Mike Mattison of Scrapomatic talkin’ RAW.

Some of you might know Mike Mattison as the voice of the Derek Trucks Band. Well, he also has a project with music partner Paul Olsen called Scrapomatic. With a brand new release set for Oct 10th called Alligator Love Cry, Scrapomatic will be on the stage of the infamous Toad’s Place Thursday, October 5th. Oh, you can hear some of the artsist that have been inspirations along the way, this is a fresh sound that reminds you why you like music in the first place. A raw blend of blues, soul, and sometimes silly that I am sure will be even better live and in person. Listen to greenarrowradio for tunes off the new album and a review of the show if you cannot make it. Thanks to Blake and Nancy for helping set this up and thanks to Mike for being flexible in his schedule.

Listen to our conversation here.


9/30 New and UN-released Music for YOU

Gangster of Love, Steve Miller Band
You’re so Fine, Steve Miller Band
Overdrive, Steve Miller Band
Dime-a-Dance Romance, Steve Miller Band
Never like this Before, Peter Wolf
Homework, Peter Wolf
too Close Together, Peter Wolf
Down Home Girl, Old Crow Medicine Show
Look Around, Rock/Shock & Awe SndTrk
Terror Alert, Rock/Shock & Awe SndTrk
Childe, Dana Varon
Things don’t seem as Bad, the Amity Front
The man who fell in love w/the moon, Ashleigh Flynn
Devil’s Pass, Ashleigh Flynn
Compass Rose, Chris Pureka
Can’t Keep Running, Tony Tyler Trance
Rule the World, Geoff Achison & the souldiggers
Got the Devil in ya, King Johnson
Atlas, King Johnson
Travelling Riverside, Paul Geremia
Double Trouble, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
Louisiana Anna, Scrapomatic
Ain’t got that Smile, Scrapomatic
Push, the Woggles
if you gotta go, the Shams
want you so bad, the Shams
1021, Depth Quartet
Little Walter Rides Again, MSMW
Wet Bones, Club d’Elf
Cold Duck Time, Rob Whitlock
Gittah Playa, Melvin Sparks
This Time…, DJ Shadow
While my Guitar Gently Weeps, Jake Shimabukuro
In a Big Country, Moe
Ya Man, Balkan Beat Box
Superbol, Alms for Shanti
the Constitution, Rufus Harley


Jackie Robinson Foundation Golf Outing

If you recall my conversation with Della Britton Baeza, the JRF’s 2006 golf outing was to be held at the Lake of Isles golf club at Foxwoods. I was invited to volunteer, and that is just what I did. The work portion was fun and the weather was beautiful. I am not one to get star struck over too many “famous” people, but meeting Rachel Robinson was pretty awesome. A true connector to a living legend, and one who helped start carrying on Jackie’s amazng legacy. There were several names and faces that were easily recognizable from the world of professional sports, big business and even the big screen. I made fast friends with someone I cherish as an individual and then a ballplayer, “El Tiante“, Luis Tiant. He invited me to join him over breakfast and for 20 minutes we talked pitching. From brushbacks to 0-2 counts, we hit a lot of subject matter in the brief time we spent together. We talked about some of what makes the greats great, like how to learn how to walk before you can run, especially as a pitcher. As our conversation concluded, I asked him for one favor, “May I see your ring?” I asked with eyes obviously buldging out of my head. He didn’t even stop talking about wasting one in the dirt on an 0-2 count as he slipped the ring from his finger and into my awaitng hand. It fit just fine, just fine indeed.

I want to thank Della, Gary and Michelle for letting me give a little of my time back to a cause that just keeps on making champions. I am proud to have been associated with the Jackie Robinson Foundation for this one, beautiful day.

My Amigo “El Tiante”

Cowgirl Rides in Early.

I had to leave a little early today to DeeJay my healing woman’s wedding. So, the Cowgirl rode into the studio early to finish up the show and hopefully introduce you greenarrowradio regular listeners to her show following our freeform music programmed for your thirsty earholes.

You’re my Girl, Neil Young
the Healer, Neil Young
Ragged & Dirty, Bob Dylan
Ramble Tamble, CCR
Tomorrow’s Changed, Scott Gibson
Jacket Full of Bees, Julient Kasper Band
I’m Afraid of Americans, David Bowie
Diamond Dogs, Beck
Somebody to Love, Jim Carrey
Momentary Drama, Spain Colored Orange
the Horizon has been Defeated, Jack Johnson
One More Day, the Wood Brothers
Louisana Anna, Scrapomatic
Ain’t got that Smile, Scrapomatic
Feel like a King, Geoff Achison & the Souldiggers
Mykia’s Dance, Melvin Sparks
19-20-21, King Johnson
adultcontemporaryrootsrock..,King Johnson
Strange Train, Cosmic Farm
Coconut Boogaloo, MMW
Swamp Gas, Screaming jay Hawkins
IceCreamMan, Screaming Jay Hawkins
Afours Afours, Tinariwen
Kharma Police, Citizen Cope
Trouble/no more War, Bob Marley


Underground Rolling Rock-n-Roll Show

Well…After chatting with Little Steven and him getting me all worked up about judging the go-go girls competition, I actually made it to the show at Foxwoods. I mingled with the young lady selling the goods, and hope to see her again in November to see what the fortune was?! There were Rolling Rock Girls there too, raffling off a Little Steven signed Gibson…I didn’t walk away with that but I know it was close. I did manage a tee-shirt and a hankerchief. OH YEAH the MUSIC..The Zombies were the headliner and were worth the drive. Still mysterious after all these years and the rhythms were tight. But for me, the MOONEY SUZUKIs stole the show. They sweat rock and roll. They strut and strangle guitar strings and remind those notes who is the boss. This band of NYC was worth the price of admission, not to mention that there were 3 other acts too. I have to admit, the mingling with the promotions people was more appealing to me then the 2 opening acts. I hope to make it to the next two shows, and advise you…IF YOU LIKE ROCK AND ROLL…this is the show for you. LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL.

Mister G—->9/20/06


RE: Paul Godfrey of Morcheeba

Paul and I went back and forth for weeks, perhaps months setting up a chance to chat. I get so many calls on the show whenever I play Morcheeba. Those on the other side are asking “Who is this?” so I thought I would bring to you, one of the Godfrey brothers, who create the foundation of chill; the center of cool and when they want to, the entire jar of jam. In case the name Morcheeba is an unknwon for you allow me a moment. This band is so groove oriented it feels good to hurt. They work with sweet/soulful and seductive female singers to bring you many different looks. You can listen to Morcheeba in the dead of the night or the wake of the morn, in the still of sadness or the wide-opened eyed happiness you only feel as a child. If you are reading this, this music is for you.

Listen to Paul and I talk about Morcheeba here.



Have a Good Time, Big Walter Horton
I Got What it Takes, Koko Taylor
High Compression, James Cotton
Pride & Joy, Lil’ Ed & the Imperials
Pass the Hatchet.., Yo La Tango
Toxico, Le Sans Coulettes
Allo Allo, Le Sans Coulette
Menage a Trois, Le Sans Coulettes
Summertime Blues, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Crazy Legs, Jeff Beck & the Big Time Playboys
Woman Love, J. Beck & the Big Time Playboys
Baby Blue, Jeff Beck & the Big Time Playboys
One More Day, the Wood Brothers
Atlas, the Wood Brothers
You Sexy thing, Tom Tom Club
Love Sweet Love, Morcheeba
10 Men, Morcheeba
People Carrier, Morcheeba
Legalize It, MsMW
The Path, Big Ass Truck
The 0, Big Ass Truck
Momentary Drama, Spain Colored Orange
Banana Man, Tally Hall
Love Handles, Keller Williams
Food & Creative Love, Rusted Root
Stranger, J. Mathus & his Knockdown Society
MiniSkirt, Kronos Quartet
Free Salute, Little Barrie
Long Hair, Little Barrie
Get me to Fuji, the Slip
Walk this Way, String Cheese Incident
I & I Survive, Bad Brains
Day Tripper, Bad Brains
Cocaine, J.J. Cale
Thunder on the Mountain, Bob Dylan
the Levee’s Gonna Break, Bob Dylan
78% H2O, Ani DiFranco
From the Bottom up, Dayna Kurtz
Ring of Fire, Moonlight Wrangler
All Cause of You, the 88


Introducing Desiree Bassett.

When have I ever led you astray??? Do me a favor. No, correction, do yourselves a favor and check out www.myspace.com/desireebassett. Desiree was an in-studio gust the other day and I couldn’t be happier that she chose to hang out on greenarrowradio. Just 14…..yeah….I’ll wait for you to stop shaking your heads…..Just 14, she plays Purple Haze, All Along the Watchtower and rocks Santana’s SMOOTH with sister Jessica, all on her birthday. During Purpple Haze, she swung he guitar over her shoulders and played, during Watchtower she would be seen fingerplucking many notes and during smooth, she completed the deal by singing with a rock and roll emotion that made me go home and plug in that air-guitar and brush off the dust.

Don’t believe me….listen to her visit here.

Desiree & Vernon Reid

Salvador Santana..This generations’ Santana

I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out on the phone lines with Salvador Santana. Yes, of THAT Santana family. Keyboardist and composer Salvador Santana‘s vibrant music mixes hip-hop, jazz, rock, Latin and other world idioms into a uniquely individual and totally contemporary style. He likes to call the richly textured grooves he creates with the Salvador Santana Band, “a new blend, a sound reinvented.” Salvador explains, “It’s a mix of all my favorite music, the best of what’s impacted my life, all coming together in a new genre.” Salvador Santana’s artistic chops are also, of course, colored by-and a continuation of-his family’s awesome legacy. Salvador’s maternal grandfather was African-American blues pioneer, tenor and guitar legend Saunders King, his paternal grandfather is celebrated violinist and mariachi bandleader Jose Santana, and his father is 10X GRAMMY®-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Carlos Santana. Salvador‘s lyrics and inspired spoken word poetry reflect the gift for writing he shares with his mother, Deborah Santana, whose first book, the memoir Space Between The Stars, was published in 2005. The audio book version of the title features music that Salvador and Carlos composed together; previously, they collaborated on composing the GRAMMY-winning track “El Farol” from the smash 1999 Santana album Supernatural.

Listen to Salvador talk about his vision with creating music.

Salvador can be seen opening for Santana on September 20th at the Mohegan Sun Arena in uncasville CT and on September 22nd at the Chevrolet Theatre in Wallingford CT. Go experience this generations Santana.


I want to thanks the fine folks at Santana Management, as this interview can be found on Salvador Santana’s homepage www.salvadorsantana.com

Yamji.com for movie lovers like you.

We had a local guest, Theron and his partner in New Zealand, who, while chatting with us at about 2A.M the next morning, was in the midst of an electrical storm. All of this while former Canadian rocker Matthew Good was listening and Instant Messaging from an undisclosed location in the U.K.

If you like movies, and you probably might, it is worth you while to hit on www.yamji.com and join in on a cool social network devoted to honest critique of cinema, but NOT by anyone PAID to be a movie critic.

We got to some tunes too…..MOW-stapha gave us the Mowing and weekend weather, while Richie Havens voice led off the show. Oh, yeah…the Tunes.

Elanor Rigby, Richie Havens
Maggie’s Farm, Richie Havens
High Flyin’ Bird, Richie Havens
Loose Lucy, Grateful Dead
Excentrifugal For Z, Frank Zappa
Apostrophe, Frank Zappa
Funk #48, James Gang
Laguna Salad, James Gang
Country Fever, James Gang
unplu the Telephone, Leftover Salmon
One Meatball, Ry Cooder
Police Dog Blues, Ry Cooder
Dance like a Monkey, N.Y. Dolls
Gimme Luv & Turn on the Light, N.Y. Dolls
Corvette, Golden Smog
Satisfaction, Devo (live)
Let’s see Action, Pete Townshend
Weasel Pot Pie, That 1 Guy

Convex & Concave, Robert Walter’s 20th Congress
Sacred Secret, Robert Walter’s 20th Congress
World on a Leash, Liquid Soul
Righteous, Liquid Soul
What a Story, Liquid Soul
Hot Cookin’, G Love
Crow Jane, Derek Trucks band
Rewind & Play it Again, Oteil & the Peacemakers
Let the Mermaids Flirt w/Me, Scrapomatic
Don’t Mess Around w/Me, Waylon Jennings
Dirty Lives & Times, Warren Zevon
Rub Me Raw, Warren Zevon
Power of Soul, Band of Gypsys
Falling from above, Neil Young
Never Cried For You, Michelle Lewis
Searching for Something, Michelle Lewis


Music Innovator, Mr. Richie Havens

Havens first rose to fame in the Greenwich Village folk music scene that also fostered Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. In 1967 Havens became one of several Village-based artists signed to Verve Records & released several albums to mostly local notice. In 1969, Havens opened the Woodstock Festival. His performance received continuous ovations and kept playing encores until he ran out of songs. Finally, he decided to improvise a version of “Motherless Child” to which he added a verse with the word “Freedom” repeated over and over; this song was featured in the Woodstock film fastly becoming an international hit. He followed up this success with the 1971 release of Alarm Clock, which featured a popular rendition of George Harrison’sHere Comes the Sun“. Often noted for his guitar skill; some of his recordings feature a drum sound which is actually his foot tapping on the floor. His guitar playing makes extensive use of open tunings and an unconventional thumb-fretting style. John Lennon said about Richie Havens during an interview for Rolling Stone in 1971: “He plays a pretty funky guitar.” Still maintaining his status as a folk icon, as he continues a busy schedule touring the globe with fiery performances. Connecticut welcomes Richie to the Strawberry Park Folk Festival in Preston, CT on September, 15th.

Listen to what Richie has to say here, and go see him play.


Thomas Dolby, tell us where you’ve been?

If you have been wondering where Thomas Dolby has been, take a listen to out chat. He will be heading to the Iron Horse in North Hampton MA on September 27th for his ONE MAN SHOW sort of thang. By the sounds of it, it will be a truly innovative and unique event. So, for all of theose with a sense for the unique…check it out. Also, hear what albums T.D played on but was credited under a different name..it is a weird name, yes.

Listen to our talk here.


9/2/06 Can I help You?

Thanks to the Blackhearts’ Family for treating us as part of the team last night in Woodstock CT. The show was rockin’ and the time backstage, REAL.

Blow Wind Blow, Jimmy Rogers/Jeff Healy
Blues All Day Long, J. Rogers/E.Clapton
Trouble No More, J. Rogers/M.Jagger/K.Richards
Gonna Shoot You Down, Rogers/Page/Plant/Clapton
Frankie Doris, Corey Harris
Down Home Sophisticate, Corey Harris
Whole Nutha Thang, Keb’ Mo’
Broke Down Engine, Bob Dylan
Angel Dance, Los Lobos
Georgia Slop, Los Lobos
Take this Hammer, Taj and Toumani
Ya Man, Balkan Beat Box
Suberbol, Alm for Shanti
Revolution Solution, Thievery Corp/Perry Ferrell
Big Monkey Swing, Skeebo Knight
Debbie’s Jungle Boogie, Skeebo Knight
Big Chief, Skeebo Knight
Just Right, Laura Cheadle
Lay Me Down, Laura Cheadle
Start Over, Depth Quartet
Sleepwalking, Michael Lloyd Band
Hangin’ w/Howard Marks, Superfurry Animals
Sniper at the Gates of Heaven, Black Angels
Let Down, Radiodread with Toots
Get Down Moses, Joe Strummer
Redemtption Song, Joe Strummer
Dance on Vaseline, David Byrne
Daddy go Down, David Byrne
Hearts a Lonely Hunter,Thiev.Corp. w/D. Byrne
Man Machine, Albert Kuvezin/Yat-Kha
Inagaddadavida, Albert Kuvezin/Yat-Kha
Love Sweet Love, Morcheeba
Boomshackalak, Apache Indian
Snake & the Moon, Dead can Dance
Groove Holmes, the Beastie Boys
Sambroza, the Beaste Boys