Found Spiraling

The first piece of this week’s proGram was found near the streets and you can feel it traveling within your earholes

You Got Me- Johnny Sansone Ft. Vince Herman
Mongrels and Mutts- Helene Cronin

I’m So High- GospelbeacH
What If Today Was Tomorrow- Hazy Malaze
Scavenger- Hazy Malaze
Lonely Soul- GA 20
Little Lu Lu Frog- T. Valentine
Money Tree- Detroit Junior
Chicken Heads- Bobby Rush (Live Paste Studios 8/21/2019)

Watch Yourself- Tennessee Redemption
First Time I Died- Ghalia
Strolling In San Jose- Arsen Shomakhov
Love It So Much- Jimmy Carpenter

Packin’ Up- Quinn Deveaux & The Blue Beat Review
Tiger In Your Tank- Quinn Deveaux & The Blue Beat Review

Spinning The Cool As A

The final portion of this week’s proGram spun round and round like a record…errr…garden record:

Confessions- Sudan Archives
Recreate- Tawiah
The Power of Your Brain- G&D

Dona Ana- Lucibela Ft. Bonga
Sai Fora- Lucibela Ft. Sofiane Saidi
Andy Waloo- Rachid Taha
Like a Dervish- Rachid Taha

Nutty- Monty Alexander
God’s Plan- New Masters Ft. Sullivan Fortner
I Like It- New Masters Ft. Eric Harland
This is America- New Masters Ft. Keyon Harrold

La Valse Des Niglos- James Carter (live from Newport Jazz)
Offerings- Jared Sims

Just Dropped In and Out

The third portion of this week’s proGram had something in there that had to get out:

It’s Morning- Led Bib
Cutting Room Floor- Led Bib
Silver Lacquer- Julian Loida

Give It Up- Miles Davis
You Dig- Jenova 7
Lay My Burden Down- Jenova 7

Serengeti- The Echo System Ft. Jeff Franca/Josh Fairman/Mike Tallman & Joe Tatton
Guillotine- Death by Dub Ft. Dan Africano/Scott Flynn/Drew Sayers/Ryan Jalbert/Jonny Jyemo/Eric Luba/Jeff Franca

Solstice- Lex de Kalhex
Sketch- Fiji
Fargo- Caravan Palace
Supersonics- Caravan Palace
Ghost- Caravan Palace

Freshly Hatched Funky Wings

The second portion of the proGram was a recently freed new life with wings we all noticed:

The Slip- The Burroughs
Taking Me Down- The New Mastersounds Ft. Lamar Williams Jr. & Jeff Franca
Quickie- Gabriel Mervine

Maria Doesn’t Care- People’s Blues Of Richmond
Keep The Love- Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Private Paradise- Sophistakits
The Flop- Gold Leader Ft. Zach Jackson/Thomas Jennings/Eric Luba/Will Trask/Alex Cazet
Camins Del Priorat- Eddie Roberts Ft.Aron Magner/Jeremy Salken/Chris Spies/Charlie Mertens/Nick Gerlach/Gabriel Mervine

Every Trick In The Book- The Allergies
Brasshopper- EMK

Matteo’s Raceway- Morfbeats Quartet Ft. Adam Morford/Austin Morford/Matthew Wright/Mike Tallman
Cunning Linguist- Horne Electric Band Ft. Lionel Loueke
Black Indian Rain Dance- The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra
The Fifth- Tenor Triage

The Spy Can’t Hide

The first portion of the proGram was trying to be unseen,but we saw:

Surely They Know- Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember
Guards In The Garden- Venus Furs
The Price You Pay- The Moon City Masters

We Got A Thing Going On- Tennessee Redemption
Trying To Make A Living- Bobby Saxton
Dynamite- Earl Hooker
Don’t Come Back- Little Mac

Exit Zero- Professor Louis & the Crowmatix
Wanna Be Right- Jimmy Carpenter
Damn Fool Way- Giles Robson
Boogaloo- Arsen Shomakhov

Wake Me- Vaneese Thomas
The Loneliest I’ve Ever Been- Josh Hoyer & The Macy Sounds Ft. Eddie Roberts/Pete Shand/Joe Tatton/Jeff Franca & John Macy
Spice- Magic City Hippies
Indiana- Magic City Hippies

Looking At Us

The final portion of the proGram must have a way to see what we are thinking about doing:

Wareika- Monty Alexander
Bemsha Swing- Monty Alexander
Yo No Sé- Alex Cuba
Y Si Mañana- Alex Cuba Ft. Omara Portuondo

Alchemy- Bryony Jarman-Pinto
Saffron Yellow- Bryony Jarman-Pinto

Friends- Big Gigantic Ft. Ashe
Harsh Language- Infinity Shred
Cranemaker- Infinity Shred
Hope- Azam Ali (live Paste Studio)
Shallow Then Halo- Azam Ali (live Paste Studio)

The Battle- G&D
Smile- G&D Ft. Latoiya Williams, Aloe Blacc, & Ms. Dezy
No Giving Up- sir Was

Prefer To Stand

The middle portion of the proGram offered up a seat, but the body had to keep on movin’:

Tell Me A Story- The Charlie Wooton Project
Fulton Alley- The Charlie Wooton Project
Traveler- Lucky Chops (live in Paste Studios)

Ghost Talk- The Budos Band
**pre-recorded conversation with Jared Tankel of The Budos Band**
Spider Web Pt. 1- The Budos Band
Y Todavia La Quiero- Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Out Of Sync- Resolution 88

Forces- Jared Sims
Faction- Olli Hirvonen
Outta My Head- YNZ
Vicky- YNZ

Un Attimo- Bright Dog Red
Island Of Thought- Bright Dog Red
Sea Horse Jockey- Bright Dog Red

Juicy Fruit- Karate Boogaloo

Behind The Hinges

The first portion of the reGularly scheduled program had to have something to share behind there:

Sunday Morning- Ben Davis Jr.
Thank You Baby- Eddie Boyd
Nit Wit- L.C. McKinley
Mad House Jump- The Daylighters

Mischief Man- Altered Five Blues Band
Coming In Hot- Coco Montoya

Bull Frog Blues Jam- Professor Louie & The Crowmatix (live)
Going Place- Bruce Katz

Ebony Man- Vaneese Thomas
You Make Me Real- The Doors (live)
Moonlight Drive / Horse Latitudes- The Doors (live)
Ray Ban- London Underground
The Comete- London Underground

Fire- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Catholic School Girls Rule- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Backwoods- Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sounds Inside These Walls

Did a little pre-show G-show and I imaGined what it was sounding like within this space:

Beside The Point- Sirius Quartet
Eleonore Rigby- Sirius Quartet

Blues and the Alternative Fact- Ezra Weiss Big Band
Blue World- John Coltrane
Easy Rider- Kathleen Hollingsworth Mad Love
Colobó- Miguel Zenón
Don’t Cross the Coss- Roxy Coss Ft. Alex Wintz/Miki Yamanaka/Rick Rosato/Jimmy Macbride
Females Are Strong As Hell- Roxy Coss Ft. Alex Wintz/Miki Yamanaka/Rick Rosato/Jimmy Macbride

Brilliant Corners- Mwenso & the Shakes
Much Love To Give- Abro Ft. Sefi Zisling
Symmetricity In Linear Evolution- Shawn Purcell
‘trane-ing Wheels- Shawn Purcell

Yard Trippin’

The final set of this week’s proGram went looking for a way to make the yard change it’s colors:

Watermelon Thump- Bruce Katz
Dusk Train to Doha- Jon Batiste (live at Village Vanguard)
Echoes of Spring- Mwenso & the Shakes

Bernie’s Tune- Matthew Whitaker
Freedom Jazz Dance- Matthew Whitaker
Tactile- Olli Hirvonen
False Pageantry- The Adam Larson Band

Stairway to the Stars- Philip Bailey Ft. Christian Scott & Christian McBride
Long as You’re Living- Philip Bailey Ft.Christian McBride

One Track Maniac-Zhou Kroix Ft. Mackenzie Shivers
Why Not Save a Life- Zhou Kroix Ft. Adam Ahuja
Oh Yes- The Expert
The Revolution- Ross From Friends

The Mist- Mames Babegenush
Podolian Prom- Mames Babegenush

Find Your Spot To Just Float

The middle portion of the proGram found a spot to just let it all go on and float within it:

Let It Slide- Marco Benevento
Last Kiss- Vaneese Thomas
The Truth (Strings Version)- The Bamboos
Running Away- The Pendletons

Jaceaux- The Charlie Wooton Project Ft. Doug Wimbish
***pre-recorded conversation with Charlie Wooton***
Come On Come Over- The Charlie Wooton Project
Dime Note- The Charlie Wooton Project

These Tears- Lucky Chops (live Paste Studio 7/17/2019)
The Dancing Babies- Lucky Chops (live Paste Studio 7/17/2019)
Full Heart Fancy- Lucky Chops (live Paste Studio 7/17/2019)

Angel Baby- Las Cafeteras
España Cañí- Mariachi Los Camperos

Turn Around Art

The first portion of the proGram knows it is art anyway you look at it:

Don’t Meddle In My Mood- Terri Hendrix
Dogging Me- Terri Hendrix

Lineboat Blues- Ben Davis Jr Ft. David Childers
In Your Way- Dudley Taft
greenarrowradio promo- Jeff Taylor of Altered Five Blues Band
Right On, Right On- Altered Five Blues Band
Funky Steampunk Blues- Professor Louie & The Crowmatix

Don’t Be A Sucker- Nikki Hill
***pre-recorded conversation with Nikki Hill***
Get Down, Crawl- Nikki Hill
Tell The Next World- Nikki Hill
Relief- Craig Baumann and the Story
Awhile- Craig Baumann and the Story
Even Though- Jason McCue
Chariot Choogle- T.Rex

Floating Like A

The final set of this week’s proGram visited with a smooth sail:

Grits- Pieces Of A Man
Pass it On- Omar Ft. Terri Walker
Be Thankful- Omar Ft. Erykah Badu

Sweet Time (Yuksek Dub Remix)- Kraak & Smaak Ft. Izo FitzRoy
Misophonia- Thomas Blondet & Steven Rubin
Sun Is Shining (over you)- Lee “Scratch” Perry

La clé- Dobet Gnahoré
**pre-recorded conversation with the sensational Dobet Gnahoré**
Youkouli- Dobet Gnahoré
Miziki- Dobet Gnahoré
Beauty Is- Ben Seawell Ft. Falu Shah
Call That Love- Ben Seawell

Round Midnight- Jon Batiste (live at the Village Vanguard)
Yardbird Suite- Matthew Whitaker
Street Of Dreams- Ben Flocks
Duende- Ben Flocks

The Bud Above

The middle portion of the proGram does not mind the color or type of hair on top of anything:

Miss You- The Charlie Wooton Project Ft. Eric McFadden & Arsene’ DeLay
Double Negative- YNZ
Jokowi- YNZ

You’re Everything- Philip Bailey Ft. Chick Corea
Side Trip To Jupiter- Angelo Moore & the Brand New Step

In Many Cases- Momo Said
Don’t Believe You Like That- Emilia Sisco Ft. Cold Diamond & Mink
Tell Me That You Love Me- Jonny Benavidez Ft. Cold Diamond & Mink
Over My Head- Ikebe Shakedown
Flute A Loo- Nathan Paul & The Admirables

greenarrowradio promo- Moonshine Society
Sweet Time (Yuksek Remix)- Kraak & Smaak Ft. Izo FitzRoy
Mind Your Own Business- Automatic
Titanium 2 Step- Battles Ft. Sal Principato
Color/Sweat- Calliope Musicals

Top Of The Bottle To You

The first portion of the proGram had a strange eyed view of something usually seen from a different way.

Can’t Get Enough- Ben Davis Jr.
Best Kind Of Trouble- Jeff Dale & The South Woodlawners
Tush- Alex Lopez

greenarrowradio promo- Delbert McClinton
No Chicken On The Bone- Delbert McClinton the Self-Made Men + Dana
Let’s Get Down Like We Used To- Delbert McClinton the Self-Made Men + Dana
Down at the Barrelhouse- Bruce Katz

Wonky- Reverend Horton Heat
**pre-recorded conversation with Jim “Reverend Horton” Heath**
Perfect- Reverend Horton Heat
Got It In My Pocket- Reverend Horton Heat
Bill’s Mandolin- Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
Hymn For A Droid- Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
3:30 Psychosis- Spike Fuck
Renaissance Man- 26 Reds

You And Sky

The final portion of the proGram found the beauty in and above all of us:

Ben Seawell Teenage Frolics (Instrumental Mix)- Ben Seawell Ft. Henry Butler & Seamus Blake
You Ain’t Gotta Run From It- Ben Seawell Ft. Leo Nocentelli, Amp Fiddler & Gabriel Gordon
You & Me- Tuxedo
OMW- Tuxedo Ft. Leven Kali & Battlecat

Jerzy’s Samba- Same Speed Edits
Where I’m From- G&D

Catch Your Wave- The Elovaters Ft. Organically Good Trio
Enamorado Yo Estoy- Cuñao
Overture- Mwenso & the Shakes
Big Spender- Mwenso & the Shakes

Run!- Satoko Fujii
Orange Coals- Akiko Hamilton Dechter
Resurrection- SPAGA

Split Nut

The middle portion of the proGram knew what day it was and split the nuts down the middle:

I Don’t Wanna Stop (Strings Version)- The Bamboos
This Love, Part 1- Bobby Oroza Ft. Cold Diamond & Mink
Paint Me in a Corner- Nicole Willis Ft. The Soul Investigators
This is What Love Looks Like!- Carlton Jumel Smith Ft. Cold Diamond & Mink

Mamacita- Dojo Cuts Ft. Roxie Ray
Life’s Begun- Baby Charles
Mary’s Corner- Ikebe Shakedown
The Witness- Ikebe Shakedown

Sacred Sounds- Philip Bailey Ft. Kamasi Washington & Robert Glasper
Listen- Pieces Of A Man
Lou’s House- Eric Harland/Josh Giunta/Dan Rovin/Kaleta Leon Ligan-Majek & Timothy Robinson
Party People- The Live Wire

Glass Wings Fly Sharp

The first portion of the regularly scheduled proGram took flight in the mosaic skies:

Trying To Love- We Banjo 3 (live)
Sinful- Alex Lopez Ft. Ellie Carr
Zakary- Heather Newman Band
His Soul- Heather Newman Band
Shake- Moonshine Society
Use Me on Gilded Splinter- Moonshine Society
Broke Ass Man- Mz Sumac

Hit And Run Lover- James Newman
Red Tide- Freddie Roulette
Middle Class Moan- Jeff Dale & The South Woodlawners

greenarrowradio promo- Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers
You Better Run- Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers

Across The Pond- Craig Baumann and the Story
Switchup- Southern Avenue
The Tea I sip- Southern Avenue

Moth In The Past

Did a little pre-show proGram with a focus on where wings can take you day or night.

You Never Can Tell- Lyn Stanley (live)
Proverbs of Ashes- Brad Mehldau

Always Something There To Remind Me- Charles Owens Trio
Karma Jones- Victor Gould Ft. Godwin Louis/Jeremy Pelt/Dayna Stephens/Rodney Green/Vicente Archer
Tuyo (Narcos Theme)- David Finck
I Hear A Rhapsody- Luke Gillespie

Past Lives- Mike Clark (live at the Iridium)
Straight No Chaser- Mike Clark (live at the Iridium)
A Major Seventh Stew- Patrick Butler
For the Go Go- Lafayette Gilchrist
Happy Birthday Sucka- Lafayette Gilchrist

A Baptist Beat- Akiko Hamilton Dechter
Mag’s Groove- Akiko Hamilton Dechter
Hearing Around Corners- Tim Ries
Amor Ate O Fim- Tim Ries

To The Tip Top

The final portion of this week’s proGram was built from the top down….or with a top down.

Don’t Cry Now- Kaidi Tatham
Sugar- Kaidi Tatham

Energy Boost- Boca 45 Ft. Emskee
Bryan Munich Theme- Boca 45
Open Minds- Boca 45
Rocket Fuel- DJ Shadow Ft. De La Soul
Hercules- Common Ft. Swizz Beatz

Ma Mamuso- Sangit Ft. Kadi Coulibaly
Nwaye- Malou Beauvoir
Walking Down- Moken
Identité- KOKOKO!

New School- Alma Afrobeat Ensemble
Slipping into Darkness- The Senior Allstars Ft. Ammoye
Longing For Home- Desert Dwellers