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Scene That Light

The second portion of the Sunday morning open schedule fill in proGram guided:

Mon anatomie cherche un ami- Paris Combo
Profil- Paris Combo

Crystal Blue Persuasion- Hip Spanic Allstars
Radio Conga- Hip Spanic Allstars

Moonlight Lovers- Sammy Johnson Ft. Tree Vaifale
Kingston Town- David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 Ft. Larry McDonald
So Long Cedric- David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7
Burrulero Latino- David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7

Reload It- Animanz & Juanita Euka
Gypsy Woman- Animanz & Juanita Euka
T.V.- Animanz & Juanita Euka
Ngamale- Salif Keita Ft. Ladysmith Black Mambazo

More- Rufus Harley

I Saw The Sign

The first portion of the Sunday morning open schedule gap filing proGram went like this:

Actual Proof- Frank Russell Ft. Wallace Roney, Henry Johnson, Khari Parker & Greg Spero
Tutu- Frank Russell Ft. Robert Irving III, Wallace Roney, Henry Johnson, Dee Alexander, Makaya Mccraven
Bright Size Life- Frank Russell Ft. Greg Spero, Tim McNamara & Khari Parker

This I Dig Of You- Chad Lefkowitz-Brown
Rex- eXpanseplane
Konop’s Vamp- Freakdom
Sobu Tzion- Greg Wall’s Later Prophets

Scotch And Soul- Rufus Harley
Prelude- Phillip Johnston
The Witch And The Wedding- Phillip Johnston
Aladdin’s Tale- Phillip Johnston
Legs Yet- Phillip Johnston & The Coolerators

The Golden Lady- John Medeski’s Mad Skillet
Man About Town- John Medeski’s Mad Skillet
One Thousand Million Eyes- Troker Ft. Renee Mooi
Chicano- Troker
St. Louis Blues- Tobin Mueller

People of the Sun- Marcus Strickland’s Twi-Life Ft. Mitch Henry
Lullaby- Marcus Strickland’s Twi-Life Ft. Weedie Braimah
Spirit Of The Music- Marcus Strickland’s Twi-Life

I’ll Stay- the RH Factor Ft. D’angelo
Mevlevia- Gary Burton
Grow Your Own- Gary Burton
General Mojo’s Well Laid Plan- Gary Burton


The bonus extra time for the proGram took the line and redrew its boundaries.

Turn This- LTF
Ritual- LTF
Against All Odds- Mr. Confuse
Gain Station- Mr. Confuse
Rush Zone- Mr. Confuse

Keep Your Head Up- Doug Shorts
Luca Rossi- Barabass & The Happy Few
Dodt Nebb- Barabass & The Happy Few

Love In Your Pocket- Freekbass Ft. Sammi Garett
Steppin’ Outta Line- Freekbass
Chocolate Cake- Lyrics Born
Same But Different- Lyrics Born Ft. Arleigh Kincheloe
When I Get My Check ($, $, $)- Lyrics Born Ft. Chali 2na, The Gift of Gab & Joyo Velarde

If I Ruled The World- Nina Simone & Lauryn Hill Ft. NAS (Amerigo Gazaway rework)
Killing Me Softly- Nina Simone & Lauryn Hill (Amerigo Gazaway Rework)

You’ve Got Me Dancing In My Sleep- Frisky
Love Hangover (12″ Disco)- The Players Association
I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (Instrumental Disco Mix)- Sylvester


The second portion of the proGram had a Southern Wave feel at times, ride this wave to your soul spots:

Machines- The Drunken Hearts
Take My Hand- Shaw Davis & the Black Ties
Willie The Pimp- Shaw Davis & the Black Ties
Crawfish- Seth Hunter Davis Ft. George Porter Jr., Johnny Neel & Chef Dave
Takes A Lot- Katie Henry

My Only True Friend- Gregg Allman
Blind Bats And Swamp Rats- Gregg Allman
Love Like Kerosene- Gregg Allman
greenarrowradio promo- Scott Sharrard
High Cost Of Loving You- Scott Sharrard
**Pre-recorded conversation with Scott Sharrard**
She Can’t Wait- Scott Sharrard
Everything a Good Man Needs- Scott Sharrard Ft. Taj Mahal & Bernard Purdie

Sidewalk Soul- Tommy Guerrero
Where Water Once Was- Tommy Guerrero
Suck Out the Poison- The Mackrosoft
Sir Pintor Encounters Water Mackasin- The Mackrosoft

Blacklight Special

The first portion of this week’s open schedule reGularly scheduled show took the light out of it and still, there’s a beautiful color:

Two- Candlewyck Ft. Moondi Klein, Ty Bennett & Chris Emerson
Got Gone-Candlewyck
Bubble Wrap Day- Chris Butler & Ralph Carney

My Main Man Santa- Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks
Foreign Fields- Leftover Salmon
A Medication List- Hawk And Dove

Crossfire- Mothica
Everything Appears To Be- Thollem
She Won’t Play House- Dead Freddie
Ghost- Jon Spencer
Beetle Boots- Jon Spencer
Hornet- Jon Spencer

Firefly- The Chemistry Set
We Finally Met Today- Touch
Solitary Man- Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin
Reflected- The Luck Of Eden Hall

Scott Sharrard Saving Grace

Scott Sharrard is probably best known as the lead guitarist and bandleader for the late Gregg Allman, in The Gregg Allman Band. But his personal artistic journey, which includes singing, songwriting, producing and arranging, began long before he first teamed up with the rock icon. A prolific songwriter and talented singer, he has also released several soul-influenced albums of his own including three with his first band, The Chesterfields, followed by well, now his fifth solo album. A Grammy nominated musician, Scott has been called “one of the best Blues/R&B guitarists in the country” by Billboard Magazine. The Longtime writing partner, musical director, and guitarist for Gregg, has just released his fifth studio album in 2018, the beautiful “Saving Grace” came out late September on We Save Music.

As always, the circle of the Allman family was once again very welcoming as I had the chance to sit down with Scott for a quick conversation about the new release. Considering it is the end of the year and people are putting out their Top Albums of 2018 list, we thought this an appropriate time to get into it. We discuss the making of the album from seed to flower, working with the international treasure Taj Mahal on what is at this moment is known to be Gregg’s final song, (this alone makes listening to this conversation worth it) and we even get into a little bit about how the past led to the present. From our Midwest connections, we go from Scott’s formidable years to the very day a brand new artistic and animated video comes out for the title track of “Saving Grace”. There’s a lot in this conversation to wrap your head around might I suggest you listen to the album and the interview toGether to get the complete feel. While I could listen to the album a whole bunch, I know I could talk to Scott about the music, the scene and the people for much longer.

Windy City Night View

The second portion of the proGram had a view into the end of the city…it’s the sounds to the end of the line:

I Feel A Change- Charles Bradley
Victim of Love (Electric version)- Charles Bradley
Casual Encounter- Doug Shorts

Fried Grease (Super Villains 12″Sampler)- Cotonete
Evil Vibrations- The Mighty Ryeders
Gonna Be Alright- Michelle David and The Gospel Sessions
Black Light District- The Mackrosoft
The Turnaround- Mr Confuse

Black Hole- Talon Majors
Arka- Nicola Cruz With Esteban Valdivia

The Lavishments of Light Looking- Woke Ft. George Clinton
Needs Deodorant- Mono/Poly
Group Tea- Matthewdavid- Ft. Flying Lotus
Phemy- Miguel Baptista Benedict

Spectral- Muteverb
Monster- Tyr Kohout Ft. Stranjah
Kingdom- Maribou State Ft. North Downs
1976 Heron- Killiam Shakespeare
Salt & pepper Wings- Killiam Shakespeare

Stop Your Coming And Come- Steel Pulse
What Do You Believe In- Taj Weekes
Terror Is Him- Taj Weekes
Mystical Reggae- Alborosie Ft. Jah Cure
Jus’ A Rascal- Animanz and Juantia Euka

Them Changes (Magic Drum Orchestra Remix)- Animanz and Juantia Euka

Breaking The Ice Ripple

The first portion of the proGram had the freeze frozen and the waves in place….step in and change the look and feel:

Dimension- Wolfmother
Sermon- Mercury Rev Ft. Margo Price
By The Minute- Gabe Burdulis#
**Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Gabe Burdulis**
Late Night Drive- Gabe Burdulis#
Let In A Little Light- Leftover Salmon
Black Snake- The Drunken Hearts
The Blue Jacket- Lili Haydn
Nowadays- Marvin Etzioni
What Will Be Will What- Thollem

Waiting All Day- Dwight James & The Royals
Need Your Loving- Dwight James & The Royals
Christmas Fool- Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers
Chapels- Katie Henry Ft. Marcus Randolph

Folsom Prison Blues- Hot Tuna (live)
The Long Walk- Seth Davis Hunter Ft. Alan Evans, Chef Dave & Darby Wolf
Puszta Mirage- Billy Martin’s Fang Percussion Ft. Ned Rothenberg
Ma Kali Take Us Home- Hamid Drake & Bindu
Qua- Lemon Juice Orchestra

(I’m A) Road Runner- Jerry Velona
She’s Looking Good- Jerry Velona
Headin’ West- Tommy Guerrero

# = World Premiere

Holiday Cheers With Gabe Burdulis

Gabe Burdulis is a 22 year-old singer-songwriter based out of Nashville. His roots began in Madison, Wisconsin where he spent most of his time playing at bars, staying out way too late for school nights. He began teaching himself guitar after he first picked up his fathers guitar in 7th grade. Writing and performing became a deep passion early on, he started playing in multiple bands locally including playing guitar for “The Funky Drummer”, Clyde Stubblefield in his late years. He moved to Nashville at the age of 18 without knowing a soul. Since then, he has played iconic venues like the Bluebird Cafe, performed with Grammy Winning band Los Lobos, and even caught the attention of Sheryl Crow when she attended his bands show in Nashville…..followed by a post on her social media saying “They blew me away! Check them out!!”. While he usually mixes bluesy roots and a love for pop melodies, Gabe’s music sits somewhere in a folk/americana style with a flare to stretch out at times. His lyrics are meaningful and evoke emotion ranging beyond love songs with a strong acoustic driven feel. His live shows are energetic yet intimate whether it be solo or with a band. Set to release a new EP on December 18th and head out on a string of national tour dates, there are some new stylin’s heading your way from Gabe Burdulis in 2019!

I had a chance to catch up with Gabe leading up tp his December 18th Holiday Event at the High Noon Saloon with his band, The Mascot Theory and Lost Lakes. We get into what a newcomer to Madison’s music scene can expect when these artists get toGether to put it out there, we talk about the new release set to be available on that evening and we even dive into the opportunity to be a part of the scene of the legend himself, Mr Clyde Stubblefield. The sincerity within this conversation I think spells it ot a little about why people are talking about Gabe AND his music, not just his music.

Knowing the Shadows

The second portion of the proGram doesn’t let the things that look different change the outcome;

Granny’s New Mule- Seth Hunter Davis Ft. Chef Dave, Alan Evans & Darby Wolf
Luv Jones- Charles Bradley

Hush- The Getup
Featherbed Lane- Mestizo Beat
Ain’t It Funky Now- The Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
Let the Music Play- Mr. Confuse Ft. Manoo
It’s Alright- Jerry Velona

First Bite- The Mackrosoft
Slime Pit- The Samps
Arboreal- Fima Ephron

Guilty- Zazou Bikaye
Wit’ Da Team- Genesis Owusu
Acid King- Malibu Ken, Aesop Rock & TOBACCO
Dads and Mums- Nonames Ft. Roachee and Killa P (Sumgil Remix)
greenarrowradio promo- MC ZULU

Chapter 10- Mister Rourke
Revolving Lantern 2- Axion117
Shrunken Heads- NameBrandSound
Sète- Souleance

Kora Kora- Nova Materia
On Av- Nova Materia

Dads and Mums- Nonames (Sumgil Remix Instrumental)

This Shadow Knows

The first portion of the proGram knew it casts a recognizable feature into the world:

Can’t Put My Finger On It- Mackenzie O’Brien
Pretty Girls Make Me Nervous- TJ and the Revenge
Big Dick Jazz- TJ and the Revenge
The End- Dani Bell and The Tarantist

Think About It- The Yardbirds (live 2016)
We Love You- The Locker Room Cowboys
We Feel Fine- Touch

Chip- Troker
Little Miss Piggy- John Medeski’s Mad Skillet
Highway Hustle- Tommy Guerrero
On My Mind- Circles Around The Sun
We Make Free Jazz Great Again- Whose Hat Is This?
Release The Cracklins- Whose Hat Is This?

Sun Gonna Shine- Big Hands Rhythm & Blues Band
Joy- Big Hands Rhythm & Blues Band

Bury Me- Jonathon Long
It’s Your Voodoo Working- Samantha Fish
**Excerpt of pre-recorded conversation with Samantha Fish**
American Dream- Samantha Fish
Run Run Rudolph- Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers
Woohoo- Diane Durrett & Soul Suga (live)
greenarrowradio promo- Kirk Fletcher

Glass Art Corner

Got a chance to fill in for the hour before the show. Put toGether some treats for those who let the light shine in:

Aguiar 3- Francesca Anderegg & Erica Ribeiro
Spooky- Brian Newman

Fireplay- Far Corner
Night Of Odds- Far Corner
Fork- Far Corner
Crème Anglaise- Forgas Band Phenomena

Uber Funk- Tony Koch and the AltNews Band
Dang Swing- John Scofield
Birdland / Long Distant Runaround- Tobin Mueller
Vortex Number 9- Uniting Of Opposites

Take Five- Dave Brubeck
Curls- Abstract Orchestra
Madmix 1- Abstract Orchestra

Tu Sultan- Manikur Kaur Ft. James Yorkston

Madison Is Ready For Samantha Fish

After launching her recording career in 2009, Samantha Fish quickly established herself as a rising star in the contemporary blues world. Since then, the charismatic young singer-guitarist-songwriter has earned a reputation as a rising guitar hero and powerful live performer, while releasing a series of acclaimed albums that have shown her restless creative spirit consistently taking her in new and exciting musical directions. Having already made it clear that she’s more interested in following her heart than she is in repeating past triumphs, Samantha delivers some of her most compelling music to date with her latest release, Belle of the West, her fifth studio album. The deeply soulful, personally charged eleven song set showcases her sublime acoustic guitar skills as well as her rootsy, emotionally resonant songwriting. We have learned along her musical path so far that while the blues is the backbone to where she started and is part of the feeling of her music, she is much more than just that. She has many sounds driven from that foundation, but make no mistake, she is an artist with an open mind and can take that blues drive down any genre avenue.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Samantha ahead of her upcoming stop in Madison on December, 13th at the High Noon Saloon. We touch base on the who and what will be happening at that event for anyone who doesn’t recall her recent times in Madison. We get into how the newest music has been built by a vision that started even before her first release and how it has led her to be on the other side of things, producing Jonathon Long‘s new self titled release on her very own Wild Heart Records label. Jonathon will be opening for Samantha on the 13th. I think you’ll find that not only is her music hitting the spot you would hope it can, but the person she is, seeking artists to support that deserve their share of the spotlight, is just as cool and awesome as her sounds.

Lincoln Hall, Chicago, 1/31/2018.
Photo By: Kirstine Walton

Hiding In A Black Or White World

The second portion of the Sunday open-schedule fill-in proGram didn’t need reminders of the colors to care.

Shikkoku Dub- Bill Laswell, Hideo Yamaki with Josh Werner
The Lie- Taj Weekes
Insecurities- Taj Weekes

Babam- Minor Empire
Tohum- Minor Empire
Iki Keklik- Minor Empire
Baiah Dug Duble- Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo
Kaigal- Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo

How We Gonna Work It Out (Bosq Remix)- Kokolo
Afrika Man (GMGN Remix)- Kokolo
Salsero- Hip Spanic Allstars
Party In The Mission- Hip Spanic Allstars

Danama- Baye Kouyatè
Tssad- Dimyon
Train To Chill- Eyal Talmudi

Hakuna- Hu: Vibrational
Roma (Electric Hot Pot Mix)- Sharabi Ft. Frank London & Deep Singh

Chapter 10- Mister Rourke

Saloon Saloon

The first portion of a Sunday open schedule fill-in proGram had the corners of the blocks all around the big rotating circle in mind:

Five Tango Sensations: Anxiety- Fareed Haque & Kaia String Quartet
All The Way Home- Bokanté, Metropole Orkest & Jules Buckley

Captain Time and His Craic Crew- Jim Roberts
Past Tense- Jim Roberts
Moral Compass- Jim Roberts
Inner City Blues- Jim Roberts

Tako Tsubo- Paris Combo
Anemiques Maracas- Paris Combo
Specimen- Paris Combo
somnambulist- nêhiyawak
Muscle Zydeco- Corey Ledet & His Zydeco Band

Exotic Other- Animanz & Juanita Euka
Drink The Water- Animanz & Juanita Euka
Chameleon- Animanz & Juanita Euka
The System- The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra
Twisted Love Letter- MC Zulu & The Weapons

Contradiction- Alborosie Ft. Chronixx
Too Rock- Alborosie Ft. Beres Hammond
Tonight- Joey Radio
2nd Time Around- Jr Thomas & The Volcanos
Phony Ones- Jr Thomas & The Volcanos

Be Sure To Dot The Eyes

The second set from the regularly scheduled proGram had the Balinese dot painting in us all shining bright:

John Brown- Marc Ribot Ft. Fay Victor
Fly Little Girl- Charles Bradley
Slip Away- Charles Bradley
Let Me Love You Baby- Mike Farris
When Mavis Sings- Mike Farris
Lovely Day- José James Ft. Lalah Hathaway
Use Me- José James

Mighty Mighty- Jerry Velona
Fat B- Keller Williams
A Distant Closeness- Tommy Guerrero
The Shorter Shuffle- OJT
Blue- Space Captain
One For Chuck- Circles Around The Sun Ft. Chuck D.

Runaway- Eric Lau
Do You Like Music?- Eric Lau

Get It Got it Good Intro- Shad
Sniper Interlude- Shad
Crispus Attucks- Killiam Shakespeare Ft. DJ Jazzy Jeff
Williehook (skit)- Georgia Anne Muldrow
These Are The Things I Really Like About You- Georgia Anne Muldrow Ft. Dudley Perkins
Blam- Georgia Anne Muldrow

Fireflies- Marley Carroll

Upside Down Sniffa

The first portion of the reGularly schedules show continued to use its senses no matter what position it found itself in:

Show Me Something Higher- Leftover Salmon
Goddamn Heart- Hillstomp
So Good- Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Me And The Devil- Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
If The Spirit Don’t Move You- The Reputations

Baby I Love You- Dave Keller
You Bring The Sunshine- Dave Keller
Junebug’s Percussion Solo- Diane Durrett & Soul Suga Ft. Melissa Junebug (live)
Sassy Larue- Diane Durrett & Soul Suga (live)

Dead ‘n’ Gone- Jake’O
**Excerpt of pre-recorded Conversation with Jake’O**
Whatcha Gonna Do?- Jake’O
Not From Round Here- Jake’O

Confessions- The Marcus King Band
Homesick- The Marcus King Band
Ain’t It Hard But Fair- Chris Robinson Brotherhood (live)
Searchin’- Seth Hunter Davis Ft. Chef Dave & Johnny Neel

Sick ‘n’ Tired- The ArKaics
Come Down- Zoo Animal
Concern And A Warning- Zoo Animal
Pilicious Bitches- Johnny Pisano’s Punk Rock Pizzeria
The Opposite- Alec K. Redfearn

Dusty Trails- Moon Sugar
Danger: Chase- Morricone Youth

Veggies And All

The second helping of the day after open schedule proGram make sure you cleaned off your plate:

Duff’s Groove- Noon
Diamond- Robi Botos Ft. Seamus Blake, Larnell Lewis & Mike Downes
Hope- Robi Botos Ft. Seamus Blake, Larnell Lewis & Mike Downes

Black Paradise (interlude)- Xavier Davis
Black Paradise- Xavier Davis
The Unfreeway (interlude)- Xavier Davis

Victor’s Delight- The Brian Auger Piano Trio (live)
A Night In Tunisia- The Brian Auger Piano Trio (live)
The Middle Man- Christian McBride
Walking Funny- Christian McBride

The Trap- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra Ft. Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, MonoNeon, Victor Wooten & Weedie Braimah
Focus Poem- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra Ft. Béla Fleck
We Came Through The Storm- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra
Timing- Marcus Strickland’s Twi-Life
On My Mind- Marcus Strickland’s Twi-Life Ft. Bilal, Pharoahe Monch & Greg Tate

Rooftop Blues- OJT
Kebbi Played a Note- Whose Hat Is This?
Well Alright, Playboy- Whose Hat Is This?

Blue ‘N Boogie / West Coast Blues- Wes Montgomery (live)
Mr. Fishbone- Jaco Pastorius (live)
Willa Jean- John Scofield

Celebrate With Good People

The first portion of this open schedule day after the thanks proGram was served up this way:

Au Privave- Charlie Haden & Brad Mehldau (live)
Duo de Aguas- Omar Sosa & Yilian Cañizares
Sanzara- Omar Sosa & Yilian Cañizares

Three Little Words- Fred Hersch Trio (live)
Djerbi- George Gruntz
Raga Jeeva Swara- Dave Pike Set
Run Riot- Francois Houle & Alexander Hawkins
Taiga- Josh Sinton’s Predicate Trio

Violin Partita No. 1 in B Minor, BWV1002, II. Double- Aruan Ortiz & Don Byron
Dolphy’s Dance- Aruan Ortiz & Don Byron
Black And Tan Fantasy- Aruan Ortiz & Don Byron
Barney’s Fife- Jack Mouse Group

IMB- Wayne Horvitz
Arrival- İlhan Erşahin’s Istanbul Sessions
Farewell to Earth- İlhan Erşahin’s Istanbul Sessions
Take Me To Wak Wak!- Phillip Johnston
Adventures in China- Phillip Johnston
What Is Real- Phillip Johnston & The Collerators

Nuvo-Retro With Jake’O

Jake’O is a young man with an old soul. He has the spirit of an aged blues man and the willingness to expand his jam as a ready to learn artist. He consistently amazes his audiences with his modern-retro originals and his unique and energized arrangements of blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and sweet rhythm and blues. His sweat til you drop entertainment style transforms a ‘routine performance’ into a experience that an audience will take with themselves to reflect upon and wonder why all artists don’t shake rattle and roll like Jake’O does. When he takes to the stage, his slick leading guitar licks and his familiar, yet :what’s that” vocals captures the crowd and commands the scene to pay attention. Jake’O is soulfully spicing up the Delta Blues and Dixieland Jazz into this unique, new age, revved-up 1950’s Rock N’ Roll sound. It doesn’t matter what kinds of music fits your ear; he’ll offer a little taste of something for everyone.

I had the chance to catch up with Jake’O about his brand new self released album, Nuvo-Retro. We get into his approach to songwriting and song finding and how each moment of a song is a unique time ready to be built off of. We talk about how such a young man got into such old sounds and how his twisting and turning of this foundation, brought a new feeling to an older sounding style. I have a feeling that once folks get a little fever for the flavor of some Jake’O music, they will quickly learn that Jake’O knows how to put on a show, one that is most memorable for what you see as much as for what you hear.

Photo By Jimmy THE FOX Robinson