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Jumping Thru Barn Hoops

The middle part of this week’s proGram had SUM major ups:

Stay Up Late- Dark Star Orchestra
Crosseyed & Painless- Delta Nove
Psycho Killer- Garaj Mahal
Swamp- Robert Walter’s 20th Congress
What A Day That Was- The New Up
Just For Kicks- Young Gun Silver Fox
Tender Epoch- Rudy De Anda
Me Revuico En Tus Arenas- Rudy De Anda
The Mirror- Rudy De Anda

Get Out- The Movement
Do It (Ray Mang Remix)- Smoove & Turrell
Blind Faith (Art of Tones Extended Mix)- Izo FitzRoy
Mirage a Trois (Sandro Bianch Remix- Dragondeer

The Hole Thang

The first part of this week’s proGram had to constantly be watching it’s step:

Black & Blue- Zephaniah OHora
I Ain’t Never- Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band (live)
Turtle Dove- Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band (live)
Deep Elem Blues- Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band (live)
Filisko’s Dream (Opus 12)- Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues
Train- Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues (live)
greenarrowradio promo- Crooked Eye Tommy
Uncivil Way- Shemekia Copeland
Homemade Disaster- Sugaray Rayford

Run with the Wolves- Eleanor Underhill
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)- Exit Clov
Mona Lisa, Mother Earth- Knud Odde
Holiday- The Pull of Autumn

Up From Under

The second part of the Hump Day fill-in proGram was feeling a little under the flower:

Monkey In The Wilderness- Jordan Seigel
Intro TO ESP- Raphaël Pannier Quartet
ESP- Raphaël Pannier Quartet
Outro To ESP- Raphaël Pannier Quartet

Ferguson – An American Tradition- Immanuel Wilkins
Onward And Upward- Ralph Peterson and The Messenger Legacy
Nature’s Vision- Cosmic Vibrations Ft. Dwight Trible

Dori- Billy Childs
Leimert Park- Billy Childs

Data Lords- Maria Schneider

A Lake Of Crystal

The first half of this week’s Hump Day fill-in proGram went out and about in the out and a boat:

String Quartet: Movement I- Quinsin Nachoff Ft. Molinari String Quartet
Soul House: II. Stairs- Hub New Music
Soul House: VI. Driveway- Hub New Music
Soul House: IX. Secret Place- Hub New Music

Dogfight- Greg Ward’s Fitted Shards
Warriors- Immanuel Wilkins
Oceana- Billy Childs

Man Bun- Matt Wilson Ft. Jeff Lederer, Kirk Knuffke & Chris Lightcap
In the Moment- Matt Wilson Ft. Jeff Lederer, Kirk Knuffke & Chris Lightcap

String Quartet No. 1, III Alegro Vivace- Mike Fahie Jazz Orchestra
No Chance- Jordan Seigel

Photo by: QZ

The Home Stretch

The final part of the proGram this week had it’s long parts reaching for the provider of the good stuff:

Soul Street- Bill King
Cabbage- Butcher Brown

How Far You’ve Come- Coreyah
Big Things- Coreyah
Se Quema la Chumbamba- Kiki Valera
Mi Son- Kiki Valera

Ithemba Lami- Vusi Mahlasela
Silang Mabele- Vusi Mahlasela
Socialism Is Love- Max Romeo
Tacko- Max Romeo

Rub A Dub Style- Juggla Ft. Dubmatix
Energy- Juggla Ft G. Corp
Heady Yeti- Rezin Tooth
Crater Dub- Rezin Tooth

Pressed For

The middle portion of the proGram had more to it that can be enjoyed for now and….

Televised Mind- Fontaines D.C.
Mr. Prism- Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
So Far Down- Secret Machines
Angel Come- Secret Machines
Loop Infinito- Dani Carmesim

Outskirts- Needle
Last f The Light- Needle Ft. Dana Colley

I’m Gonna Get To Tulsa- Jacob Tovar
Funky Forever- Billy Walton Band

Long Distance Long Affair- Young Gun Silver Fox
Dream Woman- Young Gun Silver Fox
Long In The Tooth- The Budos Band
Runaway- Freekbass & The Bump Assembly
Fonk Schwee- Balkun Brothers
4 Walls- The New Mastersounds w/Lamar Williams Jr. Ft. The Living Room Horns

Juicy Through

The first part of this week’s proGram squirted every single time we took a bite into it:

Creole Girl- Vincent Cross
Halfway ‘Til Gone- Jerry Leger & Don Stevenson

Living Too Long- Zephaniah OHora
**pre-recorded conversation with Zephaniah OHora**
Listening To The Music- Zephaniah OHora
Riding That Train- Zephaniah OHora

Hot Coffee And Pain- Crooked Eye Tommy
I Got Everything I Need (almost)- Downchild Ft. Dan Aykroyd/Paul Shaffer/Kenny Neal (live)

Miss Pitiful- Kaz Hawkins
Wicked Tongue- Kat Riggins
Meet Your Maker- Kat Riggins
Mr. Popular- Heather Anne Lomax
All This Time- Heather Anne Lomax

SOHO Girl- Savoy Brown
Jesus Just Left Chicago- Scott Weis Band
Delmar- Dave Fields
Jack Ham Her- Dave Fields

WTFF- Living Colour

Listening To The Music with Zephaniah OHora

Zephaniah OHora is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and a pillar of the burgeoning New York City Country-Western music community. Beginning in 2013, he served as frontman and vocalist for Honeyfingers. It was here, through two years and hundreds of performances featuring the music of Ernest Tubb, Ray Price, Marty Robbins and others, that Zephaniah’s own musical vision began to come into focus. It was also during this time that he befriended fellow Honeyfingers collaborator Jim Campilongo. A series of conversations between the two revealed a mutual love for the Truck Drivin’ Country of Red Simpson, Del Reeves, and Dave Dudley. A few impromptu rehearsals later and The 18 Wheelers were born. Initially serving as a great excuse to play their favorite trucker anthems and country classics, The 18 Wheelers soon evolved into a showcase for Zephaniah’s original material. Assimilating a world-class band of musicians and a dozen songs that harken back to the golden age of country music, his debut album, ‘This Highway’ is an album that gives a reverent nod to the past before blazing a brand new interstate through the gridlock of contemporary country. By combining the brash edge of Bakersfield and the slick sonority of the Nashville Sound, Zephaniah Ohora with the help of The 18 Wheelers have forged a new brand all their own. ‘This Highway’ is a modern classic and a tribute to American Music. Fast forward to 2020 and we have a new album to dive into.

I had the chance to catch up with Zephaniah to talk about his new release ‘Listening To The Music’. We get into how the album went from songs he had written well before they were set into an album form, choosing a producer (friend of this proGram Neal Casal) that would take him out of his comfort zone and bring out some new things from within himself and we even let Zephaniah choose one of the new tracks and give us a clue as to some music that would go well with it in a setlist. When talking about our brother Neal, we get into a great story about the title track and how it went from not quite where it should be, into a real cool place that served the song perfectly.


The second half of this week’s Hump Day Fill-in proGram had the markings of turning the corner of delicious:

Inside- Ken Field
Ice- Ken Field

Imal’ Iyaphela- Vusi Mahlasela
Intombi- Vusi Mahlasela
Unomeva- Vusi Mahlasela

Shark Attack- The Wailing Souls Ft. Alborosie
Yes Joshua- Prince Far I
Message From The Top- I-Roy
Head A Go Roll- Max Romero

Stairway To The Unwhere

The first half of this week’s Hump Day fill-in proGramming had no address known:

El Grito- Ralph Peterson and The Messenger Legacy
Baggage Room Blues- Mark Masters

Harvey Mason in Kansas- Regina Carter Freedom Band Ft. Harvey Mason
We Shall Overcome- Regina Carter Freedom Band
Rocky Mountain High (Colorado)- Regina Carter Freedom Band

The Nature Of All Things- Zen Zadravec
Inner Urge- Kemuel Roig Ft. Chris Potter
Heartbeat- Eyot

Hammer- Grüt
Spoons- Grüt
Here Comes The World- Thollem
Assorted Flavors New Parts- Thollem

Hard Jazz- Kenny Carr
Funk Love- Kenny Carr

Photo from: RoomieRick

What The Echinacea

The final part of this week’s proGram was walking along when:

Voice memo (Oatmeal)- Pierce Freelon
Swirly Cup- Pierce Freelon
Movies And Popcorn And Video Games- Pierce Freelon
Dizzy Cadence- Contr0verse
Water (FKJ RMX)- Little Dragon

Change- Takuya Kuroda
Yithi Masoja- Vusi Mahlasela
Umculo- Vusi Mahlasela

Embola Bola- Vania Abreu
Sapato de Ouro- Sandália de Prata
Sete Espadas- Dendê & Band

Til The Dawn- Coreyah
Jan Petit- BraAgas
Rampelado e Courso de la Tarasco- BraAgas

Let’s Stay Together- The Skints (live)
Restless- The Skints (live)

Saying A Prairie

The middle part of this week’s proGram got to see the many landscapes within…and without:

Tell Mama- Kaz Hawkins
Something’s Got A Hold Of Me- Kaz Hawkins
Better Luck- Heather Anne Lomax
Prison Cell- Heather Anne Lomax
Flip Flop and Fly- Downchild w/Dan Aykroyd/Paul Shaffer/David Wilcox/Kenny Neal/Gene Taylor/Erja Lyytinen (live)


Vampire Song (Whatcha Gonna Do?)- Kenny Roby
***pre-recorded conversation with Kenny Roby***
History Lesson- Kenny Roby
All Trains Lead To Cocaine- Kenny Roby

Funnies- The Harmed Brothers
I Hold No Grudge- Bettye LaVette
Evan- Elise LeGrow
This Life- Kendra Morris
Demerara Dash- Danced Til Midnight
Low Slung- Danced Til Midnight Ft. Nosaj

I Flip My Life Every Time I Fly- Snooch Dodd & The Pro-Teens
Less Is More (Iñaky Garcia Remix)- Lamar Williams Jr. & The New Mastersounds
Nao Shima- Blue In Green

Shattered Soul- The Herbaliser

A Good Sit And Listen

The first part of today’s proGram celebrated a thankful time of shared sounds meant for thise who listen to hear:

Talos’ Corpse- Secret Machines
Leave Me Alone- Librarians with Hickeys
House On Fire- Plants and Animals
Hetty O’Hara Confidential- Elvis Costello

S.T.P.- Ballyhoo!
Jam- Moses Guest (Acoustic, LIVE Rhythm Room, Houston, TX 2003)
It’s Too Late- Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders (Live – 1/23/1973 The Boarding House)
Jealous Man- John Fullbright
Can’t Jive Enough- Dustin Pittsley
Mona Sweet Mona- Paul Benjaman

Baby Where You Been- Crooked Eye Tommy Ft. Teresa James
Big Block- Dave Fields
greenarrowradio promo- C.D. Woodbury

The Reservoir by Kenny Roby

Kenny Roby knew from the start there would be a lot to say for his first solo album in seven years, the emotionally and musically expansive “The Reservoir”. So much had changed in his world and the world at large since his stately 2013 LP, “Memories & Birds”, an exquisite reflection on the experiences and apprehensions of crossing over 40. Kenny was now 48. He had been sober for half his adult life. Both his kids, somehow suddenly in their 20s, had left home. After more than two decades together, he and his wife had decided, rather amicably, to separate and try something else. Kenny’s band 6 String Drag—an iconic alt-country unit who were signed to Steve Earle’s record label and helped shape that very term as young North Carolina men in the ’90s—had reunited for runs of spirited shows and a barreling, but wise rock ’n’ roll record, 2018’s Top of the World. And then, of course, there was the wider social upheaval of the last decade, the feeling that all the progress Kenny had seen in his lifetime was in sudden peril. That was plenty to process for a dozen songs, right? Neal Casal thought so. The band met for a week in Woodstock in mid-October for sessions that were swift and natural. Kenny had culled 25 songs into 16, and the band captured many of them in only a few takes in the same room, with Kenny singing live as they played. They sound like a veteran ensemble on “The Reservoir”, with each of these numbers settling into deep and natural grooves. These tunes collectively summon the wealth of his experience, as a human being and as a musician.

I had the chance to catch up with Kenny t talk about the ins and out of the new album to be released August 7th on Royal Potato Family. We got into how the album took it’s shape from the beGinning moments of sharing out demos to trusted ears. We discuss in depth how our pal, Mr. Neal Casal (Rest peacefully) made it clear he wanted to be a part of these stories in one way or another…and how in any and every situation, it’s about being in the service of the songs. By the end of out talk, Kenny chose one track off the new album he would build a set around and his accompany tunes he’s pair off it made me want to try that set out on my home stereo. The album has a reason and I can feel why Neal was sure of it.

Photo by Gary Waldman.

New Positions

The second piece to the Hump Day proGram tried it this-a-way and that-s-way:

Katon- Kahil El’Zabar Ft. David Murray
A New Land, A New Music- Mehmet Ali Sanliko & What’s Next
A Vicious Murder- Mehmet Ali Sanliko & What’s Next

Muster Point III- Stanley J. Zappa Ft. Simo Laihonen & Ville Rauhala
Putte’s Bar & Pizza- Stanley J. Zappa Ft. Simo Laihonen
Chicago Ray- Kenny Carr

Peace Walks By My Side- Schizo Fun Addict
Shadow Mantra- Schizo Fun Addict
Pollen Ball- White Manna
Mythic Salon- White Manna
The Gotthun- Zone Six

Hump Day Nature Room

The first half of this week’s Hump Day fill-in proGram had the room with a view…bird, bees and butterflies do it:

Rejuvenation Agenda- Gerald Clayton (live at the Village Vanguard)
Quick Trick- Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
Close Your Eyes- Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

La Mesha- Jimmy Heath Ft. Wynton Marsalis
Georgia on My Mind- Regina Carter Freedom Band Ft. Jon Batiste, John Daversa & Harvey Mason
Midnight Impromptu- Kemuel Roig
All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm- Kemuel Roig Ft. Ed Calle

Invitation- The Brian Swartz Quartet
Color Of Noize- Derrick Hodge

Aquestas Noites- BraAgas

Fields Of Summer

The final portion of this week’s proGram had the Midwest fields shared in all their glory:

Rude Boy Summer- Casely
No Bite Da Hand- Blessed San Ft. MC Yallah
Pole Pole- Blessed San Ft. Muhinder
Little District- Long Beach Dub Allstars

United We Stand- Los Mocosos
Blue Light- Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience

Go To Mars- Oddisee Ft. Olivier St Louis
The Cure- Oddisee
Sweet Honey- Los Retros
Blue- Blu & Exile
Dear Lord- Blu & Exile Ft. Jimetta Rose
Miles Davis- Blu & Exile
Times Up- Sampa The Great Ft. Krown

Space- Anoushka Shankar Ft. Alev Lenz
Wallet- Anoushka Shankar Ft Alev Lenz
Amor Ma Kadouni- Meriem Ben

Swedish Party- Pilhofer Jazz Quartet
Bach’s Lunch- Pilhofer Jazz Quartet
Full Circle- Pilhofer Jazz Quartet

Smells A Mile Away

The second part of this week’s proGram brought the senses to attention from very far away:

greenarrowradio promo- Gregg Martinez
My Dony- Grant Dermody
Flim Flam Man- Red’s Blues
What You Never Had- Hurricane Ruth
Did I Forget (2020 Remaster)- Wily Bo Walker & Danny Flam

Romance In The Dark- Bettye LaVette
**pre-recorded conversation with Bettye LaVette**
Strange Fruit- Bettye LaVette
Blues For The Weepers- Bettye LaVette

When I Look Back- Dedicated Men of Zion
Less Is More- Lamar Williams Jr. w/The New Mastersounds
Let’s Go Back (Iñaky Garcia Remix)- The New Mastersounds
Organ Licker- Proud and Nasty

Los Angeles- Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step
23- Monzanto Sound
Look Around- Karate Boogaloo x Danielle Ponder
Hot Hot Heat- Odario Ft. Kamilah Apong

The Power Is Up

The first piece of this week’s proGram had the switches turned on and up:

Fallen- Cinder Wall
Hey Angelina- Kenny Roby
Don’t You Think I Know Know My Woman- James Swanberg
Nosotros Y Los Demas- Andrex Montenegro

Strange World- PAINT
Flying Fox- PAINT
Sky Children- I Am Voyager 1
Loneliest Person- The Pretty Things (live at the Half Moon, 2010)

Loose Connections- Grüt
Stairwells- Grüt
I Can Hear The Grass Grow- The Telephones
I Will Spite Survive- Deerhoof (live)
Bad Kids To The Front- Deerhoof (live)

The Old Testament Of Love- Steve Hooker
Curb- The 81’s
I’ll Make Love To You Anytime- Paul Benjamin
I Ain’t Got You- GA-20

Bettye LaVette: Blackbirds

2020 Blues Hall Of Fame inductee Bettye LaVette is a native of Detroit. Her first recording in 1962, at the age of sixteen, was on Atlantic Records. She later charted with such singles as “He Made A Woman Out Of Me” and “Do Your Duty,” Since then she has recorded ten albums. Her most recent album Things Have Changed, also produced by Steve Jordan (John Mayer, Keith Richards), was released on Verve in 2018 and received two GRAMMY nominations, which brings her total Grammy nominations to five. Her latest release, “Blackbirds,” features songs primarily popularized by some of her peers, other iconic black women in music, who she personally respected and admired. Set for release August 28, the album finds Bettye in top form delivering powerful renditions of songs that touched her personally. It also re-unites her with legendary producer Steve Jordan and Verve Records. From Dinah Washington’s “Drinking Again,” Nina Simone’s “I Hold No Grudge,” Nancy Wilson’s “Save Your Love For Me” and more, all delivered in Bettye’s rich and raspy tone with a touch of the blues.

After having a chance to chat with Bettye a couple of years ago and hanging out with her backstage, we were like two peas in a soul sharing pod. Which made this time around even better. We talk about how this album came together, working with a producer that has the same ear and the tunes that make up this walk down music history lane. We spend a good amount of time talking about the timeliness of the song, “Strange Fruit” as social upheaval takes over the news cycles once again in the United States and beyond. This track says as much about the history of American racism and the state of the country today. The song was originally recorded by Billie Holiday in 1939 and written by Jewish teacher Abel Meeropol who wrote the song based on a photo of two black men who were lynched as a crowd of white people looked in the camera pointing and smiling. This album is one that can help bring a little focus on the way things were and still are in many ways, but I believe it also holds some of the keys to unlocking the new realities many want to see within the space of equality and justice…while honoring the people who helped build the bridge that led Bettye as a whole person to where she is today. The music joins the times of then to the times of now, and if you never knew…..just grab an earful.