On a Bear Watch

I want to thank Gabriel Douglas of The 4ontheFloor for being a guest on the proGram during the second half of the show. We spoke about what people can expect on Thursday, January 9th at the High Noon Saloon when the band makes their way down from Minneapolis to share their backwoods, fire jumping beer guzzling good time rockNroll. The motto to find a good time is following these guys around and you are sure to stomp your feet, scream YEAAAHHHH and go home feelin’ better than when the night started. Here’s how the show parts went down:

I Have to Leave- Warren Zevon
New York Telephone Conversation- Lou Reed
Leave the Driving- Neil Young
Cotton Fields- CCR
King of the Jungle- the 4ontheFloor
Engine #4- the 4ontheFloor
**Live on air with Gabriel Douglas from the 4ontheFloor**
Some Days- the 4ontheFloor
Give the People What they Want- the Kinks (live)
High Places- Los Lobos
Crazy Mary- Pearl Jam (live)
Cheeseburger- Gang of Four
Clash City Rockers- the Clash (live)
Career Opportunities- the Clash (live)
Nitcomb- Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros
Screenwriter’s Blues- Soul Coughing (live)
You Got me Floating- Davide Pannozzo
Kelly- Allan Moon
Blues for Atuk- Mike Pace & the Child Actors

10.13.13- Brika
Overtime- Brika
10.7.14- Brika

The Blanket of Night- Elbow (live)


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