Fenced Into

The first ha;f of the proGram unlocked the field to the places we only thought about as listeners. Senses bewildering:

Steel Guitar Blues (intro)- The Earls of Leicester
Steel Guitar Blues- The Earls of Leicester
Champagne & Reefer- the Devil Makes Three
Sugar Sweet- The HIGH Rev.

Round & Round- Venus and the Moon
Corn Kingdom Come- Danny Barnes
Get me Out of Jail- Danny Barnes

Swing- Stephane Grappelli & David Grisman Ft. Rob Wasserman (live)
Lady Love- Tanbark
Get in Line- Grant Farm
Paper Rock Domino- Sean Hayes

Couldn’t Leave- Eric Lindell
Trouble Don’t Want None- Seth Walker
In the Dark- Seth Walker
I Feel so Good- Lurrie Bell

Where You at- Lloyd Price
The Hunter- Jane Lee Hooker
Free Me- Jane Lee Hooker
In the Valley- Jane Lee Hooker

Fishman- Paul Kantner/Grace Slick/David Freiberg
Heroes- Bebo Best & the Super Lounge Orchestra (60’s Mix by Magnetic 4)
Third Mynd- Beyond the Wizards Sleeve
I Can’t Sleep Without the TV on- Dog Orchestra
Sun Surf & Sand- the Accelerators
A Spy for Love- Mia Moravis
So Fine- the Nolas

Open your Fences

Open your Fences

Island Feels

Took on a little pre-show proGram. Took the sounds of the irie islands and filled the earwaves full:

Scamjam Dub (Dub)- Max Romeo
Need Some Ft. Gappy Ranks- Rocker T.
Herbalist Ft. Mama T- Rocker T.
Justice- Raging Fyah
Raggamuffin’- Raging Fyah

Get Away- Y Bayani & His Band of Enlightenment, Love and Reason
Obar No Ni- Y Bayani & His Band of Enlightenment, Love and Reason
Onda- New Zion & Cyro

3x a Lady (feat. Yeti Beats) (Yeti Beats Remix)- Roots of Creation
Policy (feat. Mighty Mystic & Rubblebucket Horns)- Roots of Creation
Ganja (feat. Perfect Giddimani)- Mixed Culture
In the Ghetto Ft. Sugar Minott (Subtifuge Remix)- Dubmatrix
Good Day (feat. Macka B)- Sticky Joe
Giddy Up (feat. Horseman)- Sticky Joe

Ethiopian Dub- Prince Alla with Dubvisionist & Lone Ranger
Dub Love Ft. Dubvisionist- Prince Alla
Happy- Illbilly Hitec
As I Wake Up- Troy Berkley & Krak In Dub
Dubplate Dada- Troy Berkley & Krak In Dub
Natty Nah Fear- Troy Berkley & Krak In Dub

Dusk (feat. Flowering Inferno)- Quantic
Striding On Grand St (feat. Flowering Inferno)- Quantic
In the Secret Place (feat. Cologne)- Dub Dynasty
The Orchard (feat. Violinbwoy)- Dub Dynasty

Some Island Music

Some Island Music

All Points Lead to Madison

In the second half of the proGram, I am fortunate enough to have Mark Sultan/BBQ join me for a conversation about his upcoming one man band show at the Frequency on August 4th. We chatted about the importance of the artist being a part of their art, why coming to Madison is always a special time and the different genres of music both Mark and I enjoy filling ourselves with. I also was able to bring on Tracy Hightop of Jane Lee Hooker, who will be here on July 31st as part of the 2016 AtwoodFest. We talked about the new album and how it come to B, dueling guitars and how I will be the sixth Hooker when I introduce them to the Madison crowd at the festival. Great people making great art.

Flame of Victory- Del Barber & The No Regretzkys
The Hockey Theme (Coaches Corner Theme)- Del Barber & The No Regretzkys

Misinformed- Soul Coughing
Cricket & the Genie (Movement I, the Delirium)- The Claypool Lennon Delirium
Monkey See- the Weekenders

Gimme the Keys- Lee Bob & the Truth
She Can Move Me- Lee Bob & the Truth
Requiem for the Chemical Memory- The Get Right Band

***Live on air Conversation with Mark Sultan/BBQ***
Believe Me- Mark Sultan (radio debut)*
Walkin’ in your Footsteps- the Police (live)
Eat That Question: Interview Segment #6- Frank Zappa/Chuck Ash/Moon Zappa
Atari- Marco Benevento (Live 6/18/2016, Kalamazoo, MI, Bell’s Brewery)
Shake For Me- Jane Lee Hooker
***Live on air Conversation with Tracy Hightop from Jane Lee Hooker***
Champagne & Reefer- Jane Lee Hooker
Wade in the Water- Jane Lee Hooker

Love Soul Child- Sherbert Gang
Police State- Sherbert Gang
Wild- Marian Hill

Rockin' into Madison

Rockin’ into Madison

Turned on the Heater

The first half of this week’s proGram too the heat and made the energy to go last:

No Surprise- El Michels Affair
Sweet Little Messages- Charlie Faye & the Fayettes
Ain’t no Sunshine- Soul Explosives
Tryin’ to Get Down- Soul Explosives

Love is Working Overtime- Bill Evans Ft. Gregg Allman/Joe Russo/Scott Metzger/Tim Carbone/Nick Piccininni
Welcome to Funkastan- Rhythm Express
Change- Tyrone Hendrix
Contraband- The Motet

Ramblin’- Winston Byrd
Give it to Me- Nick Pride & the Pimptones
Torture- Eric Krasno
A New Line- Blktop Broject
No Money No Honey- Charlie Hunter

All That Money- Boy 44
End Titles- Thollem Electric
Uintah & Ouray- Thollem Electric
One Vicious Disco (Meridian Brothers Mix)- A Love Electric

Seabus- Pala
Chili Dog Cook Off- Pala
Blobo- King Llama
Can’t Help Thinking About Me- Sidewalk Society

Walkin’- Paul Kanter/Grace Slick/David Freberg
Eat That Question: Interview Segment #2- Frank Zappa & Chuck Ash

Heat to Go

Heat to Go

Older Is Better

The second half of the proGram took a chance on some sounds that took me back into the future, with a trip and a beat, we didn’t fall down. Drive on into the summer with these tunes:

Love Like This- Bacao Rhythm Steel Band
Omo Ejo- Fela Ransom Kuti & His Koola Lobitos
Home Cooking- Fela Ransom Kuti & His Koola Lobitos

Many Questions- Tony Allen with Cesar Anot/Doctor L/Jean Phi Dary/Jeff Kellner
Esso Strut- ¡ESSO! Afrojam Funkbeat
Nothing to Show for it- Femi Kuti
No Place for my Dream- Femi Kuti

Tuareg Dance- Leni Stern
Dedication- Leni Stern
I Wish I knew How it Would Fell to be Free- The Sachal Ensemble Ft. La Marisoul
Sensuousness- Omar Sosa & Paolo Fresu Ft. Natasha Atlas & Jaques Morelenbaum

Speaking Gently- BADBADNOTGOOD
Shout it Out- Balkan Beat Box
Peace be Unto Us- Nat Birchall

Pain- De La Soul Ft. Snoop Dogg
Bravery- J57
The Sideshow- DJ Shadow Ft. Ernie Fresh

The Damselfly- Dub Dynasty
Good Morning Jamaica- Dubamine Ft. Carlton Livingston
Murda Style- Dubamine
Horror Zone- Max Romero
Soul Nation (Under One Vibration)- The Soul Express

Glad You’re Home- Protoge
Interview # 13: Eat That Question Interview Segments: Frank Zappa/Mike Keneally

Drive on, Rider.

Drive on, Rider.

Fields for All Sounds

The first half of the proGram took time to lay in the field and listen to the symphony and feel the warmth…..

Sweet Georgia Brown- Stephane Grappelli & David Grisman Ft. Rob Wasserman
Come What May- Colvin & Earle
Change my way of Living- Seth Walker

Normandy- Heliotropes
Dardanelles Pt. 1- Heliotropes
Moments Like These- The Amazing
Cut it- Raw Blow
Hanging- Crawling with Cops
Through the Motions- Crawling with Cops

Florian Saucer Attack- Black Mountain
Señora Borealis- Broncho
Butter- Foxy Lemon
Cricket & The Genie (Movement II, Oratorio di Cricket- the Claypool Lennon Delirium

#9 Interview Segment (Eat that Question)- Frank Zappa/Moon Zappa/Chuck Ash
Walk Between Raindrops- Donald Fagan
Synchronicity I- the Police (live)
Synchronicity II- the Police (live)
Masters of War- Ratdog
Right Lady- Bill Evans Ft. JJ Grey/Marco Benevento/Scott Metzger/Joe Russo
Molumby’s Mambo- Zoofunkyou
Jafunkablue- Zoofunkyou
Side Pony- Lake Street Dive
Spectacular Failure- Lake Street Dive
Green Light- Charlie Faye & the Fayettes
Jezebel- Eric Krasno
Say OK- Kids on Bridges Ft. Zigaboo Modeliste

lay still and listen

lay still and listen

Waiting for the Line to Move


The second half of the proGram was a way to wait for the movement of a line you never stepped into.

Opening- Leni Stern
Hide & Seek- Leni Stern
Addiction Intro- Aditya Prakash Ensemble
Web of Addiction- Aditya Prakash Ensemble

No.4- Les Poules à Colin
Estrella- Axel Todca Laugart
Vibe- Axel Todca Laugart

Schnaps- Hubert Von Goisern
Stoansteirisch- Hubert Von Goisern
Po Boy Walk-Roddie Romero & the Hub City All Stars
Laila Lo Laila- Nels Cline w/the Sachal Ensemble

Antwerp- the Breath
Warm Winds in Havana- Margaret Brandman
Ritmo de la Noche- Margaret Brandman

Lost Parade- Sarathy Korwar
Light My Fire- Massive Attack (live)
Counting Sheep- Safia
Embracing Me (Soul Circuit Remix)- Safia
20 Blocks Down- Swivs

From the Snow Tipped Hills- the Silver Lake Chorus (Carmen Rizzo Remix)

Beach Flip


The first half of the proGram would be enough to make the most acrobatic move as we close our eyes toGehter and open our ears..annnnnnnd FLIP:

You’re Right (I’m Wrong)- Colvin & Earle
Faded- Iron Bridge Band
Mark Twain- Iron Bridge Band

Catcher in the Rye- the Dandy Warhols
G O A T- the Cult
Mr. Wright- the Claypool Lennon Delirium
Spellbound- Frantic Chant
No Control (demo)- Sun Mahshere

Flowers of the Night- Paul Kantner/Grace Slick/David Freiberg
Zillionaire- Rob Wasserman/Edie Brickell/Jerry Garcia
Sara Smile- Sara Wasserman Ft. R. Wasserman/V. Reid/Logic/M.Clark
That’s What They Say- Moon Hooch
Curse Lifter- Eric Krasno Ft. Derek Trucks
Know it Too Well- the Motet

Ma Gee- Calypso King & the Soul Investigators
Nothing But the Good Times- Nick Pride & the Pimptones
Mah Na Mah Na- Il Complesso Di Tadà
Riptide- Trio Subtonic
Can’t Stop- Lake Street Dive
Hell Yeah- Lake Street Dive

Satisfaction- Rob Wasserman
Spike’s Bull (Bass Trilogy Pt. 2)- Rob Wasserman
Heavenly Love- Cosmic Farm
Easy Philosophy- Doug Wimbish
Unnatural Pasttime- Either/Orchestra
Bass on the Line- Bernie Worrell
Be That Mule- A Love Electric Ft. Metnal & Babi Sick
Igual, Pero Peor- Magnet Animals

Jazz Tripping Ride


The morning fill in hour and chanGe led to a trip up and down with a made up sound from the ground… get it, up and down:

Sir William- I.P.A.
Boundless Rhythm- Brother Ah
Love Piece- Brother Ah
Hanifah- Brother Ah & the Sound of Awareness

Community Music- Milton Marsh
Metamorphosis- Milton Marsh
Professor Paul- Sonny Rollins (live)
H.S.- Sonny Rollins (live)

Pure Poem- The Claudia Quintet
Newark Beagle- The Claudia Quintet

Marcha- Malcisne
Tu Presencia- Malcisne
So Herfugio- Deus Ex Machina
Quattro Piccole Mani- Deus Ex Machina

Structure No. 3- BADBADNOTGOOD
Lavender- BADBADNOTGOOD Ft. Kaytranada