Iris Everything For You

The third part of the proGram was not only ear beautiful, but it did it all for you:

Footsteps & Smiles- Anat Cohen Tentet
Iwa (Contemplation)- David Sánchez
The Land Of Hills- David Sánchez
The Chase- Detroit Tenors
Mobius Modes- Detroit Tenors

El Arroyo- Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet
Mi Descarga- Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet

Sonny’S Hustle- Miles Brown
Yes- Michel Camilo
Repercussions- Michel Camilo

Just My Imagination- Dennis Coffey
Jellyfish Jam- Ross Osteen Band
Cubano Chant- Larry Fuller
The Mooch- Larry Fuller

It Was Hidden Within

The second portion of the proGram might have been in there….

Two To Tango- Zoe’s Shanghai
Taking Flight- Resavoir Ft. Brandee Younger
Toxic Times- The Last Poets

Heroes In A Half Shell- Flying Lotus
Burning Down The House- Flying Lotus Ft. George Clinton
Fire Is Coming- Flying Lotus Ft. David Lynch
Omnipotent- Bluke

Brabenci seno sušili- Friedl Sólisté z Beskyd
World Gone Mad- Steel Pulse
We Rock- Noiseshaper
Dunk- Noiseshaper
Macoumba- Youssou N’Dour

Isle Of Skye Reel- Soulsha

A Piece Of APizza

The first portion of this week’s proGram had just the slice that made the taste buds drool:

Pretty Little Lights Of Town- Charlie Roth
Bill’s Boogie- Coral Creek
The Ballad Of A Burglar- J.P. Reali

Someone Else Is Steppin’ In- Grady Champion
Low Down Rider- Packrat’s Smokehouse
Hoo Doo Woman Blues- Packrat’s Smokehouse
Moth to a Flame- Odds Lane

greenarrowradio promo– Kelly Z
Give- Nils Lofgren
Times New Roman- Nievergelt
I’m The Only One- Alan Evans
Funkabopulation- Cobra Fantastic
Soul Fugue- The 100 Knights Orchestra

Those Natural Things

The final portion of this week’s proGram had the sizes and shapes of things just the way they are:

You Have to Dance (Feet)- Esperanza Spalding
Chairs and Fangs- Chord Four

Sherpa Part II- The Greg Snyder Trio
Sherpa Part I- The Greg Snyder Trio
Mountain Man- The Greg Snyder Trio

You Don’t Get To Finish- Jonah Parzen-Johnson (live)
Jackie McFunk- Rob Ryndak & Tom Lockwood Ft. Brian Lynch
Frenzy- Eric Alexander
ODRP Blues- Detroit Tenors
Got My Mojo Workin’- Larry Fuller

Cracks- Teotima
Terra Incognita- San Mateo

Nations Of The World- Steel Pulse

Totally RADish

The third portion of the proGram was gnarly and tubular, too:

Interlude II- Soulsha
Rhythm’s In The Melody- Soulsha
Miss You- Opium Moon

Delilah- Making Movies Ft. Rubén Blades
Sand Orchestra- Trudy and the Romance
Sandman- Trudy and the Romance

Gift Horse- Andrew Synowiec
Baltimore- Imam Collective
Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone- Dave Stryker

Shaping Our Minds- VSUS
Bronson- Nievergelt
Rock Box- Nievergelt
Can’t Reform ‘Em- Abstract Orchestra
Air (Abstract Orchestra Remix)- Dabrye Ft. MF Doom

What’s Under The Ground

The second portion of the proGram had me wondering: where’s the body?

Worth It- Marta Ren
Deciditi, bestia- Smuggler Brothers
Suddenly- Smuggler Brothers

Changes- Neal Francis
***Pre-recorded conversation with Neal Francis***
These Are The Days- Neal Francis
As I’ve Heard- Bryony Jarman Pinto
Soul Reflection- The Last Poets
360- Bluke
Something Fresh- Bluke Ft. DJ SPS

Kingdom- Maribou State Ft. North Downs
Feel Good (Mount Liberation Unlimited’s remix)- Maribou State Ft. Khruangbin
Nobody Else- Sivey
Somebody (IG Culture Remix) – Sivey
Deja Vu- Thomas Blondet Ft. Jordan Danielle Harris

About To Open Up

The first portion of the proGram was almost ready to burst right into your ear-holes:

Back Burner- Andrew Collins Trio
Cabin On The Cumberland- George Jackson
Diagonal Sandwich- The Blue Canyon Boys

David Livingstone’s Dream- Coral Creek
SoulBBQ- G Love (live: Daytrotter Session)

Mamzelle Marie- The Truehearts
Blue With Lou- Nils Lofgren
Northern Saturn- Goon
Goin’ Down- The Mystery Lights

Ridgerunner- Val Mccallum Ft. Shelby Lynne
Don’t Give It Away- Odds Lane
Who You Been Giving it To- Grady Champion

greenarrowradio promo- Michele D’Amour
Memphis Soul Stew-Michele D’Amour and the Love Dealers

Everything’s Coming Up

The final portion of the proGram was able to line the streets for the arrival of the sounds:

For Choro (Waltz and Dance)- Real Vocal String Quartet
***Pre-recorded conversation with Pat mAcdonald***
A Change Is Gonna Come- George Winston
Drew Bourrée- Ron Davis
On the Fly- Larry Corban Ft. Harvie S, James Weidman, Steve Williams & Jerry Bergonzi

It’s Alright With Me- The Stan Getz Quartet (Live At The Village Gate 11/26/1961)
Forbidden Library- The Supplicants (live)

Healing- Upstate
Responsibility- Ella Haber
Dancing The Animal (Mind)- Esperanza Spalding
Thang (hips)- Esperanza Spalding

Be Fern With Them

The third portion of the proGram needed a reminder of who is the decider:

The Tuxedo Way- Tuxedo
Don’t Want To Know- Night Trains
Only Know About Love- Night Trains

Sciarra o’scaro- Smuggler Brothers
Lost in Val Demone- Smuggler Brothers
101- Smuggler Brothers
Could You Be Loved- Sam Huber Ft. Garrison Hawk

Personal Things- The Last Poets
Baila Yemaya- Angélique Kidjo
Takuta- Youssou N’Dour Ft. Babatunde Olatunji
…Monkey Do- Alma Afrobeat Ensemble Ft. Ray Lugo

Tell Me Not- The Late Ones
Rare Formz- DiscObeta (Funk Boogie Brothers Remix)
Yolcu- Altın Gün

Dans Un Moment D’errance- The Midnight Hour Ft. Loren Oden & Ángela Muñoz (live)
Ravens- The Midnight Hour (live)

Bees Needs

The second portion of the proGram took it all into consideration.

Albuquerque Blues-Andrew Synowiec Ft. Tim Pierce
Triad Days- Andrew Synowiec Ft. Tim Pierce
Blue Blue (Dedicated to Bruce Kevin Jackson)- Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity Quartet

Tune For Lou- BT ALC Big Band
Dance- BT ALC Big Band
The Tao of Heavy D- Adam Meckler Orchestra Ft. Rex Richardson
Meat Grinder- Abstract Orchestra
Figaro- Abstract Orchestra

Let Go- Snack Cat
The Angry One- Collocutor
The Angry One- Tamar Collocutor & Magnus P.I

When The Levee Breaks- Bonerama
Maelstrom- The Budos Band
Peak of Eternal Night- The Budos Band

Happy Bees To You

The first part of the show was sent out to all the happy little honeybees who tune in. What a buzz:

Anna- Howe Gelb
The Open Road- Howe Gelb
All You Need To Know- Howe Gelb

Terracentric- Rodrigo y Gabriela
Wisdom Tree- Rodrigo y Gabriela

I Was Born To Wail- Jon Gindick Ft. Franck Goldwasser
Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean-The Reverend Shawn Amos Ft. Piper Amos (live)
Theme from DADDY LONG LEGS- Daddy Long Legs
Mornin’ Noon & Nite- Daddy Long Legs
Snagglepuss- Daddy Long Legs
Dirty Pool- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers
Memphis Soul Stew- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers

Eye Bath- Death and Vanilla

Am I Too Big For This?

The final part of the proGram was free on the side of the road. Perfect.

Face- Niia
RICKY- Denzel Curry

Mbule Mwule- Muito Kaballa
Palim- Muito Kaballa
Alone- The Green
Resiste- Eljuri
Bangbang- Eljuri

Yemaya- Angélique Kidjo
Toro Mata- Angélique Kidjo
Cucala- Angélique Kidjo
Move Many (Joints)- Esperanza Spalding
With Others (Ears)- Esperanza Spalding

Interlude 1- Soulsha
What A Day- Soulsha

Character Shadow Building

The third portion of the proGram looks like more than what it really is. Natural versus sprayed on:

Why Starfish, Why?- Henry Kaiser/Anthony Pirog/Jeff Sipe/Tracy Silverman/Andy West
Maneki Neko- Henry Kaiser/Anthony Pirog/Jeff Sipe/Tracy Silverman/Andy West
Spin (Dedicated to Baikida Carroll)- Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity Quartet

Creole Belles- Wynton Marsalis
Jax Boogie- The Spellcasters
Rock Candy- The Spellcasters
Bright Mississippi- The Spellcasters

Be Out S’Cool- The OGJB Quartet
Stick- The OGJB Quartet
Is It Alright?- The OGJB Quartet

Vipers Follow You- Amon Tobin
You Used To Love Me- Quantic Ft. Denitia

Where The Colors Grow

The second portion of the proGram knew where the differences grew:

Funkin’ For Jamacha- Jake Najor And The Moment Of Truth
The Enchanter- The Budos Band
Black Dog- Bonerama

Emirgan Sunrise- Don Leisure
Mehmet Tarantino- Don Leisure
Street Cats- Don Leisure

Humor Me- Andrew Synowiec
Son Of Creeper- Lisa Maxwell’s Jazz Orchestra
***Pre-recorded conversationi with Lisa Maxwell***
Shiny!- Lisa Maxwell’s Jazz Orchestra
Ludie- Lisa Maxwell’s Jazz Orchestra

Softshoe- BT ALC Big Band
Live 9- BT ALC Big Band

Westerley- Seb Zillner
Closer To The Sun- Collectivo Immaginario Ft. Chauncey Yearwood

Feathered Friend

The first portion of the proGram looked out the window and saw the guard bird keeping an eye on things.

Blue Earth County- Silver Lake 66
Morning Train- Grant Farm
Amongnst the Tall Trees- Pointed Man Band

DUI Blues- Pete Mancini
Flying First Class- Pete Mancini
Bright Lights, Big City- The Reverend Shawn Amos Ft. Mindi Abair (live)

Rooster Coop- Cris Jacobs
Toady Man’s Hour- The Claypool Lennon Delirium

Dry Eyes- The Sh~Booms
Since I Don’t Have You Anymore- Kelly Finnigan
I Called You Back Baby- Kelly Finnigan
It’s Getting Strange- Emanuel Casablanca
Take Off The Crown- Crowd Company (live)
Away With You- Crowd Company (live)

Siciliana- Smuggler Brothers
Kemonia Flow- Smuggler Brothers
Gran Fango- Smuggler Brothers
Hagerun Geleba- The Blassics

The Heart Drips

The second portion of the extra show this week easily left behind a puddle:

Dystopia- Simon Sammut & Omar Vazquez
Akmal- Simon Sammut & Omar Vazquez
Softly As A Morning Sunrise- Alex Sill

No Ordinary Love- Alicia Olatuja
Under The Moon And Over The Sky- Alicia Olatuja
Subconscious Flirtations and Titillations- Theo Croker
Just Let It Ride- Theo Croker

Is It Love That Inspires You?- Joel Ross
So What- Ron Davis

Muskrat Ramble/I Feel like I’m Fixin’ to Die Rag/Stop the Bleeding- George Winston
For What It’s Worth- George Winston
The Unknown Soldier- George Winston

Back Stop Stop Back

Did a little extra day radio this week. Here’s the first portion. It kept things in front:

Duo in G Major K.423 3. Rondeau- Blaise Dejardin & Kee-Hyun Kim
Mantis Shrimp- Peter Lin
Pre~Maria- Mark Dressen Seven
Ain’t Nothing But a Cyber Coup & You- Mark Dresser Seven
21st Century Blues- Jeff Denson (live)

Nina- Ulysses Owens Jr.
Driva’ Man- Ulysses Owens Jr. Ft. René Marie
Gone My Way- Wynton Marsalis
Bolden Jump- Wynton Marsalis
Whip It- Wynton Marsalis

If Only We Knew What We Could Do- The Last Poets
Fiddler- Avery Sharpe
Harlem And The War To End All Wars- Avery Sharpe

Towering Time

The final portion of the proGram knew that it can stand still and be moving at the same time:

Iana- Eddie Arjun
There It Is- Eddie Arjun
Incantation- Greg Foat
The Mage- Greg Foat
Like Lee Morgan- Ed Palermo Big Band
Well You Needn’t- Ed Palermo Big Band

You Rascal You- Wynton Marsalis
All The Whores Go Crazy (About The Way I Ride)- Wynton Marsalis
Red Hot Mammas- Wynton Marsalis
Windows- Kendrick Scott Oracle

Warning- Pepper Ft. Stick Figure
Offence- Little Simz
Venom- Little Simz
LSD- Parks Thomson Ft. PJ Olsson

Special (Friends)- Sebastian Fraye
Old Flames (Mary)- Sebastian Fraye
Cave Rain Drumming In My Ear- Turning Jewels Into Water
Desert Fire (Nueve Vidas Remix)- Turning Jewels Into Water

Shoots Groove

The middle pieces of the proGram had a growin’ groovin’ goin’ on:

Assume The Position (sax version)- Atlas Soul
Summer- Crowd Company (live)
You Make Me Wanna Dance- Freekbass

Sass Girl- Wargirl
No Difference- Wargirl

Block Hipat- The Blassics
Zafro- Alma Afrobeat Ensemble Ft. Za!
Remember- Alma Afrobeat Ensemble
Sideral Funk- Alma Afrobeat Ensemble

Air- The Last Poets
For The Millions- The Last Poets

Going Home- Tanika Charles
Solstice- Luca
Spring Again- Luca
Billy Jack- Phillip Bailey

Black Beacon- The Midnight Hour (live)
Redneph In B Minor- The Midnight Hour (live)
Seven Noisettes- Kind & Kinky Zoo
Pouple Fiction- Kind & Kinky Zoo
The Last Opium Den (On Earth)- The Quiet Temple

Gold Digger- Gene Caberra Band
Break The Silence- Perpetual Groove

Deck View Up

The first portion of the proGram was lying down on the job looking upwards towards Spring.

Float Down Stream- Joel Rafael
Be Here To Love Me- Erika Wennerstrom

Ragged Heart- Silver Lake 66
Arjuna The Believer- Grant Farm
Krotona Days- Rodrigo y Gabriela
Running After- The Spellcasters

Two Dollar Elvis- Left Lane Cruiser
Detroit House Party- Left Lane Cruiser
Goin’ To The Mardi Gras- Kerry Kearney Band
All I Ever Want Is The Blues- Kelly’s Lot

We’ll Act Like Strangers- Cris Jacobs
Smoking & Drinking- Kelly Finnigan
Keeping Up- Jake Najor And The Moment Of Truth
Li’l Liza Jane- The Reverend Shawn Amos Ft. Mudbug Brass Band (Live)

Four Sticks- Bonerama
Veils of Shadows- The Budos Band