Laura Rain & The Caesars at Club Tavern

Detroit’s Laura Rain and the Caesars transform funky soul and r&b into their own unique vision. Inspired by the spirit of classic recordings of time gone before us, Laura Rain creates her own environment of expression with a powerful and soulful voice. Formed in the Motor City in 2012 with her husband George Friend, the pair set off on a creative journey writing and recording their own music. The two received many accolades within the music press and radio with their debut release “Electrified” in 2013. Performing with a stripped down lineup of organ, guitar and drums….the band developed it’s signature sound, and cultivated a vintage toned energetic foundation. With the release of the fourth recording “Walk with Me”, Laura and the band push the envelope of this unique soul music. Channeling inspiration from Detroit’s long and legendary history of dance music, funk, blues, soul and r&b, Laura Rain gives modern music a raw, yet sophisticated shot of much needed authenticity and heart.

ON March 23rd at Club Tavern in Middleton Wisconsin, Laura Rain and the Caesars will bring that sound to the people. I had the opportunity to chat with Laura about what the audience should plan on gettin’ at this event, the process of creating their latest release and how the band and she have grown as creators. We spend some time talking about the place that is most intimate for her and George to write and record and how baby makes three has added to the mix. If you have a money-maker in your crew, let them know about this show….they may need to go SHAKE it there.

Laura Rain

Are You Earing Me?

The second portion of the proGram had plenty to ear up.

Haunted By The Devil- Nicole Willis
(Everybody) Do The Watusi- Nicole Willis
Need Your Love- Curtis Harding

***Pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Curtis Harding***
Keep On Shining- Curtis Harding
All This Love That I’m Giving- Orgone Ft. Adryon de León
Close But No Cigar- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
Al Greenery- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
Cornbread intro- Lakecia Benejamin
Survivor- Lakecia Benejamin

Blind Opposite- 4S’d
Morning Star-Progger

King’s March- Soulive
***Pre-recorded conversation with Alan Evans of Soulive***
Sidekick- Soulive
Too Late- Matador! Soul Sounds

Wheels On The Bus- Five Alarm Funk
All The Way High- Body Heat Gang Band
Black Moon Rising= Black Pumas

If It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)- Peggy Gou
The Gambler (original mix)- Motiva
Octagon Octagon- Dr. Octagon
Little Bar- STS & Khari Mateen

Runs Thru Me- Tom Misch Ft. De La Soul

Ears Up

Ice And All

The first portion of the proGram had the still flow of water movin’ within you:

Swang Thang- Hot Club Sandwich
Melancholy April- Hot Club Sandwich
Wingding- Wood & Fire
Summertime Rolls- Wood & Fire
Mona- The Tillers

Mama Tried- Eric Andersen Ft. David Bromberg
Purple Microdots- The Forty Nineteens
Time is on My Side- The Forty Nineteens
Make Love to Myself- Lauren Ruth Ward

Step- Tim Woods
Night Train- Bernard Allison
I Ain;t Gonna Bath in the Kitchen No More- Myles Goodwyn

Forgiveness- Sol Roots Ft. Phil Wiggins
Running Out of Time- Peter V Blues Train
I Gotta Roll- Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps
Be My Baby- Jane Lee Hooker
(Hightop Birthday Shout Out Edition)
Dogs – Crimewolf
Drop by Drop- Screaming Females
My Body- Screaming Females
End of My Bloodline- Screaming Females

Tommy & Isabelle- Frogleg
In The Dust- Frogleg
Waiting For The Man- Peter Parcek
Sweet Angel- Jimi Hendrix ( (Jan 26 1966, Previously Unreleased)
$20 Fine- Jimi Hendrix Ft. Stephen Stills (Sept 30 1969, Previously Unreleased)

Ice Ice baybe

Alan Evans Of Soulive Talks Cinematics Vol. 1

Soulive has been one of those bands I have been fond since the early days of listening and sharing music with others. They have played with many who have been on the proGram before and the sound they have been most known for over the years, deep funky rockin’ jams, always make for a great time whether over the radio or home stereo. There’s no telling what you’ll see when you press “Play” on the long-awaited new EP (been about six years since their last official release) from this genre-smashing groove dominating group, but these five dynamic new tunes are guaranteed to turn the backs of your eyelids into a vibrant, action-packed movie screen. With “Cinematics Vol. 1”, the band transforms their infectious blend of soul-jazz, hip-hop, R&B, funk and rock into a series of soundtracks for the movies of your mind.

I had the chance to talk to the man behind the kit for Soulive, Alan Evans about what the fellas (Eric Krasno, Neal Evans and Al) have been up to since their last album. We talk a little about Alan’s Iron Wax Studio and where he might retreat to if ever in need of that time away from things. We spend some time discussing how this new release was born and how it grew up from that idea in infancy to this final product I get to share out with the listeners. We also touch base on a new band he is making music with, Matador! Soul Sounds and what he would play if given the opportunity to take over greenarrowradio for a bit.


Slop And Soul with Curtis Harding

Simply calling Curtis Harding a “soul man” feels reductive. Yes, his music is undoubtedly soulful and his songwriting is both evocative and provocative, but there’s more to his music than the stock imagery the label conjures. Harding’s voice can convey pain, pleasure, longing, tenderness, sadness and strength…..the entire gamut of emotions. Yet still, “soul man” seems too simple a description for musician like Curtis, a man who has lived multiple lives as a musician, participated in different scenes, and brought all those varied sounds and experiences together to carve out his own unique niche.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Curtis about the upcoming show in Madison on March 21st at the Majestic Theater. We give props to the band that’ll help create that night’s vibe, dig a little bit into that “Slop and Soul” sound and experience that he is getting well known for and we spend some quality time talking about the growth of him and his craft between the two releases, “Soul Power” in 2014 and “Face Your Fear” in 2017. We discuss some of the new things happening with him, such as his recent appearance playing with Jon Batiste and Stay Human on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, his work on the Sundance TV period drama series, “Hap and Leonard” and we get a glimpse into the styles of music and the flow Curtis would give the listeners of greenarrowradio if he took over proGramming for a bit.

Curtis Harding at the Echo (Photo by Andie Mills)

In Need of Some Getting Straightened out

The second portion of the proGram made sure you were all set:

Don’t Deny Me- John Mayall
Trouble and Pain- The Robert Cray Band
***Pre-Recorded Conversation with Mr. Robert Cray***
Chicken in the Kitchen- The Robert Cray Band
Sun Up Sun Down- Roosevelt Collier
Metropolis (radio edit)- The Lao Tizer Band
2319- 4S’d
The Mountain- Escaper

Darkness- The John L. Nelson Project
Heart of Mine- The John L. Nelson Project

***Pre-recorded Conversation with Ms. Sharon Nelson***
Step Back- The John L. Nelson Project
Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got- Prince
Computer Blue- Prince & The Revolution
Shy- Tuxedo Ft. Zapp
Brick- Dusty
We Play The Funk- Five Alarm Funk Ft. Bootsy Collins
The Harder We Try- ReFunk
Black Sheep- Nolatet

Made of Love- OY
Your No Good- Akin Amusan
Un Tabaco para Elegua- Orquesta Akokán

The Upward Climb

The first portion of the proGram had the ability to look up and try:

Palm Springs Jump- Hot Club Sandwich
It Ain’t Right- Hot Club Sandwich
Dawgs Waltz- Tommy Emmanuel & David Grisman
Standing Rock- Tommy Emmanuel & David Grisman
Way Past Midnight- Seth Walker (Live)

Here With The Hawk- Dead Meadow
I’m So Glad- Dead Meadow
To Love You- Sunny War
I Came Back to Bitch- L7

By My Side- The Bonnevilles
The Good Bastards- the Bonnevilles
Won’t Back Down- Dragondeer
My Camaro (Have Some Fun)- The Forty Nineteens

How I Wish She Was Mine- Jake La Botz
***Pre-Recorded Conversation with Jake La Botz***
Damsel in Distress- Jake La Botz
greenarrowradio promo- Nico of the BluesBones
Find My Way Out- The BluesBones
Seesaw Blues- The BluesBones

Righteous- Victor Wainwright & the Train
Look Out Mabel- Bernard Allison
Just Getting Started- Michelle Malone
I Hate To see you go (but I love to watch you walk away)- Myles Goodwyn
Once the Women Start Talking- Reverend Raven & The Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys