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Bromberg Plays Hendrix: Remastered

A half century after his tragic death, Jimi Hendrix remains cemented in place near the top of anyone’s list of the greatest rock guitarists of all time. So why would anyone decided to pay tribute to the iconic axe-man on a full album without a single guitar? The virtuosic bassist and world-renowned producer Brian Bromberg tackled that audacious challenge on his 2012 album “Bromberg Plays Hendrix”, a blistering homage on which Bromberg’s fretless and piccolo basses stand in for the original’s fleet fretwork. Joined only by the in-demand drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, Bromberg summoned a whirlwind of sound from his four- and five-string arsenal to craft a smoldering set of classics in keeping with Hendrix’s exploratory spirit. A decade after its recording, the album remains dizzying in the virtuosity and visceral power of its musicianship and passion. Brian was happy with the original version of the CD, but after a big studio upgrade and new equipment he wanted to jump back into the project and do a remix/remaster to make the project sound as good as he felt it deserved to sound. On September 18, 2020 a newly remixed and remastered edition will be released digitally by Artistry Music/Mack Avenue Music Group.

I had the complete honor of discussing the newly remixed and remastered edition of this epic album with Mr. Bromberg. We got into how the original ideas took shape to make this sort of thing a reality. The absolutely attempt to not try and sound like Jimi Hendirx…because…well…how could anyone, nevermind a bass player. We dive into the heart and soul of how these songs work from the perspective of a listeners, the players behind them as well as someone like me, who likes to get it into people’s ears for the first time. When you or I listen to these songs, there will be that sense of familiar with a head twist to the different, I think it only adds to the already greatness of the music we know and allows something that has been there for us through so many days, into us in a newly imagined way. And With that, Mr. Bromberg and I talk a bit about the changes that were made in his new state of the art studio to make an album you already want to crank up, worthy of going to 11 or 12 on the volume knob. Wee…turn it up man. And what is this about a holiday album…just listen all the way through our chat to find out.

Top Of The Mushroom To Ya

The final portion of this week’s proGram had a view from the top:

Fem Skator- I.P.A.
Barnen- I.P.A.
Helen Of Jazz- Jose Rizo’s Mongorama

Isso É Que Eu Sei- Marcos Valle With Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Guinnevere- Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah (live at The Blue Note NYC)
Magnificent Madness- Adam Meckler Orchestra (Live In Minneapolis)
The Tao of Heavy D- Adam Meckler Orchestra Ft. Michael B. Nelson (Live In Minneapolis)

The Sound- Thollem
Three Egors- Merema

Something Hidden

The middle portion of the proGram was the spot you could hide along with:

Electricity- Bill Frisell
Baba Drame- Bill Frisell
Hungaria- Rez Abbasi
***pre-recorded conversation with Rez Abbasi***
Diminishing- Rez Abbasi

One For Geoff- Ray Russell
We Go Back a Short Way!- Ray Russell
Metatron’s Cube- Tom Guarna

Crosstown Traffic- Brian Bromberg
Purple Haze- Brian Bromberg

How Long- Cosmic Vibrations Ft. Dwight Trible


The first portion of this week’s proGram was a morning surprise:

Mack the Knife- Ella Fitzgerald (live, Berlin 1962)
Long List Of Troubles- Gregory Porter
Revival Song- Gregory Porter

You Rascal You (I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead)- Loudon Wainwright III
What I Say- The Flying Horse Big Band
Everybody Wear They Mask- Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra w/Wynton Marsalis

Evidence- Teodross Avery
Ugly Beauty- Teodross Avery

Revenge Of The Rabbit- Tomoko Omura
Erasmus- Ellen Andrea Wang

Oriental Folk Song- Chien Chien Lu

Rez Abbasi’s Django-Shift

Guitarist and composer Rez Abbasi is among a rare breed of artists that continue to push boundaries while preserving the traditions he has embraced. Consistently placing on DownBeat’s International Critics Poll alongside luminaries (friend of this proGram) Mr. Bill Frisell and Pat Metheny since 2014, he continues to forge new ground with his many multi-dimensional projects. He has established an enviable reputation over the course of fifteen albums as leader and years of touring internationally: not simply as one of the finest guitarists of his generation, but also as a musical alchemist with the ability to parlay his continent-crossing range of influences into consistently fresh and innovative compositions and reframings of the tradition. His deep musicality has been applied with equal conviction to contemporary New York acoustic jazz, the Qawwali and Indian Classical traditions of South Asia and the heady fusion sounds of the 1970s, each time applying the filter of his own musical personality to deliver inimitable results. Commissioned in 2019 to present a project on Django Reinhardt by the Freight & Salvage’s Django Festival in California, Rez boldly redefined his engagement by turning the focus away from Django, the codifier of the Sinti guitar vocabulary, and onto Django, the composer.

I had the pleasure of discussion the wonderful new release, “Django-Shift” which was released on August 28th via Whirlwind Recordings with Rez. First off, I always love when the artists I speak with is as energized by the conversation as I am. I could feel that energy when Rez picked up the call. We dive into how the album went from a moment of “Sure, I can play that gig”, to that eureka moment when he realized this should become a project. We talk how it he arranged the pieces for a contemporary trio featuring Neil Alexander on organ and electronics and Michael Sarin on drums. The results offer a fascinating and unique insight into an often overlooked aspect of Django’s genius, his skill as a composer. I think you’ll find that this conversation will lead you to want to give this album a bunch of listens, but it also may assist in opening your ear into the different avenues of many artists you think you love already…that desire to know more about the sound, the style the person or people is something I think Rez’s music, whether this album or one from the past does, it leaves that welcome mat out in from of the house…just knock.

No Thing But

The final part of this week’s proGram rose up to see what’s going on and on and on:

Auntie Anne’s Waitress- Vita and the Woolf
Shoemonk- The Nix Ft. Vula Malinga
Our Sons- Jabee Ft. TRISHES
Shadows- Zero 7

Sign- Roosevelt
Oh My Love (Bob Vylan Remix)- The Skints
Bucciarati- Open Mike Eagle Ft. Kari Faux
Keep That- The Keepaz

Milk Dub- Death by Dub
Tom Sprang- The Wailing Souls

Bakunda Ulu- Jupiter & Okwess
Khona Manje- Vusi Mahlasela
Molaetsa Keo- Vusi Mahlasela
Zimbabwe- Vusi Mahlasela

Unstick The Cracked

The middle portion of the proGram this week could get you unstuck:

Orange Blossoms- JJ Grey & Mofro
He Is- Laura Rain & the Caesars
Seasons- Laura Rain & the Caesars
Your Sex is Overrated- Fantastic Negrito Ft. Masa Kohama
Pink Skirt- Emma Donovan & The Putbacks
Truth- Michelle Sarah
Time Lapse- Monzanto Sound
Osvaldo’s Rebellion- Mestizo Beat

Taking Me Down (DJ Spinna Journey Remix)- The New Mastersounds
Hit the Deck (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Funk Remix)- ShwizZ
Dragonball Durag- Thundercat Ft. Smino & Guapdad 4000

Nickel And Dime Blues- Gangstagrass

Ripe And Ready

The first part of today’s proGram sounded ready when I gave it a good thump test:

Stars Align- Jerry Castle
Prison To Heaven- The Avett Brothers

Cookin’ At Home- Gas House Gorillas
Already Dead- Austin Lucas
No Teasin’ Around- GA-20 (live)
Hole In Your Soul- A Band Called Sam
Down To The Bottom- Eric Johanson
It’s The Monkey Or Me- Lisa Mann
greenarrowradio promo- Malaya Blue
These Foul Walls- Malaya Blue

Are You a Have or Are You a Have Not- Paul Gillings
You And Me- G.E. Smith & LeRoy Bell

Kiss Me Like You Mean It- Bey Paule Band
Give You What You Need- Johnny Rawls

No Small Potatoes

The final part of this week’s program did SUM diGGin’ up and pullin’ out:

Inner Game- Nubya Garcia
Pace- Nubya Garcia
The juggling Act- Anthony Stanco

Electric Fantastic- The Moore-McColl Jazz Society
Valentine- Bill Frisell
Swing 42- Rez Abbasi Ft. Michael Sarin & Neil Alexander

Sudan Blue- Ralph Peterson and The Messenger Legacy
Tricks Of The Trade- Ralph Peterson and The Messenger Legacy
Boo Boo’s Birthday- Teodross Avery

Queira Bem- Marcos Valle, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge
Our Train- Marcos Valle, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge

Streaming View

The middle portion of the proGram was fine once it let out a little stream:

Be Thankful For What You Got- Lipbone Redding
A.N.T.F.B.S.- Mestizo Beat
When Walls Fall- Mestizo Beat

Get Ready- The Skints
Badfish- O.A.R.
Six Feet (U Better Back up)- TimeShadow
Kibosh- Death by Dub

Day Dream- Bryony Jarman-Pinto
Gotta Get To Heaven- Jabee Ft. The ALLIE LAUREN PROJECT & Glad I Got You Choir
Food For Thought- Jabee Ft. Medaforacle

Ain’t No Crime- Gangstagrass
Sounds Of Freedom- M. Scorgie
One Quarter Freak- M. Scorgie

Buzzed In Fuzz

The first part of the proGram this week got to bring a little sting of the old backed up into the new:

Tangled Up In Blue- The Charlie Daniels Band
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap- Full Blown Cherry
Busted- Andre Williams & The Sadies
Free- Jerry Castle
How Does It Feel- G.E. Smith & LeRoy Bell
Blues Is The New Black- Kat Riggins
3 Heads Are Better Than 1- Paul Gillings
Ain’t No Cure for the Downhearted- Kirk Fletcher
Fattening Frogs for Snakes- Kirk Fletcher

I Felt It Too- Bette Smith
Over And Over- Jessie Wagner

Platypus Dipster- Fantastic Negrito
All Up In My Space- Fantastic Negrito

Father O’Blivion- Zappa Plays Zappa (live)

Cutting Board Greens

The final part of this week’s proGram knew it was wise to intake these goodies:

Fuzzy Logic- Ghost Funk Orchestra
Danny Jamaica- Young Gun Silver Fox
Abrasive- Rudy De Anda
Anti-Anti-Body (I Want Your Body)- Smoota W/Kendra Morris & Julia Haltigan Ft. Ricky Quinones
All About Life- Bryony Jarman-Pinto

We Are Anagos- The Voice Of Lajorun
Sunk In The Mist- Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos
Sticky Stay- The Wailing Souls
Libre- Los Mocosos
Brothers & Sisters- Los Mocosos
All Grown Up (Pistel Remix)- Los Mocosos

The Blues Matters- Rick Cutler
Blackbird- Ernie Watts Quartet

Just A Little Quiche

The middle portion of the proGram only wanted a little peck in the cheek:

Simmer Me Down- Scott Weis Band
On It’s Way- Kat Riggins
No Sale- Kat Riggins
Down To The Bone- Malaya Blue
Work It For Me- Sol Roots Ft. Phil Wiggins

Think Of Me- Billy Walton Band
Our Blues- The Milwaukees
As Many Candles As Possible- The Mountain Goats
On A Clear Day- Soft Hearted Scientists
Surferalla- Soft Hearted Scientists

Justice In America- Fantastic Negrito
King Frustration- Fantastic Negrito
Shigamabu Blues- Fantastic Nergito

Burning Down The House- Hairy Apes BMX
…As We Walked Under Water- Trace Imprint
Track One (Metal Mickey Mix)- The Lost Stoned Pandas
Ocean Of Tenderness- Maat Lander

The Black Page #2- Dweezil Zappa Ft. Steve Vai

In A Poke

The first part of this week’s proGram knew how to start off with one thing and make it bacon:

Liberty- The Grass Is Dead
Rock Of Ages- The Wildmans
I Go To My Heart- The Avett Brothers
Soul Of This Town- Oliver Wood w/Phil Cook
Broken Man- Chris Antonik Ft. Mike Mattison
Can’t You Hear Me Calling- Del McCoury Ft. Bootsy Collins
Sold My Soul- Cut Worms
Jaguar Car- Savoy Brown
Lindy Loo- 8 Ball Aitken
greenarrowradio promo- Kirsten Thien
Shoulda Been- Kirsten Thien
I Can See Your Love Light Shine- John Németh

The Letter- Peter Karp
Took It Back- Kelly’s Lot
D Is For Denny- Kirk Fletcher
Soul Man- Downchild Ft. Dan Aykroyd/Paul Shaffer/Kenny Neal (Live)

Down The Bottleneck

The second part of the Hump Day fill-in proGram (last one of the Summer of 2020) was staring straight down into the bottom of it:

A Path Before That- HUW & Richard X Bennett
New Humanity- Los Retros
Sweet Sweet- Bryony Jarman-Pinto
Sun Kissed- Bryony Jarman-Pinto

Forgotten Cities, Pt. 1- DOTS
Amel- DOTS
Sunshine- Romare
Tomita- Jaga Jazzist

Fufafou- Falle Nioke & Ghost Culture
Mounemouma- Falle Nioke & Ghost Culture
Melokane- Modou Touré
Ayo Le Le- Modou Touré
Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall- The Wailing Souls


The first half of the final Hump Day fill-in proGramming for the Summer of 2020 had us all a little tied up:

Midtown Blues- Raphaël Pannier Quartet Ft. Giorgi Mikadze
Timbeando- Harold Lopez-Nussa
Van Van Meets New Orleans- Harold Lopez-Nussa
The Sun Waited For Me- Maria Schneider

Fraction Of Humanity- Analog Players Society
Masakela- John Beasley
Rhythm-a-Ning / Evidence- John Beasley
Levees- Bill Frisell
We Shall Overcome- Bill Frisell

Up And Between

The final part of this week’s proGram was up, up and away:

Love Don’t Get- Tony Adamo
Outerspace- Zbonics
The Dimension- HUW & Richard X Bennett
InParallel- HUW & Richard X Bennett

Runaway- Cri
In Person- Low Island
Borders – Tawiah (live)

Slow Walk Rock- Rezin Tooth
Escape- Coreyah

Heart Sutra Song ~ Gone Beyond- Laurie Anderson/Tenzin Choegyal/Jesse Paris Smith
Epistrophy- Analog Players Society

Jumping Thru Barn Hoops

The middle part of this week’s proGram had SUM major ups:

Stay Up Late- Dark Star Orchestra
Crosseyed & Painless- Delta Nove
Psycho Killer- Garaj Mahal
Swamp- Robert Walter’s 20th Congress
What A Day That Was- The New Up
Just For Kicks- Young Gun Silver Fox
Tender Epoch- Rudy De Anda
Me Revuico En Tus Arenas- Rudy De Anda
The Mirror- Rudy De Anda

Get Out- The Movement
Do It (Ray Mang Remix)- Smoove & Turrell
Blind Faith (Art of Tones Extended Mix)- Izo FitzRoy
Mirage a Trois (Sandro Bianch Remix- Dragondeer

The Hole Thang

The first part of this week’s proGram had to constantly be watching it’s step:

Black & Blue- Zephaniah OHora
I Ain’t Never- Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band (live)
Turtle Dove- Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band (live)
Deep Elem Blues- Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band (live)
Filisko’s Dream (Opus 12)- Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues
Train- Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues (live)
greenarrowradio promo- Crooked Eye Tommy
Uncivil Way- Shemekia Copeland
Homemade Disaster- Sugaray Rayford

Run with the Wolves- Eleanor Underhill
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)- Exit Clov
Mona Lisa, Mother Earth- Knud Odde
Holiday- The Pull of Autumn

Up From Under

The second part of the Hump Day fill-in proGram was feeling a little under the flower:

Monkey In The Wilderness- Jordan Seigel
Intro TO ESP- Raphaël Pannier Quartet
ESP- Raphaël Pannier Quartet
Outro To ESP- Raphaël Pannier Quartet

Ferguson – An American Tradition- Immanuel Wilkins
Onward And Upward- Ralph Peterson and The Messenger Legacy
Nature’s Vision- Cosmic Vibrations Ft. Dwight Trible

Dori- Billy Childs
Leimert Park- Billy Childs

Data Lords- Maria Schneider