Screened In

The second half of the proGram could get in and get out, but you’re not going to capture it to keep:

Money Man- Col. Bruce Hampton
Knock on Wood- William Bell with Stax Music Academy
Keep on Shining- Curtis Harding

Everybody Knows (River Song)- Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens
In My Room- Lenis Guess
Catch That Teardrop- the BlueBeaters

Sem Amor (Rhythm & Brass Mix)- Coleman Brothers
Sissy Strut- the Jimmy Lewis Trio
Snake Oil Man- Black Market Brass
Nobody Can Live Forever- Tim Maia
Captain Thunder- Hugh Gledhill
Ellis Street Summit- MKG
Bring it Back- Akashic Record
Soul Shoutin’- Dan Moretti & the Hammond Boys (live at Chan’s)
Helicopters & Tomato Sauce- Big Fun 3

2L84U- Submotion Orchestra
Tumultuous Time Interlude- Adam & Kizzie
Tumultuous Time- Adam & Kizzie

Computer Blue- Radio Riddler
Hurt Up Your Brother- GPGDS

Jets- Bonobo
Mork Signing Off (losing a Friend)- Robin Williams


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