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Ready To Rock-n-Roll With Edgar Winter

Edgar Winter is a true music legend and pioneer. He has been celebrated across the globe since his 1970 solo debut, Entrance. Even now, with over twenty albums, top hits “Frankenstein” and “Free Ride,” and numerous collaborative efforts to his credit, Edgar Winter has not been satisfied to ride the wave of popular music stardom. His music is always evolving and he is a master at stretching his skill and imagination to produce amazing results. You can get a sense of that continual growth as you go through and listen in to his complete discography. The evolution is real and ever-shaping. He continues to thrill audiences with his live performances, always remaining on the cutting edge of music and style. Mr. Winter is now, just as before, at the very top of his game, and his future looks even brighter than his past.

I had the complete honor of talking with Mr. Edgar Winter as he prepares to rock and roll with the crowd in Milwaukee on July 1st at the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest. We start off putting who and what to expect if you happen to be on your maiden voyage into the music and scene of The Edgar Winter Band. There are always new fans to be had. It is a thrill to listen in on how Edgar has gone about and goes about listening to, feeling and sharing all types of instruments and music. The evolution is real and ever-shaping. We get into how the respect of all things musical happened to him and how much of an influence his brother Johnny truly was on his being. We find out what music Mr. Winter would share with you, the listeners if give as much time on the proGram as he wanted, really. And towards the very end of the conversation, we get an idea of a new project in the pipeline that pays homage to Mr. Johnny Winter, is brother, mentor and inspiration and how it went from being a for profit idea that was not to get off the ground into a “do it your way” respectful offering that will get to our ears in the soon to be.


Behind Home

The second portion of the proGram got to take us out to the ballgame….

Keep Em Runnin’- Marcus Miller
East Bay! Oakland Style!- Tower of Power
Butter Fried- Tower of Power
And You Know We’re Missing You- Stanley Clarke Band
Alternative Facts- Stanley Clarke Band

Prophets of Rage- Brownout
Hot- Big Sam’s Funky Nation
Pokechop- Big Sam’s Funky Nation

***Pre-recorded conversation with Big Sam***
Da Funk- Big Sam’s Funky Nation
69- George Clinton and Parliament
Energy Flow- Earl Jeffers
Mare- The Midnight Hour Ft LadyBUG Mecca
It’s You- The Midnight Hour Ft Raphael Saadiq
Pace Maker- Ghost Note Ft Bobby Sparks
Songhay- Rivers on Mars
Sound Beast- Rivers On Mars


Untitled Original 11383- John Coltrane
Two Makes the Difference- Dayramir González
Brilliant Corners- Geoffrey Keezer
Sticky Hipster- Beekman
Alive- Javier Santiago Ft. Nicholas Payton

Photo by E.Wallander

Nobody’s Really Home

The first portion of this week’s proGram just keeps on ringing the doorbell……

Hill To Climb- Slocum Ramblers
Katie Dear- Mapache
Lonesome L.A. Cowboy- Mapache
The Bottle Never Let Me Down- Sarah Shook & the Disarmers

House of My Soul (You Light the Rooms)- Langhorne Slim
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Langhorne Slim***
Zombie Ft. Casey Jane- Langhorne Slim
Speak My Mind- Lil’ Ed & Dave Weld
Bacon Fat- Steve Howell and the Mighty Men
Did I Forget- Wily Bo Walker
Guilty As Charged- Buddy Guy

I’m On The Hunt- Waydown Wailers
greenarrowradio promo- Tas Cru
Memphis Song- Tas Cru Ft. Victor Wainwright & Pat Harrington
First Thing Smokin’- Russ Green

Floating Features- La Luz
Lonely Dozer- La Luz
Danny Nedelko- IDLES

Hunnybee- Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Freedom- RoSaway
90 Degrees- Yazmin Lacey

Photo by Mammywack

Big Sam Is Bringing the Party To Madison

When you think of New Orleans, the city’s foremost flambeaux-lit traditions of Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, voodoo, Po’ boys, beads, gumbo, and second line undoubtedly come to mind. You can also count Big Sam’s Funky Nation amongst those NOLA treasures. Known for a boisterous blend of funk, jazz, rock, and hip-hop, nothing short of seismic live “experiences,” and a whole lot of Southern charm, Big Sam’s Funky Nation might very well be The Big Easy’s best kept secret. Big Sam, the frontman, personally draws on over two decades in the game, spanning everything from 300 shows per year during his days in Dirty Dozen Brass Band and gigs backing up Widespread Panic and Dave Matthews Band to recording and touring with Mr. Allen Toussaint and Elvis Costello. Additionally, he was sought out for a recurring role on the critically acclaimed HBO series Treme.

I had the pleasure of catching up quick with Big Sam in advance of the Funky Nation heading to Madison on June 28th to play the Ruby Lounge. We spoke about what kinda party will be happening when we all get together to celebrate. We dive into the new album, “Songs In The Key Of Funk Vol. 1”, and how not only is it a New Orleans sound, but it heads knee deep into a funk that is beyond one area of the world. Big Sam’s Funky Nation bring their sound to all sizes and shapes of people including the kids….as I recall a great album FUNKY KIDZ….where they get down to the Hokey Pokey. That’s what it’s all about.

Photo Credit: Andy Goetz

Cut From The Same Cloth as Langhorne Slim

As the phenomena of instant connection and the need for constant self-improvement further implant their tendrils into our culture, the ability to truly connect with each other and ourselves has begun to fade. As we all reach for our smartphones to gaze upon the manufactured perfection of the lives of those we admire, we lose sight of what makes our own lives important. Nashville’s Langhorne Slim interlaces this theme throughout his new album. “Everyone’s searchin’ for something better around every corner, but it’s already right here,” he says. “We’re all born whole — through livin’ we fall apart…” The songs on Langhorne Slim’s newest album, “Lost At Last Vol. 1”, which dropped November 10, 2017, challenge the idea of social rigidity: the attitude that there’s a “correct” way for us to live and a side we should be on. He urges the world to see through the idea that by following that path and focusing only on fitting the mold, one will have lived a good life. He re-interprets the sound of the free-spirited yet vulnerable every-man heard on 2015’s “The Spirit Moves” and brings forth anew the call for us to abandon “the fold” and re-connect with ourselves and each other.

I had the complete pleasure of speaking with Langhorne Slim about this latest release and how it grew from the seed to it’s own unique flower. We paint a water-colored picture of what the people in Madison, specifically what a newcomer to the scene can imagine will occur on June 23rd at the High Noon Saloon when Langhorne Slim And The Lost At Last Band come toGther with Madisonians. There is a moment of reflection where thinking about a special space to get away or create is contemplated and who or what might have rubbed off on the skill of connectable storytelling. When we discussed his recent playing and relationship with our friends (family), Victor and Janet of Nineteen Thirteen, we get a tease of the potential of something real different being in the works for consumption in the near future. If you’ve been wondering, ‘What is Langhorne Slim listening to these days’, well guess no further, just check out the entire conversation, as it will be sure to pry open your mind into a real cool cat.

Photo Credit: Dawn Hamilton

Plant Eating Plants Eat Animals Plant

The second portion of the proGram fed those who needed a good feeding regardless of what they eat.

East Bay All Day- Tower Of Power
Hangin’ With My Baby- Tower Of Power
Untamed- Marcus Miller

Insurance Man- George Clinton & Parliament
My Uzi Weighs A Ton- Brownout
Snake Eyes- Chip Wickham
Black Beacon- Ali Shaheed Muhammed & Adrian Younge

Call Of The Wiley- Rivers On Mars
Brer Lowman- Rivers On Mars
Will You Still Be Here- Nickodemus Ft. The Real Live Show & The Pimps Of Joytime

Seen Not Seen- Angelique Kidjo
Nzele Momi- Jupiter and Okwess
Lebanese Blond- Molly Tigre

Nov Power- Nova Meteria
Project Cybersyn- Ross From Friends

Disability- Ayuba Kajanja
El Senor Del Flautin (interludo)- Chancha Via Circuito
Baru- Chancha Via Circuito
Coming From Afar Ft. Mavado- Matisyahu
World on Fire- Stick Figure Ft. Slightly Stoopid

Naked Walk- Dave McMurray
Que Je T’Aime- Dave McMurray
Barbara’s Strut- Sullivan Fortner
Wayward- Gordon Grdina’s The Marrow
Autumn- Javier Santiago

Photo by Mammywack

Hearing You Hearing Me

The first portion of the proGram had it’s ears on everything:

Skinny Elvis- Sam Morrow Ft. Jaime Wyatt
Now I Feel It- Sam Evian
You, Forever- Sam Evian

Rainbow Trout- Howlin’ Rain
Sweet Springs (intro)- Israel Nash
Sweet Springs- Israel Nash

Save Me- Tom Hambridge
Have A Drink- Tas Cru
Chattahoochee Coochee Man- Wily Bo Walker
Know My Name- The Bones of J.R. Jones
The Edge- Russ Green
Never Get To Say Yer Sorry- Reggae Workers Of The World
Crossroads of Love- The Faithful Brothers

Kangaroo- The Big Wu
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Padre of The Big Wu***
Break of Day- The Big Wu
Tell Me More And Then Some-ABIAH
See Line Woman- ABIAH
Three Little Words- Cyrille Aimée (live)
Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’- Cyrille Aimée (live)
I’m Not Rough- Wynton Marsalis Septet Ft. Eric Clapton (live)
I’m Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town- Wynton Marsalis Septet Ft. Ray Charles (live)

Photo by Mammywack.

The Big Wu and You

The story goes that the Big Wu, bound for rock stardom, sold their souls for a case of Old Style beer one thirsty night long ago. The legend and the band live on. Still rocking their powerful, moving, and energizing original music for the fans. A jam band with a unique style and presence, the Wu combine strong, free flowing sonic improvisations and vocal harmonies, with finely crafted songs for all tastes. Oh, and their fans are famously friendly.

I had the chance to catch up with Padre of The Big Wu to talk about the upcoming event on June 6th at the Majestic Theater with opening act, The Grasshoppers. Padre and I talk about the potential of what is and what could be when it comes to the moments leading up to a show, such as the one on the 16th. We get into the new music that will soon be in my hands to share with all you listeners, the upcoming Big Wu Family Reunion, which is August 17 and 18th and this year it is back to being a home game. Finally, we somehow get to talking about how Robert Randolph is the butter on Prince‘s bread…err…something like that. Check it out out for yourself.

Photo Credit: Wandering Skunk Photography

Alien-Like Nature Gifts

The second portion of the proGram reminded us that the foreign is right under our noses and in our ears:

See Ya in 5- Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons
Zig Zag (I Like To Dance, I Like to Ski)- Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons

Don’t Believe The Hype- Brownout
By The Time I Get To Arizona- Brownout
Medicated Creep- George Clinton & Parliament
All In- George Clinton & Parliament
Pain Management- George Clinton & Parliament
Weedie B. Good- Ghost Note Ft. Karl Denson & Weedie Braimah

Gunz Concerto- Piero Piccioni
La Polizia Accusa, il Servizio Segreto Uccide- Luciano Michelini
Uhuru Na Umoja- Nicola Conte & Spiritual Galaxy
Tribes From The Unknown- Nicola Conte & Spiritual Galaxy

La Marcha Gatina- Barrio Manouche
Turkish Wedding- Cocek! Brass Band
Storm- Cocek! Brass Band

Imperial Sugar- Free Radicals
Circle of Peace- Ziggy Marley Ft. Stephen Marley
El Diablo- Henry Cole & Villa L’ocura Ft. Tito Allen

El Poderoso Caballero- Juan Pablo Diaz
Born Under Punches- Angelique Kidjo
Hello Bolly- Molly Tigre
Mujje- Nsimbi

Storm In The Gulf- Sasha Masakowski
Struttin’ With Some Barbecue- Sasha Masakowski
Mr. G- Gregory Generet & Richard Johnson

Crawfish Boil Thang

The first portion of the proGram had its boil spread out across the awaiting table:

Teppich- Otis Sandsjo
Sumo- Denzel Curry
A Long Engagement- Nickodemus
Night Blooming Jasmines- Nickodemus
All Over The Place (outro)- Nickodemus


Phosphorescent Letter- Matt Costa
Flowers- Michael Johnathon Ft. Sam Bush
The Baghdad Breakdown- Michael Johnathon

Quick Fix- Sam Morrow
Coming Down- Howlin Rain
The Drop- The Bones Of J.R. Jones

City Looks Pretty- Courtney Barnett
Crippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Self Confidence- Courtney Barnett

Heal My Soul- Tas Cru
Georgia Blues- Jimi Hendrix Ft. Lonnie Youngblood (3/19/69)

A Little Bit- Dustin Douglas & the Electric Gentlemen
Eye Of The Storm- Reggae Workers Of The World
Hold It Right There- Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco
Evening Shadows- Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco

Milk Cow Blues- Wynton Marsalis Septet Ft. Willie Nelson (live)
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Lot To Cry- Wynton Marsalis Septet Ft. Bob Dylan (live)
The Last Time- Wynton Marsalis Septet Ft. The Blind Boys Of Alabama (live)

Atomic Dog- Dave McMurray
Trip Trap- Marcus Miller
Life Cycle- Venture
Tipping The Scale- Venture
If You Really Love Me- Dave Koz
Conga- Dave Koz Ft. Aubrey Logan & Gloria Estefan

Clothes Pin Grab

The second portion of the reGulalry schedule show had an over-sized clothes pin grab, looking for the clothes it might hold up:

Giovane Clan- Sandro Brugnolini & Giorgio Carnini
La Liceale Nella Classe Dei Ripetenti- Gianni Ferrio
Provaci anche tu Lione- Paolo Ormi

Toda Menina Baiana (Tahira Remix)- Gilberto Gil
Balao Azul- Banda de Pifanos de Caruaru
Baião Violossintético- Forro Red Light

Life During Wartime- Mystic Bowie Ft. Freddie McGregor
Burning Down The House- Mystic Bowie
Space Witch (Dub Remix)- Free Radicals
The Storm is Coming- Ziggy Marley Ft. Gideon Marley

Kulusozi- Nsimbi
Sokota- Nsimbi Ft. JaJa Bashengezi
Story Song- Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba
Tu Mission- Makrú

Kambowa- Mokoomba
***Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Abundance Mutori of Mokoomba***
Kwindiswe- Mokoomba
Deran Deran Alkheir (Well Wishes)- Bombino
Ethiofreaks- Molly Tigre

Cost of Caution- Project K-Paz
Turtle Monster- Valia Calda
We See- Christian Sands

Brick House Built

The first set of the reGualrly schedule program was built as solid as it could be:

You’re No Good- Robyn McKelle
Paid By The Mile- Sam Morrow
Go Jump The Willie- Blind Lemon Pledge

Please- The Bones of J.R. Jones
I See You- The Bones of J.R. Jones

greenarrowradio promo- Jeff Jensen
Downtown- Jeff Jensen
Mama Don’t Like No Wah Wah- Mike Zito
Nine Below Zero- Buddy Guy

Lover Man- Jimi Hendrix (12/15/69)
Stranger Blues- Roy Rogers Ft. Shana Morrison (live)
***Excerpt of Pre-recorded conversation with Shana Morrison***
Have I Told You Lately- Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco Ft. Shana Morrison
Danielle- Reggae Workers of The World
Fat Cat- Dustin Douglas & the Electric Gentlemen

Soon Never Comes- Stimulator Jones
Psychotropic- George Clinton & Parliament
Dat Good Good- Cee Knowledge & The Cosmic Funk Orchestra
911 is a Joke- Brownout
Bring The Noise- Brownout

Sawbuck- Bill King
Loft Funk- Venture

Juicy Red BeGinnings

Did an early morning pre-show proGram with the juice on my hands to prove it:

I Weep For You- Peppermoth
Tidal- Peppermoth

Time To Have Fun- Rahim Alhaj
Dancing Planet- Rahim Alhaj
Hari Om- Ravi Shankar

Los chicharronera (The Pork Crackling)- Los Texmaniacs
Hialeah- Harold Lopez-Nussa
Conga Total- Harold Lopez-Nussa
26-2- Eric Binder Trio
Tricrotism- Eric Binder Trio
Countdown- McClenty Hunter Jr.

Clingon- J. Peter Schwalm
Too Many Delectable Things- D.Dahlinger
Klutz- Aesop Rock
Questions- Ali Shaheed Muhammed & Adrian Younge Ft. Cee-Lo Green
War- De’Anza
Music for 18 Hairdressers: Braids & Fractals- Ben Lamar Gay

Freedom Ain’t Free- Dave McMurray

Some Time With Shana Morrison

There are many voices and styles of the versatile Shana Morrison. She has been placed in the category of pop with a side of blues and a side of rock. However, it is her ability to add a wide array of diversity to her musical brew that always caught my ear. She has been known to include other ingredients, like country, R&B, and jazz into the mix. Her material seems to be ever-changing and hard to pin down categorically. She began performing with her group Caledonia in the San Francisco Bay area in 1996. Her debut CD, Caledonia, was released on her own label, Belfast Violet Records, in 1998 and picked up by the Monster Music label in 1999. Vanguard Records signed Shana in 2001, and 7 Wishes was released in 2002. Each album received favorable reviews from media outlets across the country while getting solid airplay coverage and support. From there she has toured internationally, shared the stage or played with a long list of incredible artists, ranging from Joe Cocker to Bob Weir. In 2108, Shana is on the new release from her father, Van Morrison and Joey DeFrancesco, adding a whole lot of beautiful soul to an already powerful album

I had the chance to spend a little time with Shana to discuss her upcoming tour stops in Wisconsin. One June 8th, she will at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison and on June 9th, she will be at Wilson Theater at Vogel Hall at The Marcus Center For The Performing Arts in Milwaukee. She’ll be opening for Leo Kottke both evenings. We get into what folks who go and check out her set will be in store for, from material to the other artist joining her. We talk about the new album with her father and what kind of moments of “WOAH” sometimes happen when working with him, and how excited she is for how well the album is charting. We talk about her work with Roy Rogers and what living in Mill Valley provides in the way of influence. At the end of the chat, we find out what music Shana would share if I gave her a half hour of the show to proGram…looks like I have a perfect sub to call to fill in.

During  "Sometimes We Cry"

Van Morrison & Shana Morrison-Oct 8th 2010-Photo: Art Siegel

The Energy of Mokoomba In Madison

MOKOOMBA brings audiences an electrifying blend of Afro-fusion and tantalizing traditional Tonga rhythms. Their mix of Zimbabwean rhythms, Afro-beat and Afro-rock generated exuberant scenes in over 75 concerts in 2017: from New Orleans Jazz Festival to the Sziget Festival. This force of global sound was also featured in/on many popular music media outlets such as Songlines Magazine, Arte TV, Afropop, just to name a few.

The name MOKOOMBA stems from the deep respect that the Tonga people have for the Zambezi River and for the vibrant life that it brings to their music and culture. This exciting Tonga group from Zimbabwe certainly has a unique sound that is set to take the world music scene by storm! Their music is rooted in the local traditions and life in their hometown of Victoria Falls, a town on the Zambezi River named after the spectacular waterfall. MOKOOMBA has brought a unique flavor to a vibrant global music scene that was dominated by sungura, reggae and dancehall, urban and afro-jazz bands at that time of their conception.

I had the wonderful pleasure of talking with bassist of Mokoomba, Abundance Mutori about the upcoming events we in Madison are fortunate to get a chance to be a part of. On June 1st, they will be at North Street Cabaret and then again on June 3rd at the Central Park Sessions. Abundance and I painted a quick image of what newcomers to the sound and scene could expect to see and hear at either event. We discuss the energy and tradition of the group as well as how the group ended up toGether doing what they love. Can’t wait to share in the vibe of Mokoomba as they head back to a place that already loves them….Madison, Wisconsin.


Full Barrel Empty Barrel

The extra hour portion of this week’s proGram had one that was and one that was not…maybe?:

Con las Manos Arriba- Empresarios
Porro Maracatu (Toy Selectah Remix)- LADAMA
Seasons- David Starfire Ft. Shri
Inmortales (Body Move)- Nickodemus Ft. Femina
Caballito Del Mar- Nickodemus Ft. La Yegros

We Ain’t Done- Artson
Drift- Duende Libra
Badima- Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba

La Gallera- Juan Pablo Diaz
Pais Gris- Juan Pablo Diaz
Oulhin (My Heart Burns)- Bombino
See Dem Fake Leaders- Ziggy Marley
Duke ish- Water Seed (live at The Blue Nile)
Funktimus Prime- Water Seed (live at The Blue Nile)

This Ride Is Too Cool

The second set of this week’s proGram took out the 1960 Chrysler 300 convertible for a spin around the hood….

Sticks and Stones- Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco
All Saints Day- Van Morrison and Joey DeFrancesco
Are You Gonna Go My Way- Wynton Marsalis Setpet Ft. Lenny Kravitz (live Lincoln Center Gala)
I Wish I Knew How It Felt To Be Free- Wynton Marsalis Septet Ft. Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks (live Lincoln Center Gala)

Hi Heeled Sneakers- Mike Clark & Delbert Bump
Topsy- Mike Clark and Delbert Bump
Charge Denied- Venture

Pendulum Swing- Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step
Inner City Blues- Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step Ft. Butterscotch
Breathless- Adam & Kizzie
Requiem- The Magnificent Tape Band Ft. Rachel Modest
Pantomime- The Magnificent Tape Band Ft. Rachel Modest

Aracne- Domenico Lancellotti
Raffica- Silvano D’Auria
The Riff- Carlo Pes
L’Arbitro- Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

Jibble Jabble- Ghost Note
Swagism- Ghost Note Ft. Nigel Hall
Smack ‘Em- Ghst Note Ft. Brandon “TAZ” Niederauer

Late Show Theme- Potatohead People
Do My Thing- Potatohead People Ft. Kapok & Illa J
El Himmo De La Barberia- Potatohead People


The first portion of this week’s proGram has a perfect spot to dive in:

Down To The River- The War and Treaty
Sunrise- Colin Elmore

John Henry y los vaqueros- Dom Flemons
Knox County Stomp- Dom Flemons

Roller Coaster- Dead Winter Carpenters Ft. Jackie Greene
White Whale- The Drunken Hearts
Heart Strings- The Drunken Hearts

Yes We Can Can- Robin Mckelle
Ring of Fire- Dana Fuchs
Frankins Tower- Joe Craven And The Sometimers

greenarrowradio promo- Victoria Ginty
Trying To Make a Living- Mike Zito
Jungle- Jimi Hendrix (11/14/69) w/Buddy Miles

Keep Moving- Ruler
Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake- Schizo Fun Addict
I Know a Girl- Reggae Workers Of The World

Isn’t She Lovely- Tom Misch
Disco Yes- Tom Misch Ft. Poppy Ajudha
Out Of The Light- Michael Rault
Sleeping & Smiling- Michael Rault

Down By The Riverside- Grand Marquis
Do You Believe?- Michael Kaeshammer
Sweet Georgia- Michael Kaeshammer

Bottom Of The Glass

Got in a bonus hour after the reGularly scheduled show… drink drank drunk it all up:

Bach Concerto #7 1 Allegro- Simone Dinnerstein & A Far Cry
Bach Concerto NO 7 – 3 Allegro Assai- Simone Dinnerstein & A Far Cry

Mental Chaos- Mars Williams & Tollef Østvang
My Queen Is Mamie Phipps Clark- Sons of Kemet
Keep Your Eyes on The Prize- Tiffany Austin
Seven Nation Army- Dave McMurray

**Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Kristo Rodzevski**
Out of Key- Kristo Rodzevski
Beans and Cornbread- Sullivan Fortner
Subway- Duende Libre

That Sky Is Why

The second portion of the proGram had the view of above when it was bright:

Them Changes- New Orleans Suspects (live at the Hamilton, 12/31/2017)
Freak Flag- Here Come The Mummies
**pre-recorded conversation with Mummy Cass of Here Come The Mummies**
Chaperone- Here Come The Mummies
Birds- The Shacks
Homer & Debbie- Nolatet
Black Sheep- Nolatet
Black Tiger- The Magnificent Tape Band Ft. Rachel Modest
Grand Street Feast- Gitkin
El Millionairo- Gitkin

Work It Out- Water Seed (live)
This is Reggae Music- Zap Pow
Sweet Lovin’ Love- Zap Pow
San San Rock- Thievery Corporation
Le Force de Melodie- Thievery Corporation Ft. Lou Lou Ghelichkani

Momento de Clareza- Kassin
This is For You- Artson
The Game- Artson
The Drum- Artson
The Crow- Nickodemus Ft. Alsarah