JFJO & Mike Gordon

With the release of the new album, One day in Brooklyn (actually put together in one day…in Brooklyn) I was so looking forward to see what the boys from Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey would have going on this time in a live setting. As the crowd started to grow with each stroke on the keys, Brian Haas and gang really had the sound thumping in a strut that was walking all over me. Doing tracks off of the new album as well as some Brian informed us in our chat Saturday morning, some that were written during the traveling on this tour. He wasn’t kidding at all when he said ‘there was a lot of creativity going on in the group right now’. The hour long set was a journey of emotional music, rockin’ slides and percussion 7 bass that has your head nodding in approval the whole time. There was even time to throw in a well crafted rendition of an old Beatles classic.



Mike Gordon did what I would expect Mike Gordon to do….played 2 long sets into the early hours with all the jamband sounds that any kitchen cupboard could hold. The Barrymore Theatre pond was filled with many a Phish-head and the scene was as much fun to watch as was the band for me. A ripping guitarist (Scott Murawski) was the real treat for me during the sets….


my New Organ

I want to thank both Stuart Zender (formerly of Jamiroquai) & Brian Haas (JFJO) for calling in (you know, like they said they would) and being a part of the program today. It always makes for a better show with the voice of some of the artists getting to reach your ears along with the music. Stuart giving my listeners a World Exclusive of a track that is ten years old but never been heard before, I do appreciate being the first…

San Francisco Bay Blues- Hot Tuna (live)
Folsom Prison Blues- Hot Tuna (live)
Is What it is- the Wood Brothers (live)
Chicken in the Kitchen- the Robert Cray Band
Flight of the Durban- Emmitt Nershi Band
Limbo Akimbo- Hot Buttered Rum

Funky Mountain- Leftover Salmon
I will Survive- Cake
Hades Lady- Pop Levi
Murder in the Name- Johnny Trama
Province- TV on the Radio
Day Job- Chris Kirby
Congo Square- Chris Daniels & the Kings

It Keeps Raining- Robert Plant & Lil’ Band O’ Gold (live)
One Night of Sin- Corinne Baily Rae (live)
In Time- Sly & the Family Stone
Everybody Want Some Parts1->3- Galactic
Gwyra Mi- MMW
**Conversation on air w/Stuart Zender**
Picture in My Heart- Stuart Zender (WORLD EXCLUSIVE)
Whatever it is I Just Can’t Stop- Jamiroquai
Music of the Mind- Jamiroquai
Ain’t that a Bitch- Johhny GUITAR Watson
Soul Kiss- Ivan FUNKBOY Bodley
**On air Conversation with Brian Haas**
The Black & Crazy Blues/A Laugh for Rory- JFJO
Imam- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

Lady!- Charlie Hunter trio
Lunita- Calima
Corren- Gossos feat. Dani Macaco
Come to Me- the Black Seeds
Afro Phone- the Black Seeds
Balkan Qoulou- Watcha Clan
(Shazalakazoo Mix)
Armageddon Time- Apache Indian
Ruperta/Puede Ser- Novalima
Bacalao Con Pan- Irakere
Baiao Embolado- Forro in the Dark
Neurociencia Do Amor- Os Mutantes

Party Happening People- Deee Lite
Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out- Mayor Hawthorne
Reflection- Ovum
Irresistible Party Dip- Tom Tom Club
Each others Throat- Stevie Wonder
Confide in me- Kylie Minogue
No Control- David Bowie

Click on pic to get a BIGGER look at my new organ

Wouldn’t you Watcha Clan…..

It is not very often that I feel like a band is becoming like family here in Madison, but Marseilles’ Watcha Clan sure is more than just another group visiting. Since they came here this summer for Le Fete de Marquette, they seem to have a second home right here at anytime. On this night, the Crystal Corner was the location that was fortunate to hold the sounds of Watcha Clan’s immense soul….there was spirit in the air~not just beats or lyrics but a conscious being formed with the music. Between the on stage musicians there is more chemistry than in a high school science class, like they were meant to make this happen. It is so easy to become part of the essence of this act. I find myself memorized by the grooves, the heavy and the softened down…..the true nature of this scene is something to behold and hold on tightly too. There is more to this band then genre or style…as they defeat and deflect the two of those like an unknown superhero of “eclecticity”…..it is the “real” that is behind the artists and the “strength” around their art that is such a temptress~that I look forward to the next time I find Watcha Clan is back for one more time. This band means a lot to the part of me that transcends the sound….with them come nostalgia.





Luminescent Orchestrii/Fishtank Ensemble

For me, I feel like the Luminescent Orchestrii are old friends. I have been spinning their music on my show since way back in my WHUS days after we reached out to each other on one of the social networking sites. I finally got to experience them live and it was all that I hoped for. Witty ways on stage coupled with well crafted songs of a gypsy decent……makes for such an entertaining start to the evening. Luckily we here in Madison have a way of dancing our way through it all…and this was certainly the case at the High Noon Saloon. The rawness of the songs feel good on your skin and with an edge of sass, the music makes its way to your spine…and from there it’s up to you what the rest of you does.



On this night, the pairing of bands was stellar. Fishtank Ensemble took over the stage shortly after and wowed the crowd with bass stands, opera singing saw-stress and a violin that was hauntingly mesmerizing. The sounds were often as wild as the night is dark but on occasion I felt the “where it’s at” of the tune….and that moment is always something else. The dancing continued and the music from start to finish on this night was like the mighty rivers—fluid and strong.



Hanggai & Cheb i Sabbah

Talk about pieces to a puzzle…..Hanggai Band from Mongolia and Cheb i Sabbah from the mixed up world of sound smashing….I started my afternoon off with some homegrown beer and a musical group from Inner Mongolia…..Don’t let the traditional clothes worn fool you, this band shows off many Western influences in a set that rocked with sound as it did with amazement. Seeing the faces of those not so familiar with throat singing was a highlight for me, the jaws dropping as sounds coming from deep within form and appear almost without recognition of who or where they come from. The vocalizing added to the two string lute (tabshuur) gave this act at the World Stage of the Willy Street Fair that something different people around here seek.



After wandering some around the fair streets, I decided to chill before going out to see Cheb i Sabbah later in the evening. That was a smart idea as I grooved and got down until the wee hours with some serious mixes from a master. Cheb had crowds surrounding him on the stage, belly dancers moving in a serpentine-like fashion around the dance floor and stage areas-it was as it should be….WILD. The crowd was deep in movement and size as the Terrace was in a complete zone of electronica-hoopee madness, one that I sure hope returns again sometime soon. It was worth the wait to be a part of a Cheb i Sabbah created soundscape.



Infinity & Beyondo

Thanks to friend of the program Eric Biondo for coming live on air from Philly to chat about what’s been going on. Also featured a few of his tracks off of the new album “The Move”. Today, the sets are hard to distinguish for me….it all just happened right then and there.

Annon- Jake Shimabukuro
Compass Rose- Chris Pureka
Goin’ to the Country- Martin Sexton
Don’t you Miss Yourself- Conrad Ford
New Country Blues- Emmitt*Nershi Band
Beneath the Blossoms- Hot Buttered Rum
Like you Do- the 88

Black Widow Spy Der- 9th Wave
the Veldt- the Veldt
Consumed- Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Leftover Girl- Sirsy (live)
My Cat’s name is Maceo-Janes Addiction w/Maceo Parker
Release Yourself- jim Weider’s Project Percolator
Wide Open- Kyle Hollingsworth
Sweet Pea Dreams- MMW
Walk Back- MMW
Pigs Feet & Potted Meat- Ivan “Funkboy” Bodley
Honey Burger’s Grill(new Mix)- Skeebo Knight

Breakthrough- Fat Freddy’s Drop
African Herbsman- Bob Marley & the Wailers(King Kooba Mix)
My name is Jr. Gong- Damien Marley (Grand Pubas mix)
Walter Rodney- Corey Harris
Parachutes- DJ Spooky
Snake Charmer- DJ Rekha
Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai- Red Barrat
Liberta- Novalima
***Live on air Conversation w/Eric Biondo***
Best Western- Eric Biondo
Black Hole- Eric Biondo
Playdate- Eric Biondo

Bandinha- Forro in the Dark
O Careca- Os Mutantes

Nasty Tasty- Luminescent Orchestrii
Nunovo- DVA
Dirty laundry- Bitter:Sweet
Portrait- Erto Anime
Funky Stuff- Kool & the Gang
Too Hot to Stop- Bar Clays

Os Mutantes & Forro in the Dark

I have adopted these two album as my take me away albums for a little bit. Forro in the Dark has a new release with the national Geographic people called “Light a Candle” & the legendary Os Mutantes has a new release on the Anti label (of course they’d get it) entitled “Haih or Amortecedor”. Now while I totally recommend these release for me at this time in my moments of listening, I merely want to let you know they exist….They will be part of the show on & off and I believe they are albums that’ll play nicely with others.


Friday Night with DJ Rekha

This past Friday I had the pleasure of hanging out a little backstage with Rekha before the show and we did a little interview thing (more on that to come). I am not one for the on the scene interviews but when that is all that works I am down for sure. DJ Rekha is serious about what she is doing, and how she portraits her seriousness is with some killer Bhangra beats that explore not only the inner regions of the ears, but it certainly filters through my brain simultaneously. Watching her work the segues and slam the hefty beats that “speakerbang” and erupt the dancefloor with unique blends of movement that causes me to get my notepad out. Opening the night was DJ Phil Money, who highlighted my night with some sweet “Pimps of Joytime” with a middle mix of some of Jah’s music….it was a night that lasted long~like you hope for.


Are you Ready for some Radio

Did a one hour fill in that became a two hour fill in. On this opening Sunday for the N.F.L., I certainly appreciate all the listeners online and on our FM location to the left on the dial at 91.7fm in Madison.

Nebulizer- Ivan “Funkboy” Bodley
Metric System- Ivan “Funkboy” Bodley

Burning down the House- Marcus Miller (live)
By Appointment only- Karl Denson Trio
Party- Beyondo
Night Fever-Bee Gees (Future Funk Squad Remix)
Set the Children Free- Larry McDonald with Toots Hibbert
These Moments- Lee Fields & the Expressions
C. Visar Vagen- Tio Bitar
Midnight Rider-the Radiators w/Gregg Allman (live)
Tunak Tunak Tun- Red Baraat
Basement Bhangra Anthem-DJ Rekha & Sunil Sehgal FT Wyclef Jean & Bikram Singh
Ricardo- the Brazilian Girls
Dissidents:the Search for the truth 1-Thomas Dolby
Bear Right at Burma-Bobby Previte’s Latin for Travelers (live)
Gwenasobya- Frida Sonko w/Equator Sound
Avelo- Tarika
Air of Today- Scarlet Balanga
Black Earth Boys- Les Triaboliques
Riddem- Daby Toure & Skip McDonald

Big Belly Blues- Hoochie Coochie Band
Mala Vida- Mano Negra
Blues de Los Ninos- Pata Negra (live)
Utsu- Moondog
More Good Friends More Good Music- Skeebo Knight
Sure Shot- the Beastie Boys
Rock N Roll Monster on Sunset- No Luck Club
Bring me Back- the Mighty Underdogs feat Raashan Ahmad
El Contrabajo Fantasma- Generoso Jimenez & His Orchestra

Sound Forest Overgrowing

I like to make my musical forest feature a variety of species and today I located a few new species of sounds:

Nobody’s Fault but Mine- NO Blues
Longa- NO Blues
Liberty- Phil Lesh & Friends
That’s What Keeps me Rockin’- the Robert Cray Band
Gutterpunk Blues- Stratospheerius
Me & Chuck- Les Claypool & the Holy Mackerel
Prizefighter- Eels
Jitter Boogie- Michael Hedge (live WDET)
Dew Drops- JJ Grey & Mofro
Trouble Train- Brian Setzer
In the Night- Chris Daniels & the Kings
Duct Tape- the Darrin James Band
Inside Game- Royal Trux
Bounce 2 This- Kendra Foster feat P Funk All Stars
Ain’t that a Groove- Julia Shear
Ain’t it Funky Now- James Brown (live)
Groove on-Purdie/Wilson/Green Jr/Easley
Jumping off the World- Beyondo
11:27- Pnuma Trio w/Ced Hughes
Bula Akuila- Eccodek
Cancao de Engate- Delfins & Ricciardi
Tchon Di Na Lu- Netos do N’Gumbe
the Rose Tattoo- David Byrne
Continuara- Los Manolos
Sabor- Quantic feat Tempo
We Need your Vote- Joi
the La La Song- Daniel Bernard Roumain
Wild Wind- Fat Freddy’s Drop
Soul Shakedown Party- Bob Marley & the Wailers (Afrodisiac Sound System mix)
Natty Dread- Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers (live)
Nawa- Femi Kuti
***Conversation with Sunny Jain of Red Baraat***
Dum Maro Dum- Red Baraat
Drum ‘n’ Brass- Red Baraat
Chaal Baby- Red Baraat

Ora Como Rev, Manana Como Guey-Ocote Soul Sound & Adrian Quesada
Opovrhov- Jarret (live)
Umleitung- Trio de Janeiro
Sweet- Unity
Keren, Chavorale, Drom- Balval
Come to me- the Idan Raichel Project
!DelaDap- Zsa Manca

Congrats to Jeet

Congratulations Derek Jeter on becoming the New York Yankees all time hits leader.


Being a Red Sox fan doesn’t stop me from recognizing greatness. Derek Jeter represents baseball the right way and I am proud to have watched his career blossom, proud to have rooted against him and happy he is on top of this incredible honor in the big leagues. The Yankees are no doubt a historic franchise, and with this honor—DJ is stil barely in the conversation when talking about the top 5 Yankees of all time. The sounds of a crowd, and an opponent cheering on a major accomplishment, is music to my ears. GO SOX.

Watcha Clan

Watcha Clan are a Marseilles-based quartet that fuses together influences as diverse as its members’ heritages. Drawing on North African, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, French, and modern electronic musical styles for inspiration, the Clan claim a nomadic ethic, calling no single style “home.” Since their inception at the turn of the century, Watcha Clan’s touring schedule and lifestyle have been as nomadic as their philosophy. This is from La fete de Marquette here in Madison this year.

Tasting Madison

Took a few hours on this beautiful Sunday afternoon to head downtown to the capitol square and enjoyed some of the tasty treats Madison has to offer. The annual Taste of Madison was something not to be missed. Seems I like beer mostly, with a Capitol Brewery Wheat being the beverage of choice. There was a good sized crowd circling the capitol with opportunities to see a few different musical acts, and to try any variety of a varieties of treats~from Brats and cheese curds to Indonesia or Ethiopian fare, desserts or meals, sides or the aforementioned BEER.





There has been a week solid of G-rate weather and the sounds of summer were ringing and singing true on this day…Click on the above thumbs to get a better view.

BIG Monkey Swing

A show to swing it and remember how these times came about.

Things Don’t seem- the Amity Front
Pride & Joy- Stevie Ray Vaughn (live Acoustic)
Pet- Sirsy
Porchswing- Bourbon Princess
Little by Little- Twinemen
Cure for Pain- Morphine
Money- Gary Hoey
a Change is Gonna Come- Jimmy Hall
What’s Going on- Los Lobos (live)
Let’s get it on- Jack Black
Burn the Crack House Down- Mojo:Saint (live)
Bad Magick- Shooter Jennings
Do your Thing- Papa Mali
Never Forsake You- Lipbone Redding & his Orchestra
Dogs of Santiago- Lipbone Redding
Civilization- Barry Adamson
I want Some More- Dan Auerbach
Blues de la Frontera- Pata Negra
Buleria Negra del Gastor- Son de la Fontera
Walking on-the Ananda Shankar Experience & State of Bengal
Spice Island- Global Noize
Turntables on the Bayou- No Luck Club
Resonance-Daniel Bernard Rouman w/DJ Spooky
Vivid- Thievery Corporation
Once Upon a Time- Cirque de Soleil
Ah Ya Win Win- Club d’Elf (live)
Golden Ilse Groove- Skeebo Knight
America Woman- Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue (live)
Dupree’s Paradise- Ed Palermo Big Band
I saw you in Utah (Idaho)- the Microscopic Septet
Casual Tease- Mamarazzi
Natural Born Lover- Sharon Jones & the Dapkings
Tell me- Sharon Jones & the Dapkings
Burn it Down- the Dynamites feat. Charles Walker
Full Throttle- 9th Wave
Mi Sonsito- Ticklah
Walk Upright- Groundation
Strange Love Addiction- Supreme Beings of Leisure
Russian Disco- Comandante Zero
El Dorado- Leaving Richmond
Ever After- Leaving Richmond

B Serious- Pete Gitlin
the Verse- Dorado


Snake on the Lake Festival

My home away from home, WSUM 91.7 FM, Madison’s Student Radio station, returns to the Memorial Union Terrace on September 4th for their third annual Snake on the Lake Music Festival. After the success of last years acts, which featured Tortoise, Damien Jurado, Awesome Color, and a number of others, this year audiences can look forward to another all-star lineup and one amazing show! Performing at this year’s festival will be RJD2, Hollywood Holt & Million $ Mano, Maritime, Free Energy, and Yourself and the Air. Local favorites The Nod will kick things off at 4pm and sets by WSUM’s very own DJs will be interspersed between acts. The festival is free to the public and in the case of bad weather will be moved to der Rathskeller.


Orton Park Day 2

Once again I got out for two acts on this beautiful Sunday late afternoon into evening. First up for me were the Cash Box Kings Chicago Revue and this year they brought along with them some of our favorite performers like consummate guitarist/ vocalist Lurrie Bell, silky smooth songstress Katherine Davis and rock solid drummer Kenny “Beady Eyes” Smith. Nick Moss and Piano Willie will join us for the first time. A musician of boundless skill, Nick Moss fully understands that he is carrying on the tradition of the bluesmen before his time and folks let me tell you, he Chicago Rips it up. I have listen to and shared his music on the show in the past but live and watching is the way to fully appreciate him.Piano Willie honed his craft with the likes of Jimmy Rogers, James Cotton, and William Clarke and you can see right away way those named would choose him as a colleague. He rocks like Spann, he rolls like nobody’s business but most of all he is just too cool.
Nick Moss
Piano Willie
Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue totally blew down the treehouse….The funk started and didn’t stop until the night had fallen and the stars took over. I can’t say enough about Troy’s set of music. The whole band is apart of a show that is all out, from shaking their collective booTAYS, to bass players body surfing backwards on the stage while JAMMing, it was the way to end this festival and I would never complain if it ended any event. The outdoors was a wonderful way to watch people connect to this young New Orleans artist sound and spirit, from Marvin Gaye to a 2nd line through the festival goers on their home turf, it was that which you might be thinking and more. It is always incredible when you can match an artist to an area, and Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue are really an extension of the east side of Madison. I and many are looking forward to the next visit and are thankful Troy made it our way to close out the Orton Park Festival.

Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews and horn section
Orleans Avenue Shakin’ it down!

Check out friend of the program Michael Sullivan’s photos of the event here.