With A View

The final part of this week’s proGram knew exactly how things looked.

Centralia- Mostly Other People Do The Killing
Mr. Marble Eyes (Marbles for His Eyes)- M Ross Perkins
The Other Side- The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble

Kyoto Cocktail- Marcus Rezak, Eddie Roberts & Kris Myers Ft. Chris Duffy & Tyler Adams
Pasajero- Joe Sturges
Cookin’ with 3 Burners- Kerbside Collection
Ortigas- Kerbside Collection

Perfectly Imperfect- The Jazz Defenders Ft. Doc Brown
Mantra- Immy Owusu
Jun Satori- Fiendsh Ft. Puddie

Lost in the valley of Gourds- Mirage
The Lost Palm Oasis- Mirage

Winter Rose- Marco Benevento

Closer Looking

Middle part of the proGram went in a little closer for a better peek.

In The Wee Wee Hours- The Duke Robillard Band
Johnny B Goode- Mike Zito (Live)
greenarrowradio promo- Professor Louie & The Crowmatix
Tick Tock- Professor Louie & The Crowmatix

I’m the Man- Walk That Walk
It’s Cocktail Time!- Walk That Walk
I’m as Good as Gone- John Mayall Ft. Buddy Miller
One Special Lady- John Mayall Ft. Jake Shimabukuro

Been So Long- Jorma Kaukonen
**pre-recorded conversation with Jorma Kaukonen**
Nashville Blues- Jorma Kaukonen
Water Song- Hot Tuna
Sea Child- Hot Tuna
Ode for Billy Dean- Hot Tuna

Beyond the 7th Bend- Congotronics International
Need Your Love So Bad- Gov’t Mule (live)
Death May Be Your Santa Claus- Chris Robinson & Howlin’ Rain

This Here View

The first part of this week’s proGram had a hawk’s eye view of it all.

Ode to the Road- Dan Horne

This Town’s Seen the Last of Me- Scott Ramminger (Live)
Mirror Image- Scott Ellison
greenarrowradio promo- The Love Light Orchestra
I Must Confess- The Love Light Orchestra
Give Me a Break- The Love Light Orchestra

Hustler- Bernard Allison Ft. Bobby Rush
Magnificent Heart- Debra Power
I Just Want to Make Love to You- Brigitte Purdy
Meet Me in New Orleans- Karl Stoll and The Danger Zone

Extra Nice- Kathy Murray & The Kilowatts
Get Ahold of Yourself- Kathy Murray & The Kilowatts
She’s A Georgia Peach- Reddog and Friends
Chicken Heads- Buddy Guy Ft. Bobby Rush
Here I’m Is- The Duke Robillard Band

More Time With Jorma

A Grammy-winning American guitar player and rock & roll Hall of Famer, Jorma Kaukonen may be best known as a founding member of psychedelic rock legends Jefferson Airplane and cult blues-rockers, and one of my personal favorites, Hot Tuna. His fingerstyle guitar method, which is rooted in blues, folk, and Americana, has made him an influential figure and in-demand instructor — he operates his own guitar camp [see Fur Peace Ranch]. In addition to his work with Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna, Jorma is a prolific collaborator and successful solo artist who has released albums at a steady pace since the late 1970s. Jorma was born and grew up in Washington, D.C., where he first turned to the guitar. He lived in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early ’60s, playing backup to singer Janis Joplin in local clubs. In 1965, he became a founding member of Jefferson Airplane, which soared to fame in 1967. Though his songs and vocals were not prominently featured in the band, his distinctive guitar-playing was crucial to its sound. With bassist Jack Casady, he formed a spinoff duo from the group in 1970 called Hot Tuna, and this became his primary musical vehicle after Jefferson Airplane split in 1973. Hot Tuna recorded a series of albums on which Jorma sang and played guitar until 1978. After that, he worked as a soloist and with such groups as Vital Parts (1980). Jorma reunited with Casady in Hot Tuna during the ’80s, and both participated in the 1989 reunion of Jefferson Airplane. A Hot Tuna reunion album appeared the following year. Jorma has remained active as the 20th century ended and the 21st began, regularly touring and recording in different configurations before finding a home with Red House Records, which released acclaimed efforts like Stars in My Crown, (2007), River of Time (2009), Ain’t in No Hurry (2015), and The River Flows (2021).

It is not fair to try and put forth a ‘here’s what Jorma has done’ bio, he has been such an inspirational force in both his own career, and the careers of others. I had the complete pleasure of catching back up with our pal as he heads to the Mineral Point Opera House on March 5th. We paint a picture for any first timers, get deep into the Hot Tuna scene and there is even something really super cool in the works for Jefferson Airplane for this coming October. Jorma is not shy to talk about what’s been going on, as you can tell from his blog and his oft-updated website – so it is easy to know what is going on. We get into the Burgers/birthday celebration slated for April 22nd at Carnegie Hall with friends of the proGram, Teresa Williams and Larry Campbell, and how influential that album still feels today. The conversation is as smooth as many of his lyrics and pickin’- oh, there is even a mention of a new guitar that will make an appearance here in Wisconsin. While it sounds ike two pals getting together and talkin’ shop, there is a lot happening in this chat to keep you looped in, and turned on.

Blue Light Special

The final part of the proGram went over and beyond.

House of the Rising Sun- Somi
Milele- Somi Ft. Seun Kuti & Thandiswa
From West Sea Part 1 (excerpt)- Yamash’ta & The Horizon Sunrise

Moch- DLÙ
Shur Shӑpaler- DIVA Ethno Future Sound
Babushka- Dobranotch

Awakening- Yungchen Lhamo

Ancestral (Novalima Remix)- Punku
Artifact22 (Dub Version)- Eric Hilton
All Night Long- Pachyman Ft. Winter
Legalize It- Brownskin_Moses

Got Lit Down

The middle portion of the proGram knew what to do with some extra light.

Inner Beast- Micah Graves
Odd Times- Micah Graves
The Hague- Micah Graves
Come As You Are- Jean Carne/Adrian Younge/Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Animal Crossing New Horizons Theme- Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Hero Trio
Missouri Uncompromised- Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Hero Trio
Bámbula- Alex “Apolo” Ayala

Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel- Javon Jackson
**pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Javon Jackson**
Night Song- Javon Jackson Ft. Nikki Giovanni
Wade in the Water- Javon Jackson

Light That Weigh

The first part of the proGram didn’t hold back from joining in.

Root Fruit- Adam Larson
Witches- The Le Coq All Stars Ft. Vinnie Colaiuta, Chris Colangelo, Rick Margitza, Bill Cunliffe, Jake Langley & Alex Acuña
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough- The BBB Featuring Bernie Dresel

Interpret It Well- Ches Smith

Canopy of Trees- Brian Landrus
Don’t Break- Immanuel Wilkins Ft. Farafina Kan Percussion Ensemble
Tiny Beat- Greg Spero
Straight Shooter- Greg Spero Ft. Darryl Jones & Jeff Parker
Maxwell Street- Greg Spero Ft. Joel Ross, Irvin Pierce, Darryl Jones, Marquis Hill & Jeff Parker

Part 7- Avishai Cohen Quartet

The Gospel According to Nikki Giovanni

Why would one of poetry’s most revered voices want to curate a jazz saxophonist’s album of gospel hymns and spirituals? “These songs are so important,” says Nikki Giovanni, one of Oprah’s 25 “Living Legends” and a Maya Angelou Lifetime Achievement Award winner for 2017. “They comforted people through times of slavery, and during recent years we needed them to comfort us again. But a lot of the students today do not know about the history of these songs, and they should. So I’m out here putting water on the flowers, because they need a drink.” Giovanni’s historic collaboration with saxophonist-composer and former Jazz Messenger Javon Jackson has yielded The Gospel According to Nikki Giovanni, available today on his Solid Jackson label. “The spirituals have been around so long,” says the renowned poet, activist and educator, who came to prominence in the 1960s and ’70s as a foundational member of the Black Arts movement following the publication of such early works as 1968’s book of poetry Black Feeling, Black Talk/Black Judgment and 1970’s Re:Creation. “Some spirituals have been updated and stayed around and some have been lost over time,” Giovanni notes “So for me, it’s just helping to keep something going. And I do it because there’s a need.” Jackson brings his bold-toned, Trane-inspired tenor lines to bear on a series of hymns, spirituals and gospel numbers hand-picked by Giovanni, who was also the first person to receive the Rosa L. Parks Women of Courage Award. And the 78-year-old poet makes a rare vocal appearance on the tender ballad “Night Song,” singing a song identified with her close friend, the late civil rights activist and High Priestess of Soul, Nina Simone. Joined by an outstanding crew comprised of pianist Jeremy Manasia, bassist David Williams and drummer McClenty Hunter — the same lineup that appeared on Jackson’s 2018 album For You and his 2020 follow-up, Deja Vu — Jackson interprets gospel staples like “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” “Wade in the Water,” “Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel” and “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” with authoritative tenor tones, deep walking bass lines and an organic sense of group swing. “It’s the first time I worked in a collaborative manner,” Jackson says. “The project is personal for me. I come from a lineage of devout Christians, and that has afforded me the chance to connect with that ancestral stream. Captured live at Telefunken Studios in South Windsor, CT, the 10 tunes were all done without the use of headphones, another first for Javon. “This music is something that people will probably be a little surprised to see coming from me,” he says. But given the state of the world, it could be just in time. Both poet and saxophonist stand on the shoulders of their ancestors on The Gospel According to Nikki Giovanni.

I had the complete honor to connect with Mr. Jackson to discuss the creation of this project – the way the seeds were nurtured into the beautiful and important flowers released today. We talk about the choice singing by Nikki Giovanni to honor her friend, Nina Simone – how the interpretation of well know tunes made him feel and how one of the miGhty poet’s poems was placed ever so perfectly in a familiar tune. My words cannot express the depth of cool within these 10 tracks, nor the conversation Mr. Jackson and I share in discussion of it. Please earGrab both and let them take you where they will.

Icey Lay

The final part of this week’s proGram couldn’t take the cold nap.

The Take Off Pt. 2- The Mighty Mocambos Ft. Nichola Richards & JSwiss
Cuervos Stomp- Professor Angel Dust
Seaweed- Cavolo Nero
Could You Be Loved- Dance Party Time Machine
Baby, Got a Light- Middle Name Dance Band

For Sure- Ziad Rahbani

The Last Goodbye- ODESZA Ft. Bettye LaVette

Cannibal Capital- Guerilla Toss
In Saint-Gilles- Werkha Ft. Le Motel
Swirl- Quiet Dawn
We Can Do Everything- Quiet Dawn
No More Magical- Wax Tailor Ft. Mick Jenkins

Artifact22- Eric Hilton

Flaked Fun

The middle part of the proGram had it’s own kinda fun going on.

Breaking Free- El Perro Ft. Parker Griggs
3000AD Mass- St. Paul & The Broken Bones
Blues Before Sunrise- Gov’t Mule Ft. Hook Herrera

Just A Bad Boy- Bob Stroger & The Headcutters Ft. Luciano Leães
Come On Home- Bob Stroger & The Headcutters Ft. Luciano Leães
How The Blues Feel- Misty Blues Ft. Big Llou Johnson

Lord Hold My Hand- Dedicated Men of Zion
Rock My Soul- Dedicated Men of Zion
I’m Yours- Laura Rain and the Caesars
Stay Firm- Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks
Miss Information- Sugaray Rayford

Nine Lives- Kendra Morris
Someone Else- Kendra Morris
Slip ‘N’ Slide- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
The Take Off – Part 1- The Mighty Mocambos

Salad Scrapes

The first part of the proGram had a few greens left in the bowl.

Texas Fireball- Chris Castino & Chicken Wire Empire Ft. Keller Williams & Andy Hall
Kangaroo- Chris Castino & Chicken Wire Empire
Shanty Town- Chris Castino & Chicken Wire Empire Ft. Vince Herman
How Long- Goodnight, Texas

Salinas- Terry Klein
Harvest Moon- The Brothers Comatose & AJ Lee
Oasis in the Yard- Drunken Prayer
White Mustang- Cat Power
A Very Unusual Head- The Slambovian Circus of Dreams

Lost in Space- Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music
Make More Friends- Thollem
Individual Like You- Thollem
Sun Don’t Wait- Thollem
The Bottom- Luke Stewart’s Silt Trio

A Free Society- Night Crickets
***pre-recorded conversation with Victor DeLorenzo***
Candlestick Park- Night Crickets
Little Did I- Night Crickets
Cello and Drums Forever- Nineteen Thirteen

Victor DeLorenzo and Night Crickets

Debut release from David J (Bauhaus, Love And Rockets), Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes) and multi-instrumentalist Darwin Meiners. Iconic bands in the history of alternative music certainly include Bauhaus, Love And Rockets, and Violent Femmes. San Francisco born artist Darwin Meiners was a fan of all three. A chance meeting 13 years ago with David J grew into a friendship, and Darwin not only became a bandmate, but David J’s manager. After reaching out to Victor DeLorenzo through e-mail, Darwin met the Violent Femmes drummer after the Femmes’ Coachella set in 2013. Soon after the 3 collaborated on Darwin’s 2014 release Souvenir. As the pandemic took hold, Darwin was looking for a new project to occupy the lock-down time and approached Victor, who was down to proceed and suggested that David join as well. The musical trust established between the 3 was immediate and Night Crickets were born. Within weeks a global process was initiated between them, the recordings eventually forming the album, A Free Society, now out on Omnivore Recordings. (The band’s name came from one of many Zoom meetings between the 3 members. After addressing a few pressing musical issues, the conversation rambled somewhat and turned to the subject of David Lynch, with David J telling an anecdote which was told to him by Lynch’s sound designer, John Neff. Lynch had asked Neff to obtain a field recording of crickets chirping at night for inclusion in Mulholland Drive. When Neff played him the tape, the director immediately recognized the sound that the insects make when it is light which is apparently a little different to their nocturnal chirp. “No! No! No! These are day crickets, John! I want my night crickets!” Victor, Darwin, and David then shared a look of mutual realization and instantly agreed that the project now had a name!)

I had the chance to find time in the field with our pal, Victor DeLorenzo to have a moment of reunite of Frail Pagans, our occasional open-minded share time. We got into the hatching of Night Crickets – and the results that proudly get to be shared into the ears of many. If this group sounds appealing to you – they are….and if they don’t…time to catch up. We also get into the creation of a new Nineteen Thirteen single, album on the way and who the alien being is that added that little something new I am hearing. As I type, we are hopeful to get Nineteen Thirteen back in Madison and maybe wherever you are, they are a welcoming certain THAT, you didn’t know you were needing.

Twisting Turned

The final part of the proGram knew how to weave into what you needed.

Cold Baby- The Voice of Lajorun, Samson Olawale & Session Resurrection
Listwar Zanset- Small Island Big Song Ft. Emlyn & Putad
Bring the Sun- The Black Seeds

Entangled- Mamak Khadem
Dorum Doyun- Aleksey Khovalyg
Sergei- The Reluctant Cosmonaut

Papa Wemba- Pierre Kwenders
Joy- Samm Henshaw
Tie Break- Sly5thAve & Roberto Verastegui
Las Tardes- Tambino
Gourmet Trap- Da Fly Hooligan

Neptune Beach- Pete Calandra and Straight Up
Monaco- Makaya McCraven
Coppin’ The Haven- Makaya McCraven

Threads In

Mid portion of the show was made with all the care needed to last.

Yalla Kichou Barra- Ziad Rahbani
5 to 7 PM- Ziad Rahbani
Relative Calm (Houdou Nisbi)- Ziad Rahbani

To Love the World- Electric Beethoven, Reed Mathis & Todd Stoops Ft. Clay Welch & Josh Raymer

Drive (Instrumental)- Freekbass
Doing My Own Thing- Cliff Beach
I Wanna Be Where You Are- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
Uncertainty- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio

Who We Are- Kendra Morris
***pre-recorded conversation with Kendra Morris***
Keep Walking- Kendra Morris
Got Me Down- Kendra Morris

Forgotten Fabrix

The first part of this week’s proGram erases away that which stumps.

Minnesota Moon- Chris Castino & Chicken Wire Empire
Watcha Gonna Do?- Dan Weber
The Balla of Dick Trickle- Terry Klein
Bluebird- Dana Cooper

A Stiffer Drink- Travellin’ Blue Kings
That’s My Name- Bob Stroger & The Headcutters Ft. Luciano Leães
Rock and Rolling This House- Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne
African Hunch- Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne

Do My Thing- Misty Blues
Seal of Fate- Misty Blues
Old Devil Moon- Soul Message Band Ft. Hinda Hoffman/Chris Foreman/Lee Rothenberg/Greg Ward

Seems Like Old Times- Sundae + Mr. Goessl
A Change Is Gonna Come- Dedicated Men of Zion
Jeannine- Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinit

Nine Lives from Kendra Morris

Kendra Morris’ new LP Nine Lives, due to be released on Karma Chief Records in early 2022, marks not only the culmination of the decade since the release of her first LP Banshee, but also a turning point in Kendra’s life professionally/personally. This album heralds the beginning of a new chapter; a new label, and an evolution to the next level of adulthood. Nine Lives is a collection of her original songs encapsulating moments from what could be nine lifetimes lived over a chronological time period, or nine lives lived simultaneously in parallel and convergent realities. With zero plans of slowing down and an innate belief in only evolving, the question lies in what will be her next nine lives?

Nine Lives will be available February 18th on vinyl, CD and digital/streaming formats via Karma Chief Records

I had the pleasure of hanGin’ out a bit with Kendra to dive a little deeper into how this new album, Nine Lives got to where it is today. The stories of the songs, the title, the words and feelings are all felt when we talk about the process between the then of the last music, to the now of this one. It is very endearing to hear people, artist go a little back in time with the them of those days….and the now of Nine Lives is easily relatable as a gift for the here we are. We talk a little bit about events and NYC, what she would spin off the new records along with a couple other tracks to build a set and we just talk. Be refreshed with our chat and get a taste of the new album to see how you relate…I think it has a lot of somethin’ for everyone.