Eljuri’s La Lucha

It is always a great reminder of why we build bridGes when two friends of music get together to talk about the sounds, the process and the results. Eljuri is one of those people I hold close to my musical heart as we kinda started out at the same time forging different paths for sharing. It was like we never skipped a beat. We had a chance to discuss her latest release, “La Lucha” on Manovill Records when it was still in that fragile stage of people’s ears just getting a chance to hear it. Her connection to the international flavor of her family as well as her beloved New York City keeps her eye and mind on the happenings around her as it pertains to all people, and how she has a voice for those who otherwise may not be heard. Just like the way her and I, and several other music sharers out there feel about her, Sly & Robbie must as well, as they make another guest appearance on this album to help give it a little extra sumthin’ sumthin’that only those magicians of sound can do. While she blazes on the guitar for sure and does climb the ladder of social justice on this album, her connection to you as a listener is clear, concise and connected. I am happy to share our conversation with you, and feel free to join the discussion with others.


The Planets at the Symphony

Witnessed this performance at the Overture Center as part of the Madison Symphony Orchestra:

Music Program:
I. George Enescu | Romanian Rhapsody No. 1
II. John Corigliano | Chaconne from The Red Violin
III.Gustav Holst | The Planets

*Featured Artists
Naha Greenholtz, Violin
Madison Symphony Women’s Chorus, Beverly Taylor, Chorus Director

The first half of the show was simply energizing and enlightening with both power and precision highlighted. The Planets took it to the next level with the HD video presentation that made the sounds guide a tour that was unmatched in this setting. If you were ever enthralled by the vastness and wildness of the colors and sounds of space and it’s mighty giants, this show would certainly add another level to your imagination and desire to explore.


And they’re Good For you

The second portion of the proGram took your heath in mind and tried to offer a solution to the doctor’s office. I had a chance to get toGether with good friend of the program, Eljuri to discuss the her new album, and the working parts behind it.

Bang Bang- Eljuri
***Pre-recorded conversation with Eljuri***
Nunca Volveré- Eljuri
Pork ‘n Slaw- Wolf! Ft. Scott Metzger
Peter Popoff- Chris Spies
God Drives a Flying Saucer- Chris Spies
Cosmic Vision- Matt Chamberlain & Brian Haas
Beyond Forever- Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam

Yes We Can Can- Rhythm Express Ft. Gavin Hope
Make me Over- Lady Wray
It’s Time- Nick Waterhouse

Come Along Bintang Bolong- David Nesselhauf
The Thought- Moon Hooch
Audrey- Moon Hooch
Sex Bar- Alex Puddu

Walk Right, Talk Right- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
What Kind of World- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
Fed up to My Dub- Max Romeo
Ceceil- Ziggy Marley
Amen- Ziggy Marley

Type A- Jim the Boss Ft. Victor Rice & Dave Hillyard
Dub Realistic- Dubblestandart
Harmonie Als Ziel der Welt- Dubblestandart


Apples of Your Ears

The first half of today’s show had the best fruits that can fit riGht into your earholes lines up for one right after another inclusion:

Stompin’ at Decca- Avalon Jazz Band
Lay My Lily Down- Bob Weir
Like Eye Did- Fil Bo Riva
Lil’ Doggie- Avon Dale

8 Stories High- Angela McCluskey
Hit & Run- Angela McCluskey
Fever- Julien Taylor Band

Opening- Oy
Shrugging Shoulders- Oy
The Story of Space Diaspora- Oy

Give us Back our Eleven Days- Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Izabella- Band of Gypsys (live 12/31/1969, Fillmore East)
Let it Rock- Jake Peavy & the Outsiders (live 8/17/2016, The Fillmore S.F)

Saturday’s a Prime Time Party- Booker Brown
I Stay Ready- Cody ChesnuTT

Like it or Not- Travers Brothership
Sun Powers- Morgan Delt
Mssr. Monster- Morgan Delt
Right Now- Jeff Beck
Feelin’ Blue- A Band of Bitches
Too Hot for Love- Liz Mandeville
After Midnight- Jerry Garcia/Merl Saunders (live 7/5/73, Lion’s Share)

House Rockin’ Boogie #7- Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch
Mary Jane- Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch
Mess Around- Hard Swimmin’ Fish
Free Will- Nick Moss Band

Apples of your Ears

10 Years with Jake Shimabukuro


It has been 10 plus years that I am proud to call Jake and I musical friends. Creator and listener. It is nice to know that my opinions mean something to a guy who is both a phenom of an artists but even more so of a great person. I have watched him grow as a musician and an experimenter with sound, and on his latest release, “Nashville Sessions”, Jake works with Nolan Verner on bass and Evan Hutchings on drums to make an album of tunes quite different than his previous bundleof releases I have happily supported over the decade. You get some of the same flavors, but listen to our chat to find out some of the nuisances that are clearly unveiling before your ears. You too will hear that Carlos Santana zip and that Eddie Van Halen rip & tear. The way Jake relays how the new album went from an idea, with no real plan at first to its final stages where a G like me gets to share it with you, the listeners is fascinating. Jake will be heading to Milwaukee for a show at the Pabst Theater on November 6th. I am sure folks around here will be able to see/hear exactly what I mean about Mr. Jake Shimabukuro if/when they take the journey through the ukulele with him.

Tape the Rain Down

The second portion of the proGram took a chance to fix the leak with the tape of tomorrow. The sounds can get out but the liquid cannot get in:

I Try- Rachel Modest
Forbidden Love- Rachel Modest

Terrorize my Heart (45 Edit)- 79.5
Tame in the Water- Hannah Williams & the Affirmations

Seven Day Lover- The Rhythm Express Ft. Michael Dunston
Booty House- Moon Hooch
Psychotuber- Moon Hooch
Hotstepper- Marchfourth
Drunk Bears- Marchforth

Work Song- Brian Auger
In & Out- Brian Auger
Shaky Frank- Papa John Gros
Home Basie- Bob Mintzer All L.A. Band
The Rescue- Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam

Summertime- Sonny Greenwich Trio
The Mover- Bernie Senesky

Cowboys Do it Better- Alex Puddu
Mount Harissa- Slavic Soul Party

Hear My Train A Comin’- Band of Gypsys (live, 12/31/1969 Fillmore East)


Bridge the Bike

The first portion of the proGram took it to the road, over..under…through…on top…within…we GO!:

There’ll be a Jubilee- The Devil Makes Three
Rings of Saturn- Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Only a River- Bob Weir

Not Crying Anymore- Angela McClusky
Paris to Hollywood- Angela McClusky
If the Seas was Whiskey- Madeline Peyroux
Every Thing I do Gonna Be Funky- Madeline Peyroux

Country Funk- Vaneese Thomas
Prisoner of War- Deb Ryder
Truth- Liz Mandeville
La Lucha- Eljuri
Unchain my Heart- Adrienne Fenemore’s Kiwi Blues
Bessie’s Bounce- Bruce Katz Band

*Jake Simabukuro greenarrowradio promo*
Hemiola Blues- Jake Shimabukuro
**Pre-Recorded Conversation with Jake Shimabukuro**
Kilauea- Jake Shimabukuro
I’m An Old Cowhand- John Scofield
Wildwood Flower- John Scofield
Leave Him Lay- Charlie Hunter
Latin for Travelers- Charlie Hunter

Boy 44- Todd Clouser
He’s Not Gone- Todd Clouser
Bread & Circus- A Love Electric
Telemasque- A Love Electric
La Vida Es Un Regalo- Thollem Electric


Alsarah & the Nubatones


Alsarah and I snuck in a brief time to chat about the upcoming show as part of the 2016 Madison World Music Festival. The band goes on at 7:30pm and will energize the Madison scene with their stunning East-African Retro-Pop. We used our time together to paint the scene of the stage before they hit us with the richness of the groove they produce, as well as offer up some thoughts on how this music is a bridge to community forming, acceptance and dance dance dance. Alsarah shares her thoughts on the start to finish flow of the groups soon to be released new album, Manara, on Wonderwheel Recordings. While she is a part of a few different projects over the years, I wanted to find out what were some of the lasting experiences of working with the slew of inspirational and talented individuals like those attached to The Nile Project, which she was a part of recently. I think the answer will not shock you, but remind you of the value of time spent with others for a common good and how when you don’t get much time to be toGether, the importance of using it wisely. Alsarah & the Nubatones could be one of your good memories form this years Madison World Music festival, so if you can, maybe you should.

Cereal Killer Weapon of CHOICE

The second portion of this week’s proGram featured a couple of conversation to enlighten and provide those who want to devour a bowl fulla…to choose their weapon with care:

Les Plus Beaux Jours (feat. Eddy Crampes)- Aquaserge
Las Nieves de Brooklyn- Los Hacheros
Pintate- Los Hacheros
Pt. 1 (feat. Tootie Heath)- Richard Sears Sextet
Canto a la Inocencia- Malcisne
Maio Maduro Maio- Mn’Jam Experiment
Printer- Mn’Jam Experiment

An Afro Semai- Mehmet Ali Sanliko & What’s Next
Kaun Ne Jaandah- The Dhol Foundation (live at Beautiful Days, 2015)
*Pre-recorded Conversation with Johnny Kalsi, founder/leader of The Dhol Foundation*
After the Rain- the Dhol Foundation (live at Beautiful Days, 2015)
Wooble Weeble (Original) Ft. Kulcha Ites- Dubmatrix
Live and Travel- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
Time has come- The Process Ft. Little Axe, Ghetto Priest, Mikki Sound

Glowed Up (feat. Anderson .Paak)- KAYTRANADA
Mind State- the Coalition
Taskmaster- Hip Bones Ft. Gift of Gab

Tequila- Gus Spenos
Strictly Cash- Gus Spenos
Early in the Moanin’- the Soul of John Black
Rock with you- the Mazz
Special Night (Part 1 & 2)- Lee Fields & the Expressions

Crazy- “Papa” Jon Gros
You Broke it, You Bought it- Lipbone Redding & the Lipbone Orchestra
***Live on air conversation with Lipbone Redding***
James Brown- Lipbone Redding & the Lipbone Orchestra
Call to Action- Marchfourth

Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer

stEARcase UP

The First half of the proGram had us walkin’ UP the stEARcase to get to the sounds…this show had a different feel to the way the architect built the sets:

Drunken Hearted Man- the Devil Makes Three
greenarrowradio show promo- Jake Simabukuro
Man of Mud- Jake Shimabukuro
The Right Time- French Horn Rebellion
Corre Por La Jungla- Bunbury
Bad Move= Phil Rudd
Repo Man- Phil Rudd

Zen / Unzen (feat. Michael Manring & Celso Alberti)- Richard Pinhas & Barry Cleveland
Tvj 77 (Quiet Final)- Richard Pinhas, Yoshida Tatsuya & Merzbow

Interlude- Bent Knee
**Pre-recorded Conversation with Jessica & Ben of Bent Knee**
Commercial- Bent Knee
The System of 1000 Lies- Morgan Delt

Radio- Sylvan Esso
Quiet Lake- My Neighbor Is
Crying- Roots Manuva
Sunshine People (Gavin Hardkiss Barefoot Mix)- Hawke

Dirty Little Secret (Trotter Remix)- Rory Hoy & Kitten & The Hip
Ain’t Nobody Change My Mind- Moderator

stEARcase UP

stEARcase UP

The Dhol Foundation’s Johnny Kalsi

Johnny Kalsi

I had the honor of speaking with Mr. Johnny Kalsi, the founder and leader of The Dhol Foundation as they embark on their very first ever tour of North America toGether as a group. While they travel the globe with the mission to promote and expose the indigenous sounds of the Dhol Drum to the Masses, I am thankful that the 2016 Madison World Music Festival is one of their stops. We are so lucky. They will hit the stage at 9:30PM on Friday, 9/16 on the beautifully back-dropped Memorial Union Terrace. Always engaging the audience with the full Power and energetic performances. The Dhol Foundation have been wowing the crowds with their dynamics, whirling arms and thunderous beats. The group’s musicality is formed from a rich tapestry of culture, passion and their love for World Music. While they tour, they absorb influences from collaborators, record them on an album and deliver them on stage with the mighty muscle powerhouse that is The Dhol Foundation. Johnny and I had a chance to touch on what to expect from the show in Madison (although seeing i s most likely believing) , some of the history of the sounds created and the people who are influenced and influences as well as the process of the business and making art that sticks. We got a sneak peak into the new album coming out in early 2017, “Stick To The Drum” and we will be fortunate to hear a few of the tracks off it at this world music celebration. Johnny has been a part of many groups of artists that I have personally listened to and shared over the years, so the thrill of this chat was true and I hope you dive in deeper to this music if the spirit moves you.

Bent Knee in Town Sept. 10

Bent Knee

I had the chance to chat with Jessica Kion and Ben Levin from the group Bent Knee as their 2016 tour stops include Madison’s Mickey’s Tavern on Saturday, September 10th. Bringing an array of musical worlds into one well behaved monster, Bent Knee is out in support of their debut release on Cuneiform Records, “Say So”. Per the band: “It’s rock for the thinking person. The group’s lyrics are dark and infused with themes focusing on the emergence of personal demons, unwanted situations and the difficulty of conquering them. Its mercurial sound matches its subject matter. It’s a thrilling aural roller-coaster ride with arrangements designed to make listeners throw their arms up in wild abandon as they engage with them.”

We discussed what the stage at Mickey’s will look like when they take it, introducing us to their members. This naturally led us into the album making process between this 2016 release and their 2014 album, “Shiny Eyed Babies”. Eating and sleeping IS IMPORTANT!!! How they balance working in the studio and working it out on the stage reveals an interesting insight into the make-up of this group, that speaks volumes to how true teams take an idea and see it through. We wrapped it up by relishing toGether over the facts behind what makes a record label, such as Cuneiform an integral part of the many moving pieces behind the faces we see on stage or hear on the album.

I am so thankful to the local venues here in Madison for bringing artists like this to our backyard.

Electric Ride Trip

the second half of this week’s program took the adventure to a cosmic new level. The sky wheel reach ride thru our ear tubes toGether was electric:

Love Came Tumbling Down- Dimples Jackson
Sooner or Later- Sonny Knight & the Lakers
Red Sky- Moon Hooch
Alien Invasion- Moon Hooch

Money- Con Brio
Cocaine and Chicken Fricassée- “Papa” Jon Gross
Homing In- Resolution 88
Hercules- The Rhythm Express Ft. Michael Dunston

Blue Rondo a la Turk- Winston Byrd
Game of Thorns- Tyrone Hendrix
Are You Ready- Tyrone Hendrix
Tyrone Interlude II- Tyrone Hendrix
Slo Funk- Bob Minzter

Cosa Verde- Money Chicha
She’s not There- Dirty Marsha
Pupatales 2-Ether
Ancora una Dose- 291Out

Ya Watan- Alsarah & The Nubatones
The World- Bajka
Invisible Joy- Bajka
Dirty Little Secret- Rory Hoy Vs. Kitty & the Hips (Fort Knox 5 remix)

As Long as I’ve Got You- Ambassa & Nichola Richards
Good Vibration- Hirie Ft. Trevor Hall
Queen- Hirie
Caribe- Locos por Juana Ft. Vaughn Benjamin & El B
Ari Hanta (Vibronics Remix)- Zion Train

Drawn- De La Soul Ft. Little Dragon
Exodus- De La Soul
CBCGS- De La Soul

Sky Wheel Reach

Sky Wheel Reach

Let’s Mount Yari

The first half of today’s proGram helped us all to get on top with ALL NEW MUSIC:

Chase the Feeling- The Devil Makes Three
Ferrari- Clare Dunn

Roadside Memorial- Allah Las
Too Late- Van Morrison
Born on the Bayou- Los Lonely Boys
Never Can Tell- Charlie Wheeler Band

Rump Rash- Nick Moss band
When I’m Gone- Grady Champion
Down Home Blues- Billy Branch, Carey Bell, James Cotton & Junior Wells
No Shortage of the Blues- Hard Swimmin’ Fish

Cross Eyed Woman- Jason Elmore & HooDoo Witch
I Got a Man in TN- Vaneese Thomas
Got my Mojo Working- Adrienne Fenemor’s Kiwi Blue
VooDoo Woman- Mary Jo Curry
Don’t Feel SO Good Today- Bruce Katz band
Poor Old Me- Saturday Night Fish Fry Ft. Shakura S’Alda

Reptiles- Et Tu Brucé
Your Words (reprise)- Travers Brothership
Time Will Slip Away- Travers Brothership
Farewell- the Congress

Let’s Talk- New Cardinals
Where I’m Going- Elephant Stone
Majestic Fruit- Flamingods
Sarangi- Flamingods

Let's Mount Yari

Let’s Mount Yari