the Travelin’ McCourys, the Bluegrass Ball and how the new music is a transforming eyepiece into the past. I’d also ike to thank friend of the proGram Mr. Sonny Knight for revisiting with us as he and the Lakers make their way to the Frequency tonight with their warm soulful funtimes. This bear was watching over the time as the music slipped outta its view and into your ears:

**Greenarrowradio promo by Somi**
Lady Revisited- Somi Ft. Angelique Kidjo
Allassal Terey- The Touré Raichel Collective
Deni Deni- The Touré Raichel Collective

Sut Sanaen 2- Khun Narin Electric Phin Band
Guyala- the Nile Project (live)
Barra So- Raja Kassis
Tequila Death- Troker

The Bacon Shake- Jinkx Monsoon Ft. Fred Schneider
Baja- Bill Frisell
Odds and Ends- Bob Dylan & the Band

Editing Floor Blues- Yusef/Cat Stevens Ft. Charlie Musselwhite
Novi- Bandallamas
Time Flies- Bruce Katz Band
Fiddling Around- Jeff Austin Band (live 10/25/2014, Portland OR)
***Live on air Conversation with Jeff Austin***
15 Steps- Jeff Austin Band (live 10/25/2014, Portland OR)
That Was the Whiskey- Antigone Rising
For Buddy- Mike Auldridge/Jerry Douglas/Rob Ickes

Poor Little Rich Girl- Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls
Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother- Black on White Affair
Sonny’s Boogaloo- Sonny Knight & His Fabulous Lakers
***Live on air Conversation with Mr. Sonny Knight***
Juicy Lucy- Sonny Knight & His Fabulous Lakers


W’all Sea

The first third of today’s proGram took to the sea with a wall of protection. The sounds can protect you from most wrong…this sounds you heard, they were…how you said….DIFFERENT….different how? They were understand but not understandable…understand?

Minuetto #3- Ensō String Quartet
Cello Suite #1- Ron Carter & Gary Bartz

Neighborhood- Walking Distance
Cartoon Element- Walking Distance

Slide- Happy Family
Motian- Anthony Pirog
Dotter- Jonathan Badger
Tabletop (b)- the Cellar and Point

Cahuita- Jneiro Jarel
TNFJ- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra

Mortgage on My Soul- Dylan Ryan/Sand
Reasons- Mole
Lucky Dog- Mission Creep

Press Play- Dred Scott Trio
Discipline Meets the Offbeat One- Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet
The 21st Century Trad Band- Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet

E.S.P.- Jeff Berlin Ft. Mike Clark
Time Falls- Jon Batiste/Chad Smith/Bill Laswell
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen- the Hot Sardines


Birdbath is the Word

I want to thank Alex Skolnick for being a guest during the second half of the proGram. We talked nothing about his band, Testament, because our time was spent talking about his newest project, Planetary Coalition. Alex is a very cool cat and our conversation about the collaborative spirit of this project took shape with vivid images of how the toGetherness of all was considered greatly in the making. Alex is a sound chameleon, and his time with Rodrigo y Gabriela proved a great beGinning to an around the worldly project. Here are my chosen sounds to go along:

Danced in the Moonlight- Bandallamas
The Tattooed Lady & the Alligator Man- Marcia Ball
V- Hookworms
On Leaving- Hookworms

Witches of Ulster- Marco Benevento
Words are the Weapon- Backbeat System
Steady- Giant Guerrilla Dub Squad
Baby, I’m a Star- Radio Riddler Ft. Beverly Knight

Minor Details- Afro Bop Alliance
On Broadway- Tito Puente
El Solo Toro- The Untouchables
Playa Del Ropa- Planetary Coalition
Rock of Ramallah- Planetary Coalition

Aquarelado do Brasil- Ari Barroso
A Penz- Metro
A Tuz- Corvina
Egy Lany Nem Ment Haza- Omega Redstar
Celestial Empire- The Loons
LSD- The Thanes
The Avengers Theme- Icarus Peel
Hard Coming Love- Sendelica

In the Light of the Miracle- Lonnie Holley
Planted a Thought- Oh Mercy

Blues for Now- Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet
Acid Love- Albare

***Live on air Conversation with Alex Skolnick***
Allah La Ke- Planetary Coalition


For Sail

I want to thank Alma for being a guest during the first half of the proGram. Her beautifully soulful voice was a welcomed freshness to the show. We talked about her Madison roots, the making of her new EP “Tactics” and the conversation naturally turned into my noticing how much of a solid role model she is. I was pleased she was able to be on from L.A. and it was worth it. There was also some music made into a steady flow… Here’s the trickle that became more:

Anthem for the Earnest- Kaki King
Sunrise Serenade- Mike Auldridge/Jerry Douglas/Rob Ickes
Your Feets too Big- the Sardines

Til the Seas run Dry- Dom Flemons
Folsom Prison Blues- Bob Dylan & the Band (basement tapes)
Big Boss Man- Yusef/Cat Stevens Ft. Charlie Musselwhite
Messin’ with the Kid- Bill Frisell

Ghost in Your Closet- Voodoo Princess
Deeper- Dawn Pemberton
Tactics (interlude)- Alma
Tactics- Alma

***Live on air conversation with Alma***
Blind Side- Alma
Voodoo- Emma Donovan & the Putbacks
Freedom- Early Clover & the Georgia Soul Drifters
Knock Knock- Nikki Yanofsky
Do Your Thing- 6is Toys

Sideshow Superstar- Greg Hester (live at the Mission)
I Just Want More- Smoove & Turrell
Sweet Magritte- Hugh Gledhill
The Poet- Olli Ahvenlahti
Wild About You Baby- Bruce Katz Band Ft. Jimmy Bennett


Yes You Cannon

The second half of the proGram was a blast:

I Don’t Wanna Go Home- Curtis Harding
Push & Pull- Bobby Rush Ft. Frayser Boy

Black Woman- Emma Donovan & the Putbacks
Don’t Waste Your Time- Dawn Pemberton
Play With Me- Voodoo Princess
Listen- Cherry Boop & the Sound Makers

Louie Louie- the Topics
Tomorrow Never Knows- Monsoon Ft. Sheila Chandra
Sunshine of your Love- MSMW
Port Arthur- Beat Funktion
Timeline- Jon Batiste/Chad Smith/Bill Laswell

Moanin’- Dan Moretti & the Hammond Boys (live at Chans)
Five- Nicholas Payton

Can’t Buy me Love- Albare
Anything Goes- Oboman

Journey in Satchidananda (Cosmic Joy Mix)- Earthling Society
Telekenesis- BT3 (live)
The Five Year Plan- Benjamin Lappidus & Kari B3
Sou Eu- Sergio Mendes Ft. Seu Jorge


Anchored In

The first half of the proGram featured a way to keep much of your ear time held in to the rhythm. A big greenarrowradio thank you to Hurricane Ruth for being a guest on the show. We spoke of her new album “Born on the River” (congratulations to Sean in Madison and Richard in Georgia for winning a copy) and how the songs are like chapters in a book, each word in them is experience from a true event and how keepin’ the blues alive is a brother and sisterhood of toGetherness. And together, here’s how the show started off:

Tunnel- Kaki King
Old Crow & the Miner’s Daughter- Kaki King

Viper Mad- Dom Flemons
Hard Times- lazydeadpoet (live at WSUM 6/27/2014)
Can’t Even do Wrong Right- Elvin Bishop

I Love You- Bandallamas
Sinner’s Prayer- Ray Charles Ft. B.B. King
Work it- Hurricane Ruth
***Live on air conversation with Hurricane Ruth***
Big Helen- Hurricane Ruth
You are my Sunshine- Yusef/Cat Stevens Ft. Tinariwen
Momma didn’t Raise no Fool- Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls
Pharaoh’s Kitchen- Col. Bruce Hampton
Santa Fe Blues- Bruce Katz Band Ft. John Hammond

Dropper- David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights
Jungle 2- Soft Hearted Scientists
Carnival Song- Soft Hearted Scientists

Cuna de Vida- Making Movies
Emily (reprise)- Fox & the Law
Cheap Talk- Fox & the Law
Wish you Well- Bad Cop
You Look Good to me- Fly Golden Eagle
Candy Man- Primus & the Chocolate Factory Ft. the Fungi Ensemble


the bridGe b’tween

I want to thank the one and only Mr. Lif for bringing his positive energy and conscious mind to the proGram. We talked about the upcoming show with The Polish Ambassador this Thursday at the Majestic Theater. We also talked about the connections it take and makes…you know…music. The match up with T.P.A. makes complete sense in thought, but the collaboration of sound developed with the idea share, the know how-to-do inside of one another and seeking the opinions of those who try a slice. There also was music during this half of the show, but Lif and I took it to the level radio belongs. Thanks, Man.

Rain for Me- Voodoo Princess
Gut Bucket Blues- Dr. John Ft. Nicholas Payton
Hen Pecked- William Bell w/ Stax Music Academy

Nothing in Common- Broham
The Messenger- People Brothers Band (live WSUM 3/7/14)
****Mustapha Moving Report****
The Truth- Bill Dickens
Words are the Weapon- Backbeat Soundsytem
Take me With You- Radio Riddler Ft. Deborah Bonham
Wolf at the Door- G.P.G.D.S.

Have Some fun- Tosca
Side FX- Denitia & Sene
Moscow Nightlife- Fulgeance & DJ Scientist
Sometimes (Phonovisions Symphonic Version)- Wax Tailor (live)
Farout- Prof
Fade to Black- SlimKid 3 & DJ Nu Mark Ft. J. Live

Lost & Found- the Polish Ambassador Ft. Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo
***Live on air conversation with Mr. Lif***
Let the Rhythm Just- the Polish Ambassador Ft. Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo
Jump on it- Big Freedia
Southsiders- Atmosphere

Stirring- Flying Lotus
Tesla- Flying Lotus
Cold Dead- Flying Lotus
Dive Caribou


lisTINin’ room

The first half of the proGram had me left in a hidden place where the sounds become something they never were. The spot is chosen when no one else is around, but the output spends time dancing in your ear-holes.

Prestissimo- Ensō String Quartet
Cicerenella- Piers Faccini & Vincent Segal
Make me a Pallet on Your Floor- Piers Faccini & Vincent Segal

Polly Put the Kettle on- Dom Flemons
Wooly Bully- Michael Doucet & Cajun Brew
Amaryllis- the Absynth Quintet
Temperature- Ian McLagan
Manzello Freeze- Col. Bruce Hampton
Leave the Cap off the Bottle- Hunter & the Dirty Jacks
House of Good Lovin’- Black Strobe
Hornet’s Nest- Joe Lewis Walker
Numb- Gary Clark Jr. (live)

Dive in- Sallie Ford
Lermaninoff- Primus & the Chocolate Factory w/the Fungi Ensemble
Pure Imagination- Primus & the Chocolate Factory w/the Fungi Ensemble
South Shropshire Tales- Soft Hearted Scientists
The Ups & the Downs- Soft Hearted Scientists
The Slider- Fly Golden Eagle

You Don’t Know- The Higher State
Love or Confusion- The Chemsitry Set
Psychotic Reaction- The Luck of Eden Hall
It was Me- Max Capote

School- Supertramp (live)
The Saint- Marco Benevento
What’s Happening- Elizabeth Shepherd


Wrong Step Windows

The second half of the fill in proGram for Mad Marcus’ rockNsoul revue on WORT had all the makings of the wrong place at the right time, making the rules breaking the rules and certainly the end had your ears wrigglin’ with satisfaction:

I Need a Friend- Curtis Harding
(stop) losing your Chances- Cold, Bold & Together
Blessed with your Curse- Nikki Yanofsky
Supersoulfighter- Lenny Kravitz
Black Velveteen- Lenny Kravitz
Whole Lotta Love- Perry Farrell
Fetish- Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
I Make My Own Rules- LL Cool J w/Flea/Dave Navarro & Chad Smith
Right Place, Wrong Time- Dr. John (live)
No Mo’- North Mississippi All Stars
Living on Borrowed Time- Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls
Orgasm- Prince
Race- Prince
Rundfunk- Beat Funktion
Naste- Roy Ayers


Let the Funk Shine In

Did a Saturday niGht fill in for Mad Marcus and his RockNSoul Revue on 89.9 Fm WORT. I planned it ahead so I could help co host DJ Rachael with her training wheels while “Clicky Michael” archived the event with the click of a button. SNAP. For the first half of this fill in proGram, the room with a view let the funk shine in:

Crazy Love- Ray Charles w/ Van Morrison
The Latin One- New Jersey Kings
Solar Heat- Cal Tjader
Na Palma Na Mas- Banda Uniao Black
Cajon De Castanas- Loyla Sarabanda
Johnny’s No Good- Joe Bataan
Camina no Vuelles- Los Far Fen
Distorsionado- Gregorio Segura
Tom Jazz- Conjunto Estiff
Capuccino- Herbie Garrett
In Walked Bud (remix)- Monkmasters


Rescued History

The second half of the proGram, is the one who fouGht for you, the history of where you’ve been and the path clearer into the beyond….

2120 South Michigan Avenue- the Rolling Stones
Stranger Blues- Fleetwood Mac (live 1968)
Hurricane Ruth greenarrowradio promo
Cold Day in Hell- Hurricane Ruth
Ain’t no Sunshine- Generation Blues Experience (live)
Don’t Call No Ambulance- Selwyn Birchwood

Skin Rubs- Honey & the 45s (live WSUM 05/02/2014)
Sharon Jones greenarrowradio promo
The Game Gets Old- Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
Soulful Expression- Greg Hester (live at the Mission)
You can’t Fight- Jimmy Chambers
New Way of Thinking- the Baker Brothers
What I need- Cherry Boop & the Sound Makers
Trail of Tears- the Budos Band

Soon to be Innocent Fun- Lonnie Holley
Tell You (Today)- Robyn
This Feeling- Brooklyn Shanti Ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore & Thornado
Ain’t no Guarantee- Eliot Lipp
Double Trouble- Yarah Bravo

Reaching (remix)- Audiomachine
Chimes (Gammer Re-edit)- Hudson Mohawke

Fighting Bull- Backbeat Soundsystem
When Doves Cry- Radio Riddler Ft. Citizen Cope

Skeleton Key- Beats Antique
Time Drinks Three Shots- Shara Wordan
Cirrus- Bonobo (live)


Ripple Affect

The first half of the proGram took to the water…adjusting the moments of creatures within…below and unnoticed….these friends shout back with this:

Wonderful Tonight- David Buckingham
Black is the Color- Joe Sample
Work- Chick Corea Trio (live)
Resolution of Purpose- Frank Catalano Ft. Jimmy Chamberlain
A Love Supreme- Superfjord
Thirteen- Nicholas Payton
Urban Jungle Blues- Mason Razavi

Nothing Changes- Alex Mercado Trio
Flint- Bill Laurence

Life After D- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra Ft. Victor Wooten
Vibe- Bill Dickens
The Jinx- Afro Bop Alliance
One Nation- Sergio Mendes Ft. Carlinhos Brown
En Guantanamo- Abelardo Barroso

Rock N Roll Soul- Hunter & the Dirty Jacks
Intro- Sallie Ford
Oregon- Sallie Ford

Funny Little Tragedy- Gov’t Mule (live at Mountain Jam)
Wonkmobile- Primus & the Chocolate Factory w/the Fungi Ensemble
I Want it Now- Primus & the Chocolate Factory w/the Fungi Ensemble

Dear Leron- Streets of Laredo
Body in the Lake- the Codetalkers Ft. Col. Bruce Hampton
Hard Way- Big Harp George