Getting There From Here

In the middle set…people are said to have said..” You can’t get there from here” or so I have been told (They said)….the music selected here is a map to the destination….the landinG gear is optional, the way is yours….be sure to fold it up nicely when you get there:

Bear with Me- Cope
Bodega- Max Allen Band
Every Day’s the Same- Grand Marquis

Shine- Randall Bramblett
Really Don’t Know- Van Morrison
Could you Read- Last Good Truth
Scarlet Begonias- Great Caesar’s Ghost w/Butch Trucks (live)
Calling me Home- Donald Thomas
Minute by Minute- James Hunter
Waxing Unwaxed Lemons- the Gene Dudley Group

Case Quarter- Third Coast Kings
Swinging Grits- Orgone
Shutterbug- Otis Redding X Big Boi (Gummy Soul Remix)
Sound the Alarm- Booker T. Jones Ft. Mayer Hawthorne
Criminality- The Fontanelles

Sweet Like Nectar- the Kerbside Collection
Tricknologist- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra Ft. Jim Hunt
Stop Stuffin’ & Start Sho Nuffin’- Ray Witherspoon

All is Quiet- Directions In Groove
You can Make it if You Try- Global Noize
Suzy Q- the Sugarman 3
Dog Party- Robert Walter’s 20th Congress
Cachaça- Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood


Stickman w/Hat in Purple Tide

The first third of today’s proGram brouGht listeners closer to the center of the sides…reinforcing the walls of the middle with a sound Spackle that took the Stickman under hat safely ashore throuGh purple waters:

Part Eight- Go: Organic Orchestra
Dreaming of a Wooden Fish- Cat Frequency
Chinese Horoscope- Organic is Orgasmic
Electric Cheese- Mats/Morgan

No.1 2nd Movement Allegro Con Brio- Barking Pumpkin Digital Gratification Consort (Conductor:Francesco Zappa)
No.2 2nd Movement Allegro Assai- Barking Pumpkin Digital Gratification Consort (Conductor:Francesco Zappa)
Gemini- Zenith: Unto the Stars
Theme From Dead Pylons- Dead Pylons
The Temple of Golden Rays- Palace of Swords

Evetch- São Paulo Underground
Knuckles and Milk- Tzar Ft. Moist Paula (live at the Stone NYC)
A Cactus & A Rose- Roscoe Mitchell
Jack’s Arcade- J.Walrath/P.Aaberg/K.Roberti

Heart is Saved- Iggy Pop
True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Your Face Can Tell the Future- the Flaming Lips
You- Radiohead (live 06/01/1995, Tramps)
Julian- Yellowbirds

Forever Young- Randy Kaplan
Hard Travelin’- Alastair Moock & Friends Ft. the Okey Dokey Brothers

Meet me on the Corner- Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks Ft. Elvis Costello & Brian Setzer
Goons(I need it all)- Mona
Bait N’ Pole- the Band of Strangers


After Climb Cool Off

The second half of the Monday morning fill in has the coolth of the water below, ready for your leap in….There was also a quick timezone malfunction fix. Allen Stone was suppose to ring in on my reGularly scheduled show, but the timezones got in the way. He did however, ring in on TMI with Aldous Tyler. SO, I aired that in there as well, to continue the support of live music. A biGG thanks to Aldous and Allen for making the most of it. Here’s the sounds to cool off with:

Motley Mary Ann- Pisces
Wait a Minute- Eddie Ray
Doin’ What’s Right- Shuggie Otis
New Orleans Blues- Jumpin’ Jack Strobel

**Allen Stone Timezoned with Aldous Tyler Live on air**
Carnaval- Glen Cashman’s Southland Nonet
Spectrum- Will Calhoun
Rise- Djustpora

Octopus E- Rock Candy Funk Party
Down the Tube- Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood
Another Day in the Life- J.Krown/W.Washington/R.Batiste Jr.
You can’t Fix it, Throw it Out- Beyondo
Disco Boy- Basement Freaks
Bedroom Stories- Basement Freaks Ft. Mustafa Akbar
Three Views of a Secret- The Mackrosoft

Hey You- Ursula 1000 Ft. Fred Schneider
7th Street Groove- Empresarios
Here Comes the King- Snoop Lion Ft. Angela Hunte
Deep Purple- DJ Muggs

Sand (for Mark)- Club d’Elf


Tree Highway Best Route

For the critter in us all that wishes we could just climb and hide…here’s the first half of a Monday morning fill in that is the Tree’s Highway:

You are my Sunshine- Buck Howdy
This Land is Your Land- Phil Rosenthal

Never Does- Head for the Hills
Close the Door- Pokey LaFarge
Gather Good Things- Bill Frisell

Mutt Romney Blues- Ry Cooder
Want What you Have- Hadden Sayers
Whatever That is- Randall Bramblett
Detour- Tinsley Ellis

Cry Baby Cry- Three Minute Tease
Peace Frog- Smashmouth
The Slidedown- the Skinny
Up From the Skies- Robert Walter’s 20th Congress
It’s a Family Affair- Global Noize
We can Take this Higher- Celia Baron

A to Z- Alice Russell
Different- Alice Russell
Too Much Tequila- the Soul of John Black

Show me What you Got- Frank Williams & the Rocketeers
The Devastator- Stormy


LeGGs Above the Others

The third third of the proGram had its leGGs pinned back and ready to go. I want to thank Lisa Bethke and friend to the proGram Chris Aaron for being guests. We spoke of their 2013 times at Steel Bridge Songfest, their upcoming gigs as well as new projects like the Bruder Brothers and well, tequila in a skull. The music was set to enter your ear holes one leGG at a time:

Get Thy Bearings- Robert Walter’s 20th Congress
Crux- Robert Walter’s 20th Congress
Stand!- Global Noize

Dance to the Music- the Clinton Administration
the Stroll- the James Taylor Quartet
20 Questions (inst)- Youngblood Brass Band
the Oracle- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra
Up the High End- Orgone
Red Stripe- the Kerbside Collection

I Should Watch T.V.- David Byrne & St. Vincent (M_Stine Remix)
**Live on air with Lisa Bethke & Chris Aaron**
Bowling Pin- the Bruder Brothers
Life Never Ends- Adrian Younge
What Have you Done to me- Mario Biondi
New old- the Motet
Never Let No One- Afrolicious
Sleep- Allen Stone
What I’ve Seen- Allen Stone
Contact High- Allen Stone
High Heels- Omar Ft. Hidden Jazz Quartet
Imaginarium- Kratos Himself
East London- Wrongtom Meets Deemas
Do it Do it Disco- Myron & E
S.E.M.E.- the Mackrosoft


Branching Off the Deep End

The middle portion of the show has sets that are climbing hiGh and jumpin’:

Birmingham- Shovels & Ropes
Change- Churchill
The Lion The Beast The Beat- Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

Creation Smiles- the Mother Hips
Kool Aid- Ry Cooder
Gangster of Love- Tommy Z
Goodtime Baby- Governor Davis & the Blues Ambassadors
Let Your Word be Your Bond- Billy Cox & Buddy Miles
Easy Blues- Jimi Hendrix
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ on- Grand Marquis
Got to Move Your Baby- Lightnin’ Hopkins

Roll- Randall Bramblett
Harp & Drums- JJ Grey & Mofro
Fun- Booker T. Jones
Soul & Sunshine- Harvey & the Phenomenals
Grab This Thing- Huey Lewis & the News
Pinprick- the Fontanelles
Tend to your Business pt 2- Wildfire
Do the Stanley Weinberger- the Gene Dudley Group

Stir it Up- Bob Marley & the Wailers (Ziggy Marley Remix)
Three Little Birds- Bob Marley & the Wailers (Stephen Marley & Jason Bentley Remix)
2 Feet- Daniel Bambaata Marley

La Trompeta o Yo- HornDogz
The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog- GTA Hoffman


Under the Inside

Part one of three is time I went in EARly to air out the music baG…..with a lot of new music (as always happens) this part of the show set out to hunt it down and point it out….Here’s what happened:

From the Serene Republic- Temple Music
Space Orchid Vs. Massive Drumkit- the Grand Astoria
Vicus Lemurum- Palace of Swords

Help (the ultimate version)- Mats Morgan (live)
Corporal’s Lament- Blue Cranes
Legends- J.Surman/M.Osborne/A.Skidmore (live)
Wedding Song- São Paulo Underground

If I had a Tail- Queens of the Stone Age
Phantom Limb- Alice in Chains
The Conquest- Darquematta
Post McDonald Punks- Bad Cop

Turn Turn Turn…..- My Morning Jacket
Young Men of Promise- Yellowbirds
Tired of Being in Love- Kenny Roby
Day We Met- Sasha Dobson
People Always Look Better in the Sun- Soko
Young Minds- Emika

Road Wassoulou- Jayme Stone
Alexander Island- Jayme Stone
Walk On- Alastair Moock & Friends
The Devil Ain’t Lazy- Pokey LaFarge
The Big One- Bill Frisell

Uncle Walter- Ben Folds Five (live 10/05/2012, Kool Haus, Toronto)
Maletic Dowery- Of Montreal



I had the opportunity to fill in for my brother, Mad Mad Marcus on his Rock & Soul Review on 89.9fm W O R T, community radio here in Madison. It happened to be during the 2013 Summer pledGe drive, “Can’t Live Without My WORT”…..I did my best attempt to give it like Mad Marcus does with the funkNsoul, and the botoom line is that happened and we went above the show’s $$$ goal. Here’s what I put toGether for the WORT FUNKnSOUL-a-pledGe:

I Just Don’t Know What to do with Myself/- Issac Hayes Ft. Dionne Warwick (live)
Walk on By- Issac Hayes Ft. Dionne Warwick (live)
Tomorrow- Gerald Albright & Norman Brown
Redemption- Marcus Miller
Smile- Lakecia Benjamin Ft. Maya Azucena
Big Sky- Celia Baron
Kareem- Beat Funktion

Richard’s Amazing Riding Mower- Skeebo Knight
1 Way Street- the James Taylor Quartet
Take you Higher- the Clinton Administration
Temporary Condition- the Pimps of Joytime
Wow!- Divine Pocket Bouncers
Bitch Inside Me- the Greyboy Allstars

Raise Up- Larry Graham & Graham Central Station Ft. Prince
Dancemaker- Tweed Funk
A Night in the Gutter- PB & the Jam

Oh Hi- RonKat Spearman’s Katdelic
Funky Kind (gonna knock it down)- George Clinton & P Funk Allstars
Breakout- Phillipe Wayne
Up in the Playroom- Organissimo
Livin’ Large- J.Krown/Wolfman Washington/R. Batiste Jr.

Freestyle for Miles- MarchForth Marching Band
Big Ol’ Lushy Woman- Brother Joscephus & the LOVE Revolution
Summertime Thang- the Soul of John Black

When You’re Finished- Freekbass


You can even listen to it for the next 4-5 days on the archives…Find the latest Mad Marcus show and click in there, wait a couple minutes as the folks before me could tell time apparently :-)

On Your Grass Side

I want to thank good friend to the proGram, Taj Weekes for being a guest supreme once aGain…We spoke of the new live album: “Pariah in Transit” (of which the cover art is a selection taken by Madison Photog, Michael Sullivan), we spoke of what it takes to kep the spirit alive and of the projects his TOCO organization has been working on…most recently track shoes to the children of St. Lucia for their track and field efforts, rather than socks made to look like shoes. His efforts on the island to help keep the children/people educated and healthy includes diabetes awareness and hula hoops. It is always an honor to be a part of what Taj is movinG on…..there’s more to come from he and G…..Here’s the grassy side of the music:

Downtown Plastique- Orgone
Levine & Direct- Orgone

What is and What Should Never be- the Resistance Organ Trio
The Big Smackdown- Garaj Mahal
Be Dope- Garaj Mahal
It’s A Family Affair- Global Noize
For Today- Taj Weekes & Adowa (live)
Since Cain- Taj Weekes & Adowa (live)
Clean the House- Fat Freddy’s Drop

I’ve got my Mojo Working- Cas Haley
So Long- Snoop Lion Ft. Angela Hunte
Smoke the Weed- Snoop Lion Ft. Collie Budz

Realization- Dubconscious (live)
All I Really Want to do- the Krayolas
Pussycat- Lord Mouse & the Kalypso Katz

***Live on air Conversation with Taj Weekes***
Overtime- Youngblood Brass Band
Frank Mills Jr.- the Josh Roseman Unit
Turboeletoo- Ben Neill


The ThouGht that Goes in

The meaning is sometimes forGotten…but never lost…

This Little Light of mine- Alastair Moock & Friends Ft. the World’s Bravest Kids
A Good Spot- Bill Frisell
Going to California- Bill Frisell
Safe Side- Gambles

Baby, Let me Hold Your Hand- Davis Coen
Jackson Cannery- Ben Folds Five (live 01/31/2013, the Warfield S.F.)
Central Time- Pokey LaFarge

Nobody Knows- Waylon Jennings
Take Your Hands off- Ry Cooder
I Wanna Be Your Man- Mobley
(She’s a) Wanderer- Deap Vally
Lowlands- the Stranglers
Christine- Heliotropes

Wooden Indian- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
If- the Latin Playboys
New Zandu- the Latin Playboys
On Main Street- Los Lobos
I’ve Been Lonely Too Long- Hazmat Modine
Rain Fall Down- the Rolling Stones
Son of a Widow- Me Without You
Is Everybody In?- William S. Burroughs w/the Doors
Don’t Throw Your Hands Up- the Cat Empire
You Can’t be Told- Valerie June
Hornicello- Beyondo
Look Around- Two Plus Two
Walk on By- Robin McKelle & the Flytones

Water, Water- Michelle Willson & the Evil Gal Festival Orchestra
Get on the Right Track- Jumpin’ Jack Strobel


Beat a Surprised Ear-Hole

I just happened to and found these beats to jump on air…..boinG:

Mamasaydon’tstoptilyouJAM- Teck Zilla
Vitamin C- Can
Turn Ape- heRobust
Electric Fever- Free Energy

Black & White- the Rub Ft. Tatiana Owens & Bigg Base
Fall Away- Wax Poetic Ft. Norah Jones
Ballad of the War Machine- Midnight Juggernauts
Stupid Pillow (Hint Remix)- Protassov

1989- Emicida w/Beatnick e K Salaam
Intro (Shiiiu!)- Emicida w/Beatnick e K Salaam
Anda- Rael
Pedindo Pra Deus- Rael

West Benders- Toussaint Morrison
Mind our Minds- Rabbi Darkside
Mayday for Congress- Rabbi Darkside
One Cup, Two Cup- Aceyalone
I’m Ready- Tricky

Electricity- Lee Foss & MK Ft. Anabel
Greenarrowradio Theme- Mr. Rourke
the Lottery -the Step Kids
Big Timer- DJ Kentaro Ft. MC Zulu

Letting it Go- Tijuana Cartel
Rio Niger- Blue Pyramid
Let’s Have a Ball Tonight- Tim Maia
We can Walk it Out- Benchplayers
All that Bad- Pigeon
Lamento de un Guajiro (Uproot Andy Remix)- Fania All Stars
Teenage Tiger Cat- CSS
Hangover- CSS

Red Hot Mama- Ursula 1000 w/ Big Mike Geier
Solta Futura (Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix)- Solo Moderna
Daria- Mixhell

Frenzy- Fat Tony Ft. Tom Cruz
Wisdom of Sai Maa- Sai Maa
This is Life- Wisdom Ft. Sizzla Kalonji
Galactic Passport- the Werks


What is and To Be

What a fantastic second half of the proGram. It is always special when long time friend of the proGram Miss Kim Manning rinGs in…..Her positive enerGy makes this show better than it could be without her presence. He P-Funk All Star ways are only a few of the exploits we discussed this time around, all the places she has gone including Australia, Russia, Japan and the Playboy Mansion..We discussed the new album coming soon, “Space Queen” and some potential book ideas….I believe we even sanG a quick duet….Ahhhhh Kimmy….Then we had another wonderfully creative and soulfully sweet guest in Mem Nahadr. Her friends simply call her M. M & I chatted about her new project “FemmeFractale” – A VisualSonic Opera” and how the story of a young woman’s Journey of Discovery takes shape….We spoke deeply about the healing qualities within fractals, and how they are capsules of life’s secrets….and mother nature and I aGree. This portion of today’s show was one of my favorite times because of these two artists….and the music selected to accompany them went like this:

Simplify- Omar
To Love Somebody- Robin McKelle & the Flytones Ft. Lee Fields
Deep Space- Mario Biondi

San Francisco Bound- the Pimps of Joytime
Calor- Groupo Fantasma
the Hangar- Fareed Haque & the Flat Earth Ensemble
Party on Plastic (what’s Bootsy doin’?)- Bootsy Collins
I am Good People- Kim Manning
Basketball- Kim Manning

**Live on air Conversation with Miss Kim Manning**
Red Hot Momma- Kim Manning
On My Merry Way- Mem Nahadr
**Live on air conversation with Mem Nahadr**
Passage- Mem Nahadr

Daddy’s Gonna Tell you no Lie- the Josh Roseman Unit
Pop’s Brownstar- Orgone
Rush’d Interlude- Red Baraat
Big Talk (Smoota Electric Remix)- Red Baraat

Daddy’s Redux- the Josh Roseman Unit


Points to View

What is it, what has it become….how did it beGin to be this way…..the first half of the show miGht only add more questions to the docket, without truly seeking the answers with the senses, to challanGe the senses….why ask??? Try these without question:

Major Breakdown- Gordon Stone Band (live at Godfrey Daniels)
White Room- Vassar Clements W/John Cowan
Harlem River Blues- Justin Townes Earle
Bowlegged Woman- Pokey LaFarge
Authority Song- Bosco Delray
Wrong Crowd- Jonny Fritz

So Goddam Smart- Dave Alvin/Phil Alvin/Sheryl Crow
Momma Was an Opium Smoker- Rasputina (live)
Tom & Mary- Ben Folds Five (live 11/23/12 Bristol, UK)
Midnight Special- John Fogerty (live)
Rough Justice- the Rolling Stones
See You Tonight- Green Day
My Friend- the Steve Miller Band
10 Believers- Latin Playboys
Saint Behind the Glass- Los Lobos (live/acoustic)
Walking Blues- Fluffy Hunter Ft. Jesse Powell’s Orchestra
Mother Earth- Jumpin’ Jack Strobel

Riders on the Storm- Henry Butler
I ain’t Buying that- RB Stone
Born Again- Robert Randolph

Chunga Changa- Lord Mouse & the Kalypso Katz
Get Involved- George Soule
Man oh Man (what have I done)- Walter & the Admerations
What it is?- Curtis Liggins Indications
Crystal Illusion- Creations Unlimited


Grew and Grew Into Colors Supreme

The second portion of Sunday’s fill in show featured some sounds that remind us of how colorful the world needs to be…

Inviting you (intro)- Wingless Angels Ft. Keith Richards
So Sweet- Wingless Angels Ft. Keith Richards
Survie- Youssou N’dour
Move Dem- Julian Marley Ft. Bugle
***Live Mowless Turkey Gobble Mowing Report w/Mustapha***
Surrender Dub- the Resonators
We’re Not Leaving- Soothsayers
Russia- Fat Freddy’s Drop
Crazy- Afrolicious
Doni Doni- Vieux Farka Toure

Tobie Lapierre- Vishten
Rocking the Seann Truibahs- Thomas Lukassek

Apna Punjab Hove- Red Baraat
Keep Calm- OL


Jazz Burst’IN

The beGinning to the Sunday morning open schedule fill in proGram had all the makings of a Burstin’ mind melt….and it took off from there….

South- Richard Pinhas
Aura- Mats/Morgan
Swingo- Mats/Morgan
Soundcheck- Mats/Morgan
Beautiful Winners- Blue Cranes

Voodoo & the Petrified Forest- Rob Manzurek Octet
Left Over Shoes- the Kadinsky Effect
The Mountain Road- John Surman/Mike Osbourne/Alan Skidmore
Into the Rising Sun- Sao Paulo Underground

Thursis- Pat Metheny
Sister Andrea- the Mahavishnu Project
Invocation- Jason Seed Stringtet
Goulash Rag- Jason Seed Stringtet

Letter from Boston- Gene Ess
Paprika- Michel Camilo
Duke at the Roadhouse- Roger Kellaway & Eddie Daniels (live Sante Fe 10/14/2012)
Montezuma- Bob James/David Sanborn

Time after Time- Miles Davis (live Chicago Theatre JVC Jazz Fest 6/5/89)
Central Focus- Terence Blanchard
Five Four & Three- Leo Konitz
The Creators- Bobby Hutcherson & Harold Land Sextet

Got me a Black Woman- Tony Bunn


What Looks Right Back

The second half of the proGram had it’s way with thinking it is something other than it is..There is more to it than meets the eye, ears…..or is there?

Road to Nowhere- David Byrne & St. Vincent (live)
Prophets in the Sky- the Cat Empire

Full Moon- Sasha Dobson
Maybe- Asa
(loose booty) is a Real Thing- Everyday People
Party Time- Black Soul Express
World of Soul- Chantells
Mini Skirt- Performers
Intro- Shuggie Otis
Special- Shuggie Otis

Cold Game- Myron & E
The Quieting- Menagerie

Slow Dancing with Michael Jackson- Beyondo
Banana Jam- the Apples Ft. Fred Wesley
Impressions- Beat Funktion
Neat Little Package- Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band (Paper Tiger Remix)

Beat Freak- Scott Hardkiss (Paul Wootford Remix)
Soul Intoxication- Basement Freaks
Shift- Fort Knox Five Ft. Afrika Bambaataa & Mustafa Akbar
Beware- Mango Juice (Ancient Astronauts Remix)

Love & Respect- When Saints go Machine Ft. Killer Mike
Boss- Aceyalone
Higher- Wisdom

Exonerated- the Hood Internet Ft. Zambri/Hooray for Earth/Junior Pande
Soundcheck- the Alchemist
Bhakti Boombox- MC Yogi
Give it All Up- Afrolicious (Rob Garza Remix)


Bah Loom

Things be poppin’..How bout U…..We got more we got more…The first half of the proGram is filled with all sorts of spirits:

The Monster- Kenny Roby
Fingerprint- Yonder Mountain String Band

Suck in Your Gut- Jonny Fritz
Mean Maybe- Yellowbirds
Bromides- the Baptist Generals
Prisoners- J Mascis & Sharon Van Etten
Wrong Wrong Wrong About me- Elvis Costello

What Else Could They Do- Pop Strangers
Mercury Rising- Stranglers
Let’s Boot & Rally- Iggy Pop with Bethany Cosentino
Love Gun- Permanent Clear Lights
In this Rubber Tomb- Mudhoney

That Girl That Scene- Frankie & the Heartstrings
Bloom- the Veils
Interlude- Western Medication
The Way We Move- Langhorne Slim & the Law
Don’t let me be Misunderstood- Eric Burdon with Jenny Lewis
Was my Hands- Too Slim & the Taildraggers
Texas Drunk Tank Blues- RB Stone
Sunday School Blues- the Slide Brothers

Pearly Queen- Clapton/Townshend/Wood/Winwood/Grech/Capaldi/Karstein/Rebop (live 1/13/1973)
Backlash Blues- Nina Simone
Yes We Can Can- Davis Coen
Loose Lucy- Bob Weir (live 12/01/2012 S.F. CA)