Close To Nature

The first portion of the proGram had an insect eye view of the plants as they grow and fill out in colors:

Though And Through- The Slocan Ramblers
Sun’s Gonna Shine In My Back Door Some Day- The Slocan Ramblers
Prelude (angry young man)- Love Canon
Graceland- Love Canon Ft. Aoife O’Donovan
Fireball- The Josephines Ft. Sam Bush

Crazy Train- The Louisville Leopard Percussionists
Boot That Thing- Ken Saydak
Train I Ride- Omar Coleman
I Got To Go- Lurrie Bell & The Bell Dynasty Ft. Charlie Musselwhite
You Gonna Quit Me Baby- Steve Howell and the Mighty Men
Wang Dang Doodle/Smokestack Lightnin’- Crystal Shawanda

greenarrowradio promo- Wily Bo Walker
Light At The End Of The Tunnel- Wily Bo Walker
No Mercy- Waydown Wailers

Tina The Superfreak- AJ Ghent Band (live)
Love Elevator- AJ Ghent Band (live)
Plastic Hamburgers- Fantastic Negrito (live)
Cognac- Buddy Guy Ft. Jeff Beck and Keith Richards
Send My Love To Linda- Jimi Hendrix (1/16/1970)

Tobacco Road- Edgar Winter & Johnny Winter (live)
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Edgar Winter***
Do Yourself a Favour- Edgar Winter’s White Trash
Rebel Road- Edgar Winter Ft. Slash
Here And Now- Devon Gilfillian
Do It Like This- Daphne Willis

Behind Home

The second portion of the proGram got to take us out to the ballgame….

Keep Em Runnin’- Marcus Miller
East Bay! Oakland Style!- Tower of Power
Butter Fried- Tower of Power
And You Know We’re Missing You- Stanley Clarke Band
Alternative Facts- Stanley Clarke Band

Prophets of Rage- Brownout
Hot- Big Sam’s Funky Nation
Pokechop- Big Sam’s Funky Nation

***Pre-recorded conversation with Big Sam***
Da Funk- Big Sam’s Funky Nation
69- George Clinton and Parliament
Energy Flow- Earl Jeffers
Mare- The Midnight Hour Ft LadyBUG Mecca
It’s You- The Midnight Hour Ft Raphael Saadiq
Pace Maker- Ghost Note Ft Bobby Sparks
Songhay- Rivers on Mars
Sound Beast- Rivers On Mars


Untitled Original 11383- John Coltrane
Two Makes the Difference- Dayramir González
Brilliant Corners- Geoffrey Keezer
Sticky Hipster- Beekman
Alive- Javier Santiago Ft. Nicholas Payton

Photo by E.Wallander

Nobody’s Really Home

The first portion of this week’s proGram just keeps on ringing the doorbell……

Hill To Climb- Slocum Ramblers
Katie Dear- Mapache
Lonesome L.A. Cowboy- Mapache
The Bottle Never Let Me Down- Sarah Shook & the Disarmers

House of My Soul (You Light the Rooms)- Langhorne Slim
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Langhorne Slim***
Zombie Ft. Casey Jane- Langhorne Slim
Speak My Mind- Lil’ Ed & Dave Weld
Bacon Fat- Steve Howell and the Mighty Men
Did I Forget- Wily Bo Walker
Guilty As Charged- Buddy Guy

I’m On The Hunt- Waydown Wailers
greenarrowradio promo- Tas Cru
Memphis Song- Tas Cru Ft. Victor Wainwright & Pat Harrington
First Thing Smokin’- Russ Green

Floating Features- La Luz
Lonely Dozer- La Luz
Danny Nedelko- IDLES

Hunnybee- Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Freedom- RoSaway
90 Degrees- Yazmin Lacey

Photo by Mammywack

Plant Eating Plants Eat Animals Plant

The second portion of the proGram fed those who needed a good feeding regardless of what they eat.

East Bay All Day- Tower Of Power
Hangin’ With My Baby- Tower Of Power
Untamed- Marcus Miller

Insurance Man- George Clinton & Parliament
My Uzi Weighs A Ton- Brownout
Snake Eyes- Chip Wickham
Black Beacon- Ali Shaheed Muhammed & Adrian Younge

Call Of The Wiley- Rivers On Mars
Brer Lowman- Rivers On Mars
Will You Still Be Here- Nickodemus Ft. The Real Live Show & The Pimps Of Joytime

Seen Not Seen- Angelique Kidjo
Nzele Momi- Jupiter and Okwess
Lebanese Blond- Molly Tigre

Nov Power- Nova Meteria
Project Cybersyn- Ross From Friends

Disability- Ayuba Kajanja
El Senor Del Flautin (interludo)- Chancha Via Circuito
Baru- Chancha Via Circuito
Coming From Afar Ft. Mavado- Matisyahu
World on Fire- Stick Figure Ft. Slightly Stoopid

Naked Walk- Dave McMurray
Que Je T’Aime- Dave McMurray
Barbara’s Strut- Sullivan Fortner
Wayward- Gordon Grdina’s The Marrow
Autumn- Javier Santiago

Photo by Mammywack

Hearing You Hearing Me

The first portion of the proGram had it’s ears on everything:

Skinny Elvis- Sam Morrow Ft. Jaime Wyatt
Now I Feel It- Sam Evian
You, Forever- Sam Evian

Rainbow Trout- Howlin’ Rain
Sweet Springs (intro)- Israel Nash
Sweet Springs- Israel Nash

Save Me- Tom Hambridge
Have A Drink- Tas Cru
Chattahoochee Coochee Man- Wily Bo Walker
Know My Name- The Bones of J.R. Jones
The Edge- Russ Green
Never Get To Say Yer Sorry- Reggae Workers Of The World
Crossroads of Love- The Faithful Brothers

Kangaroo- The Big Wu
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Padre of The Big Wu***
Break of Day- The Big Wu
Tell Me More And Then Some-ABIAH
See Line Woman- ABIAH
Three Little Words- Cyrille Aimée (live)
Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’- Cyrille Aimée (live)
I’m Not Rough- Wynton Marsalis Septet Ft. Eric Clapton (live)
I’m Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town- Wynton Marsalis Septet Ft. Ray Charles (live)

Photo by Mammywack.

Alien-Like Nature Gifts

The second portion of the proGram reminded us that the foreign is right under our noses and in our ears:

See Ya in 5- Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons
Zig Zag (I Like To Dance, I Like to Ski)- Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons

Don’t Believe The Hype- Brownout
By The Time I Get To Arizona- Brownout
Medicated Creep- George Clinton & Parliament
All In- George Clinton & Parliament
Pain Management- George Clinton & Parliament
Weedie B. Good- Ghost Note Ft. Karl Denson & Weedie Braimah

Gunz Concerto- Piero Piccioni
La Polizia Accusa, il Servizio Segreto Uccide- Luciano Michelini
Uhuru Na Umoja- Nicola Conte & Spiritual Galaxy
Tribes From The Unknown- Nicola Conte & Spiritual Galaxy

La Marcha Gatina- Barrio Manouche
Turkish Wedding- Cocek! Brass Band
Storm- Cocek! Brass Band

Imperial Sugar- Free Radicals
Circle of Peace- Ziggy Marley Ft. Stephen Marley
El Diablo- Henry Cole & Villa L’ocura Ft. Tito Allen

El Poderoso Caballero- Juan Pablo Diaz
Born Under Punches- Angelique Kidjo
Hello Bolly- Molly Tigre
Mujje- Nsimbi

Storm In The Gulf- Sasha Masakowski
Struttin’ With Some Barbecue- Sasha Masakowski
Mr. G- Gregory Generet & Richard Johnson

Crawfish Boil Thang

The first portion of the proGram had its boil spread out across the awaiting table:

Teppich- Otis Sandsjo
Sumo- Denzel Curry
A Long Engagement- Nickodemus
Night Blooming Jasmines- Nickodemus
All Over The Place (outro)- Nickodemus


Phosphorescent Letter- Matt Costa
Flowers- Michael Johnathon Ft. Sam Bush
The Baghdad Breakdown- Michael Johnathon

Quick Fix- Sam Morrow
Coming Down- Howlin Rain
The Drop- The Bones Of J.R. Jones

City Looks Pretty- Courtney Barnett
Crippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Self Confidence- Courtney Barnett

Heal My Soul- Tas Cru
Georgia Blues- Jimi Hendrix Ft. Lonnie Youngblood (3/19/69)

A Little Bit- Dustin Douglas & the Electric Gentlemen
Eye Of The Storm- Reggae Workers Of The World
Hold It Right There- Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco
Evening Shadows- Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco

Milk Cow Blues- Wynton Marsalis Septet Ft. Willie Nelson (live)
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Lot To Cry- Wynton Marsalis Septet Ft. Bob Dylan (live)
The Last Time- Wynton Marsalis Septet Ft. The Blind Boys Of Alabama (live)

Atomic Dog- Dave McMurray
Trip Trap- Marcus Miller
Life Cycle- Venture
Tipping The Scale- Venture
If You Really Love Me- Dave Koz
Conga- Dave Koz Ft. Aubrey Logan & Gloria Estefan

Clothes Pin Grab

The second portion of the reGulalry schedule show had an over-sized clothes pin grab, looking for the clothes it might hold up:

Giovane Clan- Sandro Brugnolini & Giorgio Carnini
La Liceale Nella Classe Dei Ripetenti- Gianni Ferrio
Provaci anche tu Lione- Paolo Ormi

Toda Menina Baiana (Tahira Remix)- Gilberto Gil
Balao Azul- Banda de Pifanos de Caruaru
Baião Violossintético- Forro Red Light

Life During Wartime- Mystic Bowie Ft. Freddie McGregor
Burning Down The House- Mystic Bowie
Space Witch (Dub Remix)- Free Radicals
The Storm is Coming- Ziggy Marley Ft. Gideon Marley

Kulusozi- Nsimbi
Sokota- Nsimbi Ft. JaJa Bashengezi
Story Song- Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba
Tu Mission- Makrú

Kambowa- Mokoomba
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Abundance Mutori of Mokoomba***
Kwindiswe- Mokoomba
Deran Deran Alkheir (Well Wishes)- Bombino
Ethiofreaks- Molly Tigre

Cost of Caution- Project K-Paz
Turtle Monster- Valia Calda
We See- Christian Sands

Brick House Built

The first set of the reGualrly schedule program was built as solid as it could be:

You’re No Good- Robyn McKelle
Paid By The Mile- Sam Morrow
Go Jump The Willie- Blind Lemon Pledge

Please- The Bones of J.R. Jones
I See You- The Bones of J.R. Jones

greenarrowradio promo- Jeff Jensen
Downtown- Jeff Jensen
Mama Don’t Like No Wah Wah- Mike Zito
Nine Below Zero- Buddy Guy

Lover Man- Jimi Hendrix (12/15/69)
Stranger Blues- Roy Rogers Ft. Shana Morrison (live)
***Excerpt of Pre-recorded conversation with Shana Morrison***
Have I Told You Lately- Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco Ft. Shana Morrison
Danielle- Reggae Workers of The World
Fat Cat- Dustin Douglas & the Electric Gentlemen

Soon Never Comes- Stimulator Jones
Psychotropic- George Clinton & Parliament
Dat Good Good- Cee Knowledge & The Cosmic Funk Orchestra
911 is a Joke- Brownout
Bring The Noise- Brownout

Sawbuck- Bill King
Loft Funk- Venture

Juicy Red BeGinnings

Did an early morning pre-show proGram with the juice on my hands to prove it:

I Weep For You- Peppermoth
Tidal- Peppermoth

Time To Have Fun- Rahim Alhaj
Dancing Planet- Rahim Alhaj
Hari Om- Ravi Shankar

Los chicharronera (The Pork Crackling)- Los Texmaniacs
Hialeah- Harold Lopez-Nussa
Conga Total- Harold Lopez-Nussa
26-2- Eric Binder Trio
Tricrotism- Eric Binder Trio
Countdown- McClenty Hunter Jr.

Clingon- J. Peter Schwalm
Too Many Delectable Things- D.Dahlinger
Klutz- Aesop Rock
Questions- Ali Shaheed Muhammed & Adrian Younge Ft. Cee-Lo Green
War- De’Anza
Music for 18 Hairdressers: Braids & Fractals- Ben Lamar Gay

Freedom Ain’t Free- Dave McMurray

Full Barrel Empty Barrel

The extra hour portion of this week’s proGram had one that was and one that was not…maybe?:

Con las Manos Arriba- Empresarios
Porro Maracatu (Toy Selectah Remix)- LADAMA
Seasons- David Starfire Ft. Shri
Inmortales (Body Move)- Nickodemus Ft. Femina
Caballito Del Mar- Nickodemus Ft. La Yegros

We Ain’t Done- Artson
Drift- Duende Libra
Badima- Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba

La Gallera- Juan Pablo Diaz
Pais Gris- Juan Pablo Diaz
Oulhin (My Heart Burns)- Bombino
See Dem Fake Leaders- Ziggy Marley
Duke ish- Water Seed (live at The Blue Nile)
Funktimus Prime- Water Seed (live at The Blue Nile)

This Ride Is Too Cool

The second set of this week’s proGram took out the 1960 Chrysler 300 convertible for a spin around the hood….

Sticks and Stones- Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco
All Saints Day- Van Morrison and Joey DeFrancesco
Are You Gonna Go My Way- Wynton Marsalis Setpet Ft. Lenny Kravitz (live Lincoln Center Gala)
I Wish I Knew How It Felt To Be Free- Wynton Marsalis Septet Ft. Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks (live Lincoln Center Gala)

Hi Heeled Sneakers- Mike Clark & Delbert Bump
Topsy- Mike Clark and Delbert Bump
Charge Denied- Venture

Pendulum Swing- Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step
Inner City Blues- Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step Ft. Butterscotch
Breathless- Adam & Kizzie
Requiem- The Magnificent Tape Band Ft. Rachel Modest
Pantomime- The Magnificent Tape Band Ft. Rachel Modest

Aracne- Domenico Lancellotti
Raffica- Silvano D’Auria
The Riff- Carlo Pes
L’Arbitro- Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

Jibble Jabble- Ghost Note
Swagism- Ghost Note Ft. Nigel Hall
Smack ‘Em- Ghst Note Ft. Brandon “TAZ” Niederauer

Late Show Theme- Potatohead People
Do My Thing- Potatohead People Ft. Kapok & Illa J
El Himmo De La Barberia- Potatohead People


The first portion of this week’s proGram has a perfect spot to dive in:

Down To The River- The War and Treaty
Sunrise- Colin Elmore

John Henry y los vaqueros- Dom Flemons
Knox County Stomp- Dom Flemons

Roller Coaster- Dead Winter Carpenters Ft. Jackie Greene
White Whale- The Drunken Hearts
Heart Strings- The Drunken Hearts

Yes We Can Can- Robin Mckelle
Ring of Fire- Dana Fuchs
Frankins Tower- Joe Craven And The Sometimers

greenarrowradio promo- Victoria Ginty
Trying To Make a Living- Mike Zito
Jungle- Jimi Hendrix (11/14/69) w/Buddy Miles

Keep Moving- Ruler
Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake- Schizo Fun Addict
I Know a Girl- Reggae Workers Of The World

Isn’t She Lovely- Tom Misch
Disco Yes- Tom Misch Ft. Poppy Ajudha
Out Of The Light- Michael Rault
Sleeping & Smiling- Michael Rault

Down By The Riverside- Grand Marquis
Do You Believe?- Michael Kaeshammer
Sweet Georgia- Michael Kaeshammer

Bottom Of The Glass

Got in a bonus hour after the reGularly scheduled show… drink drank drunk it all up:

Bach Concerto #7 1 Allegro- Simone Dinnerstein & A Far Cry
Bach Concerto NO 7 – 3 Allegro Assai- Simone Dinnerstein & A Far Cry

Mental Chaos- Mars Williams & Tollef Østvang
My Queen Is Mamie Phipps Clark- Sons of Kemet
Keep Your Eyes on The Prize- Tiffany Austin
Seven Nation Army- Dave McMurray

**Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Kristo Rodzevski**
Out of Key- Kristo Rodzevski
Beans and Cornbread- Sullivan Fortner
Subway- Duende Libre

That Sky Is Why

The second portion of the proGram had the view of above when it was bright:

Them Changes- New Orleans Suspects (live at the Hamilton, 12/31/2017)
Freak Flag- Here Come The Mummies
**pre-recorded conversation with Mummy Cass of Here Come The Mummies**
Chaperone- Here Come The Mummies
Birds- The Shacks
Homer & Debbie- Nolatet
Black Sheep- Nolatet
Black Tiger- The Magnificent Tape Band Ft. Rachel Modest
Grand Street Feast- Gitkin
El Millionairo- Gitkin

Work It Out- Water Seed (live)
This is Reggae Music- Zap Pow
Sweet Lovin’ Love- Zap Pow
San San Rock- Thievery Corporation
Le Force de Melodie- Thievery Corporation Ft. Lou Lou Ghelichkani

Momento de Clareza- Kassin
This is For You- Artson
The Game- Artson
The Drum- Artson
The Crow- Nickodemus Ft. Alsarah

Let It All Out

The first portion of the proGram had reminded us to spread it all out wide and grow:

Going Down The Road Feeling Bad- Dom Flemons
He’s A Lone Ranger- Dom Flemons

Head High Water Blues- Honey Island Swamp Band
Medicated- Honey Island Swamp Band
Ain’t No Fun- Honey Island Swamp Band
Life To Fix- The Record Company
One More Time- Low Cut Connie
All These Kids Are Way Too High- Low Cut Connie
Baby You’re A Rich Man- Cranium Pie
Power of Soul- Jimi Hendrix (Jan/Feb 1970)


Ridin’ with Lady Luck- Eric Corne Ft. Walter Trout
Luck Is Gonna Change- Jeff Jensen
Sedative- Dana Fuchs
Who What When Where Why- Joyann Parker

**Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Joyann Parker**
What Happened To Me- Joyann Parker
Ain’t No Spark- Grand Marquis
Who Are You- Michael Kaeshammer
The Things I Used to Do- Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco

Getaway – That’s The Way (I Like It)- Dave Koz & Friends
Get Somethin’ Chance Hayden
You Mother You- Chance Hayden
Deep In The Inner City- Mike Clark & Delbert Bump
Honky Tonk- Mike Clark & Delbert Bump

What Will You Bloom Into?

The second portion of the proGram kept the mind filled with wonderings:

Bluebelly- Nolatet
Workin’ My Way Back Home- New Orleans Suspect (live at The Hamilton 12/31/2017)

**Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Jake Eckert of New Orleans Suspects**
Get It Started- New Orleans Suspects (live at The Hamilton 12/31/2017)
Spanish Moon/Skin It Back- New Orleans Suspects (live at The Hamilton 12/31/2017)

The State of Affairs- Matador! Soul Sounds
NSA (Better Than You Know Yourself)- Danat
Hip Hop- The Mackrosoft
Listen, While I Say Nothing- The Mackrosoft
Light of My Life- Ben Pirani

Once In A Lifetime- Angelique Kidjo
Fight The Power- Brownout

Sex God- Liquid Soul
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Mars Williams***
King Of The Ill- Liquid Soul
Peanut Head- Liquid Soul
All Night- Children of Zeus
Earth- Freddy Locks
Waaju- Waaju

OCD- Kait Dunton
Frontier- Kait Dunton
La Ragazzola- Romano Mussolini
L’uomo del Colpo Perfetto- Robby Poitevin
Un’altra Donna- Gianni Marchetti
Cugine Mie- NicoFidenco

Guidance- Thievery Corporation
Fang Dubbard- Gitkin
Yama- Gitkin

Hearts And Greens

The first portion of the proGram had the color and the size to remind us that inclusion is cool.

Swamp Thang- Hot Club Sandwich Ft. David Grisman
Melancholy April- Hot Club Sandwich
Alabama Bound- Peter Rowan
Ridin’ That Midnight Train- Peter Rowan
The Light in Carter Stanley’s Eyes- Peter Rowan

Mando Space- Sam Bush & David Grisman
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Sam Bush***
Arachnid Stomp- Sam Bush & David Grisman
Jamgrass 741- Sam Bush & David Grisman
What We Used To Be- Jeff Jensen
Nobody’s Fault But Mine- Dana Fuchs
Pull String to Inflate- Eric Corne
Mississippi Nights- Mike Zito

People Make The World Go Round- Kandace Springs
Joe N Around- Tia Fuller
Fury- Tia Fuller

Hallelujah You’re Gone- Eryn
She’s Gone- Michael Kaeshammer

Close Enough For Jazz- Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco
Chicken- Mike Clark & Delbert Bump
Alice in Wonderland- Mike Clark & Delbert Bump
Matrix- Chance Hayden

Spring Into Action

The second portion of this week’s proGram found the beauty in the day…..and let it play:

I’m On Fire- Grand Marquis
Scenic Route- Michael Kaeshammer
Tell Me (I Wanna Know)- The California Honeydrops

**Pre-recorded conversation with Ben Malament of The California Honeydrops**
Cry For Me- The California Honeydrops
Hold It Down- The California Honeydrops

Medicine- Hannah Gill
Come Back- The Devonns
The Sort- The Crab Corporation

Trans Lexico Express- Lexsoul Dancemachine
Lexico- Lexsoul Dancemachine
Grandmaster Chef- Body Heat Gang Band
Quantum Connection- Jimi Tenor
My Mind Will Travel (Teen Party Edit)- Jimi Tenor

Cosmic Peace- Nicola Conte & Spiritual Galaxy
Yung- Otis Sandsjo

Radio Friendly Enemy (Bill Laswell Dub Mix)- Sam Huber
Turn Around (Bill Laswell Dub Mix)- Sam Huber

Spaceman- Cee Knowledge & CFO Ft. Cookie Rabinowitz
Fly Away- Del & Amp Live
Funkrolla 4.0- Del & Amp Live
Livin’ your Dream- Nickodemus Ft. Jahdan Blakkmore
Do you Do you- Nickodemus Ft. Carol C & The Spy From Cairo
Die Cut Intro (Interlude 1)- Cut Chemist
Die Cut (Theme)- Cut Chemist Ft. Deantoni Parks
Mealstorm- Cut Chemist Ft. Edan & Mr. Lif

Kansianitsa- The Turbans

And Grow Now

The first portion of the reGularly scheduled program finally had the opportunity to take in….and let out with growth:

Let Me Love You One More Time- Peter Rowan
Blow Off Some Steam- Ben Bostick
The Other Side of Wrong- Ben Bostick

Shrinking Man- Ry Cooder
Everybody Ought To Treat a Stranger Right- Ry Cooder
San Francisco Bound- Kris Lager Band

Ham & Eggs- Evangeline
You Don’t Love Me No More- Victoria Ginty
Give It Up- Victoria Ginty
Backstreet Baby- Dana Fuchs
Take My Heart and Run- Joyann Parker
Let The Juke Joint Jump- Freddie Pate

Give It All Up For Good- The Claudettes
***Pre-recorded conversation with Johnny Iguana of The Claudettes***
Naked On The Internet- The Claudettes
Dance Scandal At The Gymnasium- The Claudettes

Zacalo- Josh Lippi and The Overtimers
Made It- Josh Lippi and The Overtimers
Listening In- Dr. Dog
Here She Comes Now- Claudio Cataldi

Cash For Gold- Cut Worms
Speed Queen- Thunderpussy
Hollywood Rock -n- Roll- The Kut
I am Vain- The Kut
Bad Man- The Kut