Upside Black Down White

Another set of things I was able to put into my earholes while taking a week off from the show and learn how to get a quality product recorded and automated for listening pleasures.

New Age Ladies- Secretary
Risk Failure- Secretary
Golden Dunes- The Budos Band
Budos Dirge- The Budos Band
Melody Truck- Euforquestra
Dr. Standby- Euforquestra
St. Louis- Teddy Presberg
Thanks Maw- Teddy Presberg
Scratchinataitchouttareach- Baby Elephant Ft. George Clinton
I Wanna B W.U- Lyrics Born Ft. Lateef
Coulda Shoulda Woulda- Lyrics Born Ft. Sam Sparo
Quit Playing Games With God- Mike Mothersbaugh
Chocolate (Adrian Quesada Remix)- Packfika
Two Steps (Herma Puma RMX)- Alice Russell
Scare Tactics- The Afromotive
Upside Down- FELA On Broadway
Expensive Shit- FELA on Broadway
Int.ntl Thief Thief- FELA on Broadway


Took a week off due to the studio being closed for safety. Worked on getting record ready to continue proGramming but also got to listen to some albums from times gone bye:

Wawshishijay- Kronos Quartet
Sutukuri- Orchestra Baobab
Jiin Ma Jiin Ma- Orchestra Baobab
Munanë (Agew)- Abiyou Solomon
Jane Wange- Billy Mbowa with the AGS Boys
Gwenasobya- Frida Sonko w/Equator Sound
African Woman- Baaba Maal
Samariya- Ali Farka Toure
Borei- Vieus Farka Toure
Sankara Diadjo- Vieux Farka Ture
Tindehe- Zieti
Zre- Zieti

Nature Reaches Out

The final portion of the extra time shared on the radio knew nature needed to be listened to:

We Channel Timeless- Ben Tyree
Run, The Darkness Will Pass- Shabaka & The Ancestors
Big Brown- Thollem
Oligarch Super Villains- Thollem

Hey Lover- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Roy Ayers
Nancy Wilson- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Brian Jackson

Savoy Truffle- Pat Petrillo’s NYC Big Rhythm Band
Kaleidoscopic Hipnofusion- Pat Petrillo’s NYC Big Rhythm Band

Jazz Dreams- Christian Tamburr Septet
Epílogo- Kurt Elling Ft. Danilo Perez
Alabama- Lakecia Benjamin
Pursuance-Lakecia Benjamin Ft. Marc Cary
Acknowledgement- Lakecia Benjamin Ft. Dee Dee Bridgewater & The Last Poets

Musik- David Walters
Bwè Dlo- David Walters Ft. Seun Kuti
Fist Of Flowers- Antibalas

So Blue Is The Sky

Did and extra couple of hours after the show to keep the healing vibes flowing. Here’s how the first portion of that went down…so get on up:

The Situation- Badge and Talkalot Ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow
Shameless- Badge and Talkalot Ft. Neco Redd
Do It- Smoove & Turrell
Simbi Dlo- Paul Beaubrun

De La- Gitkin Ft. Carol C
Canción del Aplauso- Gitkin
Smoke- Bassel & the Supernaturals

Little Man- Wajatta
January- Wajatta
House of Narcotics – Opium Wars Mix- The Orb
Let The Speakers Blow- Big Gigantic
Higher- Big Gigantic Ft. The Funk Hunters
Whole Again Hooligan- J-Felix Ft. Sol Goodman

Interlude- Takashiro Izumikawa Ft. Parker McAllister & Marshall York
Trigger- Takashiro Izumikawa Ft. Syl DuBenion
Moving Up- Takashiro Izumikawa Ft. Bajah

Just Another Brotha- MInk
Mali Empire- MInk Ft. A5k!

Color Me In Deep Spring

The final portion of the regularly scheduled proGram found the colors to be as bright as one can see..

Nick Of Time- The James Hunter Six
Till I Hear It From You- The James Hunter Six
Missing In Action- The James Hunter Six
Edge Of Fear- Speedometer
Kashmir- Speedometer

If It’s Tea Give Me Coffee- Tower Of Power
***pre-recorded conversation with Emilio Castillo of Tower Of Power***
If You Wanna Be A Winner- Tower Of Power
You Da One- Tower Of Power

We Got To Stand- The Burroughs
Mitchell’s Landing- Malcolm Strachan Ft. The Haggis Horns
N.B.T.- Black Market Brass
Squirtly- Beat Bronco Organ Trio Ft. Chip Wickham
Wolfdelic- Jason Miles Kind Of New

Operation 222- The Lounge Bar Orchestra

All Together Now

The middle portion of this week’s proGram made mooooovin’ on over a part of all our lives:

***Pre-recorded Conversation with Victor DeLorenzo***
Traceaphone- Victor DeLorenzo
Lullaby- Victor DeLorenzo
Invisible Shadows- Victor DeLorenzo

I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain- I Am Voyager 1
Reign Beck’s Bolero- Icarus Reel’s Acid

Detroit Dos- Circles Around The Sun
George- Joe Marcinek Ft. George Porter Trio

Let Go Go- JB Kings
Run For Your Life- Monophonics
Language of Love- Jason Joshua

Can I Call You Rose- Thee Sacred Souls
Green Light- The Devonns
More- The Devonns

It Is Here

Believe it or not with all that is going on, the calendar says the first set of the proGram starts off with a Spring:

Fireflies- Jake Shimabukuro
I Like It When You’re Home- Della Mae
Wish You Were Here- Ruthie Collins
Change On The Rise- Avi Kaplan

Jazz Party- Delfeayo Marsalis & the Uptown Jazz Orchestra Ft. Tonya Boyd-Cannon
I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby- Tbone Paxton & the RJ Spangler Quartet
Introduction- Derrick Shezbie
Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight- Derrick Shezbie

Creeper Weed- The Claudettes
Phone Zombies- Roomful Of Blues
Red Hot Mama- Ben Rice & RB Stone
I Hate To See You Go- Jim Gustin and Truth Jones
Bailing the Titanic- Liz Mandeville Ft. Dario Lombardo
Hoodoo on Me- Albert Castiglia (live)

Big Mouth Blues- Green Leaf Rustlers (live)

Ready To Step Up With Tower Of Power

Since its formation in Oakland, California in 1968, Tower of Power has forged a reputation as a crack band of high achieving musicians fluent in all realms of Soul, Rock and Pop music with a sophistication and punch like that of a Jazz big band. From their first album East Bay Grease (1970) on Rock impresario Bill Graham’s San Francisco Records label (distributed by Atlantic), the interracial band became pillars and signatures of The Bay Area Music Scene that included pioneering like-minded bands such as Sly & The Family Stone, Cold Blood, Graham Central Station, The Pointer Sisters and The Sons of Champlin plus rock-oriented outfits such as Santana, Betty Davis and Journey.

Along with T.O.P.’s classic recordings, the 5-piece Tower of Power Horns – known for its power packed punch and fullness with two trumpets, two tenor saxophones plus a baritone sax on the bottom – became much in demand for studio sessions and live gigs. Among the hundreds of artists they have blessed with their presence are Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, Graham Central Station, Elton John, Little Feat, Billy Preston, John Lee Hooker, Coke Escovedo, Jose Feliciano, Al Kooper, Rod Stewart, Harvey Mason, Lenny White, The Brothers Johnson, The Meters, Lee Oskar, Dionne Warwick, Melissa Manchester, Heart, Rick James, Santana, Smokey Robinson, Huey Lewis & The News, Paul Shaffer, Bonnie Raitt, Aaron Neville, Spyro Gyra, Luther Vandross, Aerosmith, Phish, John Hiatt, Neil Diamond, P.Diddy, Bill Wyman and TV’s The Simpsons (Sing The Blues).

Most importantly, when almost all other R&B bands abandoned their horn sections as the sound of Soul music morphed into more stripped-down techno and synthesizer strains in the `80s, Tower of Power near single-handedly carried the torch for full-on 10-piece bands, often even including a conguero/percussionist. Faithful fans flocked to their concerts and purchased their new albums that kept the real soul vibe alive for decades. Indeed, the horn section is so pivotal to Tower of Power that unlike most band stage setups that have horns in the back, T.O.P.’s renowned and respected horn section is right up-front with the lead singer.

I had the chance to catch up with friend of the proGram and founding member of the mighty Tower Of Power, Mr. Emilio Castillo, just a day before the brand new album, “Step Up” is released. We dive into the family style creation of this album, how the songs were selected to complete the package and the feeling and inspiration the title track could lend out there in this time of uncertainty.

Tranceaphone from Victor DeLorenzo

Friend of the program and my brother, Victor DeLorenzo has a brand new stunner of an EP out to sharpen your senses and bring you to a place you remember, or maybe didn’t know you needed to be in. Victor is of course half of the drum and cello duo, Nineteen Thirteen (he’s the drum half) these days, but he has never stopped doing his own things, musically, artistically and humanly. When you find this new EP on one of the many platforms I am sure you find music at, you’ll immediate hear and feel a sense of that old Violent Femmes magic. That sound and feeling is the tranceaphone, I am sure of it. Victor reminds us what that instrument is, which Femmes track you might remember it from and how it lends itself on this brand new release. We get into how the idea to put out a solo effort took share, with the support and door opening from the first lady of cello, Janet Schiff. If this happens to be your first brush with his music, good for you, there is no time like now to start listening in and going back in time to catch up on anything you may have missed. With the uncertain times we are in now, there is a need to find something to fill a void and I personally think, as Victor does that you can never be alone a Tranceaphone.

The Skin You Are In

The second and final extra portion of the proGramming took on some new looks and feels:

Soleil Kréyol- David Walters Ft. Vincent Segal
Beast Too Spoke Of Suffering- Shabaka And The Ancestors
The Coming Of The Strange Ones- Shabaka And The Ancestors

Returning From Pluto- Lisa Marie Simmons
Cozmic Confusion- Lisa Marie Simmons
Walk with Me- Lakecia Benjamin Ft. Regina Carter

Inside Rhythm Falls Pt. 1- Aruan Ortiz Ft. Andrew Cyrille & Mauricio Herrera
Push Pull- Ted Poor Ft. Andrew D’Angelo
Only You- Ted Poor Ft. Andrew D’Angelo

The Dream- Oded Tzur
King Kutner- Avishai Cohen
The Cow & The Calf- Avishai Cohen

Where We Come From- Thollem
Repeating History- Thollem

Extra Time Pole Start

Did a little extra radio making this week and the first portion of it went around the sphere and back to the starting line:

Resistance- Jake Shimabukuro
Red Crystal- Jake Shimabukuro

Daphne- Stephane Wrembel
***pre-recorded conversation with Stephane Wrembel***
Dinah- Stephane Wrembel
Honeysuckle Rose- Stephane Wrembel

Hypnotica- Sultans Of String Ft. Gündem Yayli Grubu
El Bint El Shalabeya- Sultans Of String Ft. Majd Sekkar/Demetrios Petsalakis/Fethi Nadjem

C A’n A Dh’fhag Thu M’fhichead Gini- Karen Matheson Ft. Seiko Keita
Lovable- Anoushka Shankar Ft. Ibeyi
I Wanna Love Ya- Siaosi Ft. Jemere Morgan
Cumbia Universal- Beto Jamaica

Oskarin Valssi- Duo Emilia Lajunen & Suvi Oskala
Raganu Nakts- Tautumeitas

Artistic Reflection

Sometimes the art itself reflects the moods we are in and other times it is the reflection of the art that does it. This portion of the proGram has a side or two of each:

Kathy’s Groove- Jason Miles & Kind Of New
Slappy- Karate Boogaloo
Eternal Question- Beat Bronco Organ Trio
Under Pressure- Beat Bronco Organ Trio

Old Frenchman- Moon Hooch
War Room- Black Market Brass

Canción del Aplauso (Pimps of Joytime RMX)- Gitkin
Carry Me Home- Kokoroko
A Song For Lara- Ekiti Sound

Iron Ox- Emancipator
Daze – Missing & Messed Up Mix- The Orb

We Wid It- Haleek Maul Ft. Jah Koda
No Biggie- Stro
Lace Up- Stro Ft. Dave East
Welfare Recipient Funk-MInk

Shady Dog Finder

The second portion of the proGramming took that dog right into the best and shadiest [arts of town…for this sound of it all:

Jam- Green Leaf Rustlers
Ramblin’ Man- Green Leaf Rustlers

Pete Jive- Circles Around The Sun
Avond- Ben Tyree
Latitudes- Ben Tyree

You Won’t Put Out This Flame- Whitney Shay
Time- Los Yesterdays
Ain’t That A Man For You?- The Devonns
Can’t Help Myself- The James Hunter Six
Ain’t Going Up In Once Of Those Things- The James Hunter Six

Queen- Loren Oden & Adrian Younge
Liberian Calypso- Nina Simone

Wake Up To Craft- The Lounge Bar Orchestra
Chances- Monophonics
Blue Lines- Alex Puddu
You Are My Fire- Alex Puddu Ft. Gene Robinson Jr
East Bay! All the Way!- Tower Of Power
Step Up- Tower Of Power
East Bay! Oaktown All the Way!- Tower OF Power

Dog Walkin’ Steps

The first portion of this week’s proGramming was easily one to walk the pooches with. It’s bark and bite were worth each lick:

Little Blue (Reprise)- The Wood Brothers
I Heard the Blues Somewhere- John Blues Boyd
Bad Blood On Mean Whiskey- Ben Rice & RB Stone

Keep on Workin’- Liz Mandeville Ft. Philippe Fernandez
Keep on Swinging- Albert Castiglia
Dig What You Do- Avey Grouws Band
greenarrowradio promo- Jim Gustin and Truth Jones
I’d Been Drinking- Jim Gustin and Truth Jones

Five Dollars- Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
Albion Blues- The Reverend Shawn Amos & The Brotherhood Ft. Kenya Hathaway
24/5- The Claudettes

If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…- Leslie Mendelson
Don’t Run And Hide- Ane Brun
Somebody Else’s Tongue- Whim

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy- London Underground
Mobius Trip- Mysterious Clouds Featuring Your Friend
Portland ’69- Echo Train

Turning Over The Hourglass With Stephane Wrembel

Born in Paris and raised in Fontainebleau, the home of Impressionism and Django Reinhardt, Stephane Wrembel began playing guitar in his mid-teens. A Pink Floyd fan, he “spent hours learning David Gilmour’s style,” he said. “So I had a classical background in piano, a passion for rock music, and then I found out about Django. I fell in love with the very strong impressionist feel in his music.” His breakthrough came with his original composition “Bistro Fada,” a Django-influenced swinging waltz that was the theme song for Woody Allen’s 2011 Oscar®-winning film, “Midnight In Paris.” Since then, Wrembel has released five discs dedicated to Reinhardt (The Django Experiment Vol. I-IV & Live at Rochester) & recently produced the debut CD by Simba Baumgartner, Django’s great-grandson. His Django A Gogo festival, launched in 2004, has become one of the world’s most important and influential events, which includes an intensive music camp, celebrating and expanding Reinhardt’s music. In October of 2019, he released Django L’Impressionniste putting the spotlight on 17 little-known solo pieces Reinhardt recorded between 1937 & 1950. Stephane is the first and only interpreter who has performed all of these solo pieces and collected them in one definitive masterwork. It is available digitally and on double-vinyl with liner notes by Rolling Stone’s David Fricke. The Django Experiment V was released on Wrembel’s own Water Is Life Records on January 23, 2020, the 110th anniversary of the birth of Reinhardt. As with the previous “experiments,” The Django Experiment V was recorded with Wrembel and his world-class band performing live, with no headphones or tracking, in a setting conducive to improvisation with each musician pushing their own boundaries to evoke new interpretations of Reinhardt’s music as well as songs by other composers. In addition to Jensen, Cohen-Folman and Anderson, Wrembel was joined in the studio by special guests Nick Driscoll (saxophone, clarinet) and Daisy Castro (violin). Stephane has several more recordings planned for 2020. In the meantime, he and his band will continue to tour behind the release of The Django Experiment V as he prepares for Django A Gogo 2020, which will be held May 5-9 in Maplewood, N.J. & New York City.

I had the chance to catch back up with my friend, Stephane ahead of his 4/2 event in Madison at Cafe Coda. We dive into the event a little but focus a more on the album the band is touring behind, The Django Experiment V and the artists that helped make it happen. We talk people and process, plans for the later part of the year with more new music and as always, we tap into the person behind the artist to make sure Stephane is feeling the goodness of his art as an individual and how he is enjoying life, the complete version. Not only is the art of sound Stephane (and his mates) something that reaches inside of me, I feel like he is someone I’d like to spend time around the dinner table with, just hanging out.

Floor To Wall

The final portion of this week’s proGram slid up and down the insides of the inner and exploded back outside the outer….ear:

Ceremony In- Spiritus Fonktus
Motherless Child- Spiritus Fonktus
#4 Solo- Moon Hooch
Cheat And Start A Fight- Black Market Brass

Sweet Maybe (Synthstrumental Mix)- Casbah 73
All Day (Colorado Sound Studios)- Dragondeer
Slim’s Mood- Dr. Rubberfunk
Pressure Cooker- Dr Rubberfunk
Nu Reality- Lexsoul Dancemachine

De La (Pimps Of Joytime Remix)- Gitkin Ft. Carol C
Squeeze dogs- The Mauskovic Dance Band
Theorie Amerikaan- The Mauskovic Dance Band

Under- Jordan Mackampa
Power Is Taken (Felguk Remix)- Moby
Pull Up on Love- RJD2 Ft. STS & Khari Mateen

Boris- The Reluctant Cosmonaut

Timed For Reflections

The middle section of the proGram saw what it saw and then saw it once again before deciding it was time to share:

Folsom Prison Blues- Green Leaf Rustlers
Reverberation- The Third Mind
Boy, Sit Down- Whitney Shay
Blood Red Blues (Protest Song)- The Devonns
When You Go Then You’ll Know- The Altons
Seems Like- Thee Sinseers
It’s Only Us- Monophonics
Brother Or Other- The James Hunter Six
How ‘Bout Now- The James Hunter Six

Love And Unity- The Burroughs
Hard Play- Beat Bronco Organ Trio
Beat Bronco- Beat Bronco Organ Trio
Alex Puddu Be My Lover- Alex Puddu Ft. Gene Robinson Jr.

Brassy Operation- The Lounge Bar Orchestra
Sideswipe- Steve Yeager

The Spot Below

The first portion of this week’s regularly scheduled proGram knows how to land but has to make sure of the footing:

My Wildlife- Shell of a Shell
Warm Love- Seth Walker
Diggin’ Roots- G. Love & Special Sauce feat. Ron Artis II
Little Blue- The Wood Brothers
Bad Babe, Losin’ Touch- The Claudettes

My Memory Take Me There Part 4- John Blues Boyd
A Beautiful Woman (for Dona Mae)- John Blues Boyd
Lobo Jam- Ben Rice & RB Stone

Hey Babe) Ya Wanna Boogie?- Liz Mandeville Ft. Peter Struijk
Liz Mandeville He Loves My Biscuits-Liz Mandeville Ft. Ilana Katz Katz
greenarrowradio promo- Avey Grouws Band
Dirty Little Secret- Avey Grouws Band

Me And The Devil- Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
***pre-recorded conversation with Reverend Peyton***
It Is Or It Ain’t- Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Frenchmen Street- Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

Surface Rock Biscuit

The final portion to the pre-show fill in time was something made here or maybe there but either way, it fits right in with us:

Intimacy- Cheer Accident
Plea Bargain- Cheer Accident
Photobomb- Bobby Previte, Jamie Saft & Nels Cline
Tseruli- Giorgi Mikadze Ft. Ensemble Basiani

You Really Got Me- M’Lumbo & Page Hamilton
Mosaic (Of Beauty)- Joey Alexander
***pre-recorded conversation with Joey Alexander***
Fragile- Joey Alexander
The Warrior- Aditya Prakash Ensemble Ft. B.C. Manjunath & Josh Johnson
Roots (Ramakali)- Aditya Prakash Ensemble
Bright Eyes- Anoushka Shankar Ft. Alev Lenz

Hot Milk- The Shakin Jamaican Ft. Everton Paul & Bruce Skerritt
Rid Them (Pitufo’s Marimba Version)- Piper Street Sound

There’s Sound In There

The first part of the pre-shoe fill in had plenty of sounds within and around and you only had to take a moment to be still in it:

Porto Alegre- Kenny Barron – Dave Holland Trio Ft. Jonathan Blake
Chapter I: On Your Mark- Mike Bond
Chase The Wind- Mike Bond
Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise- Ernesto Cervini ft. Nir Felder

Persistence- Amina Figarova
I’ve Got No Time- Amina Figarova

Bass Geige- Ernie Watts Quartet
Y Do U Treat Me So Bad- Joseph Bowie & Adam Rudolph
Kampong- Adam Rudolph & Yusef Lateef
Artificial Happiness Button- Heroes Are Gang Leaders
Migration Celebration- Thollem