View With A Room by Julian Lage

Guitar virtuoso Julian Lage expands his horizons on ‘View With A Room’, a collection of ten original compositions out September 16 that marks his second release for Blue Note Records. Having established a home base with his brilliant trio of bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer Dave King—most recently heard on the guitarist’s acclaimed 2021 Blue Note debut ‘Squint’ Mr. Lage casts his gaze outward to discover new orchestrational possibilities with the addition of six-string icon and friend of greenarrowradio, Mr. Bill Frisell, who adds his inimitable voice to this stunning album. ‘View With A Room’ is enhanced by the production team that the guitarist has assembled and which has become an extension of the trio itself. The album was produced by Margaret Glaspy, Julian’s wife & musical partner who brings her own insights as a singer-songwriter to the lyrical/storytelling elements that make his compositions so singular. She worked closely at Brooklyn’s Bridge Studios with engineer Mark Goodell, who Lage credits with “wrangling this album into a sonic place that references what we love best about classic Blue Note records while still feeling utterly contemporary and unique to the sound of this band.” Longtime friend & collaborator Armand Hirsch added integral post-production elements that bring the emotional intent of each song into focus. The best part s for us in Madison, is Julian Lage is bringing his trio here on the day this album drops.

I had the chance to catch up with this former child prodigy recently to find out what we can plan on being a part of when he and his trio hit Madison 9/16 at the High Noon Saloon. We talk about what it is about that life, stretching moment of being one with a crowd. We spend a little bit of time walking our minds through the new record and how the added layer of a Bill Frisell helped take it into the beyond, from the seed of idea into the flower of songs. I am a fan of not only the music of Julian Lage, but after you listen in for a bit on our chat, it may be easy to feel our similarities in how we approach music…we talk about his recent time at the mecca of venues, Village Vanguard and also his being a part of the gang at the Alternative Guitar Summit. I find it easy to listen to him as it is his collaborations [which are many and vast] as well as his trio, each avenue opening a new path to something different. Come along.

photo by Shervin Lainez

Take You To That

Did an extra set or so to keep building on to that bridGe.

Tuulen Tyttö- Päivi Hirvonen
Earth Monster (Ash Koosha Remix)- Tanya Tagaq
Tongues (Deadelus Remix)- Tanya Tagaq
Soul Searching- Kokoroko

Säkkijärven polkka- Gankino Circus
Moshpit Mazurka- Ritva Nero

Quartet del Puig-rom De Calitjàs a Punta Ferrera- Feliu Gasull

Even In Evening

The final part of the proGram knows your imagination works well.

Day in Day Out- Monty Alexander
C Jam Blues- Mike Clark & Leon Lee Dorsey Ft. Mike LeDonne
Lock It In The Pocket- Mike Clark & Leon Lee Dorsey Ft. Mike LeDonne

WHOA- DOMi & JD BECK Ft. Kurt Rosenwinkel
COSMIC INTERCOURSE (Pt. II)- Theo Croker Ft. Chris Dave
LOVE QUANTUM (Soliloquy)- Theo Croker
Sacred- Barry Coates, Jimmy Haslip & Jerry Kalaf
The Negro Speaks of Rivers- Alexander Smalls Ft. Ben Williams

Mo Is On- Grant Stewart
Igno Two- Rafael Greco
Trio Simple- Manel Fortia

Lakehouse View

The middle portion of the proGram had some eyes wide to the new scene.

What Would You Do- The Precisions
Skippy White Theme (Part 2)- Junior Washington
Somebody To Love- 45th St Brass
Plata O Plomo- The Blaxound

Happy Music- SuperShy
R U Kidding- Kidding Ft. Eddie Roberts
Am I Kidding- Kidding

The Path- Electric Beethoven Ft. Clay Welch, Josh Raymer & Jason Hann
Rock Bottom- Los Dorados
Bird & Magic- Jeff Coffin Ft. Derrek Phillips, Chris Wood & Nigel Hall
Tip The Band- Jeff Coffin
The Chrome Addict- Bass Extremes Ft. Oteil Burbridge,Susan Hagen,Howard Levy, Bela Fleck, Jeff Coffin

Outer Arm- Free Form Funky Freqs
Multicolored Midnight- Thumbscrew

The View Of This

After time away – this was the first reflection time spent. Here’s the first part of the proGram.

I-70 East- Bill Scorzari
1,2,3, Jump- Bill Scorzari
See You on the Other Side- Peter Mulvey & SistaStrings
Soft Animal- Peter Mulvey & SistaStrings
Love Is the Only Thing- Peter Mulvey & SistaStrings

Pecos Kid- Jhett Black Ft. Callie Sioux
There’s No Need- Orphan Jon and the Abandoned
The Big Lie- The Texas Horns Ft. Brannen Temple
I Want You (She’s so Heavy)- The Texas Horns Ft. Johnny Moeller

Salva La Tierra- Eljuri
Shelter- Eljuri
Firefly- The Black Angels
Without a Trace- The Black Angels

Tell Me the Place- The Dig 3
Evil Woman Blues- Guitar Nubbit

Through Above

The final part of this week’s proGram knew just where to peek through.

Released In Layers- Titeknots
Ceci n’est pas un cliché (Soulwax Remix)- Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul
Copacetic- WheelUP & Sam Interface
El Pequeno Smith- Watch TV W/Fri

Summer Solstice- Katalyst /Adrian Younge/Ali Shaheed Muhammad
CODE- The Comet Is Coming
Liquid Light- Butcher Brown
HUMANITY- Theo Croker
SOMETHIN’- Theo Croker Ft. Ego Ella May

MOON- DOMi & JD BECK Ft. Herbie Hancock
Can’t Buy Me Love- Mike Clark & Leon Lee Dorsey Ft. Mike LeDonne
Take the Train Eh- The Jazz Report All-Stars (Live at The Montreal Bistro – 2000)
Uke in Asia- Randy Roos, Mike Rossi and Tim Gilmore w/Steve Hunt and John Carlson

I’m A Senator!- Thumbscrew
Shit Changes- Thumbscrew
Tales from Copperopolis- Old Million Eye Ft. Georgia Carbone

Streets Knew

The middle portion of the proGram found what worked and let it stay on the wall.

Nos Entenderán- Making Movies
**pre-recorded conversation with Enrique Chi of Making Movies**
La Sombra- Making Movies Ft. Asdru Sierra/Martha Gonzales/Steve Berlin

Desert Blues- Los Dorados
Un Mundo Muy Raro- Los Dorados
Guajira- Arema Arega & Jorge Iván Martín
Havana Negra/Black Havana- Charmanik
Bomba Atómica- Meridian Brothers & El Grupo Renacimiento

Blue Robe (Pt.I)- Kokoroko
Tojo- Kokoroko
Blue Robe (Pt.II)- Kokoroko
Kurunba- Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee
Anw Tile (It’s Our Time)- Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee

Colonizer (Joel Tarman Remix)- Tanya Tagaq Ft. Kronos Quartet
Sankarabaranam- Charu Suri

No Frill Views

The first part of this week’s proGram was hidden but knew were to find itself.

Don’t Give a Damn- Tiffany Williams

You Belong to Me- Demetria Taylor Ft. Mike Wheeler & Carlos Showers
Hooked- Alex Lopez
greenarrowradio promo- Derrick Procell
Skin in the Game- Derrick Procell Ft. Zac Harmon
Dry Run- GA-20
Ain’t No Right Way to Do Wrong- Silent Partners

Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White- Tony Valentino
Vain Repeating- Dendrons
Fish Fry- Datura4

Master on High- Crayton Singers
Do the Thing- Earl Lett Quartet
Skippy White Theme (Part 1)- Junior Washington

Vamonos- The Allergies Ft. Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith
33 Light Years- The Super 20
Stay Left- The Super 20
Norma- Say She She
Lovers- Lehto

More With Making Movies

As Making Movies delivers its 4th album, XOPA, the Kansas City band proves true the maxim which, in English, is like an encouraging version of “reap what you sow.” Meant to inspire to push forward, the phrase is chanted on the LP’s multi-movement epic, “La Primera Radio” — but it’s exemplary, too, of the band’s musical odyssey. This is a band that makes American music with an asterisk: because Making Movies’ sound encompasses the entirety of the Americas, not solely the country inarguably centered in mainstream everything. It’s through this broader perspective that they have crunched classic rock into Latin American rhythms — African-derived percussion & styles like rumba, merengue, mambo & cumbia — in a way that feels oddly familiar, yet delivers the invigorating chills of hearing something uniquely new. Each member: Enrique Chi, vocalist/guitarist/songwriter; his brother Diego Chi, bassist/experimental vocalist; percussionist Juan-Carlos Chaurand; & Duncan Burnett, newly incorporated into the band on drums, is enthusiastically committed to music history, to uncovering connections between genres & cultures both their own & otherwise. They’re all lifelong musicians too, hailing from disparate yet similar backgrounds, parents that cherished music, fathers that kickstarted cultural movements, families in which gospel is critical to their very existence. The band’s collective desire for exploration has attracted a several connections, many of them legendary players, like friend of the proGram Mr. Steve Berlin of iconic rock band Los Lobos, a recurring collaborator & steadfast champion of the band. An approach from beloved Panamanian musician Rubén Blades led to joint songs like “No te Calles’‘ & “Cómo Perdonar.” Making Movies has also created with indie-folk band Hurray for the Riff Raff, trumpeter Asdru Sierra of Ozomatli, Puerto Rican salsero Frankie Negrón, and all-female mariachi group Flor de Toloache. On the heels of Making Movies’ 2019 album ameri’kana, the band worked on a documentary series, through which they connected with the legendary organist Reverend Charles Hodges, an soul music pioneer who played alongside Al Green, and fellow Memphis, Tennessee, musicians the Sensational Barnes Brothers. At their live shows, they are wholly present, feeling every original groove with the same rush of as when they first found it. This approach has prompted many to proclaim: ‘This IS my new favorite band’.

I had the opportunity to catch up with family to the proGram, Enrique Chi ahead of the Making Movies sets on the weekend of August 13-14th at the McPike Sessions – the Pursuit of Happiness. We got into why coming to Madison is a no-brainer, we dive deep into the technology and songwriting sides of the new record ‘XOPA’ and we touch base on the give back the band is art of with a discussion around the upcoming AMERI’KANA Music & Arts Festival. Check them out live, listen to the music but definitely figure out a way to find out that the difference is why.

Concrete Bloom

The xtra time spent in studio today brought the colors out of the dim.

Juneteenth- Katalyst /Adrian Younge/Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Hey Good Lookin’ Woman- Ronnie Foster

LOVE QUANTUM (Prelude)- Theo Croker
JAZZ IS DEAD- Theo Croker Ft. Gary Bartz & Kassa Overall
ROOTS- Anthony Fung Ft. David Binney, Luca Mendoza & Orquesta La Kshamba

The Wanderer- Kabir Sehgal, Amaan Ali Bangash & Ayaan Ali Bangash

Art Everywhere

The final part of the proGram this week found the art in it all.

Cosmoturismo- Watch TV W/Mondomo
Chinatown (Michele Ranauro Remix)- Manupuma
Hi-Fidelity- LAVA LA RUE Ft. Biig Piig
Don’t Book Me- Buttering Trio

Encounter(vanish)- Kuedo
We Chillin’ Out- Kaidi Tatham Ft. The Easy Access Orchestra
Nothing You Can Do- Roy Shakked

Drop That Ghetto Blaster!- Mr. Big Mouse
Gorba The Chief- Sacher Musak
Agent Cooper Lurvs Coffee (loglady remix)- Twin Freaks

Islands- Ransel
Back From the Dead- Kings & Associates
Santomense- Neto Amado
Paramarera Boracho- Sonora

Pollen Grab

Middle parts of today’s proGram grabbed new life to share.

Black Mountain Side- Steve Tibbetts
Roam And Spy- Steve Tibbetts

Individual Like You- Hot Pursuit Of Happiness
***pre-recorded conversation with Thollem***
Make More Friends- Hot Pursuit Of Happiness
The Sound- Hot Pursuit Of Happiness

Serenella- Seal Party
Arboretum- Bonzo Squad
Dirty Job- The Jauntee
Let Me In From the Cold- The New Mastersounds w/Lamar Williams Jr.

Windsurf- Alex Puddu
Summer Lovin’- Cerrone Ft. Purple Disco Machine
Golden Air- Sun’s Signature
Boots In the Snow- Machine
Headhunter- Machine

Botanically Yours

The first part of the proGram this week saw the same things different on a familiar trip.

Big Shot Bring Nothing- Kitty Ford
Life’s Been Good to Me- Kitty Ford
DIX – A – Billy- Mimi Roman

Castle on Irish Bayou- Andrew Duhon
Promised Land- Andrew Duhon
Bride & Groom- David Rosales
New Day- Kenny Roby
Married to a Train- Kenny Roby

greenarrowradio promo- Breezy Rodio
The Asymptomatics- Breezy Rodio
Blind Leading the Blind- Mississippi MacDonald Ft. Vaneese Thomas
Baby Be Good- Demetria Taylor Ft. Mike Wheeler & Carlos Showers
Nursing My Kitty Cat- Demetria Taylor Ft. Mike Wheeler & Carlos Showers
Dancin’ Shoes- Silent Partners
Provin’ Ground- Silent Partners

Come and Get It- Irene Pena
Cracklin’ Rosie- The Brothers Steve
Lola- Diamond Hands
Fever- The Jaws of Brooklyn

Hot Pursuit Of Happiness

Thollem is a perpetually traveling pianist, keyboardist, composer, improviser, singer-songwriter, activist, author & teacher. He’s spent most of his life living on the road throughout North America & Europe. His work is ever-changing, evolving & responding to the times and his experiences, both as a soloist and in collaboration with hundreds of artists across disciplines. He is known internationally as an acoustic piano player in the free jazz and post-classical worlds, as the lead vocalist for the Italian agit-punk band Tsigoti and as an electronic keyboardist through a slew of projects. Born & raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Thollem began playing the piano, composing/improvising as a child, absorbing the sounds of his culturally diverse upbringing. As an adult he has continued to incorporate the breadth of musics he has experienced on his extensive travels. Since 2005, he has played over 1,500 concerts throughout North America & Europe as a soloist and in collaboration with other musicians, dancers & filmmakers. In that time span, as lead facilitator or co-leader, he has also released close to 100 albums on 23 different vanguard labels. A very brief cross section of his many collaborators include William Parker, Pauline Oliveros, Stefano Scodanibbio, Nels Cline, Rob Mazurek, Ravish Momin, Michael Wimberly, Mike Watt & Carmina Escobar. The deep true list is as diverse as his ear.

Over the years I have had a chance to discuss several different projects with Thollem, but this one is unique. He was out of his element in some ways with his most recent work, ‘This Day’s Called Tuesday’ by his twenty first century one man band Hot Pursuit Of Happiness (HPOH). We get in there about what was different and how these tracks developed over time [and are still evolving as Thollem figures out what they will become in a live setting]. We talk about Thollem the singer/songwriter, the live beat maker and the sonic producer all in one in a real time environment…but it seems like the bottom line is just how this music, these songs make me, make him, make WE feel. There is something to this new music, I hope you will take a listen and share just what it is. It miGht just be special.

More Than A View

Final part of the proGram had things ready to go.

Spending Time With Ludwig- Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity
Boogie- Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity

Vantablack- Trio Xolo
**pre-recorded conversation with Zachary Swanson of Trio Xolo**
Cropsey- Trio Xolo
Gravesend- Trio Xolo

Pursuing Resolution- Tim Lin
Emlilweni- Nduduzo Makhathini Ft. Jaleel Shaw
Match Strikes- Erik Friedlander
Chandelier- Erik Friedlander
First Move- Aaron Seeber

Sightseeing- Anthony Fung
What Does it Mean to be Free?- Anthony Fung Ft. Andrew Renfroe, Paul Cornish & David Binney
Supernova- Martin Bejerano
B. Radley (Electro Midi Shred RMX)- Martin Bejerano
Find Joy- JK Group