Black Eyed Peace

Atlanta based producer Matt Mansfield aka Piper Street Sound has created a stunningly beautiful & collaborative EP of instrumental Reggae music with legendary Reggae guitarist Andy Bassford (Toots and the Maytals, Dennis Brown, Horace Andy, Culture, Roots Radics). Black Eyed Peace follows 2020’s Small Plate / Rid Them EP but puts a focus on guitar melodies masterfully executed by Maestro Bassford. The songs still bear that special Piper Street customary horn heavy & dub infused stylin’ but on this release, the flow moves into some new territory; elements of Rocksteady, major keys now bouncing alongside their minor key brethren, Yaya Brown’s akete drumming prods and propels the rhythms carved by the uber-tight drumming of Brian Daggett and the bass of Mansfield, Chris Case’s keyboard mastery blazes alongside, almost at times within the horns of Will Scruggs, Jonathan Lloyd and Dashill Smith. Black Eyed Peace is a collaborative affair pieced together gradually over the course of the pandemic, the horn sessions miraculously took place the week before everything shut down, and all other elements were recorded in home studios and electronically gathered by Matt, who then helped to guide them through the forest of the unknown into a toGetherness of today, many of us seek to find.

I had the opportunity to spend a little quality time with Andy Bassford to get a deeper look and feel into what led to his accepting this fantastic project as something he could feel ready to attach his name to. We get an inside look into his decision making, the vibrancy of the newly found relationship with Matt and even the possibilities of what comes next sonically. When you listen in, it sounds like the discovery of what could be has just beGun. Andy has been around so many of the great artists and sounds of a genre specifically, but I believe after listening in on this conversation, you’d agree that he is clearly in the business for the music, and I am so excited that Matt and he have found each other, and as that door keeps opening, we will all benefit from future collaborations and new found friends.

Toes Dipped In

The final edition of the Springtime spin-off proGram, The Yellow Light. Dipped in and cemented in time:

Full Plate- Steve Hunt
Cyclic Episode- Perry Smith
The Reconstruction Beat- Dan Wilson

The Right To Live- Ralph Peterson Jr.
Blue Hughes- Ralph Peterson Jr.
Four Play- Ralph Peterson Jr.

Aliens & Wizards- Spike Wilner Trio
The Boy In the Bubble- Art of Time Ensemble Ft. Gregory Hoskins
Thanking the Earth- Carlos Nino Ft. Nate Mercereau & Sam Gendel
Forever More- João Donato, Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Tambó- Rubén Blades with Roberto Delgado & Orquesta

Red Light Casting

The final part of the proGram this week had to find its favorite spot to reflect:

Gonna Fly Now- Karate Boogaloo
Flight- Karate Boogaloo
We Play the Funk (CMC & Silenta Remix)- Five Alarm Funk Ft. Bootsy Collins

Omo Aye- The Voice of Lajorun
Nuestra Victoria- Marinero
Hustle- Sons Of Kemet Ft. Kojey Radical
Get Jazzy- Drumagick

Ancestors- LV & Joshua Idehen
The Light- DJ Format

Deshta (Forever)- Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell
Ma Kadouni (Oblik Lines Remix)- Meriem Ben Amor
Entropy- Asta Hiroki

Icemilk- Piper Street Sound Ft. Andy Bassford

Grown Close In

The middle parts of the proGram got a closer look into that fresh growth:

Tell Me- The Forty Nineteens
Go Little GTO- The Forty Nineteens
Approximately Eternity- Athanor
Run Away- Dree Leer

Very Blue- Nick Waterhouse
Pushing Too Hard- Nick Waterhouse
Living in the Last Days- Elizabeth King
Make It Happen- Mindi Abair Ft. Booker T. Jones
This Big Blue- Chase Frank

The Epic- Garage A Trois
Little Miss Lover- Robert Walter Ft. Gary Bartz & The Greyboy Allstars
Jimmy’s Groove- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
Break The Rules- Momo Said
Get Back Up- George Porter Jr. and Runnin’ Pardners
Cloud Funk- George Porter Jr. and Runnin’ Pardners

Your Garden Growth

The first part of this week’s proGram wanted to show off some of its early growth:

Outside Women Blues- Davy Knowles
Badlands- Cristina Vane
Heaven Bound Station- Cristina Vane

Factors of Awakening- Reverend Freakchild Ft. Kevin Griffin
See That His Grave Is Kept Clean- Reverend Freakchild
What Goes Up- 8 Ball Aitken
You Won’t Have a Problem When I’m Gone- Chris Cain

Where You Gonna Stop- Jimmie Bratcher
The New Day- Voodoo Ramble
Try- The Halley DeVestern Band (live)
Rattle Can- The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
greenarrowradio promo- Reverend Peyton
Crime To Be Poor- The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

Black Gold- Black River Delta
No NO- GA-20
Insomniac- Hypnosonics

Magnolia Ways

The 7th edition of the Spring spin-off proGram The Yellow Light was guided by the tree blossoms:

Soulsea- Gary Bartz/Ali Shaheed Muhammad/Adrian Younge

T Plays It Cool- Karate Boogaloo
Ally (Headnodic Remix)- Adryon De León
LA LOCOMOTIVE DORT- Yves-Ferdinand Bouvier
Basement- Momo Said
Sunny Side Of The Street- Momo Said

The Only You- Chase Frank
To Tell- Nick Waterhouse

Mammoth- Roots Of Creation
The Offering- Indubious Ft. Sizzla, Skillinjah
Waiting For Summer- Space Kamp
Neutral Ground- Green Buddha Ft. Big Chief Gerald Paige

Tropics- Sim Nagai
Body & Soul- Sim Nagai
Douglas Fir- Sim Nagai

Daytime Shadow

The 6th edition of the Springtime spin-off proGram, The Yellow Light, took the colors as the fluff flew over:

Movement 4- Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders W/London Symphony Orchestra
Porcelain (reprise Version)- Moby Ft. Jim James
Somuchmoreaware- møziz
Fallingisgrowing- møziz

Poughtu- Serge Bulat w/Katie Buckley & Nino Errera
Hope You’re Doin’ Better- Mndsgn
Grind- BARK

Love Bite- Middle Name Dance Band Ft. Natalie Slade
Yanıyorum- Tugba & Cagri

Asphalt Homeland- Ghost Funk Orchestra
Distant Mode- Gary Bartz Adrian Younge Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Black And Brown- Gary Bartz Adrian Younge Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Wisconsin Sound: Mr. Chair

The Wisconsin Union Theater’s new online event series, called Wisconsin Sound, will exclusively feature Wisconsin artists, and on April 11th we were treated to some Mr. Chair. The Theater team created this new series both for its patrons as well as to help support performance artists, many of whom have experienced canceled performances due to COVID-19. Mr. Chair looks like a jazz combo, enchants like a string quartet, and electrifies like a rock band, all while delighting listeners with their fresh and authentic sound. As classically-trained musicians well-versed in jazz, electronics, prog rock, world music and beyond, Mr. Chair is a contemporary fusion ensemble for music fans of all backgrounds. Their compositions are long-form journeys – sometimes delicate and sweet, sometimes thrashing with unbridled energy and conviction. Their sound palette is diverse, and used to tell stories in styles cinematic, surreal, romantic, funky, whimsical, and always captivating. They perform original works as well as their own arrangements of iconic pieces from Stravinsky to Bach. Mr. Chair can fit any size room. They design acoustic shows for intimate cabaret settings all the way up to thrilling concert hall performances with full string orchestras.

Made Of This Dust

The final portion of the proGram reminded us all that we are the stars in our own show:

Calm Down Cologne- Garage A Trois Ft. Stanton Moore, Charlie Hunter & Skerik
Highly Medicated- Mara TK

Visions Of Love- Gary Bartz / Adrian Younge / Ali Shaheed Muhammad
The Message- Gary Bartz / Adrian Younge / Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Blue Jungles- Gary Bartz / Adrian Younge / Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Movement 2- Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders Ft. London Symphony Orchestra
Movement 3- Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders Ft. London Symphony Orchestra
Movement 5- Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders Ft. London Symphony Orchestra
Moonman- Nick Hakim & Roy Nathanson

Sister Susannah- Anoushka Shankar
Shabi-Bi-Di-Do- The Dutch Benglos
Utammada- Ismail & Sixu Touré

Young Lies- Poté Ft. Damon Albarn
Long Legged Larry- Aesop Rock
Rockafucker- Epsilon One

Stars Shine On

The middle sets of the proGram kept us listening and looking upward and outward:

Keppe, ‘K Zien Ier Voe Joen- Guy Verlinde
Testify- Elizabeth King & The Gospel Souls
Shake That Man- Sunday wilde

Promises I’ve Made- Andrew Gabbard
Treat You Right (Soul Version)- Jeff White
Yard Birds- True Loves
Treat Me Bad- Izy

Why Can’t We Live Together- Dr. Lonnie Smith Ft. Iggy Pop
Kick To The Head, Burrito To The Face- Robert Walter Ft. Gary Bartz & The Greyboy Allstars
Volcanic Acne- Robert Walter Ft. Gary Bartz & The Greyboy Allstars
Just Start Groovin’- George Porter Jr. and Runnin’ Pardners
Porter 13A- George Porter Jr. and Runnin’ Pardners

She Ain’t No Fluffer- The Handcuffs

The NiGht Sky Appears

The first piece of this weeks proGram. showed the stars glimmering throughout.

White Line Fever- Bobby Osborne
Hahahaohhoho- Yellow Ostrich
WHALE- Yellow Ostrich
Love Killed Cobain- Az U R
I Might- Dree Leer

Country Buzz- Steve Keenan Band
Whiskey Drinking Blues- Steve Keenan Band
Eyes Of A Woman- Cole Myronuk & The Wild
Spanish Leonard- The Roosters

Bo’s Veranda (Travolta’s Walk)- Hypnosonics
Like a Damn Fool- Hypnosonics
Livin’ With You- Hypnosonics

This Branch Served

The 5th edition of the Springtime edition of The Yellow Light. Look into the lines:

Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright- Adam Moezinia
Silicon Road- Mischa Blanos
Now’s The Time- Steve Hunt
SALT- Joey Alexander

Spiritual Ideation- Gary Bartz, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge
FREEDOM- Jon Batiste

Live From The Apollo- Lorne Lofsky
We See- John Patitucci, Vinnie Colaiuta & Bill Cunliffe
Wildwood- Jack Brandfield Ft. Randy Napoleon & Rodney Whitaker

Tenderly- Marko Mebus & Wüste Welle BIG BAND

Springtime Fuzzy Glow

The final portion of this week’s proGram took the already great and watched it turn into different…perfect differences:

Soul Vibes Summit- Trog’low
Ballin’ ’72- Trog’low
Speak Easy on a Quiet Moonless Night Dub- Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Soundwave
F. Pan Landing- Fimber Bravo
Mounadji ’76- Mackjoss
LIMYÈ-A- Voilaaa Ft. Lass, David Walters & Pat Kalla

Running- Bratři
Verba- Trigaida
The Stranger- The Midnight
Ghost In Your Stereo- The Midnight

Paul P. Sure- Pocket Protection

Sprung Out

The middle part of the proGram really took care of SUM of tha’ funkier sides of the calendar:

Imagine- Mindi Abair
Sunshine Superman- Dr. Lonnie Smith Ft. Iggy Pop

Stormy (Wallace and Morris ‘North Street West’ Vocal Remix)- Greg Blackman
Calling England Home- Anthony Joseph
Places Names- Nick Waterhouse
B. Santa Ana, 1986- Nick Waterhouse
Champion- Cliff Beach

Till Minne Av Lilly Lindström- Eric Malmberg
WE ARE- Jon Batiste Ft. St. Augustine High School Marching 100, David Gauthier, Gospel Soul Children Choir, Craig Adams, Braedon Gautier, Brennan Gautier & Autumn Rowe
ADULTHOOD- Jon Batiste Ft. Hot 8 Brass Band

Crying For Hope- George Porter Jr. and Runnin’ Pardners
Corry’s Snail and Slug Death Snail- Robert Walter Ft. Gary Bartz

Under The Tree

The first part of the proGram was hanging out under the pine tree all Winter long:

Nightflyer- Allison Russell
The Medicine Man- Keb’ Mo’ Ft. Old Crow Medicine Show
Fine Line- Oliver Wood
Blues Stay Away from Me- Josh Lippi & The Overtimers Ft. Steve Wyreman

Ways and Means- The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
greenarrowradio promo- The Wildroots
Boot Money- Tony Joe White
Bubba Jones- Tony Joe White
Lookin’ Over My Shoulder- John R. Miller

Little Sleep- Joe Kaplow
Out Tonight- Modesty Blaise
Ghost Of Fall Singer In Depopulated Griefscape- The Armoires
Wild Thing II- The Blips

Haul Away Joe- Captain Feedback & The S.O.S. Wave Band
Knock Out- Xiu Xiu Ft. Alice Bag

Surface Feel

The 4th edition of the Spring spin-off version of the spin-off The Yellow Light proGram is noting the color of the ground feel:

Raga Marva Vasant- Baluji Shrivastav
Raga Vasant Mukhari Aarti- Baluji Shrivastav
Singo- Fimber Bravo
Tabli Tabli- Fimber Bravo

Launching Pad- Jazz Worms
Paradox of the Positive- Adrian Younge
Patriotic Portraits- Adrian Younge
Loft Funk- Michael Wolff (Live at Vitellos- L.A. 8/31/2011)

Epistrophy- Dr. Lonnie Smith (live)
Memories Of Sherwood- Steve Hunt

Alvita- Evan Arntzen
Anything Goes- Noa