Growth Grooves Up

The final portion of this week’s proGram got to get up to get down with the color of a big growth spurt:

Sleep Depraved- WRD Trio
Meditation- WRD Trio

Daily Special- Dirk Quinn Band
***pre-recorded conversation with the Dirk Quinn Band***
Luna- Dirk Quinn Band
Jalousy Windows- Dirk Quinn Band

Cold Facts on Colfax- Quantic & Eddie Roberts
Help Me Along- Jeb Loy Nichols with Cold Diamond & Mink
Working On Me- The Allergies

Sun God- Lung
Jubilation- Jack O’ the Clock
The Sahara (2020 Remix)- David Oakes

Motel Du Sud- Hector Zazou
Anything At All- Bachelor
We Will Never Die- Yat-Kha


The middle portion of this week’s program took root and keep on funkin’:

Be The Only One- Jenny Don’t And The Spurs
Midnight Wine- Shannon & The Clams
Halo- Black Light Animals

I Don’t Need No Doctor- PM Warson
You Gotta Tell Me- PM Warson
I Am- Laura Rain and the Caesars
Superstar- Gizelle Smith

Jump Up- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra Ft. Francesco Mendolia/Mike Outram/Dave Limina/Tucker Antell
Feed the Chicken- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra Ft. Stanton Moore/Cory Wong/Michael B. Nelson/Tucker Antell
Did It Again- True Loves
Being a Robot Is Awesome- Calibro 35
Magnetic Monster- Outer Space

Burning Plain- Cochemea
If Not Now (Then When)- The Bamboos Ft. Durand Jones
Wishbone- The Bamboos

This Shadow Knew Me Once

The first portion of this week’s proGram had the sun to it’s back and we only went forward:

I Won’t Let You Sink- Nick Jaina
Perennial Bloom (Back To You)- Lukas Nelson Ft. Promise Of The Real
Oh Momma- Sons of Raphael

Lucky Charm- Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw
Heroes and Heartbreakers- Carrie Clark & The Lonesome Lovers
All Of The Women- Allison Russell

greenarrowradio promo- Damon Fowler
Jack You’re Dead- Rob Stone Ft. Elena Kato & Hiroshi Eguchi (live)
I’m Ready- The Reverend Shawn Amos
Black Ice- Donna Herula
High Heel Sneakers- Will Johns
Call Me Willy- Will Johns

Black Eye Blues- Kelly’s Lot
Country Boy- Robert Finley
Chicago- Omar Coleman
Tommy Gunz- Tommy Z

greenarrowradio promo- Clarence Spady
If My Life Was A Book- Clarence Spady

DQB Heading To Madison

Dirk Quinn is the guitarist for the jazz/funk band that coincidentally bears his name. Based out of the beautiful city of Philadelphia, the Dirk Quinn Band (DQB) travels extensively throughout the US and Canada e=where they are met with smiling faces and ready to groove bodies. Utilizing over a decade of steady performing, they have developed a unique and in the now style – one that appeals to a wide variety of music listeners with a wide array of fans always seen in attendance at their events. It is the band’s infectious energy and interplay along with great melodic sensibilities, rhythmic experimentation and an accessible modern edge, keeps the Dirk Quinn Band as a mainstay atop any list of all that jazz and funk improvisations at its most engaging. I have been a fan of their musical creations for a long time, personally.

I had the chance to catch up with the four cats that’ll be heading to Madison at Garver Feed Mill on June 9th to tear things up and bring those good feelings. We got into what people in Madison can expect from this foursome as they get prepared for an evening of in the moment groves that can twist and turn on a dime. The main theme seems to be “That Feel good energy”. Speaking of feeling good….we had to talk about their latest release “The Milton” and find out how the new music came toGether during some of these crazy times. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know all four cats were gonna join the call, but it was a great chance to feel their energy as individuals, and listening to them talk about what song off the new album they’d choose to build a radio setlist out of was fascinating. I think it was for them too. Check out our chat, checkout the band live and hey, check out all the years worth of music the DQB has put out just for you.

Goalie Guard

The first edition of the Summer Schedule greenarrowradio spin-off proGram The Yellow Light went all out to keep things from going too far:

Rabid Hole- Whelligan
Muskrat Love- The Incurables
Stranger- Dark Bird
Dead Icons- Firefriend
Home or Exile- Firefriend

What Side You’re On- 3.2
Hope Skip & Jump- Michael Whalen
Poly Jam- Michael Whalen

Sacred Place- Dope Sagittarius
Natural Blues- Moby Ft. Gregory Porter & Amythyst Kiah
Down- St. Vincent
Stare- Poté

Things To Do- Jus Goodie
Blue Kiss- Shire T

Billy Martin Illy B

Big shout our to our friends over at Brooklyn Raga Massive for hosting one of my favorite improvisers, Mr. Billy Martin…AKA Illy B. We were able to be a part of an improvised journey into who and what Billy has to offer in the moment. Billy Martin was born in NYC in 1963 to a Radio City Rockette and a concert violinist. At age 17, he devoted himself to music and dove into Manhattan’s thriving, eclectic musical landscape. In the years to follow, he honed his craft everywhere from Broadway orchestra pits to Brazilian nightclubs and burgeoning underground performance spaces. From the roots of the downtown scene, he emerged with Medeski Martin and Wood, bridging the harmonic complexity of jazz, the conversational fluency of free improvisation, and the groove and swagger of classic R&B and funk. A series of albums and high-profile collaborations with John Scofield, John Zorn, Iggy Pop, Natalie Merchant, and others, brought the band international acclaim. His experiences as a teacher, student, and musician led him to create and direct Life on Drums, a cinematic exploration of percussion and the creative process with his childhood drum instructor, Allen Herman. Billy is currently Executive Artistic Director and CEO of the legendary Creative Music Studio. Billy also owns and manages his own record label Amulet Records. Martin has relentlessly pursued diverse musical contexts, from free improvisation to chamber compositions to film scores. Much of his work is available via his Amulet Records label, which recently released the Road to Jajouka—a series of collaborations (produced by Martin) between the Master Musicians of Jajouka and such artists as Ornette Coleman, Flea, Marc Ribot, John Zorn, Lee Ranaldo, Bill Laswell, Mickey Hart, MMW and more.

Sharpened The Views

The final portion of this week’s proGram followed the marching where the ended up and it was right there:

Ballad Of The Gobsmacked- Three-Layer Cake
Now the background is the foreground- Carlos Niño Ft. Adam Rudolph, Aaron Shaw & Jamael Dean

Barco- Oran Etkin
Retrofit- Vijay Iyer
Children Of Flint- Vijay Iyer

For The Culture- Sons Of Kemet Ft. D Double E
***pre-recorded conversation with Joseph Yoon Of Brooklyn Bugs***
Tempus Fugit- Alex Conde Ft. John Santos, Jeff Chambers & Colin Douglas
Two Bass Hit- Ulysses Owens Jr. Big Band Ft. Diego Rivera, Wyatt Forhan, Walter Cano, Michael Dease & Andrew Gutauskas

Flipping The Leaf

The middle portion of this week’s proGram dedicated to the march of the cicada, showed a new look when turned over:

118 & 8th- Keith Brown Trio
Dear Hunter- Almog Sharvit
***pre-recorded conversation with Almog Sharvit***
Roller Disco- Almog Sharvit

On Green Dolphin Street- Christian McBride
You Haven’t Done Nothin- Dara Tucker

Mean Street- FOCUSYEAR BAND 2021
Dancin’ in the Doghouse- Lunar Octet
Kaleidoscopic Sunset- Alí Bello & the Sweet Wire Band
Bello’s Blues- Alí Bello & the Sweet Wire Band

In This Beginning

Today’s show was dedicated to the march of the cicada. The first portion of the proGram leafed the page to remember the years:

In Between- Ariel Bart
Sweet Earth- Skúli Sverrisson Ft. Bill Frisell
Afternoon Varient- Skúli Sverrisson Ft. Bill Frisell
Mood Current- Anthony Pirog
Janel- Anthony Pirog
I Keep Asking Questions- Joel Harrison w/Steve Swallow
Black Mountain Breakdown- Joel Harrison w/ David Gilmore
Song For Steve Swallow- Joel Harrison w/Steve Swallow

Under The Sun- Joey Alexander
Euim De Bahia- Ensemble Novo
El Preciso Perdoar- Ensemble Novo

Get Up Or Cry by Almog Sharvit

Innovative composer & bassist Almog Sharvit announces the release of his debut album as a leader, Get Up Or Cry, on May 28, 2021, via Unit Records. Together with his band members Adam O’Farrill (trumpet), Brandon Seabrook (guitar & banjo), Micha Gilad (piano, keys, synths) & Lukas König (drums), Almog creates an amusement park of a record. After years of exploring & absorbing art in a wide variety of media, Almog possesses his own personal and compelling style, both in performance and composition. Get Up Or Cry was recorded in a single day at Wonderpark Studios in Brooklyn. In post-production, Almog applied experimental techniques usually found in pop & electronic music to the songs – the record features filter sweeps, heavy distortion and compression, and creative automation and panning that he gladly says “will knock the dust off your stereo.”. My suggestion is you turn it up real loud and listen to each part a few times over….like exiting the ride at that amusement park and quickly running back in line to get after it aGain.

I had the chance to catch up with Almog about the new album ahead of its end of May release. We get into the importance of getting those right musicians backing this project – those who find the sense of humor within some of this music – they felt the smile this album creates. We get into the cross-genre stylings and some of those after recording extra manipulations to enhance the visions. Snuck in is not only a couple of bands we learn are loved by Almog, but also which songs of the new record he’d choose to build a setlist with and what other artists would be included…always a very interesting path to get people talking about, and this time is no different. I look forward to more music to come in the future, but will certainly continue to get back in line for some more Get Up Or Cry.

Brood X and Joseph Yoon

My pal Joseph Yoon is pretty cool. His mission is to raise appreciation and awareness for edible insects through delicious, educational, and creative programming. His work has been featured on the Smithsonian Channel, New York Times, NPR, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and Forbes, as he and his colleagues help explain why the United Nations endorses edible insects to address food security and sustainability. He strives to introduce edible insects and normalize them in America as a sustainable source of protein with broad applications that can be found in your pantry, eaten as a snack, and beautifully plated by chefs. A couple years back, I had Joseph on the program to talk about how he goes about his mission. It’s impressive to say the least. We also discussed an event he was part of here at the University of Wisconsin, where I got to be a part of an incredible spread of deliciousness. This time around, we did remind folks of the mission but we mostly wrapped our heads around Brood X. Brood X, otherwise known as the great cicada hatching of 2021, is starting to happen now as soil temperatures in some parts of America move closer to 64F which is the trigger, according to scientists, for trillions of the insects to push up to the surface and into the world to mate. It is an absolutely amazing 17-year-life cycle for the heaps of bugs, who form different broods emerging at different times- all after remaining underground for almost their entire lives before briefly emerging to mate and then die. Brood X is the group of cicadas that spread over tracts of the north-east of the US, including New York & Washington, as well as parts of the Midwest & West Virginia. And… there is so much more to the entire story.

Joseph and I get deep into the entire Cicada scene as part of this amazing Brood X happening. We get into the hunt, the love and respect of the living beings and the ways to prepare and enjoy this nutritious and amazing insect. To Joseph, this is way more than just a cool thing to do (which there is no argument from me that it truly is way cool), this is something that is going on globally for so many right reasons and how do we turn the page in places that still see the “bugs” as mere pests. One of the many things I dig about Joseph is how the whole thing for him has such an artistic twist to it, from the selections of foods, to the accompanying additions of an meal , to the beings themselves and how they live their lives. You can hear the love of the creatures, the love of what Joseph is doing – just listen to him talk about all the possibilities with each part to the cicada’s lifecycle. This is a guy with the passion I think we need! For me, I was super excited to touch on the “chorus” of cicadas during our conversation as well and when you grab an earful, you’ll hear what cool thing he and Grammy nominated saxophonist Jay Rodriguez are up to.

Cicada Nymph Spring Salad w/asparagus, peas, red onions, chilis, garlic, butter, lemon, mint.

Iris We Were

Did a final open schedule fill-in proGram during the Spring session, and the vibes wet the place up:

Chase The Devil- Lee SCRATCH Perry
Love And Mercy- Reggae Angels w/Sly & Robbie
Positive Way- Reggae Angels w/Sly & Robbie

Quiere La Rumba- Okuté
El Bouhala- Innov Gnawa
Hunters and Farmers Need the Blacksmith- Kasai Allstars
Baba Bende- Kasai Allstars
Musungu Elongo Paints His Face White to Scare Small Children- Kasai Allstars

Fatalist Tango- Moka Efti Orchestra
Hollaender Mash Up- Moka Efti Orchestra
Tschuldigensemal- Moka Efti Orchestra Ft. Mario Kamien

Nataraja (Kizu KimRemix)- David Starfire Ft. Shril

Angle of Perspective

The final portion of this week’s proGram reminded us that the same can be oh so different:

Losing And Winning- PM Warson
Seen You Around- PM Warson
I Quit My 9 to 5- Joseph Malik Ft. Niki King & Chris Greive
Swing Praxis- Anthony Joseph

Crescent City- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra Ft. Benny Greb & Tucker Antell
Tomorrow- The Bamboos
Judy- Robert Walter, Eddie Roberts, Adam Deitch (W.R.D.)

***pre-recorded conversation with Ivan FUNKBOY Bodley***
Crab Walk- Ivan FUNKBOY Bodley

Agua de Luna- Aura Safari
Time To Listen- DJ Format
Mountains Of Madness- DJ Format
The Curse- DJ Format

A different Superspective

The middle part of the proGram had a new twist to its already wild beGinning:

Diamond Studded Shoes- Yola
Choo Choo- Big Chief Monk Boudreaux

Cry & Party- Nick Hakim & Roy Nathanson
Vortextual- The Kevtones
Funktronica- The Kevtones
Cowboy Coffee- The Kevtones
Yah-Neaux- Pocket Protection
Herbert Handcuff- Pocket Protection
**pre-recorded conversation with Marcus Rezak**
Glitter Pillow- Marcus Rezak

Wanna Get Funky- George Porter Jr. and Runnin’ Pardners
A Taste Of Truth- George Porter Jr. and Runnin’ Pardners


The first part of this week’s proGram took a look around and through and share it’s perspective with you:

In Outer Space & DNA- decker.
I Like Your Everything- Mark Bryan
You’re Like Mashed Potatoes- Randy McAllister

Can’t Wait To See My Baby- Donna Herula
Sticky Lips- Tommy Z
Olivia- Atomic 44’s
Two In The Ground- GA-20
Blues In My Groobe- Alex Lopez
greenarrowradio promo- Alex Lopez

California Sun- Black River Delta
Howlin’ Back At You- Black River Delta
Left My Heart In The City- Black River Delta

Scary Stories- Tony Joe White

Truth In Sound: Marcus Rezak

Marcus Rezak carves out a distinguished style in the world of guitar with several cutting-edge groups such as Shred is Dead, Digital Tape Machine, Stratosphere All-Stars, Katharsis, Supernatural Beings in addition to frequent engagements as an artist-at-large. Known as a master of jazz improvisation and a seasoned artist of the sit-in, Marcus is a frequent call among bands and musicians. His 2018 debut as a bandleader saw him collaborating alongside Kris Myers and Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee, Arthur Barrow of Frank Zappa’s band, and legendary saxophonist Bill Evans. Since then he has toured across the US with eclectic lineups featuring the likes of Ike Willis, Kris Myers, Jay Lane, Scott Page, and more; led his band through two tours on the US Virgin Islands; spearheaded official Umphrey’s McGee afterparties, and continued to hone his chops in his home studio and licensing endeavors. ‘Truth in Sound’ is his most recent work featuring members of Trey Anastasio Band, esteemed percussionist Kalyan Pathak, and more. His adaptability and exceptional skill have garnered Marcus much deserved respect in the music world and have leveraged his ability to take his craft to integral heights.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Marcus to talk about the brand new music of “Truth In Sound” out now on Color Red Music. We dive into how the EP came together and the parts were put in place. We talk about working with the folks who signed on to get the project off the ground, their contributions to complete the vision within and ready for consumption and the ear share. There is a twist of course. Shortly after the release, one of those perfect fits to complete the project, Mr. Tony Markellis suddenly passed away. Marcus talks about the feelings that come with the release now versus the moments shortly before and how this music will be able to help carry a well deserved and very brought torch in Tony’s name. Check out the chat and help celebrate the more that comes with this release.

Shapes Of Things

Did another hour long open schedule gap fill- in proGram. Made a Friday night fit the shape of things to come:

Using What You Got- Flying Lotus
Sachi- Flying Lotus
Black Gold- Flying Lotus Ft. Thundercat

Woman- Little Simz Ft. Cleo Sol
Strut- Elohim Ft. Big Freedia

Saturn Return- Àbáse x Zeitgeist
Phoenix Rising- Àbáse x Zeitgeist
Holding On Too Long- Hard Feelings

It’s Got To Be You- Los Retros
Breeze- Meta and The Cornerstones
Cool Down- Soul Sugar Ft. Booker Gee & Blundetto
The Craft- Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble Ft. Synik

Vendredi- Ken Wiley
Golden Lemon- Nous Alpha

Famous Yet? Ivan FUNKBOY Bodley

Funkboy aka Ivan Bodley is a bass player and music director for the stars. He has performed with 50 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees and counting. He has been musical director for Sam Moore (Sam & Dave), Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, The Shirelles, The Crystals, The Tokens and has performed with Sting, Elvis Costello, Temptations, Solomon Burke, Ben E. King, Percy Sledge, Eddie Floyd, Rufus & Carla Thomas, Bo Diddley, Buster Poindexter, Uptown Horns, Paul Rodgers, Wynonna Judd, and David Foster. Funkboy is a magna cum laude graduate of the Berklee College of Music and an inductee into the New York Blues Hall of Fame. To date, he has traveled to 29 countries around the world and played to audiences of up to 82,000 people in performance settings ranging from jazz duos to 150-member symphony orchestras. Appearances include Carnegie Hall (featured soloist with the Rock Concerto), Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize (with Cracked Ice led by Crispin Cioe), 12 Broadway shows including “Rock of Ages,” “Spider-Man,” “Hedwig & the Angry Inch,” “Kinky Boots,” “Fun Home,” and “Ain’t Too Proud,” Obama Inaugural Ball featured in the Barry Levinson documentary “Poliwood,” Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Today Show, Emeril Live, Imus in the Morning, Charlie Rose, Live with Regis & Kelly, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Istanbul State Symphony and Israel Symphony Orchestras. So you can see that this Funkboy is a FunkMAN of the world.

All the above happenings come with more stories than one could imagine. Luckily for us, Funkboy has put many of them down into his new book: “Am I Famous Yet? Memoir of a Working-Class Rock Star”. I had the opportunity to catch up with him recently to garnish a little insight into some of the types of tales told within the pages (the ones he shares will certainly tease you into wanting a little more). He tells stories of circles being complete in a way where they seem drawn by fairy dust and an incredible gig, for two. That’s right…Just two people. Not only is this a page turning, but it is a head-shaer as well, people never stop amazing and I am thankful we had FUNKBOY’s keen observational skills taking notes. We also dissect his new tune (and first of hopefully many) on Color Red Music called “Crab Walk” and find out what it was like creating the music during a wacky time in the world.


Did an hour long open schedule gap filler on a Thursday at 9PMCDT. Here’s the fit that went go:

Remedy- Anchorsong
Get Sun- Hiatus Kaiyote Ft. Arthur Verocai

Deja- Bomba Estéreo
Žali Zare- Balkan Taksim
Osho (Mystral Mix)- David Starfire Ft. Jef Stott & Ganja Girl

Can’t Touch This or That or You or My Face (Arthur Moon Remix)- Kaki King
Shine- Joe Silva Ft. Paula Calado
Change- Takuya Kuroda
Body, Mind, Spirit- Àbáse x Zeitgeist

Introvert- Little Simz
Thrilla- Wesley Joseph
Out of Touch- Shad


The second half of this part Sunday’s open schedule fill-in flipped the switch:

Letter for Paul- John Patitucci Ft. Chris Potter, Jon Cowherd, Marcus Gilmore & Rogerio Boccato
Funk Delux- Kenny Carr
Primal Scream- Kenny Carr

Horacio’s Dream- MARQUEZ
The Ancestors’ Call Upon Us- Marques Carroll
Generational Response- Marques Carroll
The Ancestors’ Final Words- Marques Carroll

Black Hole Sun- Norah Jones (live)