That’s That Spot

Had the opportunity to do an extra hour on the tail end of the proGram…we went to where the land meets the water:

Athena (Rondeña)- José Antonio Rodríguez
Festa do Tubarão- Dona Onete

Koka Nocast- Cätlin Mägi
Annell Aslin Falk- Ahlberg Ek Roswall

Bbaeng Dub- NST & The Soul Sauce meets Kim Yulhee
Peace Rights Love- Micah Shalom
Stop Killing Your Brothers Down- Lee SCRATCH Perry

Samedi Glace- 3MA Ft. Ballaké Sissoko, Driss El Maloumi & Rajery
Africa- Santrofi
Kay Granpa- Lakou Mizik Ft. Tank and the Bangas
At The Temple- Mustafa Khaliq Ahmed & Charles Compo
See, Know, Love, Praise- Mustafa Khaliq Ahmed & Charles Compo
Kel Tinawen- Tinariwen Ft. Cass McCombs

Il Ne Faut Pas Intervenir (Martin Meissonnier Reconstruct)- Sankayi
Ansit- Rachid Taha
Aita- Rachid Taha

Let’s Go Here

The final portion of the proGram walked up onto a spot that was perfect to our ears:

Fess Up (Before Ya Mess Up)- Amendola vs. Blades
Motown- Roberto Fonseca
Aah Whoa- Robert Glasper Ft. Muhsinah & Queen Sheba
Trade In Bars Yo- Robert Glasper Ft. Herbie Hancock
In Case You Forgot- Robert Glasper

***pre-recorded conversation with FlowPoetry***
Jefe- Electric Kif
Radio- Electric Kif
Driving- POLIÇA
How Far- Ego Ella May

It’s Yours- Mally
Faces- Mally
Prey- Tasman Keith & Stevie Jean

Laws Of Life- 3TM
Children Of The Sun- Sun Ra (Live in Kalisz 1986)

Lake View Effects

The second portion of the proGram sat at the edge of the dock danglin’ toes in:

Gin House Blues- Mike Mattison
The Night- Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal
Not So Fast- J. Hoard
Superstrada- The Mighty Mocambos

We Don’t Love Enough- The Triumphs
Break The Rules- Momo Said
Basement- Momo Said
No Regrets- The Pendletons Ft. K-Maxx
Keep It Working- The Pendletons Ft. Gizelle Smith

Die Mopo- Mopo
All News Is Good News- Surprise Chef
Bossa Blue- Natural Lateral

Pacific Standard- Yung Bae
Welcome to the Disco- Yung Bae Ft. Macross 82-99
Le Beat Fantastique- Ursula 1000
Follow That Car!- Ursula 1000

Cloud Laying

The first portion of the proGram was enjoyed from the top side of the fluff:

Can You Picture That?- The Gina Furtado Project
Take Your Time (I’ll Be Fine)- The Gina Furtado Project

Trapped In A Corner- Elliott Murphy
Dignity- Elliott Murphy

Yes We Can Can- Michael & The Rockness Monsters
Move Your feet/D.A.N.C.E./It’s a Sunshine Day- Michael & The Rockness Monsters

Evangelie- Ghost Town Blues Band
Over & Out- Westside Andy (live)
Just Keep Loving Her- Westside Andy (live)
Who’s Been Cheatin’ Who- Watermelon Slim/Dennis Gruenling
Have You Ever?- Doug Duffey and Badd

I Like It Like That- Teresa James and the Rhythm Tramps (live)
I Want It All- Teresa James and the Rhythm Tramps (live)
Chicken Grease- Biscuit Miller & The Mix Ft. Marcus Randolph
The Well- The Marcus King Band

Doin’ It- Ginger Baker’s Air Force (live)
Something Nice- Ginger Baker Ft. Fela Kuti

Flowpoetry Compression Release & R-n-R Show

FlowPoetry (aka Adam Gregory Pergament of Madison, WI) to release a book of poetry titled “Compression” as part of a Rock and Roll show at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI on Monday November 18, 2019 presented by High Noon Saloon, Knuckleheads Tobacco and Gifts, and WIJAM. In addition to the book release and FlowPoetry performance, music will be provided by Glostik Willy, a “Hippy Metal” power trio from Indiana, and Tate McLane, a folk artist from Minnesota. “Compression” is FlowPoetry’s second published work in-print and seeks to explore the percussive possibilities of his poetry through chants and stripped-down lyrics. Themes range from the political to the loss of love to the profound joy and necessity of creative expression. FlowPoetry’s 1st book was published in 2014 and compiled a 50-part series of poems originally published on-line through Sensible Reason, a millennial culture website headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.

I had the chance to catch up with Adam to get a bigger picture of what this event, and this book of poetry was all about. We get into idea behind having a rock and roll show surrounding a poetry book release with a poetry sharing from the stage. We dive into the creation of this new project and where it was born and how cutting out some of the fat, led to the feeling and feelings of these new poems. If this event sounds like something you may never have seen before, it very well could be. What better reason to add it to your schedule?

WHO: FlowPoetry (WI-Spoken Word), Glostik Willy (IN-Hippy Metal), Tate McLane (MN-Folk)
WHAT: FlowPoetry’s “Compression” Book Release and Rock and Roll Show
presented by High Noon Saloon, Knucklehead’s Tobacco and Gifts Madison, and WIJAM
WHERE: High Noon Saloon (701 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53703)
WHEN: Monday Nov. 18, 2019; Doors at 6:30; Show 7:30-10:30

Does Plant Dose

The final portion of this week’s proGram gets fed from the roots upward..

Wabash Blues- Tomeka Reid Quartet
***pre-recorded conversation with Tomeka Reid***
Old New- Tomeka Reid Quartet
Sadie- Tomeka Reid Quartet

All That Matters Is the Moments- The Comet Is Coming Ft. Joshua Idehen
Moorish- Phil Ranelin
The Middle of Tensions: V- Kevin Sun

Honesty- Bill Frisell
Curiosity- Bill Frisell
How Many Miles?- Bill Frisell

King Klave’s Return- Javier Santiago
Fearless- Javier Santiago
Try Again- Franco Ambrosetti Quintet

223 Teeth- Lorenzo Feliciati & Michele Rabbia
Parapegma- Lorenzo Feliciati & Michele Rabbia

Filling The Whole Hole

The middle portion of the proGram was wondering how much would it take to fill the entire wooden opening:

The Facts- Jason Yeager Ft. Farayi Malek, Matthew Stubbs & Cosimo Boni
Protest- Jason Yeager Ft. Mark Walker & Fernando Huergo
For Elise- Electric Beethoven Ft. Reed Mathis, Todd Stoops, Clay Welch, Josh Raymer

Binding of Isaac- Gil Goldstein, Fritz K Renold & Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol Ft. Jazzaar Global Ensemble, Lydia Renold, Dmitry Zinakov & Billy Cobham
Aurur, Juju- Carmen Sandim
Undergrowth- Carmen Sandim
Gone To Earth- Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Raga Massive
Africa 21- Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Raga Massive

Reverence (To Aretha)- Randy Brecker / Ada Rovatti
Wareika Goodbye- Monty Alexander
Bye Ya- Monty Alexander
Maktub- Yelfris Valdes Ft. Simo Lagnawi

Tea For Two- John Yao’s Triceratops
It’s Not Unusual- Richie Cole & Tony Monaco

Funus Imaginarium- Ghost Rhythms (live at Yoshiwara)
Xanadu- Ghost Rhythms (live at Yoshiwara)
Tequila Mockingbird- Ramsey Lewis & Urban Knights Ft. Charles Heath & Tim Gant

Shadow Walk

The first portion of the proGram knew the shadow needed to stretch it out a little bit:

Free at Last- Mareike Wiening Ft. Rich Perry/Dan Tepfer/Alex Goodman/Johannes Felscher
Rocking Chair- Louis Armstrong (live in Europe
Panama- Louis Armstrong (live in Europe)
The Bucket’s Got a Hole In It- Louis Armstrong (live in Europe)

Village Blues (Take 2)- John Coltrane
Like Sonny- John Coltrane

Bakin’- Randy Napoleon
A Sonic Handshake- TuneTown
The Mayor- TuneTown
Infinity Past- TuneTown

Prince Of Hair- Daniel Carter & Brad Farberman & Billy Martin
Just Don’t Die- Daniel Carter & Brad Farberman & Billy Martin
Little Piece of Sky- Daniel Carter & Brad Farberman & Billy Martin

Ale- Mark Sherman
Hopeful Impressions- Rez Abbasi Ft. The Silent Ensemble
Jugglers- Rez Abbasi Ft. The Silent Ensemble
Moving Forward- Rez Abbasi Ft. The Silent Ensemble

Going Into The Old New with Tomeka Reid

Recently described as a “New Jazz Power Source” by the New York Times, cellist & composer Tomeka Reid emerged as one of the most original, versatile, and curious musicians in the Chicago’s bustling jazz and improvised music community over the last decade. Now based in New York, her distinctive melodic sensibility, usually braided to a strong sense of groove, has been featured in many distinguished ensembles over the years. She has been a key member of ensembles led by legendary reedists like Anthony Braxton and Roscoe Mitchell, as well as a younger generation of visionaries including flutist Nicole Mitchell, singer Dee Alexander, and drummer Mike Reed. She is also a co- leader of the adventurous string trio, Hear in Now, with violinist Mazz Swift & bassist Silvia Bolognesi. Tomeka released her debut recording as a bandleader in 2015, with the eponymous recording by the Tomeka Reid Quartet (Jason Roebke, Tomas Fujiwara & Mary Halvorson), a lively yet charged debut album that is a vibrant showcase not only for the cellist’s improvisational acumen, but also her knack for dynamic arrangements and her compositional ability. She grew up outside of Washington D.C., and her musical career kicked into gear after moving to Chicago in 2000 to attend DePaul University for graduate school. Her work with Nicole Mitchell and various Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians-related groups have proved influential to the young musician. By focusing on developing her craft primarily as a side person and working in countless improvisational contexts, Tomeka has achieved a stunning musical maturity and is a 2016 recipient of a 3Arts award in music and received her doctorate in music from the University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign in 2017.

Right before she was heading out the door to go on a European tour with the Art Ensemble Of Chicago, I had the distinct pleasure of catching up with Tomeka ahead of her upcoming upcoming travels through Wisconsin with her quartet, including a stop at Arts & Literature Laboratory on October 31st. We dive into what those in attendance could expect from a live show, the creation of the freshly released (October 4th) album “New Old” on Cuneiform Records and the talent (Jason Roebke, Tomas Fujiwara & Mary Halvorson) she has alongside her on both the album and the tour. I am such a fan of this new music as it has the unique ability to take me there, from here and the explorations of both spaces and the in between stop me in my tracks….I can hardly imaGine how incredible it will translate into a shared listening room. I feel connected to Tomeka through her textures and melodies and I have a sneaky suspicion, others will find that same connection, whether it be from the record or the live event.

Sidewalk Display

The final portion of this week’s proGram was a reminder that it is all around us, we just need to be looking in the right places:

El Molinillo (Alegrías)- José Antonio Rodríguez
Mulato Ferrera- Etalvinho Preta
Tra Tchapéu- Fefé di Calbicera

Striptease- Rachid Taha
Happy End- Rachid Taha
Pilgrimage Suite – Ó do Borogodó- Trio Bruxo
Moa Vive part 2- Trio Bruxo

Marike- Korjen
Konopa- Korjen
Yerkir- Korjen

Djembe Jam- Mustafa Khaliq Ahmed & Charles Compo
Mustafa’s Guan Guan Co- Mustafa Khaliq Ahmed & Charles Compo
Takount- Tinariwen Ft. Noura Mint Seymali

Shine Down- Zach Deputy
Evil Man Loose in the World – Lee SCRATCH Perry
Blue Bossa My Feeling (Afrikanz on Marz Vocal Remix)- Arema Arega & Born74
Malek Ya Zahri- Acid Arab Ft. Cheikha Hadjla

Paraguaya Punk- Juana Molina
Happy Solar Return- Sefi Zisling Ft. Kutiman

Opened From Above

The second portion of this week’s proGram listened to when the ancestors open up:

Power To The Women- London Afrobeat Collective
Goyitò- Kaleta & Super Yamba Band
Jibiti- Kaleta & Super Yamba Band
Sa Na Kenbe- Lakou Mizik Ft. Cyril Neville

Start Of Your Path- Captain Supernova
Aquarian Dreams- Captain Supernova Ft. Natalie Oliveri
Dry River pt2- Momo Said
Post Scriptum- Momo Said

Conspiracy- Rich Willey & Boptism Funk Band
Dudes In Flannels- Horne Electric Band
Stasis- Casimir Liberski
Azuwi- Casimir Liberski

Niki’s Bop- Tomeka Reid Quartet Ft. Mary Halvorson, Tomas Fujiwara & Jason Roebke

Brand New Begins

The first portion of this week’s proGram has it’s first chances of starting the day off right:

The Meaning Of The Word- Ags Connolly
Soda Pop- Ghost Town Blues Band
One More Chance- The Chances & Darla Moira Sharonne
Mother-in-Law Blues- Little Mack and the Hipps
The Sky Is Crying- Little Mack Simmons
Naggin’ On My Mind- GA-20 Ft. Charlie Musselwhite & Luther Dickinson
One Night Man- GA-20

Brown Eyed Lover- Allen Stone
The Change- The Moon City Masters
Starseed- Strange Majik

Empty World- Bonerama Ft. Michael McDonald
Two Legged Dog- Biscuit Miller & The Mix
Top Hat- Analog Son
Got To Get Down- Analog Son
Permission To Land- The New Mastersound

Fields of Yields

Was able to get an extra portion of the program aGain this week. It started out heavy and went where the equipment took it:

Epaulets- The Hold Steady
Entitlement Crew- The Hold Steady
Down In The Dirt- The Hussy
Have To Hide- The Hussy
Sorry- The Hussy

Quarrel With the World- Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments
Nobody Lives On the Moon- David Thomas & Foreigners
Dream Mangler- Sendelica
Spaceman Bubblegum #2- Sendelica

Moonlight Sonata- Electric Beethoven
The Man- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra
Jupiter Calling- Jon Regen
East Side Blues- Jon Regen

Saber Rattle- Randy Napoleon
Trash Talk- Derel Monteith Trio
American Standards- Bright Dog Red

Rainbow Bridge

The final portion of the proGram went off on a trip of it’s own. The tunnel of all colors unifies within the grooves:

Out West (Daily Bread Remix)- The Echo System
Love Tree (Artifakts Remix)- The Echo System
Rosie- DJ Shadow
Swing Boom Bop- Ursula 1000 Ft. Loredana Grimaudo

Whoa- Snoh Aalegra
There’s a Man- Malou Beauvoir (Illa da Producer Remix)
Twilight Sheds- Azam Ali
Phantoms- Azam Ali

When Will The War Be Over- Lee “Scratch” Perry
Rise and Fall- Stick Figure
3rd Eye- Fiji

Ruby Bridges- Yazz Ahmed

Light Lines Flash

The middle portion of the proGram took the light within and made it’s own DNA stand clear:

Hot For Teacher- The Bird and the Bee Ft. Beck
Jamie’s Cryin’- The Bird and the Bee

Pitching Up- Resolution 88
Tom’s Diner- Karate Boogaloo
Edge Of Seventeen- Karate Boogaloo
Money- Doug Shorts
The Great Divide- Mayer Hawthorne

Sophistakitted- Sophistakits
Layin’ Low- The New Mastersounds
CTI- Analog Son
Preaching To The Choir- The Mighty Mocambos

Stay Good- Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Super Yamba Theme- Kaleta & Super Yamba Band

Cabbage- Yonrico Scott Ft. Col. Bruce Hampton & Rev. Jeff Mosier
Don’t Give Me- Yonrico Scott
Maze- Miles Davis

Planting Wings

The first portion of the proGram made the plants in the garden want to fly a little bit closer to the source:

Sad Songs Forever- Ags Connolly
Steel Wheels- Bill Scorzari
Strange Bird- Darrin Bradbury

Crazy Bout You- Amberly Chalberg
Lil Bit Country- Amberly Chalberg
Run Away With Me- Michaela Anne

Hoarder- GospelbeacH
Fruition of Persistence- Stephen Pigman
1905- Stephen Pigman

Got Love If You Want It- GA-20
Greene Boy- GA-20
Please Baby- Lee Jackson
I Still Love You- Andre Williams
Let Hootenanny Blues (Out of Jail)- Lil Mac

Help Me Baby- Myles Goodwyn
I Thought I Told You Not to Tell Them- Ghalia

Calling The Names

Had an opportunity to do an extra hour on the tail end of the reGularly schedule show. Get into some music that called out those who needed to be heard, then:

Glare Of The Tiger- Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Raga Massive
One For The Kids- Franco Ambrosetti Quintet
Stratford East- Led Bib

The Mouse- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra
The Maze- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra
Jack The Sipper- Troy Roberts

The Seventh- Electric Beethoven Ft. Clay Welch, Josh Raymer, Todd Stoops, Reed Mathis & Jason Hann
Ostron Koma- Petter Eldh Ft. Jonas Kullhammar, Mikko Innanen & Christian Lillinger
Hedgehog’s Dilemma- Neue Grafik Ensemble Ft. Brother Portrait
The Originals- The Christian Jacob Trio

Light Palace

The final portion of the regularly scheduled proGram found the place to celebrate life:

La Gueule- Kaleta & Super Yamba Band
Miss Lovely- Fiji
Highest High- Fiji
Life is a Party- Stick Figure
Stir It up (In the Pot)- Lee SCRATCH Perry

Mwana- Sampa The Great Ft. Mwanje Tembo, Theresa Mutale Tembo & Sunburnt Soul Choir
OMG- Sampa The Great
Final Form- Sampa The Great
Blame- Haviah Mighty

Education- Freddie Gibbs and Madlib Ft. Yasiin Bey & Black Thought
Practice- Freddie Gibbs and Madlib
Back to Life- Chiiild Ft. Shungudzo

Cleared (Original Take)- Marques Lafelt
Be the Change- Mr V & Reelsoul Ft. Michelle Rivera & Jaeden
W.B.E.- Electric Kif
St. Germain- Electric Kif

Fly On Big Drum

The second portion of the program was in remembrance of my brother, Rico. He will continue to soar within so many, including the music:

To The Land- Yonrico Scott
Hear Me Now- Yonrico Scott
How Long- Hannah Williams & The Affirmations
I Can’t Let This Slip Away- Hannah Williams & The Affirmations
I’m a Good Woman- The Soul Immigrants Ft. Ria Currie
Let’s Go Back- The New Mastersounds Ft. Lamar Williams Jr.
Live Life Free- The New Mastersounds Ft. Lamar Williams Jr.
Give More- Analog Son

The Republic of Persevere- Out Of The Ordinary Ft. Mike Keat/Subie Coleman/Heather McCleod/Louise Murphy/Gina Rae
Kind of Strange- Out Of The Ordinary Ft. Rosanne Erskine & Philip Collins
Runout Groove- Resolution 88
Hipnotic Nomad- The Echo System Ft. Josh Fairman, Jeff Franca, Mike Tallman, Joe Tatton
Corner Pocket- Robert Walter Eddie Roberts Adam Deitch
Down for My City- The Soul Rebels Ft. Emeril Lagasse, Trombone Shorty, Kermit Ruffins, Mia X, DJ Jubilee, Cheeky Blakk, Tonya Boyd-Cannon, New Orleans Citywide Youth Choir, Jaelyn Langston, Wild Wayne & Kango Slim

This Is It- Miles Davis
***pre-recorded conversation with Miles Davis’ nephew Vince Wilburn Jr***
Rubberband of Life- Miles Davis Ft. Ledisi

Where Love Lives- Brooklyn Funk Essential
No Strings- Brooklyn Funk Essentials


The first portion of this week’s proGram woodn’t have all the answers:

Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs- Darrin Bradbury
The Trouble With Time- Darrin Bradbury Ft. Margo Price

The Hard Stuff- Susan Gibson
Looking For a Fight- Susan Gibson
El Camino Fly- Helene Cronin
Take Me Down- Miss Bix & The Blues Fix
Meet You Down The Road- Ghalia
Drag Me Down- Ghalia

You Know I’m Right- GA-20
Take Five- Hound Dog Taylor
Sampson- Singing Sam Ft. Phil Sampson
Drinking and Clowning- Sunnyland Slim

No More!- Arsen Shomakhov
Hello, Little Bird- Arsen Shomakhov
Giles’ Theme- Giles Robson
One Mint Julip- Jimmy Carpenter

Sailing On- The Derek Trucks Band (live)