The second portion of the proGram washed right over:

You Brought The Rain- Ben Pirani
Think I’m Falling In Love- The Devonns
Cortando Bajito- Gecko Turner
Hitchhike- Jerry Velona
Digging My Potatoes- Sam Huber

Growing Up- Moon Hooch
**pre-recorded conversation with Mike Wilbur of Moon Hooch**
Acid Mountain- Moon Hooch
Holy Arp- The Crystal Method
Loyal- Odesza
Monster- Big Data Ft. Jamie Lidell
Human Love (PAAX Tulum Remix)- Dirty Vegas
Is It Worth It- Lyrics Born Ft. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien & Forrest Day
Guilty Conscience- Sly5thAve

End Of The World Party (just in case)- Medeski Martin & Wood w/Alarm Will Sound
Spacesuit- Robert Walter’s 20th Congress
13th Key- Robert Walter’s 20th Congress

Rebel Music- Christian Sands
Get Down, Get Down- Nate Smith
Ghost Thud (for Mr. Allen)- Nate Smith
So Be It- Nate Smith

Present Day- Justin Kauflin
***pre-recorded conversation with Justin Kauflin***
Country Fried- Justin Kauflin
Somethin’ Somethin’ (revisited)- Justin Kauflin

Let’s Stay

The first portion of the proGram has the feeling of a new home:

Back Drag- Caroline Chimes
Rockalachia- Caroline Chimes
Travelin’ Far- Murder By Death
Groovin’ Away- Yonder Mountain String Band (live 8/22/2018)

Stupid Pretty Face- Roscoe & Etta Ft. David Ryan Harris
Down On Me- Madeleine Peyroux
Fly To The Moon- Willie Nelson
Time Of The Season- Jake Shimabukuro
Wham!- The Skiffle Players

greenarrowradio promo- Tom Gray of Delta Moon
Might Take A Lifetime- Delta Moon
Nutbush City Limits- Webb Wilder And The Beatnecks

Planetarium- Slothrust
Raise Your Voice Joyce- Fucked Up

I Don’t Know What To Do- The Creation Factory
Diablo- Mt. Mountain
Ankle Deep- The Jim Mitchells
Magnetic- The Jim Mitchells
His Name Is Beanpole- Beanpole
Chicken Boy- Beanpole

Sweet Compromise- Scott Sharrard
Wasted- Neville Jacobs

Luna- Joe Marcinek Band
**pre-recorded coversation with Joe Marcinek**
Mojo- Joe Marcinek Band

Scotch Rocks For Cheers

The second portion of the proGram, raised a glass to say welcome:

Hey Mae- Webb Wilder And The Beatnecks
Gunk- Voodoo Visionary
Cookie Jar- Frank Bey
Can’t Get Out Of Your Own Way- Ben Pirani
Birth Of The Cool- Tony Adamo

Instrument of Brass Destruction- Drums & Tuba
Fake Buddha’s Inner Child- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra Ft. Oteil Burbridge
Go Back- Caz Gardiner & the Badasonics
Testimony- Anchorsong

Number One- Robin Nolan Trio
Django’s Tiger- Alfonso Ponticelli
Soldat- Lemon Bucket Orkestra

Panagram- Jake Shimabukuro
**excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Jake Shimabukuro**
Eleanor Rigby- Jake Shimabukuro
If 6 Was 9- Jake Shimabukuro

Pio Mentiroso- Afro Cuban All Stars
Elube Chango- Afro Cuban All Stars
Chikungunya- Rio Mira
Andarele- Rio Mira
Torbellino- Rio Mira
La Envidia- Novalima
Herejia- Novalima

La Descarriá- Corina Lawrence Ft. Miss Bolivia [Uji Remix]
Interlude #3- Sly5thAve Ft. DJ Center

Valves And All

The first portion of the proGram had all the knobs turned and tweaked the way you like them:

Cannonball Blues- Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard
Sing me Back Home- Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard
Spikebuck- Caroline Chimes
Not Far Away- Yonder Moutain String Band (live 8/22/2018)
Crazy Train- Younder Mountain String Band (live 8/22/2018)

One Man’s Ceiling Is Another Man’s Floor- Paul Simon
Can’t Run But- Paul Simon

Indigo Pt. 2- Kandace Springs
People Make The Work Go ‘Round- Kandace Springs
Madre Tierra- Maya Jupiter Ft. Los Cojolites

Fruit- Pill
Sober Motel- Dilly Dally
Unwarranted Advice- Psychic Rites
Penn Station= The Jack Moves

JP Florida Blues #1- JP Harris
Blues for Brazil- Stringshot Ft. Roy Rogers, Badi Assad & Carlos Reyes
Mad- The Boogie Beasts
Small Town Crime- Geoff Achison
Pour Another Drink- Jonathon Long
No Deals- Rachelle Coba

Never Mind- Naia Izumi
**excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Naia Izumi**
Soft Spoken- Naia Izumi

Shadow Grow Flowers Beware

The second portion of the proGram was swing a bat over in the shadows:

Girl You Are Out Of Time- The Creation Factory
Magic In The Air- The Past Tense
Bedazzled- LoveyDove
Amelia Jane- Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder

Budtender- Beast From The East
Policy Of Truth- The St. Petersburg Ska Jazz Review
Ecos de Radio Iguana- Sarazino

Days Long Ago- The Temple Rockers Ft. Linval Thompson
Live & Learn- Black Uhuru Ft. Prezident Brown
Lovelght- KBong

Just For A minute- The Sha La Das
Bout to Blow- Lucky Brown & The SG’s
Saints and Beggars- Lucky Brown & The SG’s
Wonderful Way- Beyondo Ft. Elizabeth Zimen

Trains and Moonlight Destinies- Black Masala
Fate- Lemon Bucket Orkestra
Crooked- Lemon Bucket Orkestra

**Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Michael Louis Johnson of Lemon Bucket Orkestra**
Freedom- Lemon Bucket Orkestra
Icons At The Fair- John Scofield
Trapping Season- Steady Holiday

Stars- Iya Terra
Pickin’ Up- Cantrell
Tomorrow Party- deM atlaS
Hazing- Sextile
Drop You- Sextile
Spun- Sextile
Interlude #2- Sly5thAve Ft. Zach Brock
Interlude #4- Sly5thAve

In The Records of G

The first portion of the proGram had some surprises in the flow… here’s how we got it to go:

Bye Bye Love- Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard
True Dark- Murder By Death
Busted- William Elliott Whitmore

Reptilia- Andrew Combs
Chicken Dinner- Luke Winslow King
Wild Wild Wild- Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis

Wheelin’ & Dealin’- Tommy Emmanuel Ft. JD Simo & Charlie Cushman
Straight A’s- Jake Shimabukuro

*Conversation In Studio with Kirstie Kraus*
Gotta Do- Kirstie Kraus (live in studio)
A Seat For One And All- Dan Zanes Ft. Claudia Eliaza
Guitars To The Stars- Dan Zanes Ft. Claudia Eliaza
Hats- Dan Zanes Ft. Claudia Eliaza

Boll Weevil- Tyler Grant & Robin Kessinger
Misha Bella- Geoff Achison
greenarrowradio promo- Michele D’Amour
Let It Slide- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers
Rock ’em Dead- Johhny & The Headhnters
Bury Me- Jonathon Long

Didn’t Wanna Fall In Love- David Gerald
High Cost of Loving You- Scott Sharrard
Wonder Wheel- Strange Majik
City Girls- Handsome Jack

Exactly What Was Ordered

The extra set was just what hunGry listeners had ordered up:

Night Train 57- Dan Zanes Ft. Claudia Eliaza
**Pre-recorded conversation with Claudia Eliaza and Dan Zanes**
On Our Way- Dan Zanes Ft. Claudia Eliaza
Bloom Baby Bloom- Dan Zanes Ft. Claudia Eliaza

Maledve O- RAM
Waterfall- Samite
Mayengo- Samite

Spell- Leni Stern w/Mamadou Ba & Alioune Faye
Isis- Mohamed Abozekry & Karkadé

Chant of the Islands- Fiji
Tequila Sunrise- Fiji
We Don’t Roll- Fiji

Jungle- David Starfire
Heroes- Lemon Bucket Orkestra

Foot Free Feet

The second portion of the proGram had the shoes left right off:

Rule 1- Yak Attack
Rule 2- Yak Attack
Pump And Dump- Yak Attack

greenarrowradio promo- Jeremiah Johnson
Despirationism- Light Blue Movers
Truths- Light Blue Movers
Don’t Analyze- Big Heart Machine

Thanks For the Memory- Errol Garner
Where Or When- Errol Garner
Easy To Love- Errol Garner

O Morro Não Tem Vez- Wes Montgomery & Wynton Kelly Trio (live)
Oleo- Wes Montgomery & Wynton Kelly Trio (live)
Broadway Blues- Rich Halley 3
Vision- Stephen Martin
Three By Two- Stephen Martin
Coming Home- Justin Kauflin

Body N Soul- The Deli
Yes Y’All Interlude- The Deli
Fractals- The Deli Ft. Lungfulls
California Love- Sly5thAve Ft. Corey Henry
Shiznit- Sly5thAve Ft. Jesse Fischer

The End Of The End- The Orb Ft. Emma Gillespie
Turn It Up- David Starfire

Where People Can Be

The first portion of the proGram was to be a haven to be….yeah…just…..BE:

Rescue The Past- Geoff Achison
Ace of Spades- Johnny & The Headhunters
Hug You Squeeze You- David Gerald (live)
Pour Me- Damon Fowler

Summertime- Joanne Shaw Taylor
Let It Slide- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers
Gun Toting Preacher- Frank Bey
Freight Train- Bruce Katz Band

Without You- The Creation Factoy
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright- Handsome Jack
Just Another Song- Fuchsia

Wag The Dog- Strange Majik
Frozen Bread- Chris Lightcap
Let There Be Light- Darshan

Crumble- Maya Jupiter
Never Said Yes- Maya Jupiter

Lemonade- Rubblebucket
Inner Cry- Rubblebucket
Pigs, Sheep and Wolves- Paul Simon
Sunshine- The Jack Moves

Try Love- Ben Pirani
Soul Albo- Henley Douglas RnB

Of The Fresh Kind

The second portion of the proGram was just picked from the garden:

Loser Island- Amit Peled
Laz Bar (alt take)- Aram Bajaklan’s Kef
Selector- Chris Lightcap
She Walked In- Chris Lightcap

AURATALK- Rubblebucket
What Life Is- Rubblebucket

Think- Aretha Franklin with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Son Of A Preacherman- Aretha Franklin with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Warning- Cookin’ On 3 Burners Ft. Kaiit
Aman (Gaudi Remix)- The Turbans

Gate 54- The Midnight Hour
Reneph in B Minor- The Midnight Hour
Dans un Moment D’errance- The Midnight Hour Ft. Laetitia/Questlove/Keyon Harold
The Jam- Sly5thAve- Ft. Matthias “Pedals” Loescher
No Diggity- Sly5thAve Ft. Sydney Driver
Curtis- Sly5thAve Ft. Patrick Bailey
Pheromones- Smoota

Big Discount- Karrin Allyson
Shake It Up- Karrin Allyson

St. James Infirmary Blues- Lipbone Redding
*Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Lipbone Redding*
VooDoo Cadillac- Lipbone Redding & The Lipbone Orchestra
James Brown- Lipbone Redding & The Lipbone Orchestra
Pillow Fight @Shag Mountain (Roger Roger Mix)- The Orb

Up And Down Lever

The first portion of the proGram was lucky there were no keys to be found:

Long Way Home- Anthony Geraci
Hand You Your Walking Shoes- Anthony Geraci
Sweet Lovin’ Man- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers
Honey On- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers
Ready To Roll- Joanne Shaw Taylor
Wanna Be My Lover- Joanne Shaw Taylor

St. James Infirmary- Chad Elliott & The Redemptions
Quarter Life Crisis- Chicago Farmer (live)
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Chicago Farmer***
Weatherman- Chicago Farmer (live)
Postcards- Chicago Farmer (live)

Better Look Out- Frank Bey
Everything A Good Man Needs- Scott Sharrard Ft. Taj Mahal
Willie The Wimp- David Gerald (live)

My Prison- No Trombones Ft. LiL
You Be The Judge- The Creation Factory
Hallucination Generation- The Creation Factory
Holding Out- Handsome Jack

I’m Your Captain (Closer to Home)- Grand Funk Railroad (Live – Shea Stadium 1971)
**Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad**
Paranoid- Grand Funk Railroad

Come Over And Spin Records

The second portion of the proGram accepted the invite:

Naptown Blues- Wes Montgomery & Wynton Kelly Trio (live at The Penthouse, Seattle)
West Coast Blues- Wes Montgomery & Wynton Kelly Trio (live at The Penthouse, Seattle)
Keep On Moving- Sean Ardoin
Kick Rocks- Sean Ardoin

Kala Mukhra- Red Baraat Ft. Ali Sethi
**Pre-recorded conversation with Sunny Jain of Red Baraat**
Vibrations- Red Baraat Ft. Suheir Hammad
Cosmic Dream- De’Anza
Stage V REM- De’Anza
War- De’Anza
Africa- Te’amir
Habesha- Te’amir

Make It Better Again- Atmosphere
Golden (EVM128 Remix)- Profusion
Balla Balla (Bombay Dub Orchestra’s Boys of Summer Remix)- Brazilian Girls
Easy On The Onions- The Orb

Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang- Sly5thAve Ft. Brad Allen Williams
The Edge- Sly5thAve Ft. Quantic
Still D.R.E. (Ed West Remix)- Sly5thAve

Sugar House- We Banjo 3
**Pre-recorded conversation with David Howley of We Banjo 3**
Annabelle’s Cannon- We Banjo 3
Dawn Break- We Banjo 3

Mirrored In The Moment

The first portion of the proGram won’t throw stones:

Self Help- Tomberlin
Healing Tide- The War & Treaty
I’m Getting Better (and I’m feeling it right now)- The Record Company
Skeleton Key- Eric McFadden

Dirty River/Catfish Blues- Chad Elliott The Redemption
Keep On Sailing- Jeremiah Johnson
Give Me Back My Soul- Vanja Sky
I’m In Chains- Joanne Shaw Taylor
He Can’t Be Wrong- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers

Bad To The Core- Lawrence Lebo
Stop Shouting Your Business (Remix)- Lawrence Lebo
Born Under A Bad Sign- Dennis Jones Band (live)
Body And Fender Man- Johnny & The Headhunters

Ain’t Gonna Rock With You No More- Damon Fowler
Get Your Groove- Bruce Katz Band

Light It Up- Moon Hooch
The Jump Off- Cookin’ On 3 Burners
Un Limón en la Cabeza (instrumental)- Gecko Turner
Candy Smack- Jake Mason Trio
Nag Champa- Rob Dixon Trio Ft. Charlie Hunter & Mike Clark
87 MPH- Rob Dixon Trio Ft. Charlie Hunter & Mike Clark

Bump The Man- Philthy
The Thang- The Clunk Orchestra
Never A Dull Moment- The Clunk Orchestra

Inside A Plastic World

Did a pre-show warm up…kinda like the world today:

Walls- The Jamie Saft Quartet
Milagrosa- Miguel Zenon

Locomotion- Dave Liebman/Joe Lovano
Nature Boy- John Coltrane
Ghost of Sand (Slipping Through Your Fingers)- Peter Nelson

Brilliant Corners- Rich Halley 3
Little Willie Leaps- Rich Halley 3
My Cherie Amour- James Austin Jr.
Dancer’S Serenade- Ron English
Hats Galore And More- Ron English

Tom Tom- Keveh Rastegar Ft. Chris Dave
Long March- Keveh Rastegar Ft. Nicholas Payton

Mai Tai (Quand tu Mets la Main sur ma Taille)- The Blue Dahlia
Folia- Eddie Daniels

Wearing A Golden Crowd

The second portion of the proGram had a new shiny festival glow to it:

Ain’t Got Time For Hate- Shemekia Copeland
Percolatin’- Vanessa Collier
Ray Lavender’s Blues- Henley Douglas RnB
Open My Eyes- The Sha La Das

Rib Eye- Jake Mason Trio
Lemon Twist- Jake Mason Trio
Hawkshaw Philly- The Lewis Express
Brother Move ON- The Lewis Express

Mr. Hyde- Smoove & Turrell
Un Limón en la Cabeza- Gecko Turner
On The Move- Anthony Joseph

Inception- Nabate Isles
Grab Her By The What?- Nabate Isles

Grand Mash- Shinji
The Great Purge- Gone Beyond & Mumbles
Knight In A Leopard Skin- Gone Beyond & Mumbles
Unknown Soldier- Fela Kuti (Bopperson Edit)

Phish HQ- Troy Roberts
Veepea Are- Troy Roberts
Heart Counts- Dustlights
Shaken- Dustlights
Lights Below The Water- Turning Jewels Into Water

Balla Balla- Brazilian Girls (Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society Remix)

Ear Blown

The first portion of the proGram had Steve Berlin’s Bari blowing into your ears:

Good To Be- Chicago Farmer (live)
Thick As Thieves- Peter Wolf
Hills Of Tennessee- Chad Elliott & The Redemptions
Radiator 110- Boz Scaggs
Bonneville Shuffle- Jeremiah Johnson
Low Down And Dirty- Vanja Sky
I’m Good- Dennis Jones Band (live)

Up The Line- Damon Fowler
Don’t The Grass Look Greener- Anthony Geraci
Shine Together (Tribe of Lights)- Bruce Katz band

**Pre-recorded Conversation with Steve Berlin**
Spinning Out- Making Movies
Locura Colectiva- Making Movies
While You Was Gone- Eric McFadden
Waiting Room- Bilvet
The Twist Is Lower Than You Think- Brian Marsella’s iMAGINARIUM
Sultan Suleyman- Koby Isrelite
Orthodoxy- Ceramic Dog

Mujer Moderna- Fea
Viens- Fea

My Lips Are Sealing

The second portion of the proGram won’t reveal your secrets:

Here Comes The Sun (reprise)- Phil Haynes
Star Trek Theme- Phil Haynes
Jingles- Wes Montgomery & Wynton Kelly Trio (live)
I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (open up the door I’ll get Myself In)- Grant Green

Intro- Ill Doots
Suddenly- Ill Doots
Happy Train- Philthy

Baiao Malandro- Eddie Daniels
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Rafael Morales of Novalima***
Ch’usay- Novalima
Randal in Addis- Te’amir

Jah Jah- The Gladiators
Roots Natty/Natty Chalwa- The Gladiators
Whatcha Doing (to me)- Charles Bradley & The Inversions
Strike Three- Charles Bradley & The Inversions
Just What I Needed- Sean Ardoin

greenarrowradio theme song- Mister Rourke
65th & Ingleside- Chance The Rapper
Overture- The Urban Renewal Project
Don’t Ask Y- The Urban Renewal Project Ft. Camp Lo
Roll Credits- The Urban Renewal Project Ft. Elmer Demond
Let Me Ride- Sly5thAve (feat. Jimetta Rose)
Next Episode- Sly5thAve
Feel Alive- The Midnight Hour Ft Karolina & Loren Oden

Boots On You

The first portion of this week’s proGram had the boots that fit me AND you:

The Deep End- Hot Buttered Rum Ft. ALO
Riding High- Dirty Streets
Trying to Remember- Dirty Streets

Cadillac Problems, Buick Dreams- Chad Elliott & The Redemptions
I Love You More Then You’ll Ever Know- Marc & Ted Broussard
Bad Idea- The Devil Makes Three
San Francisco Bound- Kris Lager Band
It Came Out Of Nowhere- Damon Fowler

Deep Down In Florida- J.P. Soars
Getting tired- Jeremiah Johnson
Hard Working Woman- Vanja Sky
Blues #9- The Bennett Brothers

Hot Sauce- Dennis Jones Band (live)
Hoodoo- Brigitte Purdy
Beef Jerky- Bruce Katz Band
Honey Up- Vanessa Collier

Searchers- Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal
Sister K- Fea
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Phanie Diaz of Fea***
No Hablo Espanol- Fea
You Can’t Change Me- Fea

What A Ride

The second portion of the proGram always gets stuck on the top:

The Bun- Bruce Katz Band
The Fault Line- Vanessa Collier
After Hours- Tower Of Power

A Man Who Believes His Own Lies- Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Josh Hoyer***
Do It Now- Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal
Natural- Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal
Star Planet Funk- Bill King
Bombs For Peace- Henley Douglas RnB
Straight Seven Strut- The Lewis Express

Fantaisie- Souleance
Take A Left (LP Version)- Joseph Malik
Giant Feelings- Brandon Coleman

One Day- Common Kings
Jah Jah Go Before Us- The Gladiators
Lonely Days- Fiji Ft J Boog
Let’s Get It On- Fiji Ft. J Boog

A Gozar el Tumbao- Orlando “Cachaito” Lopez
Cachaito in Laboratory- Orlando “Cachaito” Lopez
Ch’usay- Novalima

Moray Gari Suno- Red Baraat

Water Or Not

The first portion of the regularly scheduled proGram, was ready for whatever is is:

Assembly Line Blues- Chicago Farmer (live)
$13 Beers- Chicago Farmer (live)
When That Lonesome Feelings Come- Hot Buttered Rum

Get Gone- Mikaela Davis
In The Black- Umphrey’s McGee
Double Down- Slothrust
The Sound- Dirty Streets
Roll Bones- The Record Company

She’s Kerosene- The Interrupters
Got Each Other- the Interrupters Ft. Rancid
Fuckstrated- Magic Shoppe
Love Yew- Sad Baxter
Blow- Sad Baxter
Baby- Sad Baxter

Building It Up And Tearing It Down- Strange Majik
Damn Shame- Shari Puorto (live at Bogie’s)
Home Of The Blues- Shari Puorto (live at Bogie’s)
My Kinda Blues- Brigitte Purdy

I’ve Just Got To Know- Boz Scaggs Ft. Charlie Sexton
Kill The Pain- Dennis Jones Band
Rocking Chair- The Bennett Brothers
greenarrowradio promo- Travis Bowlin
Record Shop- Travis Bowlin
When You Walk Out That Door- J.P. Soars