Studio Red

The first half of the proGram got the fire started…sticks rubbed – sparks flyin’…….

I’m Troubled I’m Troubled- the Gibson Brothers
Bye Bye Love- the Gibson Brothers

Bend Down the Branches- Tom Waits
What’ll I Do- Bob Dylan
Hallelujah- Chris Joyner
Broken Paradise- the Get Right Band
Voodoo Doll- Diamond Rugs

Summer- Summer Cannibals
Mujer Moderna- Fea
Gimme Love- Sleater Kinney
Broken Talk- Gang of Four Ft. Alison Mosshart

Ain’t Doing Too Bad- D.A. Foster
Can’t You Hear me Knocking- Gov’t Mule (live)
Let This Be a Lesson to Ya- Dr. John (live)

Pixie- James Booker (live)
Remember When- Dirty Dozen Brass Band (live)
Last Call (of the wild)- Mighty Souls Brass Band
Shady Blues- MK Groove Orchestra (live)
Resurgence- Ulysses Crockett
What is Life- Lee Stone
Golden Nugget- Lucky Brown

Will To Live- T. Bird & the Breaks
Smells Like Rain- Paul Kelly Ft. Linda Bull

Creation (fanfare for a 3rd millennium)- the James Taylor Quartet


Mic Fade

Streamlined Into the Deep wave of radio:

Dr. Hypersthene- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra
Go Mo- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra

Coming Home- Smoove & Turrell
Just Try Now- the Baker Brothers
Ring True- the Baker Brothers
Einefuerheiner- Sam Irl

Accra City People- Sena Dagadu
Lagos Chase- the Shaolin Afronauts
Animal Instinct- Nick Rosen
Steppin’ Up- Jeff Coffin’ & the Mu’tet

Bass Tribute (reprise)- Victor Wooten
Burning Down the House- Marcus Miller
Best Regards as Soon as Possible- Android Asteroid
Good News- Android Asteroid

Oye Como Va (Instrumental)- Kinky
Council Oak- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Bounce- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

Lost on a River- Euphoria
Slow Down- Karen Gibson Roc
Sugar- Five Knives
Back 2 Myself- Brittany NaCole

Slivers of Light- Michal Menert
The Mother- Lance Herbstrong RMX

Bankrobber- Rainy Milo Ft. Kossisko


Above the Mic

The first half of the proGram this week had the view from above the mic attached to the sound that surrounds the speakers:

American Standard- Folk Family Revival
Adult Crap- Joanna Wang

Soul Kitchen- Patti Smith
Ain’t Goin’ Down to the Well- Tom Waits
Leaf Off/The Cave- José González
Up and Away- Tomás Pagán Motta

A Broken Memory- Cold Specks
Reeling the Liars In- Cold Specks
Take it Back- the Temperance Movement
Life During Wartime- The Get it Right Band

Pleasure Pain- Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius (live)
Little Wheel- Canned Heat Ft. John Lee Hooker, Harry Vestine and Larry Taylor
Take a Little- Walter Trout
Just Another Rider- Keb Mo (live)
Hasn’t it Rained- Paul Kelly
Hip Drop- The Explosions
Humpty Bump- the Vibrettes
Mercy D- Sam & the Soul Machine
Soul Power- the Soul Powers
Grass is not Greener- the James Taylor Quartet
One Nation Under a Groove- the Clinton Administration
Ain’t no Sugar- T Bird & the Breaks
Brown Bag Pt.1- Lucky Brown
Strawberries Raspberries- Don Hales
The Way I see it Far out- Nature’s Time


Beware of Booted Duck

The second and final set of this year’s Winter greenarrowradiOpen-schedule Sunday morning fill in proGrams. Who knows why a duck would require boots?

Hèmlè- Blick Bassy
Carolina, Carol Bela- Jorge Ben & Toquinto
16 Tonelades- Noriel Vilela

Farewell Shalabiye- NO Blues
Shurooq- NO Blues
Sandhya Raga- Ravi Shankar
Dhanasri- Arun Ramamurthy Trio
The Chant- Fareed Haque & the Flat Earth Ensemble
Street Music- Dr. Didg
Scots on the Rocks- Peatbog Faeries
Studio Lam Plearn- Paradise Bankok Molam International Band
Azt Mondta az Anyukám- Tamas Somlo & Omega
Crown of Spades- Red Baraat
Got the Sun in the Morning Daughter at Night- Incredible Bongo Band

Kongo Kono- BKO Quintet
King of Segou- BKO Quintet

Le Monde Pour La Paix- JeConte & Adama Dramé Ft. Vieux Farka Touré/Khaira Arby/Bassekou Kouyaté
Meeting of the Minstrels (Desert Jam #2)- Vieux Farka Touré, Lakha Khan, Madou Sidiki Diabaté & Barmer Boys (live Amarass Festival)
Out with the New In with the True- Antibalas
Kyenkyen Bi Adi M’awu- K.Frimpong & the Cubano Fiestas
Cyber Fula- Mandeng Eletrik
Una Cartina- Intended Immigration
Guru- Treehouse!
Sweet Love Affair- Resonators
Natural Mystic- Rebel Tumbao Ft. Herman Olivera

Shine eye Girl- Dubtonic Kru
Conquer Dem- New Kingston Ft. Sister Carol
Green & Gold- Victor & Malachi DeLorenzo


Widdle-a-Way the Morning

The first half of the final greenarrowradiOpen schedule Sunday morning fill in show for the winter schedule had the records strewn out on the floor and the needle was sharpened:

Pondo Blues- Eric Nomvete’s Big Five (live)
Song for my Lady- Louiz Banks

Atta Boy- MKG
Scratch- MKG

Bemsha Swing- Thelonious Monk (live)
Criss Cross- Thelonious Monk
Love is a Many Splendored Thing- Clifford Brown & Max Roach
Four- Sonny Rollins (live)
I Hear a Rhapsody- John Coltrane
Human Bidet Pt.1- Sex Mob
Rear View- Sex Mob
Human Bidet Pt.2- Sex Mob
Juicy Lucy- Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood
The Scrambler- Jeff Coffin & the Mu’tet


Capped it Off

The second half of the show featured another edition of FRAIL PAGANS with our pal Victor DeLorenzo….while he made some coffee, this edition started off with a chat with friend of the proGram, Janet Schiff…we talked about the cello, the show this Friday at the Frequency that is “An Evening with Nineteen Thirteen” and how new technology has helped the sounds take off into new directions. Once Victor was done with brewing the brew, we talked about the Packers, the cinematic allure of the music and we even had time for a little word association. UNITE!! There was also time for these tunes to cap it all off:

What You Want- Paul Kelly Ft. Vika Bull
Living with Love- T Bird & the Breaks
Buddha on the Road- Lucky Brown
Chicken Rock- Lucky Brown

Hessa- El Rego
Austin’s Theme- the James Taylor Quartet
…the Launch- Afroskull
Spyplane- Afroskull
Juntos- MK Groove Orchestra
Grandma’s Hands- Shayna Steele

Neeps & Tatties- Stanton Moore
Play Me- Harleighbly
Frail Pagans- Victor DeLorenzo
**The Cello Surprise Edition of Frail Pagans Ft. Janet Schiff/Victor DeLorenzo**
Mr. Panicker- Nineteen Thirteen
Tango Obscura- Nineteen Thirteen
Elevator to my Soul- Euphoria
Fire in the Brain- Club d’Elf (live 9/25/2008, Scotty Hard Benefit)
Your Attention- Blue Man Group
Action- Blue Man Group
Stairway to Heaven- Frank Zappa (live)
Green & Gold- Victor & Malachi DeLorenzo


A Place to Become

Got in a little early morning extra fill in-the-time – with some sounds that take other parts to other spots – got yours?

Be Mine (Ryan Crabtree Remix)- Meiko
Last Man (the Range Remix)- Niia

Our Dance (Phonovisions Symphonic Version)- Wax Tailor (live)
Free (Telepath Remix)- Second Sky
Know You- Bonobo (live)
Faraway Star- Sounds From the Ground
Gavotte- Mark de Clive Lowe

Un Amor (Stereo 77 Rincanstruction)- Thomas Blondet Ft. Carol C.
Oslo Skyline (Moiré Remix)- Jaga Jazzist

All We Got- deM atlaS
Them, Us- Sidewalk Chalk (live)
Intro Deuces- Kuf Knotz
A Positive Light- Kuf Knotz
Dealin’ with This- Congo Sanchez

Florida- Diplo
Big Lost- Diplo
It’s all Part of a Bigger Plan- Diplo

Another Side of You- Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Souls of Mischief
Panic- Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Souls of Mischief

No.1 in D Minor OP.1 Amore- Amp Live
Flight in G Minor- Amp Live Ft. Dirty Cello
Higher- BPos



The second half of the Sunday morning greenarrowradiOpen Schedule fill in had more siGhts for your ears than an octopus has suckers:

Pau Hana Rag- Sonny Lim
Genesis Theme (Sitar)- Ravi Shankar
Discovery of India- Ravi Shankar
Samia’s Dance (edit 2)- Jalilah Raks Sharki
Al Houriyah- Jalilah Raks Sharki

Roob Lor Pu Tai- Paradise Bankok Molam International Band
Show Wong Molam International- Paradise Bankok Molam International Band

Kérgeskezű favágók- Omega
Kinga Kueta- Bonga
Sada Diallo- Super Rail Band de Bamako
Laido- JeConte & the Mali Allstars Ft. Boubacar Sidibé.
Warriko- JeConte & the Mali Allstars Ft. Adama Dramé

Karaw- Vieux Farka Touré (live Amarass Desert Festival, 2011)
Che Che Cole- Antibalas
Pem Dwe- Nkansah & Yaanom
A Love Supreme/Exodus- Rebel Tumbao
Underneath the Mango Tree- Cibelle
Sapa to Azul- Cibelle
Lon Dubh (Blackbird)-Julie Fowlis
Feedback- Ojos de Brujo
Dary/Gifts- Longital
King Tut- Dr. Didg
Nectar Drop- DJ Drez
Appreciation- Jelly & Fish
Hejran- Niyaz
2 Mas- Kinky (live)
Dragon Bridge of the Great Tao- the Waitiki 7
Quiet Village- the Waitiki 7 (live at Atherton)
Aksak- Amon Tobin
Alkher Illa Doffor (Bassnectar Remix)- Cheb i Sabbah
Lagoa Pinheiros- Marina Lima
Green and Gold- Victor & Malachi DeLorenzo


Accordian 2 U

The first half of the Sunday morning greenarrowradiOpen Schedule fill in had the notice received:

Spanish Caravan- the Doors Concerto
Bear & Bird- Radim Zenkl Ft. Rob Wasserman
Essential Crusade- Radim Zenkl Ft. John Bilezikijan
the 7th Dwarf- Chicago Yestet
Destroy the Nihilist Picnic- London Experimental Jazz Quartet
Kathung Gbeng- Ahmadu Jarr
Raga Rock- The Braz Gonsalves 7

Sidney in Da Haus- Branford Marsalis
Satisfaction- John Scofield
Bryant’s Boogie- Bill Frisell
Accessed- Ritchie Kotzen & Greg Howe
Xenomorph- Vernon Reid/Elliott Sharp/David Torn
You Can Get Up Before Noon Without Being a Square- Melvin Van Peeples
Mandeng Blu- Mandeng Eletrik
Lift Up Your Mighty Soul- Mighty Soul Brass Band
The Second Line- Hustlers Brass Band

The Times They Are a Changin’- MSMW
Moz- Hugh Masekela


Purpled Planet Sir Face

I want to thank Desiree Bassett for being back on the proGram. Desi used to frequent the show back in the early days of its existence on WHUS in Connecticut. First started when she was around 13 or so. We talked about her time (3 years) being a part of the Michael Jackson Immortal tour as a Cirque du Soleil member, and how it has shaped her for the future. We put together an all star cast of people she has played with and formed our own fantasy lineup and just playin’ a little catch up with a family member sure did feel like some real good radio! There was also time for some music to surface:

Oz is Everfloating- Oysterhead
Oompa Veruca- Primus
Oompa T.V.- Primus

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps- Cake
Frank Sinatra- Cake
White Light/White Heat- Lou Reed (live)
Streetlamp (Walking to Work)- the Dead Milkmen
Francophile- the Capes
25 Miles to Go- Pearl Jam (live)
Realise- Little Barrie
Pulse- Desiree Apolonio Bassett
*** Live on air Conversation with Desiree Bassett ***
Fretboards on Fire- Desiree Apolonio Bassett
Keep on Coming Back for More- Paul Kelly Ft. Clairy Brown
It’s the Music Pt 1- The Mighty Mocambos
Like a Bass Guitar- Juliette Ashby

Theme from Dirty Harry- the James Taylor Quartet
Heavy Love- T. Bird & the Breaks
Somebody’s Lovin’ my Baby- T. Bird & the Breaks
Little Boys With Shiny Toys- Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy- Shayla Steele

Cosmic Slop- the Clinton Administration
Bolero- the Mackrosoft
Right Now- Ken Clark Organ Trio
Sons of Abraham- Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom
Suzy Q- Sugarman 3
Green and Gold- Victor & Malachi DeLorenzo


Bulb of Relax

Take this bulb and plant it in your back:

Susan Anna Gal- Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project
When the Springtime Comes Again- Old and in the Gray
Swing- Stephane Grappelli & David Grisman (live)
O Mary Don’t You Weep- Bruce Springsteen
Thunder on the Mountain- Bob Dylan
Men are Just Like Street Cars- Natalie Cole/Mavis Staples/Ruth Brown (live)
St Louis Blues- Natalie Cole (live)
The Worm- Alvin Youngblood Hart
Politician- Cream (live)
Same Old Game- Canned Heat
Don’t Mess with the Messer- Koko Taylor
Pleasing You- Michelle Wilson & the Evil Gal Festival Orchestra
Miami Strut- Stevie Ray Vaughn & A.C. Reed
Wild Cherry- the Fabulous Thunderbirds
Wake Up Ready- Tommy Talton Band
Please Call Home- Same Moore (live 01/10/2014, Fox Theater Atlanta)
Because I should- Dan Auerbach
My Last Mistake- Dan Auerbach
Diamond Dogs- Beck
Sweet Samsara (Pt 1)- Miho Hatori
What’s that Thang- Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius (live)
Picture Book- the Kinks (live)
Savoy Truffle- Phish (live)


Something to Sea

The second half of this week’s Sunday morning greenarrowradiOpen schedule took us out, and some stayed:

Mauna Loa Slack Key- Sonny Lim
Prabha- Degashish Bhattacharya
A Meeting by the River- Ry Cooder & Vishwa Mohan Bhatt
Genesis Theme- Ravi Shankar
Fair- Ravi Shankar
Salma Har- Tom Rossi
Om Tare Tuttare- Donna DeLory
Zerng India Prayuk- Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band
A Bolond Lány- Illés
Rasta Can’t Go- Buju Banton
Born Jamaican- Dubtonic kru
Set it Off Riddem (Inst)- Mista Savona
Sweet Reggae Music- Horseman Ft. Earl 16
Rhythm Surfer- Marter & Yoni

Kubangela- Bonga
Al Rafila Al Akhira- Abaji
Wamid- Yemen Blues
Diame- The Touré-Raichel Collective
Nous Aimons Le Mali- JeConte & the Mali All Stars Ft. Khaira Arby & Bassekou Kouyaté

Bi Lambam- Toumani Diabaté & Ballaké Sissoko
Kem Dahg- Dérobé Dance Band
The Traveler (2014 version)- the Haggis Horns

Fever- Jingo
Califas- Rebeca Mauleón



The first half of this Sunday morning greenarrowradiOpen schedule fill in was putting the craft before the anything else:

Two Steps- James Farm
Take Five- Oladepo Ogomodede
Koy Yolu- Jazz Semai
Sobre el Orinoco- Virgilo Armas y Su Cuarteto

Strange Faith & Practice- Jeb Loy Nichols
Starts- Nostalgia 77 Octet
You’ve got to Have Freedom- Pharoh Sanders (live)
Billy Higgins- Charlie Watt Jim Keltner Project
A Bitter Mule- Me’Shell Ndegeocello
Mirror Mirror on thw Wall- Melvin Peeples
The Coolest Place in Town- Melvin Peeples
Rip Tip Johnson- Branford Marsalis
Last Nights of Paris- Bill Frisell & Vernon Reid
Rumble- Bill Frisell
The Gypsy Zuma- Adrian Belew
Perpetual Groove- Al DiMeola
Back in the Woods- Stanley Clarke
Game- Stanley Clarke
Herberto Pt. 1- Herbie Hancock
And We Out….- Buckshot LeFonque
Low Down- Dan Moretti & the Hammond Boys (live at Chan’s)
Stovetop- MSMW


On a Bear Watch

I want to thank Gabriel Douglas of The 4ontheFloor for being a guest on the proGram during the second half of the show. We spoke about what people can expect on Thursday, January 9th at the High Noon Saloon when the band makes their way down from Minneapolis to share their backwoods, fire jumping beer guzzling good time rockNroll. The motto to find a good time is following these guys around and you are sure to stomp your feet, scream YEAAAHHHH and go home feelin’ better than when the night started. Here’s how the show parts went down:

I Have to Leave- Warren Zevon
New York Telephone Conversation- Lou Reed
Leave the Driving- Neil Young
Cotton Fields- CCR
King of the Jungle- the 4ontheFloor
Engine #4- the 4ontheFloor
**Live on air with Gabriel Douglas from the 4ontheFloor**
Some Days- the 4ontheFloor
Give the People What they Want- the Kinks (live)
High Places- Los Lobos
Crazy Mary- Pearl Jam (live)
Cheeseburger- Gang of Four
Clash City Rockers- the Clash (live)
Career Opportunities- the Clash (live)
Nitcomb- Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros
Screenwriter’s Blues- Soul Coughing (live)
You Got me Floating- Davide Pannozzo
Kelly- Allan Moon
Blues for Atuk- Mike Pace & the Child Actors

10.13.13- Brika
Overtime- Brika
10.7.14- Brika

The Blanket of Night- Elbow (live)


Moon Sky Moon Sky

The first half of today’s proGram was looking for the man, some cheese…I hEARd some rumor of a hi-leaping cow? Here’s what I would share during the attempted spotting:

Childish Love- Old and In the Gray
Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes- D.Grisman/V.Gill/H.Pedersen/E.Gordy Jr./J.Bachanan
Medley: Tzigani/Fisztorza/Fulginiti- Stephane Grappelli & David Grisman (live)
Suspicious Species- Radim Zenkl Ft. Krishna Bhatt
The Seeker- Pete Townshend
Love of the Loveless- Eels
Gamblin’ Man- Honeyboy Edwards (live)
Big Mama’s Door- Alvin Youngblood Hart
Dust My Broom- Big Jack Johnson w/ Kim Wilson Ft. Pinetop Perkins
Excerpt- Chris Whitley
Make the Dirt Stick- Chris Whitley
Only Daddy that’ll Walk the Line- the Fabulous Thunderbirds
King of Decatur- Bruce Katz Band
Wish You Were Here- Gov’t Mule (live 10/31/2008 Orpheum, Boston)
Whipping Post- the Allman Brothers (live 01/10/2014 Fox Theatre, Atlanta)

Free Hand- Gentle Giant (live)
Alien Orifice- Frank Zappa (live Stockholm 1992)
Crown of Creation- Jefferson Airplane (live)
Locomotive Breath- Jethro Tull (live)
These are the Ghosts (undead version)- the Bees
Why Don’t We Do it in the Road- Phish (live 10/31/1994 Glen Falls, NY)
Deserted Cities of the Heart- Cream (live)
Lives of Clay- Jack Bruce & Robin Trower
Heartbreak Hotel- John Cale


Comes in Threes

The second half of the greenarrowradiOpen schedule Sunday fill in proGram had all the lions in a row:

Erin’s Sword (Ben Sword Remix)- Elephant Wrecking Ball
Breaza- Balkan Clarinet Summit Ft. Sergiu Balutel
Geamparale- Balkan Clarinet Summit Ft. Sergiu Balutel

Calusul Dance- Kálmán Balogh and the Gipsy Cimbalom Band
My Back Pages- Magokoro Brothers
Rock El Casbah- Rachid Taha
Roots- Bonga
Badawi- Abaji
I See Your Face- Corey Harris
*** greenarrowradio promo by Somi***
Four.One.Nine- Somi
First Kiss (Eho Oni Baje)- Somi

Niane- Nuru Kane
Kaara Deneba- Mama Sissoko
Toumrou- Kassé Mady Diabaté
Caribe- Moussa Kanoute
L’Amour- The Touré-Raichel Collective
Werente Serigne- Orchestra Baobab
Ara Mi Le- Babatunde Olatunji
Kamelenba- JeConte & the Mail All Stars Ft. Moustafa Kouyate
Todii- Oliver Mtukudz
Koni- Baaba Maal (live at the Royal Festival Hall)
Situaciones- Peliroja