It’ll Stay That Way

“if you keep making that face…” the second half of the proGram was filled up time spent with our good pal Victor DeLorenzo and another edition of Frail Pagans….we took time to catch up on the paths each other have been on since last we spoke. Victor produced a new album with Astrid Young, Neil’s sister and toured portions of Canada with her in support of it as well as much work with 1913 and an upcoming birthday show in Milwaukee…after that, Oliver Wood rang in and we talked about the upcoming event at the Stoughton Opera House, mutual friends and the power of a well written song. You would think that would be all the show could handle, but there were these sounds that went with:

Frail Pagans Theme- Victor Delorenzo
** A Live on air edition of Frail Pagans with Victor DeLorenzo**
Hey Vanilla- Astrid Young
Green & Gold- Victor and Malachai DeLorenzo (Go Pack)
ShooFly Pie- the Wood Brothers (live)
Spirit- the Wood Brothers (live)
Atlas- the Wood Brothers (live)
***A Live on air conversation with Oliver Wood***
Personal Thing- King Johnson (live)
Sham Time- MSMW
Salassie Strut- the Funk Ark
Soul on Fire (reprise)- Akashic Record
The Push- Akashic Record
Rock the Wah Wah (eclectic soul)- the Wah Wah Collective
You are Somebody (eternal inspiration)- the Wah Wah Collective

The Sticks- the Budos Band
Here we go Again- Lack of Afro ft. Jack Tyson Charles
Thunderlips- Beat Funktion

Sissoko- The Shaolin Afronauts
Imokiraria- Joni Haastrup/Monoz Mono
The Song I Sing- Cookin’ Bag
Grout- Forq
Here Comes Shlomo- Cocek Brass Band
I Got That Feeling- Lowdown Brass Band
Grazing in the Grass- Treme Brass Band

Lai Sing- Khun Narin Electric Phin Band
Gassi Babbi- The Toure Raichel Collective
Hurriya (Banco de Gaia Remix)- Gaudi


Bear All

The first half of this busy proGram featured a visit from friend, Todd Clouser. We chatted about his recent tour abroad and collaborations with John Medeski and Billy Martin (he was actually rinGing in fro Billy’s house in NYC), as well as this weekend’s honor of performing with and for John Lurie. We also shared our thoughts on the timeline of Todd’s music all the way through the new album “Son of a Hero”. Theses were the accompanying sounds to this time spent with Todd:

Breathing Room- Jim White Vs. The Packway Handle Band (live)
Wrecking Ball- the Absynth Quintet

Avalanche- Robin Gibbs
Shhh Shots Count- Drive by Truckers
Perfect Wilderness- Afternoons

Thank You Come Again- Dirty Dishes
Middle- Rubblebucket
How You Got That Girl- Ex Hex
Stepping Stone- Fly Golden Eagle

Blood N Guts- Luther Dickinson
Follow Me- the Coathangers
Blue Pepper- Mission Creep
Freak Show- the Dead Lovers

Running with the Devil- Umphrey’s McGee (live 4/12/2014, Wanee)
Ain’t Messin’ ‘Round- Gary Clark Jr. (live)

Cowgirls Meet (on Guadalupe Street)- Lipbone Redding
Mi Amigos Cubano- Rau Midon Ft. Marcus Miller
Alla La’ Ke- Planetary Coalition

The Drive- Curtis Harding
Something New- Nikki Yanofsky
I Earned Mine- Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens
Everything- Sheila Brody Ft. Chuck D.
Numbers and Steel- Electric Wire Hustle

Mo City Kid- A Love Electric
**Live on air Conversation with Todd Clouser**
Hush- A Love Electric
Telekinesis- BT3 (live)
You’ve Got the World- Kyle Hollingsworth

Stop War Make Love- Omar


Far Up Close Away

The second set of the proGram has that feeling of when you look into the wrong end of a telescope:

I am the Summer- Beat Funktion
Double Funk- LRL & the Dukes
a Bunch of Changes- Black on White Affair
Tribute to Trane- Steve Arrington
Hyperspace- Steve Arrington
Funk & Roll Jelly- Steve Arrington

In the Gray- Captain Planet Ft. Brit Lauren
Que Sera- Wax Tailor (Phonovisions Symphonic Version)

the Healing- James Zabiela (Hot Chip Remix)
X- the Asteroid Galaxy Tour
Sundara- Odesza

Calyx- Simian Mobile Disco
Free- Second Sky

Kingdom of Frogs- Yosi Horikawa (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)
Greater Antilles Part 1- FaltyDL
Dos Gardenias- FaltyDL

Retirement Ode- Busdriver
Miriam got a Mickey- Souls of Mischief
K Now Reprise- Souls of Mischief Ft. Ali Shaheed Muhammad
K Now Outro- Souls of Mischief Ft. Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Jonathan- Hail Mary Mallon

Bouillon- SlimKid 3 & DJ Nu Mark
Nicotine Love- Tricky Ft. Francesca Belmonte (Young Fathers Remix)
Rise- Cornmega Ft. Maya Azucena
a New Day Begins- Cornmega
I Love you Like a Brother- Atmosphere


Blue Print

I want to thank friend of the proGram, Mr. Thollem McDonas for being a guest this morning on the show. I am fortunate enough to get to catch him here in Madison this week at Audio for the Arts, as part of their reinvented concert series, Surrounded By Reality! We spoke about his many recorded projects that are soon to be available. We had an update on the worldwide travel documentary that he was in the midst of the last time we spoke and we also got a little taste of what it may sound like here in Madison. There was other sounds that occurred….

Longer that You’ve Been Alive- Old 97s
Dizzy Moth- Absynth Quintet

Libertad- Raul Midon
Conman Coming- Monica Heldal

Everybody’s Song- Greg Hester
Who’s to Know- Greg Hester
Cups & Cups- Field Report
Stranger- The Devil Makes Three
Rockets and Jets- Hospitality
Smash Up- the Dead Lovers
Big Toe- the Growlers

*** Live on air Conversation with Thollem McDonas***
Issue Projects #1- Thollem McDonas (live)
Do it Again- the Bad Plus
Bluebird- Kalen & the Sky Thieves
The Deadly Mantis- Mission Creep Ft. Johnny Blazes
By Hand and Body- A Love Electric
Slink- Auction Project Ft. Mike Stern
The Joker- Ace Frehley

Starchy- FORQ
My Black Arts- the Dream Logic
Racer X- Kyle Hollingsworth
Prelude- MK Groove Orchestra (live at Studio BPM)
Doom Buggy- the Funk Ark


Screened In

The second half of the proGram could get in and get out, but you’re not going to capture it to keep:

Money Man- Col. Bruce Hampton
Knock on Wood- William Bell with Stax Music Academy
Keep on Shining- Curtis Harding

Everybody Knows (River Song)- Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens
In My Room- Lenis Guess
Catch That Teardrop- the BlueBeaters

Sem Amor (Rhythm & Brass Mix)- Coleman Brothers
Sissy Strut- the Jimmy Lewis Trio
Snake Oil Man- Black Market Brass
Nobody Can Live Forever- Tim Maia
Captain Thunder- Hugh Gledhill
Ellis Street Summit- MKG
Bring it Back- Akashic Record
Soul Shoutin’- Dan Moretti & the Hammond Boys (live at Chan’s)
Helicopters & Tomato Sauce- Big Fun 3

2L84U- Submotion Orchestra
Tumultuous Time Interlude- Adam & Kizzie
Tumultuous Time- Adam & Kizzie

Computer Blue- Radio Riddler
Hurt Up Your Brother- GPGDS

Jets- Bonobo
Mork Signing Off (losing a Friend)- Robin Williams


Streamlined Red

The first half of the proGram had the barn paint streakin’:

Katy Johnson- Jeff Cohen
Star Spangled Blues- Big Daddy Love
High Time- Grateful Grass (live)

Brave Boys- Old Crow Medicine Show
The Secret Songs of a Traveling Man- Sara Mitra
I Don’t Know You Anymore- Bob Mould
59 Yards- The Dead Lovers
Coulda Been- Sallie Ford

Working Man Blues- Ben Miller Band
St. James Infirmary- Lipbone Redding
I Can See For Miles- Raul Midon

Best I Can- Greg Hester
Parliament Got Bombed- Mike Nagada
Broken Spirit- Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Samson- Mickey Hart Band (live 8/17/2012)
greenarrowradio promo from Vaneese Thomas
Can’t Ever Let You Go- Vaneese Thomas Ft. Rufus Thomas
Beg, Borrow, Steal- Grady Champion
Cross Eyed Woman- Michael Burks

Santa Fe Steamer- David Vest
Step and Go- Kirby Sewell Band
Smack Dab in the Middle- Big Harp George
Catfish Blues- Gary Clark Jr. (live)



In the second half of the early morning fill in, I was pleased to introduce listeners to Rob Hoatling, the CEO of Verbi Inc. Rob’s work on a unique security system that could possibly be the tool to help save lives with real time information. I will say that the Kickstarter campaiGn is the best way to get your own feel for the company, the sincerity of what drives the product and I certainly know (unfortunately first hand) that there is a overdue need for a solution since those we have voted into office to make these decisions, can’t. So, kudos to Verbi for the smarts of recognizing important discussions that need to go beyond….into solutions. There was music that did it’s part to try and help out also.

Live on air Conversation with Rob Hoatling of Verbi, Inc.
Good For You- Takashi Tsuzuki
Flicker Free- Takashi Tsuzuki
NYC Hustle- Karikatura
My Name is Happy- Oy

Govardhana- Arun Ramamurthy Trio
Lion’s Den- Elizabeth Shepherd
66 6ths- Dread Scott Trio
The Curfew Tower- Black Gold 360 & Fumihito Sugawara
Gestalt- Black Gold 360 & Fumihito Sugawara
Zegieuh- The Nile Project (live)
Principe Charro- Troker
Reel it In- Nikhil P. Yerawadekar and Low Mentality

Acknowledgement of Truth- Frank Catalano


Random Wood

I did an early morning fill in before the reGularly scheduled proGram and you know, that is when I like to let it go….and here is how it went:

Arfvedronite- Wadada Leo Smith/Jamie Saft/Joe Morris/Balazs Pandi
When We Arrive- Lars Bartkuhn
JTC II- J.J. Wright
Beautiful Beatrice- Adam Meckler Orchestra

The Trial- Russ Kaplan + 7
What’s Mine- Russ Kaplan + 7
Nightfall- Russ Kaplan + 7

Self Serve- the Bad Plus
Stoned Soul Picnic- Billy Childs Ft. Ledisi

And Son We’ll Be One- Snarky Puppy
Audrey- Bill Laurance
The Adjective Noun- Jonathan Scales Fourcehstra
Contortionist Ballet- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra
Erin’s Song- Elephant Wrecking Ball

Sunday’s Stuff- Olli Ahvenlahti


Follow Me

The second set of the proGram deserves a biGG thank you to Missy Andersen for gettin’ up early with her best voice and being a guest on the show. We talked about the making of her new album “In the Moment”, we shared stories of how we met up with her others paths through music and I learned a secret on how she can be working toGether with her husband so much on musical projects and keep it all real. There was the music that went along on the walk:

Freedom- Curtis Harding
Rocking Chair- Sheila Brody
Wish I had Answered- North Mississippi All Stars w/Mavis Staples
Toxic- the Blue Beaters

Runaway Train-the Clarence Mack Express
Long Way to Fall- Smoove & Turrell
Forever Dreaming- Myles Sanko

Dive- Akashic Record
Light My Fire- Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood
Phase- Huw
East- Raja Kassis

Pops in the Barbershop (ode to the 486)- Raja Kassis
Afterburn- MKG
Lucky Charms- Kyle Hollingsworth
Hollywood Nation- A Love Electric

Three Tombstone- Hugh Gledhill
Thank Goodness- Lenis Guess
Let Home Cross Your Mind- Sir Guy
Recipe For Love- Lack of Afro Ft. Jack Tyson Charles

Whole Lotta Nothin’- Missy Andersen
***Live On air Conversation with Missy Andersen***
Hey Now- Missy Andersen
D.O.N.- Underground System
Simbora (Let’s Go)- Sergio Mendes Ft. Carlinhos Brown
.45- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

Life is Good (Titeknots Remix)- Ephemorals



The first half of the show was a place to hide in:

Sugaree- Grateful Grass (live)
Silver & Pearls- Big Daddy Love
Spinning Streets- Jeff Cohen

Crickets- Sondre Lerche
Child of War- Lipbone Redding
Sydney- Robin Gibbs (live)

The Victor’s Hymm- Mike Nagoda
Path of Needles- Mike Nagoda

Askin’ too Much- Greg Hester
Aqualude II- Dana Lyn
Carping- Dana Lyn
Queequeg- Dana Lyn
Cream Puff War- the Seventh Ring of Saturn
Morlock- Mother of Sorrows

Tame- History of Apple Pie
In the Pines- Sara Mitra
The Wheel- Gemma Ray
Man- Katie Burden
Motherless Child (Love’s not for War)- Elephant Stone

***Mustapha Shotgun Weather Forcast***
Picture of the Future- Treat Her Right
Cheap Sunglasses- Umphrey’s McGee (live 4/12/2014, Wanee)
Right Now- Col. Bruce Hampton
Dippermouth Blues- Dr. John Ft. James Andrews


I’m Your

the second half of the Labor Day fill in proGram had Tina’s moves in mind….

World “Hurricane”- Air
Dead Bodies- Air
Carousel Ride- Rubblebucket
Write with the Moon, Rite with the Moon, Right with the Moon- Desdamona
Surrender- Soulstice
Enjoy the Wait- Morcheeba
Musique de L’Me- Dub Gabriel
Revolution Radio- Rocky Dawuni
Interlude- Telepath
Feel the Vibe- Upground
Hypocrite- Antibalas
See the Light- Basement Boys w/Mudfoot Jones
Pablo’s Blues- Gare du Nord
Death Letter- Johnny Farmer
Freeway to Uskudar- the Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Ska Ka Bop- the Brroklyn Funk Essentials
the Brooklynites- Soul Coughing
Dance of the Cosmos Aliens- Michael Ray & the Cosmic Krewe
Trem Das Onze- Adorian Barboza


Peter Piper Picked

This first half of the Labor Day fill in proGram got picked:

Nashville Flood- Big Daddy Love
Spinning Streets- Jeff Cohen
Louisiana Blues- Maya Beiser

Thriller- Jake Shimabukuro (live Toyama Club Mairo, Japan)
Don’t you Lie to me- the Rolling Stones
Hank- Treat Her Right
Give it Wheels- A.K.A.C.O.D. (live)
Drum Boogie- Big Harp George
Katrina- Generation Blues Experience
White Boy With The Blues- Grady Champion
Born on the River- Hurricane Ruth

The Devil’s in the Details- Kirby Sewell Band
Ramblin’ Man- David Vest

All Saint’s Day- Van Morrison with George Fame & Friends

Like it This Way- Fleetwood Mac (live)
Key to the Highway- the Derek Trucks Band (live)
Free Money- Patti Smith
Nature’s Way- Black Tempest
Where Have all the People Gone- Soft Hearted Scientists
Before I Was Born- Soft Hearted Scientists

Rockin’ Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu- Aerosmith
Easy Money- King Crimson (live)
France Road- Superfrog
Drive my Car- Curtis Harding
The Full Monty- Anne Dudley
Theme From the Pink Panther- Derick Sebastian & Pure Heart


Behind Closed Skies

The Second half of the Sunday early morning open schedule fill in was that spot that transfers liGht into, sound:

Djarimirri- Geoffrey Gurrumul
Em Todo Lugar Voz Boa- Moreno Veloso

Mrs. Robinson- Jame Shimabukuro
Kyngyrgay Kohn- Chirgilchin
Chuguruk Aat- Chirgilchin
Agua/Vido- Uakti
Danca Das Abelhas/Flor e Mel- Uakti
Poona- Zakir Hussain Ft. Shivkumar Sharma (live)
Ambala- Zakir Hussain Ft. Sultan Khan (live)
Specially for You- DakhaBrakha
Waiting by the Sea- Kobo Town
Summertime- Sarah Vaughn with Studio Rio

Temple Isis- Panchito
Bohemio- Peliroja
Amor Mio- Los Taino
Wepaje- :a Chiva Gantiva
Mashaal- Jalilah Raks Sharki
World Without Feat- Antibalas
Vison Fiberoptics- the Polish Ambassador Ft. Sean Haefeli
Vegallomas- Hungaria
Hoje- Taiguara
El Hedia- Hassan Hakmoun
Samadhi Sitaram- Krishna Das


Set and Spike

The first half of the final early morning open schedule fill in plays well with others, when they come from the other direction and all:

Regenesis Dawn #7- Tal Gur
The Curse of Knowledge- Mats/Morgan
Debts of Honor- Wadada Leo Smith/Jamie Saft/Joe Morris/Balazs Pardi
Mr. Now- the Bad Plus

Moanin’ at Midnight- Maya Beiser
So What/Smells Like Teen Spirit- NEK Trio
Some Day We Will All Be Free- Miguel Atwood Ferguson Ensemble Ft. Bilal (live in L.A.)

Te Reo o Papatuanuku- Kataraina Pipi
‘Taint no Use- Maxine Sullivan
I Was Doing All Right- Louis Armstrong & Oscar Peterson
You got that Right- the Microscopic Septet
La Strada- Sex Mob
Gift of Three- Tumi Mogorosi
Hommage a Rakofozafy- Jef Gilson & Malagasy
Latin Feeling- Henri Pierre Noel

So Do it- Paul Carr
The Latin Side of Your Mama- Benjamin Lapidus & Kari B
Either Way- Harvey Mason
You Touch My Brain- Al Jarreau Ft. Dr. John
Henry’s Boogie- Henry Butler & Steven Bernstein with the Hot 9

Barbara- Afro Bop Alliance
The Rhythm is Gonna Get You- Ed Stone
Alpha Dog- Interstatic

Sir Paul- Steve Bailey
Too Much- Kendrick Scott Oracle


Places of Stone

The third portion of the other day’s proGram was the pile on:

Boogie Back Accra- The Shaolin Afronauts
More Bread to the People- Action 13
Freaking Out- Question Mark

***Live on air conversation with Mustapha and Tom Turkey Goobler***
Soul Dance Number Three- Wilson Pickett
To My Surprise- Myles Sanko

Mole Skin- Bobby Mitchell
Cocek! Brass Band Theme Song- Cocek Brass Band
Death Blow- Lowdown Brass Band
Siguele- Abstrako

World Girl (Reprise)- Kyle Hollingsworth
Pack it Up- Kyle Hollingsworth
Cisco Kid- the Dream Logic Ft. Eric Krasno

13.5- J.A. Granelli & Mr. Lucky
Night Stick No- Upground
Infinite Paradise Station- Telepath
Nobody’s Fault- Dread Zeppelin
Look in the Sky- Electric Wire Hustle
Turn Da Beat Up- Big Freedia

Quit Wastin’ Time- Hippie Sabotage
Simple Science- Zero 7

La Danseuse- Astronomix
Take Off- Lords of Acid
Mermaid of Salinas- Basement Jaxx
Daddy Come Home- Tom Tom Club
Harmon Session Special XI- Black Star Liner