Shall We Go

The second portion of the proGram had us all planning the same vacation:

Parker 51- Alan Dean
Twisted Blues- Ed Bickert trio
For You- Wray Downs

Gimme My Vote Back (C.P.C.D.)- Seun Kuti & Egypt 80
Therapist- Lee SCRATCH Perry

Rebel- Mad Professor
Pirates of the Airwaves- Mad Professor
Dispute- the Frightnrs
Stay Positive- Pato Banton (live)
Get Up Stand Up- Tiken Jah Fakoly Ft. U Roy
Police & Thieves- Tiken Jah Fakoly

For the Ladies (feat. Talib Kweli)- Locos por Juana
Investigator’s Beat- Whetzel
The Prelude- Carleen Anderson
The Trilogy of Wade in the Water and at the Cross- Carleen Anderson
Cage Street Memorial- Carleen Anderson

Mam Yinne Wa- Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy
Yu Ya Yumma- Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy
Ndolo Embe Mulema- EKO
Bowa’a Mba Ngebe- EKO

Steph Curry- Killiam Shakespeare
Soon- A Tribe Called Red Ft. Joseph Boyden
ALie Nation- A Tribe Called Red Ft. John Trudell, Lido Pimienta & Tanya Tagaq
Seven Souls (Tim Simenon Mix)- Material

G Vacation Spot

Rocket Path

The first portion of the proGram this week created a path back to from where no one has taken you before:

Tidal Waves- The Shacks
I Try- Macy Gray

Burning Desire- Band of Gypsys (Fillmore East, Show 1 12/31/1969)
Money Honey- Jerry Garcia (7/5/1973, Lion’s Share)
I Wonder- The Jimmys (live from Transylvania)

Walk a Mile in My Shoes- Various Artists
Last Fair Deal- Colin James
The Mystery of Mr. Eads- The Marcus King Band

If I Had to Change- Sonny Knight & the Lakers
I’m Coming Home- Lee Fields & the Expressions
Where is the Love- Lee Fields & the Expressions
Black Man in America- André Cymone

Callin’ Me Back- Hannah Williams & the Affirmations
Feelin’ Good (Instr, 1976)- Santiago
Misty- Brian Auger
Hot Sweat- pigWar
Supernaut- Brownout

Tomahawk Chop- Wolf!
Whiskey Mister- Wolf!
Monket Trumpets- Chris Spies
R.S.B.D.- Takuya Kuroda
You Really Got me- Project Grand Slam (Ft. Lucy Woodward)
The Man From Brazil- Jeff Oster (live)

Rocket Path

Nineteen Thirteen Intrigues at ALL

Had the chance to catch up with our friends Janet Schiff and Victor DeLorenzo of Nineteen Thirteen as they prepare to put on two sets this coming Friday, October 28th at Arts & Literature Laboratory. As Halloween approaches, it will be quite the thrill to have the mystery and surprise of cello and percussion to hold your hand through the evening hour. In this conversation, Janet and Victor will tease you into needing to know more about the sound they create that has left audiences on their feet and momentarily weeping with emotion. We talk briefly about the growth of the music and compositions prepared and tinkered with by the duo as they create a sonic banter with the ease of friendly conversation. It’s these real people that make this for us. Together we explore how the newest album, “The Dream”, set to be release on 11/11/2016 and the release just put out on May 13th of this year, “Music For time Travel”, have been both a guide and a direction. As I have offered up an opinion when asked what this music is like, and we have had the pleasure of Janet and Victor’s time on the proGram often…..I can honestly admit that it is like nothing else I have ever soaked in, and it tickles your insides through each ear on its way down to your souls. But of course, who am I to tell you about it? Check out this conversation for a clue, and maybe we will see you down at Arts & Literature Laboratory to share in the mystique.

Check out of conversation here:

Peppermoth by Andrew McPherson

Having the opportunity to catch up with artists who always push themselves and their boundaries is another one of those things I enjoy about the music scene I have gotten myself a part of. Andrew McPherson is one of those people who exemplifies many of the ways I look at sound and style, musically and otherwise. We have kept a long standing check in and check out period of our lives and this time around I catch him just finishing up his latest release by a project he calls, Peppermoth. The album titled “Now You Hear Me” is a statement into the ambient music that has always been around in Andrew’s mind. So the whole “Why Not” conversation inside ones mind took over and out came the workings of this new tale of music. This is a far reaching stretch compared to so many of those Eccodek releases the listeners of this radio proGram have dugg into over the years. That’s entirely what relationships are about, change over times. In this conversation, we chat about process and feel, time and space as well as those defining moments once again in an artists life on which path and where is it leading. I hope you’ll find out which fork in the road Andrew decided on by checking out the sounds of Peppermoth, and see how it can fit into your times.



The second portion of this week’s proGram took a walk with you through the weeds and found the glow that enliGhtens.

Leaping Nono (alt version 1976)- Santiago
Freakin’ (1978 Demo)- Santiago

Juice- House of Waters
The Fals- House of Waters
The Feel (reprise)- RC & the Glitz
Jelly Roll- RC & the Glitz

No Words- Bahama Soul Club Ft. Brenda Bowkin
Dazed & Confused- Hannah Williams & the Affirmations
Fairies Wear Boots- Brownout
Cap’n Hoppin’ John Planet- The Brothers Nylon & MK Groove Orchestra
Cloth of Gold- The Brothers Nylon & MK Groove Orchestra

Apollo’s Mood-The Olympians
Serious- The Hempolics
New Readers- The Hempolics
Purple- The Frightnrs

Give it a Tone- Balkan Beat Box
We Are the Halluci Nation- A Tribe Called Red Ft. John Trudell & Northern Voice
Before- A Tribe Called Red Ft. Joseph Boyden

Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)- RÜFÜS DU SOL
Modus- Space Orphan
The Crown (B Bravo Remix)- Will Magid
Neon Garden- Jenova 7 & Eddie Shinn
Giger’s Bazaar- Jenova 7 & Eddie Shinn


Liquid Ground

The first half of the proGram made the underfoot seem to move in a flow that point’s you which way to go by ear:

Girl Dressed in Green- John E. Tinsley
Til the Day I Die- Frank Band & the Cook County Kings
Devil’s Train- Hymn for Her
Shine- Hymn for Her

Waiting for Irene- Paul & the Tall Trees
Surf Goth- Slothrust
Don’t Leave Me- Moby & the Void Pacific Choir
Bloody Bloody Knife- Evolfo
Rat City- Evolfo

Same old Blues- Phantogram
You’re Mine- Phantogram
Mrs. Hypochondriac- Alu
Palestine- The Bright Light Social Hour & Israel Nash

Sweet Baby- Macy Gray
Hold On, I’m Coming- Melissa Etheridge
I Don’t Want Nobody Hanging Around- Bobby Rush
Boogie Funk- Colin James
Devil’s Land- the Marcus King Band

How I Like it- Lee Fields & the Expressions
Stronger in the End- Sonny Knight & the Lakers
New Jerusalem- Smoove & Turrell
Any Way You Wanta- Harvey
Boss Bossa Nova- Bellino
Big Boy- Kiki Page
Going West- Roy Roberts
Down & Wired- Chain
Nobody Loves me but my Mama- Johnny Holiday


Plastic Land for All

The second portion of the proGram took in consideration all the phony goings on:

Annabelle- Macy Gray
It’s Been a Long Time- Lady Wray
Bad Girl- Lady Wray
Respect Yourself (People Stand Up)- Melissa Etheridge

I’d Think it Over- Sam Fletcher
I Dreamed About my Baby Last Night- Lilian Vines
Buck De Hoodle- Haywood Henry

Baby Bigshot- Smokey Brights
Start Wearing Black- Smokey Brights
Jazz Bastard- Jefferson Street Parade Band
Austin City Unlimited- Jefferson Street Parade Band

I Could be Happy- Nouvelle Vague
Sweat Leaf- Brownout
The Devil Made me Do it- Mako & the Hawk Ft. Chima Anya
Strut Your Stuff- Mako & the Hawk Ft. Chima Anya

Freundchen- Tensnake
Blondes Have More Fun (Tiga’s Elevation Remix)- Tiga
Watch Ya Gonna Do (Sammy Senior Instr. Remix)- Fort Knox 5
Snoopies- De La Soul Ft. David Byrne

Jack Sayer’s Ghost- Fringe Character Ft. Red Leonard
Goddess Emcee Radio Intro- Desdamona
The Come Back- Desdamona
No Biggie- Atmosphere

Politician’s Hollywood Dub- Thomas Blondet
Northern Hospitality- Thomas Blondet
I Will Never Know- Tall Black Guy Ft. Moonchild


Around the House

The first portion of the proGram took a look around the house to see what your little eye can spy. In some cases, this reveals a window into the listeners or presenter. This is your view in. I want to thank Neal Casal of Chris Robinson Brotherhood for making time to talk about this evening’s show at the Majestic.

I Just Wanna Feel Something- Sam Bush
Arkansas Traveler- Bryan Sutton
Fishing Blues- Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldour

The Blues Don’t Care- Frank Bang & the County Kings
Ta Ta for Tay Tay- Nick Moss Band
Bone Digger- Cris Jacobs
Shine Your Weary Light- Cris Jacobs
Watch Out- Colin James
Big Road Blues- Colin James

**PreRecorded Conversation with Neal Casal of Chris Robinson Brotherhood**
Leave My Guitar Alone- Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Milkweed- Hymn For Her
Lover Man- Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys (live Fillmore East 1st Show, 12/31/1969)
Finders Keepers- Jerry Garcia/Merl Saunders (Live, 07/05/1973 Lion’s Share)
Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That- the Marcus King Band

Porcupine Meat- Bobby Rush Ft. Vasti Jackson
Domino Sugar- Luke Winslow King
I Had Some- Nick Waterhouse
Tracy- Nick Waterhouse
Make This World- Lee Fields & the Expressions
How Long Until Someday- Sonny Knight & the Lakers


Neal Casal Talks Brotherhood

I had the opportunity to chat aGain this year with Neal Casal as he and Chris Robinson Brotherhood head back to Madison for a show at the Majestic Saturday, October 15th. I want to make sure to thank Neal for making himself available on the tour scene to give you, the greenarrowradio listeners, a little extra shake. Last year there was not an empty seat in the building and no one left disappointed. Well, maybe the folks who didn’t get in did?! We spoke about what can be expected as they grace the stage for an evening of real music making. We also took time to discuss the new album ANYWAY YOU LOVE, WE KNOW HOW YOU FEEL which is out now Via SILVER ARROW RECORDS. The conversation about the place where the recording of this new release took place is one for the musical ages as I believe Neal paints the picturesque setting perfectly as a spot you and I should be jealous of working at. It sounds like a place to remember, just like this will be a show not to forGet. It also was a special place that held a ton of new inspiration for writing and recording, which totally benefits the listeners and the concert goers. This group of sound brothers is a tight entity musically, but they are also connected by the spirit of being real. I hope you’ll take a moment and check out not only this conversation, but if that isn’t enough, try some of their tunes and then maybe even get down there to see them live. This is not just another rock band.

©Jay Blakesberg

©Jay Blakesberg

Green Light Go

The second portion of the proGram took off in a go sky:

Let’s Get One Thing Straight- Dave Douglas
Love is Of the Essence- Thollem/Kaufman
Nu clear Ex change- Thollem/Kaufman
A Jingle for Defunct- Thollem/Kaufman

Violent Orchid Parade- Sao Paulo Underground
Cambodian Street Parade- Sao Paulo Underground
Olhalui- Sao Paulo Underground
Neuro Quantum Adept- Matt Chamberlain & Brian Haas

21 Park Road- Bill King
Something Happens to Me- Shirley Horn (live at the 4 Queens)
Blues for Big Scotia- Shirley Horn (live at the 4 Queens)

I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry- John Scofield
Think Twice- Takuya Kuroda Ft. Antibalas
King Curtis- Michael Blake
Legacy House- Akinola Sennon
Never Ever Worry- Akinola Sennon

Mantra 3- Khari Cabral & Jiva
Listen to the People- Khari Cabral & Jiva
Interlude- SouthwesTerminal
Playpen- SouthwesTerminal

Shapeshifter- Free Nelson Mandoomjazz
The Auger- Obake


Seoul Soul Sole

The first portion of the proGram took time to recognize they way you feel, in a jazzed mood. Aired an excerpt of my conversation with Mr. Tony Moreno, and shared a piece of his tale, one to make you think what’s fair and put yourself riGht there. Digg:

New York Minute- Lang Lang Ft. Kandace Springs
Slow Walk Past the Bank- Laurence Blatt
Two Steps Down the Line- Laurence Blatt
F Minor- Jake Shimabukuro
6/8- Jake Shimabukuro

Intro to Verdict’s Out- Beekman
Verdict’s Out- Beekman
City Lights- Joey Alexander
Maiden Voyage- Joey Alexander Ft. Chris Potter
Blue Genes- The Three Sounds Ft Gene Harris (Live at the Penthouse)

El Rey Take 2- Tony Moreno Quintet
***Excerpt of my Conversation with Tony Monero***
55 Scotch- Tony Moreno Quintet
No Blues To You- Tony Moreno

Gazelle- David Weiss & Point of Departure
Gorilla- Project Grand Slam
Siblings of Groove- Reg Schwager Trio
Games Without Frontiers- the Bad Plus

Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks: The Giant Forest, Great Canyon Cliffs, Peaks, Waterfalls and Cave Systems 1890- Wadada Leo Smith


Short Stories w/Tony Moreno


I had the pleasure of discussing life and music with Mr. Tony Moreno as his latest project, released on Mayimba Jazz, “Short Stories” is ready to hit your ears. The record is the culmination of over four years of playing with a group made up of close friends and artistic companions, and in many ways it represents a piece of the process of rebuilding for Tony. It also represents Tony’s gratitude — the recording itself was made possible by an outpouring of love and support from the wider musical community, from friends and strangers alike. Hurricane Sandy put a giant dent into the world of so many, and it certainly did a number on many musicians, Tony being one of them. In our chat, he talks about some of the people and ways people made a difference in his ability to continue on in his chosen career and love of music. We talk a walk down Jazz history lane when Tony reveals how he first met Mr. Elvin Jones and the ease in which they became fast family… We learn of a unique bond between him and his mother, who always kept music as the pulse to their lives. There are many revealing moments in our conversation, from ballads to rebuilding, but most of all it is the true story telling nature of an educator, drummer and man who understands what makes the difference in this world….LOVE. Over the years I have had the honor of speaking with many people who show a love for what they do, I can add Mr. Moreno to that list of an appreciator of people, art and the sounds that bridge us all together. I hope you’ll take time to go enjoy his album as well as checking out this moment in time shared by two people who dig the stories, both short and long.

What’s Behind the Rows

Did a fill in hour post greenarrowradio this week and aired out some global sounds. It was what lurked behind the rows.

Men Must Repent- Zomba Prison Project
Ambush of the Slave- Zomba Prison Project
Take Care of Yourself- Zomba Prison Project

The Sound of Wonder- The Sachal Ensemble Ft. Dama Dam Mast Qalander
Intoxicating Glance- Melodic intersect

Beetham Highway Ride- Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band
Laventille Road March- Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band
Ngul Mekon- Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano
Essèwè Ya Monique- Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano
Celtic Social Club- the Celtic Social Club

Buzq Blues- Acid Arab
Houria- Acid Arab Ft. Rachid Taha

Start it Up- Ziggy Marley
Badman- John Brown’s Body
Fireflies- John Brown’s Body
Sa Ma Jo- Beautiful Nubia & the Renaissance Band

Jump- Luisa Maita
Na Asa- Luisa Maita
La Policia- Locos Por Juana Ft. Elastic Bond & Rocky Dawuni

Hollywood Dhun- Ravi Shankar (Live: Hollywood, 1971)


Fall Bench

The second portion of this week’s proGram took a seat where the leaves interact with these chosen sounds:

Little Lions (Tim Armstrong Remix)- Noise
Automatic (SSI Remix)- Noise

Rocksteady Bugaloo- Bugaloo Foundation
Rising- Mixed Culture
Zeelim- Kutiman
Jaffa Beach- Kutiman

M2- Silvano D’Auria
M16- Silvano D’Auria
M23- Silvano D’Auria
Terrorize my Heart (Disco Dub)- 79.5
Funky Disco Music- EKO

Blurred Lines- The Heavyweights Brass Band
Get Off the Ground- the Heavyweights Brass Band(feat. Kevin Breit)
Hard Times- the Rhythm Express
Before the Rain- the Rhythm Express Ft. Earnest Ranglin
Let it All Go- Beats Antique Ft. Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Zigzagger- Takuya Kuroda
Esperanza de la Rumba- San Lazaro
Moon Eclipsed the Sun- Evolfo
Last of the Acid Cowboys- Evolfo

Anarchy in the U.K.- Sex Pistols (Dubmatrix remix Ft. Prince Blanco SKA MIX)



The first half of this week’s proGram took your insides and tried to let them out:

Alexander’s Run- Blue Highway
Is it Bad- Alu
Gonesville- Bob Weir
Before the Night is Through- Nick Moss Band
Bootleg- Los Lobos
Bad Moon Rising- Ozomatli

Forever as the Moon- Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Earth Blues- Jimi Hendrix :Band of Gypsys (12/31/1969 Fillmore, Show 1)
Edna- Jeff Beck
Oil- Jeff Beck

Jack the Whistle and the Hammer- Cris Jacobs
It’s Time You Made up Your Mind- Dave Keller
You’ll Need to Fall in Love- Little Jimmy Ray
In the Palm of your Hand- Dolly Lyon
Downstairs- Plas Johnson

Help Me- Sonny Knight & the Lakers
Straight Love- Nick Waterhouse
Catfish Stew- Bobby Rush
Cut me Loose- Lady Wray
Smilin’- Lady Wray
Easy Living- Bebo Best & the Super Lounge Orchestra

Just Being Me- Myles Sanko
Promises- Myles Sanko
Blue Lover- By Chantz Operation
Nation- Skuzzy Frogg
Tragedy- The Revised Brotherhood

Mr. Money- Hip Bones Ft. Samantha Hyland
Call t Action- Marchfourth
Jan Jar- Marchfourth