Great American Taxi’s Vince Herman

Vince is known for his work in the group Leftover Salmon, but one of his recent projects is in Madison tonight, Great American Taxi. Alternative Americana created from the roots of the earth traveled so often by this group of songwriters and musicians. Your head would spin adding up all the miles the members of Great American Taxi have traveled individually, and in just over two years together they’ve added a whole lot more to their travelogues. From their home in the high country of Colorado to the shores of the Pacific and back again through the grain belt of the Midwest heading further east to the Atlantic Ocean, Taxi has ridden the highways spinning yarns and delivering high octane music to all who show up at their live shows and consume their 21st century Americana sound. Great American Taxi traffics their collective past helping create their new Americana without borders brand of music.

Sounds like what I am talking about!!


Check out my chat with Vince right here.

Tony Tyler–Where’s he at??

Tony has been quite busy ever since we first met up with him years ago. Take some time to check out the “what’s” and “where’s” and how it is all happening in our most recent chat. There is a pretty big name sponsor, dates booked for every home game of a powerhouse southern college football program and some switches in the entire make up of the sounds he is producing these days.

Check out more on Tony Tyler here at his myspace page.

Listen in on our conversation here.


R.I.P. Hiram Bullock

Over the course of his career, from his mid ‘70s run with The Brecker Brothers to his various stints as a “hired gun” for everyone from Gil Evans and David Sanborn to Billy Joel and James Brown, Hiram Bullock earned his reputation as a bona fide guitar hero. But all along, Hiram has also been developing his skills as a singer/songwriter and charismatic live performer. His style is not easily categorized, since his playing is a creative blend of rock, funk, blues, and jazz. It is easy to say, however, that his music is fun. Almost immediately after arriving in the Big Apple, Hiram’s international career began. He first played with Sanborn, meeting producer Phil Ramone and playing on many gold and platinum albums. His credits include: The Brecker Brothers, David Sanborn, Paul Simon, Chaka Khan, Pete Townsend, Bob James, Sting, James Brown, Miles Davis, Kenny Loggins, Billy Joel, Barbra Streisand, Burt Bacharach, Roberta Flack, Spyro Gyra, Eric Clapton, Al Green and James Taylor. Check out the discography section of his website for the complete list. Hiram gained a huge following as the barefoot guitar player on Late Night with David Letterman. From the inception of the show until 1984, he was a regular member of the World’s Most Dangerous Band, led by Paul Shaffer. Other television work includes being a member of the house band on Saturday Night Live, and working as the musical director on Sanborn’s critically acclaimed Night Music show. He was also seen acting the part of a musician in Under Siege (starring Steven Segal); he wrote 6 of the internal songs in the film. Hiram’s career as a solo artist began in 1983. He has produced all of his albums, which include many of his own songs. His albums span many different genres of music, from the contemporary jazz of “From All Sides” to the rock of “World of Collision”; from the latin-influenced “Carrasco” to the organ-trio jazz of “Late Night Talk”. The style that Hiram’s fans have come to expect in live performances is exemplified by the group-oriented funky rock of “Color Me”, and continued with “Try Livin’ It” and his latest release, “Too Funky 2 Ignore”. He is also known as a dynamic performer, who gives his all for the sake of the show. Certainly his style of making music was an example of what greenarrowradio would like to strive for.

James Taylor-Only a Dream in Rio featuring Hiram (1988)

Which way will he GO?

Free at Last- the Blind Boys of Alabama
Mean Ole Wind- North Mississippi Allstars
Lovin in my Baby’s Eyes- Taj Mahal Trio (live)
Never had a Problem-Andre Williams & the N.O. Hellhounds
I wanna get you Alone- Joseph Arthur
Restraint- Keller Williams
Barra Barra- Rachid Taha (live)
War is a Crime- Antibalas
Use me- Pete Yorn & Kinky
Torture- King Khan & the Shrines
Land of the Freak- King Khan & the Shrines
Dita Simone- Pop Levi
So many nights- the Cat Empire
Strong Coffee- the Cat Empire
Louisiana Sky-John Popper Project with DJ LOGIC
What we Need- G Love & Special Sauce
Sunday Bloody Sunday- Saul Williams
Message in a Bottle- Matisyahu
Orange & Blue-Desdamona (Sly and Robbie Remix)
Reggae Soulshine- GovT Mule with Branford Marsalis (live)
Personal Thing- King Johnson (live)
**Conversation with Marcus Henderson**
Atlas- King Johnson (live)
Workin’ Sux- King Johnson (live)
Debbie’s Jungle Boogie- Skeebo Knight
The Naked Camera- John Beasley

Putumayo Presents-QUEBEC

This album coincides with Quebec City’s 400th anniversary and is a fine celebration of the rich musical diversity in this fascinating French Canadian Province. As I have spun tracks off this album, I often get calls asking what artist I am spinning…I believe that the music of this region is far less known by the outside than most would expect. This wonderful collection allows us all a look and listen inside the beautifully preserved colonial architecture within Quebec City rich with an appreciation of all styles of music which is no more obvious than with the large number of music festivals taking place there throughout the year. Certainly the fine folks at Putumayo spend diligent hours seeking out just the right mixture of variety from a melting pot of culture and sound. And I hope to share some of it with you.


Marcus Henderson & Marshall Tucker Band

Finally, in so many ways I have been feeling super connected to Marcus. We chat today about some of those things including mutual friends the funky Mr. Skeebo Knight and Mr Adam Mewherter, the g-rate sounds of he and his bandmates in one of my favorite sounding bands, King Johnson, the wonderful work his lovely wife is dong at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and of course his recent employment and inclusion in his new family, the Marshall Tucker Band. In this conversation you’ll learn a few things people might not have known about Marcus, where to find unseen Otis Redding memorabilia and Adam Rapping?????

Take a moment if you could to listen to our conversation here.


Susan Crofton & the Overture

I had the pleasure of discussing the Overture Center for the Arts 2008-2009 season to be, with Vice President of Programming, Susan Crofton. With a rich history and a extraordinary vision of the future, the Overture’s 2008-2009 season is filled with diversity, tradition and activities for all ages. The facility contains the fabulous Overture Hall, the intimate Playhouse, three black box spaces, the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, the Wisconsin Academy’s James Watrous Gallery, three community galleries, a soaring glass lobby, and the Capitol Theater. Susan and I discuss the potential of all that great space and how the Overture staff works to broaden the spectrum of activities, arts and the people who walk through the doors into the breathtaking lobby.

Listen to Susan and I discussing the ’08-’09 season at the Overture Center for the Arts here.


State Street View

got an extra hour today so I thought some blused rock would fit the bill. Today there was so much activity on the streets below, there was looks to be gotten from everywhere.

Twisted- the Wood Brothers
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl-Hot Tuna with Bob Weir (live)
Skin Deep- Buddy Guy with Derek Trucks
What the Hell were you Thinking- Neal Fox
How come People act that Way- Tommy Talton
One after 909- Robi Zonca & his band
Burning Love- Eric Sardinas & Big Motor
Mercy Mercy- Honeytribe
Told me a Lie- Sean Costello
Drink House- ScrapOmatic
Sailing on- the Derek Trucks Band
Universe- Mike Zito
Dudeman- Viktor Krause
Win my Train Fare Home-Robert Plant (live in Mali 2003)
Volant Poulettes- Los Manolos
Congo Mulence- Manchito with Cannonball Adderley
Baila Ven Y Baila- Los 5 U 4
She Want- Horace X
Wakafrica- Manu DiBango
To Be or not To be- Maceo Parker
I feel Good/I got the Feeling-Soul Summit (live)
What is Hip- Marcus Miller
Juicy- Russel Blake
Wil E- King Johnson
Never Grow up- Dumpstaphunk (live)
Cure All- Robert Walter
got to be a love (Paul Nice remix)-greyboy&Sharon Jones&Quantic
Sweet- Jehro
Do you love me- Lee Fields & the Expressions
You’ve got to Earn it- the Staples Singers
Crawl- Nikki Armstrong
El Aire-Cecilia Villar Eljuri with Sly Robbie
*Conversation with Cecilia Villar Eljuri*
Peligrosa- Cecilia Villar Eljuri
Una Ola- Cecilia Villar Eljuri
Track # 3-Public House live at Tyrone Farm 06
Dr Smile- Club d’Elf (live at the Lizard Lounge)
Recovering the Time Capsule- JFJO
Something Stank (edit)-Sativa with P Funk
Stank- the SOL Creech Band
Toura Toura- DJ Cheb i Sabbah

La Fete….the Dumpstaphunk

My plan was to get to the festival to catch some of Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys, and man am I glad I went early enough to catch the entire set. The proof that not all Zydeco music sounds the same was right there in front of me. With some funk and rootsy blues sounds, Rosie made the stage a place of appreciation and zest that was easy on the eyes, ears and dancing feet. Anytime Rosie and the Playboys come to town near you, make it a point to bring your smile and dancing shoes, cuz you ain’t gonna be able to control your inside urges. But for me, the cumulation of the entire weekend came when Ivan Neville brought out his Dumpstaphunk and kept it downright D.I.R.T.Y. funk and some seriously bona-fide NOLA goodness. Spinning the tunes on the show doesn’t compare to being a part of the sounds and scene Dumpstaphunk creates, withstands and ad-libs with…when they invited about 10 women onto the stage, apparently the crowd lost count and their ended up being about 60 people up there rocking the wavy stage with the FUNK. You can feel your bones dancing inside your skin with some of those nasty beats. Nick Daniels, Ian Neville, Ray Ray Weber, Tony Hall & Ivan Neville together make up a talent pool that on stage works so well together it becomes a fluid Funkenstein monster getting down with the people like the original Funk-Masters. Take in this scene whenever it can be seen, heard and most importantly felt.

Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk 2008

Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys 2008

Cecilia Villar Eljuri: EN PAZ

Born into a family of tradition, respect for culture and artistic talent, Cecilia Villar Eljuri is sure to leave her mark with an album that has a message. Her musical background is as varied as the tracks on this diverse album, starting off with a great clash of beats and Latin vibe EL AIRE with Sly and Robbie. and it just keeps getting more special as the album plays on. Being a rocker at heart, (and this I believe is a heart of musical gold)….Eljuri has transcended sounds and rhythms into words that keep it real, and really keep it on a personal level…but a level that is meant to be listened to and shared. We spend time discussing this new album and those who worked on it with her to share in this vision (including a special track close to that golden heart) and what our fantasy concert might be. If you are down with diversity, check out Eljuri’s EN PAZ, it’s more than music.

Take a moment to check out our conversation with Cecilia here.


La Fete de Marquette-Part Deux

The next day of action for me started off with the soothing sounds of Brazzaville, featuring David Brown former Saxophone player of BECK. This group from Barcelona clamped down on the exotic sound hybrid of indie pop, lounge jazz, world music, and noir-ish atmosphere, and was most often likened to Tom Waits or Morphine and created the “atmosphere”. This group has seen some line up changes but one thing for sure is they are always a talented bunch making really cool music. After an intermission that lasted a few shared moments “passing” the time away, the highly anticipated moment arrived. Dengue Fever unleashed a sound that made me feel as if all of the worlds psychedelic rock had been held captive and put into an amazing rock-n-roll trance. With a female Cambodian bona fide pop star lead singer who has a beautiful voice that certainly was like the Sirens tempting Ulysses and his men, I too felt captive. They are raw and exciting to watch but most of all they are so damn something solidly different yet reminiscent of the times gone bye with their take on what music can sound like. I invite you to look into Dengue Fever if you aren’t aware and put them on your “MUST SEE” list if you like to find treats not so easy to find on earth. To close off the night was Fallou Dieng and his 12-piece orchestra who are up and coming stars on the afro-beat scene who had the park jumping to their infectious Mbalax beats. This drum-laden dance music was transcendent under the stars, and kept the nights groove bouncing.

Dengue Fever—go get it!

Fallou Dieng


and then…CORNMEAL

…After the acts on Friday at La Fete de Marquete, I made my way over to the Terrace and caught Cornmeal. This jamgrass band from Chicago puts a new meaning into the phrase JAM GRASS…..a constant foot stomping tap tap tappin’ and fingers snap snap snappin’ good time. Cornmeal is: Wavy Dave Burlingame-Banjo,Vocals, Kris Nowak-Guitar,Vocals, Chris Gangi-String Bass, Vocals, JP Nowak-Drums, Vocals, Allie Kral-Fiddle, Vocals and the grass they have grown is certainly overflowing with some incredible jams. I mean there were moments of such gratifying sounds that I believe the band made the sky open up momentarily just to cool us all off. While obviously stepping in the history of bluegrass, Cornmeal takes their music to new levels and offers a middle finger of sorts to the boundaries of genres and adds some ole time favorites in all styles to their set. On this night, there were dashes of the talking Heads and some “Franklin’s Tower” riffs bounding in the air, and man that air was feeling and smelling right! This act really caught my attention and I look forward to the return visit from our neighbors.

cornmeal.jpg of the 2008 New Groove Jammy.

Le Fete de Marquette prt 1

2008 La Fête de Marquette: Thursday – Sunday, July 10th – 13th and at this years new location, the event was filled with fantastic music acts from around the globe. La Fête de Marquette coincides with Bastille Day, the French national holiday. The celebration will provide many opportunities to become immersed in French culture with food, arts, crafts and – especially – music. The event will host musicians from the French-speaking world including performers from West Africa, Cambodia, Quebec and France throughout the weekend and performers with New Orleans/Cajun/Zydeco roots primarily on Sunday. Event organizers anticipate attracting thousands to this one of a kind, free-to-all community event. There was so much happening and I was able to see ALL the acts I truly wanted to check out or re-visit. On Friday I got to witness Les Breastfeeders, a band I have featured on the show numerous times. This is a “DO NOT MISS” show if you are ready for some serious rock and roll Montreal style. This band is steaming hot and will make you butter your bread and ROCK your Roll. You’ll be in store for the sweaty jumps and the wailing chords and HI-boots will be-a-shakin’, when you spend a little time with Les Breastfeeders. I was pumped up for the entire night after that show, and consider my socks knocked off! I also caught the quintessential New Orleans party band, The Iguanas, and how could you ever go wrong with that!!!

Les Breastfeeders


For my Flying Hawk

Seeing Hands- Dengue Fever
Burn you Up Burn you Down- Big Blue Ball
Yellow & Black Taxi Cab- Trans Global Underground
Bubbling Hot- Pato Banton
Girl Watcher- Yellowman (live)
Vibin’ & Bala’ in- Man de Ng
in the Buzzbag- the Brooklyn Funk Essentials
The Mac- Cadillac Jones
What you hear is What you get-the Melvin Sparks band
Dumpstaphunk Jam- Dumpsatphunk
Got to be a Love- Greyboy with Quantic & Sharon Jones
Gotta Stand for Something- Greyboy with Sharon Jones
Take it Slow- BooZoo Bajou
Rhythm- Street Gangland Rhythm Band
New York City- Lipbone Redding Orchestra
Again (Stankonia Remix)-Lenny Kravitz & OutKast
The Car Song- The Cat Empire
Egg Man- the Beastie Boys
U B Jesus- David Byrne
Ever Increasing Circles- Dr Didg
Unplug the Telephone- Leftover Salmon (live)
I like Birds- Eels with Strings (live)
Hey Man(now you’re really Living)-Eels with Strings(live)
Barracuda- Rasputina (live)
Rub me Raw- Warren Zevon
Walk this Way- String Cheese Incident (live)
Gangsta of Love- Steve Miller Band


FOURPLAY “ENERGY” worldwide release on September 23, 2008..New album Sept23.

-features guest vocals by bass phenomenon Esperanza Spalding

According to some very basic laws of nature, when powerful forces come together, some form of energy is created – usually in large amounts. In music, the laws of interaction are no different. When keyboardist Bob James, bassist Nathan East, guitarist Larry Carlton and drummer Harvey Mason come together as Fourplay, the result is Energy (HUCD 3146), the Heads Up debut of the acclaimed contemporary jazz quartet scheduled for worldwide release on September 23, 2008.



Bill Ector

‘Because Music Matters’ says it all. That was way more than a slogan or a company tagline for the magazine dedicated to great music with a dose of brotherly love. Bill Ector who was the Publisher of Hittin’ the Note passed away today at 12:15 pm. While I know so many people who knew him personally, Bill seemed like the kind of person that I would have loved to be in the circle of friends with. His passion for people, great live music and his family (not in any order other than the way I typed it) left so many memories that I imagine there will be a big jam going on somewhere tonight behind the curtain of a darkened sky, with a well deserved guest of honor.

R.I.P. Bill Ector



You know how much I dig the unique!!

FUTUJARA – hybrid fujara, 5 instruments in one!!!

The Futujara is our experimental instrument which was made in collaboration with Max Brumberg.
It have unique possibility to connect 4 different tubes in 4 keys: C,D, A and G, and if you disconnect all playing tubes you get overtone flute in A. But futujara is not only multi-key set of fujara, it also gives you amazing possibility to play in totally different way! The hose attached to futujara makes it really maneuverable and you can use technique which is used in playing on kalyuka, russian overtone flute (see the video for details).

1. Five instruments in one: four fujaras (C,D,A,G) and one overtone flute in A!
2. Extremely maneaurable. The hose gives you possibility to use kalyuka technique
3. Very well tuned in western concert temperated tuning
4. Collapsible (no hassle during transportation)
5. Extremely light
6. Professional quality of sound
7. The holes are close together so you can use different fingering and apply the techniques from other flutes (see video for details)
8. Very easy to play, everybody can start playing right away!

Check out more HERE.

for Today only

another extra hour…I love it when this happens!

Top Floor Bottom Buzzer- Morphine
Take me with You- Morphine
Habibe- Blue Ball featuring Natacha Atlas
Etrange- DobaCaracol
Odo Ya- Sergio Mendes with Carlinhos Brown
Infinity- Ill Chemistry
Nickel Bags- Digable Planets
Weight- Raashan Ahmad
Cosmic Funk- Souleye
Left Side of the Brain- Gift of Gab
Please Don’t Go- Lee Perry and the Soulettes
Hand to Hand- Lee Perry and the Wailers
Can’t buy Love- Johnny Osbourne
Sing Jay Steele- Johnny Osbourne
Keep your Culture- Corey Harris
Take the Long Way Home- Drew Emmitt
Giraffe- Roots of Creation (live)
Fallujah Dub- Guvna Dub
El Aire- Cecilia Villar Eljuri with Sly & Robbie
Power to the People- Black Eyed Peas
Money (that’s what I Want)- Melvin Sparks Band
Scores of Spores- Robert Walter
Witch Doctor- Galactic
the Bounce- the Blue Method
Bus Ride- Reuben Wilson
the Metrics- Drums and Tuba
the Arrival- Dee Jay OM
Nostalgia Worship- Bassnectar
You’ve got to Earn it-the Staple Singers
You Ain’t got no Drawers on-Marva Wright & the BMWs
They’re Red Hot-Peter Green Nigel Watson Splinter Group
He Called my Name- Scrapomatic
**Conversation with Mike Mattison of Scrapomatic**
Drink House- Scrapomatic with Count M’Butu
I Want the Truth- Scrapomatic with Derek Trucks
Frankie Doris- Corey Harris
Be Easy- Sharon Jones and the Dapkings
Stargaze- Xavier Rudd
Metameme- STS9
Rapture- Dub Pistols with Terry Hall

Rest Relaxation and RAWKKKK

Put together a little cookin’ set of Rock and Roll to go with your cookin’ out.


Summertime Blues- Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
So Romantic- the Charms
Riddles- Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
I Drink- Southern Crush
One Word- the Hussy
Revolution- Sirsy
Lint of Love- Cibo Matto
Revolution Eventually- Sugarbitch
The Way you do- Devil Doll
Take it Off- the Donnas
Beat on the Brat- U2
Girl you have Magic inside you-Outrageous Cherry
You’re Gonna Miss Me- 13th Floor Elevators
Country Death Song- Violent Femmes
Pictures of Matchstick Men-Type O Negative & Ozzy
Whole Lotta Love- Perry Farrell
Closet Disco Dancer- Red Elvises (live)
I wanna Get you Alone- Joseph Arthur
War Pigs- Cake & Steven Drozd (live)
Totally Awesome- Honchie

Disco Man.gif