Lined riGht up

The first hour is a fill in which brouGht out those and thems:

The Land of Heat & Greed- Free Nelson Mandoom Jazz
Transgression- Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra

//^\V//- Schnellertollermeier
Chomsky- The Kandinsky Effect
Appropriation Song- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

Aggression- Mike Osborne
John Coltrane- Clifford Jordan
Delaware River Delta Blues- Jeremy Danneman
That’s How Brooklyn Sounds…- Richard Bennett

Proemio de Mingus- Nilson Matta
Boogie Stop Shuffle- Nilson Matta



I was able to keep the seat warm as the show after greenarrowradio could not make it to the chair. I sat and let the eye make the call…hEAR is what it gave us:

False Bottom- Gayngs
The Way I Feel- Kenautis Smith
Nature Boy- David Bowie (reworked by Massive Attack)
Uschi’s Groove- the Ballistic Brothers
Pojo Pojo- Cyberfit
Sereia, Amor D’Agua- Cibelle
Futuro Primitivo 2 (live duet)- Joao Parahyba & Suba
Bless my Soul- Nightmares on Wax
70’s in the Cut- DJ Hurricane
One the One and Three- Zero dB
Dread- Zion I
No Skylarking- Wiley
Gray Duck- Doomtree
Life in the Ghetto- Chimurenga Renaissance
The Letter F- Fashawn

Gotta get Some Music- Beat Spacek
Sanctuary (Titeknots Remix)- Dele Sosimi
Brazilian D & B Ft. Joao Sobral- Drumagick
Time for Tea- 11 Acorn Lane

What’s Wrong with me- Skye



The Second half of the proGram brouGht new mixes to the natural scene, the unexpected or explained by visually stunning. I want to thank Mina Girgis of the Nile Project for being a guest on the show. We talked about diversity and toGetherness, clean water and rich music. We are all one with the same liquid flowing near.

Swagger- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra
Space Dust- T Bird & the Breaks
Kickin’- T Bird & the Breaks
Mystery Road- Lucky Brown

Well Done- Kabaka Pyramid
Get Up Stand Up- Rocky Dawuni
Certain Girls- New Kingston Ft. Sugar Minott
Nightcrawler- Dubbest
Dune- Dubbest
Love of Money- Treehouse

Zanako- Razia
Intro Metata’a- Ntjam Rosie
C Venant- Ntjam Rosie Ft. Lamin Kuyateh

Kononale- BKO Quintet
BKO Nana- BKO Quintet

Bamako Blues- JeConte & the Mali All Stars Ft. Boubacar Sidibe
House of the Dance- Zomba Prison Project
Let’s Go- Zomba Prison Project
Give me Back my Child- Zomba Prison Project

The Wait- The Exit Project (live)
Taqasim Oud- The Nile Project (live)

***Pre-Recorded Conversation with Mina Girgis of the Nile Project***
Tezeta- the Nile Project (live)
Revati- Arun Ramamurthy Trio



The first portion of today’s show held you firmly above the beneath and over the under…watch your step:

Gilchrist- April Verch
Baby Let Me Lay On You- Etta James
I Feel Like My Time Ain’t Long- Essie Mae Brooks
Railroadin’ & Gamblin’- Carl Rutherford
Stay With Me- Bob Dylan

Live and Let Die- 2 Cellos
Let’s do it- Gino Sitson
Golondrina- Dom La Nena

Drive Around Town- 6 String Drag
Mothers of Lies- JD McPherson
Fury- Los Straitjackets
Alibi- Brandie Carlile

Till I Leave- the Statesboro Revue
Her Hounds- Crook & the Bluff
Alcohol- the Kinks
So What- Diamond Rugs
Always Waiting- Benjamin Baker (live at Third Man Records)

Birthday Suit- Chris Daniels & the Kings Ft. Freddi Gowdy
Skankles- Old Man Brown Ft. Cris Jacobs
Woman is Bad- Gumbo le Funque

Good News- Quinn Deveaux & the Blues Beat Review
Meet me Halfway- JP Blues (live from Darwins)
St. Pete’s Boogie- Magnus Berg

Put the Light Out- James Booker
Charlie Dozen- Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Locked & Loaded- the Mighty Mocambos
Love Button- Mighty Souls Brass Band



The second half of the proGram took the art of the place and let it be validated in other parts..

Never Never Never- T Bird & the Breaks
Tibor- Lucky Brown
I Won’t Tell- Rhonda Thomas

The Showdown- the Mighty MoCambos
Macho Matchup- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra
DFTH Out- Kings
Strange Love- Kings

Do it Like You Do- Lettuce
Tixx giveaway for Lettuce at the Majestic
Purity & Danger- the Sway Machinery
Ironic Dance Suite II- Visual Music Circus

Backyard Lipstick- Schnellertollermeier
The Drum Ting- Dave Liebman
Danza del Pajaro- Dave Liebman
D Vuelta- Oma Sosa & Quarteto AfroCubano

Gazzelloni- DRKWAV
Lady Boom Boom- Jeremy Danneman
Two Hill Town- Spin Marvel
Sunn Ra)))- Free Nelson MandoomJazz
Beneath the Sea- Free Nelson MandoomJazz
Scotch Pearl- Mike Osborne
Sunbathing Manatee- the Kandinsky Effect

Bomb Dignity- That 1 Guy
Jigsaw- That 1 Guy
Suckatash- That 1 Guy
When God Shakes Hands with the Devil- Gong
You See Me- Gong
Betamax- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Stories We build, Stories We Tell- José González


Shore You Will

The first half of the proGram was the moments before the anchor dropped…and the decision was made to go around a few more times:

Belle Election- April Verch
Clickin’- Whistling Britches
Peter Rumpkin- Willa Mae Bucker
Manman Mwen- Leyla McCalla

Huck Finn- The Statesboro Revue
Devil’s Been Talkin’- NeedToBreathe (live Austin City Limits)
Something in the Water- Pokey LaFarge
Randolph County Farewell- Blackberry Smoke
Holding All the Roses- Blackberry Smoke

Smooth Criminal- 2 Cellos (live Arena Pula)
Saigon (intro)- decker.
ODB- decker.
It Shook Me Up- J.D. McPherson
Happier Times- 6 String Drag

Lee Remick- the Go Betweens
So Long So Long- Lulubelle III
Bees Take to Honey- Complicated Animals
Turned Wild- Crook & the Bluff
I Don’t Know What I’m looking For- the Adventures of the Silver Spaceman

Twelve Gates to the City- Rory Block
This is the Soul of a Man- Muerte Pan Alley
Packin’ Up- Quinn Deveaux & the Blue Beat Review
Dance Dance Dance- Chris Daniels & the Kings Ft. Freddi Gowdy

San Ho Zay- Magnus Berg
greenarrowradio promo- D.A. Foster
Smack Dab in the Middle- D.A. Foster

No Cities to Love- Sleater Kinney
Something New- Summer Cannibals
Guilty- Dirty Dishes


Nightway Pt Deux

The second half of DJ Nightway‘s fillin’ in left the studio the way I found it. I’d say the listeners duGG her doings. Remember to catch her on WSUM, Wednesday at 8pmCDT. Here’s the breadcrumb trail she left:

Thunder Chicken- the Mighty Imperials
Blues in the Night- Quincy Jones
Night Time is the Right Time- Ms. Aretha Franklin
Little Girl Blue- Red Garland
I Need Your Love so Bad- Irma Thomas
Lazaretto- Jack White
Get Right With God- Lucinda Williams
The Magnificent Seven- the Clash
All Arise- the Decemberists
High/Lonesome- Count This Penny
Raise the Dead- Caravan of Thieves
San Francisco- Foxygen
Short Change Hero- the Heavy
Ringa Ringa- Alka Yagnik & Ila Arun
Deja Vu- Greg Ruby Quartet
Flamenco Sketches- Miles Davis
Patio Custidio (Blueria)- Paco de Lucia
Tanguillo de Maria- Ojos de Brujo
Dirty Laundry- Bitter:Sweet
Spoon- Cut Chemist


DJ Nightway Filled it in

I went off an assiGnment into the places where skin feels. DJ Nightway took over the show – she’s a newbie that was trained by, well….someone who diGGs making radio. She can be found on WSUM, Wednesday evenings at 8pmCDT. Here’s the first half of what she did to adjust to the timeslot….She didn’t turn the studio quite so upside wrong:

Walt Whitman’s Niece- Billy Bragg & Wilco
Grace of a Woman- Elephant Revival
Masquerade- Dead Horse
Sweet Jane- the Velvet Underground
Can’t get You Off my Mind- Bob Dylan
Gloria- Them
Let Them Ring- the Mulligan Brothers
Baby- Devendra Banhart
Remedy- the Black Crowes
Luckiest Man- the Wood Brothers
If Love is a Red Dress- Maria McKee
No Smoke Without Fire- James Hunter
You’re Gonna Miss Me- 13th Floor Elevators
The Motor City is Burning- John Lee Hooker
Hallucinations- the Raveonettes
Drive Desperate- Cold War Kids
Waltz for Alabama- the Traveling Suitcase

Going Back to Harlan- EmmyLou Harris
Out There- the Unseen Guest


Stained Glass Eye

In the second half of the proGram, a biGG greenarrowradio thank you goes out to Martin Pernas of Antibalas for being a live on air guest. We talked about the upcoming show at the Union Theater on Sunday, February 15th (with the incredible Zap Mama), the making & dynamics of such a vast band and a little bit about a project he has been involved in for a while, Dubspot. It is always exciting to share moments with people who I share pals with, in this case Martin and I spoke of Moist Paula, and how just a couple of weeks before, he was at her pad for an album trade. Small World, cool eyes:

Flashlight- the Clinton Administration
The Re-Encounter- the Mackrosoft
Adrift in Azland’s Mane- the Mackrosoft
Thank You All- Stanton Moore
Up to Here- Stanton Moore
Interluder- Steez
Supergalactic- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra
Diskette- Henri Pierre Noel (the Reflex Revision)
Don’t You Worry- Unforscene Ft. Alice Russell
Everyday- Kendra Lou & the Miracles

Grasshopper- Easlifenatural Ft. Erik Sumo
Takin’ You Back- Dayton Flic W/Justice Dilla X
Abyssinian Suite Pt 3- the Shaolin Afronauts
Soke Ijo- Ajoyo
Akory Tsikaby- Razia

Imbegi- Antibalas
***Live on air Conversation with Martin Pernas of Antibalas***
Dirty Money- Antibalas
Light Traveling Beneath Me (Secret Colors Remix)- Torvvo
Murilley- Rongetz Foundation Ft. Gary Bartz
Empty Gold- Halsey
Muted Whispers of the Broken Sky- Carmen Rizzo