Full Barrel Empty Barrel

The extra hour portion of this week’s proGram had one that was and one that was not…maybe?:

Con las Manos Arriba- Empresarios
Porro Maracatu (Toy Selectah Remix)- LADAMA
Seasons- David Starfire Ft. Shri
Inmortales (Body Move)- Nickodemus Ft. Femina
Caballito Del Mar- Nickodemus Ft. La Yegros

We Ain’t Done- Artson
Drift- Duende Libra
Badima- Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba

La Gallera- Juan Pablo Diaz
Pais Gris- Juan Pablo Diaz
Oulhin (My Heart Burns)- Bombino
See Dem Fake Leaders- Ziggy Marley
Duke ish- Water Seed (live at The Blue Nile)
Funktimus Prime- Water Seed (live at The Blue Nile)

This Ride Is Too Cool

The second set of this week’s proGram took out the 1960 Chrysler 300 convertible for a spin around the hood….

Sticks and Stones- Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco
All Saints Day- Van Morrison and Joey DeFrancesco
Are You Gonna Go My Way- Wynton Marsalis Setpet Ft. Lenny Kravitz (live Lincoln Center Gala)
I Wish I Knew How It Felt To Be Free- Wynton Marsalis Septet Ft. Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks (live Lincoln Center Gala)

Hi Heeled Sneakers- Mike Clark & Delbert Bump
Topsy- Mike Clark and Delbert Bump
Charge Denied- Venture

Pendulum Swing- Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step
Inner City Blues- Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step Ft. Butterscotch
Breathless- Adam & Kizzie
Requiem- The Magnificent Tape Band Ft. Rachel Modest
Pantomime- The Magnificent Tape Band Ft. Rachel Modest

Aracne- Domenico Lancellotti
Raffica- Silvano D’Auria
The Riff- Carlo Pes
L’Arbitro- Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

Jibble Jabble- Ghost Note
Swagism- Ghost Note Ft. Nigel Hall
Smack ‘Em- Ghst Note Ft. Brandon “TAZ” Niederauer

Late Show Theme- Potatohead People
Do My Thing- Potatohead People Ft. Kapok & Illa J
El Himmo De La Barberia- Potatohead People


The first portion of this week’s proGram has a perfect spot to dive in:

Down To The River- The War and Treaty
Sunrise- Colin Elmore

John Henry y los vaqueros- Dom Flemons
Knox County Stomp- Dom Flemons

Roller Coaster- Dead Winter Carpenters Ft. Jackie Greene
White Whale- The Drunken Hearts
Heart Strings- The Drunken Hearts

Yes We Can Can- Robin Mckelle
Ring of Fire- Dana Fuchs
Frankins Tower- Joe Craven And The Sometimers

greenarrowradio promo- Victoria Ginty
Trying To Make a Living- Mike Zito
Jungle- Jimi Hendrix (11/14/69) w/Buddy Miles

Keep Moving- Ruler
Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake- Schizo Fun Addict
I Know a Girl- Reggae Workers Of The World

Isn’t She Lovely- Tom Misch
Disco Yes- Tom Misch Ft. Poppy Ajudha
Out Of The Light- Michael Rault
Sleeping & Smiling- Michael Rault

Down By The Riverside- Grand Marquis
Do You Believe?- Michael Kaeshammer
Sweet Georgia- Michael Kaeshammer

Bottom Of The Glass

Got in a bonus hour after the reGularly scheduled show… drink drank drunk it all up:

Bach Concerto #7 1 Allegro- Simone Dinnerstein & A Far Cry
Bach Concerto NO 7 – 3 Allegro Assai- Simone Dinnerstein & A Far Cry

Mental Chaos- Mars Williams & Tollef Østvang
My Queen Is Mamie Phipps Clark- Sons of Kemet
Keep Your Eyes on The Prize- Tiffany Austin
Seven Nation Army- Dave McMurray

**Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Kristo Rodzevski**
Out of Key- Kristo Rodzevski
Beans and Cornbread- Sullivan Fortner
Subway- Duende Libre

That Sky Is Why

The second portion of the proGram had the view of above when it was bright:

Them Changes- New Orleans Suspects (live at the Hamilton, 12/31/2017)
Freak Flag- Here Come The Mummies
**pre-recorded conversation with Mummy Cass of Here Come The Mummies**
Chaperone- Here Come The Mummies
Birds- The Shacks
Homer & Debbie- Nolatet
Black Sheep- Nolatet
Black Tiger- The Magnificent Tape Band Ft. Rachel Modest
Grand Street Feast- Gitkin
El Millionairo- Gitkin

Work It Out- Water Seed (live)
This is Reggae Music- Zap Pow
Sweet Lovin’ Love- Zap Pow
San San Rock- Thievery Corporation
Le Force de Melodie- Thievery Corporation Ft. Lou Lou Ghelichkani

Momento de Clareza- Kassin
This is For You- Artson
The Game- Artson
The Drum- Artson
The Crow- Nickodemus Ft. Alsarah

Let It All Out

The first portion of the proGram had reminded us to spread it all out wide and grow:

Going Down The Road Feeling Bad- Dom Flemons
He’s A Lone Ranger- Dom Flemons

Head High Water Blues- Honey Island Swamp Band
Medicated- Honey Island Swamp Band
Ain’t No Fun- Honey Island Swamp Band
Life To Fix- The Record Company
One More Time- Low Cut Connie
All These Kids Are Way Too High- Low Cut Connie
Baby You’re A Rich Man- Cranium Pie
Power of Soul- Jimi Hendrix (Jan/Feb 1970)


Ridin’ with Lady Luck- Eric Corne Ft. Walter Trout
Luck Is Gonna Change- Jeff Jensen
Sedative- Dana Fuchs
Who What When Where Why- Joyann Parker

**Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Joyann Parker**
What Happened To Me- Joyann Parker
Ain’t No Spark- Grand Marquis
Who Are You- Michael Kaeshammer
The Things I Used to Do- Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco

Getaway – That’s The Way (I Like It)- Dave Koz & Friends
Get Somethin’ Chance Hayden
You Mother You- Chance Hayden
Deep In The Inner City- Mike Clark & Delbert Bump
Honky Tonk- Mike Clark & Delbert Bump

Here Come The Mummies in Madison

Here Come the Mummies is an eight-piece funk-rock band of 5000 year-old Egyptian Mummies with a one-track mind. Their “Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave” is sure to get you into them (and possibly vice versa). Since their discovery, Here Come The Mummies has been direct support for P-Funk, Al Green, Mavis Staples, KC and the Sunshine Band, and Cheap Trick; rocked Super Bowl Village; become a regular on The Bob and Tom Show; played massive festivals like Summer Camp, Common Ground, Voodoo Fest, Musikfest, Suwannee Hulaween, and Riverbend; and sold tickets by the thousands across large swaths of North America.

I had the chance to chat with Mummy Cass about the upcoming show in Madison on May 24th at the Majestic Theater and what the people in attendance can expect if they are first timers to the HCTM’s scene. Mummy Cass gives the role call of the entire cast of characters who will sweat and funk with you on the 24th (or whenever you happen to catch their live show). We get into how they were able to discover the musical gods that reside on Earth from visitors for another location. But for me, the best part of the conversation was talking about the possibility of some brand new music, and how these Mummies are going about nailing down the tracks…you see it’s going to be a live recording and who knows how and when the green light will be on.

Midnight and Cass Funkin’ Out Front

Joyann Parker

Joyann Parker brings a full range of talent to her performances as an accomplished singer, pianist, songwriter must-hear lead guitarist, currently endorsed by Heritage Guitars in Kalamazoo, MI. She has both control and power that can tear right through you without causing any pain, and it’ll make you feel downright good. She has performed for thousands at major venues and festivals across the country and represented Minnesota at the 2015 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. She has opened for Grammy winner Robert Cray, taken the stage for Grammy nominee Elvin Bishop in a pinch and is a staple on the most prestigious stages in the Twin Cities.
Joyann’s album “Hard To Love” was released on April 13, 2018 and is garnering national and international attention from critics and fans alike and she is set to head out on an upcoming tour to support this fantastic release.

I had a chance to chat with Joyann about the upcoming shows in and around Wisconsin, including a stop on May 17th at The Brink Lounge. We get into the show that people can expect out of her and her travelling band-mates. We really get into how she is able to write songs that make this guy feel like she was reading some of his journal entries over the years and what flipped on that soul switch in her. We also learn just what is Joyann’s “heading out on the road music” to keep the moments from getting away. Being a Wisconsin girl, Joyann and I will likely continue the conversation over in New Glarus later in the Summer over a tasty beverage and some food cart goodness.

photo by: Jeannine Marie Photography

Kristo Rodzevski Talks Trilogy

The Rabbit and the Fallen Sycamore, the third album in a trilogy by singer/songwriter Kristo Rodzevski and his group of jazz progressives, will be released by Much Prefer Records on May 25, 2018. Mixed by celebrated producer Bill Laswell, “The Rabbit…” represents the fulfillment of a musically adventurous idea: Assemble seven world-class improvisers in a studio, establish an environment for pure music-making, and capture all on tape. By partnering with core collaborators Mary Halvorson (guitar), Tomas Fujiwara (drums) and Michael Blanco (bass), then inviting contributions from Kris Davis (piano), Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone) and Brian Drye (trombone), Kristo fermented an intoxicating brew. The bubbling inventions are spontaneous performances without overdubs. Thematically, the album continues themes established in Kristo’s first two releases of this trilogy, Batania (2015) and Bitter Almonds (2017). While those trilogy installments examined the deep feelings for his Macedonian grandmother and mother, “The Rabbit…” explores a transition, the fading significance of his past to his life in the USA.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Kristo to discuss the creation of the final act in this sonic trilogy and how the inner workings of this team of experimenters and improvisers created another album that speaks to the feelings and emotions unlike many other releases. We talk about how rich and full an album of few takes and all different can feel. We get into how tracks were selected as the one to use, how Mr. Laswell took to listening to the original stories and ideas behind the tracks and added a little tweak here or there to accentuate the tales. There’s an eye opening chance to learn a little about one of the tracks and how it makes me feel and maybe we learn a little about the why I feel that way too. The art of the album cover, the physical piece of art that accompanies the music was also created in a very similar fashion as the music….. one take from open-minded communicators makes for brilliant art, all around.

What Will You Bloom Into?

The second portion of the proGram kept the mind filled with wonderings:

Bluebelly- Nolatet
Workin’ My Way Back Home- New Orleans Suspect (live at The Hamilton 12/31/2017)

**Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Jake Eckert of New Orleans Suspects**
Get It Started- New Orleans Suspects (live at The Hamilton 12/31/2017)
Spanish Moon/Skin It Back- New Orleans Suspects (live at The Hamilton 12/31/2017)

The State of Affairs- Matador! Soul Sounds
NSA (Better Than You Know Yourself)- Danat
Hip Hop- The Mackrosoft
Listen, While I Say Nothing- The Mackrosoft
Light of My Life- Ben Pirani

Once In A Lifetime- Angelique Kidjo
Fight The Power- Brownout

Sex God- Liquid Soul
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Mars Williams***
King Of The Ill- Liquid Soul
Peanut Head- Liquid Soul
All Night- Children of Zeus
Earth- Freddy Locks
Waaju- Waaju

OCD- Kait Dunton
Frontier- Kait Dunton
La Ragazzola- Romano Mussolini
L’uomo del Colpo Perfetto- Robby Poitevin
Un’altra Donna- Gianni Marchetti
Cugine Mie- NicoFidenco

Guidance- Thievery Corporation
Fang Dubbard- Gitkin
Yama- Gitkin

Hearts And Greens

The first portion of the proGram had the color and the size to remind us that inclusion is cool.

Swamp Thang- Hot Club Sandwich Ft. David Grisman
Melancholy April- Hot Club Sandwich
Alabama Bound- Peter Rowan
Ridin’ That Midnight Train- Peter Rowan
The Light in Carter Stanley’s Eyes- Peter Rowan

Mando Space- Sam Bush & David Grisman
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Sam Bush***
Arachnid Stomp- Sam Bush & David Grisman
Jamgrass 741- Sam Bush & David Grisman
What We Used To Be- Jeff Jensen
Nobody’s Fault But Mine- Dana Fuchs
Pull String to Inflate- Eric Corne
Mississippi Nights- Mike Zito

People Make The World Go Round- Kandace Springs
Joe N Around- Tia Fuller
Fury- Tia Fuller

Hallelujah You’re Gone- Eryn
She’s Gone- Michael Kaeshammer

Close Enough For Jazz- Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco
Chicken- Mike Clark & Delbert Bump
Alice in Wonderland- Mike Clark & Delbert Bump
Matrix- Chance Hayden

Mars Williams Duo at A.L.L.

Mars Williams is an open-minded and highly versatile musician, composer and educator who commutes easily between free jazz, funk, hip-hop and rock. He has played and recorded with so many amazing artists across the entire scope of the music landscape, including: The Psychedelic Furs, Billy Idol, Bill Laswell, Ministry, Power Station, Die Warzau, The Waitresses, Kiki Dee, Billy Squier, DJ Logic, Wayne Kramer, John Scofield, Charlie Hunter, Kurt Elling, Swollen Monkeys, Mike Clark, Jerry Garcia, Naked Raygun, Friendly Fires, The Untouchables, Blow Monkeys….see…many different music language spoken. The great John Zorn credits Mars as “one of the true saxophone players–someone who takes pleasure in the sheer act of blowing the horn. This tremendous enthusiasm is an essential part of his sound, and it comes through each note every time he plays. Whatever the situation, Mars plays exciting music. In many ways he has succeeded in redefining what versatility means to the modern saxophone player.”

I had a chance to catch up with mars once again, we had spoken when I was on air on WHUS out of the University of Connecticut a lifetime ago. This time is was to talk about the upcoming event at Arts & Literature Laboratory, with a Mars Williams Duo, with a special guest drummer. We spoke deeply about his new release and a European tour to support the Album “Painted Pillars” with Tollef Østvang. Mars was recently nominated for a very special award and check out our chat to find out who his competition is. Can you say, teacher Vs. student? Of course, I couldn’t let Mars go with talking about one of his projects, Liquid Soul and we started the conversation about perhaps an upcoming Midwest tour? Who knows??

Mars Williams by French Quarter Photography

Bringing Some Big Easy To Madison

New Orleans Suspects began playing together back in 2009 as a pick-up band at the Maple Leafin New Orleans. The band is comprised of some of the most seasoned, highly respected players in the NOLA scene, bringing that “Big Easy” feeling wherever they play. Back in the day the group called themselves The Unusual Suspects. Their chemistry was undeniable and by the summer of 2011 they decided to tour full-time and created a new brand for their sound, renaming the band New Orleans Suspects. They quickly began attracting large crowds from coast to coast and in just a few short years they’ve released four albums and established themselves as one of New Orleans’ best supergroups.

I had a chance to chat with guitarist of the band, Jake Eckert about the upcoming show at the High Noon Saloon here in Madison on May 11th. We get a feel for what the artists making the music will be bringing to the party and how they will carry a little of that “Big Easy” feeling to out backdoor. The band has a new live album coming out and Jake and I dive into the similarities and differences of creating a live album versus the laboratory feel of a studio album..(from the two minds of Jake, the producer and the guitarist)..Very insightful conversation about the live beast. Since we chatted in the early portion of JazzFest, we touch base on the pacing an artists needs to have to properly survive this wild festival. Finally, see how we weave the almighty Col. Bruce Hampton into our conversation (on the day of his birth), and how familiar the words Jake shares about him are to what many others have said on this proGram.

Jake Eckert Photo by Eliot Kamenitz

That Sam Bush Sound

The Father of Newgrass and King of Telluride, Mr. Sam Bush, has long since established himself as roots high royalty. He is revered for both his solo and sideman work, which includes time with Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett, and Béla Fleck, to name just a very few. But instead of kicking back and soaking up honors such as an Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award and suite of Grammys and International Bluegrass Music Association trophies, Mr. Bush still strives relentlessly to create something new. The Sam Bush Band tours extensively, appearing at many small venues and large festivals such as the Strawberry Music Festival (Memorial Day and Labor Day), Rockygrass (late July), and every spring at the Americana Festival, Merlefest in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Sam Bush is known as one of the liveliest performers at these festivals, and makes many guest appearances with the other artists.

I had a great opportunity to catch up with Sam shortly after finishing up at this years Merlefest to talk about the upcoming show on May 12th at the Stoughton Opera House. We talk about the musicians and the music one could expect at this show, and the shared joy that is sure to circle around inside the venue.. We talk down he path of his first meeting with friend of the proGram, Mr. David “Dawg” Grisman, and how he feels after hanging out with him playing, still to this day (which really brought a smile to my face). Hearing Sam describe the recent and first meeting (on stage), with our pal, Mr. Tommy Emmanuel was a complete hoot, and made me wish I was in the crowd witnessing it. We tiptoe around the ongoing ideas for a few different new potential releases, a song the band has been featuring at recent shows and I am willing to bet, the sounds will be as fresh as can be and taking us all together with a joyful noise.

The Sam Bush Band by Shelly Swanger Photography