I want to thank friend of the proGram, Thollem McDonas for being a guest…We discussed his upcoming workshop and concert at the University of Wisconsin, another show at the Frequency. The time we spent talking brouGht to the front his volunteer work with the Orquesta Libertad and the seven year documentary of Interdependent Music & Art in North America and Europe. We welcome you to be an active part in these arts and we do have a voice in where the future leads. The View from these sounds was spectacular:

Them Blues- Frootful
Who is Walt Druce- the Cactus Channel
Lavabo (Instr)- Benjamin Siksou & the Horndogz

Lowell- Kneebody
Hands of Fatima- Medeski Martin & Wood/Bachir Attar/Marc Ribot
Wholly O- Carol Morgan Ft. Mike Stern
Get Up!- the Matthew Finck Jonathan Ball Project
West Coast Blues- Diane Hubka Ft. Anthony Wilson

Macumba- Nilson Matta’s Black Orpheus
Broadway- David Chesky
Closing Window- Brian Haas/Matt Chamberlain
An Empty House- Brian Haas/Matt Chamberlain
We are a Generation- Todd Clouser

Philospphical Ecstacy- Keyngdrum/Lund
Anarchy & Molecules- Keyngdrum/Lund
**Live on air Conversation with Thollem McDonas**
The Ageless of Reason- Keyngdrum/Lund
Road to Kfarmishki- Sultans of String
Transmitting- Heaven’s Gate
Drone- Heaven’s Gate

What a Wonderful World- Gloria Estefan


Prairie Prayer E

The first half of today’s proGram was inspired by the sounds of the prairie…if you’ve never been, I suGGest a walk into and sit quietly and just listen….there’s a lot going on in what many just see as weeds and tall grass…go get some:

May is Blood Month- Jordan Klassen
Guess Who Ran Off With The Milk Man- the Pipettes
Summer Days- Diego Garcia
American Lit- Tim Kasher

Spanish Lace Blues- Rising Sons Ft. Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder
I’ve Been Searching- the Blind Boys of Alabama
I Shall Not Be Moved- the Blind Boys of Alabama

Yield not to Temptation- Phantom Blues Band
Wastin’ my Mind- the Wood Brothers
Bad Things- Rayland Baxter

Country Ghetto- JJ Grey (live WTTS Vol.13)
Space Kitty Blues- Purgatory Hill
When the World Gets Small- Gov’t Mule Ft. Steve Winwood
I Feel Fine- Jhameel
Lost in Space- the Giant Blue Zeta Puppies

Can’t be Still- Reverend OrganDrum
Seven & the Spirit- John Ginty
*WSUM ID/Greenarrowradio Promo- John Ginty*
Kids- Saskwatch
Better Days to Come- The Natural Yogurt Band
Space Echo- the Natural Yogurt Band
You Turn me On- Master Plan Inc
Path of Life- Poets of Rhythm


Astral Splash Down

I want to thank Har Mar Superstar for bringing his heroic ways…formally a villain perhaps to the second half of the proGram. We spoke about his latest release “Bye Bye !7”, his upcoming show on the 23rd at the High Noon Saloon and how the mayor of Minneapolis named September 20, Official Har Mar Superstar day. The splash down of space dust was released heavy within the chosen tuneaGe:

Funky Train- Poets of Rhythm
Younger Generation- Master Plan Inc.
How Slick is Slick- Master Plan Inc.
Sing a Simple Song- Sly & The Family Stone (original mono master)

X Ray Bear- the Cactus Channel
Gettin’ Earnest- Frootful
Second Best- Saskwash

Late Night Morning Light- Har Mar Superstar
12:12- Har Mar Superstar

**Live on air Conversation with Har Mar Superstar**
Lady, You Shot Me- Har Mar Superstar
Green and Gold- Victor & Malachi DeLorenzo
Peter Pan’s Pantry- Big Ass Truck
Hangin’ with Rourke- Akashic Record Ft. Mr. Rourke
African in New York- Blitz the Ambassador
Sufi Hadra- Falu, Aiyb Dieng & Bill Laswell

Pad Fenike- Gipsy.CZ
Gypsy Tango- Gipsy.CZ
BumTras- Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra

Trapped by Love- Manu Chao
Le Rendez Vous- Manu Chao
Peruvian Groovon’- Del Exilio
Tukupakata- Systema Solar

Green & Gold- Malachi & Victor DeLorenzo
You are we am I (Blue Mix)- TJ Rehmi
Roots East Dub- Ian Sandler
Zindagi- Spy From Cairo


To Crack the Ground

The first part of today’s proGram was quakin’ and shakin’ the very ground you can stand upon. The results were left deep within the cracks:

Nobody- Ryan Shaw (live WTTS Studios)
Promise not to Think About Love- Basia Bulat
Big Wheel- Cass McCombs

Safe Side- Gambles
My Gun- The Rubens
Bottom of the River- Delta Rae

No Television- The Can’t Tells
I go to Sleep- SISU

I Saw Her Standing There- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
Sparky- Chuck E. Weiss
If the River Was Whiskey (Divin’ Duck Blues)- Rising Sons Ft. Taj Mahal/Ry Cooder
My Aching Back- Phantom Blues Band
Well I Done Got Over it- Buddy Guy
Back For a Taste of Your Love- Jonny Lang
Changes- Kid Jonny Lang & the Big Bang
One More Time- JC Crossfire
World Boss- Gov’t Mule Ft. Ben Harper
Don’t Waste it- the Broadcast

WSUM ID/Greenarrowradio Promo- John Ginty
Mirrors- John Ginty Ft. Warren Haynes
Hang ’em High- Reverend OrganDrum
the Only One- Morphine
I Told you I was Freaky- Keller Williams with More Than a Little (live)
Cab Calloway’s Flow- Banjamin Siksou & the Horndogz
Ready Set Go- Kneebody
Swing- Jacob Bain & Publish the Quest



I want to thank David William Henzie Skogen of Youngblood Brass Band for once aGain gracing our airwaves…this time to discuss a new album (Pax Volimi ,Tru Thoughts), the show at the Majestic on Thursday, September, 19th and the allure of educating students with/of/about the music. The music selected was selected under the advanced direction of tunnelvisions:

Earle- Billy Iuso & Restless Natives (live 10/27/08 Sandpiper Lounge)
Song for the Man- the Beastie Boys
Wrestlevania- Youngblood Brass Band
***Live on air Conversation w/David of Youngblood Brass Band***
Overtime- Youngblood Brass Band
The Old Rugged Old Cross/His Eye is on the Sparrow- Youngblood Brass Band
Cissy Strut- Jason Lee Bruns Jazz Collective (live at Catalina Jazz Club)
Jam- Carol Morgan Ft. J.Sipe/K.Vivens/C.Cortez
When the Levee Breaks- Carol Morgan Ft. C.Cortez/N.Lienhard/K.Vivens/J.Sipe
Walk this Way- the Jost Project

Sugarfoot Stomp (Pete Rock Remix)- Vince Giordino & the Nighthawks
Ghost in the Groove- Policy
Un Amor A Mais- Da Lata

Gentleman- Just a Band/Bajah/Chance the Rapper
Quicksand- Yancey Boys Ft. Common & Dezi Page
Pants Vs. Dress- Lizzo
Ancient Mother- DJ Sol Rising Ft. Wisdom

Deep South- Layo Paskin & Matthew Bushwacka!


A Surprise Place to Hide

The biG surprise today was a special hot off the plane chat with the headliner of today’s Sun Prairie Blues Festival, Mr. Walter WOLFMAN Washington. I have been playing his music over the airwaves since I stared doing this trip many years aGo now. It was an honor to finally have him sending his love on the proGram. Also guesting on the first part of the show was the man who handed the phone to Walter, Tony Menzer….we spoke on Lorenzo MenzerSchmidt, getting the best acts on the stages of this years festival and his group that’ll be playing this year, the Velveetatones. So, if you felt like hiding…I hope you had room for me:

Nothing- Aisha Burns
Schemes- Gambles

Save it for a Rainy Day- the Jayhawks (live Triple M Studio)
Charleston Chew- the Howlin’ Brothers
Dixie Fried- the Howlin’ Brothers

Rocky Road- Bela Fleck
Twilight at the Zuq- Strunz & Farah
Tuesday Night- Alfonso Ponticelli & Swing Gitan
Paquito- Harmonious Wail Ft. Gonzalo Bergara
Faux Nouveau- Mischievous Swing

Samba Samba- Gipsy Kings
Encuentros- Sultans of String

Dalla Stazione Centrale- Funky Mama
How did this Happen- the Cactus Channel
I Could be Wrong- Saskwatch
Don’t Wanna Try- Saskwatch
Family Affair- Sly & the Family Stone

Benedict Boogaloo II- Frootful
Time is Tight- Reverend OrganDrum
I Got a Woman- Reverend OrganDrum
The Quirk- John Ginty Ft. Albert Castiglia
Dodge the Arrow- the Broadcast
Big Boy Pete- Phantom Blues Band
Flyin’ So High- Rising Sons Ft. Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder
Going to Brownsville- Lorenzo MenzerSchmidt
** Live on air unexpected chat with Walter WOLFMAN Washington**
***Live on air Conversation with Tony Menzer***
Rack ’em Up- Jonny Lang


ThrouGh the Lamb’s Ear

The second half of yesterday’s proGram felt smooth to the touch but had it’s rouGh wild side just inching over:

Big Jack- Big Ass Truck
The Delinquent- Saskwatch
Stand!- Sly & the Family Stone (live from Isle of Wight Festival)
Rock me Baby- BB King/Trey Anastasio & the Roots (live)
The Bounding Hound- Frootful
Wooden Boy (part 3)- the Cactus Channel
Funk for Freaks- Basement Freaks Ft. Charlie Funk

Salvia Pt. 2- Club d’Elf (live Lizard Lounge 10/12/06)
Voices of the People- M1, Brian Jackson & the New Midnight Band Ft. Juma Sultan
Liberation Psychology- M1, Brian Jackson & the New Midnight Band Ft. Bobby Seale

The Lottery- the Stepkids
Summer Song- Ronnie Foster (Remix by Diamond D for Diggin’)
Dikembe- Blitz the Ambassador
Pleasure Power- Afrolicious
Afrodisco Beat 2013- Tony Allen/M1/Baloji

Fisherman- Yancy Boys Ft. J.Rocc/Vice & Detroit Serious
I Work Hard- Pillowfight
Red Blood- Nappy Riddem Ft. Brittany Tanner
Autobuzz- Tremor

This is How we Do it- Aluna George
Vibe Vendetta- Pretty Lights
Balkumbia- Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix)- Balkan Beat Box
The Myth (DJ Cam remix)- Una


Where the Sky and Sea Meet

I had the pleasure of chatting live on air today with Basia Bulat as she prepares to open for Jim James tomorrow evening at the Majestic. We spoke of her multi-instrumentalisticness….how she makes her music feel so lush and she invited me on staGe to be her band, so I got that going for me. It was like we were chums from way back and the folks heading to the show should be ready to adopt a new friend. The music selected during the first half is where the sky seems low and the sea hiGh….Check it:

Clickety Clack- Bruce Reaves
Steel Bridge Song- pat mAcdonald
No. 49- Michael McDermott (live Triple M Studio)
Yucatan- Eric Hester (live Triple M Studio)
New- Paul McCartney
Down the Road- Chuck E. Weiss
Chime Blues- Jim Allchin
Blues Blues Blues- JC Crossfire

Catch me I’m Falling- George Soule
My World Tumbles Down- George Soule
Tall Tall Shadow- Basia Bulat
**Live on air LauGhtime Conversation with Basia Bulat**
Who Dropped That?- the F&G Band Ft. Sandra Taylor
Mashallah!- Heart
Pleased to Meet- Leerone

Nothing But a Driver- the Bottle Rockets
Everybody’s Got a Mountain to Climb- the Allman Brothers
Kind of Bird- Gov’t Mule (live Roseland Ballroom 12/31/95)
The Awakening- Les Claypool & the Holy Mackerel
Sweet Spot- Buck 69
James Bond Theme- Reverend OrganDrum
Switch- John Ginty
Dashboard- Big Ass Truck


World apart toGether

The second half to the Sunday open schedule fill in was world separated no more..what lies around that corners is unknown but familiar..just take a little peek:

Duende del Amor- Ottmar Liebert
Honeysuckle Rose- Mischievous Swing
Sugarita- Gaucho
Joseph Joseph- Olli Soikkeli

Malandrino- Gogol Bordello
Sing Sing Cocek- Slavic Soul Party (Robert Soko Remix)
We Are One- Watcha Clan (Robert Soko Remix)
Balkan Beast- Gypsy Hill (Robert Soko Remix)
Escucha Que- Todo Mundo
Freedom- Todo Mundo
Rebel Soul- Mishka
Forgive Me- the Green
Hey Mr. Big Man- Tippa Lee
Sensimilla- Jim Brown

Char a- Noura Mint Seymali
Mimouna- Aziz Sahmaoui & University of Gnawa
Respect- Triad Trust ImprovED
My Brother- Triad Trust ImprovED

the Mother- Xavier Rudd
Thoughts- Ram Dass & Kriece
Maand- Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon
Sia Benedetto Ci Fici Lo Mundo- Newpoli
Como Si Nada- Alex Cuba

Hey Hee Hi Ho- MMW (IllyB Remix)
Horizons- Afrolicious


GrowinG Jazz

In this Sunday morning open schedule fill in…..the jazzification Grew and stretched tall….catch it before it disappears:

Song to John PT 2- Resonance
Impressions- Jason Lee Bruns Jazz Collective (live @ Catilina Jazz Club 4/29/12)
Bemsha Gandinga- Jason Lee Bruns Jazz Collective (live @ Catilina Jazz Club 4/29/12)

Sonnymoon- Fourplay
Mongomarley- Mike Freeman Zonavibe
Things are Getting Better- Cannonball Adderley with Milt Jackson
Moonglow- Art Tatum
Oh, Lady be Good!- Zoot Sims
I Should Care- Bill Evans Trio

Round Midnight- Thelonious Monk & Gerry Mulligan
Birk’s Works- Dizzy Gillespie/Joe Pass/Ray Brown/Mickey Roker

Conundrum- the Matthew Finck Jonathan Ball Project
Can’t Find My Way Home- the Jost Project
Twisted Blues- Wes Montgomery

Transcendental Tripping- David Chesky
Undercurrents (a requiem for the victims of Hurricane Katrina)-Art Ensemble Syd with Michael Gregory Jackson

Losing Our Minds- M1/Brian Jackson & the New Midnight Band Ft. Gregory Porter
Headhunters- M1/Brian Jackson & the New Midnight Band

Doin’ the Thang- Etienne Charles
How About you?- Oscar Peterson & Stephane Grappell (live Copenhagen ’79)


Crawl to the Finish

The second part of yesterday’s proGram was a chance to creep back into the minds of the Frail Pagans. Victor and I have taken a few weeks off from our reGularly scheduled open forehead time on the show…so it was good to reintroduce ourselves to ourselves. We spoke about the business as usual end of the Violent Femmes…what the way cool cello lead act Nineteen Thirteen is up to and how Vic is working on his acting, his drums to track and the remembrance writing for Modern Drummer magazine retrospecting his drum instructor, Mr. Joe Pulice. And I spun a few acts Victor is working with and yes, there was other sounds as well….For yourself to reacquaint with you:

29S is a Good Road- Lorenzo MenzerSchmidt
A Quiet Walk- Victor DeLorenzo
Gonna Wanna- Victor DeLorenzo

Frail Pagans Intro- Victor DeLorenzo
*Live on air Frail Pagains the “Getting to reKnow you” edition w/Victor DeLorenzo*
Frail Pagans Outro- Victor DeLorenzo
Let Your Feet Stink- The F & G Band Ft. Sandra Taylor
Candy Wrapper Blues- Bandallamas
I’m on Fire- Slightly Stoopid & Friends (live 9/13/11 TRI Studio)
Running the Gauntlet- Les Claypool & the Holy Mackerel
Holy Mackerel- Les Claypool & the Holy Mackerel
Desert Rose- Sting & Cheb Mami (live)
ZZ Top- the Mackrosoft
Bison Slide- the Cactus Channel