Evel Knievel…a daredevil passes

Evel Knievel, the red-white-and-blue-spangled motorcycle daredevil whose jumps over crazy obstacles including Greyhound buses, live sharks and Idaho’s Snake River Canyon made him an international icon in the 1970s, died today. He was 69. Immortalized in the Washington’s Smithsonian Institution as “America’s Legendary Daredevil,” Knievel was best known for a failed 1974 attempt to jump Snake River Canyon on a rocket-powered cycle and a spectacular crash at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. He suffered nearly 40 broken bones before he retired in 1980. “I think he lived twenty years longer than most people would have” after so many injuries, said his son Kelly Knievel, 47. “I think he willed himself into an extra five or six years.” Though Knievel dropped off the pop culture radar in the ’80s, the image of the high-flying motorcyclist clad in patriotic, star-studded colors was never erased from public consciousness. He always had fans and enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years.



When something is right, it is right. That;s how I feel about the 2-piece force d’rock known as Sirsy In there latest release Revolution on their own label SIRSRYMUSIC, there are signs of a band just about to make a bigger name for themselves. The start of this album is the title track Revolution and thus begins your interest in Sirsy. How do they make that much rock with this roll, just two you say?? There are personalities in this music, but even more importantly is that each song has it’s own face, it’s own expression. Sassy to the core and tender when needed, I think this could be the next band you fall in love with. Melanie and Rich have a live show that surpasses attempts at words, but merely needs to been taking in and you’ll be ready to join in the movement that is a Sirsy Revolution.

Track Listing:
1 Revolution
2 Sorry Me
3 Leftover Girl
4 Crazy
5 Waiting For Rain
6 Oh! Billy
7 Still
8 Mary Concetta
9 Mercury
10 Fireflies


Desi still making headlines..

Friend of greenarrowradio, Desiree Bassett is still making a name for herself and as we know, she can play that git-tar. The 10th-grader at E.O. Smith High School in Storrs, CT, is gaining national recognition for her skills. The 15-year-old, who started playing when she was 3, was featured in Guitar Player magazine this past summer. “She’s a true artist in every sense of the word,” her father, Dan Bassett, said. Desiree’, who likes country music, jazz and blues, took guitar lessons from professors at the University of Connecticut, and she now gives lessons to others. She’s currently working on an album with her band, Desiree’ & the Time Machine. “I like to show off what I can do and show people how serious I am about my career,” the 15-year-old says. She played her first full-size guitar at 5, and she won a talent competition when she was 12. At 14, she played side stage at Ozzfest in Hartford. Now she’s 15, and has captured the attention of rock music legends Rik Emmett, Dicky Betts and Joe Satriani. Desiree’ has four major endorsements and her producer is bass player Doug Wimbish from Living Colour. Desiree’ is only the second person ever to sit in and play with Living Colour. The other? Carlos Santana. “Basically, I listen to a lot of music,” Desiree’ said. Satriani is her favorite guitarist, and her favorite singers are Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood and Celine Dion. (We won’t hold that against her) Desiree’, however, doesn’t let music take up all her time. She also likes to make jewelry, draw, go fishing, swim and jump on her trampoline. She enjoys spending time with her 10-year-old sister, Jessica, and is currently working on her 69th anime/comedy video to post on YouTube with her others. After high school, Desiree’ hopes to go on tour. College is a possibility, and Desiree’s father said both Berklee College of Music in Boston and UConn have shown interest in her. For now, the family is focused on making sure she gets through high school at the same high standard she has established as an honor student. “[Playing guitar] is one of my favorite hobbies; it’s something I’m attached to,” Desiree’ said. “I’m going to keep practicing and focusing on my music and keep writing songs.”

As a guest on greenarrowradio several times, I am sure Desi will be just fine in whatever path she takes.

You can read the entire article published in the Hartford Courant here.

Our friend Desiree!

A G-NU Home away from home

ahhh the sweet smell of radio. For the first time, I was fortunate to get on-air at my new home WSUM out of Madison. Here is the run down of my 2 hours of filling in….You all be the Twinkies…

Lazy Eyes- Chow Nasty
Hades Lady- Pop Levi
Ain’t got that Smile- Scrapomatic
Everybody Loves You- HAZMAT modine
Bad Weather- A.K.A.C.O.D
Spinning Wheel- Cameron Mizell
Hot Tub- Cadillac Jones
Legalize It- MSMW
1021- Depth Quartet
Godzilla- Diego Garcia
Louisiana Sky- John Popper Project feat. DJ Logic
Infinity (remix)- Desdamona
Turntables on the Bayou- No Luck Club
One Hand Blizzard- DJ Kentaro
Life of the Mind- Club d’Elf
Bruce Lee- Marcus Miller
I likes That- Skeebo Knight
Pimpasaurus Rex- Doug Johns
Courage- Vieux Farka Toure
Casina Y Epidecus- Mirtha Y Raul
Sultan Song- Rob Wasserman
Something Went Right- George Soule
Love is the Answer for World Peace- Lipbone Redding


Screaming Headless Torsos – Vinnie

Here is one of my all time favorite acts. Screaming Headless Torsos featuring David Fuczinski, Dean Bowman, Fima Ephron. Screaming Headless Torsos, brainchild of mad-scientist virtuoso guitarist David “Fuze” Fiuczynski, with riveting vocalist extraordinaire Dean Bowman, is an original and creative take on avant-funk-jazz rock. The Torsos intensely high energy, impassioned playing and transcendent musicianship has inspired fans, other musicians, and numbers of tribute bands all over the world, becoming a cult phenomena with their three CD’s and double live DVD…..A live show not to soon be forgotten.

Acoustics here are Great!

Bottoms Up!- Dan Hicks & the Acoustic Warriors (live)
Who are You?- Dan Hicks & the Acoustic Warriors (live)
We Don’t Run- Willie Nelson
Leavin’ Town- Pete Wernick & Flexigrass
Hartford’s Real- David Grisman/Sam Bush
Unpredictable Birds- Radim Zenkl
Tundra Blues- Kito Peters
Desert of Love-David Gans
It’s Gonna Get Better- David Gans
Late Breaking News- Jorma Kaukonen
Sing a New Song- Eliza Lynn
Deep Gap- Alison Brown
Cut Across Shorty- Rod Stewart/Ronnie Wood
Lines Around Your Eyes- Leftover Salmon/Lucinda Williams/J-El Sonnier
Mama You Sweet- Lucinda Williams
These Pages- Chris Pureka
Evermore- Ashleigh Flynn w/Sneakin’ Out
Smoke Smoke Smoke (that Cigarette)- Tex Williams
1952 Vincent Black Lightning- Del McCoury Band
Silver Dagger- Dolly Parton
Evelyn is not Real- My Morning Jacket
Oxford Town- Bob Dylan
Ain’t Leavin’ your Love- Townes Van Zandt
Back to the Crossroads- Todd Snider
Down in the River to Pray- Alison Krauss
Guys & Dolls & Bagels- Metropolitan Klezmer
NY Psycho Freylekhs- the Klezmatics
Iguazu- Ron Roco
Cha Cha Chihuahua- David Grisman Quintet
So What- Jerry Garcia/David Grisman/Tony Rice
Black Mountain Blues- Nick Drake*
Blues Run the Game- Nick Drake*
House Gone up in Flames- the Nightwatchman
Devil’s Dream- Peter Prince
Squeaking for Satan- the Cubby Creatures
Waste My Time- Pedro Arevalo & Friends
I’ll be the One- Warren Haynes (live at Bonnaroo ’04)
Gallow’s Pole- Jimmy Page/Robert Plant

* never before released


strong economy and a healthy ecology

Ecolonomics is to demonstrate that creating a symbiotic relationship between a strong economy and a healthy ecology is the only formula for a sustainable future: develop non-polluting technologies that turn into viable ecolonomic businesses identity, research, demonstrate and promote clean and inexhaustible energy sources assist inventors of ecolonomic technologies obtain legal and other support implement ecolonomics curricula nationwide conduct ecolonomics courses and workshops via the Internet publsih literature for young people underscoring the interdependence of our ecology and economy produce ecolonomics public service announcements for radio and television stage dynamic media events demonstrating ecolonomic technologies. For more information head over to the Institute of Ecolonomics website here. Amongst the strategies of the Institute to achieve this are:

1. Develop non-polluting technologies that turn into viable ecolonomic/sustainable businesses.
2. Identify, research, demonstrate and promote clean and inexhaustible energy sources.
3. Assist inventors of Ecolonomic technologies in obtaining legal and other support.
4. Implement Ecolonomic curriculum nationally and internationally.

This movement is heading to thoughts and innovations that will hopefully assist in the sustainable nature of our economy and our environment and is often something I know I think about maybe even without realization. It’s worth taking a few moments to check it out..if you so desire.


The Mighty Underdogs: The Prelude

From the moment the beat battle bell is rung this EP tips its cap to old school R&B and hip hop with raps that spit fresh retro fire and scratching that has the sniff jealous. The Gift of Gab, Lateef The Truth Speaker, and Headnodic as the new super-group: The Mighty Underdogs. The new EP entitled THE PRELUDE (featuring DJ Shadow, MF Doom, Ladybug Mecca, and Rashaan Ahmad from the Crown City Rockers). This release is independent through Giftstribution and will release an LP entitled “Dropping Science Fiction” in early 2008. Something to keep a look-out for. The stylings of this are off the charts. This is hip hop keeping it really real. Just set your ears on track #6 Bring Me Back and have yourself a flashback moment rivaled only in scenes from Wayne’s World. And of course, I am always a sucker for the voice of LadyBUG Mecca, it always sounds like she is just reciting a lullaby made to hush a city block…and that can’t be bad.


Shall we Tango Tonight?

The answer is yes! Putumayo Presents: TANGO around the world. The energy driven by passion fuels this movement friendly album with songs representing that fire from countries around the globe. There is a style and elegance that all cultures and their music develop and I must say, they have captured the Tango beast within them and put forth a hip bending blend including pieces from Serbia, Norway,Senegal and Argentina and Brazil. The roots of Tango music stretch back to African rhythms and European parlor dances, the main influences are the milonga, a poetic song style developed in Uruguay, and the Cuban habanera, whose shuffling beat still forms the foundation of that instantly recognizable tango rhythm.
This album is a great introduction to celebrate the exploration of tango music’s influence around the globe.


Taken but nor stirred.

Going to California- Jake Shimabukuro
Swingin’ Willie- the Brian Setzer Orchestra
Flight of the Bumblebee- Little Horse
A love Supreme- Carlos Santana
History Repeating- Propellerheads w/Shirley Bassey
Energy Sucker- Lucious Jackson
Little Fluffy Clouds- the Orb
I see you Baby- Groove Armada/Fatboy Slim U.S. Guitar edit
Bring me Back- the Mighty Underdogs w/Raashan Ahmad
Lady Cabdriver- Prince
What What- Public Enemy
Walk Between Raindrops- Donald Fagan
One Hand Blizzard- DJ Kentaro
Lucifer Sam- Zizlia
Give Up- Supreme Beings of Leisure
Makes You Ecstatic- the Tao of Groove
17 Birds Outside my Window- Suphala
Panorama- the Yoshida Brothers
Casting Out the Nines- Dub Trio
Fozzy (Part 1)- the Pietasters
Master Plan- Willie Williams
See You When I Get There- Willie Williams
BellyFull- I Three & the Wailers (live ’82)
Wa Do Dem- Eek a Mouse (Live ’82)
Superman Lover- Johnny “Guitar” Watson
Cinnamon Girl- Matthew Sweet/Susanna Hoffs
E->Pro- Particle w/Blackalicious
Slow Cookin’- Lotus (live)


LOTUS::Escaping Sargasso Sea

For those waiting for a concert experience with the dynamics of a rock band (read: no laptops), the dance inducing rhythms of club music, and the sophistication of modern electronica, an unlikely musical alternative has arrived in the form of the band Lotus. And no better chance to get yourself hooked than checking out the new live album, Escaping Sargasso Sea, a 2007 Lotus Vibes release. The double disc live set offers waves into the future, as progressive as a sunrise and as organic as the stepping soils. There are songs from two previous studio albums: Nomad and The Strength of Weak Ties as well as new not yet released material. This five-piece band has creatively fused electronic dance music with instrumental post-rock for eight years. The result is an explosive live show that has made crowds get down across the U.S., Canada, and Japan. Armed with a massive light rig and one of the most energetic shows on the circuit, this proves why they have become a go-to act for late night festival slots. There is enough funky jams to spread around while giving this new album a listen, so do enjoy.

LOTUS–Escaping Sargass Sea 2007

Geoff Achison & the Souldiggers

It is always nice to make a live record on your favorite stage. And that is just what Geoff Achison did when he recorded 9 tracks at St. Andrews Hotel in Victoria Australia back in January of 2005. Now making his home in Atlanta via the beautiful land down under, Geoff and the Souldiggers are following in the tracks of their blues heroes by being on many a stage, be it at a club, in a festival or a local pub….any chance to work their craft. A guest guitarist at Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peach Ranch for ten years, Geoff is an incredible song-man with a pedal-less style that is all in his hands. The organic nature of his music shines bright like the reflection of the sun off of Ayers rock and there is no moment more true to that then when you here it live. Souldiggin‘ is a perfect example of why people enjoy seeing the blues in a live setting. It’s music that you feel in your gut and like to see others doing the same. There is a pace to this album, it flows with speed at times but rolls with soul constantly. You can hear that there is something being shared amongst the crowd, and this album invites you to wipe off your feet and have a seat, you are at home now.
Jupiter 2 Records & Brilliant Productions 2007

League of Crafty Guitarists

Robert Fripp perhaps best known for being the guitarist for, and only constant member of, the progressive rock band King Crimson. His work has spanned over four decades, encompasses a variety of musical styles. He was offered a teaching position at the American Society for Continuous Education in Claymont Court, West Virginia in 1984. He had been involved with the ASCE since 1978, eventually serving on its board of directors, and had long been considering the idea of teaching guitar. His course, Guitar Craft, was begun in 1985, one of the results of which was a performance group, “The League of Crafty Guitarists,” which has released several albums. And last night at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, there were 11 crafty acoustic guitars with their guitarists, and one Robert Fripp. There were moments were I felt like my skin was unzipped and my bones, muscles and tissue had a chance to prowl around under the night sky. There was music and sounds from other worlds, places I have not seen before. There was so much amazing timing, like that of a spacecraft taking off precisely at the most opportune moment where liftoff will only be successful. Mister Fripp must have taken a trip through outer space and recorded the sounds of space, as I have thought them to exist. There were explosive moments like a star being born and there were times where the Giant of the Woods was stomping through a tiny forest right onto my front porch. This ensemble or guitar orchestra is always something to behold and this night was one to remember, and to share with others. I hope all of you get a chance to experience the sound like Mister Fripp creates and it penetrates you with inquisition and a sense of where your space is. You are never-ending.

Mister Robert Fripp

Can you smell that?

Sniff Sniff…the time is drawing closer when the air-waves will have the g-man surfing on top of them again. Here is where I was this week in my mind, a set-list with sounds galore. United-Vibes.

Mikesnack- Lotus (live)
Everest- Groundtruther
Surfing Outside Myself- Green Light
Trees- Depth Quartet
Farewell Ferengistan- Banco De Gaia
Mental Floss- Stratospheerius
Phrygianade- Fiuczynski/Cappadocia
Nena- Al Di Meola (Live)
Egyptian Danza- Al Di Meola (Live)
Jacket Full of Bees- Julien Kasper Band
Yanbando- Juan-Carlos Formell & Son Radical
Jardin De La Verdad- Cuban Cowboys
La Candela- Yerba Buena
Gipsy Tango- Earth Wheel Sky Band
Felino- Electrocutango
Caledonia-Muddy Waters/J. Winters/COTTON (Live)
Hotel- Geoff Achison & the Souldiggers (Live)
Rebel- Robi Zonca & his band
Circles- J.J.Grey & Mofro
My Friend- Pedro Arevalo *
Fade Away- the Tony Tyler Band*
Freeker by the Speaker- Keller Williams
Murder in the Name- Johnny Trama
I’m no Fool- Skeebo Knight/Marcus Henderson
StruggleHustleYou- Carnage the Executioner
Harder Than You Think- Public Enemy
The Movement- JazzHopRevolution
Dance- JazzHopRevolution
Enchanted Life-Samantha James

*= not released


Jason Isbell with Cracker

They are calling it the Tornado Alley Tour 2007 and this was a billing that has smart written all over it. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit kicked the room into overdrive from the first chorus. For the past six years, Jason was one of three frontmen for the Drive-By Truckers, and although fans may have been shocked by his leaving the band in April, when you fill your ears with his solo debut Sirens Of The Ditch it will only reassure you that his music has its own unique voice. His songs are written with intelligence that starts in the heart and for the set here in Madison, his group had all the intentions of making sure we knew that. Featuring many songs of the new album, there was a taste of Psycho Killer and Into the Mystic, just to keep us in check. I will see this band again and am ready for it. Then came Cracker. Now I will admit that I have not surrounded myself with a lot of their music over the years, but damn what a great live act. This band is a rock and roll wall, solid from the floor up and man, the songs I didn’t know were even better than those I recall. There is humor, endearment and most of all a satirical smartness about the songs, phrases that jump out at you and stick there for a while where many artists don’t get to take you. If your plate is ever with an empty section on it, fill it up with some CRACKER and see what sticks. The host of this event, the High Noon Saloon was a perfect venue to showcase true musicianship with artists that ooze of their appreciation for the audience and their songs. Where else but at a place that offers live event 7, that’s right, seven nights a week. So if you can, go there and support live music.

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit

Blues Explosion- Burn It Off

For over a decade and a half we have waited (some of us) for the next big explosion….from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion…narrowed down these days to simply Blues Explosion….but it will arrive on November 13th. Jukebox Explosion collects 18 of the best bits (and a few outtakes) from the “Jukebox” single series the howling wolves of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion inaugurated back in 1992. And to get you in the mood……a video.

Rock on with the Blues Explosion featuring Burn it Off from the Damage album..

New(er) Releases on my listening table

No particular order but here are some artists I have been listening to for one reason or another….

Galactic-From the Corner to the Block-Anti
Underworld-Oblivion w/Bells-Side One
Tango Around the World-Putumayo
Keller Williams-12-Sci Fidelity
Geoff Achison & the Soul Diggers-Live @ St. Andrews Hotel-Sound Vault
DJ Spooky/Freight Elevator Quartet-file under FUTURISM-Caipirinha
Lotus-Escaping Sargasso Sea-Lotus Vibes
The 180 Gs-180D’Gs to the Future:-Seeland
Neil Young-Chrome Dreams II-Reprise
Brazz Tree-Spiral On-BT Music
Invert-the Strange Parade-Inverted Music
Global Drum Project-Sound Factory
Sharon Jones& the Dapkings-100 Days 100 Nights-Daptone
Marsmobil-Minx-Compost Records
Baby Elephant-Turn my Teeth up!-Godforsaken
Guvna Dub Session
Skeebo Knight-Jekyll Island Night-Big Hair
Club d’Elf-Perhapsody Live 10/12/06
Anoushka Shankar/Karsh Kale-Breathing Under Water-Manhatten
Pete Wernick & Flexigrass-What The-Niwot Records
Mama’s Cookin’-MC RECORDS
Stan Harrison-the Optimist-Parisnight Music
Corey Harris-Zion Crossroads-Telarc

There is SOOOO much more but these are the chosen for this trip…..Stay tuned for some “G”-views and set-lists.


Calvin A. Harris..Rest Peacefully

I knew him as “Pops“. Calvin A. Harris (with proper respect), 83 was called home to his resting place on the evening of Thursday, (November 1, 2007). Calvin was born October 5, 1924 in Willimantic, CT to the late Albert and Florence Harris of Willimantic. His family will receive friends at Potter Funeral Home, 456 Jackson St. (Rte 195) Willimantic, on Monday November 5, between 5-8 p.m. Funeral Services will be held at Calvary Baptist Church, 412 Valley Street Willimantic on Tuesday November 6, at 10 a.m. Interment will follow in New Willimantic Cemetery. In lieu of flowers donations may be sent to Clara Mae Harris or Mansfield Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, 100 Warren Circle, Storrs, CT 06268. Special thanks for the love and care provided is given to the Mansfield Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation from the Harris family. My love and positive thoughts to the wonderful Harris family.