See Saw

Come along for a ride…set three from this weekends show had its get UPS and its GET downs:

Fumando- Captain Planet
Dreamcatcher- DJ Cam
No Play No Work- Chris Joss

Collision- DJ Harry
Money- Goapele
I am Trying to Break your Heart- JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound
Bristol- Deep Street Soul
Mystic Brew- The Anders Hjelmstad Experience
3- Seekna
Freaks for the Festival- TriBeCaStan
Representing Memphis-Booker T Jones ft. Sharon Jones
Dixon’s Girl- Dessa

Old McDonald..Zulu Style-Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Bamako Blues- Bob Brozman Orchestra
Spring Fever- Ravi Shankar
Moradia- Amina Alaoui

Um a Zero- Paulo Moura E Os Batutas (live)
Chimaeras be Met- Vagabond Opera
Idiya Idohena- Terakaft
Ohm Tripper- Lokesh
Introduction- Freestyle Fellowship

For a Dignified Humanity- Nawal

When SUM listening beGins

There are days to speak and days to listen…Today was good for the ears:

Clap Hands- CJ Chenier
Delhi Belly- MarchFourth Marching Band

Way we Met- Orchestra Morphine (live)
Thank you for Talkin’ to me Africa-Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra
Do to me- Trombone Shorty FT Jeff Beck

Take it Easy- Akiko Tsuruga
Here we go- Reuben Wilson Trio
Space Station- John Patton
Dancing Shadows- Skeebo Knight
Corrupt- Tigran Hamasyan
Chance- Me’Shell NdegéOcello
Shogun- Zun Zun Egui
Amebo- the Lijadu Sisters
Do the Funkro- Joni Haastrup
the Cold Sweat Variations- Burnt Sugar

Martha My Dear- Brad Mehldau (live)
Dub it Over- Little Barrie
Any Colour you Like-the Floydian Propulsion Project
One of my Days- the Floydian Propulsion Project
Octopus’s Garden- Yellow Dubmarine
Persistence- Dub is a Weapon
Everyday Dub- Bing Ji Ling

Ce Jeu- Lance Herbstrong (re edit)
Shango- Nappy Riddem
Following(Special Single version)-Phenomenal Handclap Band

it’s Hard

simply put.

Sweet Water- Big Daddy Love
A Doy & His Bog- the Heavy Pets

Honey Bee- the Bridge
John the Dagger- Grayson Capps
Out in the Field- Big Harp
Colours- Donovan (live)
Little Red Caboose- Odetta (live)
Move on up- Jackson Mahalia (live)
Hard Travelin’- Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
C C Rider- Andrew Bird (live)
Any Day Now- Jon & Roy

Whale Trail- Gruff Rhys
Sleepwalk part 2- Elf Lettuce (live)
She had a Plan- Girl in a Coma
Do it- Saidah Baba Talibah
Oh, Tatiana- Superhuman Happiness
Virtual Playground- Former Champions
Beatnik & George- Gringo Starr

Woke up to catch

Open your eyes from the fog you’ve been in for this final of three sets…..this one picks up the pieces and puts them back together into something completely new…err GNU…for you:

You Make me Happy- Chris Joss
Get you Some- Captain Planet
the Chaconne-Dessa
Don’t Move- Phantogram
Tedium- DJ Shadow
Sun King- Yellow Dubmarine

Mellow Mood- Julie Crochetiere
John Henry’s Blues- Tangle Eye
Love is MaGic- Afrobeta
Nappy Riddem- Nappy Riddem
No Freedom- J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science FT. Afrolicious & MC Zulu
Del Ray- Sola Rosa

More and More of your Amor-BitterSweet
Tempo de Amor- Herbie Hancock FT Ceu
See See Rider- Reuben Wilson
Crathd’t ‘Aodaich & Zbadba- Mouth Music
Orient Funk- Arabian Funkatarium 2/4 Mix
I C Colors- Thunderball FT Mustafa Akbar
My Baby and me- Elan

Open (Rara Avis Raremix)- Jamshied Sharif & Hassan Hakmoun

Mostly New

This second setlist of the proGram today features some new findings of old recordings, former band of just now bees and one of my favorite groups of people in an Arkestra Chamber form….

Strawberry Fields- Odetta (live)
Where’s the Money- Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks (live)
Mellow Yellow- Donovan (live)
Freight Train- Taj Mahal (live)
Red River Valley- Ella Jenkins (live)
Crazy Love- Harry Manx
Love Serenade- the Waifs
Three is the MaGic Number- Jeff Tweedy

Let’s all go to the Bar- Deer Tick
Deatbeat- Hunters
I Really Need Love- the Bees
Ain’t that Lovin’ you- the Derek Trucks Band
Cook- Orchestra Morphine (live)
Everyday People-Steven Bernstein’s Millenial Terrotory ft Shilpa Ray
The Hounds- Superhuman Happiness

I got High- JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound
Soul Loco Suite- Deep Street Strut
the Guru’s Lover- Burnt Sugar
Claudine- Burnt Sugar
DIs Moi Oui- El Rego
Free my People- Joni Haastrup
Rise with the Blind- the Shaolin Afronauts

Tech One Two

Now that I have decided to use my laptop in cooperation with CDs, there is the occasion when one will fail…Luckily, this dilemma only lasted a short while as SuperTECH Matt Rock came to my rescue. But with the laptop being down for a bit and not knowing if the issue would resolve, I had a chance to spin some of the longer tracks I have collecting in the music bag. It was a treat to be able to find the riGht space finally to air them out into the earspace for consumption…..Here is the first of three sets from today’s show:

My Heart (reprise)- Tricked out Country
Circle 2- Mice Parade
Use Somebody- 2 Cellos
Gat in Dhamar- Ravi & Anoushka Shankar (live)
Prince Open- Pear ft Prince Diabaté
Samurai- Sky Saw
Eye of the Dove- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Who can I Turn to- Oscar Peterson

GTFD- Former Champions
Let it Grow- Big Daddy Love
Grandma June- the Heavy Pets ft David Grisman

STS9 in Rochester

So I took a trip to Rochester NY and was able to catch a STS9 show while there thanks to the fine folks working with the band. (you know who you are). The event at Water Street Music Hall was sold out and man, was it worth being shoulder to shoulder with people for. Sound Tribe Sector 9 has that great live appeal to me that many bands can only hope to achieve. Their “do it all” attitude really comes off as a more than a show for those in attendance. While still maintaining a top spot as an electronica group, STS9 is much more. They are not pigeon-holed into one category and at a live show you can truly tell by the difference in the crowd, which is what makes the live show so real to the places I like to find myself. They are a group that is aware of more than music, giving back comes to them in more ways than just a live show and they are not afraid to let their music roots dangle out there, soil and all……I found myself feeling rocked and jammed and certainly electro-fried up just right during their performance and if you have not had the opportunity to check them out, you certainly don’t have to hop a plane like I did this time around, but take a look on their site and make Sound Tribe Sector 9 a reason to get out and see live innovative music, sure to have you bobbin’ and dancing inside and out.

That’s the way, UH HUH!!

This final of the three sets featured some interesting jazzed up electro rock and the thick grooves to get lost in…..then all new music that has it’s own heartbeat and finally….if you haven’t hEAR MC Zulu‘s version of “Electric Avenue”…..well, like the listeners said “I have never hEARd it done that way”…..and that’s the way I like to try. Big thanks to our friend Todd Clouser for being a part of the show, talkin’ new music, live show and where the money is when playing out these days.

You can Make it if you try-Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra
For True- Trombone Shorty
Curtis- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
Bobby White in the City- Todd Clouser’s a Love Electric
***On air Conversation with Todd Clouser***
The Border of Pachacan-Todd Clouser’s a Love Electric
This That and the Other Thing- Skeebo Knight
Mustache- Razl
First Prayer- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Second Prayer- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Third Prayer- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

Paper Moon- George Benson
a Good Idea- Reuben Wilson Trio
Crazy & Wild- Me’Shell NdegéOcello
Brain Surgeon’s wife Served Lunch- TriBeCaSten
Polio- Staff Benda Bilili

Make you Mine- Gringo Starr
Border Crossing- DJ Shadow
I’m Green- Icebird
the new Pneumonia Blues- Little Shalimar
Electric Avenue- MC Zulu

A Love Electric…it’s riGht!

When the music is riGht, it is just riGht. When I get a chance to hang with Todd Clouser it is often more than just music. Todd’s bandmates in A Love Electric know how to hit my “on” button. The conversations they have with the audience through the sound creation on stage is unique to the moment, like feelings. This electro-jazzed-rock talk is dialogue that crosses genres into something meant for ear share no matter your views on politics or your “I’m not much of a jazz head” persona…..whatever or whoever you are, A Love Electric offers sounds and sights that are above labels of any kind. It’s just plain good! Todd leads the band with his percise guitarmanship, hitting original notes that invite real listening, while begin able to get lost at the same time. As I mentioned in Todd and my latest conversation, the trumpet work often takes my ears to lands where the horn is something new, it dumbfounds. Stand up bass holds the pulse down true and steady while the man on the kit keeps the backbone crooked and keeps the rhythms of the room forward moving.
Madison’s own, Luke Polipnick had his freejazzrockjamtrio “GLACIER” going before Todd took the stage and I must say, that is a perfect way to get the night started. Out of this world sonic smacks to the face seem to be a great way to start an evening of music.

Check out one of my favorite A LOVE ELECTRIC tracks “Curtis”

Pack your Ears, let’s travel

Set two of the three features many sounds from other lands and ends with some soul to lean on…..pack your ears and let’s go:

Do Do Baya- El Rego
Chocolate- Profetas
Cosa Nostra- the Pasito Allstars

Thina Siyakhanyisa- Mahotella Queens
Dance from Máramaros- Muzsikás
Vente Pa Madrid-Ketama/Diabate/Thompson
Liza- Kanda Bongo Man
Ne Mentira Nao- Jorge de Altinho
BeGGing for my Love- Bunnie Brissett
Could you be Loved- Caracol
Carry that Weight- Yellow Dubmarine
The End- Yellow Dubmarine

My Baby and Me- Elan
Fire Power- Lee SCRATCH Perry
Set the Children Free-Larry McDonald w/Toots Hibbert
Speakin’ Nuyorican- Captain Planet
Cumbia Savage- Empresarios
Devil Needs a Bodyguard- Nappy Riddem
Watch it!- Randa & the Soul Kingdom
Holding my Breath- Lack of Afro
Got to Work-J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science FT the Pimps of Joytime
Jive Jive Jive- Mocean Worker

Made your Mind Water

How deep these sounds can take you…..Today’s first of three sets…..thanks for soaking SUM in:

All White- Soft Machine
Wandering Wonder-Pancho Sanchez/Terence Blanchard
Bronto Y Cayo- Miles Español
Wild intent- Eric St Laurent Trio
Welcome to the Jungle- 2 Cellos
Pyramid Song-Matt Haimovitz/Christopher O’Riley
Invisible Wing- Bob James/Keiko Matsui
Duke Ellington Medley:A Train/Sentimental Mood/C Jam Blues/Lady of the Lavender Mist/My Heart Sings/Caravan-Oscar Peterson

Try Me- Marc Broussard
How do I let a Good Man Down- Soul Alley
Sister Ray Charles- JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound
Why Can’t we Live ToGether- Lipbone Redding & the Lipbone Orchestra
On Our Minds- the R’s
Baby Talkin’ (the Shoo Wop Song)- the Bandana Splits

Ain’t that a Shame- John Lennon
the Fat Man- Los Lobos
When I see You-Olu Dara & the Natchazippi Band ft Donald Harrison
Zydeco Boogie- CJ Chenier
Git it all- MarchFourth Marching Band
Higher Ground- Playing For Change 2

Beat Feet

The final portion of the show had more beats than can be counted on hands and feet……keep ’em moving:

Sho Nuff Now-Mocean Worker Ft Charlie Hunter/Bill Frisell
21st Century Preacherman- Global Noize

Got to be a Love-Greyboy w/Quantic/Sharon Jones (Paul Nice Mix)
On your feet- Captain Planet
Tudo Bem Aqui- Da Cruz
Stay the Course- DJ Shadow ft Posdnuos/Talieb Kweli
Graveyard Stomp- Ursula 1000
Mile High-Thunderball (Al Lindrum Remix)
Where it all Starts- Thievery Corporation
Spring Forward- the Beekeepers
Rude Bwoy- Winstrong
the Authentic-J Live (produced by Marco Polo)
Fastlane- Winstrong
No Angel- Playdough
Shing a Ling is What I Bring- Rene Lopez
Glory Stories- Pablo Sanchez
Sol Clap- Quantic
Batkallim (the Sun of Egypt)-Natacha Atlas (Cheb i Sabbah Remix)
Phoenix Rising- Karsh Kale
Diamond- Kutkorners ft Curtis Santago (J Boogie Instr. Remix)
Sentimiento (Instr)- Empresarios
Check the Frequency- MC Zulu
Amoy Y Felicidad- Jose Conde

got SUM grOOve

This portion of the show had some funk/soul/jazz grOOves, check for yo’self:

Tequila- George Benson
the Shuffle- Reuben Wilson
Look at that Cookie- Ivan FUNKBOY Bodley
After these Messages-Bootsy Collins w/Samuel L. Jackson
Masterpiece- Deep Street Soul

Hang on in There- Mike James Kirkland
Buckjump-Trombone Shorty w/Rebirth Brass Band/5th Ward Weebie
Chano Pozo Medley:Tin Tin Deo/Manteca/Guachi Guaro-Pancho Sanchez/Terence Blanchard
Ruby- Eric St Laurent Trio
El Swing- Miles Español
Smooth Criminal- 2 Cellos
Steady Hand Behind the Wheel- Big Harp

Blues in the niGht- Van Morrison w/George Fame
Weather-Me’Shell NdegéOcello
Hope- Sweet Honey in the Rock
Casa del Fuego- Una
the Song goes on-Herbie Hancock ft Chaka Khan/Anoushka Shankar/Wayne Shorter/KS Chithia
Hichki- Slide to Freedom
Blue in Green (Raang)- Sameer Gupta
If I should Lose you- Chick Corea/Stefano Bollani (live)
Strawberry Hill- Monty Alexander (live)
Step into the Sunshine- Elan
Red Skinned Girl (a Tribe called Red Remix)-Northern Cree
Zonza- Fredy Massamba
Moving Train- KG Omulo
Cowbell- MarchFourth Marching Band
Honey of your Smile- Pimps of Joytime FT Roy Ayers

Time moves with sound

Did a lot of radio today…breaking it down into three shows aGain. Here is the first.

Tell me What you Want- Pajama Club
Wandering- Hidden Orchestra
the World I know- the Trews
Solar- MonstrO

Side Dish- Candye Kane
Gloria- Patti Smith

I don’t Dance- Seth Walker
Could you Believe- Marc Broussard
the Signal- AM & Shawn Lee
Orchids- Lotus
My dog Sassy- Oteil & the Peacemakers
Down- Brian Stoltz
Free your mind- Socialbrium
Give it Wheels- AKACOD (live)
Souvenir- Morphine
Friend in Space- Dulcesky
Meditation- Carlos Santana/Bill Laswell
Far from Home- Japancakes
For Giuseppe Franco- Frank Zappa
Mo City Kid- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
Please, Please me- Bill Frisell