This Shadowing Took

The middle part of the program held your hand when you wanted it to.

I’m Gonna Live Forever (If It Kills Me)- William Tyler & The Impossible Truth

Any Colour You Like- The Gilmour Project
**pre-recorded conversation with Jeff Pevar of The Gilmour Project**
Have A Cigar- The Gilmour Project

79- Laith

The Big Break- Cantrips
Silver Lining- Boom Pam
Played A Fool By You- Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints
Raise Your Mind- Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints

Verkackt- Erobique
Better Late Than Never- The Sextones
What’s Mine- Claire Davis
Warming Up- Tommaso Cappellato X Pavimento Fertile Ft. Michael Blake & Andrea Lombardini
The Flow Must Go On- Tommaso Cappellato X Pavimento Fertile Ft. Andrea Lombardini

A Place To Be

The first part of this week’s proGram was a happenin’ happening.

Dillsboro Blues- Darren Nicholson
Big City Chicken- Arkansauce
Heart is the Hero- The Wood Brothers

Pack It Up- Will James
I’ve Been Workin’- Professor Louie & The Crowmatix

Craft Beer- Dean Zucchero Ft. Jonathan “Boogie” Long
Dixie Grill- Backtrack Blues Band (Live From Tampa Bay Blues Festival 2022)
I’m A King Bee- Johnny King & Friends Ft. Bobby Rush
Yazoo River- Tony Holiday
Hold On- Nalani Rothrock

No Place Like Home- Dwight Twilley

Vem Bryr Sig- Mary Anne’s Polar Rig
Dopamine Detox- Mary Anne’s Polar Rig
Tom Herman’s Hermits- Mudhoney

Jeff Pevar With The Gilmour Project

Jeff Pevar is a guitarist, composer, producer, performer & multi-instrumentalist who has brought his unique style on stage and/or in the studio to such world renowned artists as Ray Charles, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Bette Midler, Joe Cocker, James Taylor, Jimmy Webb, Carly Simon, Kenny Loggins, Jefferson Starship, Phil Lesh and Friends, Marc Cohn, Jennifer Warnes, Laura Nyro, David Foster, Rickie Lee Jones, Jazz Is Dead, CPR (w/ David Crosby & James Raymond) and so many others. Jeff is a sought after session musician who composes movie scores, music for television shows and advertisements, in addition to composing original music for his own releases. This legendary name in the business has co-written many songs that have appeared on recordings of David Crosby, Graham Nash and other artists. He is heading to Madison this time around as part of The Gilmour Project. ‘T.G.P.’ is Jeff Pevar (guitar); Prairie Prince (co founder of The Tubes, & drums with Todd Rundgren, Jefferson Starship, Phil Lesh); Kasim Sulton (bass with Utopia, Meatloaf & Blue Oyster Cult): Mark Karan (guitar with Bob Weir/Ratdog, The Other Ones, Phil Lesh) & Scott Guberman (keyboards with Phil Lesh). These cats come together for this heavy, psychedelic lift of audacious & beloved ‘Gilmour-centric’ Pink Floyd songs & rarities from David’s solo catalogue.

On May 18th at The Barrymore Theatre, The Gilmour Project will be celebrating the 50th (that’s riGht 50) anniversary of the iconic “Dark Side Of The Moon” album. I had the pleasure of getting together with Mr. Jeff Pevar to talk about just what could be going on at The Barrymore. We talk about the music, the space for exploring the places within the music as ‘T.G.P.’ does, how different the same can/will be on a nightly basis. Sure left me wondering about the specialness about to happen inside the Barrymore’s walls. We spoke about one of my old memory places for cutting teeth with names and faces of music, a one and only place, The Shaboo Inn and how it fits into the pages of Jeff’s history. There’s great moments in this talk, what Ray Charles called out to him in rehearsal and what he thinks it is about him that people are possibly drawn to for the many projects he’s serviced. Of course, I give him a chance to talk about his recently departed buddy, David Crosby, and the impact there is clear. WOW!

Vinylthon Pt. 3

As part of Record Store Day, WSUM participated in the vinylthon activities of the year. Here is the happy endinGs of what the wax was like from the G-Library.

Stealin’- The Grateful Dead (live)
The Same Thing- The Grateful Dead (live)

It’s All Too Much- The Beatles
Dog Eat Dog- Donald Fagan/Walter Becker/Denny Diaz

Skin I’m In- Sly & The Family Stone
I Don’t Know (Satisfaction)- Sly & The Family Stone
He’s A Flyguy- Curtis Mayfield with Fishbone
I’m Gonna Git You Sucka- The Gap Band

Puss In Bag- Lee Perry & The Soulettes

Vinylthon Pt. 2

As part of Record Store Day, WSUM participated in the vinylthon activities of the year. Here is the middle of what the wax was like from the G-Library.

Proud Mary- Elvis Presley (Live)
Never Been to Spain- Elvis Presley (Live)
If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt.2)- The Rolling Stones

Venus In Furs- The Velvet Underground & Nico
Aspirations- Santana
Every Hungry Woman- Allman Brothers Band (live)
Dreams I’ll Never See- Allman Brothers Band (live)
Sailin’ Shoes- Little Feat (live)

Mr. Natural- Big Brother & The Holding Company
Funkie Jim- Big Brother & The Holding Company

Vinylthon P1.1

As part of Record Store Day, WSUM participated in the vinylthon activities of the year. Here is the beGinning of what the wax was like from the G-Library.

The Purple Lagoon- Frank Zappa (live In New York)

Epitaph:- King Crimson
>March for No Reason
>Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Johnny B. Goode- Jimi Hendrix (live)
Elemental Child- Tyrannosaurus Rex
I Wish You Would- David Bowie

Oh Mama Don’t You Know- Taj Mahal
Frankie & Albert- Taj Mahal

Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme From 2001: A Space Odyssey)- Elvis Presley [Live]
That’s All Right- Elvis Presley (Live)

One Of The First Up

The final part of the proGram this knew someone had to do it.

Give Up the Goods (Just Step)- Benny Reid & Havoc
Eye For an Eye (Your Beef is Mines)- Benny Reid & Havoc
Whatchu Say!- Ideal Ft. The Palmer Squares

Wayo In-law- Prince Nico Mbarga w/The Ivory Coasters (Live at WOMAD 1982)
Kumbatia- Buddha’s Lounge
Miliamba- Ablaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze
The Vegetarian Dervishes – Semai- A Far Cry, Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol & George Lernis

Miles Chases New Voodoo In The Church- London Brew
Raven Flies Low – London Brew
Hail To The Real Chief- M.E.B. & Miles Davis
Bitches Are Back- M.E.B. & Miles Davis
Butter Pecan- Jason Miles

Darks Light

The middle part of the proGram had both sides covered just in case.

It’s My Time- Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints
Ganimed- Angels Of Libra
In & Out- Angels Of Libra Ft. Jean Cortis

Scatter- Ghost Funk Orchestra
***pre-recorded conversation w/Seth Applebaum of GFO***
Bluebell- Ghost Funk Orchestra

Whiskey Makes Me Stronger- Eddie Roberts & The Lucky Strokes
You’re a Peach- Gold Leader
Kaik Gidelim- Altin Gün
Avalanche Of Love- WITCH Ft. Sampa The Great

Guanaco- Kiltro
Piña pa la Niña- Gotopo & Don Elektron
Sábado- Caixa Cubo Ft. Zé Leônidas
Telenova- Zuco 103
Flashback- Immy Owuso


The beGinning part of this week’s show got started in a bloomin’.

Fat Shame, Pt. 2- Alabama Mike
Woman On The Warpath- Alabama Mike
Savannah Red- Johnny King & Friends
Black Coffee At Sunrise- Brad ‘Guitar’ Wilson

Favorite Things- Dudley Taft
Why Is It We Don’t Dance Anymore- Jimmie Bratcher
Low Down Dirty Shame- Jennifer Lyn and the Groove Revival

Don’t Feed the Trolls- The Get Right Band
Dragging Me Down- Popsicko
Late in the Garden- Nick Waterhouse

The Murder Mystery Pt. 2- Rudy De Anda
***pre-recorded conversation with Rudy De Anda***
Miel- Rudy De Anda

Runnin’ (To Get to Your Love)- Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints

Rudy De Anda’s New Record And Visit to Madison

In 2020, Rudy De Anda moved his homebase out of California for the 1st time. He was headed East. Somewhere in the back of the U-Haul, among the boxes and stuff, was a mostly finished record. Once getting to Chicago, Rudy quickly found the final pieces of his new LP, ‘Closet Botanist’. It’s due out April 28th on Colemine/Karma Chief Records. The album was recorded in Austin, Texas at the Electric Deluxe recording studio, owned & operated by friend of the proGram Adrian Quesada, who helped produce & engineer this new LP. Rudy’s previous releases have grown synonymous with California sunshine. He was born in Los Angeles and spent most of his formative years in Long Beach. ‘Closet Botanist’ isn’t a total departure from Rudy’s beachy, psych-rock roots, but it does sound more mature. Most of the songs were written back in California with the help of Rudy’s previous bandmates. “Tu Mirada” was one of the first songs he wrote in Chicago. Then, a local friend helped him find “Hey Mr. Sun.” Rudy connected with Blake Rhein (Durand Jones and the Indications) during the final weeks of writing and the two worked on Blake’s tune, another step of maturity as this was something Rudy previously had not done to date. To get the sound just right, Rudy called his California bandmates to the studio. Jon Rivera played bass, Daniel Villareal laid down the drums, and Kyle Davis took care of the organ, piano & synth leads. Adrian Quesada produced the album & Aaron Glembowski engineered the sessions. The band recorded directly to tape to channel a classic rock n’ roll sound. Rudy points to The Velvet Underground & The Kinks for direct inspiration. Rudy dedicates the album to those who love so hard that they neglect to water their own garden. Even in a much colder climate, the closet botanist continues to grow.

I had the pleasure of spending a little time talking with Rudy ahead of his April 26th event in Madison at The Bur Oak. We painted a little scene of what event goers should expect when in that space together. We got pretty deep into the new album – learning how things got accomplished, how Adrian and he worked and how the final product, in my humble opinion, is a step into the future of this psych soul sound. With that, Rudy takes the question on of building a setlist with a track off ‘Botanist’ and as usual, I feel the listeners would not mind if another artists took over the driver’s seat of the show. HA!

Ghost Funk Orchestra’s Seth Applebaum

Ghost Funk Orchestra is the brainchild of composer/multi-instrumentalist Seth Applebaum. What started as a one-man recording project has now evolved into a powerhouse live band. It’s a sonic kaleidoscope that defies genre specification, but draws heavy influence from the worlds of soul, psych rock, salsa, and beyond. Their unique blend of genres has attracted praise from the likes of NPR, Bandcamp, KUTX, Brooklyn Vegan, Earmilk, and more. Local NY blog Post-Trash described their sound as a ‘psych odyssey of traditional sounds delivered in a non-traditional fashion.’ Bandcamp’s Editorial Director J. Edward Keyes praised the band’s ability to ‘leave no funk-adjacent genre unexplored.’ Experimentation is the key, and unpredictability is what has been attracting folks from all corners of the globe to see what GFO pulls off next…

I had the chance to catch up with Seth ahead of the April 26th show at The Bur Oak here in Madison. We talked about the differences between what is hear don one of GFO’s albums versus a live show. We got into the making and process of the latest album ‘A New Kind Of Love’ out now on Colemine Records. Within the conversation about the record, we explore how this group of people is on the cusp of many genres, and how that widens the pool of ears, and makes them a perfect fit for greenarrowradio. We take the talk of that latest album into what songs Seth would choose to build a setlist around and he gives a few tracks for consideration budling on top of those. Get ready to stretch with GFO wherever you can catch them. Which reminded me actually of the recent shows Ghost Funk Orchestra had a chance to be a part of with the legendary Brazilian Tropicalia group, Os Mutantes. I had to listen to how Seth’s voice changed a little bit while going into what that experience was like.

Pulling Together

The final part of the proGram reminds us its about the moving closer that counts. One, two, tree.

Mitolo- Erol Josué
Kase tonèl- Erol Josué
Erzulie- Erol Josué

Ocean Whitetips- Sim Nagai
Flute Resort- Sim Nagai
Craftsman- Wax Tailor
Make My Way Back Home- Kassa Overall Ft. Nick Hakim & Theo Croker

The Start of Your Ending (41st Side)- Benny Reid & Havoc
***pre-recorded conversation with Benny Reid***
Cradle To the Grave- Benny Reid & Havoc
Party’s Over- Benny Reid & Havoc

Enigma 7.5- Jasdeep Singh Degun
Boboyillo- Baaba Maal Ft. ROUGI
Delia y la luna- Roberto Lopez

Straight & Bent- Rick Cutler

Captain Splitty

The middle part of the proGram, knew it was going to drop off the table.

Fables- Rahill Ft. Beck

The Problem with a Street- Nick Waterhouse
(No) Commitment- Nick Waterhouse
King Cock- Alabama Mike

If You Don’t Want My Love- Jalen Ngonda
Number Nine- The Everettes
Raise a Glass- The Soul Motivators Ft. Shahi Teruko
Ayahuasca- Angels Of Libra
Kung Fu Noir- Angels Of Libra
Bump the Man- Philip Lassiter Ft. Durand Bernarr

Till I Landed- Bahama Soul Club Ft. Tiago Saga
Reggae Train- Naya Rockers Ft. Johnny Clarke (Mad Professor Remix)
Chairman- Ekiti Sound Ft. Aunty Rayzor
Tequila- Los Bitchos

Funk #1- Sababa 5
The Prayer- Cantrips

The Splits

The beGinning of the show took the sides of the middle.

Little Joe- Mighty Poplar

Pontius Pilate’s Home Movies- The New Pornographers
Can’t Wait ‘Till Summer- Librarians with Hickeys
49 Bye-Byes / For What Its Worth- Stephen Stills (Live At Berkley, 1971)
I Won’t Always Love You- Black Country, New Road (Live at Bush Hall)
Smoky Mtn. Prowler- Andrew Gabbard

Dance On The Grave Of Bobby Lee- Bohannons
Sunshine Casual- Rasmus Birk
Babette Become A Burden- Rasmus Birk
Didn’t Think You Had It- Terry Ohms
Traunch- Con Brio

Rhiza- Beatings Are In The Body
Grid Incursion- Sound Cipher
Banacek- Sex Mob

The Infamous Live with Benny Reid

NYC-based Benny Reid is a producer, composer, saxophonist, & educator. He is a Fatbeats & Concord Recording Artist, as well as an endorser of Selmer Saxophones, Vandoren, Novation, Focusrite, & Applied Microphones. He has held the #1 Billboard spot for “Follow the Leader Re-Imagined”, a partnership with legendary hip-hop artists Eric B. & Rakim. Mr. Reid has performed with numerous acclaimed artists including Frankie Valli, Bon Jovi, Fergie, The Temptations, Buddy Rich Band, among others. As a composer, his music has been featured in Major Motion Pictures and on networks including CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Amazon, and MTV. Reid has composed and performed music for a variety brands such as Subway, Gevalia Coffee, and Mercedes. Currently, Reid produces and scores music for both picture and recording artists, as well as leads his various ensembles in performances worldwide. His most recent work, THE INFAMOUS LIVE: BENNY REID & HAVOC, is an amazing rebuilding of Mobb Deep’s iconic 1995 opus ‘The Infamous’. This ambitious new project is a collection of acoustic, sample-free renditions, built entirely from the ground up & performed entirely by the multi-instrumentalist. ‘The Infamous Live’ comes on the heels of that Billboard-charting take of Eric B & Rakim’s ‘Follow The Leader’. From this, Mobb Deep’s Havoc discovered his work and authorized him to reconstruct the timeless Mobb Deep album, giving his input and working with Mr. Reid in the studio to complete the project. His limited 7″ of “Shook Ones Pt. II” previewing the project, sold out quickly upon release in December 2022.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Benny Reid about this latest project after airing a couple of tracks and the phones lit up. We got into how this project with Havoc’s blessing on a legendary record that many hold near to their ear. We discuss the almost scientific approach her took while rebuilding this iconic sound from the bottom up as an instrumental. The how Havoc got wind of what was going on and gave the thumbs up on a push forward with this new feel of an old sound. Its the original source material that started the thrill, creating the allure to do other versions of the first track he rearchitected. This path was a long and difficult one, so we get a look into what’s next, and even get a peek under the hood of some of the ‘soon to happen’ projects being discussed and thought through. This album will give you both a nostalgia and a path forward to a brand new listening spot.

Linda Sikhakhane at the Lincoln Center

30-year-old saxophonist Linda Sikhakhane stands as an outstanding voice among the rising generation of South African musicians—along with his collaborators Nduduzo Makhathini, Thandiswa Mazwai, and the late Sibongile Khumalo—who are changing the sound of contemporary jazz. Mr. Sikhakhane’s latest album, 2022’s Isambulo (“Revelation” in Zulu) finds the composer exploring the sonic histories of modern music filtered through the prism of transatlantic movement from across the African diaspora. A continuation of his earlier LP, An Open Dialogue, Isambulo presents a full and mature expression of Sikhakhane’s talent and growing chops as a bandleader. A regular performer on Lincoln Center‘s many stages, this appearance with his amazing quartet at the David Rubenstein Atrium, is his premiere headline show on the campus.

Anthony McGill with UW-Madison Symphony Orchestra

Principal clarinetist of the New York Philharmonic, Anthony McGill, will join the UW-Symphony Orchestra as a guest soloist under the direction of conductor Oriol Sans. This evening’s performance will be held at the beautiful, Mead Witter Foundation Concert Hall | Hamel Music Center. Mr. McGill is the first African-American artist to hold a principal position in the NY Philharmonic. As one of classical music’s most familiar figures, he was awarded the Avery Fisher Prize in 2020, and he previously performed at the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

The Program:

1. Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
– Première Rhapsodie (1910)

2. Carl Maria von Weber (1786-1826)
– Clarinet Concerto No. 1 in F minor, Op. 73 (1811)

3. Gustav Mahler (1860–1911)
– Symphony No. 1 (1888)

Landscaped Waving

The final part of this week’s proGram went the way it went, afterall.

Hot Bricks- Luis Russell
Them There Eyes- Luis Russell Ft. Louis Armstrong
Blues for Duffy and Doug- Don Aliquo
I Thought I Knew- Billy Childs
Crystal Silence- Billy Childs
The Time Being- Canadian Jazz Collective

Bender- Astrocolor
Singularity- Astrocolor
Street Vibe- Jason Miles
Closed Circle- Total Refreshment Centre & Byron Wallen

Crescent (City Swamp Dub)- Total Refreshment Centre & Jake Long
Dub Sol- Nevaris
Pleasant Place- Jahmali

Undertow- Jasdeep Singh Degun
Rageshri- Jasdeep Singh Degun

Waves Go There

The middle part of the proGram followed which way the waves did go.

Revelations- Angels Of Libra
Gabriel- Angels Of Libra Ft. Milo Milone
Raphael- Angels Of Libra
Running Away- Thee Sacred Souls

Time Wasting- Baby Charles
Jackson Fingers- Baby Charles
Art Form- The Drawbars
Starved- The Drawbars
Jim Nasty- The Soul Motivators
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright- The Soul Motivators Ft. Shahi Teruko
One for the Heads- The Soul Motivators Ft. Shahi Teruko

The Cashmere Chamber- Whatitdo Archive Group
The Web- The Ironsides

One O’Clock Jump- Danny Jonokuchi & The Revisionists & Count Basie

The Lines Thereabouts

The first part of this week’s proGram took a new way to get there from here.

The Perfect Dance- The Rifters

Sweet Georgia Brown- Taj Mahal
Caldonia- Taj Mahal
Killer Joe- Taj Mahal

Texas Louisana- Ally Venable Ft. Buddy Guy
greenarrowradio promo- Kimberly Dill of Sister Lucille
Hey Sweet Mama- Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia
My Business- Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia

Zanzibar- The Maple Blues Band
Pontiac Blues- The Cash Box Kings
Interstate 75 (LP Vocal Version)- Marcus Malone & The Motor City Hustlers

Gold Dust Woman- Shayna Steele
Bodies- Shalom
Even It Out- Fever Ray