Hours Flipped Filters

The first half of this week’s Hump Day proGram went from this time to that time and then that time to this time, but the Bluebird was still the entire time.

Kachi ghodlo- Lakha Khan (Live at Global)
Ghoomar- Lakha Khan (Live at Global)
The Train > Raag Khamaj- Ghewar & Firoze

Sequence 3- Audio Pervert and Da Saz
Revolution 2 Freedom (10″ Mix)- Subatomic Sound System & Junior Dread
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised- The Archives Ft. Kenyatta Hill & Mateo Monk

How Deep Is Your Love- The Inamans
Mumbling and Grumbling- Junior Byles
After Hours- Morgan Price & Billy Polo
This Is Fine- Victor Rice

Hold A Vibe- Jah Sun

The Middle Of It

The final portion of the proGram got to the middle of it by starting at the top and thinking about the bottom:

Got To Be Irie- The Originals
King Louie- Morgan Price & Billy Polo
Sunshine- Jah Sun
Sus Dem Out- Isiah Mentor

Earthbound- Spirit Fingers
Cast Your Fate To The Wind- Jerry Granelli Trio

Not For Me- Esperanza Spalding & Fred Hersch (Live at The Village Vanguard
***pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Fred Hersch***
Dream Of Monk- Esperanza Spalding & Fred Hersch (Live at The Village Vanguard)
Loro- Esperanza Spalding & Fred Hersch (Live at The Village Vanguard)

Updown Sides Grown

The middle parts of the proGram took the funkiest way to get into you:

St. James Infirmary- Sol Roots (live at the Hamilton)
What’s His Name- Thee Sinseers
Always Looking Up- BK Trio

Empty Streets- Vibration Black Finger
Bring Forth Change- BT ALC Big Band Ft. Alan Evans, Nigel Hall & Eric Bloom
Don’t Give a Damn- The Haggis Horns Ft. John McCallum
Burning- The Haggis Horns

Basics- Lexsoul Dancemachine Ft. Luiz Black
Do What You Like- The Phenomenal Handclap Band
More Or Less- Sly5thAve Ft. Marlon Craft

Vice Grip (Just Groove Mix)- J&B Kings
Assyko- Ajoyo Ft. Takuya Kuroda

Egg Lost

The first part of the proGram was in the right play on the right time:

Blackbird Says to the Crow- Jake Blount
Old Timey Grey Eagle- Jake Blount

You Reap Just What You Sow- Catherine Russell
Left My Soul in Memphis- Eddie 9V (live)
New Orleans- Eddie 9V (live)
Sweet Home Osaka- Johnny Burgin (live)
Pumpkin’s Boogie- Johnny Burgin (live)
Chamomile And Cocaine- Katie Knipp
Can’t Nobody Stop Me Know- Gerald McClendon
Groove ON Tonight- Gerald McClendon

Roxy Roller- Cherie Currie
Lizard Queen- Electric Feet
It’s Alright (With You)- Electric Feet
Pendlewitches- Spirit Galaxy

Chaikhana Transistor- Naujawanan Baider
Zanjeer- Naujawanan Baider

Annnnnd Blow

The final portion of this week’s Hump Day fill-in proGram can do it with a little help from Mama Nature…or if you just pucker up and…….

The Hidden Face Of Stars- Sasha Mashin
Sim Card- Sasha Mashin
Young Man Blues- Jerry Granelli Trio

Four (Roumieh Prison Blues)- Naima Shalhoub
One (Remembrance)- Naima Shalhoub

Black People Tired- Bruce Mack
In the Rain- Ashleigh Smith Ft. Chantae Cann
You’re All I Want- Cigarettes After Sex
This Walk- Jyoti & Georgia Anne Muldrow
Cowrie Waltz- Jyoti & Georgia Anne Muldrow
Might Bang, Might Not- Little Simz

Girl Like You- Space Kamp

Water Guard

Te first half of this week’s Hump Day fill-in proGram had the one who needs it the most looking out…Ribbbitt:

Tin Palace- Sara Schoenbeck & Wayne Horvitz
No Blood Relation- Sara Schoenbeck & Wayne Horvitz

Girl Talk- Esperanza Spalding & Fred Hersch (live at The Village Vanguard)
El Pajaro yo- Carolina Calvache Ft. Sofia Ribeiro

Nomad- Gordon Grdina’s Nomad Trio
Varscona- Gordon Grdina Septet
Eldorado- Erroll Garner
It Gets Better Every Time- Erroll Garner

Atomized- GoGo Penguin
90210 (The Eavesdropper)- Caleb Dolister


Even in the time of this beautiful blooming, we got a second portion of the proGram where the actions matter more than the words:

Inner City Blues- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
Hard Up- The Bamboos
Ain’t Loving One Another- The Haggis Horns Ft. John McCallum
Shoulder to Shoulder- The Haggis Horns Ft. John McCallum

Norwood- Gold Leader
Let Out On The Loose- The Phenomenal Handclap Band
Remain Silent- The Phenomenal Handclap Band

The Cutdown- Polyrhythmics
Man From The Future (reprise)- Polyrhythmics
Vice Grip (Extended Mix)- J&B Kings

Acting for Liberation, Pt. 1- Vibration Black Finger

Rock Wall Climb

The firs piece to this week’s set- list puzzle went right at it with the twanG and ended it up climbing the rock (and roll) wall.

Roustabout- Jake Blount
English Chicken- Jake Blount
Wonderbat- Nate Lee
All Along- Nate Lee
The More I Pour- Nate Lee

I Started Over- Gerald McClendon
Where Do We Go From Here- Gerald McClendon
Here I Come- Jose Ramirez
Gasoline and Matches- Jose Ramirez
Hurry Up Baby- Johnny Burgin (live in Japan)
One Day You’re Gonna Get Lucky- Johnny Burgin (live in Japan)

Come And Get It- The Dollyrots (live in L.A.)
Get Weird- The Dollyrots (live in L.A.)
Queens of Noise- Cherie Currie Ft. Brody Dalle, Juliette Lewis & The Veronicas
Force To Be Reckoned With- Cherie Currie
Draggin’ The Line- Cherie Currie
Hot Heater- Pottery

Hiding Spots

The final portion of this week’s Hump Day fill-in proGram knew where to hide until better times:

Five- Victor Rice
La Mura- Victor Rice
Mt. Zion Dub (Victor Rice Remix)- SunDub

Come A Little Closer- Raphael & Friendly Fire Band
Luv Song- Myki Tuff & Friendly Fire Band
Fly High- Blundetto Ft. Hindi Zahra

500 Miles- Space Kamp
PARAD (w/me)E- Sylvan Esso (live)

Dramuscule- Aksak Maboul Ft. Veronique Vincent
Refuge- Moby
Tecie- Moby

HitItAndQuitIt- Jamo Gang Ft. J57, Ras Kass & El Gant
Highway- Jamo Gang Ft. DJ Premier

Sound Droplets

The beGinning portion of this week’s Hump Day fill-on program watched it fall from the sky eye:

080721 (The Machinist)- Caleb Dolister
081227 (The Formalist)- Caleb Dolister
080620 (The Second Place)- Caleb Dolister

The Grand Bazaar- Sultans of String Ft. Béla Fleck & Robi Botos
Six (distraction suite)- Naima Shalhoub
Nine (the return)- Naima Shalhoub
Love Avalanche Raga Mishra Bhairav- Sharon Isbin w/Amaan Ali Bangash, Ayaan Ali Bangash & Amjad Ali Khan

Caravan- Etnozapil
Oskus Urug- Radik Tyulyush

El Irresistible- Ben & Winnie
Comme Il Faut- Ben & Winnie
La Yumba- Ben & Winnie

Future Toyi Toyi- Keleketla!, Coldcut & Soundz of the South Future Ft. DJ Mabheko & Tony Allen

The Why Sky

The final sets from this week’s proGram took off and eventually we can come back down… If that’s what has to happen?

Gravity- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad w/ Roy Ayers
Raffle- Will Bernard
Blue Chenille- Will Bernard
Open- GoGo Penguin
Signal In The Noise- GoGo Penguin
Big Heat- Nir Felder
Interregnum- Nir Felder

Superhead- Escaper
Nails- Spirit Fingers & Greg Spero
A Blessing and a Curse- Alexander Flood

Grasping The Shine

The middle portion of the proGram found the sun within the weeds:

Mango Moonrise- The 7 Day Weekend Ft. Alan Evans & Kris Yunker
Chocolate Samurai- Fantastic Negrito
Colors- Hanni El Khatib
Detroit- Hanni El Khatib
Leader- Hanni El Khatib

Ta Fardah- Paint
Iron Fist- DJ Williams’ Shots Fired
Yeti Set Go- Polyrhythmics
Riot- The Phenomenal Handclap Band


Big Man- Captain Planet Ft. Shungudzo
Commodore- Boogie Belgique
Darjeeling- Boogie Belgique
The Night- Sly5thAve Ft. Melissa McMillan
With You- Sly5thAve Ft. Denitia

To The Point

The first part of this week’s proGram had the Covid Point antennae positioned just right to find the best spot to get into your ears:

Bubblicious- Scroggins & Rose
Tobacco- Nate Lee
***pre-recorded conversation with Nate Lee***
Serenity- Nate Lee
Quick Select- Nate Lee

Nothing Left To Lose- Kat Pearson
Cry Out- Kat Riggins
So Easy Isolating With You- Val Starr Ft. Victor Wainwright

Coffin Song- The Prison Music Project Ft. Doc Gattis & Ken Blackburn
Traveling Riverside Blues- Jose Ramirez
Stop Teasing Me- Jose Ramirez
Mr. Wrong- Gerald McClendon

Mystic Traces- Greg Loiacono
Private Lives- Low Cut Connie
A Hero’s Death- Fontaines D.C.

What’s That Buzzin’?

The second half of this week’s hump day fill-in proGram had more wrapped in it then first meets the ears:

Mendiani (Hamana)- Duende Libre
You Gotta Go- Duende Libre

The Witcher- Gilead
Alpamysha- Grey-haired Ural
Burkhan- Scythian Trace
Kabany- TurboZen
Nign- Dobranotch

Pé Di Bissilon- Bandé Gamboa
Because I Can- Victor Rice
Calling Dub- AMJ Collective

Triskaidekaphilia- Sonar w/David Torn

Fern Grasp

The first half of the hump day fill-in proGram this week wrapped the sound around the entire shaft and danced like a cobra:

Indelible- Daniel Hersog Jazz Orchestra Ft. Tom Keenlyside, Michael Braverman & Noah Preminger
Night Devoid of Stars- Daniel Hersog Jazz Orchestra Ft. Frank Carlberg
Flipped His Lid- Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra & Wynton Marsalis Ft. Christopher Crenshaw

Prantz- Seth Trachy
Parchman Farm- The Jerry Granelli Trio
You Can’t Do That- Paul Tuvman Ft. Vincent Ingala
Chase Bliss- Dekel Bor
Kora- GoGo Penguin

Space Force March/Interplanetary Music- Matt Wilson Ft. Jeff Lederer, Kirk Knuffke & Chris Lightcap

Sniff The Spring

The final sets of this week’s proGram could get that big whiff of lilac into your mind…and the things going in your ear only enhance the sweetness:

Nobody Knows My Name- José James Ft. Laura Mvula & Kris Bowers
Turn Me Up- José James Ft. Aloe Blacc
I Need Your Love- José James Ft. Ledisi & Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
Hustler- Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal

Money-Lexsoul Dancemachine Ft. Cory Wong
You Me Us- Radon
Pounds- Radon
Man From The Future- Polyrhythmics
Corpus Colosseum- Polyrhythmics
Remember?- Karate Boogaloo
Hump Day Hymn- Karate Boogaloo

Pusher Danish- Will Bernard
When the Wires Are Down (Kraak & Smaak RMX)- Izo FitzRoy
It Ain’t Working- Smoove & Turrell
Glitter- Drumajik

Who’ll Pay Reparations On My Soul?- The Archives Ft. Puma Ptah & Mustafa Akbar
Dub Of Dub- Billy Polo

Uncle John’s Duster

The middle part of the proGram went to the junkyard, I mean Uncle John’s backyard to find some gems:

Trust In Me- Ancient River
Under The Stone- Ancient River

Bestial- Los Mundos
Pánico al Diablo- Los Mondos
Pechos Fuera- Los Mundos

Gimme Gimme- TS FLoss
No- The Walker Brigade

Spark- Alice Bag
***pre-recorded conversation with Alice Bag***
Switch Hitter- Alice Bag
Noise- Alice Bag
Subele- Alice Bag

Interlude #4- The Get Right Band
Future Blood- The Get Right Band

photo by: Uncle JJBIII

Morning Grown

The first part of the proGram grew with the morning twang and prepared for the rock:

Heartache What To Do- Mark Howard, Dennis Crouch, Matt Combs, Chris Sharp, Mike Compton
Every Hour ON The Hour- Mark Howard, Dennis Crouch, Matt Combs, Chris Sharp, Mike Compton
Over At The Side Of The Road- Noam Pikelny, Dennis Crouch, Matt Combs, Chris Eldridge, Ronnie McCoury
Anxiety Jig- Scroggins & Rose
Love Medicine- Nate Lee

Avenal- Matt Costa
Sleep On The Wing- Bibio

Heal Me Right Now- Band of Heysek & R.L. Boyce Ft. Kenny Brown
No More Boogie- Band of Heysek & R.L. Boyce Ft. Kenny Brown
Poor Man’s Blues- Ghost Town Blues Band
Cherry- 8 Ball Aitken

Loving U’s a Beautiful Thing- Aloud


The second part of this week’s hump day fill in proGram had the best view from up there:

Gorkan Nastas- Merema
Kama Island- Eduard Andrianov
Agitator- Radik Tyulyush

Galaxia Dub- Billy Polo
Earth Is Calling- AMJ Collective
Tide Is Rising Dub- AMJ Collective
Home Is Where the Hatred Is- The Archives Ft. Puma Ptah (I Grade Dub Mix)

Barké- Falle Nioke & Ghost Culture
El Aprieto- Buscabulla
Volta- Buscabulla
Nobreza- Ladama
Dress- Sylvan Esso (live)

Soapy- Naira Marley
Omo Ada (Dem Sleep)- Medikal Ft. Shatta Wale & Fella

Rotation- Leaf Erikson