Happy Bees To You

The first part of the show was sent out to all the happy little honeybees who tune in. What a buzz:

Anna- Howe Gelb
The Open Road- Howe Gelb
All You Need To Know- Howe Gelb

Terracentric- Rodrigo y Gabriela
Wisdom Tree- Rodrigo y Gabriela

I Was Born To Wail- Jon Gindick Ft. Franck Goldwasser
Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean-The Reverend Shawn Amos Ft. Piper Amos (live)
Theme from DADDY LONG LEGS- Daddy Long Legs
Mornin’ Noon & Nite- Daddy Long Legs
Snagglepuss- Daddy Long Legs
Dirty Pool- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers
Memphis Soul Stew- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers

Eye Bath- Death and Vanilla

Am I Too Big For This?

The final part of the proGram was free on the side of the road. Perfect.

Face- Niia
RICKY- Denzel Curry

Mbule Mwule- Muito Kaballa
Palim- Muito Kaballa
Alone- The Green
Resiste- Eljuri
Bangbang- Eljuri

Yemaya- Angélique Kidjo
Toro Mata- Angélique Kidjo
Cucala- Angélique Kidjo
Move Many (Joints)- Esperanza Spalding
With Others (Ears)- Esperanza Spalding

Interlude 1- Soulsha
What A Day- Soulsha

Character Shadow Building

The third portion of the proGram looks like more than what it really is. Natural versus sprayed on:

Why Starfish, Why?- Henry Kaiser/Anthony Pirog/Jeff Sipe/Tracy Silverman/Andy West
Maneki Neko- Henry Kaiser/Anthony Pirog/Jeff Sipe/Tracy Silverman/Andy West
Spin (Dedicated to Baikida Carroll)- Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity Quartet

Creole Belles- Wynton Marsalis
Jax Boogie- The Spellcasters
Rock Candy- The Spellcasters
Bright Mississippi- The Spellcasters

Be Out S’Cool- The OGJB Quartet
Stick- The OGJB Quartet
Is It Alright?- The OGJB Quartet

Vipers Follow You- Amon Tobin
You Used To Love Me- Quantic Ft. Denitia

Where The Colors Grow

The second portion of the proGram knew where the differences grew:

Funkin’ For Jamacha- Jake Najor And The Moment Of Truth
The Enchanter- The Budos Band
Black Dog- Bonerama

Emirgan Sunrise- Don Leisure
Mehmet Tarantino- Don Leisure
Street Cats- Don Leisure

Humor Me- Andrew Synowiec
Son Of Creeper- Lisa Maxwell’s Jazz Orchestra
***Pre-recorded conversationi with Lisa Maxwell***
Shiny!- Lisa Maxwell’s Jazz Orchestra
Ludie- Lisa Maxwell’s Jazz Orchestra

Softshoe- BT ALC Big Band
Live 9- BT ALC Big Band

Westerley- Seb Zillner
Closer To The Sun- Collectivo Immaginario Ft. Chauncey Yearwood

Feathered Friend

The first portion of the proGram looked out the window and saw the guard bird keeping an eye on things.

Blue Earth County- Silver Lake 66
Morning Train- Grant Farm
Amongnst the Tall Trees- Pointed Man Band

DUI Blues- Pete Mancini
Flying First Class- Pete Mancini
Bright Lights, Big City- The Reverend Shawn Amos Ft. Mindi Abair (live)

Rooster Coop- Cris Jacobs
Toady Man’s Hour- The Claypool Lennon Delirium

Dry Eyes- The Sh~Booms
Since I Don’t Have You Anymore- Kelly Finnigan
I Called You Back Baby- Kelly Finnigan
It’s Getting Strange- Emanuel Casablanca
Take Off The Crown- Crowd Company (live)
Away With You- Crowd Company (live)

Siciliana- Smuggler Brothers
Kemonia Flow- Smuggler Brothers
Gran Fango- Smuggler Brothers
Hagerun Geleba- The Blassics

The Heart Drips

The second portion of the extra show this week easily left behind a puddle:

Dystopia- Simon Sammut & Omar Vazquez
Akmal- Simon Sammut & Omar Vazquez
Softly As A Morning Sunrise- Alex Sill

No Ordinary Love- Alicia Olatuja
Under The Moon And Over The Sky- Alicia Olatuja
Subconscious Flirtations and Titillations- Theo Croker
Just Let It Ride- Theo Croker

Is It Love That Inspires You?- Joel Ross
So What- Ron Davis

Muskrat Ramble/I Feel like I’m Fixin’ to Die Rag/Stop the Bleeding- George Winston
For What It’s Worth- George Winston
The Unknown Soldier- George Winston

Back Stop Stop Back

Did a little extra day radio this week. Here’s the first portion. It kept things in front:

Duo in G Major K.423 3. Rondeau- Blaise Dejardin & Kee-Hyun Kim
Mantis Shrimp- Peter Lin
Pre~Maria- Mark Dressen Seven
Ain’t Nothing But a Cyber Coup & You- Mark Dresser Seven
21st Century Blues- Jeff Denson (live)

Nina- Ulysses Owens Jr.
Driva’ Man- Ulysses Owens Jr. Ft. René Marie
Gone My Way- Wynton Marsalis
Bolden Jump- Wynton Marsalis
Whip It- Wynton Marsalis

If Only We Knew What We Could Do- The Last Poets
Fiddler- Avery Sharpe
Harlem And The War To End All Wars- Avery Sharpe

Towering Time

The final portion of the proGram knew that it can stand still and be moving at the same time:

Iana- Eddie Arjun
There It Is- Eddie Arjun
Incantation- Greg Foat
The Mage- Greg Foat
Like Lee Morgan- Ed Palermo Big Band
Well You Needn’t- Ed Palermo Big Band

You Rascal You- Wynton Marsalis
All The Whores Go Crazy (About The Way I Ride)- Wynton Marsalis
Red Hot Mammas- Wynton Marsalis
Windows- Kendrick Scott Oracle

Warning- Pepper Ft. Stick Figure
Offence- Little Simz
Venom- Little Simz
LSD- Parks Thomson Ft. PJ Olsson

Special (Friends)- Sebastian Fraye
Old Flames (Mary)- Sebastian Fraye
Cave Rain Drumming In My Ear- Turning Jewels Into Water
Desert Fire (Nueve Vidas Remix)- Turning Jewels Into Water

Shoots Groove

The middle pieces of the proGram had a growin’ groovin’ goin’ on:

Assume The Position (sax version)- Atlas Soul
Summer- Crowd Company (live)
You Make Me Wanna Dance- Freekbass

Sass Girl- Wargirl
No Difference- Wargirl

Block Hipat- The Blassics
Zafro- Alma Afrobeat Ensemble Ft. Za!
Remember- Alma Afrobeat Ensemble
Sideral Funk- Alma Afrobeat Ensemble

Air- The Last Poets
For The Millions- The Last Poets

Going Home- Tanika Charles
Solstice- Luca
Spring Again- Luca
Billy Jack- Phillip Bailey

Black Beacon- The Midnight Hour (live)
Redneph In B Minor- The Midnight Hour (live)
Seven Noisettes- Kind & Kinky Zoo
Pouple Fiction- Kind & Kinky Zoo
The Last Opium Den (On Earth)- The Quiet Temple

Gold Digger- Gene Caberra Band
Break The Silence- Perpetual Groove

Deck View Up

The first portion of the proGram was lying down on the job looking upwards towards Spring.

Float Down Stream- Joel Rafael
Be Here To Love Me- Erika Wennerstrom

Ragged Heart- Silver Lake 66
Arjuna The Believer- Grant Farm
Krotona Days- Rodrigo y Gabriela
Running After- The Spellcasters

Two Dollar Elvis- Left Lane Cruiser
Detroit House Party- Left Lane Cruiser
Goin’ To The Mardi Gras- Kerry Kearney Band
All I Ever Want Is The Blues- Kelly’s Lot

We’ll Act Like Strangers- Cris Jacobs
Smoking & Drinking- Kelly Finnigan
Keeping Up- Jake Najor And The Moment Of Truth
Li’l Liza Jane- The Reverend Shawn Amos Ft. Mudbug Brass Band (Live)

Four Sticks- Bonerama
Veils of Shadows- The Budos Band

Vanilla Hearts

A pre-show tune in and out proGram. If our hearts only grew with a little sun and water.

It’s All About Love- Sarah McKenzie
Waltz of Trillium and Ant- Jessa Campbell & The Saplings
Goodnight Pacific Northwest- Jessa Campbell & The Saplings
You Can Get It If You Really Want- Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could

Akht Kleyne Brider- Yale Strom’s Broken Consort
The Fool Over Yonder- Yale Strom’s Broken Consort

Astral Debris- William Hooker
Apertura- Los Mundos
La Salida- Los Mundos
Seracs- Trevor Gureckis

Dessert Is Served

The final portion of the proGram had SUM of the sweets in the eats.

They Won’t Help You- Jack Waterson
How You Feel- Wargirl
Breaking Down The Door- Santana Ft. Buika
Shiny! Remix (Mono 70’s Emergency Mix)- Lisa Maxwell’s Jazz Orchestra Ft. Mocean Worker

Temptations- Jitwam
Pressure- Little Simz Ft. Little Dragon
Spontaneous- Flying Lotus Ft. Little Dragon
Sing it Louder- Intellexual
Money- Intellexual

Cuica- Emancipator & 9 Theory
Bombilla- Emancipator & 9 Theory
Talang- Turning Jewels Into Water

Hooklaced- Thor De Force
Brasilliance- The Ed Palermo Big Band
Freedom Day- Ulysses Owens Jr. Ft. Joanna Majoko

Vespula Flavicepes (Japanese Wasps) with Honey Crisp Apples, Greek Yogurt & Cranberry Gastrique

From Swarm To Tables

The middle portion of the proGram was once considered buggin’ out:

The Colors That You Bring- Damon Locks
Confident- Cliff Beach Ft. The MB’s
Movin’ On- Cliff Beach Ft. Alex Nester
One of the Ones- Cookin’ on 3 Burners Ft. Kylie Auldist
Force of Nature- Cookin’ on 3 Burners Ft. Fallon Williams

Two Faces- Lee Fields & The Expressions
A Promise is a Promise- Lee Fields & The Expressions
Another Saturday- Jake Najor And The Moment Of Truth
Let Me Be- Crowd Company

Good Times Bad Times- Bonerama
Ghost Talk- The Budos Band
Our Death Under Your Pillow- Adam Meckler Orchestra Ft. Toki Wright & Cameron Kinghorn
Fre3KroNomoKon- Freekbass

Soul A Go Go- Soul Messin’ Allstars Ft. Cara Robinson & The Wolfgramm Sisters
Love Overdue- Tanika Charles

Cricket Crusted Fried Chicken & Cricket & Termite Juniper Wild Rice & Mealworm/Superworm Roasted Garlic Potatoes

And Insects For All

The first part of the proGram was the appetizer that people wanted more of:

Nothing Can Be Done- Los Lobos with La Marisoul, Xochi Flores & Ceasar Castro (live)
There’ll Be Some Changes Made- Steve Howell & Jason Weinheimer Ft. Dan Sumner & David Dodson
Everybody Loves My Baby- Steve Howell & Jason Weinheimer Ft. Dan Sumner & David Dodson
Rise Up (Leve Toi)- Kelly’s Lot Ft. Jean-Francois Thomas

Sweet Home Chicago- The Reverend Shawn Amos W/Jean McClain (Live)
Shake and Bake- Left Lane Cruiser
Statesboro Blues- Kerry Kearney Band

Blue Pacific- Victor Krummenacher
***pre-recorded conversation with Victor Krummenacher***
Flint Jack- Monks of Doom
Traces- The Mystery Lights
Late Night Lover- The Sh-Booms
Boriska- The Claypool Lennon Delirium

Mealworm Sourdough bread & Ant Butter With Chapulines & Gourmet Sweet Potatoes & Creme Fraiche.

Starts Within The Seeds

The final portion of the proGram had a snack ready to go for the winged ones. They have such feathery ears to soothe:

Minority- Ed Palermo Big Band
Spider Web Pt. 1- The Budos Band
Fever- Crowd Company (live)
Upside Down- Tanika Charles

Voice Of The Mountain- Wargirl
Eshu- Alma Afrobeat Ensemble
Lugar ao Sol- Muito Kaballa

Poor Worry Anna- Johnette Downing Ft. Scott Billington
Mississippi River- Johnette Downing Ft. Scott Billington

Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way- Leftover Salmon Ft. Waylon Jennings/Sam Bush/Randy Scruggs/Sally Van Meter
***Pre-recorded conversation with Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon***
Up On the Hill Where We Do the Boogie- Leftover Salmon Ft. Bela Fleck and Reese Wynans
When The Levee Breaks- Leftover Salmon (live)
Blazing New Frontiers- Andy Thorn
Wash Over Me- David Marston & Zia Benjamin

Sharp View Tree Fall

The second portion of this week proGram had the sharpest of sites that the needle could easily fit the grooves:

The Man Without A Past- Sonny & The Sunsets
Ghost Days- Sonny & The Sunsets
Steppin’ Outta Line- Freekbass

I Call Your Name (Smoove Remix)- Nicole Willis Ft. Banda Palomita
Motivic Retrograde- Quantic
Get Next To You- Eric Boss

In The City- Smuggler Brothers
Jam- Smuggler Brothers
I Don’t Wanna Wait- Kelly Finnigan
Soul A Go Go- Soul Messin’ Allstars Ft. Josh Teskey
Life To Me- The Pendletons
You Do You- The Pendletons Ft. Howard Johnson

Nothing To Lose- Pieces Of A Man
Joy Techniques- Nate Mercereau Ft. Terrace Martin
Let’s Live, Pt. 2- Adam Meckler Orchestra Ft. Harjinder, J.D. Steele
The Crunge- Bonerama

The Other End Has It’s Own Side

The first portion of the reGulalry schedule program looked at it from this side but understood there is other ways to see it:

All I Want- Rufus Wainwright (live)
Big Yellow Taxi- La Marisoul, James Taylor, Chaka Khan & Brandi Carlile (live)
Domino- Joey Stuckey Trio

The Changeup- Kenny Roby & 6 String Drag
Brasstown- Kenny Roby & 6 String Drag
Running- Anders Osborne
Traveling With Friends- Anders Osborne
Under The Big Top- Cris Jacobs

Smoke Keeps Rising- Left Lane Cruiser
Shame- Meg Williams
Wake Me, Shake Me, Bake Me- Kerry Kearney Band

Cold Hearted Mama- The Paul Nelson Band
***Pre-recorded conversation with Paul Nelson***
Down Home Boogie- The Paul Nelson Band
John Brown’s Gat- The 1865

This Hear Within There

Grabbed an extra hour plus ahead of the “NORML” schedule for the show. Here’s what went up in the smoke of the beGinning sets:

Typhoon Nozaki- Väsen
Die blaue Stunde II- Meow Meow and Thomas Lauderdale
Zênite e Nadir- Benji & Rita

Come On Children- Wynton Marsalis
Only Now- Kat Vokes
Aggie- Kat Vokes

Bedrum- Johnathan Blake Ft. Chris Potter & Linda May Han Oh
West Berkley St.- Johnathan Blake Ft. Chris Potter & Linda May Han Oh
>>>>>Horizons- Kendrick Scott Oracle
>>>>>>>Don Blue- Kendrick Scott Oracle
>>>>>>>>BeLoved- Kendrick Scott Oracle

Understand Yourself- Theo Croker Ft. Chronixx
Oh Freedom- Ulysses Owens Jr.

Work Song- Longineu Parsons
Party in Morocco- Longineu Parsons

The Funding- Le Rex
Bändumeh Landing- Le Rex
Arête- Trevor Gureckis

Record Store Day Vinylthon Part 3

So, it is Record Store Day and we here at WSUM are doing a 24 hour all vinyl radio special. I decided to go back into the collection records from when I was just a lower case g back in the day. Aired mostly tracks from late 60’s/early 70’s that shaped my earholes and mind-spaces. Here’s the third (bit maybe not the final) portion:

greenarrowradio promo- misterG
*Pre-recorded conversation with Joseph Yoon of Brooklyn Bugs*
Yesterday- Ray Charles
Little Liza Jane- Sweet Emma Barrett and her Preservation Hall Jazz Band (live)
Ghetto Women- B.B. King
(I Got) A Good ‘Un- John Lee Hooker
House Rent Boogie- John Lee Hooker
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl- The Grateful Dead
Light Up Or Leave Me Alone- Traffic
Easy Money- King Crimson
The Ikon- Utopia

Record Store Day Vinylthon Part 2

So, it is Record Store Day and we here at WSUM are doing a 24 hour all vinyl radio special. I decided to go back into the collection records from when I was just a lower case g back in the day. Aired mostly tracks from late 60’s/early 70’s that shaped my earholes and mind-spaces. Here’s the second portion:

Sympathy For The Devil- The Rolling Stones (live)
Funkie Jim- Big Brother & The Holding Company
I’m Alive- Tommy James & The Shondells
*pre-recorded conversation with friend of the program Victor Wooten*
Dog Eat Dog- Donald Fagan/Walter Becker/Denny Dias
Gypsy Eyes- The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Free Four- Pink Floyd
Old Folk’s Boogie- Little Feat (live)
It Ain’t No Use- The Meters
Power- Stanley Clarke
In Time- Sly & The Family Stone
I’m Gonna Git You Sucka- The Gap Band

Pic by: Mister Dance