Taken to the Bridge, now what?

In reflecting back on the show today, I realized once again how fortunate I am to be able to spend time listening into the worlds of and sharing the times of some damn amazing people. The songs, the spirits and the innovations people come up with and express via sound stretches who I am as a person and increases my passion for wanting to spread it out there for others to feel what they may. Special Guest phone interview with Brother Larry McDonald, one of the earth’s greatest percussionists. We take time to discuss his first solo release, Drumquestra on MCPR Music, some differences between music from when he played with inventors like Bob Marley to the times of music now and we must have made a lot of people’s ears burn we brought up so many talents artists in our conversation. Hoping to get that conversation edited up & posted on the site soon, stay tuned. With must respect to Diane for everything always. Here’s the result of the weeks inspiration:

Ju Ju Man- Webb Wilder
Whole Lotta Love- Perry Farrell
A Happy Kind of Sad- Drazy Hoops
Diamond Ring- Joseph Arthur & the Lonely Astronauts
Shadows Part 2- Blue Man Group w/Tracy Bonham & Rob Swift
Stormy Weather- Nik Chamberlain
Asention- the Macpodz
the Neco- Big Ass Truck
Rascacielo- Big Ass truck
Come Together- Dr. Lonnie Smith
Lonely Guy Sparks- Dirk Quinn
Smoke- Mecca Bodega
Let’s Dance- Beyondo
Jin Go Lo Ba- Babatunde Olatunji
Adderly Straat- Barry Van Zyl
World Party- Larry McDonald feat. Shaza
Set the Children Free-Larry McDonald feat. Toots Hibbert
**Live Phone Conversation with Larry McDonald**
Drum Song- Larry McDonald feat. Ras Tesfa

See the Sun- Count M’Butu w/Graciela Lopez
Funky Kingston-Toots & the Maytals w/Bootsy Collins/the Roots
Below Radar- Particle (live)
Can we Hang out Tonight- Count Bass D
Rush- Big Audio Dynamite
The Future- Comandante Zero
Do I Do- Deborah Flores w/Marcus Miller
Heads up- Jerome Thomas

Bar Wars- Willis Jackson
Mary Ann- Phantom Blues band
Gimme Shelter-Angelique Kidjo w/Joss Stone (live acoustic cafe)
Sangare- Vieux Farka Toure
Be a Threadhead- Paul Sanchez & John Boutte
Something you Got- Bonne Musique Zydeco
Falling off the Fence- Family Groove Company

Page of Madness

Friend of the program Phillip Johnston has released a new album PAGE OF MADNESS, which is a recording made in 1998 with his group at that time The Transparent Quartet. It is the score for the 1927 Japanese silent film by Teinosuke Kinugasa entitled Kurutta Ippeiji ( A Page in Madness). I have spun other groups that Phillip is in: The Microscopic Septet & Fast -N- Bulbous and this release is much different than those. As the artist behind the score, Phillip suggests that the album be listened to in one complete sitting from start to finish as it was written in that format, a complete work separate from individual tunes, where the track titles refer more to the dramatic organization of the film than to an actually “track”. He released the album on his own label, Asynchronous Records…..a first and new experiment as the times seem to dictate such measures. The Transparent Quartet played together for a number of years, and this album is a fine definition to their name, representing some of their finest work as individuals and as collaborators, a group. The group was: Phillip Johnston on soprano and alto saxophone, Joe Ruddick on piano & baritone saxophone/Mark Josefsberg on vibraphone and David Hofstra on bass.


Record Store Day

I hope you were able to add to your vinyl collections today during Record Store Day. Perhaps you took a moment to introduce someone who didin’t know about vinyl records to the magic that lives between those grooves….

Mabelline- Grisman/Hartford/Seeger
Riding High- Dread Clampitt
Subterranean Homesick Blues- Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks
Democracy- Leonard Cohen
Born Under a bad Sign-Allman Brothers Band w/Floyd Miles (live)
Never Turn Back- John Scofield
Riders on the Storm- PAPA John DeFrancesco
Exit to Mystery Street- Paul Sanchez
Stew Called New Orleans-Paul Sanchez/John Boutte

They all Asked for you- Bonne Musique Zydeco
Zip a Dee Doo Dah- Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk
Mahna, Mahna- Cake
Dead dog in the Street- Dirty Dozen Brass band
Klezmer Defiance- New Orleans Klezmer All Stars
Donen Shilgi- Huun Huur Tu
Tuchess & Nenes- Golem!
El Shing a Ling- Poncho Sanchez
Ay Valeria!- Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca

Ok Oyot System- Extra Golden
Monsoon- Dissidenten
Tootie- Larry McDonald
Drumquestra(Dawn Always Comes)- Larry McDonald w/Anjali Paray & Ritchie Paray

Yellow & Black Taxi Cab-Transglobal Underground (Kamel Nitrate Remix)
Cleopatra in New York-Nicodemus w/Carol C
Abyss- Anoushka Shankar/Karsh Kale
Kid Face- Skeebo Knight
Thursday- Dirk Quinn Band

the Bad Plus w/Wendy Lewis

There were moments when I thought a sky opening storm was brewing up to release its wrath, and other moments I thought of pets I had growing up. For the fist 40% of the show, bassist Reid Anderson, pianist Ethan Iverson, and drummer David King (collectively known as the Bad Plus) were completely instrumental. Right away you can see and feel the specialness of this threesome, the ebb & flow of “in the momentness” grabs you instantly. The other portion of the show feature indie rock vocalist, Wendy Lewis teaming with the band to dissect and recreate songs we know into new pieces that almost seem distant from our trained listening. The version of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb is a rendition that made me feel like if that was the only time I had ever heard that song, if the original never existed….I’d be completely satisfied with the Bad Plus with Wendy Lewis‘ version as the only one. During the U2 song Under a Blood Red Sky, I swear the top of the building could have flown open with the lift of gargoyles and a storm unlike any other could have been waiting out doors…..but then it came back around to the sound of U2….This show twisted my ears some, all for the better…..but personally, I don’t need to hear Blue Velvet anytime soon.

Here is a portion of “Comfortably Numb”

EOTO the night away…

The waves of sound were explosive at times with a deep crowd riding the beats of highs and lows. The improvisational music EOTO creates in a live setting in cerebral and danceable, while you are in the house…you be in Da House!! this night it was once again at the High Noon Saloon, a venue here in Madtown that features live entertainment 7 days a week…..that’s right, 7 days a week!! I met up with the winner of the 2 tickets there smiling and dancing…always nice to meet the listeners. With the loops rolling and the beats chasing the time, Jason Haan and Michael Travis had the landscape of people who were ready for this experience, outside of themselves in movement with colors shining and bodies showing off why they’re there. Imagine music that is made right before your eyes and reacts to how you act…it is as cool as it sounds! EOTO is definitely an act to behold in any live setting they lay day their unique style and sound.

where the Gnu is free

Got in an extra hour…did a ticket giveaway for EOTO and did an on air interview with Jason Haan of Eoto/the String Cheese Incident….All things progressed in a true improvisational progression, in preparation for Wednesday show at the High Noon Saloon.

Blues for Luci- Pedro Arevalo
Who are you- Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks
Baby let me Hold your Hand- Davis Coen
Let’s get Down- Sol
Sexy Waitress- Jimmy Landry
Who’s got the Weed- G Love & Special Sauce
How you Remember it- Blues Traveler

Your Luck won’t Last- Was not Was
If anyone gets Funked up…-George Clinton & P Funk with Erick Sermon & MC Breed
Davel’s Return- Dirk Quinn Band
Sweeper Soul- Super Mambo 69
Onukpa Shawarpo- Bokor Band
Never Find a Lover like me- the Jolly Boys
Hot Dance- Gert Wilden & Orchestra
Life’s Other Mystery-the Microscopic Septet
Recovering the Time Capsule- JFJO
Warp- EOTO
Graved- EOTO

Give it up- Comandante Zero
Fire in the Brain- Club d’Elf (live)
Barracuda- the Bad Plus feat. Wendy Lewis
More more Bigger Better Faster w/Cheese- Gutbucket
Cloud Wars- MMW

**Jason Haan on air interview**
But I like the Message- John Scofield
City of Progress- the Spam All Stars
Casablanca to L.A.-the N.O. Klezmer All Stars
Sure Nuff ‘n’ Yes I do- Fast ‘N’ Bulbous
God Guns & money- David Stoltz (live)
Music- Celia Baron
Spirit made Flesh- Dub Gabriel w/Karen Gibson Roc

Seduction/Kidnap Poem- Nikki Giovanni
I Belong to you- Deborah Flores
Salt & Cherries (MC5)- Wendy & Lisa
Wolverine- Honchie
Bottles & Cans- Rehab
108 Rose Petals- BLVD

Peace Pipe- Nicodemus w/Jean Shepard
Bassism- Sun Ra
Take me out to the Ballgame- Sam Bush

Lea Zeldin Memorial

Long time community activist and W-O-R-T volunteer Lea Zeldin passed away recently following a massive stroke. Lea’s family invites her many friends from throughout the community to a memorial on Saturday, April 11th beginning at 5pm, at the Madison Labor Temple, 1602 S. Park St. The memorial will begin with a potluck. Bring your favorite dish for Lea who so loved great food and conversation. (Beverages will be provided by the family.) Following the potluck there will be an opportunity to share stories and remembrances of Lea.

Lea Zeldin, an activist for social justice, world peace, civil rights, and health care for all, died Thursday, April 3, 2009, from complications of a stroke in Madison, at age 80. Lea was born in Chicago, Ill., April 20, 1928, to Edward E. Kellner and Julia (Weisbrot) Kellner. She became involved in issues of social justice after a school trip to an Ohio prison, and by walking the picket lines for a telephone workers strike. She met her husband, Lawrence Zeldin, at Ohio State University while attending a lecture series. They were married in Columbus, where he completed a Ph.D. in Chemistry. They moved to Madison in 1953. Lawrence died in 1955 from polio. Lea was active in the anti-nuclear movement in the 1950s. She worked with Congress On Racial Equality or CORE, in the 1960s to integrate Sears. Her anti-Vietnam War actions included demonstrations at the 1964 Wisconsin Republican and Democratic State Conventions, participating in the Dow Chemical protests at the University of Wisconsin, and performing in the anti-war play “MacBird!” Lea lived in Bologna, Italy from 1964 to 1966. She worked as a community organizer in Minneapolis, Minn., from 1969 to 1971. An intrepid traveler, she attended conferences on health care, Slow Food, women’s rights, community radio, and small farms in Mexico, Libya, Jordan, France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Lea organized the Martin Luther King Free Community Dinners, worked with Response to Hunger Network, Health Writers, Woman’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Low Power Radio (WIDE), the Socialist Potluck, Freedom House Free School, and other organizations. Lea was a volunteer at WORT (89.9FM) Radio, hosting Kitchen Review, Health Writers, Public Affair, and book reviews. Lea is survived by her sons, Stephen (Rebecca Ludwig), Robin (Jeanette), Paul (Sarita), and Eric (Shari); and grandchildren, Rachel, Raphael, Emma, Noah, Jacob, and Julia. The family requests that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to WORT-FM89.9, 118 S. Bedford St, Madison, WI 53703.

Although i didn’t know Lea very well or for that long, she is someone I aspire to be more like.

Sounds of Baseball

The season starts tonight and I am ready. I have the transistor radio dusted off with many choice: Brewers and Bob Uecker calling the game and both Windy City teams come in on the AM dial. Certainly one of the loves of my life is the cerebral sense-appeal that baseball gives me. PLAY BALL and listen in with the crackle only found on an old time transistor radio.

Born with some cool

Had a caller ring in and state that I must have been born cool…thought that was alright!!!

Pretty Thing- Bo Diddley
Ants in the Kitchen- Masters of Reality
Plastic People- Frank Zappa
Moonlight Drive- the Doors (demo 1965)
Fortunate Son- N.O. Social Club with Branford Marsalis/Warren Haynes/Taylor Hicks (live)
I want you Just Cause I Want you- EG Kight
Nightime is the Right Time- Albert Castiglia
Wrong About me- Brett Dennen
Dreams- Jimmy Hall/Henry Paul/Bo Bice
When she Whispers Your Name- Buck 69
Gin House Blues- Nicole Hart
It feels so Right- Nicole Hart
Limousine- Shemekia Copeland

Natural Born Lover- Sharon Jones & Dap Kings
Lobster Song- Dissidenten (live)
Right Now- Mecca Bodega
Oyimbo- Femi Kuti (live)
Salta Lenin El Atlas- Kinky
I Believe I’ll Make a Change- Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band (live)
Carry me- Pressure Cooker
Jah Calling- Bad Brains
One Man Tag Crew- Dub Trio
So Fine- SOL
Celestial Blues- Andy Bey
The Message- Cymande
Unplug This Armageddon- B Side Players
Rocket Man- Red Elvises (live)
Hillbilly Cat- Hillbilly Hellcats
Totally Awesome- Honchie
Cancer for the Cure- Eels
Saturday Morning Love- Taragirl

Silk Road Ensemble

I was very excited that on the occasion of the Novruz Celebration, the Center for Russia, East Europe and Central Europe brought a free performance from the Silk Road Ensemble. The evenings performers were Shahyar Daneshgar on percussion and vocals, Noruz Mamedov on vocals/saz/percussion, Arif Bagirov on tar/saz/Azerbaijani guitar and Rashad Mamedov on keyboards and Garmon. This cultural and musical journey takes the sounds and styles from that long wide band of land from Turkey to China which brought wealth and knowledge back in both directions. This main point between East and West created a unique and infulential arts scene which still flourishes today. The show was an attempt to help spring peek her head through…the sounds this group brought certainly could have woke up any deity in charge of seasons or weather…these artists create a dialogue with instruments and vocals that have morphed into a new audio-vernacular. I am thankful for their visit.