Crazy Legs

The race was on…it is a long standing tradition, this Crazy Legs road race. I managed to avoid the runners, but thought about them as the second portion of the show took shape…it started where the first portion left off…FUNkay….just as I was switching into a new way, we tried to do a phoner with Grégoire Maret but the lines wouldn’t connect to the board. So I thank him for his time and apologize for wasting it….maybe soon…..but here is what DID work out:

Magdalena- Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Bárbaro
Your Analysis- Hilton Felton
Peanut Butter Ice Cream Man- Owen Marshall
Dirty Water- Sugarman 3

Pimpin’ Music- the Pimps of Joytime
Dogtown Blues- the Resistance Organ Trio
Round & Round- Prince Ft. Tevin Campbell
Nadie Como Tu- Alex Cuba Ft. Nelly Furtado
Star- Sly & the Family Stone Ft. the Roots
Monkey Fight Snake- the Bombay Royale
Devil Needs a Bodyguard- Nappy Riddem (Fort Knox Five Remix)
Cochon Ville (Dimitri from Paris Erodiscomix)- Sébastien Tellier
Deep Playa- Jef Stott
Nomadic Sky- Nitin Sachnet/Natacha Atlas/Karsh Kale
Let the People Speak- the Gloom Project
Phone Home- Copperwire

Crepuscule- Grégoire Maret Ft. Marcus Miller
Manha du Sol- Grégoire Maret Ft, Raul Midon & Tami Samantha Hayes
It’s not Far- New World Beat
Threesome- Lenny Marcus Trio & Friends

Who’s Making Love….- Lou Donaldson Ft. Melvin Sparks

get yer ears in G-ear.

The first portion of today’s program started off with the soft comfortable woobie-like sounds of George and Elvis and worked on up to the force of the funk…in the middle, that Yellow Dogs track Bruce really ripped it up while Skeebo’s “Shut Ahhh Louiss” could be the newest old dance craze:

Run of the Mill (Demo)- George Harrison
Black and White World- Elvis Costello
Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- the Starlite Orchestra & Singers
Ouachita Run- Alvin Youngblood Hart
Go- Boris Garcia
Manos Arriba- Alvin Youngblood Hart
Chance- Geoff Achison & the Souldiggers
No Blow, No Show- Boston Blues Works Ft. Ryan Hartt
You Don’t Know- Pristine

Shut Ahhh Louiss- Skeebo Knight
Is it Too Deep for You?- Porcelain Raft
Just like Heaven (is Gone)- 1 2 3
Bruce- Yellow Dogs

Karate- Galactic Ft. Kipp Renaissance High School Marching Band
Do You Want it?- Papa Grows Funk
Coolashell- Mucca Pazza
Maui Waui 5 0- Mucca Pazza
Ungroovie- Kottarashky & the Rain Dogs
Bernie’s Interlude- Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra
Skin I’m in- Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra
Dogtown- Jessica Lauren Four

Pro Arte Quartet

The story is amazing and the selections tonight were as well. The world premier of John Harbison’s String Quartet #5 was absolutely fitting and the ten movement composition with an arch like structure was ear dynamic. Check out more here. The evening program:

String Quartet in C major, Franz Joseph Hayden
Op. 54, No. 2 Hob.III:57 (1788) (1732-1809)
I Vivace
II Adagio
III Menuetto: Allegretto
IV Finale: Adagio-Presto-Adagio

String Quartet #5 (2011) John Harbison
(A Pro Arte Quartet Centennial (b. 1938)
Commission, 1st Performance)
I Melodia 1
II Scherzino 1
III Notturno 1
IV Visi (Faces)
V Notturno 2
VI Cuori (Hearts)
VII Notturno 3
VII Scherzino 2
IX Melodia 2
X Ripensamento
(all movements played without pause)

String Quartet in D Major, M.9 (1889) Cesar Franck
I Poco lento – Allegro – Tempo I (1822-1890)
II Scherzo: Vivace
III Larghetto
IV Finale: Allegro molto

Anaïs Mitchell and her voice

CauGht the set that Anaïs Mitchell put on here at Der Rathskellar and I must say that she has one of those voices that so many people TRY to have, but she’s GOT it. The clarity of the story through the raspy storyteller’s vocal, made the start as equally interesting as the ending….speaking of the way it started….so, on tour with Anaïs and her band is a group called Cuddle Magic, and their lead singer, Kristin Slipp joined Anaïs and her bandmate, Rachel Ries doing a sweet acapella version of “Golden Bird”, a track Mr. Levon Helm (R.I.P.) made famous. Playing song off her latest release “Young Man in America” and mixing in others from along the way, Anaïs even took a request from those in attendance. I see why people have been talking about her. The flexibility and versatility of musicianship extended from her band in extension with those from Cuddle Magic that added horns and strings and the image I was left with was a sense of musical harmony, or should I say harmonies.

The only other thing I can mention on a personal note is that I hope to catch her again in a setting less noisy with “overmusictalkers” and clanking beers…with that said…”Cheers”

Frail Pagans

Today was the first episode in a new monthly(ISH) series with my pal Victor DeLorenzo. We are calling the wide open forehead session “Frail Pagans” and this wee on the proGram we spoke of Record Store Day memories (JJ’s Record Store), visiting and working at the past office, our possible roles as playing Taylor Swift in an upcoming movie about her. We spoke tales of Elvis and sent off well wishes and big misses to Helm/Motian/and Kaniess….I think this is going to become a big hit and if you missed it this time, stay tuned for more with Victor and I in the coming weeks. There was music that defined the moment of Pagan Frailty:

This is How it Goes- Marco Benevento
Hör’ ich das Liedchen klingen- Uri Caine
Die Rose, Die Lilie, Die Taube- Uri Caine
The Midnight Variations- Uri Caine ft. Josh Roseman/Greg Osby
Road Trip- Loop 2.4.3
American Elder- Loop 2.4.3
S’Inguldu- Paolo Frescu & Omar Sosa w/Jaques Morelenbaum
Sonata- Nineteen Thirteen
Frail Pagans- Victor DeLorenzo

the Dance Lesson- Victor DeLorenzo & Daniel Kaniess
Raise Four- Bill Frisell/Ron Carter/Paul Motian
Jazz Hands- Beyondo
Seven Ate Nine- Lenny Marcus
Sound Travels- Jack DeJohnette
Brake’s Sake- Roy Assaf ft. Roy Hargrove

Poornamadah- Ravi Shankar
Blank Maps- Cold Specks
Como si Nada- Alex Cuba
Meditation- Nazarenes
Meter Beater- Brownout

a Record Store Day spin

Hopefully you find what you are looking for or never knew was there today as you diGG throught the bins….here’s the way the bins ordered up the tunes….flippin’ thru:

Something to Brag About- Deer Tick
Cluck Old Hen- the Mountain Music Project
The Titanic- Rory Block (live)
Midnight Special- Merle Travis (live)
The Edge- Stephane Wrembel
Hightail- Diamond Rugs

Alternative Power to the People- the Dandy Warhols
Mr. Man- Gov’t Mule
A R- Scott Sawyer
Time- Bill Evans ft John Medeski
You can Make it if you Try- Sly & the Family Stone Ft. Buddy Guy & John Mayer
Release it- the Time
The Cold Sweat Variations- Burnt Sugar
Brother T- Sugarman 3
But it’s Alright- Sugarman 3
Palm Nut- the Headhunters
Sem Amor (rhythm & brass mix)- Coleman Brothers
Rollo- Papa Grows Funk
Realer than Real- Teddy Presberg

Brooklyn- Caramelo
What we’re Worth- Treasa Levasseur
Fiya’s Gone- Theresa Andersson

Let there be Light- Mickey Hart
a Play in the Heather- Vinx
Do Ya- Vinx
More Cowbell- Drums United

the Ragbirds in Madison

Sometimes you find yourself thinking a show will be good, and then you get a surprise when a big steps it up in ways you didn’t quite expect even though you were prepared with a bunch of listens to new a new album, an interview with the lead artist in the band (thank you Erin Zindle) and plenty of rah rah from friends in the scene. The Ragbirds brought sounds that took folk music(s) from around the globe and have them come together in a very easy to look at set right here at the High Noon Saloon. They use many traditional folk instruments including violin, mandolin, banjo, accordion, acoustic & electric guitars, and harmonica. But the music goes beyond folk with its strong rhythm foundation of bass, drumset, congas and several layers of percussion. The effect is positive, creative music with the force of dance-able rhythm and melodies that won’t leave you when the show is over….the carry over is the type that you talk about for weeks….This is a band that I see people really getting their groove on to while in a small backdoor bar, or especially an outdoor festival filled with musics from lands we only read about (wherever we are) or hey, I could even see them in your backyard making the burger flippin’ a whole lot nicer…..just sayin’. Opening the show was Madison’s own The Whiskey Farm.

Wan Fambul

Part two of the proGram gives out a big thank you to a solid cat and friend, Andrew McPherson of Eccodek for talkin’ about the “Remixtasy” album, the working with Bajah & the Dry Eye Crew on “Wan Fambul”, and the spirit behind how he opens his mind to the sounds. I also want to thank a Main Man in the music scene, Eric Herman of Modiba Productions for talking Bombino (here tonight at the High Noon Saloon), Vieux Farka Touré and Bajah & the Dry Eye Crew‘s endeavors as catalysts for peace in Sierra Leone. A truly maGical time on the proGram today. Here is the way it looked:

J- Nneka
Wild- Garrison Hawk w/Sly & Robbie
Higher Velocity- MC Zulu
Temi- Mo Kolours

Scale it Back- DJ Shadow ft Little Dragon (Kev Willow Remix)
Spacehall Dub- Eccodek (Deliveryboy Jet West Remix)

Wousobour- Vieux Farka Touré (Eccodek Remix)
***On Air Chat with Andrew McPherson of Eccodek***
Wi Na Wan Fambul- Bajah & the Dry Eye Crew (Eccodek Remix)
Courage- Vieux Farka Touré (Fabian Alsultany’s UFOs over Bamako Remix
War Don Don- Bajah & the Dry Eye Crew
***On air Conversation w/Eric Herman of Modiba***
Mammou Taliat- Bombino
Ahoulaghuine Akaline- Bombino (King Britt Remix)
Bronca (Lagartijeando Remix)- Mati Zundel

As the crow flies

narrowly escapes the glass….the music distraction was nEARly the end….here’s why:

Scootch- Boris Garcia
007- Starlite Orchestra & Singers
The Selfish Gene- Stephane Wrembel
Carolina on my Mind- Warren Haynes w/Don Lewis
Mercy of the Sea- the Ragbirds
Give me the Business- The Jerry Garcia Band Tribute Band (live)
Optimist- Zoe Keating (live)
Build a Great Cliff- Tu Fawning
Now we’re Nowhere- Little Barrie
Get your Mind Right- Barry Adamson

Bali Eyes- Porno for Pyros
16 Tons- the Dandy Warhols
Bring Ring Ring Yeah- Gemma Ray

The Latest Fashion- the Time w/Prince
Good Times- Brother Joscephus & the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra (live)
(you caught me) Smiling- Sly & the Family Stone w/Scar/Cee Lo Green/Big Boi/DJ Swiff
Sing a Simple Song- Sly & the Family Stone w/Chuck D/d’Angelo/Issac Hayes
Love City- Sly & the Family Stone w/Moby
Giorgio’s Brother- Eddie Roberts (lack of Afro Remix)
Flaximus- Brownout
Ghost Dance- Congo Sanchez

El Choclo- Nat King Cole w/Brazilian Girls
Stories- Copperwire
A Loop- DJ Cam

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80

The Wisconsin Union Theater got all and more from the show featuring the son of legendary Afro-Beat pioneer, Fela Kuti. Sean Kuti featuring his father’s band Egypt 80 was a hand and earful of connectivity. Before the show, I was fortunate enough to hang out with the members of Egypt 80 in the green room where we spoke of the unique percussion instruments made from rare wood in a secret and remote location. We spoke of the roots and to the roots of the music. I also got to meet up with and share a quick sentiment with friend of the proGram, Baba Ani. From backstage the band was smokin’ hot on stage with Seun being lead out by the sounds of his father’s originality and creativity…..once he joined the others…the hall was quickly up and moving. But listening was the key to this evening show. The show’s twists and turns led us down former and future political paths…the debate over how a leafed weed can be regulated beyond belief…but it was the heartbeat of the evening that kept the issues important and the spirit alive. And at this time in Madison..there is PLENTY of political spirit. If energy can be made through music, I am a believer in the ability of Seun Kuti and my friends Egypt 80, to fuel my way onward.


I want to thank Timo for providing me the opportunity to chat with Baba Ani of Egypt 80 as they are set to be in Madison in 2 weeks. It was an honor to speak with one of the original members of Fela‘s band. We spoke of the history, the future and of course, some of the Fellas checking out the Broadway show of Fela (in Chicago through the 15th). In this second part of the show, we went a little like this:

Deeper- Ray Lugo
Democrazy- Congo Sanchez
Green Trees- Funk Ark
Brand Nu- Soopasoul (Lack of Afro Remix)
Freedom- Ray Harris & the Fusion Experience (Lack of Afro inspiration)
Wait a Minute- Lack of Afro (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
Rhythm & FX Funkanomics Remix)- All Good Funk Alliance

Pensive- Everyone Orchestra
Proper Education- Conspirator (live)

Calypso Blues- Nat King Cole ft. Damian JR GONG Marley/Stephen Marley
Concrete, Concrete- Cornershop
Soul Glow- the Headhunters
Red Spark- Papa Grows Funk

Azawade- the Touré Raichel Collective
Tenere- Bombino
Revolution- Afrolicious
Comienzo- Henry Cole & the Afrobeat Collective

Jekalewa- Tony Allen
Nawa (intro)- Femi Kuti
Nawa- Femi Kuti
No Agreement part 2- Fela Kuti
Rise- Seun Kuti & Egypt 80
Slave Masters- Seun Kuti & Egypt 80

**On air Conversation with Baba Ani of Egypt 80**
Everywhere you go now, Kuti- Kojato
Zemelewa- Zieti
Ayah Ye- KG Omulo

Circle Land

Where the ear has no fear….part 1.

Honky Tonk- the Brian Setzer Orchestra
Melancholia- Van Morrison
Thunderball- Starlite Orchestra & Singers
Diamond in Your Mind- Tom Waits & Kronos Quartet accompanied by Greg Cohen (live)
Sunshine of Your Love- Kofi Baker’s Cream Experience
Alabama Getaway- Jerry Garcia Band Tribute Band(G.Anton/Sunshine/M.Seals/M.Sugar/J.Kadlecik) (live)
Shakedown Street- Bob Weir & Friends (live)

Tit for Tat- Bill Evans w/Warren Haynes
Taxman- Scott Sawyer
In the Dangers of my Imagination- Kmang Kmang
Happy April Fool’s Day- So Sa La
Feu Sacré- Forgas Band Phenomena
Time has Come- Michael Gibbs & NDR Bigband (live)
Small Table Rules- J.Harrison/L.Feliciati/C.Vu/R.Powell/D.Weiss
Flock- the Claudia Quintet +1
Valle E Shqipërisë Së Mesme- Choban Elektrik

Dzumbus Funk- Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar
Smiles- New York Gypsy All Stars
Part of the Glory- Balkan Beat Box

Club Brooklyn- Beyondo
Miss Madison- Phat Phunktion
Blood Stains- Tu Fawning
Should’ve Told me- the Right Now
Boogaloo- Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Bárbaro
The Name Fela will Always Stand for Freedom- Jessica Lauren Four
awE- THEESatisfaction
Needs- THEESatisfaction

Seeing & hEARing

I want to thank Emily Hurd for being a guest on the proGram today…We spoke of her upcoming show at the Brink Lounge on 4/28, her new album “Long Lost Ghosts” and her recent connection with .38 Special. Also on the show was Erin Zindle of the Ragbirds, and we spent some quality time talking about their upcoming show at the High Noon Saloon on 4/16, the new album “Traveling Machine” and the genre-unknowness we share when it comes to the way we approach our musics. Oh yeah, there were some sets of tunes also:

Straighten up & Fly right- Nat King Cole Ft. Will.I.Am/Natalie Cole
I Can’t Speak for you- the Right Now
Make a Joyful Noise- Juanita Ellis
Endymion- Theresa Andersson
Wake up and Live- Catherine Russell

A Lot Like Me- Emily Hurd

***On air Conversation with Emily Hurd***
I Won’t Tell a Soul- Emily Hurd
Sunshine Blood- Jenny Gillespie ft. Marc Ribot/Jim White

Butcher’s Wife- Caravan of Thieves (live)
The Race- the Ragbirds
**On air Conversation with Erin Zindle of the Ragbirds**
Moribayassa (I’ll Fly Away)- the Ragbirds

That’s That- Cornmeal (live)
Bach Two Part Invention No.4 in D Minor- Jake Shimabukuro (live)
Thriller- Jake Shimabukuro (live)
God’s Away on Business- Tom Waits and Kronos Quartet accompanied by Greg Cohen (live)
Way Down in the Hole- Tom Waits and Kronos Quartet accompanied by Greg Cohen (live)
Ride Along- John Hiatt & the Goners (live)
Messin’ up My Mind- Fletcher C. Johnson
Hot Lanta- Great Caesar’s Ghost ft. Butch Trucks (live)
Flower in the Sun- Big Brother & the Holding Company ft. Janis Joplin (live)

Instrumental/Tell me What you Want- Van Morrison
Way Down Yonder- Lefty Jones Band

Chasing Medicine

Today’s Tuesday Timeslot fill in was a way to chase the Medicine down…Part One……GULP:

Bloom- Dirty Dishes
Sour Time (Lot More Version)- Portishead
Violent Games- Poliça
Come on in, the Dreams are fine- Deee lite
Dual Tone- Small World
Fan the Flames Dub- Eccodek (Transglobal Underground mix)
Nadagrooe- Transglobal Underground

Dub Reflex- Celt Islam
Sam Bloom- Eoto (live)
Wosoubour- Vieux Farke Touré (Chris Annibell Remix)
Dounia- Vieux Farka Touré (Cheb i Sabbah’s Africa Unite Remix)
Lee Perry- Dubcheck
Next Best Explosion- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
Gabriel’s Strut Dub- the Black Seeds

the General- Jahdan Blakkamoore
Empuja- Eljuri con Sly & Robbie y Mario Munoz
O Cara Lindo (Mr. Gorgeous)- Smoke City
Adiós- Bebe
Exodus- Albert Kuvezin & Yat Kha
Experience- the Touré Rachiel Collective
Eighty One- Bill Frisell/Ron Carter/Paul Motian
Fantasia De Carnaval- New World Beat
Quick & Running- G.Burton/P.Metheny/M.Freeman/W.Lee/P.Erskine
City- Jeff Lorber Fusion
Deja Vu- Don Braden & Karl Latham (live)
Out of the Mud- Papa Grows Funk
504- the Soul Rebels w/Sean C/Trombone Shorty/Dwayne Williams

the next host in the Corner

Often, I have the next show host (tied up) in the corner awaiting his turn….but this time I just had him watch the extra hour go by while I did this on the show:

A Lot Like me- Emily Hurd
I won’t Tell a Soul- Emily Hurd
Here we go Again- Doris Day
Whatcha Gonna do when There ain’t no Swing- Catherine Russell
New Rock Song- the melDAVIANS

Boom Boom Boom- Da Cruz (Will Magid Remix)
The Porch- Beats Antique
Va Va Voom- Bassnectar ft. Lupe Fiasco
I Can’t Wait- Brother Ali

Jenny Davis- Dak & Leaf
Turn You on- Cris Cab ft. Melanie Fiona & Shaggy
So Smooth- All Good Funk Alliance

Aao Saiyo- Shabazz ft. Riffat Sultana & Sukhwat Ali
Bante- Bill Laswell & Gigi
Freedom is Free (Jef Stott Super Mix)- Opium ft. MC Rai

Silent Song- Eccodek (Tarun Nayer Mix)

March Out

The second portion of the proGram helps March out with some grOOved up jazzies and positive vibrations from corners around:

Common Sense is Self Defense- Ray Lugo
Having a Ball- Don Braden & Karl Latham (live)
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds- Don Braden & Karl Latham (live)
Jump- Wynton Marsalis

The Chief- G. Burton/P. Metheny/W. Lee/P.Erskine/M. Foreman
Big Brother- Jeff Lorber Fusion
Release- Todd Clouser’s a Love Electric
Dragonfly- Bill Evans

Sweet Dreams- Dr. Lonnie Smith
Derecho- Eljuri
Journey/Drive- Dubtonic Kru
Dubtonic Kru Version- Dubtonic Kru
Foundation- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
Wide Open- the Black Seeds
Jah Army- Stephen Marley & Damien JR GONG Marley
See Dem a Come Deh- Buju Banton

African Soldier- Seun Kuti & Egypt 80
Der Pelo- Bebe

Take off your Clothes- Everyone Orchestra
Radio- Javelin
Waldo I- Loop 2.4.3

Here I am Alone Again- Kayhan Kalhor & Ali Bahrami Fard
Raga Kedara- Ravi Shankar