EOTO Wild Time

Every time I hit the EOTO scene it seems to get better and better for me. The whole experience. This time they were back at the Majestic with a crowd full of people who get it. And boy, we “Got It”. The impromptu nature of the music made the niGht’s sounds like our very own chapter together, a shared musical journey that we really get a chance to help write. Not only was the sound graBBed deeply by my ear-holes, but the light show and visuals attached themselves in concert with what Michael and Travis were creating in that moment. If for some reason you haven’t found the time to find this more than a dubstep act called EOTO, I’d hope you’d find a little room to let them into your life and I promise they’ll color your evening with new hues and expose you to new sounds/songs/ and in the right now feelings that I have found hits me when I Coltrane myself.

Minds off #3

Cactus- David Bowie (live)
Ebb Tide- Hazmat Modine
Walking Stick- Hazmat Modine
Cotonou Stomp- Hazmat Modine

Foqt Foqt- Rachid Taha (live)
Ayah Ye!- KG Omulo
Caravana Del Vejigante- Bio Ritmo
Avramandole- Staff Benda Bilili

Blast- Boozoo Bajou
Bed Bugs- TriBeCaStan
Angel at my Door- Una
Song for Mary- the Herbaliser
Way Beyond- Morcheeba (live)
Give Peace a Chance- DJ Dan w/Yoko Ono
The Porch- Beat Antique
Probable Cause- Bassnectar & Ill.Gates
Duder- Eoto (live)
Say Yeah Yeah- Mocean Worker
Warning Call- DJ Shadow FT Tom Vek

Minds Off #2

Should be me.

Purple Onion- the Les Claypool Frog Brigade
Among your Pillows- Frogwings w/John Popper (live)
Lou Carcohl- Lotus
Gorgo- Frank Zappa
Come Together- Bill Frisell
Archaic Days- Tommy Guerrero
Cease Fire- Furley
You are Me- Evan Marien
Natives- Victor Wooten
3 Deuces- Marcus Miller (live)
You Don’t Say- Ivan FUNKBOY Bodley
Fat Alberta- MarchFourth Marching Band
UNC- Trombone Shorty
Look Out, Watch Out- Deep Street Soul
A Time For- Lack of Afro

Be thankful..Lipbone Redding & the Lipbone Orchestra
Tangerine- Herb Albert’s Tijuana Brass W/ DJ Foosh
Blues for Santa Cruz- Pharoh Sanders (live)
A Love Supreme-Carlos Santana w/Bill Laswell
Charismalove- Global Noize

Minds Off #1

feelin’ out of touch with the one they call G. So here is a way to turn the mind off, part one of three.

Julie- Tricked out Country
Sativa- David Grisman
I ain’t Never- Jerry Garcia/David Grisman
Rusty Cage- Johnny Cash
Momma was an Opium Smoker- Rasputina
Misirlou (theme from Pulp Fiction)- 2 Cellos
Walking in your Footsteps- the Police (live)
the Neighborhood- Los Lobos (live
StranGe Weather- Tom Waits (live)
Rain Fall Down- the Rolling Stones
Small Hours- Robert Smith
Green Flower Street- Donald Fagan
One hell of a Party- Air
Move on Easy- Little Barrie
Free at Last- G Love & Special Sauce
Sack O’ Woe- Van Morrison w/George Fame & Friends
Minha Menina- Band of Bees
Travel Signs- the Hourly Radio
Persistent Intermission- Spain Colored Orange
Supra Genius- Soul Coughing
Fantasma- monstrO

Nawal took me there.

I was fortunate enough to speak with Nawal last week on the show and after seeing her and her band perform live as part of the 2011 Madison World Music Festival, I have to say that she reaches out to embrace, through her music and words but it is the undeniable meaning performing these prayers that stands out to me. When she and her bandmates sing/chant/utter/ “Shalom”, the very wish for peace leap out of me onto the universe. Through the instrumentation from her Indian Ocean roots consisting maGically of gambusi, flute, mbira, and daf; Nawal invites us into her dream of a peaceful world. The music caresses the soul and embraces the spirit. Thoughts and words disappear, and make way for meditation, introspection and inner peace. It is then and that I shared with you. Thank you for getting it. As a Muslim-born African woman who does not always adhere to traditional socio-religious codes, Nawal has faced many challenges in her career, yet she remains strong in her message and philosophy. Descending from the grand Sufi marabout of Comoros, El-Maarouf (1852-1904), Nawal invariably stays with the light of Islam founded upon love, respect and peace. In her music, she sings in favor of all humans, for education and for union. It is within our discussion that I realized she is a liGht, a person to follow…..I hope you’ll join me in paying attention to what she pours from her cup.

Touring Band:
Nawal, singer/songwriter, lead vocals, gambusi, guitar
Claudine Fran├žois, piano, vocals
Aurore Voahangy Coriton, vocals, percussion
JB Gbadoe, percussion, vocals

Madison World Music Festival

Thursday, 9/15/11

6:30pm – 8:00 pm – Chai Found Music (Taiwan) – Union Theater
7:00 pm – Film: “Cultures of Resistance” – Play Circle
8:30 pm- 10:00 pm – Nawal (Comoros Islands) Sufi Music- Union Theater
9:00 pm – Film: “Cultures of Resistance” – Play Circle
9:00 – 10:30 pm – Frigg (Finland) – Rathskeller

Friday, 9/16/11

5:00 pm – Dragon Knights – Terrace
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm – Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (Italy) – Terrace
7:20 pm – Dragon Knights – Union Theater and Terrace
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm – Chai Found Music (Taiwan) – Terrace
8:00 pm – 9:30 pm- Kutumba (Nepal) – Union Theater
9:30 pm – 11:00 pm – Blitz the Ambassador (Ghana/US) – Terrace

Saturday, 9/17/11

12 noon – Workshop “Puppetry – Big and Small” with Dragon Knights – Union Theater
1:45 pm – 3:00 pm – Luisa Maita (Brazil) – Willy Street Fair
3:00 pm – Dragon Knights – Willy Street Fair
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm – Marco Calliari (Italy/Canada) – Willy Street Fair
5:00 pm – Dragon Knights – Willy Street Fair
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm – Sergent Garcia (France) – Willy Street Fair
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm – Bomba Estereo (Colombia) – Willy Street Fair
9:30 pm – 11:00 pm – Sergent Garcia (France) – Union Terrace (Rain location is the Rathskeller)

a Prayer for your Soul

There are some who make a mark on you and there are some that are the ones. This set of music was created for you! There are portions meant to give you a soul massage, there are some meant to give your smile some extra time and then, there is the spirituality behind the feeling(s) of the music. The connection. I want to thank Nawal for being a part of this show as she enlightened me to her belief in a one world, one religion, prayers for peace not just songs on an album approach in her rebellious ways of living and creating. She will be here in Madison on Thursday as part of the world music festival and the meditative being within me looks forward to the connection her live show will bring my soul, and how I can translate that back to yours.

Jesus Children of America- Deep Blue Organ Trio
19 20 21- King Johnson
Soul Makossa- Revolutionary Snake Ensemble
Teo- the Microscopic Septet
Jammin’ at the JCT-the Stein Brothers Quintet
UFO’s- Skeebo Knight
Therapeutic Space-the Natacha Atlas & Marc Eagleton Project
Compassion- Soname
My Horse- Soname
Basanth Mukhari-Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon
Tamatant Tilay/Exodus-Herbie Hancock w/Tinariwen/K’Naan/Los Lobos
War/No More Trouble-Playing for Change
Fafa- Vieux Farka Toure (live)
Kalan Nege- Issa Bagayogo
You can Run- Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80
Nobody Beg- Femi Kuti
Native Sun- Blitz the Ambassador

What are you Waiting for?- Mr Something Something
Psycho- Herve Sambe
Potatisvals- Frigg
Kokodoi- Dikanda

Rope on Fire- Club d’Elf (live)
Mantra for Four Chakras- Nawal
Mama Baraka- Nawal

***On air conversation with Nawal***
Mystic Baraka- Nawal
No Means No- KG Omulo
Rally Cap- Mamarazzi
Masterpiece- Deep Soul Strut
The Importance of Elsewhere- Lack of Afro

Got to be a Love-Greyboy FT Quantic & Sharon Jones
Stampede- J Russell FT MC Zulu/Moorea Dickason/Matt Schoening
Shooby Shooby do Yah-Mocean Worker ft Steven Bernstein
Locuraleza- Jontre

Only You- Portishead

On the way

The first hour or so of today’s show was one for the road. A traveler. It made it was thru the jazz fields into some Nashville Woods into a pile of jammed rock:

Lithium- the Bad Plus
Nothing Flat- the Spokes
Splat- Joel Forrester & Phillip Johnston
Katrina Blues/How the Cresent City got Bleached-Elliott Sharpe’s Terraplane
Limosine- Shemekia Copeland
Lost Kid- the Apache Relay
Alabama Pines- Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit
Gypsy Django- Humming House

Whipping Post- Geoff Achison (live)
Beatles Medley- Tommy Emmanuel (live)
All Bets are off- Big Harp
S’Cooled- Blood Orange
Go Kart- Pajama Club

Overcome- Juliette Commagere ft Ry Cooder
Eleven of nine- Michael Reese
Revolution- Bill Frisell
Bubbles- Moksha

Wash the day- TV on the Radio (live)
Dela- the Beautiful Girls
Tangled Twisted and Tossed- Brian Stoltz

Ear Planning

It is such a nameless feeling to have the ears you plan some songs for, some titles for or some grooves for be a part of the shared moments when it isn’t certain that’ll be the case. I am thankful for those nibbles! Here is how the second portion of the show went….with beautiful plus 1’s and 11 o’clock day starts always waiting to catch my eye:

Intro->Pa Pa Power- Dead Man’s Bones
Clouds Morning in- Beat Circus
Not ready yet- Eels
Gallow’s Pole- Jimmy Page/Robert Plant (live)
Tomorrow Never Knows- the Beatles
Astronomy Domine-David Gilmour w/Baltic Philharmonic Symphony Orch (live)
Wish you were Here-David Gilmour w/Baltic Philharmonic Symphony Orch (live)
Freakin’ at the Freaker’s Ball- Dr. Hook
Hide & Seek- JJ Grey & Mofro
Keep my feet upon the Ground- the Subdudes
Don’t look Down- Bandallamas
Salvation- Devon Allman’s Honeytribe
Bounce Ball- North Mississippi All Stars
Dear Prudence- Jerry Garcia Band (live)
Devil likes it Slow- Gov’t Mule (live)
once in a Lifetime- Billy Iuso (live)
Celebrate your Youth- Keller Williams (live)
paper- Talking Heads
Bullet- Cashman
Purdy Mouth- Swamp Cabbage
Early in the Morning- Papa Mali
Bar room Crystal Ball- Hot Tuna (live)
Blindman- Big Brother FT Janis Joplin
Easy Rider- Big Brother FT Janis Joplin
Last Time- Black Dub
Love Lives- Black Dub
Permanent Record- the Golden Dogs
3:15- Bourbon Princess
Porchswing- Bourbon Princess
Soup- Blind Melon
No Rain (ripped away version)- Blind Melon
Zillionaire-R. Wasserman/J. Garcia/E. Brickell
The Future- Leonard Cohen (live)
High Water- Bob Dylan (live)

what’s the difference

Today the show had a different feel to it…it didn’t have a usual upbeat to it. Here is the first portion of it when the fine line is toed right up to closely:

Trouble- Pedro Arevalo
There’s a Bright Side Somewhere-Jorma Kaukonen
a Moment of Temporary Color- Jackie Greene
Strolling down the Highway- Nick Drake
Bridge is Broke- Delaney Davidson
I can’t get you off my Mind- Bob Dylan
No Reason- Treat her Right
The Night- Morphine
Watch you Fall- Twinemen
Lonely Avenue- Van Morrison
Imagine- Merl Saunders & Friends (live)
So Tender- Charlie Wooton Project
Time to Stand Still- the Wood Brothers
If you see her Say Hello- Bob Dylan
Spanish Lace Blues- Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder
Life by the Drop- Stevie Ray Vaughn
Careful what you Wish for- Geoff Achison (live)
Whippin’ Post- Gregg Allman
When I Paint my Masterpiece-Chris Whitley/Jeff Lang
Don’t let me Slide- Tedeschi Trucks Band