Pink Wine Sits

Extended the proGram one hour to air some jazz from the bottom of the glass out into the listen-o-sphere. The final two tracks certainly moved the liquid from this planet’s glass and placed it into another world. Here’s what the extra time produced:

Superbass Theme- Ray Brown/John Clayton/Christian McBride (live)
Taco with a Pork Chop- Ray Brown/John Clayton/Christian McBride (live)
Papa Was a Rolling Stone- Ray Brown/John Clayton/Christian McBride (live)
The Beautiful Ones- The Bad Plus
Transitions- Derrick Hodges
The Boy from Ipanema- Shirley Horn (live)

City Life on Trains- Jeff Denson
Look Before You Leap- Jeff Denson’Around the Fringes- Rich Halley 5
Long Blue Road- Rich Halley 5

Enthusiasm- Brother Ah
Transcendental March (Creation Song)- Brother Ah

Pink Wine Sits

Pink Wine Sits

Weather Wild Weekend

The second portion of the proGram wants to keep those who are dealing with these 3 W’s in our minds and offer to lend efforts to assist in the recovery of life…as it sometimes just keeps on happ’nin:

Mumbles- Winston Byrd
One Life One Love- Winston Byrd
Rebirth- Reed Mathis & Electric Beethoven

Run for Your Life- Katie Burden
Let’s get Lost- Angela McClusky

After the Rain- Johnny Kalsi & the Dhol Foundation
Santa Clara Con Montuno- Richard Bona and Mandekan Cubano
La Música Salvará al Mundo (Los Olvidados)- Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
Chicha Negra- Money Chicha

Get Up Stand Up- The Sachal Ensemble Ft. Cibo Matto
(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding [feat. Sean Lennon]- The Sachal Ensemble
Scorpio- Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band
Jungle Fever- Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

The Israelites- Dubmatrix Ft. Prince Blanco
Trouble in Here- the Frightnrs
Times Trippin’ Dub- Fluid Foundation

Your Booty- DJ Bass X
Feeling for the Edges- Bystander & Give In
Brigante- Bartok
Zillertal- Skylab 3
Dying Afternoon Light- Skylab 3

Sexy Bitch- De La Soul
Trainwreck- De La Soul

Wild Weather

Wild Weather

Martian South Pole Visit

The first portion of the proGram this week provided us, as listeners, to be the alien beings checking out the other world:

Take a Break- Vassar Clements
Mixed Melody- Vassar Clements
I am the Man Thomas- The Devil Makes Three
Turn Your Money Green- Jack Klatt & the Cat Swingers
Cincinnati Flow- Jack Klatt & the Cat Swingers

Rock-n-Roll- Rasputina (live)
Hoist That Rag- Tom Waits
Sunny South Kensington- Donovan
The Wave- Gar Francis
Wide Open- Steve Laudicina
Summertime- Monty & the Cyclones

Fortunate Hijo- Bang Data
Proud Mary- El Tri

Ain’t No Sunshine- Buddy Guy Ft. Tracy Chapman
I Have the Same Old Blues- Magic Slim
Life Support- Grady Champion
Little By Little- Mary Jo Curry
Sat’day Night on the River- Vaneese Thomas
Five Years Hard Labor- Hard Swimmin’ Fish

Hold My Name- Travers Brothership
Pull it- Jeff Beck

Tambourine- moe.
Jungle Birds- Flamingods
Just the Tip- King Llama

Country Chicken- Hip Bones
Free & Brave- Con Brio

Martian South Pole

Martian South Pole

Nano Nano

The second portion of this weekend’s proGram took the small of it and larged it up:

The Light to Get By- Blktop Project
The Guys, Get. Shirts.- Charlie Hunter
Tyrone’s Interlude- Tyrone Hendrix
People Get Ready- Tyrone Hendrix
Let’s Go- Joe Jordan’s Experiment

Magic Number- Marchfourth
It’s a Trap- Marchfourth

You- Akinola Sennon
The End of Words- Bill Laswell & William S. Burroughs

Queen of Cheeba- Bacao Rhythm Steel Band
Echo en Mexico- Money Chicha
Aka Lingala Te- Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano
Kwa Singa- Mandekan Cubano

Boom Fire- Hirie
High Grade- John Brown’s Body
Spin Me Round- Fluid Foundation Ft. Pato Banton

Flash Mob- My Neighbor Is
Nevermind- My Neighbor Is
Moon’s Reflection- My Neighbor Is
I Got Swag- BJam Vs. Enos
Snout Soul- BJam Vs. Enos

Bonde do Compass- Mexican Institute of Sound & Toby Selectah
Why Tonight- Moderator
Sometimes I Feel- Moderator

Be Bop’s Delight- The Sugar Hill Gang (Scrimshire/Angel Delight Edit)


Lavender Fields Forever

The first half of today’s proGram hopefully brought your ears a complete relaxing feeling, like the field of lavender on a cool breeze of a day:

Waiting Around to Die- the Devil Makes Three
Dancers in the Mansion- Stewart Eastham
Knock Her Up- Old Man Kelly
Cool Rag- Old Man Kelly

Two Fisted Mama- Katie Webster
Hattie Pearl- JJ Thames
Ooooo Weeee- Mary Jo Curry

***Vanesse Thomas greenarrowradio promo***
The Chain- Vanesse Thomas
GC Boogie- Grady Champion
Come Together- Hard Swimmin’ Fish

The Road Interlude- Travers Brothership
Clothes on my Back- Travers Brothership
P Stomp- Hip Bones
How Sweet it is to be Loved by You- Jerry Garcia/Merl Saunders (7/5/73, Lion’s Share)

Strange Roads- Sidewalk Society
Low Lays the Devil- The Veils
Surfing to Jamaica- Nolan Voide
Janette’s Pier- the Turbosonics

You Think This is a Game- Con Brio
HWY138- SouthwesTerminal
Tonight We’re Gonna- Edgewood Agents Ft. Leroy Burgess

Little Piggy Takes- Snowapple
Back of the Van- Eddie Moore & the Outer Circle
Aural Denial- Eddie Moore & the Outer Circle
El Temblor- Trio Subtonic
May You Please- Trio Subtonic



The second half of the proGram shows that it sometimes pays to get a little cracked up:

***Kandace Spring Conversation***
Kandace Springs Ticket Giveaway
The World is a Ghetto- Kandace Springs
In the Moment- Blktop Project
Big Bill’s Blues- Charlie Hunter

So What- the Dolomites
Indio Quer Apito (feat. Orquestra Criôla & Pedro Luís)- Bossacucanova
Waldomiro Pena (Dalata Remix)- Bossacucanova
El Rey Del Swing- Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
La Formenta- Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

Oshune- Leni Stern
Don’t Take my Ganjo- Hirie
Originator- DJ Vadim
Fussin’ n Fightin’- Sticky Joe Ft Cheshire Cat & Horseman

Cigarett Stub- Max Romeo
In my Shoul- Jim the Boss Ft. Ptah Kruud
Salvation Dub- Side Effex & Lion Dub
Dodging Bullets- Kosha Dill Ft. Matisyahu

Subtle Obscurity (Kaya Project Remix)- Gaudi
Hicktronica- The Polish Ambassador Ft. Dirtwire (Inst)
My Vibration- Rene Lopez

Big City Music (Vinnie Villbass Diversion)- Jaga Jazzist


Travel On To

The First half of the proGram took time to take you to and from the places you have only dreampt of as a foreign believe. it may be too true that thes eplaces exist…why not believe?

I’m Gonna Get High- The Devin Makes Three
East Coast Girl- Butch Walker

Green River- Billy Gibbons & La Marisoul from La Santa Cecillia
Traveling Band (Viajero Band)- Los Enanitos Verdes

Live in the Dark- Jeff Beck
Magic Carpet Ride- Ace Frehley
Dor Crônica- Bossa IV
Crashing Waves- Les Fradkin
Boogie Board Walk- Tsunami of Sound
Bop Shop Bop- Eros & the Eschaton

Like Eye Did- Fil Bo Riva
Miss California- The Heavy
Better Better Off (Crayon Soul Radio Edit)- Corbu
Look at the View- Sidewalk Society
Hershey Highway- King Llama

Have a Good Time- Big Walter Horton
House Party- Grady Champion
I’m Leaving- JJ Thames
The Wild Life- Black Angel

Them Changes- Bill Evans Ft. Josh Dion
Liftoff- Con Brio
The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown- The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown

On this Night of a Thousand Stars- Winston Byrd
The Cure- Tyrone Hendrix


Vision With Ears

The second half of the proGram stars with two tracks from Jerry & Merl recently released and completed the journey before we even beGan. The vision these two tracks providing a half hour of together we shall moments that usually only come from a view finder master of unbelievable portions….each click took us back to the start with new views:

She’s Got Charisma- Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders (live 7/5/73, Lion’s Share)
That’s All Right Mama- Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders (live 7/5/73, Lion’s Share)

Slow Rollin Ride- Bill Evans Ft. Anders Osborne/Joe Russo/Marco Benevento/Roger Squitero
Eat That Question: Interview Segment #7- Frank Zappa & Moon Zappa

Eagle Eye- Con Brio
I’m Still Here- Sharon Jones & the DapKings
College Funk- The Bog Ol’ Nasty Getdown

If you Ain’t- Nick Pride & the Pimptones
Sweetness & Light- Nick Pride & Pimptones

Saturday Night- Kylie Auldist
Sensational- Kylie Auldist

My Mind’s Made Up- Kraak & Smaak ft. Berenice van Leer
Toxic Love Affair- Kraak & Smaak Ft.Ivar & Sanguita
I’m Your Salesman- Rene Lopez
Slide into My Arms- Rene Lopez
Como Me Miras- Chico Mann & Captain Planet

Back to Life- Soul II Soul (Schrimshire’s Waaaaaait for it Edit)
Franmaster Glask- Hologram Teen

ViewMaster G

ViewMaster G

Running From the Past

The first half of the proGram had them running into the now directly from the then:

The Train that Carried my Girl From Town- The Earls Of Leicester
Buck Creek Gal- The Earls Of Leicester
Big Shoe- Danny Barnes
Come on up to the House- The Devil Makes Three

Get Down/Run on- The HIGH Rev.
Upward Spiral/Brink- The Urban Folk Quartet

Tell me Pretty baby- Lloyd Price
Country Boy Rock- Lloyd Price
Go For it- Black Angel
Raw Sugar- JJ Thames
Stone in My Path- Grady Champion
Would You Baby- Johnny “Big Moose” Walker

One Trick Pony- Roddie Romero & the Hub City All-Stars
Bumble Bee- Jane Lee Hooker

Yuka- Flamingods
Sensei- King Llama
You the Brave- Boy 44
Let Me Sleep Beside You- Sidewalk Society
My Brain is a Human Body- AJJ

Summertime- the High Divers
Clear the Track, Here Comes Shack- Del Barber & The No Regretzkys
The Hey Song aka Rock and Roll, Pt. 2- Del Barber & The No Regretzkys

Hazmats- Babe the Blue Ox
Snail Trail- Heavenly

Running From the Past

Running From the Past

Where the Colors Bump Sound

The second half of the proGram took the intercourse trail where color bumps and grinds with sound:

I Got too High- Lee Bob & the Truth
The Healing- Gary Clark Jr.
Someday baby- Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders (live 7/5/73, Lion’s Share)
Eat That Question: Interview Segment #1: Frank Zappa & Moon Zappa

Loving Names- Charlie Faye & the Fayettes
Strange Boy Ft. The Shacks- El Michels Affair
Raio Do Sol- Resolution 88
I Need Love- Eric Krasno

It’s So Hard to Go- The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown
Put Your Arms Around Me- Nick Pride & the Pimptones
Quieren Efectos- Money Chicha
3 Balls- Money Chicha

B & V Groovin’- Tyrone Hendrix
Love Ain’t Working- Tyrone Hendrix
Family Tree- Kylie Auldist
Brotherhood of Man- Winston Byrd
Haunted Trap House- Killiam Shakespeare
Pyschodelic- Killiam Shakespeare

No Complaints- FATHERDUDE
Full Capacity- Infinity Ink
Nervosa- deM atlaS
Disco Duck- Darkhouse Family
Dreams- Darkhouse Family
Fearless- Lotus
Samba de Pirâmide- Sonzeira

CHEETA1b ms800- Aphex Twin
CHEETA2 ms800- Aphea Twin

Colors Bump Sound Here

Colors Bump Sound Here