The Extra Time Well Spent

The show after mine was unavailable to make it to the studio as Aldous was out on assiGnment. I happily took off on an unexpected adventure into the place where a beat was hidden…I looked under the leaf and throuGh the talls to discover another nook to go with the previous three hour cranny..Here’s how I spent the extra time searching:

Beelzebub- Beats Antique Ft. Les Claypool
My Only Hope- Pretty Lights

Happy Hour Blues- Lloyd Scott & His Orchestra (Shafiq Husayn Remix)
PCH Interlude- Deco
Trenchtown- Deco
Nasty- Break Science

How We Live in Each Other- Clara Moto
L’Amour Naissant- Sebastein Tellier
Bah Bah Bah- Wax Tailor Ft. Voice

Deliberate Jibberish- Latryx
Walk the Dawg- MC Zulu

The Orange Terrace- Bombay Dub Orchestra
Gifting the Unexpected- Carmen Rizzo
Luna- Federico Aubele
Monkeys and Anvils- Da Lata
La Demoiselle Du Fonque- Intended Immigration


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