Feel That Breeze

The middle parts to the proGram was right there…and felt it all along the way.

Funkshovit- C’ammafunk
Bessoka- Manu Dibango
Dur Di Kutubel- Eneida Marta
Mi Palabra- Antonio Sanchez Ft. Ana Tijoux
Twenty Twenty Two- Myki Tuff

Night on My Mind- Sharky
Full Circle- Supreme Beings of Leisure
Recess- Watch TV w/El Gran Lapofsky
Palumbo- Watch TV
Searchin’- Wax Tailor Ft. Kuf Knotz

Dogon Cypher- Katalyst, Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Sultry Song II- Ronnie Foster
Mind Melder- Troy Roberts
Golden Limousine- Golden Dawn Arkestra

Edging The Water

The first part of this week’s proGram had it’s own shorelines.

What’s Happenin’ Here- Kenny Roby
Cat and Mouse- Teddy & The Rough Riders
Rhinestone Salute- Teddy & The Rough Riders
greenarrowradio promo- Brad “Guitar” Wilson
Kick Us- Kimberly Morgan York

Very Best Thing- Quinn Deveaux & The California Honeydrops
Once There Was No Sun- Jake Blount

Cujo Kiddies- Disq
Geronimo- Young Fathers

Wonderful World- Joe Marcinek
Hold Your Head Up- The Harlem Gospel Travelers
Sweeter Than Strychnine- Lizzie No & Ben Pirani Ft. The Means of Production
Curls- The Pro-Teens
Lock Your Door- Machine
Why Can’t People (Be Colors Too?)- Machine

In Flower, In Song by Trio Xolo

‘In Flower, In Song’ is the debut album from Trio Xolo, an improvising group composed of bassist Zachary Swanson, saxophonist Derrick Michaels, and percussionist Dalius Naujo. With a telepathic ear toward musical interplay, Trio Xolo performs free-flowing stream of consciousness improvisations. The result is true, in the moment composition. The trio moves together dynamically as their voices simultaneously overlap and converge into one. In Flower, In Song was recorded live in one room and unveils a warm, organic sound: Swanson’s distinctive use of gut strings produce a dark, woody tone, Michaels draws robust color from a vintage saxophone, and Naujo expresses a nuanced control of energy and dynamics. Through explorations of melody, atmosphere, and texture, they can either embrace or dispel the traditional hierarchy of the trio format. At its core, Trio Xolo creates music that seeks to capture the essence of the moment through deep listening.

I had the opportunity to have a conversation with bassist, Zachary Swanson ahead of the album’s release. We got into how the moments were born, the flow of the sound and what we both found really cool was at the end of the day, the songs presented in an ‘order’ in a collection, we actually in the order that they were conceived. This in the now making of art, such as ‘In Flower, In Song’ has been in the front and back and even the sides of my mind, so getting more time with someone who lives in it, was special. Just like this record. The exploration finds will find a home behind your ears and gets right into the veins of my moods. This record will assist in taking your time and finding new ways to spend it, opening paths that were unseen and it’s up to you to go blaze that trail. Take Trio Xolo with you on the journey.

Release Date: August 19, 2022 on 577 Records
Compositions by Zachary Swanson, BMI

Anything In There

The final part of this week’s proGram was looking and found.

Interlude- George Lernis Ft. John Patitucci
Between Two Worlds (Arrival)- George Lernis Ft. John Patitucci
Elephant- Vela Vada Ft. Brad Walker
War Cry- Vela Vada Ft. 79rs Gang

Curated Reality- Tommy Crane
(……………)- Nate Wooley & Columbia Icefield

Abantwana Belanga- Nduduzo Makhathini
Parksville- Gordon Grdina’s Nomad Trio Ft. Matt Mitchell & Jim Black

Lucid Dreaming (Opening)- Brandon Coleman
On The One- Brandon Coleman
My Ideal 1- Gerald Clayton
Peace Invocation- Gerald Clayton Ft. Charles Lloyd

Still Climbing

Middle parts to the proGram keep on going with the ups and downs.

Lion Rock- DJ Absurd
Bwanya- Playing For Change Band & Playing for Change
Spirits Rebellious- Kabir Sehgal, Amaan Ali Bangash & Ayaan Ali Bangash
Jaipur Festival- Kabir Sehgal, Amaan Ali Bangash & Ayaan Ali Bangash ft. Oran Etkin
Aajke Shaadi- Khiyo
Ek Jomuna- Khiyo

Aquamarine- Danger Mouse & Black Thought Ft. Michael Kiwanuka
Run- Killer Mike Ft. Young Thug & Dave Chapelle
Adulting- Femme Deadly Venoms Ft. Lateef The Truthspeaker
It’s Not Me It’s You- Femme Deadly Venoms, Jazz Mafia & Shaina E

Let Yourself Go- Ella Fitzgerald [live Hollywood Bowl]
In the Paint- The Cookers Quintet Ft. Bernie Senensky
Tempest- Extended Trio
Emancipation Day- Roberto Occhipinti
Sharifa the Great- Joy Lapps

Deer Yes

First pieces of this week’s proGram was just doing it’s own thang in it’s own spot.

Po’ Black Sheep- Nora Brown
Shortnin’ Bread- Nora Brown

Let It Go- Gabe Stillman
***pre-recorded conversation with Gabe Stillman***
No Time for Me- Gabe Stillman

We Could Be Gold Diggers- Ina Forsman
Play On- Roy Shakked
Pyroclastic- Chicken Grass
CC Stomp- True Loves
Broken Flowers- The Shaolin Afronauts

Scream- Brooklyn Funk Essentials & Alison Limerick
Trouble- Say She She

Doggone Blues Again- Joe Marcinek Band
Isn’t She Lovely- Ronnie Foster
Get It in the Sun- Sai Galaxy Ft. Olugbade Okunade

Gabe Stillman Helps Close Atwoodfest22

The Gabe Stillman Band hits the stage in high gear and only goes higher as they embrace all corners of American Roots Music with their impromptu selection of original gems and a few carefully chosen covers. Since landing in the final 8 of the 35th Annual International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN, and further honored as the recipient of the esteemed Gibson Guitar Award, Gabe and his band have been focused on expanding their footprint on a national & international level. Based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Gabe formed the band in 2015, shortly after graduating from Boston’s Berklee College of Music. His first self-produced release “The Grind” received wide acclaim. The 2nd release, “Flying’ High” is backed by the legendary Nighthawks. Gabe’s most current project, his first full-length release “Just Say The Word” features 15 tracks with 13 originals, is on the Boston-based, Vizztone Record Label. This robust project was guided by famed musician and producer Anson Funderburgh.

I had a chance to catch up with Gabe ahead of his upcoming Mid-west tour where he will be closing out Atwoodfest22on the Madison Heritage stage Sunday, July 31st. We get into what makes his live shows something people are always left raving about, how he looks forward to his first trip into Madison and the creation of his album, “Just Say The Word”. There may be new music that we talk about as well as the potential upcoming honor that comes with the name of one of Gabe’s musical heroes, Mr. Sean Costello.

image by Kirk Hansen

Cardinal Rule

The final part of the proGram this week was perched for the right kind of flight.

Breathless- Femme Deadly Venoms
After Hours- Femme Deadly Venoms Ft. Nicholas Payton
Sol Supreme- Sol Messiah Ft. Cambatta

The Griot- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Henry Franklin
Running with the Tribe- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Phil Ranelin & Wendell Harrison
Interstellar Space- Brandon Coleman
Lucid Dreaming (Closing)- Brandon Coleman
Solar Eclipse- Clear Path Ensemble

Time To Mind the Mystics- Dan Bruce’s :beta Collective

Quand Nos Pères Étaient Des Poissons- L’Empire des Sons
Moving Waves- André Fertier & Clivage
I’ll Stay- Jasual Cazz
Delilah- The Hank Jones & Milt Jackson All Star Quartet [live]

Quick Buzz Found

Middle parts of the proGram found right where we wanted to bee.

Half Mast on Bourbon Street- Craig Waters and the Flood
Boom, Bang, Gone!- Freedust
Sister Rosett’a Train- ChickenGrass Ft. Princess Shaw
Trading Bullets- ChickenGrass

Time Is Running Out- Machine
Only People Can Save the World- Machine
No Sayers- True Loves
On The Spot- True Loves

Reciprocity- Joe Marcinek Band
***pre-recorded conversation with Joe Marcinek***
Lagniappe- Joe Marcinek Band
Cool Down- Joe Marcinek Band

Consejos- Making Movies Ft. Charles Hodges/David Hildago/Dolores Huerta/Mai-Elka Prado/Robert Mirabel/Rueben Blades/Sheyla DeJesus
La Primera Radio- Making Movies Ft. Marc Ribot
Canción de Espinas- Los Dorados

To The Fish

1st part of the proGram this week put u that ‘GONE FISHIN’ sign for a bit.

Wild Goose Chase- Nora Brown
Rodeo- Jerry Pinnell Ft. Arlo McKinley [live]
Fenced In- Umphrey’s McGee

Get Outta My Way- Todd Sharpville
Down so Long- Ryan Lee Crosby
Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down- Ryan Lee Crosby
Talk to You- Dennis Johnson

Rich White Honky Blues- Hank Williams Jr.
Venus In Furs- Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp
Nattens Sista Strimma Ljus- Dungen
greenarrowradio promo- The Kut
Fun When You’re Winning- The Kut

Blacklisted- Priest

More With Joe Marcinek

Joe Marcinek Band is an experience you will never forget. That is because each show features a different lineup of musicians creating a different set of music every night. The music is equal parts Chicago Blues, New Orleans Funk, Grateful Dead Psychedelia, and Jazz Fusion! JMB is an ever evolving mixture of original compositions and incredible musicians. Each show has a slightly different lineup and interpretation. Joe tours nationally from New York to LA and everywhere in between. And since most of the lineups will only happen one time, it makes every night that ‘can’t miss show’. The group has featured many prominent special guests including Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads), Melvin Seals (Jerry Garcia Band), George Porter JR (The Meters), Ivan Neville (Dumpstaphunk), Alan Evans (Soulive), Kris Myers (Umphrey’s McGee), Tony Hall (Dumpstaphunk, Dave Mathews & Friends), Shaun Martin (Snarky Puppy, Kirk Franklin), Allen Aucoin (the Disco Biscuits), Marty Sammon (Buddy Guy), Jason Hann (String Cheese Incident / EOTO), Erik “Jesus” Coomes (Lettuce), Borahm Lee (Break Science), Jennifer Hartswick and Natalie Cressman (Trey Anastasio Band), Mike Greenfield (Lotus), Borham Lee (Break Science), Steve Molitz (Phil Lesh & Friends / Particle) Joey Porter (The Motet / Juno What), Fareed Haque, Scott Metzger, Nate Werth (Snarky Puppy) Garrett Sayers (The Motet) Allie Kral (Yonder Mountain String Band), Freekbass, Vinnie Amico and Jim Loughlin (moe.) and more!

This time around Joe and I continue our conversation when JMB4 was the topic as it was the riGht time to drop ‘JMB5’, The band’s 5th record out now on Vintage League Music. We dove back into how this when went down and getting the studio work in and all the stars aligned from the beginning. Friend of the show, Mr. Robert Walter adds his flare and fire to this one and to me, it has that feel good, heal right thang going on. We get into something solo he put together when coming off the bi that hit so many, and we even tease a little of what the next record will be like and who will be a part of it. Another Dead Funk Summit is right around the corner once again AND an upcoming George Porter Jr. & Runnin’ Pardners tour featuring Joe Marcinek is just about here, so we make sure to get a little pitch in for the things you maybe didn’t know you needed to know about.

Berry Good Spot

The extra sets this week found themselves right where they were needing to be.

La Vuelta de Rosca- Dario Acosta Teich
Driva’ Man- Max Roach
Rendez-rio- Natural Lateral
I’ll Stay- Roy Hargrove & The RH Factor [live]

It Could Happen To You- John Scofield
Contemporary Insanity- Tobin Mueller Ft. Paul Nelson
What Is Hip- Tobin Mueller Ft. Paul Nelson

Scene Right Through

The final part of this week’s proGram could see right thru it all.

Trying to Find- Midan & AHNAMUSICA
XOPA- Making Movies

El León- Adrian Quesada Ft. Rudy De Anda
Jambalaya- Primo Carrasco and David Beebe
Irie In the Morning- Jyemo Club

Summer Party- David Versace
Serpentes- Da Cruz Ft. Magugu
Doomsday- The Pro-Teens
Never Forget- Sampa the Great Ft. Chef 187, Tio Nason & Mwanje

Ready, Set, Go- Bass Extremes Ft. Bootsy Collins
Home Bass- Bass Extremes Ft. Marcus Miller, Ron Carter, John Patitucci
Cold Duck Time- Frank Catalano Ft. Mike Clark (Live)

Still Going

The middle pieces of this week’s proGram kept on getting there.

Mix It Up- Aaron Nigel Smith & Red Yarn
Make Some Change- Aaron Nigel Smith & Red Yarn Ft. Father Goose

Hot Mess Express- Steve Terry Project
Delirious- Prince & The Revolution (Live In Syracuse, March 30, 1985)
Darling Nikki- Prince & The Revolution (Live In Syracuse, March 30, 1985)
Automower- Joe Sturges & Lucas de Mulder

The Dirty- True Loves
Mary Pop Poppins- True Loves
Have A Break- Chicken Grass
Woman (Monte Carlo Magic Mix)- Chicken Grass

Driftin- Tim Carman Trio

World- Machine
Trails- Machine
Forbidden Fruits- Cavolo Nero

About To

The first part of this week’s proGram was just thinking about starting off.

Working For Somebody Else- The Brothers Comatose
I-5 Drifting- Silver Lake 66

Work Sauce- Umphrey’s McGee
Small Strides- Umphrey’s McGee
Desire- Rogers & Butler
Going Wrong- Triptides

Pharisaismic Plebeian Bureaucracism- :nepaal
Po Mokrim Krisham (on wet roofs)- Menk

She’s into Something- The Phantom Blues Band
Stepping up in Class- The Phantom Blues Band
***pre-recorded conversation with Charlie Wooton***
8 Ball Lucy- Supersonic Blues Machine Ft. Sonny Landreth

Georgia Women- Hank Williams Jr.
Full Moon Blues- Mick Pini Ft. Audio54

More With Charlie Wooton

Over the years, Charlie Wooton and I have gotten together to talk about all the projects he has been touching for many years. We go back. From the times with Bonerama and Royal Southern Brotherhood, to his work with/as Zydefunk and his very own Charlie Wooton Project. The guy can play that bass in ways we have only seen a few do before and that can certainly lead to gigs, jobs and music that comes from certain places. Charlie can groove and funk with the best of them. He can make Zydeco sound like it did when it was born or add a little future to it even. This time around, he is heading up to Madison as part of friend of the proGram, Mr. Sonny Landreth‘s band at LA FÊTE DE MARQUETTE on July 16th.. We get into just how the opportunity to make some live music happenings with a childhood hero came about. That story starts off in a space we know well. Charlie relives a moment in Japan with friend of the show, Rafael Pereira, São Paulo native who brings his rich understanding of Brazilian rhythm to Janelle Monae and many others and how their collaborative groove was an introduction to their band Zabadodat, and from there, we get to Mr. Landreth. The tales wander, just like the innovation of the onward mobing artist – and Charlie has some stories and ways to share that will entertain, make you shake your head and of course probably gives you a want to catch this event live.

After all is said and done, Charlie not only opens up about changes to himself thru the years of our hanGin’, but also to where the desire to give back starts and grows. Blue Monday Mission is a nonprofit that takes care of elderly musicians that can’t work anymore. Most musicians live hand to mouth. Blue Monday Mission folks come in and help in anyway possible, from medical help to cutting lawns to just visiting. Blue Monday Mission is also educating younger musicians about the business so they can one day return the favor. It’s run by John Williams. Charlie also shared his thoughts on a potential Congo Square music-documentary that resides in his thoughts but seems ready to spill out in the world.

Blurred Rays

Some extra sets from this week’s proGram found the unexpected light not known to be there.

Blues At The Barn- Julius Rodriguez
Power- George Burton
Carl’s Blues- John Lee

Below the High Rise- John Yao’s Triceratops

Adumbration Four- Josh Sinton
Cut To The Chase- Jane Ira Bloom & Mark Helias

Summer Rising- Joey Alexander
Elder Dance- John Scofield
Qin Shi- ARC Trio & The John Daversa Big Band


The final sets from this week’s proGram had the look looking.

I Think We’re Past that Now- Antonio Sanchez Ft. Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross

Baby Bota Halloceanation- Anteloper
***pre-recorded conversation w/jaimie & Jason of Anteloper***
Inia- Anteloper
Delfin Rosado- Anteloper

Umbhedesho- Linda Sikhakhane
Hymn for the Majors- Linda Sikhakhane
Ital is vital- Shabaka
Get Ready- Brandon Coleman

Astral Walk- Brandon Coleman Ft. Keyon Harrold, Ben Williams & Marcus Gilmore
Mutha Afrika- Brandon Coleman
El Cambio Es Necesario- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Garrett Saracho
Ebun- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Tony Allen

Phillip’S Thump- Julius Rodriguez

Fields And All

They are bound to go and the middle sets captured them as lonG as possible.

‘Lude 2- Lettuce
Change The World- Lettuce
Gonna Get In My Way- The New Mastersounds/Eddie Roberts/Lamar Williams Jr. Ft. Chad Pike
Copacetic- J.A.S. Ricci Quartette
Boneyard Baile- Ghost Funk Orchestra

Take Me There- Freedust
Beleedat- Freedust
New Beginnings- Midan & AHNAMUSICA
Cool Jazz Lovers- Midan & AHNAMUSICA
Mandarins- Midan & AHNAMUSICA

Obio- Sai Galaxy Ft. Gabriel Otu
Kibosh- Death by Dub
I Wanna Talk To You- Eccodek Ft. Oranmiyan Ajagundade
Exaltation- Eccodek Ft. John Orpheus
GMT- Nyamekye Junction

Hidden Wings

Beginning part of the proGram had a spot to be, unscene.

Throw Caution To the Wind- Wyatt Easterling
Down & Out- Yosh & Yimmy
Love Is the Only Thing- Peter Mulvey & SistaStrings

Didn’t It Rain- Jake Blount
He Needs Me- The A’s
Somethin’ To Say- Viktor Karlsson
Muscles- Pink Mountaintops

Aileen- Kamikaze Nurse
Refuse- Bubblemath

Too Hot- Skunk Baxter
I Can Do Without- Skunk Baxter

Easy On The Eyes- GA-20
We’re All Going Down- Cass Clayton Band
Hard Times- Brad Absher & The Superials