Funkin’ for Duckets

Last niGht, I hung out with Mad Mad Marcus on his Rock-n-Soul Revue to ask for listener support during the Winter Pledge drive. Many people miGht have had frozen hands as we ended just a bit short of the set goal, but alas…Have no fear….next week there is another chance to pledge and help keep the unique treasure WORT is, moving forward into the unknown. This way the way the funk got thrown down in order to ask for the diGGins deep to occur…It was quite a good set (IMO):

Shifting Gears- Johnny Hammond
How Long…..-Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
Move on Up- Fantasy Funk Band
The World is a Ghetto- War
Hihache- Lafayette Afro Rock Band
What’s Going on- Donnie Hathaway (live)
Bustin’ Loose- Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers
I Like it- B T Express
City, Country, City- War
Goliath- Monophonics
Ain’t we Funkin’ Now- Brother Johnson
Four Cornered Room- War
Pass the Peas- Maceo Parker & Friends (live)
D Train- Boston Horns
Good Thang- Phasio
You Make me Work- Cameo


Raul & Habib in Madison

The niGht was cold but inside the Overture Center for the Performing Arts the heat was just getting turned on. Sitting in the center of the orchestra section was the best place for my ears to be when our friend, Raul Midón took the stage. As he got everything situated, the moment of true readiness was known with the first breath taken into the mic and the first note played on his guitar. The fluidity and sincerity of his voice certainly hit home with the Madison crowd, as they gave him the handclapped approval every artists likes to hear. His guitar work left many speechless as he plucked ans picked and slapped his way throuGh many tunes you can find on his live album, as well as a few off the upcoming album that he and I discussed on the proGram a week earlier entitled “Don’t Hesitate” which left the people ready to reach into their pockets and walk home with it. They’ll have to wait at least into early spring to be able to take it home. Then they can take all that positive storytelling upliftedness home with them in more than a memory form. Raul was on before our other friend, Habib Koité. Habib and the band brouGht a fire with them that comes from the motherland, the homeland. He gave us great tales in music form as well as between the songs, telling the audience of how the homeland sufferings makes the music even more meaningful to the world, and how sharing it with us was/is a true joy. Then he and the band proceeded to give us plenty of new tracks off the brand new release Soô, all done with large smiles upon their faces, which easily translated into smiles on our faces. It was hard to contain the bodies from wanting to get up and move, so we didn’t. When the liGhts went up and Habib saw all of us, you could feel how honored he was to have us all (and it was an ALL) there with him sharing in these moments. This show was filled with these positive moments, both in the audience and on the staGe, it would be well worth your time to catch one or either of these friends of the proGram as they make their way around the world doing the things they do.


an Evening at the MSO

I always enjoy getting a chance to sit in a box at the symphony. Tonight it was the opposite side as usual, so a different perspective was gained. Which is always a good thing. The night was wonderful with Guest Trumpet player, Tine Thing Helseth. While each piece did hit me in ways mentionable, it was the Adams piece Doctor Atomic Symphony that just blew my mind….Smashing….Stunning piece.

Here’s the proGram for the evening:

Madison Symphony Orchestra

John DeMain– Music Director/Conductor
Tine Thing Helseth– Trumpet
Jean Sibelius
Finlandia, Op.26, No.7
Joseph Hayden
Concerto for Trumpet & Orchestra in E-flat Major

Ft. Ms. Helseth
John Adams
Doctor Atomic Symphony
The Laboratory

Alexander Arutiunian
Trumpet Concerto in A-flat Major
Ft. Ms. Helseth
Richard Strauss
Suite from Der Rosenkavalier


Community ToGether

The final half of the other day’s proGram really was a treat. The worlds met where they will meet aGain, yet we were the first to hear it from the artists themselves….And on this coming Friday, February 21st at the Overture Center, Habib Koité and Raul Midón will share the staGe and on this day, we got them a different times, to ourselves on the phone. Habib and I discussed his latest release, Soô…it’s simplicity yet truth is speaks is charming and revealing. We spoke of how in his homeland of Mali, making music in the streets or anywhere outside has been deemed illegal, and how he put this album toGether behind his home studio walls just soundwaves away from the “outside”. We also took the time to talk about his musical friendship with Bonnie Raitt, and how they became to be so close is the kind of tale told at a campfire…Habib let me know he and the band will have an extra day off here in Madison and that he was going to catch up with a Malian pal who has a farm in Wisconsin. NICE! Raul and I talked about his new album in the works…most likely titled “Don’t Hesitate” which features a song written with Bill Withers and played alongside friend of the proGram, Mr. Marcus Miller…we talked of the many collaborations he has been a magical part of and how this newest album was a double duty of sorts as he enGineered the whole project himself..and being a blind dude, we both aGreed on the heaviness of that accomplishment. There was also a community of sound that came toGether around these incredible live radio events:

Ooh Ooh!- the Get Up
Apres Ski- Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe
Everybody Knows That- Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe

Thinkin’ bout You- Big Brutha Soul & the Bros. of Invention (live at the Fillmore)
Love Sublime- Tensnake Ft. Nile Rodgers & Fiora
Chop Chop- Ibibio Sound Machine
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction- the Incredible Bongo Band

Lake Charles Boogie- Nellie Lutcher
Bourbon Street Boogie- Dr. John/Chris Barber Jazz Band (live)
Balon Tan- Habib Koité
LA- Habib Koité
Bolo Mala- Habib Koité

**Live on air conversation with Habib Koité**
State of Mind- Marcus Miller w/L’Orchestra Philharmonique de Monte Carlo Ft. Roy Hargrove & Raul Midón (live)
Sunshine- Raul Midón (live at Joe’s Pub)
***Live on air conversation with Raul Midón***
Jimmy Cookin’ on Top- Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby (original 1969 session)
Jive Den- Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby (original 1969 session)
Soul Miner- Tommy Guerrero


Mixed Colours Made

The first half of the reGular greenarrowradio proGram took what it was given and mixed it all up to splash a new sound on you decorated with colours made in the moment with mood and a listening maGic.

Shine- Stephane Grappeli & David Grisman (live)
Ninety Nine and a Half- Dorothy Love Coates
Oxford Town- Bob Dylan
Can’t Stop a Train- the Derailers
My Fifi- Ry Cooder
Evolution- Pete Townshend
Dueling Banjos- Spacestation (live)
Minding the Little Things- Spacestation (live)
Change your Way of Living- Bernard Allison (live from Studio M)
River Hip Mama- Charlie Musselwhite (live)
Low Rider- Blues Traveler (live)
->Loser Tease- Blues Traveler (live)
->GO- Blues Traveler (live)
Kerosene- Sacco
Jabberwocky- Us & Them
Rocking Horse Mender- Bronco Bullfrog
Astral Traveler- Schnauser
It’s Raining- the Honey Pot
I Had too Much to Dream- Crystal Jacqueline

Come Together- Syl Johnson
Brown Sugar- Lack of Afro Ft. Herbal T
Booty Text (Club Mix)- the Pimps of Joytime
Won’t be Beat- Mamarazzi


Hearing With a New Angle

The Second half of the other day’s fill in proGram came with a tilt…where the ear is at a new anGle to accompany the new outfits and traveling grounds.

Potikoro- Nakany Kante
Tin Essako- Tinariwen (live)
Mataraden Anexan- Tinariwen
Jungle Book (part 1)- Dissidenten (live in Europe)
Jungle Book (Part 2)- Dissidenten (live in Europe)
Min Do Sin Tay- Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars
Humanity- (Strategy Remix)- Horace X
Qu Vamo a Hacer- Tucupr
I Gotta Woman- Toots & the Maytals
Babylon- Ras Tewelde
Saudades- Forro in the Dark
Estrondo- 3 Na Massa

Bulerias- Gypsy Dreams Ft. Ferenc Illenyi
A Minor Swing- Gypsy Dreams Ft. Ferenc Illenyi


From Another Point

I filled in for the Morning show with Rob Roberts this morning and decided to take a look from other points of view….trying to stand on different soil and hear what miGht be heard. The first half of this fill in show has different clothes and accents, perfect for the open minded ear-holes:

U Súsedu za Dverama- Bezobratri
Wen Yah Galoub- Dudu Tassa & the Kuwaiti’s
Shivranjani- Nistha Raj
Bhairavi Beatbox- Nistha Raj
The Three Eyed One- Sheela Bringi

A Tu Retrato- Alejandro Almenares
Esa Guitarra Que Suena- Alejandro Almenares

Llegué Llegué- Los Van Van
Balanca- BossaCuCaNova Ft. Cris Delanno
Oshiri Pan Pan- Jose Conde Y Ola Fresca
Bailnado con Juaneco- Juaneco Y Su Combo
Muévete en D- Omar Sosa & the New Afrocuban Quartet (live in Japan)

Back Around- Bonnie Raitt & Habib Koité
Soô- Habib Koité
Message from Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu
Valley of Tears- Soweto Gospel Choir Ft. Robert Plant


Make Sure to Feel the

Vibes….the extra hour of the proGram was spent properly with all new sounds to get the colors switchin’ & the twists twistin’:

Let’s Dance- Ibibio Sound Machine
Oriente Tropical- Juaneco Y Su Combo

Nova- Kasim Keto
Wounded Knee- Kasim Keto
I Shot the Sheriff- N.A.S.A. Ft. Karen O
In My Brain Prinz Eugen- Tosca
Shakti Bounce- DJ Sol Rising

Batuque- Dom La Nena (Gabriel Muzak Remix)
Lento (Dub)- Tucupr

The Earth is Blind- Illum Sphere
Embryonic- Illum Sphere Ft. Shadowbox
Electric Chair- Latryx Ft. Corey Glover
Value 10- Lee Bannon
Danger Zone- Zion I
Masters of Ceremony- Zion I

Got There, Sugar- RJD2
Bohemia Junction- Bombay Dub Orchestra (Gary Hughes Old School Dub Mix)

Night Rider- Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions


and the Horse you Rode in on

I want to thank David Krakauer for being a guest on the proGram today. We discussed his new and much different than normal release “Hear..the Big Picture”. The music selected from some of the most well known movies and how it spawns memories in many of our minds, in an almost reverse role as it is the music as the focus. We also touched on some of the greats he has played with: Making the violin of Itzahak Perlman “scream” in a duo battle…His work with friend of the proGram, Mr. David Harrington and Kronos Quartet as well as work done with the miGhty Fred Wesley and of course, we spoke on his time with The Klezmatics. It was a wonderfully enliGhtening conversation and the music chosen for this third of the proGram has it’s saddle on:

Northern Muse (Solid Ground)- Van Morrison (live @ the Grand Opera House Belfast 3/11/83)
Red Cadillac- Mama Roo
Since your Gone- the Cars
Luck Bean- That 1 Guy
Vinyl Fever- Japancakes
Daddy’s in the Duldrums- Secret Machines
Hidey Hole- JD Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers
In A Gadda Da Vida- Incredible Bongo Band
Torero- John Scofield

**Live on air Conversation with David Krakauer**
Si Tu Vois Ma Mere- David Krakauer
Honeycomb- David Krakauer

Dresses too Short- Syl Johnson
Going to the Shack- Syl Johnson
the Real Deal- the Dynamites Ft. Charles Walker
***Sharon Jones Greenarrowradio promo***
Long Time, Wrong Time- Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
Big Brutha Soul is Up in Here- Big Brutha Soul & the Bros. of Invention (live at the Fillmore)
Freedom- Lack of Afro Ft. Jack Tyson Charles
Michael Jordan (get your fuNck on)- Mamarazzi
Why Does my Man Got to be so Tough?- Nick Pride & the Pimptones Ft. Beth Macari
El Ritmo De Nueva York- Ray Lugo & the Boogaloo Destroyers


Snow Fire Photo Session

It was a much different morning today…local photoGraphy artist, Michael Sullivan was hanGin’ out in studio to do a session of “Portraits of a DJ”. We spoke about his recent opening in Chicago (which is still going for a couple of weeks), why he chooses his subject in a voyeurism sort of way which really allows the viewer to feel the person. I look forward to seeing his G captures and hope he got enouGh “clicks” in….there was music to go with the shoot….banG:

Pent up House- Stephane Grappelli & David Grisman (live)
Dirty Angels- Kevin Kinney
Hot Rod- Collins Kids
Niki Hoeky- P.J. Broby
Sometimes We Make You Move Your Feet- Keith Frank & the Soileau Zydeco Band (live)
the Seventh Son- Mose Allison
Goin’ Back to New Orleans- Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers
Paranoid- Zydecosis
Sometimes When I Wake Up- Christine Hoeberg
Paulino Hawkins- Drive By Truckers
The Letterbomb- Milagres
The Counting Song- Paper Arrows
Are You Sleeping?- Marco Benevento

Calliope- Tom Waits
Knife Chase- Tom Waits
**Live on air chat & photo shoot session with Michael Sullivan**
Naked- Andre Cymone
Walk on Fire- Barry Adamson
10th Floor Ghost Girl- Cibo Matto
Red State Girl- Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang

When My Train Pulls in- Gary Clark Jr. (live solo/acoustic)


On the Wall

The second half of the other day’s show was hanGin’ riGht there in front of you….it’s what you have chosen to hang where your eyes often go.

3 Cool Cats- Ry Cooder
Double E- Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Sierra Leone- the Derek Trucks Band
Drown in my Own Tears- the Derek Trucks Band Ft. Gregg Allman
Pipeline- Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang
Daddy D’s Daughter- Mamarazzi
Give me Your Love- Third Coast Kings

***Sharon Jones greenarrowradio Promo***
People Don’t Get What They Deserve- Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
If I had Known- the Dynamites Ft. Charles Walker
These Moments- the Expressions
She’s Gone- Ray Charles
Baby Knows- Prince
The Calling- Basement Freaks
The Magic is Gone Main Mix- Chris Read Ft. Myles Sanko
Let Me Tell Ya bout the Boogaloo- Ray Lugo & the Boogaloo Destroyers

Smoke ’em- Fun Lovin’ Criminals
The Joker- Spearhead
100 Years- Tommy Guerrero
Don’t Bother Me- Toots & the Maytals
Under My Sensi- Long Beach Dub All Stars w/Barrington Levy
How Far?- Horace X
Made of Memories- Induce
Waldomiro Pena- BossaCuCaNova Ft. Wilson Simoninha

Brass Knuckles- Amp Live Ft. Dom Big Gigantic
World is Spinning- the Disco Biscuits


Snake outta the Lake

The first half of today’s proGram had the Snake on the Lake’s frozen carcass on shore and only the music chosen can resuscitate the beast…Here’s what brouGht the life back into it:

This is Where we Are- Priscilla Ahn
My My- Lightouts
I Know it’s Wrong (but that’s alright)- Hurray for the Riff Raff
Rainmaker- Yellowbirds

Lover- Cross My Heart Hope to Die
Cigarette- the Delta Saints
Radio- Andre Cymone
Shiner- Mainland

Words,Names,Faces- Jeannie C. Riley
Keep my Skillet Good & Greasy- Uncle Dave Macon
Right on My Way Home- Bob Dorough
Why You Been Gone So Long- Johnny Darrell
Matchbox- Ike Turner
5 Feet High and Rising- Johnny Cash
Jack the Ripper- Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Everything Goes to Hell- Tom Waits
Raspberry Beret- Warren Zevon
Cuca’s Blues- the Latin Playboys
French Harp Hustle- JD Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers
You Know I Love You- JD Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers

Stack A Lee- Dr. John & Chris Barber Jazz Band (live)
Mac’s Boogie Woogie- Dr. John & Chris Barber Jazz Band (live)
Cake Walk- Taj Mahal (live Acoustic)
His Hands- Pete Townshend
Good Ribbance- Taarka
Echinacea & the Goldn Seal- Taarka