to the Walls

Man who Knows- the Herbaliser
Kittynapper- the Herbaliser
Like we Used to- Bing Ji Ling
Blue Monday- Los Fulanos
Dr. J.- the Mike Clark Sextet
Too High- Carmen Intorre Jr. ft. Joey DeFrancesco
Hot Turkey- Lenny Marcus Trio & Friends
One for GG- Pete Zimmer

Against the Machine- Taj Weekes & Adowa
Rock Steady- the Tritonics
World War- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
The Bend- the Black Seeds

Great Man’s Dub- Burning Spear
That Very Night Dub- Hollie Cook
Along Came Mr. Nobody- Ursula 1000
Hikky Burr Remix- Quincy Jones/Billy Cosby w/Mix Master Mike
Fixed Income- DJ Shadow
Train- Cibelle
Diggin’ a Watery Grave- Morcheeba
Let me See- Morcheeba
Liberation Front- Thievery Corporation
Fever- Stereo MCs
How Gee- Funkstar DeLuxe vs. Black Machine
Nights of Balaur- Nickodemus
Sundowner- Second Sky (Dr. Rubberfunk Remix)

Champion Sound- Fatboy Slim
Rayat al Sumud- Niyaz
Fear Eile- Peatbog Faeries
Thrive- Gongzilla
Deeper- THEESatisfaction


I felt like I was proGramming the show today with all 8 leGGs….here’s the first portion of the Sunday edition of greenarrowradio, with a special guest….a friend of mine who was a two tour veteran of Vietnam…we chatted to remind people why they miGht have a day off, why we feel the freedom we do and hey, remember what people have done that I know myself, that I could never do…

Talking Dust Bowl- Ramblin’ Jack Elliott (live)
Against the Law- Billy Bragg (live)
Honeybee- Grady Champion
Tater Diggin’ Woman- Albert Bashor

As Good As- Elliott Murphy w/Olivier Durand
The House Always Wins- Stratospheerius
Kismet in Suburbia- Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson

It Don’t mean a Thing- Dr. John
Walk on- Treasa Levasseur
Flower in the Sun- Big Brother & the Holding Company ft. Janis Joplin (live ’68 Carousel Ballroom)
Brown Eyed Women- T.Blulm/G.Loiacono/N.Blulm/D.Eisenberg/S.Thunes (live)

I’ve Been Lonely too Long- Hazmat Modine
***On air Conversation with Vietnam Veteran and all around cool cat, Ray Ray***
I got it Right- Five Gallon Groove
Daniel Makaraster- the Les Claypool Frog Brigade
Biscuits & Gravy (Sitcome Teme)- Ivan FUNKBOY Bodley
Hey Na Na- Galactic Ft. David Shaw & Maggie Koerner
Ninth Ward Calling- the Marchforth Marching Band
Touch the Police- Mucca Pazza
Rudy’s Intervention- the Sugarman 3

NY No. 1- Sam Kininger
Levtronic Blues- Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom Ft. Albert Collins & the Memphis Horns
Paper Moon- Owen Marshall
Spreading Fever- Hilton Felton
The Delivery (phase I)- the Cheebacabra
The Delivery (phase II)- the Cheebacabra
The Delivery (phase III)- the Cheebacabra
Boogie Children (Saturn Day Night)- Shawn Lee

TK 421 (y rnt U at your post)- Herbal Nation

Chance and Structure

The second portion of the proGram included the second edition of “Frail PaGans”, a wide open forehead session with our friend, Victor DeLorenzo. Today we had a back and forth about Chance and Structure, a recent talk Vic gave at the UWM. We spoke of balance and possibility, risk vesrus reward and how structure gives chace a room to rent. Other highlights included talking about Johnny Carson and playing the Tonite Show as kids in the living room, a chance event including a live performance of Miles Davis and of course we snuck in a little music talk. I let this music do the talkin’ otherwise:

Hip Drop- the Explosions
Mercy D- Sam and the Soul Machine
The Hook and Sling- Eddie Bo
Hot Barbeque- Melvin Sparks
Meter Made- Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom w/Albert Collins & the Memphis Horns
Disappearance- Bernie Worrell
X Factor- Bernie Worrell
Eternal Funk- Ken Clark Organ Trio
What you See- the Bomb Squad
Blues for Ben- the Boston Horns
Pieces- Sam Kininger
Hypnotized- Bing Ji Ling
Galactica- Shawn Lee
Jimmy’s Theme- Mario Caldato Jr.
Jam on y Queso- Marc
Miss Leslie- Eric Krasno & Neil Evans
Rusty Gears Lonely Years- Tommy Guerrero
Material Girl- Garaj Mahal (live 05/11/2002, Fox Theatre Bolder CO.)
Frail Pagans- Victor DeLorenzo
***Frail Pagans Episode 2, Open Forehead w/Victor DeLorenzo***
ETC- Nineteen Thirteen
My Doctor Told Me- Gongzilla
Is There a Jackson in the House- Mike Clark Sextet
Feeling Good- Rufus Harley
Makossa Blow- Manu DiBango

a Rock in the Road

During the journey there it was, a rock blocking the path… Instead of trying to go around it or move it, we are just gonna climb over and get a feel of it. Here is the first portion of today’s proGram:

Fuego Egipico- Del Castillo
Riding in my Car- Bruce Springsteen (live)
Does Music Change the World- Country Joe McDonald
Ramblin’ Round- the Indigo Girls w/Ani DiFranco
Close Encounter (of the 4/4 kind)- Jake Clayton’s Barnyard Stomp
Hucksters- Bruce Piephoff

Mary Ann’s Garage Sale- Elliott Murphy w/Olivier Durand
Someone Else’s Shoes- Tommy Talton
The Sky is Crying- Stevie Ray Vaughn w/Albert King/BB King/Paul Butterfield (live)
It’s Going Down- Guitar Mikey & the Real Thing
Wine & Women- Grady Champion
Jukin’ Down on Johnson Street- Albert Bashor

Ballad for Ding Bang- Stratospheerius
A Change of Horses- Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson

Street Walkin’- Dan Auerbach
Denny was a Friend of Mine- the Killers
Secret 77- Bad Brains (live)
the City- the Yellow Dogs
Bloodhounds on my Trail- the Black Angels
Hooked- Ladell Mclin
Long in the Truth- Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade
Buzzards of Green Hill- Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade
Insanity Rains- Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party
Party Started- the Cat Empire

Connections Lost

So, last week I was able to do a live on air chat with Brian J from the Pimps of Joytime..this week, in an attempt to make up a conversation with Gregoire Maret, which I couldn’t connect to the board a couple of weeks aGo…..I once aGain was unable to connect. So my embarrassed apologies to those tuning in and of course to the patient, Mr. Maret. (who for some reason is still interested in trying aGain). Here is what I put toGether for the final set, while not too pleased about the connection lost:

5:37 PM (intro)- Gregoire Maret
4:28 AM (outro)- Gregoire Maret
O Amore E O Men Pais- Gregoire Maret ft. Toots Thielemans

Movement 12: I Am (don’t you run from me)- Wynton Marsalis
Gozo- Roy Assaf Ft. Roy Hargrove
Salt Peanuts (mani salado)- Arturo Sandoval
After Hours- Lenny Marcus Trio & Friends

Jive Samba- T.Scott/G.Duke/M.Miller/T.Blanchard/L.Goldings/S.Gadd/D.Carpenter
Nothing to Believe In- Bill Evans
In the Stream- Scott Sawyer
A Mar (Storm mix)- Simentera & DJ Soul Slinger
Interlude- DJ Wally & Lura
Ring my Bell- Funkstar DeLuxe V. Anita Ward
Defend the Skies- Positive Bonfire
Happy Be Fine- Polica

Temps Rising

As the thermometer went up, the middle set got hotter and hotter. The funk, the soul and the ending had it’s roots exposed…..take a look:

She Wolf- Ivan FUNKBOY Bodley
A Lil’ Boukou in Your Cup- Boukou Groove
Mirrors Tell Lies- Bootsy Collins Ft. Jimi Hendrix
Blue Orleans- Teddy Presberg
Chameleon- Jazz Warriors
Bad Brother- Ronny Jordan
Gangaman- Jessica Lauren Four
Travelling Song- Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Barbara
Evolve- Owen Marshall
Sexy Bull- Mucca Pazza
You Know What I mean- Los Fulanos
Batuque- Sam Irl Ft. Dusty

Cornbread- Herbal Nation
Ash Wednesday Sunrise- Galactic
In the Rain- All Good Funk Alliance Ft. Empresarios
Decoit’s Choice- The Bombay Royale
Haboob- the Spy from Cairo

Youth- Matishyahu (Small Stars Remix)
Mean Mr. Mustard- Yellow Dubmarine
Polythene Pam- Yellow Dubmarine
She Came in Through the Bathroom Window- Yellow Dubmarine
Moonshine- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

Jah Protect my People- Bongo Sibide Ft. Black Nature
Sodina Kely- Wa Zimba
Forest- Hukwe Zawose/Vernon Reid/Arona N’diaye/Levon Minassian
Jauja- Kali Mutsa
Sinners- Daby Toure/Skip McDonald

All Left

Cuz not much was going riGht. Firstly, I had to call security to get me up to the studio….the eye in the sky couldn’t carry me there….then the phones wouldn’t connect with Gregoire aGain….How embarrassing…but, I was in a couple hours EARly to play a bunch of music. Here is the first portion of three different proGrams in one:

Train d’Enfer- Stephane Wrembel
The Butcher’s Wife- Caravan of Thieves
Seven- Brazz Tree
Doomsday Averted- Rasputina
Road Rage- Stratospheerius
Molly- the Yellow Dogs

Need $100- Guitar Mikey & the Real Thing
My Guitar won’t Play Nothin’ but the Blues- Tommy McCoy
Poodle Ribs Story- Albert Bashor
Poodle Ribs- Albert Bashor
Spasms- Boston Blues Works Ft. Jesse Dee
My Rooster is King- Grady Champion
We should Dance- Treasa Levasseur

A Visit to the Cave- Weird War
Deserted Cities of the Heart- Kofi Baker’s Cream Experience
Bertha- Great Caesar’s Ghost Ft. Butch Trucks (live)
Deal- the Everyone Orchestra (live)

Eyeball Kid- Tom Waits
Pebbles Instrumental- Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson
Might Have Beens- Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson
Swing it Far- Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson

Tokyo Sunrise- Global Noize
Tilin- Bebe
Paloma- Eljuri (Kinky Remix)

It’s in the Look, See

To prepare for the “Get down Madtown” funk fest happening at the Majestic tonight, I fortified this part of the show to some funk….grOOves….and settled it down in the end to massage the ears. A big thank you to Brian J of the Pimps of Joytime for being a live on air guest. If you’ve been a loyal listener to the show, you know how much suPPort they receive on greenarrowradio. We chatted about what the “Janxsta Funk” really is, who’d be sitting in with them tonight at the show and the whys and hows to keeping the beat goin’ on. I started this part of the proGram with good friend of the proGram Todd’s version of the Beastie Boys in remembrance of MCA. Here is how we prepare to get the funk out:

Gratitude- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
Three Circles- Yellowjackets Ft. Mike Stern
My Favorite Things- Ronnie Jordan
Deep Dish Chicago- Bobby Previte’s Latin for Travelers (live)
Explore Space- Everyone Orchestra
Oh Mother- Sam Irl Ft. Smizuler & the Helmets
Casa del Soul- Owen Marshall
Bee Bop Boogie- Hilton Felton
Prelude- Los Fulanos
Why Don’t we do Some Boogaloo?- Los Fulanos
Withces Boogaloo- the Sugarman 3

Funky Biznizz- Ralph Myerz & the Jack Harren Band
Ain’t True- All Good Funk Alliance
Bruce Miller’s Garage- Herbal Nation
Africa U- the Pimps of Joytime Ft. Cyril Neville
Pimpin’ Music- the Pimps of Joytime

***On air conversation with Brian J of the Pimps of Joytime***
Janxta Funk- the Pimps of Joytime
Attack Galactic

Uteliggarjazz- SlagmalsklUbben
Pancho Says- Kottarashky & the Rain Dogs
Lactic Acid- the Reptile Palace Orchestra

Conquer The Divider.

Times they are strange…you can’t make it up. Part one of today’s proGram has some morning twang into tunes with a certain meaning into some rolling rock with the blues rounding it all out…Take a see:

Freaks- Caravan of Thieves
Common Mistake- Alejandro Escovedo
Barnyard Stomp- Jake Clayton’s Barnyard Stomp

Saturday Morning- Eels
Possum of the Grotto- Rasputina
Mean Eyed Cat- Johnny Cash
Big in Japan- Tom Waits
the Prowl- Dan Auerbach
Jungle Work- Warren Zevon (solo/live)
‘Til the End of the Day- the Kinks (live)
Bring it to Jerome- Bo Diddley
Butter- John Hammond
Dreamin’- Grady Champion
Rockin’ Red Rooster- Albert Bashor
Heart Shakin’ Mama- Guitar Mikey & the Real Thing

Cars, Bars and Guitars- Tommy McCoy
War- JJ Grey & Mofro
Right Place, Wrong Time- Dr. John & Chris Barber Jazz Band (live)
Learn how to Love- Tedeschi Trucks Band

MCA RespeKt

Rest Peacefully, MCA.

Pow- the Beastie Boys
Pippy Pip- the Black Seeds
Memory Gap Lane- Dubcheck
Pockets- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
Got to be Free- Dub Snakkr Ft. Emphniko Dialecto
Amongster- Poliça
Make a Fist- Phantogram

Getting Higher- the Danger Cosmos
504- Soul Rebel Brass Band (Fat Bastard Remix)
Outta Space Funkadelic- Cee Knowledge & the Cosmic Funk Allstars (live)

I see you Baby- Groove Armada (Fatboy Slim remix)
Wonderful Night- Fatboy Slim Ft. Lateef the Truthspeaker
Hourglass- Second Sky (Alex H Remix)
A Nomad Called Cheb i- Watcha Clan

Use Somebody- 2 Cellos
Microchasm- Seven Nines and Tens
Heirophant- Astral/Subastral

Spock with a Beard- Palm Skin Productions

Swing & a MIFFlin

Today is the day that the Mifflin Street Block Party happens. This yEAR there have been quite a few more restrictions put on the event. So, the people watching around town was an eyeful and headshaking. The music chosen today could have been sets of music to be blasted around the party, but it wasn’t……here is the first taste of the show:

Prometheus- Stephane Wrembel
Kickin’ up Dust- Jake Clayton’s Barnyard Stomp
Coming Home- Boston Blues Works Ft. Jamie Lynn Hart
Detoxing- Pristine
Destination- Barry Adamson
SETI Vs. The Wow Signal- the Dandy Warhols

War Pigs- Cake
Call the Operator- Pop Levi
Make you Crazy- Brett Dennen Ft. Femi Kuti
Much Too Much- Treasa Levasseur
Half as Much- the Right Now

Things to Come- Arturo Sandoval Ft. Flas Johnson & Joey DeFrancesco
High Rise- Don Braden & Karl Latham (live)
Dirt County Breakdown- Bill Evans

Preview- Liquid Soul
World’s On a Leash- Liquid Soul
Funk Explosion- Everyone Orchestra
Thas the Way we do- the Pimps of Joytime
Planet Funk- Owen Marshall
Your Friendly Neighborhood Sugarman- the Sugarman 3
All you Need- Sola Rosa
Similau- Quantic & Alice Russell w/the Combo Bárbaro
the Perfect Plan- the Bombay Royale
Rep Ur Noid- All Good Funk Alliance

Carnival Time- Galactic Ft. Al “Carnival Time” Johnson
Boss Taurus- Mucca Pazza

Life- Steven Bernstein’s MTO