FIll in Brain Rawwk!

Don’t put that in there…well, in this case…these rocks belong in the Ear. I built this show around a live conversation with friends of the show Mel & Rich of Sirsy…but when Rich was driving throuGh the Blue Ridge Mountains, he just couldn’t suMMit quick enouGh. I always suspected. So, this is the raucous event that still went on, over the hills with Thursday rocks in your ear-holes:

Doojiman- Iggy & the Stooges (session outtake)
Camarillo- Fear
Health Plan- Pissed Jeans

Sometimes with our Knowledge- Tsigoti
Name that Tune- Survival Knife
Mama Said- Bad Cop
Smut- Vicky Cryer
Salt on a Slug- the Growlers

Micajah with His Hands Up- Big Harp
Death Proof- Kate Nash
Shake Her- Bettie Serveert
Killer- Sirsy
Cannonball- Sirsy

Drunks- Evil Stig
The Regulator- Bad Brains
Not Hurt- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
Nightfalls- My Gold Mask
What I do for U- Ra Ra Riot
Halloween People- the Soft Hearted Scientists
Kashmir- Koby Israelite


S’nice Ice

Sometime what it looks like is much different that it truly is…the second half of the proGram releases that feeling that my eyes deceive me but this is not always such a terrible thing…Here is the set as it went thru those moments of airwaved disbelief:

Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover- the Hawk Ft. Little Hannah Collins
June- Gizelle Smith (TM Juke Remix)
Dancing with my Mates Till Dawn- the Baker Brothers

Wade in the Water- the Slide Brothers
You’re the One- Kings go Forth
All my Life- Fluorescent Smogg
Simple Song- Zebra

Old Ground- Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra
Everything Scatter- Fela Kuti
Soliel de ma Vie- Baba Salah
Poye- Bassekou Koutaye (live 2011 Festival au Desert)

Lift yo Body up- AfroQBen
Lo Que Tengo Que Decir- Bomba Estereo
Quem Tem Odio- Cesaria Evora
Ondas do Mar- Domenico
Take me to the Dance- Freshlyground

Babanawa- Groovesession (live 02/24/2012 Winstons, SanDiego. CA)->
Toyi Toyi(protest dancer)-Groovesession (live 02/24/2012 Winstons, SanDiego. CA)
Root Down (and get it)- Rock Candy Funk Party

Dr. J.- Romanowski
Come Smoke my Herb- Next Collective

Sense Enjoyer- Leech


from Shore to Shore

The first half of the proGram flew with the eaGle soar, swam with the finned and was off from one side to the other…

One More Day- Sol Driven Train
Pendulum- Making Moves
What Good is Moonlight- the Virgins

I, Animal- My Gold Mark
The Laughing Man- Una

Paloma- El Sortivo & the Bloodz
Can’t Come Down- Keller Williams

Green Dress Maryland Welcome Center 95 NB- Curtis Hasselbring
Sky Bleached- Dylan Ryan w/Sand
Complex #7- Guapo
Panska Freak Show- Fru Fru

Keeping the Light up- Rob Mazurek Octet
M.C.- the Kadinsky Effect
You have an Active Mind & a Keen Imagination- Mike Davis

Tippin’ In- Hadden Sayers
On the Road- Grady Champion
Rock Steady- Wet Willie (live 8/13/2011 Woodstock GA

From a Buick 6- Treat Her Right
Peace & Love- Neil Young
Minimum Wage- BK Anderson
Don’t you just Know it- Huey PIANO Smith & the Clowns
Shadoorack- Stereo Express
I Can Smell that Funky Music- Eric Mercury

Fools Gold- Angeline Morrison
I Must be in a Good Place now- Shannon McNally
Break Free (Shake a Tail Feather)- Nicole Willis & the Soul Invesigators


Hear the flow

I want to thank Mike Dillon for being a guest on the proGram. Mike is one of those musicians who happens to be involved with many projects that I have shared throughout the years. It is always a pleasured reminder when speaking to artists like Mike of why I choose to do radio, and especially the conversation with the artist themselves part. The Mike Dillon Band is in town opening for Umphrey’s McGee at the Orpheum and we discussed what the set up for that would be, including the players in the band, the instrumentation and the way this New Orleans Punk sound works along-side what other bands do. We spoke of the differences his new release “Urn” provides a listener, the experience of dead flowers in a vase vs. live flowers…We even touched on how some of those other projects of his (Garage a Trois, Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade) make their way into this new album and a live show. I also had time to feature some tuneaGe in this second part of the proGram….

OctopusE- Rock Candy Funk Party
Heaven on Earth- Larry Young
Wig Wise- Terri Lynn Carrington
Alternate Agenda- Nick Finzer
The Blues is Alright- UCF Jazz Ensemble I & Jazz Workshop (Jeff Rupert Director)

Chamans Interlude- Billy Martin’s Wicked Knee
DVS- the Mike Dillon Band

**Live on air Conversation with Mike Dillon**
Fluorescent Sunburn- the Mike Dillon Band
River is Burning- the Mike Dillon Band
All Inside (Photon Halo Remix)- Kyle Hollingsworth

Wanderlust- Polly Scattergood
Under the Sun (Blue Foundation Remix)- Ghost Society

Canaan- Mister Lies
The Bandit- Gorula
Rushin Attack- Latryx
Rocas- Bomba Estereo

The Very Thought of you- Meiko
Play- Marcelo Fruet & Os Cozinheiros
Reed Adventures- Thomas Lukassek
Wenik- Thomas Lukassek


Vas is Dis

The eyes miGht be tricked but I think the ears got it fiGured out. The first half of today’s proGram were not foolin’ anyone:

Never Grow Old- Oli Rockberger
My Home- Oli Rockberger

Caravan- Jacky Terrasson
Hallelujah- T.V. Mike & the Scarecrows
Haywood- Transient Songs
Instant Happiness- Gary Reynolds & the Brides of Obscurity
Water on the Brain- The Neutron Drivers
Light Years to Nothing- the Soft Hearted Scientists

Cannonball- Sirsy
They Told Me- Sallie Ford & the Outside Sound

Why Won’t you Tell Me- Swig
Cookie Jar- Grady Champion
Crazy Enough- Hadden Sayers
Keep on Smilin’- Wet Willie (live 8/13/2011 Woodstock GA)
Praise You- the Slide Brothers
I don’t Like you but I Love you- the Lucky Peterson Band Ft. Tamara Peterson (live at 55 Arts Club Berlin)

Hit a Man- Treat Her Right
Standing by Your Window- Treat Her Right
A Little Strange- Twinemen
Our Favorite Part- Superhuman Happiness
I Bet your Good on the Dancefloor- Baby Charles
I Dream of Bahia- Ray Lugo L.E.S. Express Ft. Elani
Rehab- Trio Valore

Come on- Third Coast Kings
Yo Toda Tu Yo- the Rugged Nuggets


Madison Symphony Orchestra

The niGht was as expected. With Alban Gertardt blowing us away with his cello-stry during the Prokofiev piece and a srunning solo thereafter…. Here is the Saturday evenings proGram:

John DeMain: Conductor

Rapsodic Espagnole
Prelude a la nuit

Sinfonia Concertante (Symphony-Concerto)
for Cello and Orchestra, Op. I25)

Allegro giusto
Andante con moto

Mr. Gerhardt


Symphony No. 4 in B-flat Major, Op. 60

Adagio–Allegro Vivace
Allegro molto e vivace
Allegro ma non troppo


Choice Walk

I want to thank J.T. Nero from Birds of Chicago for being a guest on the proGram. We chatted live on air about the upcoming show Friday, February 15th at the High Noon Saloon with Elephant Revival, the new album (self titled and self released) as well as the potential for the first rock opera about tapeworms. (the Itch?). The set building after the conversation used many different material as you will see to get the building up…’s the tools used:

Moonglow Tapeworm- Birds of Chicago
**Live on air Conversation with J.T. Nero of Birds of Chicago**
Sugar Dumplin’- Birds of Chicago
Strictly Reserved for You- Charles Bradley
What I did in the Street- Barbara King
People- Ellipis
Life Goes on- Freak
the Feeling Sublime- Angeline Morrison

Move as One- the Herbaliser
Good Man- Hundred Strong & Joseph Mailk Ft. Lou Angel
Garth Hudson- Javelin
The Stars- Javelin

Pisicodelia- Zuzuka Poderosa & Kush Arora (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
Corked (Original Mix)- Nigel Hayes & Clare Large
Snap, Crackle and Pop- Dobie
Dirty Heart- AfroQben Ft. Ras Attitude
The People’s Reply- El Haqq

Dubai- DJ Sun
It ain’t the Prettiest- Atmosphere Ft. Brother Ali/Carnage the Executioner/Haphduzn

La Bien, Le Mal- Guru Ft. MC Solaar
Ride my Radio- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
Seven Lives- the Louie Belogenis Trio
Grass Roots- Terri Lynn Carrington
Red Song- Vusi Mahlasela
Earthquake (translation 1)- Deep Forest->
Forest Power- Deep Forest
Om (invocation)- MC Yogi
Elephant Power- MC Yogi Ft. Bhagavan Das
Chakra Beatbox- MC Yogi


Off with a Blade

Always carry a blade with me….The first half of today’s proGram includes support for the Midwest Midwinter Gypsy Swing Festival and you can’t help swinging into it:

Interlude- Olin Rockberger
Two Feet- Olin Rockberger

Cherokee- Jacky Terasson
Shadow Waltz- Jerry Byrd
Citaco- Chicken Chokers
Track One- Opus 4
Bistro Fada- Stephane Wrembel
Things that Go- Harmonious Wail Ft. Gonzalo Bergara
Red on Red- John Jorgenson
Micro- Alfonso Ponticelli w/Swing Gitan
Bolero Blues- Caravan GSE

Waking World- El Sportivo & the Blooz
Lady & the Tramp- Vicky Cryer
Don’t Play with Guns- the Black Angels
Romanticize Me- Pissed Jeans

Swim & Sleep (like a Shark)- Unknown Mortal Orchestra
One at a Time- Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Goin’ Down Geneva- Van Morrison
Country Side of Life- Wet Willie (live 08/13/2011 Woodstock GA)
No Cheap Seats in Heaven- the Slide Brothers
I’m Not Tired- the Lee Boys Ft. Warren Haynes
How Do I, Why do I- the Lucky Peterson Band Ft. Tamara Peterson (live at the 55 Arts Club Berlin)

Saturday- Twinemen
Come Back- Treat Her Right
Blister 2000- the Violent Femmes


Wax Tailor was the House

After having “Wax Tailor” on the proGram to talk about the latest release, and what one could expect from the show on February 6th at the High Noon Saloon, one would think we would have been prepped for the event, you know, be ready for it. But as quick as the stage was on for Wax Tailor, we were brought into a story, a plot-line…an individual experience within a shared doing…..we we all going. We were featured in this film. The set was an experience pieced together by the visual minds eye escape as well as the surveyor of the crowd, the watchers of their surroundings got more than bargained for as well. The infamous WT soundbytes were the laces on the grooved up beat shoes, it held the story tiGht. It all made no…yet sense all at the same time. The music made it happen. The tunes got lush with funky lounged down and up grooves surrounded by a hip hop facilitation by Mattic on the Mic. He said it, he felt it and he meant it. When Charlotte Savary was on the stage, we were lured into a state of the otherworld, a hypnotic voyage where the words were ridden over the music, over the crowd….toGether but solo. When the show came to a close, it was one of those were you gather yourself back, and I swear I saw my name rolling down within the credits.


The Itsy Bitsy

I want to thank J.C. (Wax Tailor) for being a guest on this portion of the proGram. We spoke of the upcoming show at the High Noon Saloon on February 6th. We got into the making of his latest project (Dusty Rainbow From The Dark), from the story of it all to the way it plays out…and we got into how each show musically and artistically brings out the influence within the experience. ConGrats to Sean for taking home a pair of tixx to the upcoming event. Here is the music that went with:

Cirrus- Bonobo
I Never Found Out- Adam & Bikini

***Live on air Conversation with Wax Tailor***
Exordium- Wax Tailor
Dusty Rainbow- Wax Tailor Ft. Charlotte Savoy
Time to Go- Wax Tailor Ft. Aloe Blacc

Incent- Christopher Franke
In the Middle with you- Jamie Dunlap/Scott Nickoley/Stephen Lang

Lion Run- Midnight Spin
Damp Face- La Luz

Ach pa ti Caribe- Abgel D’Cuba
VocĂȘ- Dom La Nena

I am There- Grasshoppers
Saduva- Gibson Kente
No Vision- Elikeh
Mommy Daddy You & I- Talking Heads
With my Hands- Kimbra
Dionysian- Mister Lies
Buffalo Flower- the Mynabirds
Heart Seed- DJ Sun Ft. Leah Alvarez
Single Status- Mozart’s Sister

Theia- Hundred Waters


Which way to Play

It’s all about the you choose….

Here’s the first half of the show’s chosen:

Flying Dreams- Birds of Chicago
Old Numbers- Caitlin Rose

Set Ourselves Free- Uncle Lucius
Underdog- Sol Driven Train
All Night Long- Swig
Some People are Born Strange- Big Harp
Good News- Big Harp
MT. Washington- Local Natives

She got Kick- Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite
Easy Street- Wet Willie (live in Woodstock, GA)

Blue Moon of Kentucky- Hot Tuna (live at Sweetwater)
Lonesome Johhny Blues- Leftover Salmon/Cracker
Nobody’s fault but Mine- the Como Mamas
Are you Ready Cat- Angeline Morrison
Tsunami- the Rugged Nuggets
Lost in the Crowd- Billy Byrd

Right on for the Darkness- Willie Wright
I’ve got it- Tobert
Twin Peaks- Alice Russell

Stars- Cochema Gastelum
If you don’t Mean it (I don’t Need it)- the Dynamites Ft. Charles Walker
Good Times- Brother Joscephus & the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra (live at Brooklyn Bowl)
Mother Dove- the Herbaliser
Flower Sermon- Lotus (live) ->
Sunrain- Lotus (live)
Dope on a Rope- Rock Candy Funk Party
DnA (Miles Away from Home)- Chris Spies