Another week of a show in my mind

Passion Dance- McCoy Tyner Quartet
Conductor 71- Fujiya & Miyagi
Let There Be Light- Zohar
Tala Matrix- Tabla Beat Science (live in S.F)
Funky in the Middle- Nickodemus
Give the Drummer Some- Nickodemus
Back in Black- Robot Goes Here
Half Time- Mogwai
My Brain is Hanging Upside Down- The Ramones
Born Permanently Cool- The Key Party
Whichside- Leiana
Kitten Next Door- A Brokenheart Pro
Talk Dirty To Me- JUNIOR
Totally Awesome- Honchie
Bibou- Daby Toure
Easy Motion Tourist- King Sunny Ade
E’mma- Toure Kunda
Pata Pata- Miriam Makeba
Como soy Cubano- Habana Abierta
Keep Your Culture- Corey Harris
Let them Knock- Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
Flesh Shapes the Day- the Nightwatchman
Pray- the Book of Knots feat. Tom Waits
Oh Georgey- Holmes
Fire on the Ocean- Jesse Harris
Anni Kookoo- Xavier Rudd
The Sun is Shining Down- JJ Grey & Mofro
The Movement- JazzHOPRevolution
The Myth- JazzHOPRevolution
Everything’s Different- Zeph & Azeem
Underground For Dummies- Sage Francis


CBGB (OMFUG) forever.

You like punk rock? You like the sounds of underground rock -n- roll? TRUE punked out rock and roll? Let me tell you what should be in your player tomorrow and there is no surprise it is a Wicked Cool Records release. Long known to have the best sound of any room in the world, where the sounds would begin to live within your body..CBGB‘s was and will always be a legend of and within New York City’s underground music scene. Thankfully some of the artists of that scene trickled out above ground now and again. Hilly Kristal started it in 1973 and even though the initials stood for Country, Bluegrass, and Blues it would be the birthplace of Punk. This great release known as Little Steven’s Underground Garage presents: CBGB FOREVER has Fourteen studio tracks, including RARE cuts from Green Day, U2 and Foo Fighters. Plus additional songs from Audioslave, Ramones, Good Charlotte, Talking Heads, Rancid, Velvet Revolver and more. Liner notes by Lenny Kaye (guitarist for Patti Smith Group & producer of NUGGETS compilation). Features artwork by Arturo Vega, artistic director for The Ramones. I can feel myself there again, as I was fortunate enough to see a few shows there, especially when hearing the middle of the album Patti Smith Group doing Till Victory. If you were another fortunate soul who stepped into the doors and walked the walk, you need to add this to your history…if you were not able to get there, this will help give you a good idea of just how good it rerally did sound at CBGBs.

CBGB FOREVER & RIP Mr. Hilly Kristal

2007 Orton Park Festival

Every year, for the past 41 years, there has been the Orton Park Festival, and this year was no exception. Sunday was the day I spent time there, and here’s why. First, the weather was finally splendid, absolutely. The local to the Madison area Balkan-ic Reptile Palace Orchestra with fiery Anna Purnell in the lead will get everyone dancing in mid-afternoon. The set was wild, ecclectic and there was an array of moment in the crowd that would have made the Wachowski brothers re-think The Matrix. From there, The Fareed Haque Group treated a large crowd of smiling faces to some Jazz-infused ragas on Haque’s sitar as well as some spacey jams while playing guitar and accompanied by is group to just plain rock. You can tell that extensive travels, especially long stays in Spain, France, Iran, Pakistan and Chile, exposed Haque to different musics from a very early age, and these influences stuck. In 2001 Fareed co-founded the jam super-group Garaj Mahal, joined George Brooks’ group Summit, featuring Zakir Hussein and Steve Smith and continues to record and tour with the amazing Fareed Haque Group.

ortonpark 0041.jpg
Madison’s Reptile Palace Orchestra

ortonpark 0111.jpg
Fareed Haque

I also remember trying the same delicious local wheat beer twice….and now you know that too.

I saw the Ditty Bops…and they were

And they were! There was no messin’ around, oh wait…yes there was. Abby and Amanda (the Ditty Bops) were dressed like vegetables, to help promote local farmers and sustainable community farming, on their FARM TOUR 2007. So the carrot did a duet of a childhood lullaby, written for her, by her mother. And the singing partner this night was in fact, her mother. The sharp honey sounds, combined with a toy-box filled with an assortment of instruments affectionately plucked with a cynical sweetness. The Barrymore was lined with a local farmers market in the halls leading into the ballroom. There was, as should be, plenty of down home dancers, including several in the single digit age group. Kudos to the band/the venue/ and the families for making this friendly for all ears. On the most theatrical moment of the evening, during “your head’s too big”, the was a plea to re-use bags and a cry of stop relying on plastics…oh yeah, complete with props. Included from the prop closet was, and I get excited thinking about it…Bubblewrap.

I encourage families to get to know the Ditty Bops, and go on out and meet up with them in a live setting and support what they are doing. It’s for good.

dittybops 0019.jpg
thanks to Sybil

Are you Mocking Me?

so, here’s a mock list of what this weeks show coulda/woulda/shoulda.

Crabbuckit- K-OS
Soulfunksticat- Cameron Mizell
Spinning Wheel- Cameron Mizell
Soul Makossa- Manu Dibango
VooDoo- Mem’ Shannon (live at Tipitina’s)
Two Plains- LDHamrock
Ruben’s Train- Chicken Chokers
Hungover Brokedown- Hayseed Dixie
Black Cadillac- NO blues feat. Tracy Bonham
Long Road- Stratospheerius
7th Street Strut- Green Light (live Knitting Factory NY)
Goblin Garden- Club d’Elf (live 10/12/06)
Deviated Septum- Chris Fortier
Sinister Minister- Dorado
Hot Fudge Sundae- UPGROUND
Debbie’s Jungle- Skeebo Knight
Don’t Look Back- Peter Tosh/Mick Jagger
Heart’s Desire Dub- Eccodek
Ana (Capt. Planet Remix)- Vieux Farka Toure
Bahamut- Hazmat Modine
Everybody Loves You- Hazmat Modine


Hilario Duran holds the key.

Decided to head out for some dinner and free, that’s right free entertainment last night. Jazz at Five is a free event on Wednesday early evenings and this week featured local act the Jeanne Woodall Quartet at 5pm followed by the Hilario Durán Trio. Mr. Duran is a pianist, composer, bandleader and arranger of the first order and last nights showing left all in attendance knowing exactly why he is held in such high regard. Hypnotically attacking the keyboard with an arsenal of tools that includes runs executed in octaves, block chords at fast tempos, and that method so characteristic of Cuban pianists, his style and grace are unparalleled. The sounds burst off of the keys with an electric energy that traveled directly into the glass-rounded room with a captivating glow of natures very own accompanying lighting storm. This was my first musical event since reaching the Mad City and it did not disappoint. And for those of you asking: What was the choice for dinner? Well, Turkish dumplings stuffed with Beef Tenderloin covered with a spicy curry sauce was what hit the G’s-spot, which turned out to be a great warm up for the show.

Hilario Duran 0021.jpg
Hilario Durán 8/22/07

Putumayo Presents: WORLD HITS

Looking for the path to figuring out if you… yes you indeed enjoy world music. Here it is!!! Putumayo brings us WORLD HITS, a ear-opening experience that reminds us that some songs just hit it off for people everywhere. From the opening track of Peter Tosh with Mick Jagger doing the Temptation’s “Don’t Look Back from 1978, such the appropriate way to start this album, you’ll be looking forward to what’s next… ALWAYS a thrill. “Oye Como Va”, as made infamous by the classic Latin-rock group Santana off their 1970 release Abraxas, will be sure to set off some momentary senses of deja vu in many a listeners mind. Follow that in the middle of this trip with the cult classic The Harder They Come, by Jimmy Cliff, still thought of as a legend in Jamaican music. A personal favorite of mine, yes I must indulge for a moment..Cameroon‘s Manu Dibango reminds us why he has been a figurehead in African music for over 50 years. Such a innovative visionary from dancable Congolese rumba to the ever-exploratory avant garde jazz, this is one saxophonist I know that when I hear Soul Makossa, I am not only going to shake myself form the ground up, but my mind will venture into uncharted spaces as well.

Set to be released in the U.S and Canada August 28th, be sure to get your copy.

Thanks to Kaveh, as always.

Cameron Mizell : Life is Loud

While listening the first time through this album, I knew it was for me. Heavy organ stylistics, and beats that make your heart jealous. And, I must say, there is more jam in Cameron Mizell’s guitar than in any breakfast restaurant on the east coast. On his new album, Cameron partners up with keys guru Brad Whiteley and drummer extraordinaire Mike Fortune to create one of the funkiest jazz instrumental albums of 2007. Well chosen classics blended nicely and with an obvious careful thought make the original tracks stand out like a ornate centerpiece on the dinner table. The wide ranging set on LIFE IS LOUD makes those lucky enough to listen feel a part of the grooves, whether by an uncontrollable urge to shake it slightly, or an all out boogie-down. The thirteen tracks all have a quality of life different from one another making each one almost an album by itself. This album was crafted, not merely put together. It is (in my opinion), an antique in the making. A project that will inspire you, the listener, to greater things but also hopefully carry Cameron Mizell into the future with a larger sense of direction as both a player and a writer. I know he has my vote of confidence.

Cameron Mizell’s Life is Loud 2007

World Series Wisconsin

Remember Eddie Mathews‘ dramatic 10th-inning homer from game four of the 1957 World Series, or Paul Molitor’s record-setting five hits in the opener of the 1982 World Series? Relive the excitement of the zenith years of Milwaukee’s champion baseball teams — the Braves and the Brewers — in the new exhibition, World Series Wisconsin, available for view July 17 through December 2, 2007 at the Wisconsin Historical Museum. Included are dozens of authentic, game-used objects — jerseys, jackets, caps, helmets, bats, balls, gloves, spikes, and more — many of them from the peak seasons of 1957 and 1982, and many actually worn and used by such baseball greats as true homerun champion (IMO) Hank Aaron, Eddie Mathews, Red Schoendienst, and Warren Spahn of the Braves, and Rollie Fingers, Paul Molitor, and one of my personal favorites, Robin Yount of the Brewers. Original artifacts from Milwaukee County Stadium, fan souvenirs, historical photographs, and original radio broadcast clips and television footage also help bring the excitement of these victory seasons to life. It is a very cool collection and I was pleased to get the opportunity to make it apart of my day. If you are in the area and like baseball, you’ll dig it. Unless perhaps you were are a fan of the 1957 New York Yankees, who after calling the 1957 Milwaukee Braves “BUSH LEAGUE” lost to that very same team to lose the World Series.

’56 & ’57 Road Jersey worn and autographed by Hank Aaron

Thank you Max Roach.

By his 30th birthday, Max Roach was already considered the greatest jazz drummer ever by his peers. By the time he died this week, the 83-year-old master percussionist was known worldwide as much more: innovator, activist, teacher, genius. Roach, whose rhythmic innovations and improvisations defined bebop jazz during a career marked by expectations defied and musical boundaries ignored, died late Wednesday in a Manhattan hospital after a long illness. “Max was one of the founders and original members of the A-Team of bebop,” said fellow music legend Quincy Jones. “Outside of losing a giant and an innovator, I’ve lost a great, great friend. Thank God he left a piece of his soul on his recordings so that we’ll always have a part of him with us.” In 1988, he became the first jazz musician ever honored with a MacArthur Fellowship – receiving a $372,000 “genius grant.” The creatively restless Roach, who debuted with Ellington’s band as a self-taught 16-year-old drummer in 1940, challenged his listeners and himself by making music that connected the jazz of the pre-World War II era with the beats of the hip-hop generation. His place in the pantheon of jazz greats long since secured, Roach collaborated with drummers from around the world, with a string quartet that featured daughter Maxine, and with rapper Fab Five Freddy. “I try to show my students the correlation between hip-hop and Louis Armstrong,” he once said. “That’s how well-rooted hip-hop is, coming out of an environment where people were denied any kind of cultural enrichment.” The North Carolina native was born on Jan. 10, 1924, and moved to Brooklyn with his family four years later. A player piano left by the previous tenants gave Roach his musical introduction. But he was looking for another instrument while singing with the children’s choir at the Concord Baptist Church. Roach found a snare drum, and was quickly hooked. His father gave the eighth-grader his first set of drums, and Roach was drumming professionally while still in high school. He would take often the nickel train ride from Brooklyn to Harlem, listening to the music spilling out of the Apollo Theater or the Savoy Ballroom. While there, he befriended saxophonist Charlie Parker and trumpeter Dizzie Gillespie as the burgeoning bop movement took flight. By 1942, he was playing behind Parker in a Harlem after-hours club; two years later, Roach joined Gillespie and Coleman Hawkins in one of the first bebop recording sessions. What distinguished Roach from other drummers were his fast hands and ability to simultaneously maintain several rhythms. By layering different beats and varying the meter, Roach pushed jazz beyond the boundaries of standard 4/4 time. His dislocated beats helped define bebop.Roach’s innovative use of cymbals for melodic lines, and tom-toms and bass drums for accents, helped elevate the percussionist from mere timekeeper to featured performer – on a par with the trumpeter and saxophonist. “One of the grand masters of our music,” Gillespie once said. Through the jazz upheaval of the 1940s and ’50s, Roach played bebop with the Charlie Parker Quintet and cool bop with the Miles Davis Capitol Orchestra. He joined trumpeter Clifford Brown in playing hard bop, a jazz form that maintained bebop’s rhythmic drive while incorporating the blues and gospel.
In 1952, Roach and bassist-composer Charles Mingus founded Debut Records. Among the short-lived label’s releases was a famed 1953 Toronto performance in Massey Hall, featuring Roach, Mingus, Parker, Gillespie and pianist Bud Powell. Roach eventually expanded his repertoire and explored new challenges. He taught at the University of Massachusetts, traveled to Ghana in search of new music, and performed with groups from Japan and Cuba. He also formed an all-percussion ensemble known as M’Boom, an ensemble of eight percussionists; a quartet that performed with a 22-member gospel choir; and a double quartet – his band, plus a string quartet – that included Roach’s daughter Maxine Roach on viola. Ignoring critics, Roach insisted rap had a place on music’s “boundless palette.” He is survived by five children: sons Daryl and Raoul, and daughters Maxine, Ayo and Dara.

Thank you Max Roach, R.I.P.

Sweet Corn Festival

Thursday, August 16, 2007 through Sunday, August 19, 2007. Event time varies per day. The festival kicks off with a parade Thursday night; Thursday/Friday feature carnival, vendor booths and Friday night band in beer tent; Sat/Sunday = full activities with carnival, entertainment stage, steamed corn, fresh corn, vendor booths and games, live bands, petting zoo, craft fair, beer tent, kiddie korner and midget auto races Sunday night. $1 admission Sat / Sun. Angell Park, 100 Park St, Sun Prairie, Dane County. Call 608-837-4547. Man, the Midwest has such simple fun events for the entire family, I almost want to adopt a family for the end of this week to take here…well, I guess I won’t go that far.


Phil Rizzuto, “scooter” dies at 89

Hall of Fame shortstop and longtime broadcaster Phil Rizzuto passed away at the age of 89 on Tuesday. The 1950 AL MVP, Mr. Rizzuto played 13 seasons with the Yankees, going to the playoffs in 10 of them. He would later serve as the team’s color commentator, both on radio and television, for 40 years. Mr. Rizzuto was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1994 after being voted in by the Veterans Committee. I am a 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox fan, but I know a baseball persons person and “scooter” was it. He has infield soil in his veins and I wish to pay my respect to a man who seemed to live with it. I am sure Mr. Rizzuto is slated to start doing color for the big club in the BIG SKY league…..sometimes it’s about more than music.

Check out Mr. Rizzuto’s career statistics here.



The Wishlist Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam for Crohn’s Disease and Colitus related charities. The Wishlist Foundation’s primary purpose is charitable, out of love for and thanks from Pearl Jam . Our mission is to bring Pearl Jam fans together for worthwhile causes while enjoying the music, friendship, community and events that Pearl Jam inspires. No member or volunteer benefits financially from the Foundation in any way. Proceeds from Wishlist Foundation projects are donated to tax-exempt organizations, such as our primary beneficiary, the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA). The folks here plan to provide support, education and donations through support, please visit their web site at

For even more info head HERE.

Who better than fans of Pearl Jam to help out.

Coming soon, FREE by Marcus Miller

It is no surprise that I have been listening to a lot of soulful funky with an R-n-B flavor. I do like to keep it real you know. Marcus Miller will have a new album out sometime towards the end of the year, and there have been a couple of teasers on his myspace page. Check out the upcoming title track FREE, featuring the beautiful voice of Miss Corinne Bailey Rae. This is such a pretty song with soulful thumps by Marcus on bass that make you want to hug onto the nearest……well maybe thats just me?? Head on over there for yourself and decide. I will be lucky sometime in the early winter months to be setting up a potential conversation with Marcus to discuss the new album, the ongoing tour dates and maybe even engage in some serious basketball conversation.

Many thanks to Bibi for the slam dunk.


Doug Johns..a pimpasaurus Rex on bass

Influenced by ground-breaking artists such as Mahavishnu, Weather Report, Jimi Hendrix, and Miles Davis, it is obvious that Doug John’s earliest endeavors explored every genre. Going on the road at a very young age, he honed his technical skills on stage with many soul, funk, blues and jazz bands, realizing they were all connected by the rhythm of the soul. After playing together as fellow clinicians in 1991, Victor Wooten described Doug Johns as “a great talent who will definitely make his mark in the bass world.” Today, they maintain a personal and professional relationship. But even before gaining notice from Victor, Bass Player Magazine wrote, “Doug Johns wastes no time demonstrating command of his instrument,” and went on to say he “is an impressive showcase of… versatility and professionalism.” Later, while recording tracks at Joe’s Garage in Los Angeles, Dweezil Zappa cut right to the chase and said, “Doug is a freak of nature!” The culmination of these musical experiences has led to the much-anticipated release of Doug Johns’ self-titled, debut CD. The opening tune, “Pimpasaurus Rex,” comes out swinging and includes stellar performances on horns from Joe Miller from one of my personal favorite groups, Chicago’s own Liquid Soul and Kenny Anderson (Arturo Sandoval, Tom Jones). Following Doug’s funk roots, “Hippobottomus” features the deep groove of an unstoppable rhythm section with Chris Ceja on drums and Mark Leach on Hammond. Bound to be a bass players’ staple, track# 9 revisits the country song, “The Claw.” Jerry Reed’s classic takes a smoldering turn with Doug Johns and Victor Wooten furiously trading solos. Flavored with the soul of his teachers – Jaco, Stanley and Bootsy – Doug Johns’ first CD offers variety,depth and should have a home in your set list.


How many Albums from CT to WI??

Well, there was a few moments of finding community style radio broadcasts on the way…even one from Canada but as far as the albums that made it in the ride for the ride… looked like this.

G-Love & the Special Sauce-Lemonade
Violent Femmes- Add it Up
Robert Walter- There goes the Neighborhood
Beastie Boys- the in Sound from Way out
Bob Marley-Babylon By Bus
A new Groove by Putumayo
King Sunny Ade-Gems from the Classic Years
Skeebo Knight-Wimbash Woods
Merl Saunders & Friends- Fire Up
Jimi Hendrix- Electric Ladyland
Eels- Souljacker
Morphine- B-sides & otherwise
Cibo Matto-Stereo Type A
Forro in the Dark- Bonfires of Sao Joao
Peter Green w/Nigel Watson- Hot Foot Powder
Jerry Garcia Band- Reflections
Floyd Miles & Friends-Crazy Man
John Lee Hooker- Live at Sugar Hill
Rusted Root- When I Woke
Nirvana- MTV Unplugged
Radiohead- OK Computer
The Cure-Show
Liquid Soul-Liquid Soul
Guvna Dub- Dub Sessions
Red Hot Chili Pepers- Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Desdamona-the Source
Terry Francis Presents Architecture Vol.2
Kronos Quartet performs Phillip Glass
Extra Golden- Ok-Oyot System
The Best of Fela Kuti (2 discs)
Grease Soundtrack

There might have been one of two missed….most of these were listened to from start to finish while on the drive…Some nostalgia, some outrageous and some just because it was only me in the car……let me know what you might have played.