The Extra Time Well Spent

The show after mine was unavailable to make it to the studio as Aldous was out on assiGnment. I happily took off on an unexpected adventure into the place where a beat was hidden…I looked under the leaf and throuGh the talls to discover another nook to go with the previous three hour cranny..Here’s how I spent the extra time searching:

Beelzebub- Beats Antique Ft. Les Claypool
My Only Hope- Pretty Lights

Happy Hour Blues- Lloyd Scott & His Orchestra (Shafiq Husayn Remix)
PCH Interlude- Deco
Trenchtown- Deco
Nasty- Break Science

How We Live in Each Other- Clara Moto
L’Amour Naissant- Sebastein Tellier
Bah Bah Bah- Wax Tailor Ft. Voice

Deliberate Jibberish- Latryx
Walk the Dawg- MC Zulu

The Orange Terrace- Bombay Dub Orchestra
Gifting the Unexpected- Carmen Rizzo
Luna- Federico Aubele
Monkeys and Anvils- Da Lata
La Demoiselle Du Fonque- Intended Immigration


Dancing Thru the Funk Frost

The middle portion of yesterday’s extra hour proGram got the wood put to it with a soulful funkin’ that nobody could deny they needed. It was a chance to dance barefoot thru the frosted mums and melt that crust away….Here’s what a good funkin’ looks like:

Thoughts- the Natural Yogurt Band
Crossword Puzzle- Sly & the Family Stone (single master)
Rhodesian Girl- The Poets of Rhythm
For the Brothers (demo)- Master Plan Inc

Heaven & Hell- William Onyeabor
The Mall Walk- the Gene Dudley Group
Walk us Uptown- Elvis Costello & the Roots
Vendetta- Calibro 35

Get Out- Cameron Mizell
Scotown- John Scofield
Whirl Keeps Turning- Jhelisa
Heavy Vibes- Vibraphonic
Tiki Suite pt.1 Cuban Casbah- Bahama Soul Club
Caballito Nocturno- Juaneco Y Su Combo

Caribbean Tiger- Danny Hoch
God’s Child- David Byrne & Selena
Let’s Get Ready to Rhumba- John Lurie National Orchestra
Vida Florida- Del Exillo
Something About Those Days- Freddie Cruger & Anthony Mills are Wildcookie
Singular Vibe (essence)- Soulganic

Dance Apocalyptic- Janelle Monae
Face of Danger- Morcheeba Ft. Chali 2na

All in Our Minds- Passafire
Live Up- Rodney P Ft. the People’s Army & Mighty Moe
The Dancehall- Wrongton Meets Deemas J


Catfished Hunter

The first third of today’s extra hour proGram was something I threw at the wall and stuck there like a catfish sucka….Keepin’ your tanks clean but your minds dirty…Here is how it went in and out of your space place:

Ballad of Probably Not- the Harmed Brothers
For Anyone- Star Anna

High Country- Leftover Salmon
You Can Love Yourself- Keb Mo
Missed Opportunities- Davis Coen
Never Lonely- Diane Coffee
Alligator- Paul McCartney
Who the Devil- the Wood Brothers

Late in the Evening- Paul Simon
Carry On- Timothy B. Schmidt
My Blood Ain’t Runnin’ Right- Black Joe Lewis
Captured- Gov’t Mule Ft. Jim James

The Lost- the Dream Logic
Monster Man- Mike Doughty

This Cat’s on a Hot Tin Roof- the Brian Setzer Orchestra
Halloween- Stephen Lynch (live)
Fred of Ballaroy- Hazmat Modine
It Calls Me- Hazmat Modine Ft. Huun Huur Tu
One of These Days- Vespero
Colour Your Mind- Vibravoid
The Glorious Om Riff- Jay Tausig

Black White Yellow Makes Blue- Smoota
Save, Charlie- Rubblebucket


You Not Supposed to Be Here

So today I did a fill in show of an hour and twenty minutes or so…Laura, our tech was planning on doing her work in the studio at that time….what ensued was maGical….Toolsounds atmosphere and successfully working around each other….“Why can’t we all just get along”…well we did…..The show went like this:

Focus- Quartet San Francisco
Resolution- Quartet San Francisco
Emerald Swing- Sultans of String

Pour Parler- Hot Club of Detroit (live the Brink Lounge Madison 2/8/08)
Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’- Geri Allen
Moondance- Diane Hubka Ft. Mimi Fox
Niche- Brian Haas/Matt Chamberlain

The Slag- Randy Brecker Ft. Mike Stern
Musician’s Ol’ Lady Dues Blues- Randy Brecker
Jitterbug Waltz- Carol Morgan Ft. Jeff Sipe

American Culture X- David Chesky
Hana Nage- D.Bendigkeit/G.Levin/A.Tana/C.Amberger

Fearless- Cameron Mizell
Elvis Presley- John Ginty
Experiment in Terror- Reverand OrganDrum
Bip Bap- Bonerama (live at the Old Point)


About to Blow the Top

The second set of the proGram didn’t give any warning that it was about to blow…no steam…no pre-rumble….it all of a sudden start to spew out the sounds of funkiness with a hot lava movement throuGh ear-holes and open minds. Check the temperature here:

Baraka- Mickey Hart/DJ Logic
Givin’ em What They Love- Janelle Monae Ft. Prince

Make Believer- Morcheeba
Go- Passafire
Johnny in Dub- Astralasia

Fantastic Man- William Onyebor
New Found Truths- Catalyst
Try it You’ll like it- Master Plan Inc
Ham Gallery- the Poets of Rhythm

Mescaline 6- Calibro 35
the Whipper- Cameron Mizell
Hole in the Bag- the New Mastersounds
Revolution- Soulive
Boogie Stupid- John Scofield
Build an Android- Dopapod
Weird Charlie- Dopapod
Blast- Dopapod

Cambara 41- Da Lata
Soledad- the Bahama Soul Club Ft. Telmary
La Incognita- Juaneco Y Su Combo
My Money- Intended Immigration

Take it Back- Shaheed & DJ Supreme
It’s Yours- A Tribe Called Quest
It’s a Time Warp- Brian Jackson & the New Midnight Band
Recurring Cycles- Brian Jackson & the New Midnight Band Ft. M1

Treat You- Omar (Opolopo Remix)


the One of the Many

Thank you for choosing, this one of the many out there….The first half of today’s proGram had much in there that was desiGned to use the remote to open minds..Hope you diG what I did:

I Know This Place- Guy Buttery (live in KwaZulu)
Wheels- Fink w/the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

I’m on Your Side- Keb Mo
Slow Walkin’ Talk- Robert Wyatt
Zo Zo- Gringo Star
Peephole- Gringo Star
Satan is my Toy- Cass McCombs

I Can Bet- Paul McCartney
Power to the People- Eric Burdon & Billy Preston
Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard- Paul Simon
Different- Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Hush Hush- Kentucky Knife Fight
Nobody Wants- the Bokononists (live CJSW 9/12/2012)

I Don’t See Myself- Stay (live in London)
Girls of Belvoir- Mark McDowell

Careful with That Axe, Eugene- Vespero
This Could be the End of the Line- Zevious
Andromeda- Chrome Hoof

Maringouin- Miriodor
Buy 2 Take 3- Tatvamsi
September 20th (Soterius Lakshmi)- the Claudia Quintet
Doctor Strange- Owl Brain Atlas

Kitt- Scientific
Mighty Bird- Todd Clouser
Of Many, One- Brian Haas/Matt Chamberlain
Drive- Brian Haas/Matt Chamberlain


Funk Out Cancer

I am always honored to speak out on behalf of a solid cause and this week we had a chance to chat with friend of the proGram, Pauli Ryan and Al Falaschi about this year’s event at the Barrymore on 10/19, which will feature Youngblood Brass Band, Phat Phunktion and Mama Digdown’s Brass Band. Al’s wife fouGht a brave battle with her disease and although she left us very young, she asked that her memory be made with assisting to fund the cancer away with a Funk Fest. This disease hits us all (more some than others) and while all we can do it what we can do, it’s all better with some FUNK. Here’s the second half of the show doing my best to funk it away:

From Me To You- Mobley
Freak U- Nils Landgren Funk Unit
Moby Dick- Bonerama (live at the Old Point)
E La E- Youngblood Brass Band
Well Run Dry- Phat Phunktion
**Live on air chat with Pauli & Al promoting FUNK OUT CANCER**
Miss Madison- Phat Phunktion
Still Life Moving Fast- Ross McHenry
Distant Oceans Part 1- Ross McHenry
Lost Baggage- Kinny
Cuervo Gold- Bahama Soul Club

First Tune of the set- Michael Brecker Ft. Mike Stern
Third Stone From the Sun- Pat Metheny
Echoes (remix)- Lance Herbstrong
Cali Trunk Rattle- Deco
Emulator- the Crystal Method
Rock on it- Qdup Ft. Flex Matthews (Basement Freaks Remix)

Karma- Lorn
Red Hot Flo from Kokomo- Eva Taylor & Clarence Williams Blue Five (Jazz Vampires & DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix)
Green and Gold- Victor & Malachi DeLorenzo

Sea of Marmara- Bombay Dub Orchestra
La Cumbia Dictodura- Skip & Die (Frikstailers Remix)
Big Beast Anthem- Policy

Get Ready VIP- Congo Natty ft. Rebel MC/Nanci Correia/Daddy Freddy/Phoebe IRONDREAD Hibbert


Pattern Powered

During the first half of the show……As the sonGs went the patterns of the soundwaves create a new look to an old branch:

Antiphon- Midlake
Preach- Jocelyn & Lisa (live CJSW 12/30/2012)
Mellow Yellow- Mary Chapin Carpenter
Nervous Wreck- Sera Cahoone
Go to Hell- Star Anne

Come to My Party- Black Joe Lewis
Toast of the Land of 10,000- the 4 on the Floor
King of the Jungle- the 4 on the Floor
Make it Back- Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Cut me Off- SISU

Joe 90 Theme- the Giant Blue Zeta Puppies
Lucifer Sam- the Luck of Eden Hall (live in London)

My Blind Life- the Yardbirds (live @ BB Kings Blues Club)
Tin Pan Alley- Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble (live 4/1/1980 Austin TX)
Your Love is my Disease- Sean Chambers
Rollin’ & Tumblin’- Tedeschi Trcuks Band (live)
Six Hands- Rubblebucket
Queenie Eyes- Paul McCartney

Wiggle Worm- G Love & Special Sauce
Chapter One- the Natural Yogurt Band
the Demon Part 2- Catalyst
Trip to Your Heart- Sly & the Family Stone (mono)
Party Hearty- Master Plan Inc

The Donkey- The Poets of Rhythm
The Butcher’s Bride- Calibro 35

Refused to be Saved- Elvis Costello & the Roots
Did Everyone Meet Siadon that Night- the Cactus Channel
Al Green Song- John Scofield


The Blue Clue

The second half of the proGram got down to where we wash away the blue. The clue to it lies within you, let the music shower you with the newness of the day, and the opportunity for chance….and as always…listen:

Bag Up- Master Plan Inc
No Mess on my Thing- the Poets of Rhythm
You Filthy Bastards!- Calibro 35
Mary Jane- Keller Williams with More Than a Little (live)
Jorge Buccio- the Cactus Channel

Blackberry Jam- Frootful
Funky Miracle- Bonerama (live Old Point Bar 1/27/2001)
Scoop- Marcus Miller (live Spring ’02)
Clock at the Top of the Town- Todd Clouser
Into the Rif- Marc Ribot & Shahzad Ismailey

Wider Than the Sky- Quantic
City of Amber- Bombay Dub Orchestra

Lonely (Instr)- Wax Tailor
It all Came to me in a Dream- RJD2 Ft. Blueprint
You Ain’t the One (Tall Black Guy Remix)- Charlie Johnson’s Paradise Ten Orchestra
Never Be your Woman- Naughty Boy Ft. Wiley & Emeli Sande

Anfibios- Tremor
Malivio son Redub- Novalima (Mr. R Edit)
Machete- Systema Solar
Dream Like a Baby- Tetine

Black Out Days- Phantogram
Torre- Polica

Anti Capitalista- Skip & Die (Bomba Estereo Turbina Remix)
Press Pause- Pretty Lights


Under the Leaf

The first half of today’s show was unburied from the undercarriaGe…..check carefully each time you are down around the ground…sometimes up doesn’t mean the sky..

Lava Diviner- Botany
I’m Not Your Woman- Megan Bonnell
Introduction- Noah & the Whale
All Through the Night- Noah & the Whale

Pat- Eggnoise
She Loves You- Badwolf
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Buddha- Sendelica (live in London)
Johnny Remember Me- Astralasia

Hey Baby (land of the new rising sun)- M.A.C.C.
Form a Straight Line- Sugar Shack
TMI- Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Backwoods Company- the Wild Feathers
Blood Stop- Kill it Kid

Rock Weird (weird rock)- Goon Moon
Truly Freaking Out- Tim Kasher
The Wind- Pierre de Gaillande
Sing About it- the Wood Brothers

It’s all Over now, Baby Blue- Bonnie Raitt
I got a Little- Rising Sons Ft. Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder (in mono)
Choo Choo Mama- Sean Chambers
Whisper in your Soul- Gov’t Mule Ft. Grace Potter

That Did it- Tedeschi Trucks Band (live)