Watching The Changes

The first portion of the proGram had something where nothing once was:

Faint Of Heart- Jarrod Dickenson
Way Past Midnight- Jarrod Dickenson
All In This Together- Coy Bowles
I Don’t Dream Anymore- Logan Ledger
Starlight- Logan Ledger

You’re The One- Raul Midon
The Mirror- Raul Midon
Everybody Wants To Rule The World- Making Movies

Halcyon Blue- Fine Motor
Rise And Shine- The Buttertones
Velour- The Buttertones
Rule My World- Datura4
West Coast Highway Cosmic- Datura4

I’ve Got A Long Way To Go- Andy Frasco & the U.N.

Across The Universe with Al Di Meola

Al Di Meola‘s ongoing fascination with complex rhythmic syncopation combined with provocative lyrical melodies and sophisticated harmony has been at the heart of his music throughout a celebrated career that has spanned four decades and earned him critical accolades, three gold albums and more than six million in record sales worldwide. A bona fide guitar hero, perennial poll-winner, and prolific composer, he has amassed over 20 albums as a leader while collaborating on a dozen or so others with the likes of the fusion supergroup Return to Forever (with Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and Lenny White), the celebrated acoustic Guitar Trio featuring fellow virtuosos John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia, and the Rite of Strings trio with bassist Clarke and violinist Jean-Luc Ponty. And while his dazzling technique on both acoustic and electric guitars has afforded him regal status among the hordes of fretboard fanatics who regularly flock to his concerts, the depth of Di Meola’s writing along with the soulfulness and the inherent lyricism of his guitaristic expression have won him legions of fans worldwide beyond the guitar aficionado set. A retrospective of Al Di Meola’s nearly 50 year acclaimed career is expressed through his latest Ear Music release of March 2020 “ACROSS THE UNIVERSE” with his virtuosic arrangements and creative interpretations of 14 Beatles songs with lightning speed electric guitar orchestrations balanced with lavish acoustic arrangements.

I had the honor of scratching off one of those bucket list items while catching up with Mr. Al Di Meola about the new album, “Across The Universe”. We talk about how he turned songs we all know deeply into brand new things, while keeping certain aspects and “Di Meola-fying” other parts. We find out who was harder to work with, Randy Breaker or his daughter and we walk through how “Dear Prudence” went from the one we know into the one that shows up on the new release. I hope you all get to cross off some things you have always hoped to do during these new kind of times, and while you do so, check out this chat and the new album.

Walk With Me

The second half of the hump day mixed jazz(ish) bag walked this way:

Passing Game- Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis
So New Orleans!- Delfeayo Marsalis & the Uptown Jazz Orchestra Ft. Dr. Brice Miller
Dr. Hardgroove- Delfeayo Marsalis & the Uptown Jazz Orchestra Ft. Khari Lee & Andrew Baham

Rejekt- Troy Roberts
Little Room- Troy Roberts
Algorythm and Blues- Gilfema
Brio- Gilfema

Emaphusheni- Nduduzo Makhathini
Umyalez’oPhuthumayo- Nduduzo Makhathini
Saziwa Nguwe- Nduduzo Makhathini
Suwakaba- Karuna Trio Ft. Adam Rudolph, Ralph M. Jones & Hamid Drake
Joulo- JMO
Hang Ever- JMO

March March Stumble- Thollem

Spring Still Sprouts

The first half of this week’s hump day mixed jazz(ish) bag saw the inches rise:

I’m In Love Again- Alexia Bomtempo
Thriving Ring- Enrique Haneine
Last Lullaby- Day Dream Trio
Vesper- Day Dream Trio

Shockingly Effective- Chris McCarthy
That’s All You Get- Chris McCarthy
P.S.- Antti Lotjonen Ft. Verneri Pohjola, Mikko Innanen, Jussi Kannaste & Joonas Riippa
Pocket Yoga- Antti Lotjonen Ft. Verneri Pohjola, Mikko Innanen, Jussi Kannaste & Joonas Riippa

Always There- Jimmy Greene
Spiral- Lakecia Benjamin Ft. Marcus Gilmore & Steve Wilson
A Still Small Voice- Arturo O’Farrell & Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra

I Remember

The final portion of this week’s proGram brought back memories of things I remember I like…I think:

Judy- Robert Walter, Eddie Roberts & Adam Deitch
Mo’ Crunch- Speedometer
Hit The Deck- Shwizz

The Republic of Persevere- Out of the Ordinary (live at Voodoo Room Mix)
Skyline- The Phenomenal Handclap Band
Ambition Like Cream- Flevans Ft. Scooby Jones

Dear Prudence- Al Di Meola
Revival- Gregory Porter
I Put a Spell On You- Kandace Springs Ft. David Sanborn
Killing Me Softly- Kandace Springs Ft. Elena Pinderhughes
They Took My Hand- Nina Simone
Heaven Belongs To You- Nina Simone

photo by: MBass

What We Need To Nose

The middle portion of the proGram has a lot of information that comes out once you start to move it and groove it.

Quarantine Blues- Mike Zito
Whom My Soul Loves- The Proven Ones Ft. Ruthie Foster
New Orleans Is Sinking- Crystal Shawanda

Going To Kansas City- Eddie Tigner
Every Day of Your Life- Jimmy Johnson Ft. Typhanie Monique
Superhero’s Delight- Cecil Moses & the SGs
Tiger King- Greyhounds
Entertainment- Lexsoul Dancemachine
Chelada- Polyrhythmics

Rile ‘Em Up- The Allergies
Felony- The Allergies
Jane Fonda- The Sweatband
Purify- Izo Fitzroy
Runnin’ Wild- Olivier St. Louis

We Seed You

The first portion of this week’s proGram needs to get the goods in order to grow up strong:

Modern Appalachia- Sarah Siskind Ft. Bill Frisell
Winding Road Reprise- Fireside Collective
Jaded- Jeff Burnham and the Insiders
Capital Crimes- Andrew Bird

Bring It- The Burrito Brothers
**pre-recorded conversation with Chris P. James Of The Burrito Brothers**
Gravity- The Burrito Brothers
Sometimes You Just Can’t Win- The Burrito Brothers

No Expectations- Green Leaf Rustlers (live)
Groove Me- Green Leaf Rustlers (live)

Don’t Be So Shy With Me- Sophie Tassignon
Most Accidents Happen- The Claudettes
They Don’t Say A Word- Victor DeLorenzo

Edge Of Trust- Strange Majik
Here’s The Thing- Sports Team
You Be The Fool- Datura4

The Notorious Burrito Brothers

The Burrito Brothers celebrate an illustrious past while serving up fresh contributions for a bright future. They continue to climb the branches of the “many tall pines” first planted in 1968. Trace the winding paths of Country and Rock & Roll back, you’ll find them there. Anyone who had a heart and ears can tell these guys are world-class musicians and songwriters with one listen. Here they are in the years, carrying on the tradition of classic late-1960s and early ’70s “Hippie Country-Rock” music, expanding its boundaries, always exploring new horizons. Country Rock’s big bang came in Los Angeles in the late ‘60s. In 1968, Ian Dunlop and Barry Tashian started The Flying Burrito Brothers. Then in 1969, with Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman at the helm, the group released their classic first LP, “The Gilded Palace of Sin”. Since then the band has carried on, always evolving. This year marks the 50th anniversary of that classic LP. Gram Parsons’ original vision for the band is still going strong. “I just ran 20 red lights in his honor,” says Chris P James. At the beginning of the 1980s the band moved their base of operations from LA to Nashville. At that point the name was shortened to The Burrito Brothers. The band has remained in Nashville ever since. Now, The Burrito Brothers are right on track with a brand new release that is ready cherish the legacy it was build upon.

I had the chance to catch up with lead singer/keyboardist/harmoicaplayer/songwriter for the band, Chris P. James to discuss the brand new album “The Notorious Burrito Brothers”, released last month on The Store For Music/MVD Entertainment. We dissect the few tracks I intend on sharing with the listeners – which leads into a fascinating story behind one of the tunes (“Sometimes You Just Can’t Win”)that comes with the finding of a Gram Parsons handwritten piece. Chris reminds us of the story of the band’s travels and name/lineup changes through all the years, and that easily ties back into the sound of this new album being a reminder of its epic beGinnings in the late 60’s/early 70’s. This album has that feeling of going back there and either reliving some moments or being able to desire them in the first place.

Hump Day Green Spot

The second half of the hump day fill in proGram found the one spot where things have been growing all along:

Wild Life- Grayson Brockamp and the New Orleans Wildlife Band
The Night You Never Made It Home, Pt. II- Brockamp and the New Orleans Wildlife Band
Ooh LA LA- Run The Jewels Ft. Greg Nice & DJ Premier
Unlearning- Evidence

The Possibility of a Dream Coming True- Robotaki
Obelisk- Robotaki
Dodo- Emancipator
Alligator- Emancipator
Qadir- Nick Hakim

Hanging Dub- Augustus Pablo
Hold Firm- Collie Buddz
Slaver (DJ Olive RMX)- Dr. Israel
Tomorrow (Escape Brooklyn Dub)- Dr. Israel
Ready Steady Go- Kingston Express Ft. Earl 16 & Horseman

Garden Of Embers- Karavan Sarai

Hump Day Beats

Did a little pre-recorded hump day fill in proGram with a focus on some new beats and grooves to help get you through…here’s the first half:

Choppa Fiesta- J Felix
Tewali Sukali- Nihiloxica
African Groove- B0nds

Hold On- Little Dragon
I Don’t Care- Ángela Muñoz & Adrian Younge
Introduction- Takahiro Izumikawa
No Satisfaction- Takahiro Izumikawa
Love Has No Heart- Thievery Corporation Ft. Shana Halligan

Ginkgo Biloba- Rone
Atlas- Bicep
Automatic (Tensnake Dub RMX)- Tensnake Ft. Fiora

Genesis- Myki
Precipice- Hector Plimmer
No Mo Dinin- Lily Haz

Anybody Home

The final portion of this week’s first ever pre-recorded proGram was able to get it done and is still looking around to make sure it is ok:

Golden Slumber’s Medley- Al Di Meola
Têkê- Gilfema
Little Wing- Gilfema

While Looking Up- Jimmy Greene
Conexão- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. João Donato
Affinity- Lakecia Benjamin Ft. Reggie Workman & Greg Osby

Candlelight- Moon Hooch
Antiplace- Superposition

Home- Greg Blackman
Rise Up- Greg Blackman
Noi-Zee Boy- Pyrotechnist
El Torro- Pyrotechnist
Hawk- Pyrotechnist

Tree Me

he middle piece to the pre-recorded proGram puzzle cannot wait to revisit this spot once the leaves come back.

Interlude- Derrick Shezbie
Bucket’s Got A Hole- Derrick Shezbie
Raid on the Mingus House Party- Delfeayo Marsalis & the Uptown Jazz Orchestra Ft. Gregory Agid

The Story of You And I- Tower Of Power
Look In My Eyes- Tower Of Power
A Real Mother For Ya- Scott Brown/David Schlossberg
We Gave up Too Soon- Speedometer Ft. Vanessa Jamie
Slim Pickings- Izo FitzRoy

We Broke- Cole DeGenova
Two Puffs- Cole DeGenova

Legba Blues- Paul Beaubrun Ft. Jean Caze & Kabysh

Being Outside Away

The first portion of my first ever pre-recorded automation run proGram was allowing itself to take the sounds outside for a little spin….

Intro- Fireside Collective
Winding Road- Fireside Collective
With The Broad River Runs- Fireside Collective

If I Could See- Raul Midon
I Love The Afternoon- Raul Midon
One Day Without War- Raul Midon

Declined- The Claudettes
When She’s There- Victor DeLorenzo

Curtain Up- Strange Majik
A Darker Shade of Brown- Datura4
Wolfman Woogie- Datura4
The Listening Room- Whim
Crazy Woman- Kulturní úderka
I Owe You Nothing (but the Spirit of the Protest)- THE GR RECORD HEAD
Riders On The Storm- Holy Boy

Ride Me High- Green Leaf Rustlers (live)

Upside Black Down White

Another set of things I was able to put into my earholes while taking a week off from the show and learn how to get a quality product recorded and automated for listening pleasures.

New Age Ladies- Secretary
Risk Failure- Secretary
Golden Dunes- The Budos Band
Budos Dirge- The Budos Band
Melody Truck- Euforquestra
Dr. Standby- Euforquestra
St. Louis- Teddy Presberg
Thanks Maw- Teddy Presberg
Scratchinataitchouttareach- Baby Elephant Ft. George Clinton
I Wanna B W.U- Lyrics Born Ft. Lateef
Coulda Shoulda Woulda- Lyrics Born Ft. Sam Sparo
Quit Playing Games With God- Mike Mothersbaugh
Chocolate (Adrian Quesada Remix)- Packfika
Two Steps (Herma Puma RMX)- Alice Russell
Scare Tactics- The Afromotive
Upside Down- FELA On Broadway
Expensive Shit- FELA on Broadway
Int.ntl Thief Thief- FELA on Broadway


Took a week off due to the studio being closed for safety. Worked on getting record ready to continue proGramming but also got to listen to some albums from times gone bye:

Wawshishijay- Kronos Quartet
Sutukuri- Orchestra Baobab
Jiin Ma Jiin Ma- Orchestra Baobab
Munanë (Agew)- Abiyou Solomon
Jane Wange- Billy Mbowa with the AGS Boys
Gwenasobya- Frida Sonko w/Equator Sound
African Woman- Baaba Maal
Samariya- Ali Farka Toure
Borei- Vieus Farka Toure
Sankara Diadjo- Vieux Farka Ture
Tindehe- Zieti
Zre- Zieti

Nature Reaches Out

The final portion of the extra time shared on the radio knew nature needed to be listened to:

We Channel Timeless- Ben Tyree
Run, The Darkness Will Pass- Shabaka & The Ancestors
Big Brown- Thollem
Oligarch Super Villains- Thollem

Hey Lover- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Roy Ayers
Nancy Wilson- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Brian Jackson

Savoy Truffle- Pat Petrillo’s NYC Big Rhythm Band
Kaleidoscopic Hipnofusion- Pat Petrillo’s NYC Big Rhythm Band

Jazz Dreams- Christian Tamburr Septet
Epílogo- Kurt Elling Ft. Danilo Perez
Alabama- Lakecia Benjamin
Pursuance-Lakecia Benjamin Ft. Marc Cary
Acknowledgement- Lakecia Benjamin Ft. Dee Dee Bridgewater & The Last Poets

Musik- David Walters
Bwè Dlo- David Walters Ft. Seun Kuti
Fist Of Flowers- Antibalas

So Blue Is The Sky

Did and extra couple of hours after the show to keep the healing vibes flowing. Here’s how the first portion of that went down…so get on up:

The Situation- Badge and Talkalot Ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow
Shameless- Badge and Talkalot Ft. Neco Redd
Do It- Smoove & Turrell
Simbi Dlo- Paul Beaubrun

De La- Gitkin Ft. Carol C
Canción del Aplauso- Gitkin
Smoke- Bassel & the Supernaturals

Little Man- Wajatta
January- Wajatta
House of Narcotics – Opium Wars Mix- The Orb
Let The Speakers Blow- Big Gigantic
Higher- Big Gigantic Ft. The Funk Hunters
Whole Again Hooligan- J-Felix Ft. Sol Goodman

Interlude- Takashiro Izumikawa Ft. Parker McAllister & Marshall York
Trigger- Takashiro Izumikawa Ft. Syl DuBenion
Moving Up- Takashiro Izumikawa Ft. Bajah

Just Another Brotha- MInk
Mali Empire- MInk Ft. A5k!

Color Me In Deep Spring

The final portion of the regularly scheduled proGram found the colors to be as bright as one can see..

Nick Of Time- The James Hunter Six
Till I Hear It From You- The James Hunter Six
Missing In Action- The James Hunter Six
Edge Of Fear- Speedometer
Kashmir- Speedometer

If It’s Tea Give Me Coffee- Tower Of Power
***pre-recorded conversation with Emilio Castillo of Tower Of Power***
If You Wanna Be A Winner- Tower Of Power
You Da One- Tower Of Power

We Got To Stand- The Burroughs
Mitchell’s Landing- Malcolm Strachan Ft. The Haggis Horns
N.B.T.- Black Market Brass
Squirtly- Beat Bronco Organ Trio Ft. Chip Wickham
Wolfdelic- Jason Miles Kind Of New

Operation 222- The Lounge Bar Orchestra

All Together Now

The middle portion of this week’s proGram made mooooovin’ on over a part of all our lives:

***Pre-recorded Conversation with Victor DeLorenzo***
Traceaphone- Victor DeLorenzo
Lullaby- Victor DeLorenzo
Invisible Shadows- Victor DeLorenzo

I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain- I Am Voyager 1
Reign Beck’s Bolero- Icarus Reel’s Acid

Detroit Dos- Circles Around The Sun
George- Joe Marcinek Ft. George Porter Trio

Let Go Go- JB Kings
Run For Your Life- Monophonics
Language of Love- Jason Joshua

Can I Call You Rose- Thee Sacred Souls
Green Light- The Devonns
More- The Devonns

It Is Here

Believe it or not with all that is going on, the calendar says the first set of the proGram starts off with a Spring:

Fireflies- Jake Shimabukuro
I Like It When You’re Home- Della Mae
Wish You Were Here- Ruthie Collins
Change On The Rise- Avi Kaplan

Jazz Party- Delfeayo Marsalis & the Uptown Jazz Orchestra Ft. Tonya Boyd-Cannon
I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby- Tbone Paxton & the RJ Spangler Quartet
Introduction- Derrick Shezbie
Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight- Derrick Shezbie

Creeper Weed- The Claudettes
Phone Zombies- Roomful Of Blues
Red Hot Mama- Ben Rice & RB Stone
I Hate To See You Go- Jim Gustin and Truth Jones
Bailing the Titanic- Liz Mandeville Ft. Dario Lombardo
Hoodoo on Me- Albert Castiglia (live)

Big Mouth Blues- Green Leaf Rustlers (live)