Circle Chase

The third and final portion of the other daze proGram plays with your eyes…the shapes of things to come or were…..

You Can’t Tell- Warren Cuccurullo & Ustad Sultan Khan
Medley All India Radio Signatures- Ravi Shankar
Pa Gun Tor- Thepporn Petchubon

Saguita Al Bate- Leticia Rodriguez
Amamar- La Chiva Gantiva
Honor Enjendrado- Peliroja

Tuco’s Last Stand- Bombay Rickey
Island Man- Pete Shand
Postman- Hollie Cook
She Still Loves me- Soja Ft. Collie Buddz
Shake the Night- Imperial Highness Ft. Rocker T.

Fire- Yarah Bravo
Nabuma Rubberband- Little Dragon

Show me the Way (LNRP Mixshow Edit)- Dilated Peoples
Eye Drops- BPos
Real Grind- Tre Mission Ft. Wiley
Reflection- Cormega & Large Professor
Home- Cormega & Large Professor Ft. Black Rob

Myth Dub- The Whole Truth Ft. Mo Kolours
Speed of Life- Helio Parallax Ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore
Now is the Time- Nightmares on Wax

Novo Mundo- Souleance
Vem Jogar- Souleance
Wanted Man- Nickodemus (Ska Version)
Loco Ono- Bassnectar


Sunset Cloud A Like

The middle set of the proGram is the feeling you get when the sky is just riGht, or maybe it’s the sky….? I want to thank Mr. Sonny Knight for being a guest on the show. I was happy to be the first to welcome him and his band the Lakers to Madison for AtwoodFest. We spoke about his long awaiting journey to his debut album, how thankful he is to be making people happy with his music and he and I see eye to eye on how important the bridGe music creates for all us people…Here’s what it looked like:

Out in the Canyon- Miles Tackett
Don’t Let Me Fall- the Relatives
Sworn in Enemy- The Impellers

I’m Still Here Pt.1- Sonny Knight & the Lakers
**Live on air conversation with Mr. Sonny Knight**
Sugarman- Sonny Knight & the Lakers
Get Up & Dance- Sonny Knight & the Lakers (live)

She Broke Down- Little Richard III
Stormy Weather- Dorsey Brockinton
Third Stone From the Sun- Lonnie Jordan

Chain Reaction- Edward David Anderson
The Next Melody- Edward David Anderson

Psycho Killer- Lea Lea
Brixton Girls- Ephemerals
Radio 1- Calibro 35

Viper’s Drag- Henry Butler/Steven Bernstein & the Hot 9
Obeying the Chemicals- the Microscopic Septet
Move on Up- Horndogz Ft. Bibi Tanga & Peeda

The Trial Of Henry Marshall- Kobo Town


Meet Woody

The first third of the proGram is an introduction to a scary friend who miGht just be the root to all of this:

Só Danço Samba Corcovado- Bossa Nova Sinfonico (live)
Storms End- Break of Reality

Sweet Amarillo- Old Crow Medicine Show
Hard to be an Outlaw- Willie Nelson

Happy Sad- Christopher Denny
AOR- Ed Motta
Lost in the Night- Ed Motta
Just Like my Heart- Fault Lines
Ramona Cruz- The Youngs

Willie Nelson PSA to End Federal Marijuana Prohibition
Bad Bad- Somebody’s Darling
Digsaw- the Wytches
In Your Home- White Lung
They Will Never be the Same- Got a Girl

I ain’t Gonna be the First to Cry- Bob Moses
He’s a Complicated Man- Joel Jerome

I Know a Girl- Freeman
Hornets Nest- Joe Lewis Walker
The Spectifyin’ Samba- Dave Spector

At the Show- Marco Benevento
It’s a Cold, Cold World- Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens
Absisto- Cold Specks


Things on a Table

The final set from the other day’s proGram was sorta like the drawer of everything….Take note that these last three setlist posts were all brand new releases, that’s 60 new tunes for open minds & thirsty earholes. Here’s what was on the top:

Ginger (Spice)- Ginger Baker
Who Dare Knock- Alan Evans Trio (live 8/24/2013)
Unknown Elsewhere- Zongo Junction
No Discount- Zongo Junction
As They Walked into the Forest On a Sunday, They Encountered Apes Dressed as Humans- Kasai Allstars

Chicken in the Corn (Buffalo Billy’s Version)- Brushy One String
Bella Ciao (Chief Boima Remix)- Underground System

Soft Blind Pony Ride- Helio Parallax Ft. Bianca Casady
Mission Venice- Nightmares on Wax
Tonight- Dubtonic Kru Ft. Chanteelle Ernandez (No Disturbance Riddem)

Never Say Never- Basement Jaxx
Bouillon- DJ New Mark & Slimkid 3 Ft. Del & Murs
Intro- the Green Seed
Disconnect- the Green Seed
New Haven- Falty DL

Hyperparadise- Flume Ft. M.O.P.
The Dark Streets- Tall Black Guy
Your Song- Soja Ft. Damian JR GONG Marley


Under Leaf Surprise

The middle portion of the proGram was the little something you locate under the spot that looks so much like nothing is there, yet….to your disbelief…there it was:

Under the Tongue- Coma Serfs
Me and Mary Jane- Black Stone Cherry
Why do You Hate me?- Marmozets
Snake Jaw- White Lung
Save Us- Shinobi Ninja

Broken For Good- Jill Barber
The Fool Who Wanders- Miles Tackett

Get Up, Child- Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens
Leave Something Worthwhile- the Relatives
You Did it- the Impellers

Amazing Game- Mindi Abair Ft. Trombone Shorty
Sport- Calibro 35
The Same Love That Made me Laugh- Ashley Thomas
For All You’ve Been- Lenis Guess
Leave my Beat Alone- Raw Soul
Iron Man- Brown Sabbath

Imperial Green- Led Bib
Suspended Animation- the Microscopic Septet

Fire- robiN EubAnks & Mental Images
Stratosphunk- Joel Harrison
Oh No Oh Wow- Michael Bellar As Is Ensemble
Doozy (Reprise)- Interstatic


Flow Meets

I want to thank Josh Werner for being a guest during the first third of the proGram. We talked about his new project, Helio Parallax, which is out on his friend and mentor Mr. Bill Laswell’s label M.O.D. Technologies. We hit on his friendship and musical guidance received by Mr. Laswell and since Josh is oriGinally from Milwaukee, he also is a friend and student of Mr. Richard Davis. The Helio Parallax project is a combination of music he and his longtime Coco Rosie band-mate Takuya Nakamura had felt and envisioned on the road and it came forth as this Sci-Fi Dub Noir, which was the formula to the concept. There was plenty of other music….Check it:

Helix- Break to Reality
Bluejay- Flagship Romance
Careless Maria- The Bad Things
I Hope That I get Old Before I die- They Might Be Giants (live)
Thirty Two Footsteps- They Might Be Giants (live)

Used to Her- Willie Nelson
Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer- Old Crow Medicine Show

Aloha- Phil Kasper
My Face on Your Head- Joel Jerome
If the Roses Don’t Kill us- Christopher Denny

White Flag- Fink
Slow Bus- Willis Earl Beal

Gimme One More- Freeman
Watermelon, Barbeque and Beer (Remix)- Duncan Street
Black Dog- Dave Fields
Funkified Outta Space- Dave Spector

***Live on air Conversation with Josh Werner***
Kilgore Trout Dub- Helio Parallax
Still Called the Blues- Dexter Allen Ft. Bobby Rush
Cotton Mouth Man- James Cotton
Just Keep on Rockin’- Roomful of Blues (live)


Monet Petal

Having a week off from the show made me listen more to things in my collection. I have also been able with chanGes in my scene, spend a little more time during the days with my ears to it. Here’s some of that spill over:

Bardo IV: Clouds Blooming at the Thought of Union- Christopher Bono
Strawman- Snarky Puppy
2 Way Dreamtime- D.I.G. (live Milton Theatre, 1999)
The Sandcastle Head Hunter- Donald Harrison Jr.
Akiwowo- Babatunde Olatunji
West End Blues- Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five
Saturday Night (is the loneliest night of the week)- Frank Sinatra
Black Coffee- Sarah Vaughn
Muddy Water- Aretha Franklin
Two Bass Hit- Miles Davis Ft. John Coltrane & Cannonball Adderley
Stone FLower- Antonio Carlos Jobim
Strawberry Moon- Grover Washington Jr.
Sweet Georgia Brown- Eldar Djangirov
Men’s Talk- Mark Weinstein & Omar Sosa
Freedmantown- Reggie Quinerly Ft. Enoch Smith Jr.
Field Work ( the ethnographer’s daughter)- Mike Ladd
Back At Ya- Mike Ladd
Release- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric


Vase Off

The second half of the show took what appeared done and made it come to life. The newness of most of this portion allows the almost, to get a little more and make the ones on your mind reappear:

Already Free- the Derek Trucks Band (live in Chicago)
Release Me- Miles Tackett
Humble Me- Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens

Space is the Place- Pleasure
No Trouble on the Mountain- The Gene Dudley Group Ft. Anne Frankentein

Deep Soul Pt. 1- Ron Buford
Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’- Alvin Delk Ft. Rocking Cavaliers
Superman- Barbara Stant

Thank You- RobiN EubAnks & Mental Images
The Wizard- Brown Sabbath
In my DNA- Horndogz Ft. Fred Wesley & Juan Rozoff
Funky Spider Dance- Henri Pierre Noel

Good Morning What’s New- Kidkanevil (Capstone Reversion)
Introducing Mudfoot- Basement Boys present Mudfoot Jones
Pray for Me- Basement Boys present Mudfoot Jones
Swingin’- Basement Boys present Mudfoot Jones
Lullaby- Martyn
Social Influence Skit- Jon Phonics
Afternoon Delite- Jon Phonics
Wanted Man- Nicodemus & Brian J.

Diamond- Klint
Penny Nickle Dime- Amp Live Ft. Anya & Prof
All You Got is Your Word- Souls of Mischief
I Don’t Wanna Hear That- Toddla T Ft.Danny Weed & Jammer
Hold on- Bassnectar Ft. Tursi

Down Under (Acoustic Version)- Colin Hay
The Waitress- the Waifs

***Live on air Chat with Miss Natasha***
Spanish Town- the Beautiful Girls


By the Shore

The first half of the reGularly scheduled greenarrowradio proGram for the week took a break by the rocky shore to sit…watch….listen and be….These were the tunes that sat along side quietly as the times went REDily on:

Roll on Buddy- Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
Clover Leaf Rag- Sam Bush
Cluck Old Hen- Bill Frisell
O Cumberland River- Old Crow Medicine Show
Bonnie to my Clyde- The Bad Things
Crazy Like Me- Willie Nelson
Damn- Erin & Her Cello
Water for Friction- T.V. Mike & the Scarecrows

Another Day- Seth Walker
Get me Outta this City- Leftover Salmon (live)
Play- Gulp
Play With Fire- Cobra Verde
All Together Now- Jim White
I’ve got a Feeling- the Besnard Lakes
Fly Like an Eagle- the Neville Brothers
I Can’t Give you Anything but Love- John Lloyd Young
Beggin’- Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons/John Lloyd Young/Ryan Malloy

Maria Christina- Los Lobos (live at the Fillmore)
Rice Clients- the Codetalkers w/Col. Bruce Hampton
You’ll Need Another Favor- W.C. Clark
Roadside Attraction- Marcia Ball
Monk Donky- Dexter Allen Ft. Bobby Rush
Cross Road- Dave Fields

Opus de Swamp- Dave Spector
Chicago Style- Dave Spector


Bridge the Sound

I did an early morning fill in for the Morning Show once aGain this week and it gives me a great opportunity to play some music that as I search for the ear choices of the week….The sounds of the second half of this show were the bridge to soundsscapes where some feet have never touched, nevermind an ear…Here is the path:

Saturday Night Fish Fry- Lou Rawls Ft. Joe Williams & Lionel Hampton
Eye of the Hurricane- Herbie Hancock (live)
Looking Forward (breaking bad)- Harvey Mason Ft. Guillaume Perret
Steady Freddy- Mike Clark & Paul Jackson
Hotel Domingo- Mike Clark & Paul Jackson
Fat Time- Miles Davis
Nature Boy- Manu DiBango
May the Funk be With you- Celia Baron
Doozy Mugwump Blues- Interstatic
Voodoo Chile- Michael Bellar the As Is Ensemble

+=+=+=+=+=+=+- Amatorski
Boy Girl- Amatorski


Looked Right Through

I did an early morning fill in for the Morning Show once aGain this week and it gives me a great opportunity to play some music that as I search for the ear choices of the week….kinda get looked riGht through and left for another day. These types of fill ins seem to be that day coming….Here’s the first half of it:

All the Things You are- The Quintet (live 5/15/1953, Massey Hall)
Blowin’ the Blues Away- Horace Silver
Soul Dance- Joshua Redman (live 02/03, Blues Alley)
Charles- Cuong Vu & Richard Karpen
Lush Life- Cuong Vu & Richard Karpen

Havana City- Hilario Duran & Perspectiva
Stretto in the Ghetto- Branford Marsalis
Watermelon Man- Donald Smith Ft. Mansur Scott
Cuchy Frito Man- Cal Tjader
OGD (road song)- Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery
Take the A Train- Lionel Hampton
Mantra- Emil Richards & the Microtonal Blues Band
Burn Vagabond Burn- Ned Evett & Franck Vigroux


What the Duck?

The second half of the other day’s proGram lost underwater with a what the duck is going on here sound….It is always nice to hear the answers to that question:

Revolution- Soulive
We Painted it Colors- Socialybrium
Strance of the Spirit Red Gator- MMW
As- Deep Blue Organ Trio
The Difference- Clyde Stubblefield
Cross the Tracks (we better go back)- Maceo & the Macks
Hot Pants (I’m coming, coming, coming)- Bobby Byrd
This is Me- Cookin’ Bag
It Tears Me up- Soul Summit Ft. Mike Mattison & Reggie Young (live at the Berks Jazz Fest)
The Frog- Sir Guy
That Beats got the Devil in it- Lenis Guess

Thriller- Richie Phoe
Did We Live too Fast- Got a Girl
The World is a Beat- N’dambi
Suffering You, Suffering Me- Slow Club
Of Dice and Men- Cookin’ on 3 Burners
I Don’t Care- the Impellers

Invented Search- Zongo Junction
Tunnel Bar- Zongo Junction
IMF- Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 Ft. Dead Prez
Koyelia- The Polish Ambassador Ft. Peia

Mordecai- Kimekai
There is Only Now- Souls of Mischief Ft. Snoop Dogg
Sade’s Intro- Teck Zilla
My Love is- Tech Zilla
Sade’s Outro- Teck Zilla
Terrors in My Head- Deadmau5

Intro- Luscious Jackson
CitySong- Luscious Jackson
You Wish- Nightmares on Wax
Who am I- DJ Sol Rising