Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo

There are unique events, and I want to be a part of them. Tuvan throat singers and traditional instruments meet electronica….ahhh yes please!!! I have loved listening to and sharing Huun Huur Tu‘s music on air for years now and when I found out about the project they had going on with the multi-talented Carmen Rizzo, I just knew it would do me right. The album “Eternal” easily takes the listener on the journey to and through a mystical place to so many, and sometimes with the workmanship of Carmen, you can even find places yet known, the ones you go to when you are deep in. The show at the beautiful Stoughton Opera House transformed a room in a landscape, took sounds and united a front where all good things meet, and best of all assisted in opening some new eyes to the cross-pollination of what people call genres (borders). The first set was mainly Huun Huur Tu‘s time to be acoustic, with tales behind the songs shared, each moment pulled an audience closer to the artists homeland. The ability to create such sound from one’s throat and keep it harmonious within the music while plucking and striking or blowing into traditional Tuvan instruments is a sight I can not describe in words, as the sound created such a mask. In the second set, Carmen added to what Huun Huur Tu started with light beats, heartbeats…giving another life to this already incredibly living sound creature, keyboards and devices fed this being and seemed to pump the blood, not only onstage, but the house seemed to take on a new persona. It is always fascinating to watch people see things for the first time. I want to thank both the fellas in Huun Huur Tu and Mr. Carmen Rizzo for seeing beyond musical borders & boundaries and making a new paint to add to the tapestry.






Living on Liquid

Blackberry Blossom- Carrie Rodriguez (live)
Didn’t come Here- Willie Nelson (live)
She loves my Automobile- Willie Nelson & ZZ Top (live)
Don’t Start me Talking- John Hammond
I Feel so Sorry- John Hammond
Wild man on the Loose- John Hammond
Canyons/a Room with a View-Lefty Williams Band
the House is Rockin’- Leroy Powell & the Messengers
Psychotic Reaction- Michael Powers
Kilowatt- Swamp Cabbage (live)
Let’s get Down- Sol
Haitian Fight Song- David Byrne
Dubinland Carnival- John Ellis & Double Wide
L’ascenseur-the Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Nightmarika- Marchfourth Marching Band
Big Bass Drum- Dr. John/Chris Barber Jazzband
That’s it- Grant Calvin Weston
Love you Down- Me’shell Ndegecello
Post Houmous- Morcheeba
Round Midnight- Maysa
Mind VS Heart- NNEKA
Lento Y Despacio- Roberto Fonseca
Sexy- Los Amigos Invisibles
La Bush Resistance- Balkan Beat Box
Watching the Wheels- Matisyahu
Ceddo end title- Manu Dibango
Dr. Dre’s Bar Mitzvah- Out to Lunch
Revolt- Chris Joss
White fang- Bill Frisell
Tin Flower- RJD2
the Originator- DJ Spinna
Bleeding Together- Dissent (DJ ELI mix)
Donkey Ride- Mr Scruff & Quantic
Luv n’ Liv- Dub Gabriel/U Roy (Roots Rewind Mix)
Pretty Little Thing- Fink
On the Market Place- Tierra Negra & Muriel Anderson
Mother Taiga- Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo

Rickie Lee Jones at the Barrymore

I am so glad I made it out to see Rickie Lee as she made her way back to Madison after a 4 or 5 year hiatus from our fair city. She was radiant in her magical musical ways, transforming the Barrymore Theater into a blast from the past, almost a 1970’s “feelin’ it for the first time” as she attempted to (successfully I believe) go chronologically through her albums and send her voice, words and tunes into that space place a nice sized crowd filled. The stage murmurs as she talks to or around the crowd would make even the exact same show as unique as the artist herself is, and to be in her world for just that few hour period really did make for a time travel experience. While there were many highlights of this night, there was none finer for me then watching Rickie Lee Jones hit the drum kit for a great rendition of Traffic’s ‘Low Spark of High Heeled Boys’ off here 2000 release “It’s Like This”, which she nailed down as her own with her deep lyrical twists and the turns of her bandmates caused this tune to really stand out. The show is still a show and the legend that Rickie Lee Jones has become is just starting to be truly defined and no better way to have your two cents heard then to go see her live and find out for yourself.


Seth Walker at the Frequency

On certain Tuesdays at the Frequency here in Madison, there is a “BLUES TUESDAY” event that has been building itself quite a solid reputation, and this week it was friend of the show Seth Walker who was in town to show off his Americana Blues sound, his Willie Nelson impersonation and his fantastic ability to craft songs that make you want to listen. Seth writes songs that people have felt before, but the way he puts himself into is vocally makes the song still an unknown that you want to get to know better…..In our recent interview it was easy to tell that Seth Walker loves music, he was raised by parents who were trained classically and was playing the cello by four. I ‘ll let him tell you the rest of the story, hell..I bet he can sing it to you. He played a lot of things off his new album “Leap of Faith” and easily had captured the crowds feet, as the place got a good stomp-a-going….and sometimes even on rhythm. This venue allows all in attendance, (did I mention what a nice big crowd was there?) to feel like the artist is right in your living room, and I think Seth was feeling right at home with us and something tells me we’ll get a chance to see our old pal Seth Walker back here sometime in the near future….and if you happen to see that he is playing out where you can get to, take a chance and go feel good, be a part of that night’s story.


1STBANK Center Grand Opening

Colorado’s new state-of-the-art entertainment facility will celebrate its Grand Opening on March 5 and 6 with a two-night stand by Furthur featuring Phil Lesh and Bob Weir. Scalable for audience capacities from 3500 to 6500, the Center fills a niche as the state’s premier mid-sized venue, and will change the way patrons currently think about a venue of this size. No matter the occasion for visiting, 1STBANK Center’s first priority is the patron experience. Morris explains, “1STBANK Center promises to offer all of what we love most about music and entertainment: quality, creativity, community and fun.” improvements that promise to mark 1STBANK Center as the newest addition to an already impressive list of landmark Colorado music venues, such as Red Rocks Amphitheatre, The Paramount Theatre, and the Fox Theatre. Gone are the white walls, bright lights, and soul-less signage of the typical modern arena. Patrons of the 1STBANK Center will enjoy rich colors, creative textures, and artful touches throughout the venue. At the center of the entertainment experience is a state-of-the-art video screen that hangs over the stage. Measuring 130 feet across, this versatile feature offers limitless ways to transform the venue’s main space. Spaces throughout the concourse have also been transformed. The upper lounge, open to all guests, is now a premier viewing area with direct sight lines to the stage. Additionally, several previously enclosed bars have been remodeled to be inviting and welcoming gathering spots.
Grand Opening weekend show details are as follows:

1STBANK Center Grand Opening
Furthur featuring Phil Lesh and Bob Weir
Friday, March 5 (8pm) Limited number of tickets still available
Saturday, March 6 (8pm) SOLD OUT

(doors open at 6:30pm both nights)

Ear & Soul Massage

I always am pleased to have artists share their own words as part of the program….especially when they are coming to are near MadTOWN. This week was no exception, heading to town on Tuesday at the Frequency is Seth Walker, redefining American roots and country roll music and then I had the pleasure of having an eye opening chat with sound artist extraordinaire Carmen Rizzo who will be at the Stoughton Opera House this coming Saturday, with Huun Huur Tu. I was honored to call both men friends of the show and look forward to catching each event live, to sooth my being(s). here’s what the sets around the conversations looked like:

Dub Je Je- Antibalas
Zinabu- Bunzu Sounds
Gadget Funk- the Herbaliser
Power to the People- Black Eyed Peas
Metropolis- Particle
1968- Bill Frisell
Pug- Furley
Gettin’ it Together- Tommy Guerrero
Mo Lovin’- Chris Joss
Shine- LiftOff
Ffeh- Ed Alstrom
Don’t do it- Salvador Santana

All day Sucker- Stevie Wonder
In the Dark- Seth Walker
**On air Chat with Seth Walker**
I Don’t Dance- Seth Walker
Lily Blossom- MarsMobil
Otherwise- Morcheeba (live)
Cloud Cover-Tierra Negra & Muriel Anderson w/Victor Wooten
Dr. Nick- Project Trio

Corrupt- Tigran Hamasyan
Meboli- Balkan Beat Box
Ancestor’s Call- Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo
**On air Conversation with Carmen Rizzo**
Tuvan Prayer- Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo
In Search of a Lost Past- Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo

EARly bird

Did another early bird fill in this morning from 7-9am. It was a good chance to air out some tunes with a little rock in their roll.

What’s good for me- the Simple Things (live)
White Noise- Trampled by Turtles
Unchain my Heart- Head for the Hills

Your mind is on Vacation-Van Morrison w/George Fame & Friends
Peace Frog- Smashmouth
Love her Madly- Bo Diddley
Cactus- David Bowie
The Cynic- Kashmir feat. David Bowie

Colour- Delta 5
Endless Sea- Gus Fafalios
All She Wrote- Ray Davies
Tito, tito- New Wet Kojak
Ballad of Bodacious- Primus
Seas of Cheese- Primus
Galaxina- Turn me on Dead man
Nampa- Enuma Elish
Glamor Hippy- the Fly Brothers (live)
Excentrifugal For Z-Frank Zappa
Apostrophe- Frank Zappa
51st Anniversary- the Jimi Hendrix Experience
Dixieland- Swamp Cabbage
Diddy Wah Diddy- Taj Mahal
Who Knows-the Quantic Soul Orchestra feat. Kabir
Kiko & the Lavender Moon- Los Lobos (live)
Beautiful- G love w/Tristian Prettyman
Sunrise on St. Johns- Teddy Presberg
Disillusion- U Melt
Can’t Come with you- Seth Walker
Hellhounds on Rose Hill- Joe Pitts
Down Along the Cove- Joe Pitts

I know I’ve Been Changed- John Hammond/Tom Waits
Hate to see you go- Moreland & Arbuckle


Wanna buy Abbey Road Studio?

LONDON—Cash-strapped music company EMI Group Ltd. is seeking a buyer for Abbey Road, the London studio where the Fab Four recorded some of their most famous songs, a person familiar with the situation said Tuesday. The person said talks had been going on for several months but a buyer had not yet been found. A spokesman for EMI refused to comment on the sale bid, which could raise tens of millions of dollars for the struggling label. Some analysts say the sale price would be far short of the $165 million EMI needs to survive, and would mean giving up one of its most high-profile assets – not just a recording studio, but a tourist attraction and shrine for Beatles fans. EMI, whose artists include Coldplay, Lily Allen & Robbie Williams, has struggled financially since it was bought in 2007 for 2.4 billion pounds by private equity firm Terra Firma Capital Partners. EMI has fared worse than the other major labels – Universal, Sony BMG and Warner Music Group – amid the decline of CD sales and the rise of digital music downloading. Several big-name acts, including Radiohead and the Rolling Stones, quit the label amid the cutbacks & restructuring that followed the takeover. EMI’s predecessor bought the Georgian town house at 3 Abbey Road in London’s residential St. John’s Wood neighborhood for 100,000 pounds in 1929 and turned it into one of the world’s most sophisticated recording studios. Edward Elgar recorded “Land of Hope and Glory” with the London Symphony Orchestra there in the 1930s. It is still used by orchestras; the soundtracks of the “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings” films were recorded at Abbey Road. Since the 1960s it has been one of the world’s most famous rock music studios. Albums recorded there include Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” Wings’ “Band on the Run” and Radiohead’s “OK Computer.” Most familiar to some is the crosswalk in front of the studio which was immortalized on the cover of 1969’s “Abbey Road,” the final studio album The Beatles recorded. “Let it Be” was the band’s final release, in 1970, but it was recorded before “Abbey Road.” Paul McCartney still lives nearby.
Potential buyers beware, however: the famous black-and-white crossing is not included in the deal.

a new member for fOURPLAY

fOURPLAY has had the distinct privilege of enjoying the past 12 years of its 20 year history with legendary guitarist Larry Carlton. As Larry takes his leave to delve further into his solo career, the band extends their heartfelt gratitude for his contributions and wishes him continued success in all his pursuits. Larry will remain an integral part of our musical family & legacy.

fOURPLAY now welcomes its newest member, multi-faceted virtuoso guitarist, Chuck Loeb. His musical contributions will undoubtedly enhance the creativity and pursuit of excellence fOURPLAY has enjoyed in the studio and on the stage.

fOURPLAY thanks its many loyal fans and promises that this latest incarnation will inspire the band to explore new avenues of creativity while maintaining its core musical values. (I know I am looking forward to this new endeavor)

-from our friends in fOURPLAY!

Flat Track Roller Derby

Today I got the chance to cross something off the list of things i have never done before..a little Roller Derby. Here in Madison we have this fantastic league….The action was super and the personalities were believable, with a play by play over the speaker system it made for a humorous way to spend an afternoon. Here a few photos from the event.





Thanks to my friends at WORT FM for this first time flat track experience.

NNEKA: Concrete Jungle

The brand new release from Nneka off of the Decon Record label, this album is making a way into my heart via my ears pretty quickly. From the “tell it like it is” vocals that trap rap into a hip hopped up reggae dub dance-a-holic rhythm that speaks to my mind/soul/feet. Nneka has an album here that plays well in a club mix, a world music set or a funky transition track that’ll change the gears of a music program that temps the ears of people with spirits….people that dream to hear the sounds that have never encompassed them before…Concrete Jungle shows love for the listener while sharing with us some uncomfortable truths…challenges our minds vs our hearts through the very rhythms and beats of Africa and all the sounds that have come from her sands.




for Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band LIVE ‘Dress Rehearsal’ show
at Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York.
From Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band:
from the original Plastic Ono Band:
from Scissor Sisters:
from Sonic Youth:
And also:
or phone 718-636-4100
Tickets: $19.90 – $65.00
Most at: $29.90
Gilman Opera House
Brooklyn Academy of Music
30 Lafayette Ave
New York 11217
More info:



With Ed Alstrom on the Hammond. After one listen through, I have come to one conclusion thusfar, HOTT!! And now after several listens and some radio airplay, this album is easily a mainstay in my programming as it enters and exits sets of all kinds of music with a fluidity that isn’t easy to find. The album is very backyard on a summer’s day playful and downright groovin’ at times that you cannot help but shake the very things shakeable and sometimes breakable. There are many moods to the album within the grooves…Starting off with melodies rich in reflection and guitar licks (Charlie Jones) hotter than a Bar-B-Q pit, drum beats (Don Guinta) like a sidewinder snakes heartbeat~ and there are some highly ORGANic dashes that are equal parts soul refreshing and body moving and at times making the blues feel a little happy…..For me they style of “Booganova” is something I have loved for so long but never knew the word that went with he sound, in many moments on this album I am reminded that the reason I like musicians like Ed Alstrom is that they keep on re-defining the sounds I recognize pieces of, and turn them into a whole new thang. I believe this album has the power to do that for more people than me.

Sum Funk-N-Stuff

the dig- Teddy Presberg
Scrumpt- Doug Johns
Bop Gun- the Clinton Administration
Video Game, Save me- Salvador Santana
Let there be Horns- RJD2
Baby I’m Black….-Sven Barth & Induce are the Saxual Revolution

Contusion- Stevie Wonder
Salvador Diaspora- Rex Riddem
Kool it man- Liftoff
We got Some (1&2)- Chris Joss
Baby Let’s Dance- Kittu
Funkytastic- Celia Baron
Zuma Preserve- the Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Soul Neo- the Poogie Bell Band
Brownie, Leo & Gus- Skeebo Knight
Psycho- Middle Passage Squad
Amish Pintxos- MMW
Globalizacion- Fernando Otero
Blue Rondo a la Turk- Project Trio
Wang Dang Doodle-Sam Moore/Keb Mo/Angie Stone

Jambalaya- Jeff Healy
Treme Mardi Gras- Kermit Ruffins
Ina This Time- Tony Brown
Put it on- Bob Marley
Strangers on the Shore- Bob Marley
Kinky Reggae- Bob Marley & the Wailers (live)
Mr. Anonymous- Mr. Anonymous

Is it any Wonder

Did a 7-9amCST Fill in today just to get some extra time as next week I will not be on air. So here is what I put together for the earlier morning hours:

Rocket Baby- Johnnie Mustang
la Gitane- Duane Andrews
Benny’s Tune- Lionel Loueke
Mamang- Kristo Numpuby
Twisto Mambo- the Sort of Quartet
Walter L-Burton/Methany/Swallow/Sanchez (live)
Shine on you Crazy Diamond-Viktor Krauss w/Shawn Colvin
Always Near- Narayan & Janet
Full Throttle- 9th Wave
I Ain’t Human- Leroy Powell & the Messengers
Sopchoppy- Swamp Cabbage
Something Fast- Seth Walker
That’s What Keeps me Rockin’-the Robert Cray Band
Paralyzed- Gang of Four
Faced you in a Neon Light- Yordan Orchestra
Golden Retriever- Super Furry Animals
Good Old Days(wash away)-Darren Gaines & the Key Party
Fame- David Bowie (live)
Atomic Heels- Secret Machines
I Kid you not- Spain Colored Ornage
Circumstances- Soulhound
When she Whispers your Name- Buck 69
Let me Roll it->Foxey Lady-Paul McCartney (live)
White Rabbit- Patti Smith
Mile High- Morphine
Around the World- Delaney Davidson
Tremendous Dynamite- Eels
You’re so Fine- John Hammond
You’ll be Mine- John Hammond
Waiting for a Miracle- Jerry Garcia Band (live)


FRONTMAN/FOUNDING MEMBER IBRAHIM AG ALHABIB RETURNS TO NORTH AMERICA WITH TINARIWEN. Perhaps the most recognizable member of touareg band Tinariwen, Ibrahim Ag Alhabib, has been unable to join his fellow bandmates on their most recent North American tours. World Village is pleased to announce that he will join them this month and in March for the group’s concerts in the U.S. and Canada. Check out the tour here. I might have to get myself to one of those Chicago shows.


Also, TINARIWEN has been added to the Bonaroo line-up…more info here.