Had the opportunity to catch this show at the Overture as part of the work day. It was as fantastic as I remember Momix being and then some. The two videos on this page should give you a taste of what an entire show is like, but when you are in a seat there…you become a part of the goings-on on that stage. The intrepretations are stimulating and seismic, causing much bass to remix the beat of my heart. I was easily held captive by the show.

Henry Rollins “50”

This year Henry Rollins turned 50 years old and to celebrate he set up some stops around the world to share some thoughts. The show was filled with the type of open minded stories and ideas that were very well received here in Madison. Mr. Rollins has some history here in Madison, which clearly makes his time spent here very special to him. He spoke for about two and a half hours with no break, no water……just pure anger with a purpose. He makes many in the audience contemplate, chuckle and even cringe at times with his tales of other lands. The “Who” he has met doesn’t matter as much as the situations that often present themselves to him as he travels. From times during Black Flag’s shows in the bottom of New York City’s underground scene to his time in Nelson Mandela’s personal mail collection, the show has twists and turns that were surprising, yet almost always seems to concluded with connection. I believe that Mr. Rollins truly gets the idea that we are ALL in this together and why the hell are some of us so blind to that fact. This is one show to catch, if it comes to a place near you. Your open mind will appreciate your efforts.

Sound misdirection

I want to thank Tinsley Ellis for being an early morning guest on the show today. Mr. Ellis will be in Wisconsin tonight. We talked about how he has emerged as one of the premier southern blues rock guitarists, his work with Derek Trucks, and a piece of the path that his music has taking since beginning this journey. Also, later on in the program, had the chance to visit on air with That 1 Guy again. We spoke about the new album, the magic pipe and how the stimulation of eyes/ears and body all are occurring in his live show. Here was what the actual direction was:

Lucy- Triple Fret
Incomplete and insecure- the Avett Brothers
When the World Ends- the Burning Hell
What do we Really Know?- the Mike McGear
Dire Wolf- Grateful Dead (Acoustic Live)
the “Here Comes Nina” Country Ragtime Surprise- Samuel James
Capitaine- Corey Harris
Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie- Pinetop Perkins
Baby, I love you- BB King/Bonnie Raitt
**On air conversation with Tinsley Ellis**
Panhead- Tinsley Ellis w/Derek Trucks
I Wish I Knew…-The Derek Trucks Band (live)
Slow Hot & Steady- JJ Grey & Mofro
I’m Ready- Devon Allman’s Honeytribe
Rollin’ N Tumblin’- Nikki Armstrong
Got to Gt you off my Mind- Huey Lewis & the News
Dweller on the Threshold- Van Morrison (live)
Up to Me- Jethro Tull (live)
Good Thing- Paul Revere & the Raiders
Let it Go- Great Caesar’s Ghost
Just What I Needed- RAQ (live)
Personal Thing- King Johnson (live)
Golden Isle Groove- Skeebo Knight
The Wes Side- Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom
JB- Mark Mosley
All I Want (Right Now)- the New Mastersounds
Golden Dunes- the Budos Band
Ben’s Rotation- Jazz Pistols
Tappin & Thumpin’/Born in the Dark/I Can’t Make you Love me-Victor Wooten (live)
New Orleans- Dumpstaphunk (live 2011)
Take Control of your Body- Juno What?!
Burning Down the House (Delukota Mix)-Tom Jones & the Cardigans
The Hipster Runs Things- Fort Knox Five
Instrumantalude- Blitz the Ambassador

Call of the Wily- Greg Tate’s Garage Band
As Above- Club d’Elf
Funk Bean- That 1 Guy
Step in the Striped Light- That 1 Guy
** On Air conversation with That 1 Guy**
Hollow Ponds- Led Bib
Dance for Suwoo- Bones & Tones

Cecilia- Jesse Cook
Kazuko Buleria- Chick Corea

Madison Symphony Orchestra

Had a nice doubleheader set up. The MSO and then 7 Walkers. The symphony was quite nice with several pieces I did rather enjoy. Guest violinist Robert McDuffe really can make his instrument stand up on its own. The program for the evening went like this:

Dvořák: Carnival Overture, Op. 92
Barber: Concerto for violin and orchestra, Op. 14
Allegro molto moderato
Andante sostenuto
Presto in moto perpetuo

Intermission (Whiskey Break)

Beethoven: Symphony #3 in E-flat Major, Op 55 (“Eroica”)
Allegro con brio
Marcia funebre
Scherzo: Allegro vivace
Allegro molto

The evening’s conductor was John DeMain and you can find out about the 2011-2012 season here.

another Xtra Helping

The open schedule for spring break is winding down, but I was able to sign up for an extra hour to air out the music bag some. Here is what I found whilst seeking:

Hasashashine- Lumerians
Hemangioma- Planeta Imaginario
Willing to Kill-Aunt Jamama’s Big Band Vigilantes
Siberiana- Al Di Meola

We Rollin’- the Electric
No Lies (Mad Scientist RMX)-Dub Gabriel/MC Zulu
The Way we go(Ancient Astronaut RMX)-Thomas Blondet FT E Ball
So Alive (Budo RMX)- Blueprint
You can Dance (Popular Computer RMX)-Chilly Gonzales

Baba- (Baba Sorcery Dub Mix)
Rainbow- Lal Meri
Ambib- Club d’Elf
Five Techno- Hi Fi

Aisle of Right

I want to thank Justin from Toubab Krewe for calling in to the show to talk about their upcoming show at the Majestic, the newest release off of Nat Geo titled TK2 and the time the band is having in the middle of the SXSW festival. Also, reuniting with friend of the program Papa Mali to discuss the dream team of “swampadelic”, 7 Walkers and the making of the album, an inside look/feel to what a live show will consist of (this Friday March 25th at the Majestic), and a little catch up time on how things are going ( you know like collaborating on writing songs with Robert Hunter). There was some time for music also, and once again a second helping after the “normal” time slot. Here is what the first three hours did:

Look Inside- Ian Moore & the Lossy Coils
Money & Run-UNKLE w/Nick Cave
Tambourine Girl- Ringo Deathstarr

Preachin’ Blues- Big Head Blues Club
Hear my Train A Comin (Acoustic)- Jimi Hendrix
Hazardous Z- California Guitar Trio
Peace of Mind- Paul Revere & the Raiders
Southbound- Great Caesar’s Ghost
Day Dreaming Bout You- Charlie Wooton Project
Stoned Soul Picnic- 5th Dimension
the World is Going up in Flames- Charles Bradley

Somebody got some Soul Soul Soul- the Wild Magnolias
Guitar Player- Melvin Sparks
Move on- Bing Ji Ling
Keep that Music Playing- the Pimps of Joytime
Lion is Burning-Orchestre Poly Rythmo FT Franz Ferdinand

Changes- Femi Kuti
Slipper Room- Mojo Mancini
Sex in a Pan- Jazz Pistols
Chicken Legs- Bobby Selvaggio
Storm- Brad Mehldau
Configuration- Bones & Tones
Bogota by Bus- Jesse Cook
Nao Sei Porque-Trio Mocotó
Mariama- Toubab Krewe
**On air chat w/Justin of Toubab Krewe**
Carnavalito- Toubab Krewe
Wibayuwa- Aurelio

Ma Do Nar (Remix)- Los Chicharrons
Idemo Dalje- Speed Caravan
Airline Highway- 7 Walkers
New Orleans Crawl- 7 Walkers

**On Air Conversation w/Papa Mali**
(For the Love of) Mr. Okra- 7 Walkers
Jeep on 35- John Scofield
Wish I was in Heaven- Club d’Elf

an eXtra Offering

Open schedule for a week so, I’ll have an extra offering this week and next….here is what this rounds offering had in store:

Banga- Ali Farka Toure/Ry Cooder
Nawa- Femi Kuti
Fula Fula- Konono No. 1
Constelacion- Los Destellos
Timbuktu- Los Chicharrons
Parva (compassion)- Mehraab
Hallelujah- Inbar Bakal

Agua a de Beber- Montefiori Cocktail
Instinctive Traveler (Funk.ed up Mix)- Dissidenten
Similou (remix by Tabuzak)- the Waitiki 7
Menina Moca- Dusko Goykovich
Regalo de Dios- Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Brasil 2000- Zuco 103
Take me as I am- Lal Meri
Ineweyu- Aurelio
Prayer- Huun Huur Tu


It has been nothing short of crazy here this past week and I have to say I am feeling it. I want to thank the members of RETURN TO MONO as they were a van full on air phone guest today as they were heading to the High Noon Saloon today at 4pm. We talked about the new album, the show today and the San Francisco scene were they play out of as a home~base. Here is the show that took place plus I’ll post today’s eXtra hour tomorrow.

Washing Away Yesterday- Undersea Poem
Overflow- Carey Ott
Shining Man- the Mosier Brothers
Like a Cartoon- Nathan Moore

Auntie Bert- Throw Rag
Our Good Days are Gone- Yellowbirds
Fumaquious Monarch- Brushfire Stankgrass

Kaleidoscope- Ringo Deathstarr
Atlanta Brook- Lumerians
Angioma- Planeta Imaginario
Lithium- Brad Mehldau
O Mio Babbino Caro/Mas Que Nada- Marcus Miller & L’Orchestre Philharmonic de Monte Carlo (live)
No Turn on Red- Bobby Selvaggio
Dyslexic Messiah (Where’s your Dog?)- Gutbucket
Sunshine of your Love- Club d’Elf

Things got to get Better- the Tranatlantics
Money Stick- Speedometer
Body & Mind- Frank Mitchell JR.
Jump up, Turn Around, Popcorn- Big Pimp Jones
Latin Strut- Frootful
Sabor Tropical- Empresario
Si Dicono Tante Cose (Alt Version)-Calibro 35
Taint Too- Club d’Elf

Victoria Lucas- Moby
Kreutzberg- Federico Aubele
Pimpin’ Music- the Pimps of Joytime

Back to the Rots- Yellow Sisters
Cabhayeye- Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Seven Doors- Dub is a Weapon
Seerskin (Transglobal Underground Remix)- Valravn

Barracudub- Gaudi
It Happened Today- REM (Dub Gabriel Mix)
Caterpillar- Return to Mono
Black Swan- Return to Mono

*Van to Phone on air chat with the band Return to Mono*
Seeker Circuit- Return to Mono
Stay Fresh- J. Rocc
the Crutch- Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX
Indian- Soopertrash

5th Dimension- B.o.B. ft Ricco Barrino

International Fest

On my way back to the capitol, stopped by the Overture Center to check out what was happening during the 30th Anniversary of the international Festival. There were foods and wares and goods from many nations and of course there was cultural enrichment via the arts. Took in some swinging reels and jigs with Last Gaspé, a little smooth guitar sounds from Cuba by Sergio, and the Madison Chinese Cultural Association brought out colorful dances, costumes and music steeped in the ancient traditions of the Chinese culture. Certainly the time spent here was enjoyable and a pleasant distraction from the true reason for being downtown, the crowd in and out of the Overture to be a part of this spectacular festival was strong and steady.

Voice it.

A big thank you to Todd Clouser for being an on air guest. He will be here at the Frequency March 10. Congratulations to Michael from Madison for winning a pair of tickets to the upcoming Henry Rollins show on 3/27 at the Great Hall.. After here gonna grab a little mind opening time with the International Festival going on at the Overture Center and then make my way back to the capitol to let my voice be hEARd.

Howlin’ for my Darling- Big George Brock
Tell Ol’ Bill (alt version)- Bob Dylan
Revolution- REM
Castanets- Alejandro Escovedo
Cafezinho- Vinicius Cantuaria & Bill Frisell
Django’s Tiger- Angelo Debarre & Ludovic Beier
Hedgehog Highway- Brushfire Stankgrass
Stand up & Dance- Missy Anderson
Crew Cut- Speedometer
Take me There- Frootful
Whole Lotta Soul- the Pimps of Joytime
What Oh- the DeFrancesco Brothers

Politics- Teddy Presberg
Free Love Redux- Teddy Presberg
New Second Line- Irvin Mayfield & Bill Summers (live)
Hey Look me Over- Kermit Ruffins
Hurry Up & Know it- Cowboy Mouth
Barbie Robot- Beyondo
She’s Gone- Undersea Poem
Ouanalao- the Waitiki 7
An Eye for Optical Theory- Paul Bailey Ensemble

Persistence- Dub is a Weapon
Rub a Dub- Mystic Bowie
Seasons Change- GPGDS
Come on & Dance with me- Mr.Symarip
No Shame- Femi Kuti
Ndogura Masang0- Thomas Mapfumo
Roots of Life- Los Chicharrons
Bendir done that- Club d’Elf
So Alive (Instrumental)- Blueprint

No Lies- Dub Gabriel/MC Zulu (Thornato mix)
Behind the Mask- Eccodek
Something’s Gotta Give- the Kickdrums (audience remix)
Framebreaker- Return to Mono
Dear Francis- the Golden Dogs
Route 17- Carlo De Rosa’s Cross Fade

Tryst ‘n Shout- Gutbucket
***Todd Clouser on air Phone Conversation***
One- Todd Clouser’s a Love Electric
Shapes & Sizes- Led Bib
the Dumps- Ideal Bread
Gravel- Skeletons
Trance Meeting Part II- Club d’Elf
Vanguard- Kodo

Portland Cello Project

The High Noon Saloon has been home to many interesting shows for me personally since becoming a Madisonian, but I was truly curious as to what the Portland Cello Project would do to me as they prepared to have seven cellos spilling over onto the stage on this first Friday night in March. Opening artist and touring partner, Laura Gibson was such a treat for me with her vocals and arrangements together as unique as the moments shared together in a live music setting. Her touch to the words and sound altering microphone work gave me shivers at times and goosebumps at others. She had one and then two of the members of the Cello Project accompany her on a few tunes and then the night switched. The Portland Cello Project is a sight to behold and behear. I was blown away at the sound togetherness brings to songs that our ears are often trained to hear a certain way. From the Star Trek Theme to Rhianna, the Muppet Show Theme to Pantera, there were original Diva pieces in foreign tongue to a classic Duke Ellington standard. The lush plush nature of the instrument at times turned into a thumping terror and dance party leader. For me, when Laura Gibson came back out and did a rendition of the Leadbelly song, “In the Pines”, my night was solidified as a complete surprise and the joy of felling like I was part of something that was more memorable than I could have thought, reminds me why I support the scene.