The Nocturnal MULE in Mad-City

Vermont-based rock band Grace Potter and the Nocturnals opened up for Gov’t Mule on Tuesday night, this is where the story begins. Smart opening acts cannot be talked about enough. The stage was left on fire by Miss Potter & the Nocturnal ones with a rockin’ rhythmic percussion colliding with the roll of thunder from an appreciating audience. The approach to their music is as old fashioned as a proper root beer float but as timeless as those great songs are. Yeah, I said great. This is one act to catch, bring a glove or a paper sack, whatever it takes to make sure you don’t miss a set of musicians made to play music together. Speaking of…Man was Warren Haynes ON for this one. Did I mention that Gov’t Mule was visiting us here in Madison? It was a show that I will always remember being in attendance for. ” I was there when…” The energy was electric. As with any MULE show, there were the cool ones from others, CREEP was a nice seasonal choice… but really this was a show that was great from start to finish, the innovative drum solo of Matt Abts bring too many words to mind that I remain speechless. Overall and Under-some this was the place to be and I am grateful for the Barrymore Theatre for being a great stable for Mule and allowing me to pretend it was a Saturday night on a Tuesday.


First Set:
1. Slackjaw Jezebel
2. Thorazine Shuffle
3. Banks Of The Deep End
4. Empty Pages
5. Temporary Saint
6. Creep
7. Unring The Bell Shakedown Street Tease
8. About To Rage
9. Lola Leave Your Light On Lola Intro

Second Set:
1. Brighter Days
2. Like Flies
3. Reblow Your Mind Get Up, Stand Up Jam
4. Streamline Woman->
5. Drums
6. Brand New Angel
7. Many Rivers To Cross
8. Mule 3rd Stone From The Sun Jam
9. Into The Mystic

Trent Reznor: Take my music, please

Trent Reznor doesn’t pretend to know the answers to what ails the music industry. But that hasn’t stopped the iconoclastic front man for the band Nine Inch Nails from marching to the front lines–in lock step with British band Radiohead–in an assault on the traditional music business. Reznor, who made news earlier this month when he left his record label, spoke Tuesday with about the decision. He also bashed the music industry, detailed how he persuaded performer Saul Williams to give away his latest album for free, praised Radiohead for distributing music directly to fans via the Web, and indicated that instead of fighting the so-called free culture–people who share music online–he plans to embrace it. “Personally, I would like people to support artists,” Reznor said. “After all, we as artists dedicate our lives to producing the best music we can. It’s been a painful process for me personally (to see the changes in the music industry). But should I be angry at the audience that wants to hear music so much, an audience that is so passionate about hearing it they go online to get it two weeks before the music debuts? No, I want them to be that way.” Reznor has become a revolutionary figure to the file-sharing community. A video appeared recently at YouTube that showed him during a concert performance lamenting the high prices of CDs. Fans whooped it up when Reznor told them to go ahead and steal his music. Since then, Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead have become symbols of a growing movement among performers who are trying to use the Web to cut out the traditional middlemen of distribution: record labels. Radiohead shook the industry earlier this month by releasing a digital version of their latest album and asking fans pay whatever price they believed the album was worth. It was unprecedented move largely because it appeared to address an issue that music industry has largely tried to ignore. Music fans, many of whom obtain songs for free through illegal file sharing, perceive the dollar value of songs as almost nothing. Unless something dramatic occurs, many believe there is a chance a large number of fans will never again be swayed to plunk down money for music. Reznor, 42, said that the music industry is spinning its wheels trying to fight that perception. He said that in the future songs can be a way to entice fans to buy concert tickets and merchandise and he recognized that this may be how musicians make their living. He has recently produced an album for Williams, a rapper/filmmaker/spoken-word artist, called The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust, which goes on sale Thursday on Williams’ site. Not coincidentally, the digital version of the album, which is free of copy-protection software, is priced for free or fans can make a $5 donation. It was Reznor’s idea to give away Williams’ music in a similar way as Radiohead. “Radiohead is one of my favorite bands,” Reznor said. “When they announced they were releasing that album for free, I got dozens of text messages. It gave me goose bumps? It’s such an exciting way to sell a record.” Now, here’s the rub. Reznor isn’t the naive artist who doesn’t understand dollars and cents. He said that he knows giving away music may not make business sense. In addition, such a model could work for marquee bands like Radiohead but not for up-and-coming acts. “Radiohead has a built-in audience and they have the luxury of being able to experiment with a new distribution model,” Reznor said. “I think there were some serious flaws with how they executed but it was a good idea.” Reznor addressed some of the questions about whether artists are prepared to become merchants. Who is going to oversee sales, promotion, marketing, site supervision, and the countless other chores that record labels historically handled? But Reznor isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He said that he was part of the negotiations with Musicane,the company handling the online distribution of Williams’ upcoming album. Musicane is overseeing fulfillment, payment processing, and customer service. The beauty of Musicane, according to Reznor, is that it provides the backbone for distribution without requiring musicians to invest “hundreds of thousands of dollars.” “Look, we’re looking for what works and this seemed like it made sense,” Reznor said. “Ask me in a week about how it went and hopefully I’ll be saying the same thing.” It’s doubtful that even if problems crop up Reznor can be dissuaded from his belief that the Internet is good for artists. He thinks that the Web creates direct links between musicians and their fans. This is beneficial even if sometimes it’s hard for performers to stand out among the countless acts trying to promote themselves online. “The greatest thing about the Internet is that everybody is their own distributor,” Reznor said. “Being your own distributor is power and the thing that labels once held over artists. The power of getting your message out to an audience is very empowering as an artist. These are exciting times and things are happening that I couldn’t imagine just a few years ago.” As for the future, well, Reznor fully acknowledges that he–like everybody else in music–is unsure of how things will turn out. But he says he’s sure of one thing: the old way of doing business is dead. “I don’t know what the future holds,” he said. “I don’t know what model is going to work. I do know relationships between music labels and artist like myself aren’t going well. These days when digital elements come into play labels have dealt with them generally poorly. It has gotten to a place where it couldn’t be worse. Their treatment of artists has less sympathy and it’s more like ‘What can we get out of you?’ My only concern has always been that my audience is treated fairly.”

as reported on 10/30/07

New Orleans Brass..Putumayo

For almost 200 years, parades have been a daily feature in New Orleans-celebrating holidays, civic events & even funerals. The most popular parades have a marching brass band in them. Brass bands in New Orleans have created a musical culture unlike any other, with a marching & dancing rhythm that has flavored all the music from this region, including finger-licking good tastes of jazz, funk & R&B. On this album: Putumayo presents: New Orleans Brass, many of the artists began playing in brass bands in the 70’s and 80’s while in their teens. Out of that renaissance also came the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, one of the city’s most celebrated musical ambassadors. On this album the DDBB works in an old time favorite “It’s All Over Now” with Dr. John, a voice synonymous with the N’Orleans thang. TroyTrombone ShortyAndrews will have you out in the stars dreaming with “Dreamboat” and Kermit Ruffins will be sure to keep the stompin’ stompin’ with a classic: “Treme Second Line (Blow Da Whistle)”. If you haven’t been marching to the beat of your own drummer, maybe that is just because you were waiting for a little more groove with some trombones and trumpets…all of which is on this release, perfect for open minds, thirsty ear-holes and march-ready feet.

Putumayo 2007

a league of thier own..SOX UP boys

Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek leaps in the arms of pitcher Jonathan Papelbon (58) after the final out in Game 4 of the baseball World Series against the Colorado Rockies Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007, at Coors Field in Denver. The Red Sox won 4-3 to sweep the series.
(AP Photo/Eric Gay)
October 28, 2007
2007 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox

Final Game Box Score here.

Jam in Jazz Sam-Itch

East Coast Attitude- Mimi Fox
Endless Road- Tommy Emmanuel
Chet’s Ramble- Tommy Emmanuel/Chet Atkins
Verona- Bill Frisell
Egg Radio- Bill Frisell
What’s the Cost_a_Rica-Emil Richards
Twist of Samba- Kerry Politzer
Begin the Baiao- Kerry Politzer
New Dance- Judi Silvano
New Blowout Blues- Deborah Cox
Rahu- Zaman 8 & Hafez Modir
Budha- Zaman 8 & Hafez Modir
Tropicalia- Caetano Veloso
Aquarela do Brasil- Ari Barroso
Breath After Breath- Stan Harrison
Fountain of Youth- the Subdudes
Stranger- the Subdudes
Will it go Round in Circles- Martin Sexton
When We’re Gone- Leon Stevenson
Get Bitchy- Terry Garland
Symbol’s & Signs- Mama’s Cookin’
Wild Emotions- Miss Nikki Armstrong
the Strange Parade- Invert
Mother- Brazz Tree
Crossdresser Blues- John Carey
Dreamboat- “Trombone Shorty” Andrews
It’s all Over Now- Dirty Dozen Brass Band/Dr. John
Space Maker- AIR


Atlantic Waves–explore music

Atlantic Waves, London International Festival of Exploratory Music, is getting bigger, better and more global. Innovative international collaborations and outstanding creative musicianship have been sought out for the 2007 program, which is based on world premieres. This year the much praised festival features 22 concerts within 8 days, with over 70 artists from around the world, including Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Israel, Lithuania,Georgia, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. A rather special program even for cosmopolitan London. This year’s festival includes the Grand Divas of Fado (at the Queen Elizabeth Hall), the Portuguese Guitar Masters (at St Giles Cripplegate), three Lusophone clubnights exploring soundclash, techno/electro and ghettotrash (all at Cargo), and three world class experimental audiovisual electronica nights at the ICA. With an extraordinary mix of new music for the “quench-ment” of all pallets ongoing between 1st and 11th November, the Atlantic Waves 2007 event promises an unmissable line-up of artists and genres.

Atlantic Waves info:
T: 020 7908 7622

file this one under “if I had me a magic carpet

Atlantic Waves--explore music

Supermayer: Save The World

Michael Mayer and Superpitcher have formed a dynamic duo called Supermayer to create the album for thirsty ear-holes, Save The World, which certainly is the most sonically diverse album to have ever come from the the Kompact label. Save The World put our two superheroes along the edges of the world of techno-tastic — a trumpet, saxophone, acoustic guitar, melodica, flute, a vast array of percussive instruments and even a gong are just a handful of sound forging gadgets Supermayer uses to defeat those electronic villians who refuse to make it and shake it. Always willing to take a giant leap into the pool of risks, the fearless duo sonically experiment with some indiepop & laidback, lounge-almost jams. HAVE NO FEAR, there are enough pounding dance beats, stratospheric synth washes and electrified robot voices in their arsenal of weapons to slay even the most fierce opponents of rhythm and beats. Look up in the sky, it’s SUPERMAYER, and they are not afraid to take you on the dance floor and ward off the evil-doers of commercial media.

More fun than a glowing pile of Kryptonite

Respect what your guitar could do

When I got home from the Tommy Emmanuel show last night at the beautifully renovated Majestic Theater in Madison, I tucked my guitar away and asked it why, and how Tommy could think of those things he does with his very own guitars. I swear he has a couple of spiders or octopus attached to his own hands at times, my gosh can he make magic happen on the stage. When he starts a song, you can actually see the music form around his body as he presents it to the awe-struck people in attendance. When featuring his rendition of Somewhere over the Rainbow, I heard tears falling from the crowd…TEARS! In his storied career, including 16 recordings, Tommy has set sales records that have yet to be broken and performed with hundreds of musical legends including Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Keith Urban, Eric Clapton, Sir George Martin, Tina Turner, Joe Walsh, Stevie Wonder, Nokie Edwards (of the Ventures), Hank Marvin, the Lexington (Kentucky) Philharmonic, the Dortmund (Germany) Symphony, and the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra. Whenever and wherever you might get a chance to see or hear Tommy play or create his music, treat yourself to a feeling of “That’s Incredible” and stay for awhile. By the way, my guitar had no answers for me.

A true class act:Mr. Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P.

Daze without Time Stand Still

Nao Se Apavore- Luca Mundaca
Wa- Kaissa
No Other- Skye
Bring Back the Love- Bebel Gilberto
Feen- Natacha Atlas
We Love the Herb- Herbal Nation
Sunday Afternoon- Herbal Nation
Rhythm- Street Gangland Rhythms Band
Take it Slow- Boozoo Bajoo
Below Zero- Boozoo Bajoo
the Buzzard & the Lamb- Super Numeri
Cancer for the Cure- Eels
Bluesette- Hilario Duran & Perspectiva
Acid- Louis Vega presents Percussion Madness
El Garbanzo- Herb Albert’s Tijuana Brass w/MMW
War is a Crime- Antibalas
Gross- Balkan Beat Box
Toura Toura- DJ Cheb i Sabbah
Jaadu-Nicodemus/Osiris(Usta Sultan Khan Remixes)
Nokta- Rachid Taha (live)
Barra Barra- Rachid Taha (live)
The Car Song- the Cat Empire
Don’t Let me Go- the Pines
Reno- Bruce Springsteen
Grow Room Punk- Dread Clampitt
Sweet Delilah- Sea Dragons
Whole Lotta Money- the Stone Coyotes (live)
Bee of the Bird of the Moth- They Might be Giants
Crawl- Nikki Armstrong
Gnawin’ Bone- Mojo:Saint (live)
Running Blues- Ron Lasalle
Moonshine- North Mississippi AllStars
Yeah Yeah- Soulive
Calypso Gentle Giant-Family Junction
Glad to be Unhappy- DJ LOGIC (Billie Holiday Remixes)
Moon Song- I, Synthesist
a Mouth of Fingers- Telephone Jim Jesus
Spectres- Arc Lab
Juju Fruit- Billy Martin/G. Calvin Weston
Bad Weather- A.K.A.C.O.D.
Hypnotized- A.K.A.C.O.D.

Lucky Dube remembered

The staff of Gallo Record Company are devastated by the news of the tragic passing of reggae legend Lucky Dube. Lucky was slain in an attempted hijacking in Rosettenville in Johannesburg last night, at approximately 8pm, whilst dropping off his children at a family members house. Although Lucky attempted to escape the scene, he had been fatally wounded from the hijacker’s attempt to steal his motor vehicle, and he died almost instantly.
Senseless and random, the death of Lucky Dube leaves a great void in the music industry, as 25 years of music suddenly ends in tragedy. South African born but globally revered, Lucky Dube was one of the country’s most toured and beloved artists ever. His music touched millions around the world, primarily through his 22 recorded albums – in Zulu, English and even Afrikaans – many of which have been record breakers with phenomenal sales from around the globe. As a frontline artist in the reggae genre, Lucky’s creativity and inventiveness kept growing. Compelling in his musicianship and intriguing in his lyrical content, Lucky’s sonic daring to take his genre to new heights never failed to amaze even the most ardent fans, whilst reigning in new devotees to his magic every day. His energetic band toured with him from continent to continent as South African musical ambassadors, and his live performances have earned him fans and accolades the world over. Lucky joined Teal Records (later to become Gallo) as a fresh-faced young Mbaqanga singer in 1982. Five albums later he found a genre that spoke to his soul and changed the way he viewed the world. This genre was Reggae. With his long-time sound engineer and best friend Dave Segal, he created some of the most legendary pieces of reggae music ever recorded, including the tracks Prisoner, Taxman, Slave, Victims, Together As One and Respect – all social anthems that garnered him the adoration of the people of his country – and across the globe.
Lucky was an artist that continued to break international barriers and recently just signed a deal with Warner Music International, securing him album releases across Europe of his latest album Respect. Ivor J. Haarburger, CEO of Gallo Music Group is deeply saddened by the loss. “Lucky was not just an extraordinary artist, he was a personal friend. We go back over twenty years and had both a business and personal relationship. It’s so sad to lose such a great friend and so tragically, why?” There are very few words that capture the magnitude of this devastating loss. As a musician, father and colleague, Lucky was one of the most charming, respected, selfless and dedicated people to have lived. He will be sorely missed. Lucky Dube was survived by his new wife Zanele and his 7 children Bongi, Nonkululeko, Thokozani, Laura, Siyanda, Philani and his brand new three-month old baby Melokuhle.

Should you wish to send a message of condolence to Lucky’s family, please email or fax on +27 (0) 11 340 9471


MySpace platform opening up. Finally.

Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace, on stage with his boss of two years, News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch, finally announced to the world at the Web 2.0 Summit tonight that MySpace will have an open platform “within a couple of months.” After the platform opens to developers, it will open to a subset of users, about two million, to see if the “sandbox” that keeps that platform safe is reliable. Before we all get MySpace apps, we’ll get a catalog of widgets that we can add to your pages. Widgets aren’t apps, though. Of course, there are platforms and there are platforms. It wasn’t clear at all how much of the MySpace social database will be exposed to developers, nor what data MySpace will let developers export to non-MySpace pages. DeWolfe did say, however, that developers will be able to monetize their apps, and that MySpace perhaps will help them sell advertising.

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Coming Soon for your EARS…

A.K.A.C.O.D. has created a darkly psychedelic sound that is sensual, cinematic, and otherworldly. They haven’t just said that’s what they will do, THEY WENT OUT AND DID IT! The band features: Bourbon Princess vocalist/bassist Monique Ortiz, Morphine/ Twinemen saxophonist Dana Colley and Binary System/Concussion Ensemble drummer Larry Dersch. The album, which will be officially out in early 2008 is like a walk down city streets in the early early morning hours, the sounds are so damn real and accentuated by the minds still silence that at times the music resonates in places where I have never heard before. The tracks are delightfully low rock in nature with the empty slate factor that allows the listener to attach their own images…far better than any television could produce..EVER. Track one, Happiness is the welcome mat to an adventure at a brand new amusement park, one with dim lights and constant mystery. I believe I have found myself a new favorite song also, Bad Weather, the third track plain and simple does it for me. The permission was granted to do a re-make or in this case, remake the Fleetwood Mac tune from 1970, Hypnotized……if you already dig that tune…just wait until you get a load of this one. Truly Hypnotized!
If you are wondering what the others are looking for, head over to find it first and lead them there.

thanks to Monique for the early copy of the cd.

Check out my prior conversation with Monique Ortiz here.

Near New Orleans and looking…….

Looking for something to do on the 19th and 20th of October….go check out my friend Sara Wasserman live. On the 19th Sara will be at Blue Nile and on the 20th at Jayne Marie on Cross Lake. Sara is a singer-songwriter whose vocals have captivated audiences everywhere, accompanied by her father, Grammy-winning bassist Rob Wasserman and Los Angeles-based producer/pianist Randy Emata. New Orleans trumpet legend Irvin Mayfield will appear as a special guest. They will perform an evening of Sara’s original songs from her forthcoming debut CD of acoustic soul and blues, as well as classic standards and high moments of musical improvisation. Her upcoming release features collaborations with Aaron Neville, Lou Reed, Soulive, and Christian McBride, among others. Sara showcased at SXSW ’07, and her original song “You Got Me” was recently featured on ABC’s hit show “Falcon Beach.” I have a feeling that these are going to be the types of show not to be missed. If you happen to run into Sara or her father, tell them MisterG sent you their way.

Follow Sara’s voice to feel that smile you needed.

Check out my conversation with Sara a bit ago here.

…and my conversation with her father Rob Wasserman here.

Time to make a Hearty soup.

and to start things off…some music.

Run up Quick- Mama’s Cookin’
Postman- Mama’s Cookin’
Dumb Boy- Telling on Trixie
Tappin’ that Thing- Jas. Mathus & Knockdown South
The Highest Place- Pete Wernick & Flexigrass
I Wish I Knew- Derek Trucks Band (live 10/03)
Hot One!- A Band of Bees
Gone Faded- Soft
Origins of Man- the Budos Band
Beans for Breakfast- BLKTOP Project
Deck Shoes- the Greyboy Allstars
Heavy Heavy Heavy- Geraldo Pino
Pressure Drop- Toots & the Maytals
Guvna Dub- Guvna Dub
How Does the Brain Wave?-Baby Elephant w/David Byrne
Supersonic Mind- Minx
Bring Back the Love-Bebel Gilberto w/Brazilian Girls
Music like a Memory- Suphala
KaLuli Groove- Global Drum Project
Under One Groove- Global Drum Project
We Travel the Spaceways- Sun Ra
Shatt al-Arab- Amir ElSaffar
Mofongo Raincheck- Secertary
Major to Minor- Ethnic Heritage Ensemble (live)
B M F- Skerik
Sun Burns Out- A.K.A.C.O.D.
Still Love?- Fono
Thrills- Cake
Turn on the Water- the Afghan Whigs
Blank Generation- Richard Hell
Total Destruction to Your Mind- Swamp Dogg
Billy the Kid- Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Matchbox- Ike Turner
Do Your Own Little Thing- Issac Hayes
I Want a Little Sugar in my Bowl- Nina Simone


Amir ElSaffar: Two Rivers

The world is my musical oyster for sure. And here is a tasty treat out of Iraq. Two Rivers by Amir ElSaffar is in itself a force created by nature. There is moments of recollection of a region rich in fertile history, and times of sadness and mourning over bloodshed and streams of war pouring into the Tigris and Euphrates after Baghdad ransacked in 1258, ending its Golden Age. This album will perhaps allow you to feel the pain and joys within the Iraqi heart. Armed with a mighty trumpet and a maqam voice, Amir ElSaffar captures moments like a camera and brings them to life, adds a story to attach to that life and with his army of musicians on traditional and non-traditional instrumentation, this release travels over borders into the openness and takes separateness and breathes a sense of unity into its lungs. WE could ALL use a little more unity in our lives??!!

Pi Recordings 2007

Solo Songs for 6 & 12 string Guitars

Glenn Jones: Against Which the Sea Continually Beats released on the Strange Attractors label is instantly gets across the sounds that are sensitive yet firm, a raw power only found in nature rises off the strings. Beautifully rolling melodies, like a hike through the Maine wilderness, personify the musical trail with the feeling of being there. Since 1989, Glenn Jones has led Boston‘s (go SOX!) “avant-garage” instrumental rock band Cul de Sac, whose musical adventures are documented on nine albums to date. Against Which the Sea Continually Beats, Jones’s second album, is a triumph of acoustic guitar composition, an innovative welding of sound and form. Recorded in Martha’s Vineyard, the peaceful, seafaring setting of this island community inspired these recording sessions, lending an air of tranquility that served as a perfect fit to create such art. The eleven tunes on Against Which the Sea Continually Beats travel from Delta to Appalachia, from classical to a cinematic sort of folk sound in a language that is purely imbued in the artist’s own musical vernacular.



Twenty Fingers- Louie Zagores
Spanish Castle Magic- Louie Zagores
Intermission Sprinkler- the Influence
Slipping- the Influence
the other Side- Lenny Kravitz w/David Sanborn
Freedom Raga- Glenn Jones
Vacation Due- Terry Garland
420 Louis- Leon Stevenson
Pieces- Kito Peters
Stranger- the Subdudes
Street Symphony- the Subdudes
Mas o Menos- the Budos Band
Mini Kusuto- Colombiafrica
1000 Ways- Zap Mama
Hey Brotha- Zap Mama/Michael Franti
Maa- Debashish Bhattacharya
Nivedan- Anoushka Shankar (Healing the Divide)
Red Sun- Anoushka Shankar
Baros- Jaymz Nylon
Kinky- Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party
Saturndays- Supermayer
Planet of the Sick- Supermayer
Mushaboom- Feist (Mockey Mix)
Walking on Thin Ice- Ono
Think You Want it- Colette (Fabulous Fab mix)
the Optimist- Stan Harrison
Deep Six- Oregon
Wizard Sleeve- Charlie Hunter Trio
Chester Bustamante- Cameron Mizell
Electric Worm- Beastie Boys
Off the Grid- Beastie Boys