Bubbled Across

The final portion of the pre-show fill in took the colors across the sides and back around aGain:

Khazan- Divahn
Cross the Line- Dubioza Kolektiv Ft. Manu Chao
Champion Sound (Dancehall 10” Mix)- Subatomic Sound System & Screechy Dan
Headline- Unified Highway
Rid Them (John Arthur Brown Version)- Piper Street Sound
Higher Wire- The Shakin Jamaican Ft. Everton Paul & Bruce Skerritt
Deeper Shade of Jack- The Shakin Jamaican Ft. Everton Paul & Bruce Skerritt

Let The Rhythm Lead- Jenny Lewis, Habib Koite, Artists for Peace and Justice
Manyè- David Walters
Lady- David Walters Ft. Celia W

Beyond- Talisk

Bubbled Down

Did a little pre-show early fill in. Here’s what bubbled over and out:

Revival- Laila Biali
Seeds- JK Group
Bread Out Of Stone- Irreversible Entanglements
Murphy’s Law Impacts L.E.A.P.- Keith Oxman
Pass It On- Kenny Barron/Dave Holland TrioFt. Jonathan Blake
Worry Later- Kenny Barron/Dave Holland Trio Ft. Jonathan Blake

Ride- Wolfgang Muthspiel
Gotta Run- Guitar Elation (live)
The Rewinder- Guitar Elation (live)
Doctor Ghoul- Spiritus Fonktus
Mad Man- Spiritus Fonktus
Ceremony Out- Spiritus Fonktus

Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Cryin’- Tbone Paxton & the RJ Spangler Quartet
Didn’t He Ramble- Derrick Shezbie
Caribbean Second Line- Delfeayo Marsalis & the Uptown Jazz Orchestra Ft. Amari Ansari/Terrance “Hollywood” Taplin

Catwalk- Steve Yeager

Who Knew You Grew

The final portion of this week’s proGram had a surprise ending to what should be a little down and re-grouping time.

Dracula’s Monk- Dopapod
Skipjack- Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Lost Memories- SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS
Small Plate- Piper Street Sound Ft. Addis Pablo
Que Que- Cuñao

El Dorado- Baba Ali
C Side- Khruangbin & Leon Bridges
Desert Hafia- Zenobia
Accompany Me- Peppermoth
Vladimir- The Reluctant Cosmonaut Ft. Andrew McPherson

Night Digger- Dub Gabriel
Waltz of The Doomed- Dub Gabriel
Gelati (Interlude)- Giorgi Mikadze
Maglonia- Giorgi Mikadze
Paywall- Bobby Previte/Jamie Saft/Nels Cline

Evergreen Bling

The middle portion of the proGram had a little too much glitter for the middle of the Winter not to show off SUMMA dat ice ice baby:

Money’s No Option- Circles Around The Sun
What A Drag- Nathaniel Rateliff
Saint Ursula- Sunny Ozell
Stand Up! Whitney Shay
Sock it To Me- Cliff Beach Ft. Honey Larochelle

Automatic- Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal
***pre-recorded conversation with Josh Hoyer***
Ginger Beat- Lucas de Mulder & The New Mastersounds

Marriage for All or None at All- Karate Boogaloo
Fight Together- Alex Puddu
Hey!- Dr. Rubberfunk
Laid Bare- Dr. Rubberfunk Ft. Stephanie Whitelock

Dragonball Durag- Thundercat
Anakanafauna- Select Level

Mixed Flavors

The first piece to the regularly scheduled proGram put it all together and added a little secret spice and sauce and shook:

Chase The Blues Away- Eileen Ivers
Wah Wah One Violin- Eileen Ivers

Help Me Make It Through the Night- Iron Mike Norton
Little Bit Broken- The Wood Brothers
Alabaster- The Wood Brothers
Grievance Merchants- Drive-By Truckers

Turn It Loose- The Mary Jo Curry Band
Let You Go- Harper and Midwest Kind

Only She Knows- Loving
I Feel Free- Bhopal’s Flowers
Paper Sun/Love Is Only Sleeping- Spygenius
Pictures Of Matchstick Men- The Jeremy Band

Claudia Cardinale- The Third Mind
Morning Dew- The Third Mind

Mixin’ In

The second piece to the early morning fill-in took that power and added it to other feel good elements to explore new tastes with all sense buds working:

Changed In Mid Air- Elsa Nilsson
Hindsight- Elsa Nilsson

Waiting In Vain- Thor De Force Ft. Thor Madsen, Jeppe Skovbakke & Jeppe Gram
vt-vt- n’sawa-saraca
dualbutterfly- n’sawa-saraca
El Fuego- Cienfuegos
La Bata- Filip y Woppe
El Siete Vidas- Filip y Woppe

N2 Deep (For Randy Weston, Jerry Gonzalez & Cecil Taylor)- Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
Jamu Kikao- Dave Sharp Worlds With Ndio Sasa
Manyo Pesa Tek- Dave Sharp Worlds With Ndio Sasa

Within The Mush Room

The first portion of a litte pre-show fillin’ in proGram knows of the powers it contains and added SUM sounds to the feelings:

E.T.- Alex Goodman
Inner Motion- Anson Wright

Pu: 14- Ville Herrala
How’s Never- Massimo Biolcati Ft. Dayna Stephens, Sam Yahel & Jongkuk Kim
Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love- Massimo Biolcati Ft. Dayna Stephens, Sam Yahel & Jongkuk Kim
Thread- Justin Varnes Ft. Nick Rosen/Kevin Smith/Mark Rapp/Luke Weathington/John Sandfort
Movement III:Beware the Wolf and Serpent- Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra w/Wynton Marsalis Ft. Sherman Irby

Quite Frankly- Sam Hirsh
Kyoto Shuffle- Sam Hirsh
No C!- Sam Hirsh

Den- Chris Poland

Bursting Out

The final part of this week’s proGram had what it needed to fully explode with it’s own colors:

King Kong- Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
Bronst- Moon Hooch
They’re Already Here- Moon Hooch

Reptilian’s Dance- SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS
Sweet Water- Barney Mcall Ft. Rita Satch
Sooki The Love Dog- Laneous
True Realm of the Coin- The Rookies
Bones- I Hold the Lion’s Paw Ft. Tarino Montevedo

Freedom Jazz Dance- Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
***pre-recorded conversation with Kahil El’Zabar***
Wish I Knew (From the Film ‘Be Known’)- Ethnnic Heritage Ensemble
Be Known- Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
Halfway Up Halfway Down- Jamelody
Is There A Way- Loren Oden & Adrian Younge
Luna Landing- Horatio Luna
Quema- Sotomayor

Greenhouse Magic

The middle portion of the proGram showed the greens-a-growing in the middle of the Winter:

Automatic- Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal
Magic- Jordan Mackampa
I Want Magic- Izo FitzRoy
P.S. It’s Not About You- Whitney Shay

Love Affair- Alex Puddu
Nightflight- Alex Puddu

Against All Odds- Mr. Confuse
The Night Watcher- Mr. Confuse
Rockets Fly (Martin Harmony Mix)- THE FOREVERS

Goodbye- Spirit Fingers Ft. Judi Jackson
What Kinda Music- Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes
Tiny Whale- Nathan-Paul

Sun Is Shining- Thor De Force Ft. Thor Madsen, Jeppe Skovbakke & Jeppe Gram

And That Kitchen Sink

The first part of the proGram had a little bit of this and summa that:

Road Trip- Eileen Ivers
Landslide- Jake Shimabukuro Trio Ft. Rachel James

I Sing Just To Know That I’m Alive- Nina Simone
Mercedes Benz- Robin McKelle

Give Me The Keys To Your Heart- Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
greenarrowradio promo- Mary Jo Curry
We All Had a Real Good Time- The Mary Jo Curry Band Ft. Albert Castiglia
Money Talks- Tas Cru
Stay With Me Tonight- Bernard Allison (live)
Backdoor Man- Bernard Allison (live)

Heroin Again- Drive By Truckers
Aquarius- Jack Ellister
The Story- Starling Planet
Everybody Wants Some More- The Lemon Clocks
Worlds Within Worlds- Dave Buckley and The Watchwood

Guttermilk- The Bobby Lees
Coin- The Bobby Lees

Snow Blinds

The final portion of this week’s proGram made sure we didn’t forget that season come and go and we just need to be able to roll with the changes:

Can’t Keep- Dennis Brown Ft. Damian Marley
Wash Dem Away- Dennis Brown Ft. Agent Sasco
Toque- Victor Rice
Bongadashi- The Hempolics
greenarrowradio promo- MC ZULU
Black Prosperity- MC ZULU
Hand Of God- Sa Roc

Cue Synthesizer- Destroyer
Italian Shuffle / Flip Flop & Fly Medley- Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues Ft. Sam Lay
***pre-recorded conversation with Corky Siegel***
Galloping Horses- Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues Ft. Chihsuan Yang & Matthew Santos
I’ll Fly Away- Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues Ft. Bruce Roper, Deb Lader & Sue Demel
Corpocontinente- Céu
The First Game- Vedan Kolod
The Second Game- Vedan Kolod

Koto- Antibalas

Closer Looks

The second piece to this week’s proGram took the magnifying glass out to see what is sometimes there but hidden from the view of you:

Texas Drums Pt I & II- Pottery
Lately In Another Time- Loving
Nightmare Forever- Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band

Broken and Glazed- The Mommyheads
The Whole- Post Animal
Damaged Goods- Post Animal

Young Love- Snack Cat
Go My Heart, Go To Heaven- Shabaka and the Ancestors

Slim Pickings- Izo FitzRoy
Anakanafauna (Nathan Womax Remix)- Select Level
Perfect Fifth- HILA Ft. Jon Goode & Areni Agbabian
Meneate pa’ mi- Sotomayor
In My Soul- Faizal Mostrixx & Karun
Little Threads- POLIÇA

Bottom Spot

The first piece of this week’s proGram might prompt someone to grab a comfortable spot to take a break once in a while.

On The Line- Steve Marino
Babies In Cages- Drive-By Truckers
The Early Morn- Brother Dege
Cry Over Nothing- The Wood Brothers
Labels’ All Mine- Jangling Sparrows

Nothin’ Is Easy- The Mary Jo Curry Band
Feels Kinda Funny- Bernard Allison (live)
Blues I Can’t Use- Harper and Midwest Kind Ft. Paul Nelson

Blood In The Water- Kendell Marvel
***pre-recorded conversation with Kendell Marvel***
Cadillac’n- Kendell Marvel
If You know What’s Good For Me- Kendell Marvel

Omotola- Head For The Hills
It’s For Fun (That’s All We’re Living For)- The Forty Nineteens
Saw Lightning- Beck

Up Or Down

The final portion of the proGram knew it was only a matter of which way you were listening to it:

Embryo- Jonathan NG
Rockhouse Pt 1 & 2- Jonathan NG
Everybody Wants to Rule the World- Massimo Biolcati Ft. Dayna Stephens/Sam Yahel/Jongkuk Kim

Prelude- Justin Varnes Ft. Nick Rosen/Kevin Smith/Mark Rapp/Luke Weathington/John Sandfort
Tout le monde aime la France- Justin Varnes Ft. Nick Rosen/Kevin Smith/John Sandfort/Mark Rapp/Luke Weathington
Let Your Mind Be Free- Delfeayo Marsalis & the Uptown Jazz Orchestra Ft. Roderick Paulin/TJ Norris/Scott Frock

2AM Thoughts- Jenova 7
Lonely Planet- Jenova 7
Spiral Beats- Pigeondust
B – Boy Blues (Long Version)- Pigeondust

Spirits Alone- Doctor Fluorscent
Lebanese Blonde- Thievery Corporation Ft. Elin Melgarejo
Rebirth- Naneum
Me Then You- Peppermoth

Black And White or White With Black

The middle portion of this week’s proGramming understands that t here are several ways to look at it all:

Hammer Head- Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra & Wynton Marsalis Ft. Wayne Shorter (live)
Kiev- Aaron Stroessner Quartet
There And Back- Aaron Stroessner Quartet
Woke- Bobby Previte/Jamie Saft/Nels Cline

Mirangula (interlude)- Giorgi Mikadze
Dumba Damba- Giorgi Mikadze
Shedzakhili (Interlude)- Giorgi Mikadze

Oshohbo- Adam Rudolph & Ralph Jones
The Good Life- Pat Metheny/Ernie Watts/Charlie Haden (live Japan, 1998)
**pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Ernie Watts**
Hold On- Ernie Watts
Waiting On a Friend- The Rolling Stones Ft. Mr. Ernie Watts (live, Hampton Coliseum 1981)

The Shape Of Shadowing

The first piece to this week’s proGram took not only the color but the shape of the shadows into deep consideration:

The Village Revisited- Chicago Farmer
Stir me Up- Sarah Morris
Wake Up, We’re In Love- Eric Brace & Last Train Home
Meet Me Half Way- Bernard Allison (live)

Shookie Shake- Tas Cru
All My Dues Are Paid- Frank Bey

Say You Will- Marcus King
Carolyn- Jangling Sparrows

4 Ever- Sal’s Greenhouse
For Ma- Warren Wolf
Warna- Joey Alexander
Only You- Ted Poor Ft. Andrew D’Angelo

Rosa Introduces MLK- Christian McBride
A View from the Mountaintop- Christian Mcbride

Looking Sharp

The final portion of the proGram had it’s teeth sharpened and ready to cut into it:

Aleppo- Bassel & the Supernaturals
Chant Rastafari- Benny Culture Ft. Singie Shante
Vineyard- Benny Culture Ft. Singie Shante
The Whip- Victor Rice

In The key Of Joy- Sergio Mendes Ft. Buddy
Alma del Sur- Aleks Di Roma
El Ucraniano- Aleks Di Roma Ft. Jose Conde
The Spy- Dave Soldier

Ventana Espacial- Filip y Woppe
Nioblv- Bahía de Ascenso
BB Bounce- Bahía de Ascenso
Phoenix- Aaron Lebos Reality

The Foundation- Nicolas Godin Ft. Cola Boyy
In Women Colour- Haviah Mighty

Perfect Light Up

The middle potion of the proGram had just the right kind of shine overhead:

Babyman- Circles Around The Sun
Falling fast- Greg Dayton
Slay Me- Greg Dayton Ft. Clayton Bryant

Louisiana Strut- J&B Kings
Hey Hey- Beat Bronco Organ Trio Ft. Alberto Palacios Anaut
The Tip Off- The Phil Wilkinson Set

Opening Titles- The Sorcerers
Treasured Sacrament- The Sorcerers

Percy Thrills, the Moondog- Turkuaz
***pre-recorded conversation with Dave Brandwein of Turkuaz***
Tiptoe Through the Crypto- Turkuaz
Boom!- Dr. Rubberfunk Ft. John Turrell
Steppin’ In- Dr. Rubberfunk

Dreaming Again (One Step Beyond)- Jenova 7
Bus Fare- Jenova 7
Grow Mentally- Jenova 7

Get The Money- Coolangatta

Facing Shadows

The first portion of the proGram had found the best place to find both sides of the situation:

Rain & Snow- The Del McCoury Band (live, Bonaroo 2002)
Heart Breaks- The Flyin’ A’s
Mother Nature’s Daughter- Chicago Farmer
Highway Jawn- Jangling Sparrows

Sleepy Eyes- Eric Brace & Last Train Home
Sweet Rain- Bill Sibley
Barefoot Boogie- Bill Sibley

Late Night Train- Tom The Suit Forst
Turn It Up- Marcus King

Getting Better(otherwise)- The Aubreys & The Turning
Ouroboros- Dani Miller & The Turning
I Don’t Know- Alison Mosshart

Slapback- Squirrel Flower
Stephane Wrembel La Monouche- Stephane Wrembel

The Gaze Lines

The extra portion of the proGram had jazz on it’s radar and it went through the line of sight to get to the colors created in ears:

Intermezzo- Omar Sosa & Adam Rudolph
Trace of Burning Stars- Adam Rudolph & Omar Sosa
Pulsar Part 1- Adam Rudolph Go Organic Orchestra
Pulsar Part 4- Adam Rudolph Go Organic Orchestra
Magnetic Fields Of Mind- Adam Rudolph Go Organic Orchestra
The Man Who Fixes Anything- Frantic Chant
The Blues House- John Bailey
Sister Rosa- Christian McBride
Malcolm Introduces Ali- Christian McBride
Ali Speaks- Christian McBride
Rumble In The Jungle- Christian McBride

Lynx- Yelena Eckemoff Ft. Arild Andersen, Jon Christensen & Thomas Strønen
Addicted Love- Maceo Parker