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The final part of the open schedule fill-in proGram was lifted.

The Alchemist- Scott Petito Ft. Randy Brecker, Rachel Z Hakim, Omar Hakim & Mino Cinelu
Bombogenesis- Scott Petito Ft. Bob Mintzer, Kevin Hays & Simon Phillips

Wes 2K- Eddie Coburn Jazz Project
Batteries Not Included- Eddie Coburn Jazz Project
Scagg’s Place- Eddie Coburn Jazz Project

Fuchsia- Mr. Chair Ft. Eddie Barbash

Another Opens- Kendrick Scott
What Day Is It?- Kendrick Scott
Con Alma- The Vince Ector Organatomy Trio + (Live)

Flowing Until Ends

Did a open schedule fill-in proGram and the first part was getting on down.

Chucha- Son Rompe Pera
Proteus- Son Rompe Pera Ft. Gil Gutierrez
Sac Buit- ROS
You’re A Girl For One Man Only- Brandee Younger

Ballaké Sissoko- Sona Jobarteh Ft. Ballaké Sissoko
***pre-recorded conversation with Sona Jobarteh***
Gambia- Sona Jobarteh
Kambengwo- Sona Jobarteh Ft. Youssou N’Dour

Machine- Nadia Washington

Interlude: Old Friends- Sanah Kadoura
The Gemini’s- Sanah Kadoura

African Drum- Dwight Trible Ft. Kamasi Washington
Elements- Dwight Trible

Poking Out From Within

The final part of this week’s proGram see and saw.

Grigori- The Reluctant Cosmonaut
Ready to Ball- Kassa Overall

Let Them Know- Wax Tailor Ft. Voice Monet & lojii
***pre-recorded conversation with Wax Tailor***
Just Rock On- Wax Tailor Ft. David Bars, Ill Conscious, Mattic & Kuf Knotz
Freaky Circus- Wax Tailor Ft. Mr. Lif & Napoleon Da Legend

Twisted- Jacques Schwarz-Bart
Sun Salutation- Jacques Schwarz-Bart

The Layers- Julian Lage
Moten Swing- Wayne Alpern
Little Darlin’- Wayne Alpern
When I’m Sixty Four- Wayne Alpern

Yeah Yeah Yeah- Larry Goldings, Kaveh Rastegar & Abe Rounds
Mary Lou- Larry Goldings, Kaveh Rastegar & Abe Rounds

Still Branching Out

The middle part of the proGram kept reaching for it.

Sage and Cigarettes- Abby Jeanne
Stono Hustle- Hot Mustard
One Finger Only- The Drawbars
Lets Do It Again- The Drawbars
Cowboys To Girls- The Sextones

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright- Lettuce
**pre-recorded conversation with Adam Deitch of Lettuce**
Keep That Funk Alive- Lettuce Ft. Bootsy Collins
Didn’t You- Lettuce Ft. Talib Kweli

WYD- Rudy De Anda
Several Times- Lucas de Mulder, The New Mastersounds & Eddie Roberts
Hot Ba-Ri-O- Lucas de Mulder, The New Mastersounds & Eddie Roberts
Underground Dance- Lucas de Mulder, The New Mastersounds & Eddie Roberts
Beach Chase- Sunbörn Ft. Caio Marcio Santos

Apocalypse Daydream- Mike Dillon & Punkadelick

Which Way Is

The first part of this week’s proGram looked for the right directions.

Up on the Shelf- Arkansauce
Ain’t No Grave- The Brothers Comatose & Charlie Parr
Tell Me Pretty Baby- Fred Davis

Permanent Midnight- Big Shoes
Why Not You- Sister Lucille Ft. Reba Russell
greenarrowradio promo- Danny Liston
Free- Eric Bibb Ft. Habib Koité
Sinner Man- Eric Bibb Ft. Eric Bibb String Band

Love The One Your With- Stephen Stills (Live at Berkeley ’71)
Cheap High- Gyasi (live)
Tongue Tied- Gyasi (live)
Won’t Be Satisfied- Harlis Sweetwater Ft. David Hidalgo & John Doe
O Torto Santo- Bike

Yellow Peril- Nat Myers

Photo by Nick Berard

Fishing For Accidents With Wax Tailor

Critically acclaimed French producer and DJ, Wax Tailor has released ‘Fishing For Accidents’ via his own label LAB’ORATOIRE. The album explores cinematic landscapes by sampling a world of vinyl, exploring with his sampler a world of vinyl and cinematographic references. A multi-recidivist talent scout he gathers a prestigious cast of talent from folks in the HipHop world like Mick Jenkins, Mr. Lif, Kuf Knotz, Mattic, and from the indie rock scene (Jennifer Charles, singer of the legendary band Elysian Fields and Victoria Bigelow). With one eye on the past and the other on the horizon Wax Tailor has made an album with one foot in the past and one foot in the present, the result is a unique and beautiful dance. Wax Tailor instills the incandescence of an organic sound and distills his art of sound anachronism in a wide gap between nostalgia and modernity that has made him one of the leaders of the international electro hip hop scene for over twenty years. Going to a live event where you are automatically taken from where you stand and are brought to a new space and place without moving…that’s the experience of a Wax Tailor shared in the moments together time brings.

I had the opportunity to catch back up with family to the program, J.C. (Wax Tailor) ahead of his March 24th performance at the Majestic in Madison. We reel in what the performance could be like for those in the there of the moment. We spend a good amount of time discussing the shaping of the new record “Fishing For Accidents” that he is out in support of. Once aGain, this is another artist that I find to be able to really find the perfect fits when it comes to collaborations or pairing…we get into how that sometimes goes about, and a few examples of other recent artists that have been examples of relationships that have worked out, including Mr. Lif and Kuf Knotz and Christine Elise. All I now is there is no accident with how this music fits together and certainly how I feel lie a different person after a live hang with Wax Tailor.

Unify With Lettuce

Lettuce is bringinG their UNIFY tour to Madison. It’s needed everywhere!! Unify, their 8th studio album and 3rd consecutive record made at Denver’s Colorado Sound Studios, completing a loose trilogy starting with 2019’s Grammy-nominated Elevate, and continuing with 2020’s Resonate. It’s also a benchmark moment for the sextet: Adam Deitch (drums), Ryan Zoidis (saxophone), Adam Smirnoff (guitar), Erick Coomes (bass), Nigel Hall (keyboards/vocals), Eric ‘Benny’ Bloom (trumpet). Approaching 30 years since its humble Boston beginnings, the relentlessly soulful funk outfit has essentially lived on the road, embodying, night after night, the sly wink of its moniker: Let us play! And now, endorsed on Unify by none other than the legendary icon of funk, Bootsy Collins, singing & playing bass on “Keep That Funk Alive”. The roots of Unify took hold several years back, when Lettuce assembled at Colorado Sound to begin work on Elevate. Armed with dozens of songs, the band tracked enough material for that record, its successor, and then some (including a vinyl-only, 45-minute, live-in-the-studio, one-take improvisation, Vibe). A pandemic-abbreviated European tour schedule in 2021 further inspired, as the group traded ideas for more new material. A totally collaborative effort, there were exciting cuts full of brilliant lyrics & arrangements from Hall. And fiery horn parts from Bloom. Plus, the tantalizing prospect of unveiling it all on the upcoming tour. Epitomizing the funk and the fun, it’s impossible for “Keep That Funk Alive,” not to be a focus track, even on a 16-song album full of highlights. Inspired by a buoyant Bootsy Instagram post and an irrepressible groove crafted around it. The venerable Parliament-Funkadelic bassist dug the hybridized creation, laying down low end and vocals on the proper track. “It’s such a dream to have one of the inventors of funk music bless this album. We are all STILL in awe!” exclaims the band. This album is an expression that is pure Lettuce. Unify will teleport you to a funky galaxy far, far away, where all life coexists as one in peace, love, harmony, and music!

I had the pleasure of catching up with Adam Deitch ahead of the maGical night of March 23rd when Lettuce brings that thang they do to Madison at The Majestic. Adam and I get into what any newbie to their scene could expect from heading out for this Unity tour event. We spend a good amount of time discussing how the album took shape and how the stretching out of these tracks live has taken new shapes after the pandemic. I am always interested in artists that play well with others and Lettuce, Adam, these cats seem to fit that mold, so we get into a recent opportunity they had to work on a track for the upcoming album “Late Night Basie”, celebrating some of the tunes of Count Basie. That focus track from Unity featuring Bootsy is so cool, we had to talk about how that went down and the cool it has kept going. Adam and I share a mutual brother in Mister Rourke, so we take the time machine back to a group they were both in called Fatbag. Oh yes we did!! EarGrab this chat and go check out Lettuce live – its healthy for you.

Photo: Jeremy Elder

A Little Time With Sona Jobarteh

Sona Jobarteh is the first professional female Kora virtuoso to come from any of the West African Griot dynasties. Her lineage carries a formidable reputation for renowned Kora masters, most notable amongst these are her grandfather Amadu Bansang Jobarteh and her cousin, the legendary Toumani Diabaté. Sona is reputed for her skill as an instrumentalist, her distinctive voice, infectious melodies and her grace onstage, and she has rapidly achieved international success as a top class performer. The demand for her live performances has rocket in recent years, and 2019 saw her perform at some of the world’s most renowned festivals & venues such as the Hollywood Bowl in LA, WOMAD in Australia & New Zealand and Symphony Space in New York City. Sona has the unique ability to touch audiences globally and from all backgrounds & cultures, while also commanding the attention of sitting presidents & royalty alike. Her captivating stage show has proved to be popular everywhere, and with a repertoire that exudes accessible sophistication, her audience demographic is constantly expanding. Sona’s dedication to spreading powerful humanitarian messages through her songs and her stage performances makes her much more than a regular musician; she is in fact a compelling social activist, speaker, & change-maker who believes in leading by example. Her achievements in setting up a pioneering Academy in The Gambia, alongside her dedication to social change has gained her invitations to deliver speeches at high profile events around the world, including summits for the UN & the World Trade Organization. Sona founded the Gambia Academy in 2015. This pioneering institution is dedicated to achieving her mission of educational reform across the continent Africa. According to Sona, Africa faces the crucial & urgent challenge of addressing its education systems. Children who are fortunate enough to be able to attend school spend most of their waking hours in school, however in most cases the environment, culture, approach & curricula content within these schools are invariably oriented around a post-colonial value system and subsequently a foreign perspective. For Sona, it is detrimental for future generations of the continent whose values and concepts are shaped during their school years, to continue to be trained within a system where African culture, African history, African traditions and their intrinsic values are either non-existent, or at best relegated to the position of extra-curricular ‘activities’. This Academy is therefore the first of its kind in The Gambia to deliver a mainstream academic curriculum at a high level, while also bringing the culture, traditions and history that belong to students, to the front and center of their everyday education.

I had the honor of catching up with Sona ahead of her March 21st event in Madison at the Garver Atrium. Fresh off her 60 Minutes interview that certainly opened more doors and windows to what she has been doing and where she is heading, Sona and I discuss a little about what a newer person to her music can expect at a live event such as the one here in Madison. We learn about some of the music we may here from here latest release, “Badenyaa Kumoo” and how she feels while presenting the music live – the conversation. I could not spend time with Sona without touching on the powerful work she has dedicated as her purpose in life, The Gambia Acadamy. We touch briefly on a few aspects of the what that is happening to help achieve a new model of education in Africa and try and find the middle points in her life’s Venn diagram to see how/where/if/when the two marry. I am honored to have had this opportunity to discuss only a few aspects of what makes Sona go…and go she does, as you can tell by her answer to the final question about where she Goes to find a little ‘Sona time”. Do yourself a favor and find a way to start a conversation of your own by listening to her music, supporting her missions and or both, as forward is the way she is heading.

Climbing The Red

The second part of the Xtra open schedule fill in proGram went up to get down.

Cosmic Change- Lonnie Liston Smith/Adrian Younge/Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Loren Oden
Sunset- Eddie Chacon
Trouble- Supreme Beings of Leisure
The Other Side- Supreme Beings of Leisure
Solar Power- MELONYX
I Am The Occupation- Mary Ocher

Forbidden Cabinet- Wax Tailor
The Final Note- Wax Tailor
The Glass Dragon- Ursula 1000
Made Of Golden Light- Tommaso Cappellato Ft. Lalin St. Juste
Your Love Is Mine- The New Mastersounds [Nostalgia 77 Remix] Ft. Corrine Bailey Rae

Panter- Montparnasse Musique Ft. Kasai All Stars & Basokin
Le Serpant- Montparnasse Musique Ft. Basokin

A Look Upwards

Did a little open schedule extra day proGramming. The first part looked up this way.

Am I Sad?- Gecko Turner
Ain’t No Fun Preachin’ to the Choir- Gecko Turner
So New Orleans (2023)- Delfeayo Marsalis & Uptown Jazz Orchestra
Carnival Time- Delfeayo Marsalis & Uptown Jazz Orchestra

Stanky- Kingsley Durant
Better- Larry Goldings, Kaveh Rastegar & Abe Rounds
Temple Bar- Larry Goldings, Kaveh Rastegar & Abe Rounds
My Stomping Ground- Dwight Trible

Intermezzo- Joe Chambers
Caravanserai- Joe Chambers
Gazelle Suite- Joe Chambers
Homer and Debs- Mike Dillon & Punkadelick
Sister Sadie- Leon Lee Dorsey Ft. Russell Malone & Mike Clark
Bumpin’ on Sunset- Leon Lee Dorsey Ft Russell Malone & Mike Clark

Something’s Blowing in- Markus Rutz

Changing Daily Spiral

The final part of the proGram took the what is and found a soon to be.

Kora Meets Pipa- Gao Hong & Kadialy Kouyate
Joyful World- Gao Hong & Kadialy Kouyate
Mandeuli II- Clavellina d’aire Ft. Cati Plana & Jordi Maria Macaya
Bartolillo- Clavellina d’aire Ft. Cati Plana & Jordi Maria Macaya

Sukuma- Montparnasse Musique Ft. Muambuyi
Makonda- Montparnasse Musique Ft. Konono No1
Ikwekiame Nedumhe- Alhaji Waziri Oshomah
Brown Dwarfs- Aksak Maboul
I Walk & I Walk- Aksak Maboul

Poised- Dave Askren & Jeff Benedict
Stompin’ At The Savoy- Dave Askren & Jeff Benedict
Girl Get ‘Em- Christopher McBride Ft. Kenny Bentley
The Call- Lukas Traxel Ft. Otis Sandsjö & Moritz Baumgärtner

Green Circles

The 2nd part of this week’s proGram found the spot to go where the goods are greening up.

Pothole Dreams- Greg Ward’s Rogue Parade
Crimson Clay- Greg Ward’s Rogue Parade
Beware Of The Oh EEE’s- Greg Ward’s Rogue Parade

Reverse Window- Jane Ira Bloom / Mark Helias / Bobby Previte
Hawk Migration- Jane Ira Bloom / Mark Helias / Bobby Previte
Ritual Diamonds (for Kim Junghee)- Christopher Hale
Radio Mori- Christopher Hale

Quixote- Vince Mendoza & Metropole Orkest

Rèn sobo a- Erol Josué
Freak Out- Baaba Maal Ft. The Very Best

Netsujoh 2- YAMATO the drummers of Japan
**pre-recorded conversation with Masa Ogawa {Founder/Artistic Director} of Yamato**
Ishikure- YAMATO the drummers of Japan

Growing Sounder

The first part of this week’s proGram had to be plated and served.

Bulgares- Ben Rosenblum Nebula Project
Beneath- David Howley Ft. Woven Kin
Zelda the Caterpillar Goes to Spain- Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion
Sunrise- Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion Ft. Howard Levy
The Storm- Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion Ft. Howard Levy

Band Chum- Steve Fidyk Live Wire Broad Band
Loopholes- Steve Fidyk Live Wire Broad Band
Mojo- Rachel Therrien Ft. Gabriel Chakarji & Roman Filiu

Gog Magog- The Trials of Cato
Balls to the Wall- The Trials of Cato
Pròleg- Biel Martí
Epíleg- Biel Martí

Hombre- Gerardo Frisina

Masa Ogawa and Yamato the drummers of Japan

YAMATO is a Japanese Taiko drumming group based in Asuka-mura Nara Prefecture which is well known by Japanese people as the hometown of Japan. They call themselves “YAMATO, the Taiko drumming group that travels all over the world”. They have given more than 4,000 shows across 54 countries since their formation in 1993. YAMATO’s Taiko work cannot be fully described by the word “performance”. Their motto is “We go everywhere when somebody needs YAMATO! And bringing energy to the people living in the world!”. On stage, they are standing with more than 40 Taiko drums and all of them are having different characters. For example, their largest drum called “Odaiko”, produced from a huge tree over 400 years old, is approximately two meters in diameter and weighs 500 kg. All other Taiko drums are different sizes and have different sounds. The members of the group have trained their bodies to the limit to beat these massive Taiko drums. The acoustic pressure far surpasses what one could ever imagine. They do not simply make their Taiko drums explode with sound; they produce delicate music that provides the listener with a palette of meticulously crafted sound. This is why YAMATO’s original performances are known as “Physical music”, and continue to receive high acclaim globally. YAMATO is sometimes intense, sometimes sad, sometimes comforting, and in the next moment comical on stage. The audience is more than a group of bystanders, they are engulfed in the sound of the Taiko, and sweat, cry, and laugh and become one with the performers. All types of people gather around the sound of the Taiko, interweaving their lives, and feeling the power of each other’s inner passion and heart.

I had the honor of discussing the upcoming event on April 2 at the Overture Center with the founder and artistic director, Masa Ogawa, when Yamato – the Drummer of Japan come to share energy with Madison. We get into what this audience can expect when they present the World Tour 2023-2024 「火の鳥」”Hinotori” – The wings of Phoenix. Masa does a beautiful job reflecting on how the group and audience share in the created moments of energy and how the travels around the globe help to gain new energies to share with others at the next stop on the journey. We talk about the give back that YAMATO believes in, sharing knowledge that was shared with them and pass it on to the next generations as both a group and as individuals as well as what music he is currently listening to and well…baseball. There is not many “shows’ lie a Taiko drumming “show”, the formation of new lands discovered together in a moment in time is marked with a lifetime of felt emotions and new rhythms to walk the days with.

YAMATO 2019 – 2020 – Masa Ogawa (c)

Destination Held

The final part of this week’s proGram ended up right where it fit in.

Rachid Trip- Acid Arab Ft. Rachid Taha
Acid Chawi- Acid Arab Ft. Khnafer Lazhar
Aruenda- Zuco 103
Shaman In Your Arms- Wax Tailor Ft. Jennifer Charles

Desert- Supreme Beings of Leisure
I Smile for E- Rahill
Temperature’s Rising- Benny Reid & Havoc
Survival of the Fittest- Benny Reid & Havoc

Improvisation 1 (04/27/1937 – Paris)- Stephane Wrembel
***pre-recorded conversation with Stephane Wrembel***
Improvisation 2: variation n°2 (09/10/1938 – Paris)- Stephane Wrembel

Home- Alec Schulman Ft. Gilad Hekselman, Greg Leisz & Larry Klein
Individually One- Lisa Marie Simmons Ft. Laura Masotto, Manuel Caliumi, Federico Negri & Marco Cocconi
Another String Pulled from the Theory- Lisa Marie Simmons Ft. Laura Masotto/Manuel Caliumi/Federico Negri/Marco Cocconi
Keep Movin’- Charlie Peacock Ft. Eddie Henderson

New Spots Finding

The middle part of this week’s proGram kept building forward.

What You Did- Hannah Jadagu
Space Colony- Geoff Bradford
The Voyage Out- Geoff Bradford

Sensory Overload- Iguana Death Cult

One Night of the Week- Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints
Feels So Good- Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints
Fresh- Ari Joshua & Skerik Ft. Delvon Lamarr & Grant Schroff

Truth- Joel Sarakula
Forbidden Cove- Whatitdo Archive Group
Redbone- Lucas de Mulder Ft. Eddie Roberts
Purple- Phillip Lassiter

Generation Happy or Dead- The Get Right Band
De balde- Gecko Turner
Funk #2- Sababa 5


The first part of this week’s proGram found a new spot to get into.

Peartree- Billy Strings

Let It Slide- Matt Andersen
What’s on My Mind- Matt Andersen
Fruit Stand Lady- Damon Fowler (Live At the Palladium)
I’ve Been Low- Damon Fowler (Live At the Palladium)

Boogie Chillen- Walk That Walk
greenarrowradio promo- Dave Thomas
No Fun- Prateek

Waking up the Dead- Joe Louis Walker
Root Down- Joe Louis Walker
All Night Long- Jeff Pitchell Ft. Duane Betts
Eye for an Eye- Jeff Pitchell

One Hell For Another- Rhythm Krewe

More Times With Stephane Wrembel

Stephane Wrembel is easily one of the most highly regarded guitarists in the world specializing in the style of legendary composer/guitarist Django Reinhardt. Born in Fontainebleau, France, He learned his craft traveling the French countryside before graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has had a remarkable career, touring the world, while releasing 16 albums under his name and the nom de plume, The Django Experiment. His original compositions have been featured in Midnight in Paris (“Bistro Fada”), Vicki Cristina Barcelona “Big Brother”) and Rifkin’s Festival (original score). Midnight in Paris received the Grammy Award® for “Best Compilation Soundtrack.” Stephane was selected by award-winning composer/producer Hans Zimmer to perform at the 2012 Academy Awards® as part of his “All Star Band” which also included Esperanza Spalding, Pharrell, and Shelia E. Stephane recorded Gypsy Rumble and toured nationally with famed mandolinist/composer David Grisman. He has opened or performed with Elvis Costello, Patti Smith, The Roots, Medeski Martin & Wood, Me’shell Ndegeocello, John Scofield, Larry Keel, Stochelo Rosenberg, Sam Bush and the amzing and diverse list goes on. In 2019, Stephane released the highly regarded “Django L’Impressionniste”, featuring seventeen of Reinhardt’s preludes for solo guitar, followed by a book of his transcriptions in 2021. He is currently the only guitarist in the world to perform these seventeen preludes in their entirety. Ever since 2003, he has produced the Django-a-Gogo Festival, bringing together some of the finest musicians in the world to celebrate the Sinti guitar style to perform in prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall and The Town Hall.

I had the chance to get back on a call with Stephane to talk about the upcoming event back here in Madison at Cafe Coda on April 2nd. Stephane’s world-class band includes: Josh Kaye on guitar; Ari Folman-Cohen on bass; and Nick Anderson on drums. We get into a deep space about the feelings, creation and moments within the shared event such as the one upcoming in the MadCity. The music definitely acts as a vessel for me and many I witness in the crowd as the strings vibrate and the grooves form. Over the years, I have watched the Django A Gogo Festival event go from there to here and this year’s here is an amazing array of talent: playing, teaching and sharing. So, we stay on this topic for a bit and it is always special to hear someone like Stephane dish out proper praise of/to others. We also discuss what is this gypsy jazz thing?!. Within the deep, there are hints of ideas about new music coming this Fall, an upcoming trip to Switzerland and Billy Strings. This is always a ride worth taking.

Photo By: Irene Ypenburg

Flake Whole

The final part of this week’s proGram turned off the lights to find that right spot.

Ride The Dragon- Nick Marks
Orpheus- The Maenads
Can’t Let You Go- LP Giobbi Ft. Little Jet

Act One- Brandt Brauer Frick Ft. Mykki Blanco
F.E.M.A.L.E.- Supreme Beings of Leisure
It Takes a Girl- Supreme Beings of Leisure
Di Yo- David Walters Ft. Flavia Coelho

Desperate Lover- Tarrus Riley
Are You Ready For The Country- Reggaddiction Ft. Lord Sassafras
Heart Of Gold- Reggaddiction Ft. Ammoye

Makram- Joe Locke
Stravinsky Spectacles- Mike Dillon & Punkadelick
Another Slippery Slope- Mike Dillon & Punkadelick

Flake Of Times

The middle portion of this week’s proGram captured it just then.

Night Sweats- Sunbörn
Mardi Gras Day- Floki Sessions/George Porter Jr./Eddie Roberts Ft. Nikki Glaspie/Robert Walter/Donald Harrison
Uptown On Mardi Gras Day- Delfeayo Marsalis & Uptown Jazz Orchestra
Street Parade- Delfeayo Marsalis & Uptown Jazz Orchestra
Parking Lot Shuffle- Lalo Schifrin

Enjoy Enjoy- Blue Moka
Soul Trip- Malcolm Strachan
Something About It- Renegades of Jazz
Look Around (Raw Funk Mix)- Renegades of Jazz Ft. Mani Draper

Dansi Na / Mahaba- Gerardo Frisina
Gujarat- Gerardo Frisina
Jazzdance- Sam Redmore

Aliens Enter (Hint Remix)- Hint Ft. T-Fly